Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, March 04, 1909, Page 7, Image 7

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Department of tlic Intcitor. IT. 8. Land
( iniccat llrofcell HOXT , Nebr. . Jan. at , 1W. "
North of Range A' . Wel o ( tin1 Mb 1
Meridian. tiled notice of Intention
to make llnlTi year proof. to establish rlalui to
the lanil above described , belore Register
: u il HtCciver at lirokcn How Nebraska , nil
Hie isth day of Maicli. 1'W.
Claimant names as witnesses'
.loseph K. Hradford , Mack O'llrlen. Ueorisr
Ureeiiwalt , Charles Robinson all of
How , Nebr. John Iteese.
rub. Mar. HCt Ilegtstee.
in the County Court of Custor County . .
In the matter of the estate ot .lolin Collier
Sr. , Deceased.
The. State of Nebraska , to the Civ.litors-
Take notice , that 1 will sit In tin- County
Courtroom , In Hroken How. In Count \
uii the 31st day of March , \WV \ and tin.lilth
uay ol August. 1WW at 10 o'clock a in . Io i e
< eive and examine all claims Illn' an 1 pi e
Milled anauibt said estate. with a vw le.
t u'lr adjustment and allowance thai
n ttie Hist date above named the petition ol
tnewtiumlllbeheard lor homestead , ex
i mptlons .ind allowance , and other slatutoi \
' '
time limit for the picsontntion ni
, l .mis anaiiistsatd estate Is six mouths Iron.
tii ! isth ua.-eit February. IIKW. and ill'-- time
i zul t eel foi the pajraent ol ile-hts Is Ouo je- said date ,
loUALI A. K Hniii'iiuKV. County .liulc * . ' .
IVb. It Mar. 11 It Dated IVbruan 12. .15W.
Department of lliu Interior , tJ. S. I , ana Lincoln , Nebr. , ) , ll'J. ' ) .
N'otlcels hereby given that Saiab K ciilin.
DI iiroken How. Nebr. , who on March 51. iiwi.
made home-stead entry No iriKl. serial No
t.V > . n'.i ne' ( . section 4 township 15 u. range
y.i \ \ . tun. principal meridian , has tiled notice
nl tnttntuui to make llnal live year prool , to
establish claim to the laud abo\e described.
beioic A. K. Humhprey county .Indue. at
HroliMi HONebr. . , on the 'Jith day ol
March. lW. !
> laimani names as ultnessess :
Kobert r. Hurnett , Thomas Torgcrson
! ! Cos. . leiome Taylor , all ol llrokeii now.
Nebraska. CHAM. 11. mw : > .
Feb. ! S-.Mar2.riBt Heglster.
To William T. Huston , Neil Hcsldent Helen-
You are hereby notified that on the Ultb
ilav ot December , MM , Mary 11. llustoi.
Hied her petition In the district court ol Cus
ter County. Nebraska , the object and prayet
or \ \ hich are to obtain from you an absolute
divorce on the ground ot extreme cruelty
mm Mil P"t and desertion ; to secure the cus
tody and control of your minor children
anil to piocure thelrapproprlate rellel. You
will answer said petition on or before the
n. day ol March , I'.HW. '
Mary K. Huston. Plaintiff.
Hy .Sullivan & Squires her attorney
Feb. 4.Fil > . 2 : . n
I'slateof Uachel Fleming deceased , In the
C'lunty coin t of custer County , Nebraska
The State of Nebraska , to all persons in
ti-i ested In said estate , take notice , that .1. II
Fleming lias Illcd a llnal account and tepoti
ot his administration , and a petition lor llual
settlement llmllng ot heirs , aistrlbutation
and dlschaige as such , whitli have been hei
lor hearing betore said court on March ' . ' . !
isu'.i. at 10 o clock a. in. , when you may ap
pear and contest the same.
