Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, February 11, 1909, Page 6, Image 6

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The umlorsitfiiod will sell at Public Auction to the
highest bidder , at the Sunny Slope .Ranch , 0 miles southwest
of Broken Bow , Nebraska , on
Commencing at i \ o'clock A.
The following described property :
1 j ; ivy mare , ( > yours old , in foal , \vi. 1500 Ibs.
1 < ivy more , ' ) years old , in foal , wt. 1550 Ibs.
1 black mare , ( > years old , in foal , \vt. 1350 Ibs.
1 sorrel horse , 2 years old wt. 1300 Ibs.
1 bay horse , 2 years old , wt. 1250 Ibs. 5 extra oed sucking colts
1 brown horse , 'J years old , wt. 1200 Ibs. 1 pair well-matched sorrel standard-bred
1 bay mare , 1 year old , wt. 1130 Ibs. horses , 5 and 0 yrs. old , wt. 2200 Ibs.
1 bay horse , 1 year old , wt. 1100 Ibs. 1 sorrel mare , , years old , wt. 1000 Ibs.
1 span black mules , Jack and I3eckvt.lS50 1 black Shetland pony , 4 years old
1 { fray sucking horse mule
15 head { .food milch cows , with.calf by J. G. Breni/.er's
pure'bred Shorthorn bull , Golden Chief 250027.
1 ( > head s'teer and heifer calves , sired by Breni/er's pure
bred shorthorn bull , Golden Chief 250027.
10 yearling and 2-year-old heifers.
Jir-/ These are all Good , High Grade Cattle.
20 head of young brood sows , all with pig by Pure Bred
All sums of $10.00 and under , Cash. Over that amount a credit of seven
Terms of Sate , months time will be given , on notes with approved security , bearing 8 per
cent interest from date. Two per cent discount for cash.
COL. H. A. TINDER , Auctioneer JOHNSON & TAYLOR , Clerks.
McKinley News.
August Michell's sale was
well attended.
Miss Anna Reinhard spent
Sunday evening at Joseph
Mr. and Nrs. Booth and son
of Broked Bow visited I'Yiday '
nig'ht at the home of Mr. Bo
Vincet Stedry of Broken
Bow was in the neighborhood
of McKinley last Wednesday.
Miss Elsie Meyers who is
teaching the Custer Canyon
school spent from I'Mday
night until Sunday at her
home near Home.
Quite a commotion was
caused at the Custer Canyon
school last Thursday when
the barn by the school house
caught on fire through some
unknown cause. There was
two ponies in the barn one of
them broke loose and ran
home. One of the pupils saw
the pony running and ask per
mission to go out and look
after his pony. He went out
and saw that the barn was on
lire and quickly ran and got
his horse out of the barn and
by hard work by the teacher
and pupils and aid of Mr. Kel
ly of Callaway the lire was
put out. No more damage
was done other than the burn
ing of the barn.
Corn has reached 47 J- cents
per bushel at the elevator.
A. E. Brigham has another
Mr. Doc Chumbly , Mayor of
our town made a business trip to
Callaway last week.
Mr. Cooper , harness man , in
Mr. Bridge's hardware store is
moving out of town and on a
Mike Conley , real estate agent ,
is frequently seen on our streets
looking1 after business in his Hue
and his general health is improv
Doctor Bremvort , of our town
moved to Callaway last week ,
and is going in with Dr. Davis ,
of Callaway. Success attend
yo , Doctor.
Charley McDcrmott has gone
to Omaha to have his eyes tacat-
ed. The Doctor there says he
can save his cvcsight but he will
have to wear glasses.
BOX 1:1.1)1:11 : : ITEMS.
Melvin Ross is working1 for
Chas Horn.
Miss EmmaPilskc is suffering
with n bad cold.
Oscar Blevins has returned
from his trip to Colorado.
Amy and Ray Ilillery were
Ansley visitors on Wednesday
Literary was organised at the
Ross school house last Tuesday
A pastor has nt last bmi se
cured for the- Baptist rhurcK
Services evi ly two v.c'chs.
The county surveyor was doing -
ing some surveying in this neigh
borhood the first of the week.
Luster Mason cssisled Mr.
Mr. Jones to replace the roof on
his bam which was torn off by
the wind slortn.
Grandma I'Mskus came out
from Ansley last week and is
visiting at the home of her son
J. 13 , Jones , and grandchildren
Mr. and Mrs. Kolhonck and Mr.
and Mrs. R. C. Jones.
Warren S. Wells to Wil
liams Lcntx west , 24ft.
lot 15 , block ( > in Mcrna 1320
LottaV. . Smith and husb.
to Simon J. Landis , lots
1-2-3 and -I , in block ( .2
K. U. add. Callaway 105
August Busick single to
Daniel J. Brown , H > ( )
acres in 5-11-20
P. l'\ Smith to S. C. Rum-
cry , 300 acres in I-'U-1S 12500
Sylvia Kleeb and husb. to
Mary S. Ilaumont , lf > 0
acres in 33-lS-l'j 3500
Ida Boylcs and husb. to Ora
and Jatncs Coffman , 160
acres in 20-15-1' ) 1000
The Union Land Co. to P.
