Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, February 25, 1909, Page 7, Image 7

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Depart incut of tlic Interior , U. S. I.aml
Diili-c .it iirokrti now. Nebr. , Jan. S3. IWtf.
Notice Is Ilffi'liy Riven James Samp-
Sou. of llrokeii How Nebr. , who , on i-'ebtuary
l , liwi , made Homestead Uutry No. lta ,
SerlatNo.Oli'iT.forst.'seSccUoti iU.TowtisliftilT ,
North of KatiKfJO. West of the Utli 1'r.
Meridian , lias Illcil notice ot Intention
to make ilnl'5 year proofto establish claim to
the land above described , tic-tore Register
m < t Ktivlvur at Itroken How Nebraska , on
the isth day of Match. f'XW.
Claimant names as witnesses :
Joseph 13. Hr.ldtord , Mack O'llrleil , George
Ureenw .lit. Charles Robinson all of llrokcii
How , Nebr. John Hcese.
Feb. 4-Mar. MOt Register.
In the County Court of Custer County Nebr. .
In the matter of the est.ue ot John Collier ,
Sr , , Deceased.
The State of Nebraska , to the Creditors :
Take notice , that iwill sit In the County
Courtroom , hi Broken How , In said County
on the .list day of March , \W9 \ and the Itltli
day of August. IIHKI at 10 o'clock a , in. , to re-
i etve and examine all claims tiled and preHeated -
Heated against said estate , with a view to
tlielr adjustment and allowance , and that
on tlie tli st date above named the petition ot
the wtdolllbeheard tor homestead , ex
emptions and allowance , and other statutory
rl Klits ,
The time limit for the presentation of
claims aj.ilnst ; said estate Is six months from
the isth n.iy of KebruarjMlWii. and ( he time
limited lor the payment of debts Is one j ear
Irom said date ,
[ SKA 14 A. It. IlUMi'iuiEV , County Judge ,
Feb. 18 Mar. 11 4t Dated February IS. I'M' ' ) .
Department of the Interior , U. S. Land
Otlice at Lincoln , Nebr. , ) , UW9.
Notlcels hereby given that Sarah K. Grim ,
of liroken How. Nebr. , who on March 21 , HiI. )
made-homestead entry No. 17IHJ1 , serial No
O.'iCJ , n % iio'-i. section 4 township 15 n. range
"J w. nth , principal meridian , lias tiled notice
ol Intention to make live year proof , to
establish claim to the land above described ,
before A. It. Humhprey county Judge , at
Jirokfii How , Nebr. , on the 27th day of
March , I9J9.
Claimant names as witncssess :
Uobett F. Hurnett , Thomas Torgerson.
Kll Cox. Jerome Taylor , all of Hroken now ,
Nebraska. CHAS. II. siinnii ,
Feb. 18-M.ir8.-iCt Register.
To William T. lliibton , Non.Resldent Defen-
You are hereby notified that on the 21th
day ot December , IBOS , Mary K. Huston
tiled her petition in the district court of Cus.
ter County. Nebraska , the object and prayer
of which are to obtain from you an absolute
divorce on the ground of extreme cruelty ,
non-support and desertion ; to secure the cus
tody and control of year minor children ,
and tr ) procure their appropriate relief. You
will answer said petition oil or before the
rat day of Match , UW.
Mary 10. Huston , Plaintiff.
Hy Sullivan & Squires her attorneys
Fob. l.Feb. 2.1 It
Kstate of Hachel Fleming deceased , in the
county court of custer County , Nebraska.
f * The State of Nebraska , to all persons In-
lJl'Tcsted 1 * atd estate , take notice , that J. II.
jj1 Kleming has Hied a tinal account ami report
' < ot Ills adm.nistratton , and a petition for llnal
settlement llndlng ot heirs , dlstrlbutatlon
aud discharge as such , which have been set
for hearing beiore said court on March 22 ,
JOJii. at 10 o clock a in , when you may ap
pear and contest the same.