Dated February 17 , IfKW.
| .mAhj A. It. HUMIMIKKV , County Judge
Feb. IS-Mar. 11-41
When you went
* ' . ,
a good , clean
go to
09 i
Two doors north
Rmken How Stele Hank
Lumber , a lar e assortiueut
and complete slock for Builders
to choose from. Let us estimate
on your contracts. We always
try to please.
H. T. B RUCE & CO.
Lumber & Coal
South side.
The Gil Liver
And Feed Barn
Feeds yonr horses no pcor grain
and will supply yon with good
Horses and Eigs
at reasonable prices.
Come and see me.
W. A. Tooley
I ' 0
| < 3yfe
4 $
V.V : *
f'l .
Author of "Tlic Fighting Chance , " Clc.
Copyright. 1007 , by Robert \V. Chamber a
4f 44 4t * * > * * t * * * 4 * * 4 * * * 44 * * * * * * * * t * * * * * t * * . * * * * * * 4 * * * * * * t * * * * * t * * * * * *
v w v.7 < ? J v > . ? vy f.t kr feJ ioto > iot { , > Ji > & fej { y oj { o > ftj ty { M vj.uvv.v
( Continued from last \\eik. ) "
Chanter 0
fN'rilKOX hPhia ( he cliil-
t'len'a hour. lll.t : 1'r-
'i icll'ii i lleiue ivmalred
xT u i.e-tkc.l li : the Jo'ly
upioar. lu-udc . ( Jerald
lii.d HootJ vuv dlv.'tiaB-
t : . Ii.i o huu i party , lantern ftte
el..i..i ' \th : > .li the Orehild weie.iiv / -
ir'T 11..H iiipht IV1' the youngei1 i-eti ,
.ti.l t'.lw..n , too , vei meet to take tin- Inti'io-.t ti the dl.sottm Ion , llumgli
l-l'ei-n'n i.aii I.i I ho ionUTeniva. . <
limlied to till occasional lu.d of mono-
l\'ln-i wan wild to po and ftirlo.iM at
not Irivinj , ' been asked , hut wh n Hoots
t.UVi.d In si.iy lionu > she resolutely iv-
filM'd Id aoc rpt tlh > saeTll'ce1. '
"Xo. " rdio tal.l ; "tlu\v : iv pltfrt not to
ask nirN eif ny ago , bui .MIII niiy : jo.
Ilooi. ? , and I'll promise nut to ho un-
hupp/ . "
ill1" , ( ! orard gave the rising nl nal ,
nnd Solwyn vii : nwopt away In I lie
rushing herd ol' children otil em llio
VL't'tinda , where for awhile hu wiiokoJ
and drew pictures feir the ytniupvr ( Jo-
rnrd : . La tor some of the children wore
picked : off for a nap ; Hilly with Ills as
sorted puppies went away with Drlnn
nnd Hoots , ever hopeful of a fox or
rahhit ; Nina ( jorard cnrli'd herself up
In a hammock , and Solwyn seated him
self beside her , an nnent magazine on
bis Inu'es. Kileen liad dlsapiu-arod.
For awhile Nina swnntc there in si
lence , her pretty eyes llxed on her
hrotlier. lie had
nearly jinlshe I
cutting t ho
leaves of the
maim/lno before
she spoke , men-
lioiiln ; , ' the fact
of liosamuml
I"a lie's arrival
at I lie M luster , '
hoiKo. H rook-
The slljUitoit
t're.wn Kalhero.l
and passed from
her brother's !
sun liron/.pel
forehead , hut lie
made no cum- , ,
KtU'iCC- '
me. . , I. -
" .Mr. Xeoryard Is a , lee , " she
" \\"lnil ! " exclulmcd Solwynin dls-
"Yes ; he en nit ! nahoru with the
I'ant'.i. "
Se Iwyn iliishod a little , but went on
nttliiK the pare : ) of the nuua.ino. :
V\ lien h , had ilnishe.l lie llattoucd the
> . tus lietAvecn both covcr.-t anil aakl ,
, \ ithont lai iiiK hiJ ejeH :
I'M ferry thai crowd Is to be In rnl-
dc-'lf " > "
"They nlwaya are and always will
\ " Hmllod hti ! siflor.
lie iDol-od up at her. "Do yon lueun
thut anybody el-jo la a uiioat nt Brook-
"Yen , i'liil "
" \ \ "
He lookisl down nt the line ! : on bin
kiKv : and begun to furrow the iMisoa
al ently.