J. Drum , lot S in block
27 and lot 13 , block 28 R.
R. Add Callaway SO
James R. Brown to Edith
B. Brown , lots 89 , block
4 in Comstock 2000
Geo. A. Seybolt to Albert
' ] ' . Seybolt , Und. % inst.
in lot 6 block 13 Broken
Bow 700
Gco. Greer to Roy R. Bar
nard and James E. Og-
denlot 20-21-22-23 block
31 Callaway 1000
James II. Wolf to Sherman
A. Robinson , 160 acres
in 19-13-20 also 30 acres
more 4000
II. McOwen to Alice Brown
lot 4 in block 45 in
Oconto 1000
Daniel Tiagin to Jesse B.
Ileuclrickson , parcel of
land in block 6 , Gains-
add , to Anslev 150
The Mason City Banking-
Co , to Walker Bros , lot
11 in block 4 Mason City 1500
W. A. Suiith to Samuel
Green''SO acres in 12-17-
1S 320
Job D. Y. Simler to Ira
Timson , 160 acres in 32
20-18 6000
Henry D. Osgood to O. S.
Puiliain , 160 acres sec.
l'-20 ) lp 20 r 19 900
N. M. Morgan to Lillian
13. Payton , lots 4-5 , bile.
15 , R. R. add. Callaway 100
Eva Lin ford and husb. to
James Boggs , 80 acres in
30-18 500
The Home Guards.
A Great Military-Comedy-Diama in
Three Acts
at the
Monday , February 22
( Washing ! oil's HirllrJny. )
presented by
Co. " [ $ " 1st Reg'-
Direction of Mrs. llattio Spcnko-
* ' ,
Itohnit Tnunvorth , 11 Knldior of tin1
Union . SocKl. K. H.
Wllddf Kowoll , iiiir < lian of Uaylc
Uiffcml . Artillcer Kuy Lunplicnr
lloHOti JonlcH , auctionuor .
. Uorpunil llollis Klnir
llinun JcnkH , his son "a incro boy" . ,
. ( } . M. Hi-riit. li. H. Dorrin
Crimp , colored. .Uupt.J. L.IIolliindsworlli
tion. Grant . Mr. N. 'J' . Uadd
Lluul. Uol. , Hover . Lieut. L. F. Oxford
( Jaylo Uifford , an licircsH .
. Ali.s.s OliviMio Wattw
MrH.Truewoith , Itoburts mollior .
. Miss Kntlu DukoH
Miitlic 'L'rtioworth. Koberts HiHtcr .
. Aliss Stella I'orlcr
ACT i Soono , Siltiim : room in Tnioworlh
homo. Time , sm inir of Ibfil.
The foreclosure of the mortiraire.
Uavlo retuniN. Kowoll appointed
Uoloiiel of UioTonth. Hob ordi'r-
< > d to join his regiment , The
ACT n-Sccne , Hpadquarters Col. Howell
in Virginia , t\so years later.
"The trirl I loft behind me. "
Urunp in disguise. Hen. Uriint
and Hover. the stolen letter ,
The quarrel. The nrrcut. The
timely appearance of ( Jen. ( Irani ,
"Hi , whose pipes out now. "
ACT m Scene , Parlor in Uaylo Uifl'ords
liou'se , two years later.
News fiom tlio liont. The
' intoruptpd proposal. The il
lumination. The faithful sonti-
nel. lliram purchases Triu-
worth farm. The return of the
hoi OPS. ' Henceforth the land
we love is free. "
Specialties by Miss Ruth
Hagar , oi Denver.
Reserved seats will bo on sale at
McComns' drug store and Groat's
hardware store Friday morning ,
February 1'J.
The play is a good one and , under
the direction of Mrs. llattio Speake ,
is sure to bo produced mam1. Being a
homo production it is deserving ot
patronage by every public spirited
ptrson- Get your scats early.
Prices , 25c and 35c.
Oscar Blevins to John S.
Ilillerj10 acres in 21-14
19 410
The Union Land Co. to
W. M. Wrale , lots 17-18
in block 21 , R. R. add.
Callaway 95
Chnrles E Gibson to John
Wilson U > 0 acres in 20-18
24 1150
Tlie VVnipple Humane
riUMANIO Collar confronts the
Anatomy of the animal and consequently
quently the draft bears where nature
intended it should. This collar has
been used on horses having SOR1C LUM
NIOCKS and in every case they have
A horse loses no time when working
with the Humane Collar. It saves you
money for it DISPLACES the OLD
STYLU COLLAR , the HAM 10 , the
Try one this year and you will always
use them.
Come in and see our line of Harness ,
Robes , Blankets , Whips , and Saddles.
Robinson fe ? I