Dated February 17. IPOy.
[ SEAL ] A. U IIUMi'iniKV , county Judge.
Feb. Id-Mar. 11 It
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' \
a good ,
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3 § > By ROBERT W. CHAMBERS , if
* j * Author of "The Fljjhling Chance , " Etc. * ?
* Copyrlflht , 1007 , by Robert W. Chambers $
* ? * * *
Hg ' HgK 'JgH O H 'H/1 ?
( Continued from last week. )
fife i > oy n chance.
Hut Gerald remained utterly unro-
rponsive , stolidly so. niul the other In-
Btuutly relliiaulslipd the hope of nny
confidence nt that time , shifting tliu
conversation nt once to the object and
reason of Cerald's coming and Bayly
expressing liln belief that the lime \vaa
very near at hand when eliasollu
would Hyure- heavily In the world's list
of commercially valuable explosives.
It was early In August that Helwyu
had come to the conclusion that lilt *
chncslte was likely to prove a commer
cial success. And now , In Septemhor ,
his experiments ! had advanced KO far
that l.e had ventured to linlle Austin.
Gerald , I.nusliiK and Kdgcrton I.awn
of the Lawn N'ltro I'owder company to
witness a few testa at lilu cottage Inl1
oratory on Glorm heaJ. luit at I'.i.
name lime he I fanned them wlf
cliaraclerlstic modesty that he was n
yet prc'imrod to guarantee the exp
He froTO chaos-lte and boiled It and
baked It and melted It and too ! ; all
sorts of hair raising liberties with It.
and after that lie ground It to a pow
der , placed a few generous pinches In
a Rintill hand grenade and atlixcd a
primer , the secret composition of which
lie alone knew. That was the key to
the secret the composition of the pri
mer charge.
" 1 used to play baseball in college , " !
he observed , smiling , "and I used to bo' '
n pretty good shot with a snowball. "
They followed him to the cliff's edge ,
always with great respect for the
awful stuff he handled with such ap
parent carelessness. There was a black ,
sou soaked rock jutting out above the
waves. Selwyn pointed at it , poised
himself and , with the long , overhand ,
straight throw of a trained ball player ,
sent the grenade like a bullet at the
There came a blinding flash , a stun
ning , clean cut report but what the
others look to be a vast column of
black smoke was really a pillar of dust
all that was left of the rock. And
this slowly lloatod , settling like mist
over the waves , leaving nothing where
the rock had been.
"I think , " said Kdgerlon Lawn , wip
ing ( he starting perspiration from his
forehead , "that you have made good ,
Captain Selwyn. Dense or bulk , your
chaosite and Impact primer seem to do
the business , and I think I may say
that the Lawn N'ltro I'owder company
Is ready to do business too. Can yon
come to town tomorrow ? It's merely
a matter of figures and signatures now.
If .ion say so. It is entirely up to yon. "
Hut Selwyn only laughed. lie looked
at Austin.
"I suppose , " Mild Kdgerton Lawn
KOd.l naturedly , "that you Intend to
make us sit up and beg , or do you
mean to absorb us ? "
Uut Selwyn said : "I want more time
on this thing. I want to know what It
docs to the interior of loaded shells and
In fixed ammunition v. hen It Is stored
for a year. I want to know whether
It Is necessary to use a solvent after
tiring it In big guns. As a bursting
charge I'm practically satisfied with
It , but llni" Is required lo know how
It ads on steel In storage or on the
bores of guns when exploded as a pro
pelling charge. Meanwhile , " turning
to Lawn , "I'm tremendously obliged to
, \ou for coming and for your offer.
Von see how It is , don't you ? I
couldn't risk taking money for a thing
which might at the end prove dear at
any price. "
"I cheerfully that risk "
accept , In
sisted young Lawn. "I am quite ready
to do all the worrying , Captain Sel
wyn. "
Hut Selwyn merely shook his licnd
repeating , "You see how it Is , don't
The matter of business arrangements
apparently ended then and there.