"I'liil , " she said , "have yon heard
anything thlo summer lately about
thu KnthvonsY"
"No. "
'Xothhii , ' at nil ? "
"Xot a word. "
"Yon Knew they were at Newport Jis
niti IV"
"I look it for granted. "
"An. ! yon have ; heard no minors
no gtM.sIp e nneornhig them nothing
about a yacht' ; "
" \Vhero was I to iiear It ? What B < M-
P ? VIlllt ynclilV"
Ills sNtor MI Id very cerlousV , "Allxe
has lii'i'ii very careles- ? . "
"Kveryliody \ * , What of It ? "
"It Is understood that elus and Jack
Utithvcn have ' "
lie looked up eiuiekly. "Who told
yon thatV"
"A woman wroie mo from Newport.
And IH l-.i-re anil .lac-k liuthven is
in Xew York. .Several pe > eijilt > lmve'-l
have luMiel about It frutn several
hj.irccs. I'm afraid H'a true' , I'lul. "
Th'.v locked Into eiuh uther'a tryii-
blo.l ejod , and lu eald : "If she has
U > . .nQ thl.s , It la the worse cf two evlU
cjo ! Im chosen. To live whh him was
bad enough , but this U the limit. "
"I Unow it She cannot afford to do
Hitch a thin ? ( igain. Phil , what Is th ?
i.iattiv v.ltii her ? She fcimply cannot
bo P.IUO ; uul do such n thlmr can she ? "
"J don't Know , " he said.
Well , I do She I' , not Bitne' . She has
i. ae'.o Leucl1 ! honiJIy conspicuous
fiino.ig tun pljuou1 } people. She lin-i
Lei n indiscreet to the outer cdgo of ct'-
frritf/y. nvea set \\on't : .tand It
nlwayosjie htlly ft3 their men folk
aix- quite crazy nbaut her , nnd she leads
a train of thorn about wherever she
{ j os-the little fool !
-And now , If It's true that there's co
ins to be n separation , what oa earth
\\ill become of her ? I nsU you , Phil , for
I don't know. Hut men know what be
comes eventually ofomen who ship
} h" world ncro'-ti the face ulth over
ringed lingers.
"If If thero'n any talk r.botit It-lf
there'u newspaper tall-if there's a ell
vorce , who will ask her to their hntirosi
Who will condone thin thing ? Who will
tolerate It or her ? Men , and men only ,
the o.llous sort that fawn on her now
and follow her about half sneerlngly.
They'll tolerate It. but their wive"
won't , and the Kind of women who will
receive and tolerate her are not Includ
ed In my personal experience. What a
fool she hau been ! ( ! ojd heavens * , what
a fool ! "
A trltle paler than uwnal , he said :
"There la no real harm In her. 1 know
there IM not. "
"You are very generous , Phil. "
"Ne > , I am tryhi'C to be truthful. And
I cay there is in harm In her. I have
made up my mind on that score. " lie
leaned nearer hM ulster and laid one
hand e > n hers where It lay across } the
hammock's edge.
"Nina , no woman e-otild have done
what r.'ie ' hao done and continue to do
what i he dtvs and be mentally sound.
Thiit : last , I < my conclusion. "
"It has long been my conclusion , " Hhc
said under her breath.
lie stared at the Hour out of gray
eyes grown dull and hopeless * .
"Phil , " whls'pcrod his sister , "sup
poso-supptwe what happened to hei
" 1 know. "
She said again : "It was slow at first ,
n brilliant eccentricity that gradual ! }
became something less pleasant. Oh ,
Phil , Phil ! "
"It was softening of the brain , " he
Bald , "was It not ? "
"Yes ; ho entertained a delusion of
conspiracy against him. also a compla
cent conviction of the mental Insta
bility of others. Yet at intervals he
lemained clever and witty and charm-
Ing. "
"And then ? "
"Phil be became violent at times. "
"Yes. And the end ? " he asked
( p : lolly.
