Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, February 25, 1909, Page 4, Image 4

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. HATK'l.
ntnUer is set oti nooit bare electrotype
A tint prlcoof ( v , cuts' cent * per Inch , tin if Ic col
vnn , for each Insertion , luo or more liucttlmis
15 cents per Inch. SpcitM position , ulutilo In-
Muitlon 20 cents per inch. Metal base , clccilros ,
uvo or more tlmcii 15 ccula PCI luch. I'ayiucut
flr t of each iiionili
I.ouil mlrcrlUltiit llvo icuts ; ir ULC lu
( .rrlloti.
Niitkcuf liurcli cliuicli talia , * mid
cMcrtaluiuciitk whuiu money l LUaitfcd , ouv
half i a ten
Ozutli notice * ( ice , half r i Ire lor puLllibluir
Card of Thanks , M Cen ri.'al noticco Jt ra < ea inovldiil ttatulcu ol
SoLlcty iHillccf and rutolullnueonu liaMrjitM
Wcrtilluir uoticc frcc.liall price lei nut ol
Entered nt HioUeii llo\v , tJclirasku , fur liant
mission In tile ITnlteil Hlales mails
nt second clana
t'crbcrt G. Myers , Kdifnr and Publisher
uNivr.RsiTY Nnrns FUNDS.
An editorial appeared in
last weeks Rici'UHLU'AN , the
substance of which was that
l-t'epresentatiyo Taylor , of
Menia , gave indications of an
inclination to cut down the ap
propriations asked for by the
State University. The Re
publican took the position that
the people ol the slate were
inclined to be more liberal
with the State University than
they were in some other insti
tutions desiring appropriat
ions , and that Mr. Taylor
should not use his influence to
cut down the appropriations
they asked for.
In reply t'o that editorial ,
Air. Taylor has submitted the
following communication for
publicatian :
Lincoln , Nebr. , r2-2l-W. (
ICditor Republican ,
My dear Mr. Myers : -
In your last issue you quote
meas opposing the Univer
sity. You do me injustice
which 1 believe you will con
cede when you hear my side
of the matter. This legislature
like all before it , has certaii
state institutions and State
departments to provide for
and with which to do this has
a certain amount of money.
Now we can't give any of these
all they want or even all they
may need any more than a
farmer with a limited or cer
tain income can buy every
thing he wants or even ever ) '
thing he needs. The lev7 for
all otherstateinstitutions ( two
soldier's homes , two norm
al schools , school for the deaf ,
school for the blind , junior
normalsthree insane asylums ,
State penitentiary , two re
form schools , hoine for the
friendless , home for fallen
women , Othopedic hospital ,
etc , all the departments of
state executive , judicial and
legislative ) in fact , every item
of expense is only li mills ,
Can be put in every
article bought from
our well selected
lines of drugs and
drngists' sundries ,
because only goods
are ogered that are
of a known class and
value. The selection
is large and the price
right. You can de
pend on this.
J. G HaeDerle
Broken Bow , Nebr.
while the University alone
vts b ; statute , 1 mill. In
hort this institution gets one
lifth of all the- slates income-
by direct laves- besides it I KM (
an income from other sources
of approximately $ f)0,0)0 ( ) ( ) , [
giving it about 81 , 'J" > 0JOO. ( |
I am notcMiiplainingat this-
amount , but here was thedif-j
ferena- tui < n the Univer
sity and mvhJ'M , they wanted
and f \\ill admit needed S'JU5-
OUU mntc out ot the general
fund ol the state. 1 perbiuul-
ed tin' tegentb to reduce this
by . : I'JO.OUO , IK cause we have
not I In- money and 1 for one
am dctt'iMined that we shall
not Inrstravigant. .
Our University has grown
to be a huge school with , ' { ,000
students , its needs are great ,
but we must care for these
other institutions and we must
cut our pattern according to
the cloth. Von do me an in
justice , 1 believe , from lack
of knowledge of the facts and
an acquaintance of your rep
resentative. I am a crank on
education , yet I am a farmer
and tax payer and it would be
against nature lor me to for
get these fellows.
Mr. Taylor stale ; in his
communication that he did use
his influence to cut down the
University's appropriation to
the extent of $120,000. That
IheliEi'umji AN'S information
was reliable can , therefore , not
be disputed and the question
resolves itself into a difference
of opinion as to whether or
lot Representative Taylor
acted wisely in using his in-
lluence to have this reduction
Mr. Taylor no doubt be
lieves that he acted wisely and
in accordance with the wibhes
of his constitutions but I he
REPUBLICAN believes that he
is wrong in the attitude he
has taken. It Mr. Taylor
knew Ihe conditions at I ho
university , knew that il isser-
iously handicapped for lunds
and that it is losing some ol
its strongest instrnctois be
cause other institutions are
able to pay better salaries he
would not ask that the appro
priation le cut down $ lL'0KH ( ) .