Lawn's company sent several men to
Selwyn and wrote him a great many
letters unlike the government , which
had not replied to his briefly tentative
suggestion that ehaoslte be condition
ally examined , tested and considered.
So the matter remained In abeyance ,
niul Selwyn employed two extra men
and continued storage tests and ex
perimented with rilled and smoothbore
tubes , watchfully uncertain yet as to
the necessity of inventing a solvent to
neutralize possible corrosion after a
propelling charge had b < > en exploded.
Kvcrybody In the vicinity had heard
about his experiments. Everybody pre
tended Interest , but few were sincere ,
and of the Pluceio few were unselfish
ly interested his sister , Klleen , Drinu
and Lansing and maybe one or two
other- * .
However , the younger pet , now pre
dominant from Wyossett to Wonder
head , made up parlies to visit Si'I-
wyn's cottage , which had become
known as the Chrysalis , and Selwyn
good naturedly exploded n pinch or
two of the stuff for their amusement
and never l > etrayed the slightest an
noyance or boredom. In fact , he be
haved so amiably during gratuitous in
terruptions that ho won tho. hearts of
the younger set , who presently came
to the unanimous conclusion that tlu-re
was romance In Ihe air. And they
sniffed It with dehuate noses uplifted
anil llkejl the
One man. often the least suitable , H
usually the unanlmniN choice of the
younger s'ort where , In the disconcert
ing summer time , the youthful congre
gate In garrulous segregation.
, Theh- choice they expressed frankly
nud Innocently. They admitted cheer
fully that Selwyn was their idol. Itut
that gentleman remained totally un
conscious thai he had been sel up by
them upon the shores of the summer
( in the sunlit ( sands dozens of young
people were hurling tennis balls at
each other. Above- the beach , under
the long pavilions , sal mothers and
chaperons. Motors , beach carls and
\ictorias were still arriving to dis
charge gayly droned fashionables , foi
the hour was early , and up and down
Ihe inclined wooden walk lending from
the bathing pavilion to the sands a
constant procession of bathers passed
will ) nod and gestute of laughing salu
tation , some already retiring to the
showers after a brief ocean plunge , the
majority running down to the shore ,
eager tor the first frosty and aromatic
embrace of the surf rolling In under a
cloudless .sky of blue.
As ICileen Krrolt emerged from the
Hurt' and came wading shoreward
through Ihe seething shallows she
caught sight of Selwyn sauntering
across ( he sands toward the water and
halted , knee deep , smilingly expectant ,
certain that he had seen her.
( ihidys Orchil , passing her , saw Sel
wyn at the same moment , and her clear
ringing salule and slender arm aloft
arrested his attention , and the next
moment they were oil' together , swim
ming toward the sponson canoe which
Herald had just launched with the as
sistance of Sandon Craig and Scott
For a moment Klleen stood there
motionless. Knee high the flat ebb
boiled and hissed , dragging at her
stockinged feet as though to draw her
seaward witli the others. Yesterday
she would have gone without a thought
to join the others , but yesterday is
yesterday. It seemed to her as she
stood there that something disquieting
rtlyqulctlnti 1td \ come Into the
world ,
hud suddenly c-oino into Hie world ,
hoiiu > lliln uniiluiisiiiit , bill indulinito ,
yet .snllk-k'iil lo leave her vaguely sip-
l > reliensl\e.
Siniii'liody throw a tennis hall at her.
Pln > raitglit it and hurled it in return ,
and for a few minutes ( he while , fell
covered lialls flew had ; and forth from
scores of graceful , osiKor hands. A
moment or Iwo passed when no halls
on mo her way. She turned and walked
ID the foot of a dune and Healed her-
celf eross logged on the hot sand , her
s-erlous , beautiful eyes lixed steadily
on a distant while spot the sponson
canoe \\here < ! ladys and Selwyu sat ,
their paddle blades flashing in the sun.