"A little child again , quite happy
and content , playing v\lli ! toyo , very
gentle , very pitiable. " The hot tear
tilled her eyes. "Oh , Phil ! " she sob
bed and hid her fa'.vj ' on hi ; ; shoulder.
( Iyer the soft , faintly fragrant hair
"he 'stared stupidly , lips apart , chin
A liltio later'Nina ral up in the ham
mock , daintily effacing the traceof
teniv * . Seh\yii was saying : "If this i
. ' o , that Kuthvoii man hart got to t.tand
by her.Vheiv could nho go if Midi
trouble Is to come upon her ? To whom
can ( ihe turn If not to him ? He i ? te
Kponsiblo for her -doubly po if her con
dition is to hethnt ! Hy every law etf
manhood lie is bound to stand by lie
now. Hy every law of decene'.v and
humanity ho c.innot desert her now
If flie does thcse-thoso indi cieet
thing' * , and If he knows she is not alto-
Ijell'i-r nu-nlully responsible , he can
i.ot fall to staiul by hei ! How can he
In ( Jod'a name ? " *
"Phil , " she said , "yon speak like a
nun , but she lia.-i no man to Maud toy
nll.i by her in the direst need a humnn
soul may know. He is only a thing-
no 111:111 at all only a loathsome mvi
dent ol' ' animated decadence. "
lie1 looked up quickly , amazed at liei
saiddcn bilicrncfeSi , and she looked ) > : < 1
nt him almost llenely.
' i may as wrll tell yon what I've
heard. " she said. "I was not going teat
at first , bill It v , 111 be all around lo\vn
sooner or later. Rosamund told me
She learned -as bhe manage * to learn
everything a little before anybody ol-ie
heirs : of it--that .lack Unthvcn found
out that Alixe was behaving very caiv-
lei-hly with ( junu > man-some silly , cal
low and probably harmless youth. Hut
there wa * a disgraceful feene on Mr ,
Xeergard'H yacht , the Niobrara. I
don't know who the people were , but
Ituthven acted abominably. The Nio
brara anchored \Yldgeon bay yeMer-
day , and Allxe Is aboard , and her bus
band is In New York , and Uosamnnd
pays he means to divorce her in one
way or another. Tgh , the horrible lit
tle man , with his rings and bangle * ' . "
She shuddered. "Why , the mere
bringing of such a Bull means her no
dal riiin , no matter what ve > rdlct i <
brought in. Her only salvation htn
been in remaining InconsplcuoiiH , and
a Bane girl would have loulbsed It
But"-and she made a gesture of de
spair "you stehat'fiho bridone. .
And , Phil , you know what the has
done to you , wlh't a mad rifl : she took
In col' ' " ? to your rnonu that ulyht. "
"Who said cho had ever been in my
rooms ? " ho dcmauiki ] , flushing diukly
In hifiurjirl < e.
' Did you suppose I didn't know It ? "
fU ' uslicj quletl } ' . "Oh. but I did , nnd
It kept mo awuko nights wcrryb.g.
Vet I knew It roust have bc.-n all right
knowing you as T do. Hut di > /i
suppose other people v juld hold you
na iauoiput aa I du ? Kvcn Eileen-
tha swtctost , whitest , most loyal little
eoul In the world wao troubled when
Ilosamutul hinted nt some ecandal
touching you and Alisc. Bho told me ,
but Bho did not tell mo what Ilo a-
tnund had said the mischief uuki-r ! "
Ills faoo had hccomo qnitu coloilesis.
lie raised an unsteady band to his
month , touching hid mustache , and bis
gray C.M-S iwrrowcd menacingly.