Moreover , if Ihe people knew
the circumstances and realiz
ed the necessity for flu- full
amount of the appropriation
they' would insist upon Mr.
Taylor withdrawing his ob
jection and lighting for Ihe
total amount ol the appropri
ation akfd lur.
us mis WAY nru.
lOvory man , \\lio wauls to ,
can run for county ollice on
either of the party tickets.
TCvery man is supposed to
know his own mind along this
line and just how many fi lends
he has who will come to his
aid. Yet , Myers , of the Re
publican at the How , does not
grant this right to the people ,
lie has been writing to. and
urging men by word of mouth
to announce themselves as
candidates for office , tor no
other purpose as we can see ,
but to gel their money for an
nouncements. As far as we
are concerned every man who
wants to can run for ollice on
the Republican ticket , lie
will be treated right by us , and
if he is the right kind of a
man , and he no doubt would
be if nominated , he will re
ceive our suppoit after the
primary. t'ourier-Tribuue.
How is this Jlerbert ? Have
you been writing to parties ,
urging them to be candidates
simply to gel their money for
announcements ? That looks
bad , coming as it does from
one of the bietheru. lleucou
The above article appealed
in the last weeks issue of the
Ouster County Beacon. 1 be
lieve that the Kditorol an ws-
paper in his- editorial work
should have the same regard
for truth anil honesty that he
has in private conversation.
This policy some editois d.
not think should be followed
and persue the opposite policy
of saying anything that will
tend loprejudice their readers ,
and help to accomplish the
purpose they have in view.
This is the policy followed
by Brother Dunn , Kdilor of
the Callaway Courier Tribune ,
and that is the only explan
ation that 1 can give for the
above article. .lust why
Brother Dunn should see fit
tu make the charge he makes
in his editorial , can be ex
plained by me in but one pos-1
sible way. He stated before
he left Broken Bow that he' '
expected to have the leading '
Republican paper in Ouster1
county and he hopes to ac-J
complish that , lofty ambition
by trying to make people be-J that other Republican' '
papers in the county are not | i
to be trusted.
f do not blame Brother Dunn J
for desiring to place his pap
er , and tluougb it himself , at
the top of the pinnacle of in
fluence , but I believe that he
is pertming the policy which
wilMcnd rather to lose what
influence he has instead of
building u ; > one second to
The immortal Lincoln has
said. You can fool all of the
people part of the time and
part of the people all the time
but you cannot fool all of the
people all flu1 time. Brother
Dunn's policy of appealing to
prejudice on this misrepresen
tation of the facts may win for
a time , but he will not be able
to fool all of the people all
the time.
So fai as myuifmg letters
to men or prospective candi
dates , with reference to their
being a candidate or sec.i ring
their influence logetother men
to be a candidates , is concern
ed , I will s'jy that 1 ba\t ;
written two letters , neither of
which , however , justifies any
such charge as Brother Dunn
makes. One of the letters
was.written to a man who was
mentioned as a possible can
didate for supervisor , and I
wrote him asking if he would
be a candidate and told him
that some of the people had
spoken ol his chances as be
ing very good , but I did not
ask him to publish any an
nouncement in the columns of
my paper , and had this indi
vidual done so , it , would not
have cost him a cent , so that
my motive cannot possibly be
construed as a desiie to se
cure financial remuneration
from my letter through gel-
ting his announcement.
The second letter was writ
ten to a man who had no idea
whatever of being a candidate
and wis simply and solely ,
written lor information. The
Republican's business is to
furnish the news anil il it can
be obtained bv corresonrlence
proposes to get it.
Herbert < ! . Mvers.
Editor Republican :
The reply olater Com
missioner Ream to my article
ol week last certainly
is very clear , mail ) things dl
\\hich we have no notice here
tofore are made plain , yet ho
does not dispose of the meter
question satisfactorily to
many water i onsumor-s.
The fact remains we aie
charged with metc'rs , an ap
purtenance of the water sys
tem , as justly as if a section
of the water mane or a parti
cular load of coal were charg
ed and laved to an individual.