How far away Ihey were' tJerald
was willi them. Curious that Selwyn
had not seen her walling for him ,
knee deep in the surf curious that he
had seen Gladys instead ! True , Gladys
had oa'lled lo him and signaled him ,
while arm upfluiig. Gladys was very
pretty with her heavy , dark hair and
melting , Spanish eyes and her softly
rounded , olhe skinned llgure. Gladys
had called to him , and she had not.
That was true , and lately for the last
few days or perhaps more she her-
telf had been a ( rifle le s Impulsive in
her greeting of Selwyn a little less
sans faeon with him. After all , a man
comes when it pleases him. Why
should a girl call him unless she un
less unless--
Perplexed , her grave eyes were fixed
on the sea where now the white canoe
pitched nearer , close on now.
When the r-anoe suddenly capsixed ,
Gladys jumped , but Selwyn went with
it , boat and man tumbling Into the
tumult over and over. As lOlleea looked
fslio naw'n tlarh alreak leap across Ids
faceaw him ttoop and wash It off
mid stand , looking blindly about , while
again the sudden dark line crisscrossed
ids face from lemplo to chin am ]
spread wider llko a stain.
" 1'hlllp ! " she called , springing lo her
feet and scarcely knowing that she had
Ho heard her and came toward her
in a halting , dazed way , stopping
twice lo cleanse his face of the bright
blood that streaked it.
"It's nothing , " lie said. "The Infer
nal thing hit me. Oh , don't use thai ! "
as she drenched her korehlef In cold
sea water and held It toward him with
both hands.
"Take It , I I beg of you , " she stam
mered. "Is It s-scriiaisY"
"Why , no , " he said , his senses clear
ing. "It WIIH only a rap on the head ,
ami tlda blood Is merely n nulaance.
Thank you ; 1 will Use your kerchief If
you Insist , It'll slop In n moment any
way. "
"Please Bit hero. " she said "hero
where I've been sitting. "
lie did so , muttering : "What n mil
enure ! 11 will stop In a second. You
needn't remain hero with me , you
know. ( Jo in. It Is simply glorious. "
"I've been in. I was drying my
hair. "
He glanced up , smiling ; then , as the
wet kerchief against his forehead red
dened , he started lo rise , but she took
it from Ids lingers , hastened to Ihe
water's edge , rinsed It aud brought It
back cold and wet.
"Please sit perfectly sllll , " she said.
"A girl likes to do tills sort of thing
for a man. "
"If I'd known that , " ho laughed ,
"I'd have had "
it happen frequently.
She only shook her head , watching
him unsmiling , lint tlie pulse in her
had become very quiet again.
"It's no end of fun In Iliat canoe , " he
observed. "Gladys Orchil and 1 work
It beautifully. "
" 1 saw you did , " she nodded.
"Oh ! Where wore you ? Why didn't
you comeV"
"I don't know. Gladys called you.
T was walling for you expecting you.
Then Gladys called you. "
" 1 didn't see you , " he said.
"I didn't call you , " she observed se
renely , and after a moment she added ,
"Ho you see only those who hall you.
Caplain SelwynV"
lie laughed. "In this life's cruise a
good sailor always answers a friendly
hall. "
"So do I , " she said. "Please hall me
after Ihlsbecause 1 don't care to take
the Initiative. If you neglect to do It ,
don't count on my hailing you any
more. "
Thu stain spread on the kerchief.
Once more she went to the water's
edge , ringed it and returned with it.