' 'lUiiitiiiuiul spoke of scaiitlill ( o -
KllcrnV" herepeated. . "Is that possi
ble V
"How lout ; do you suppose n pM can
live nail nut liear Bi-aiulal of some
forty said Xinii. "It's hound to rain
fconif tinio or oilier , hut 1 prepared my
little iltuVs luu'l ; to Hlied some tiling. "
"You say , " Insisted Sehvyn. "thnt
lliKimiiinil spoke of nit in Hint wtiy
to iilwn : ? "
"Yrs. It only made the olilld nnnry ,
Phil , so don't worry. "
"No : I won't worry. No , I 1 won't.
Yon niv quite rljjht , Nina. Hut the
pity of it. that Unlit , hard shelled wo
man of I he world to do utich a tiling
to a .VOUIIK nlrl. "
"Itivjitinnnd la llosninunil , " siid Nina ,
\vllh a slirnU. "The antldoUt to hoi
epi-rlcs Is obvious. "
"Itl-rht. thank 01 oil I" said
heieen Ida teeth. "Mens sana In eor-
poiv s.ino ! Mless her little heart ! I'm
Clid > ou told me this , Nina. "
He rose and hutched a little , a curi
ous Mirt of laujjh , and Nina wuUln-d
him , ] ii > i'iile\i < d ,
"Win-re are you golni ; , I'lillV" she
I don't know. -where I Is Kileeu ? "
" he'o l.vlnt : down a headache , proh-
nlily too much sun and salt uater.
Slnll I Fend for lierV"
"No : I'll K" up and Inquiry how she
Is. ! < uiiuiiii ! Is there , Isn't sheV"
And he entered the honso and as
cended the istalrs.
The little Alsatian maid was Heated
In a ronier of the upper hall , sewhur ,
and ( she Informed Kehvyn that made-
inoi-i'le ! had "bad In xe head. "
P ut at the sound of ronversation In
the cnnli'oi1 ' icileen's jjay veilee came
to them from her room asking who It
uas , and she evidently knew , for there
was a hint of laughter In her tone.
"It i.i 1. Are yon better' ; " .said Sel-
"Yes. D-did yon wish to tee meV"
"Yes. "
' The pretty Creeling nh always re
served for him , even If their separa
tion had been for a few minutes only ,
aho now oiTered , hand extended , a cool ,
When curled HI > iimunij the ciifioiis. .
fragrant hand which lay for a ( second i
hiihls , closed , and withdrew , leaving
her eyes very friendly.
"Come out on the west veranda , " tdio
said. " 1 know what yon wish io say
to me. Kcsldes , 1 have somelhliiK Io
conlitle Io yon too. And I'm very Im
patient to do It. "
He followed her to the veranda. She
seated herself in the broad swing and
moved so that her invitation to him
was nnmlsiakable. Then when ho had
taken the place besldo her ( die turned
toward him very frankly , and he looked
up to encounter her bountiful direct
"What I i disturbing our friendship ? "
she asked. "Uo yon know ? I don't. I
went io my room after Innuheon and' '
lay down e > n my bed and quietly dellb- '
e-rated. And do yon know what ronclu- '
ion 1 have reached ? "
" ? " he asked.
"That there Is nothing at all to dis
turb onr friendship and thut what 1
' nId to yon on the beach wau foolish
1 don't know why 1 snld It. I'm not
the cert of jjrl who nay a such stupid
IliiUK- ! , though I was apparently lor
that one moment. And \\liul I said
about < : iadys wan childish. I am not
jraloim of her , C'aptain Sehvyn. Don't
think me silly or perverse or Bcntlmcn- , will yon ? "
"I \\ish to ask yon something. "
"With pleasure. " she titild. "Co
ahead. " And uhe settled back , feailess-
ly evpeetanl.
' Very well , then , " he mild , ( driving
to speak coolly. "It is this : Will juii
marry me , Ulloeii ? "
She. turned perfectly white and
stared at him , ol mined. And he re
peated his question , speaking slowly ,
but unsteadily.