Municipal ownership ol
Wilier works is Hie best sys
tem , but municipal , corproa-
tL-ns as well as private cor
porations should uol kill the
goose that lays the golden
'Phis applies especially to Bor-
Iceii Bov as a water bearing
strala of gravel underlies Ihe
\\hole city which can be lapp
ed by wells at an expense ot
from $ : > 0.00 to $100. That be
ing the case an allempt lo
loisl a special tax on an indi
vidual of l.'i to LY per
cenl of I he cost of a good
\\11 must erlaiuly fail for ex
ample , Koine of our citi/.ens
have answered Ihe challenge :
ljay $ ! . " dollais for a meler or
we will shul oil' the waler , 'by'
shut il otV I will put do vu "a
well. "
II Ihe cily had nol bought
1 . " > . ' ' , melersat a cost of S'JO.YT.
perhaps the fund would not
be si ) much over drawn as
shown by the statement.
I f as staled Ihe city will be
in the market for more meters
T should say don't be in a hur
ry as there are many meters
standing like the last rose of
summer , where wells have
been put down. Man ) ' other
patrons \\ill doubtless do like
Tluatcr system must
have support , don't knock out
such support by reducing the
number of patrons either i y
expensive water rates or
charges for that which they
do not receive a meter.
f pass the personal insinu
ation that my mane would
probably appear on a delin
quent list with the comforting
thought "Theie are many
others" . M. M. Uorris.
Coming Ihe County Chairman
'I lie many people on the stage Ihe perforu ance of George
Ade's notable drama , " The Coun
ty Chairman" , which comes to
the Opera llouie March 13lh.
does not merely form a back
ground. You will recognise the
village smart clerk , the fellows
who hang around the depot , those
always in front of the postoQice
and never get any mail , the old
est inhabitant , the village milli
ner who is a fl rt , the man who
keeps the general store , the
station agent , the noisy fellow
who is alwas talking about sub
jects that he only understands
vaguely , the tousled hair boy who
has been in swimming , the vill
age orphan who waits on the
table in the boarding-house , and
many otherssome playing lead
ing parts , some have not a word
to say , but all are part of the
picture. George Ade has been
able to write a play like "The
County Chairman" , because he
was brought up in a little village
of the west himself and knows
just what he is talkingabout. .
Being a politician he shows many
"gum shoe" method * i1 in ployed in
Ol : GliNDRAl. CUT1R :
lUII or Knights , and rumple Ilieatrt' ,
lesthe Scene.
The anniversary , and sixth
annual banquet ol the order of
the Knights of Pythias was cele
brated with much eclat , Wednes
day evening Kebruaiy the 2-Uh.
Members of tin- lodge and their
gucsls me t at the hall at eight
o'clock. The eatly pait of the
evening was spent in asocial wa1.
Laler the following pleasing pro
gram of vooal and instrumental
music and reading was given.
eoi in t snl.i . . . Mi 1'iank Tl ) lei
l ( < ailln Mis ( ' 11 l.iijjlaml
1'iaiiosoK' Miss Man r.asthaui
Ko.ullng . MIS .1 i : Wilson
\iollllsolll Ml Ul'lt l uigll > \
Voral : , olj . MisVtani. Tailor
That the audience waadelight-
ed with the program was proven
by the sounds of applause , each
number received.
At ten o'clock the members and
their guests , repaiied to the
Temple Theatie where the ban
quet was served and where a
in tlucount \ Com lofcusiet comm \ ( h
111 till' Ul.lUfl Ol tillesl.Ul > I
saiah J Uailo ) ami 11 } mil -NOTHT. .