" 1 think It has almost stopped bleed
ing , " she remarked as he laid the cloth
against Ills forehead. "You frightened
me , I'aplaln Selwyn. I am nol easily
frluhtencd. "
" 1 know it. "
"Did you know I was frightened V"
"Of course I did. "
"Oh , " she said , vexed , "how could
you know It ? 1 didn't do anything
Billy , did IV"
"No ; you very sensibly called me
Philip. That's how 1 knew you were
frightened. "
A slow , bright color stained face and
"So I was silly , after all , " she said ,
biting at her under lip and trying lo
meet his humorous gray eyes with un
concern. lul ! her face was burning
now , and , aware of It , she turned her
ga/.u resolutely on Ihe sea. Also , to
her further annoyance , her heart awoke ,
beating unwarrantably , absurdly , until
tlie dreadful idea seized her that he
could hear it. Disconcerted , she stood
up-n flraight , youthful llgnro against
the Koa. The wind , blowing her di
sheveled half across her cheeks and
shoulders , fluttered her clinging skirts
ait she rested both hands on her H H
and slowly walked toward ( he water's
"Shall we swim ? " he asked her.
She half turned and looked around
and down at him.
"I'm all right. It's stopped bleeding
Shall weV" he inquired , looking at her
"You've got to wash your hair again
anyhow. "
She said , feeling suddenly stupid and
childish and knowing she was speak
ing stupidly : "Would you not rather
join Gladys againV I thought , that-
"Thought whatV"
"Nothing , " she said , furious at her
self. " 1 am going to the showers.
Goodby. "
"Goodby , " he said , troubled. "Pu
les * we walk to the pavilion to
"Hut you are going In again are you
' "
nol' :
"Nol unless you do. "
"W-wliat have I lo do with it , Cap
tain SclwyuV"
"It's a big ocean and rather lonely
without you , " he said so seriously that
she looked around again and laughed.
"It'- ! full of protly girls Just now.
Plunge In , my melancholy friend. The
whole- ocean is a dream of fair women
today. "
" 'If they be not fair lo me , what
care I how fair they beV" he para
phrased , springing to his feet and
keeping step beside her.
"lleally , Unit won't do , " she said.
"Much moonlight and Gladys and the
Mlnsler twins convict you. Do you
remember that I told you one day In
early summer that Sheila and Dor
othy and Gladys would mark you for
their own ? Oh , my inconstant courtier ,
they are yonder ! ' And 1 absolve you.
Adieu ! "
"Do you remember what I told you
one day In early summer ? " ho returned -
turned coolly ,
"Don't talk this way ! " she said , exasperated -
asperated under a rush of sensations
utterly incomprehensible stinging ,
confuted emotions that beat chaotic
time lo Iho clamor of her pulses.
"Why d-do you speak of such things ? "
she repeated , with a fierce little in
drawn breath. "Why d ° you when
you know when 1 said explained
everything ? " .She looked at him fear
fully. "You are somehow spoiling om
friendship , " she said. "And I don't
exactly know how you are doing it ,
but something of thu comfort of It Is
being taken away from mo , und
don't , don't , don't do it ! "
She covered her eyes with her clinch
ed hands for a moment , motionless
then her arms dropped , and she turn
ed sharply , with a gesture -which left
him alone there , and walked rapldlj
across the beach to the pavilion.
( Continued Next Week , )
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a woman's "pin monej"--wlll buy It.
Clerks on small salaries can now afford to
own Olivets. Hy ulllUingbparemamunts lor
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School boys and school glib can buy Ol
vers by sa\lng their pinnies.
You can buy an Oliver on this plan at thu
regular catalogue prlce SlOX A small first-
pay nient brings I he machine. Then you
n.ive 17 cents a day and pay monthly.
a And tlie possession ol an Oliver Typewriter
enables you to earn uiuney to finish paying
for tlie nurhlme.
The Oliver Is the The Oliver Type
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Can you spend 17 cents a day to better ad
vantage than In the purchase of tills wonder ,
ful machine *
write for Special K isy Payment Proposl
tlon or see the nearest Oliver Agent.
The Oliver Typewriter Company
116 South 15 Street ,