"N-no , " she paid , "I cannot. "Why
why , yon know that , don't yon ? "
"Will yon tell me why , Eileen ? "
"I-I don't know why. I thlnk-I
suppose ( hat It Is I do not
lu\o yon ( hat way. "
"Yes , " lie said , "that , of course , Is
tlw reason. 1 wonder do yon suppose lu tlmo perhaps-yon might can ;
foi'me that way ? "
" 1 don't know. " She glanced up at
him fearfully , fascinated , yet repelled.
"I don't know , " ulie repeated pitifully.
' Is It can't yon htlp thinking of ma
in that way ? Cnn't yon he ns you
wore ? "
"No , I can no longer help It. I don't
want to help It , Hilecn. "
"Hut I wish you to , " Blit- said In a
low voice. "Jt la that which Is coin-
hj between us. Oh , don't yon ate It
la ? Don't you feel It - tool what It H
doing to us ? Don't you urul. . > ] stand
how it Is driving mo buck into myself ?
Whom am 1 to go to If not to yon ?
\Vluit nm I to do If your alfectiou
turns Into this this dlfforcnt attitude
toward me ? 1 I loved you RO dearly
BO fearlessly. "
Tears blinded her. She bent her
ht-.ul , and they fell on the soft , dullcnto
stuff of her gown , Hashing downwaid
In the sunlight.
"Dear , " ho said gently , "nothing l.s
altered between lid. I love you In
way too. "
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of llio Hair , Iud ! Complexion. Kczcina ,
Tluuat Hlucirt , HOMO 1'alm , Dlnddur Truiiblui ,
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wlicro slio will krend a portion of each week
treating her many paliiirttt : . N ° incurable
cafes accL-inud for treatment. Consultation ,
examinatiou and adrici ; one dollar to thoje
Dr. Ora Cafdwell & Co , ,
Omaha , Neb. Chicago , III.
Address all mail Io i lice , Omaha
17 CTS. A 33 AY
This nni.i/lni ; olffrlluNIW Miulel Oliver
Type'ttllteT No. ITi'e'ills .1 elay Is oiica to
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It's our ne-\\ and lininciisely popular plan
ol M-llliiK Oliver Typuwrllers on little easy
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Save your Pennies and Own
The Standard Visablc writer
This "iTe'i-iits a d.i > ' si-lliiiK plan make
the Oliver as lo\v as to rent. Il places Hi-
niachiiii ; within e.isv reach ol evi.-ry IIOIIM- -
e\ury Indlvlilual. A man's "cigar moaej -
a woman's "pin money"lll buy n.
Clerks on small salaries can now afford to
own Olivers. Ily utllizingfiparomaineats lor
practice they in.iv 111 theiiibolvei for moid
linpoitant pusltlont ) . '
Si'hool boys and srhool tilfli can buy Ol
vors by Having their pennies.
Vou can buy an Oliver on this plan at the
i catalogue ptli-e-iiki. A amall ili t
payment brings ibe machine. Then yi i
sa\e 17 cents a day and pay monthly.
uAnd the possession ot anOllviTTypewriter
enables you to earn money lo tlntsti | Uii
lei the mat lilnii ; .
The Oliver is the The Oliver Type
most highly pertuu writer turns out
uil tv-pewriter on the more workof better
raorKet-licnic I : 9 quality and greater
too per cent cOlcicn- viiucty than any
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AmonR its scores of chine. Simplicity ,
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the Autotoatic LMrJ Indes Woric
Spacer Tabulated llcport-j
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Tabulator Maniroldia <
the Disappearing vlce
indicator Addreiimg Unv.-
- the Adjustable I'a- loped
per rinpejs - Working on Itulu.l
the acifiitmc Con
densed Key- cutting Jllmeo-
hoard graphs Stencils
Can you spend 17 cents a day to better ad
vantage than lu the purchaseof thisvronder-
tul machine--
write for Special Easy Payment I'roposl
tlon or ste the nearest Oliver Agent.
The Oliver Typewriter Company
116 South 15 Street ,