I. Ualleu I'.u h ili'i easeil I
'I hi' Slate ot Ni'litasUa To all persons in
Irirsti-il In saiil estate
Take nolli o , that a pi'tltion has ln'cn moil
liMa .1. l''iolU'Ini ihu aiiioliituuiit | ol
hoisell as ailmlnlslialU ol salil tstausamt
alleging lhalSaiah ,1 Dalit' ) Is Uir inotlu-i
ol HMonl. laili'ami thai oai h ot saiil | u'i
suns ate ilru'asi'ii. ami thai Hie lathei ot Hie
nil IIMOII I. Dalle ) illt'il pi lei lei tlir ili.ith
ol tins lid saiah J l.UIfii.d that upon
tinile.uli ol the salil ItMuii I , Dalle\ his
saul i-slati1 p issoil to the salil Sai ah .1 Dailt )
ami upon hei death to thi > hflts at l.iu ol tin-
saiilsatah.l Dallt-j , itere.isia.liuli poll
lion has lioi'i ) set tin lu-ailiiK lu'loti' tlio
Counteouii ol Liisti't I'uuntv Ni'iuasui
onthfJlsi ilav oi Ataich , iwv > . ai 10 otlmk
i in aihUli time an ) poison inieirsti U
in said i state iua\ appeal aiul ohn' t to suJ
lintt'd iVbtuirv lit , itVK' ' A It Hu\ii'inu\
r J5 M i . 't. eoutm
lii thi-eonnt ) court ot eusu-r CountN. . in
Theile\Kees U'tatft's , heitam ) all poi
sons Inti'ti'sti'il in the cstatu ot I'.mlrl T
.Maul , ilei easuil Take Notice Th it sailu
M.iuk has tlleil in tin- Count ) eoui t ol ciisti-i
Counts Nchr . a ilul ) .lutlientuatr.l op > 1.1
tinlastlll an.l testament oi Dime ) T
Mauk ami ol the Probate tin loot in Die
Coiinu ot Ithoa in Hie stali-ol TOIIII . anil a
petition nravliiK loh.uolhi salil instiuim m
ailtnittod alluunl and piobatoilas tin- 1.1-1
in .liuinent ailnultoil allo\\oil aint piohated
.is iho tail ui1 ! ami lostamont ul the sn.i
| ) aiiurr M ink in this Coml ul'uli \\i' | |
latos to lioth ii-al ami pi isonal piop.itn
tlusCouit salil pi titlon also lei the
appointinoiu ot pianU Malik or sailii- Manic
as e\ei-utoi. That thereon It was unified
that Mill petition ho heaul In this COM it on
theu'Tth ilaot March uw.iat 10 o tlmk a m
w lieu ami whet a all panics Iniorestctlull
be lieanl. Uateil Kehr. ilnl. IWh .
J. A. Armour. i A. H. iiumphtey ,
Ally , for Petitioner ) Countjmlve
l3' M IS l. '
beautiful sight met the eyes.
The Temple was ablaze with
ighr , from gas jets and candle
sticks , and decorated with fes-
.oonsof red and while crepe paper
and large and small red bells In
the centre were a number of small
tables , while at each side , of the
spacious room and extending it0-
full length vras a table ; all were
spread with snowy linen and dec
orated with embroidered and lace
centre i ieces and candelabrums
and candle-sticks with white
candles and red shades Covers
were laid for a hundred and
After the blessing- was pro-
lounced by Rev. Aubreythe com
pany was sealed and served the
following elaborate :
] \IKNU.
'tomato lioullloii
IMS Celery Pit L It s
Hoa-1 'luikoy u illi dressing
CtatilL'ti\ ( Mashed potatoes
Cold both d ham
Kstalloped ostcrs I'lunch pea patties
1'ltic apple alad cinisc waters
Ire croatn
Nut cake AnrleKnod itotutiont
colter ' ] ca
Mr. J. 1C. Cavenee acted as toastmaster -
master and presented each toast
and speaker in a pleasing-manner.
\ Novel Ceasing Need i leal gel ! I'oitoi
What is It Worth loseph 1'if m in
PUlilanlsm It. H Mullms
U'hat an Obligation . W. II. Sih.ulti
Tin Oentle Ait ul Foighing . . .
A It llnmphu'\
The I'sthian Ooat HeJ. . i : Auforej
The Reverend gentleman made
quite a hit by the knowledge he
displayed of "Goats" in general
and the Pythian Uoat in particu
At the close of the banquet , a
rising vote of thanks was tender
ed the Ladies Aid Society of the
Presbyterian church for the elab
orate arrangement and excellent
service. Twelve charming young
ladies served the banquet.
Geo. Williams sr. , who spent
last week in Ilyauuis visiting his
sou George and family returned
home Saturday.
This community was pained to
hear of the death of Mrs. Sadie
Roper , which occurred at the
If it doesn't work the
way it ought to. bring1 it
to me , f will see what ails
it in shoi t order. If you
leave it with me lor re
pairs you can rest assur
ed that it will receive the
same careful treatment
that 1 would give to my
own watch.
If you want a new
watch"of any kind , find il
h Mv. If it's g'ood time
at model ale cost I have
it. If it's good time in
Habivately ornamented
cases of reliable quality
in gold and silver , il is
here. To be brief , if it's
the most watch \vmih for
the least money , it will
pay you to talk \\ith me.
home of her parents Mr. and Mrs.
Nelson , February 1-Uu.
The public sale at Nelson
TrewM was well attended and
prices exceptionally high. Nel
son and family leave soon for
Wabhiugton where they will
make their future home. We re
gret to loose them from our midst ,
but wish them much success in
the new houu.
The basket social at the IOR < I
school house was a success in the
rendering of the program as well
an financially. The proceeds
amounting- $20. will be used to
purchase a library for the school.
It seems from late reports that
the school light in district 67 , so
much talked of last fall is still
somewhat unsettled.
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