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Taylor Finds a "Joker" in W. J. Bryan's
Bill Making Tlic University A School
of Citizenship and Sends It
Back to the Committee.
Lincoln , Nebr. , Jau 21 ( .Spe
cial to the REI-UIJUCAN. ) Custcr
, \ County occupies a peculiar posi
tion in this session of the legisla
ture. In the person of Rep. W.
J. Taylor , Custcr has one of the
strong1 u en of the House. The
house boasts an overwhelming-
Democratic majority and on
points of genuine contest Mr.
Taylor is usually right and that
places him frequently against his
democratic colleagues because
they arc usually in the wrong
and that makes the situation pe
culiar for Mr. Taylor. All the
same Mr. Taylor is not backward
in assertiag-that he is "a Demo
crat" and that recalls an occas-
sion in the joint session when he
made that assertion and Senator
Ransom , tne Omaha democratic
boss of the senate , retorted , "If
you are a democrat you are networking
working at the trade ; " alPof
which is considered by most pee
pie here to be much to Mr. Tay
lor's credit. Taylor punctured
another little deuioratic schctrie
in the House last Saturday. A
bill was up for consideration de
fining the departments that
might be maintained in the state
University. It read so much
like the law already on the book
that Taylor looked to find the
" " " " is
"joker" as a legislative "trap"
usually called. The young demo
crat who had introduced the bill
made an explanation that didn't
explain and all the time Taylor
was looking and thinking. Then
he found it. A single line hid in
the bill gave the regents authori
ty to do anything they saw fit in
this matter "at their discretion. "
Then Taylor "hung it on" to his
Democratic brethern and suc
ceeded in getting the bill recom
mitted with a specific amend
ment taking the "joker" out of
the bill. It is shown here that
W. J. Bryan has been figuring on
the expansion of the University
to create a "school of citizen-
ship" which was no doubt to be
a political department at the ex
pense of the state and other
methods failing this was adopt
ed as the line of action.
F. E. II.
Standing of Contestants
Guy W. Olmstead 175,000
O. M. Phelps 148,000
Joy V. Reeder 107,000
Warren Cline 112,000
B. F. Lewis ,08,000
Jesse Price 07,000
Minnie Griffith 07,500
Ray S. Waterbury 70,000
Bernice Scott 04,500
Delia ISllingston 103,500
Mabel Lewis 5o,000
Guy McGowan 07,000
Lizzie Mitten 5'J.QOO
Clifford Jordon 55,000
George Keltncr 55,000
Maud McLean 55.000
Dutch Supper.
The Ladies Guild of the Epis
copal church will serve a Dutch
Supper next Thursday evening
at 5:30 : o'clock at the Temple
Theatre. Every-body come and
bring your change with you.
Don't forget the date Thursday
February 4th.
( Manager O.J. Shaw of Aurora Here
A\onday Looking 0\crThc Ciuy And
Will Submit Franchise.
Manager O. J. Shaw , of the
Aurora Electric Light Co. , was
in the city last Monday looking
over the city with a view of sub
mitting a proposion to the city
council to secure a franchise to
put in an Electric Light system
he.e. Mr. Shaw conferred with
Mayor George and Councilman
Baisch , Ledwich andKimbcrling
at the city hall Monday after
noon. He was unable to be pres
ent at the regular meeting of the
Council Wednesday night and
will submit to the council some
time in the nest two weeks such
a franchise as would be satisfac
tion to him.
Mr. Shaw stated that the busi
ness men of the city had given
him considerable encouragement
and that he found the ma'jorily
of them in favor of electric lighis.
He thought it would require the
expenditure of more than the av
erage amount of capital required
to wire a town of Broken Bow's
population , on account of the
fact , that the city is scattered out
over considerable territory. He
also found the freight rates on
coal to be higher than he had
anticipated , and he stated that
the cost of operating an electric
light system in Broken Bow
would probably be considerably
greater than the cost of operat
ing a system in Aurora. He will
submit a franchise , under which
he will be willing to put in a sys
tem to the city council foi their
consideration and it is expected
that they will take the matter up
at their next regular meeting.
The Benjamin Stock Company Has Very
Successful Work In Broken Bow.
I hey Will Be In Merita Next Week-
The Benjamin Slock Co. , of
which John Benjamin is Mgr.
and owner opened a weeks en
gagement at the Opera House
Monday Jan. 25th. The business
has been something phenominal
having been larger than any
Repertoire show ever showing in
the city. The wonderful success
is not due to the fact that John
Benjamin is a Broken Bow boy ,
but on account of his wonderful
company. Manager Great as
well as the patrons of the Opera
House have pronounced the com
pany to be by far superior to any
repertoire attraction ever played
in Broken Bow. The Plays are
all new and up to date , and the
Specialties between acts are cer
tainly a feature deserving any
amount of praise.
Mr. Benjamin has not spared
money or pains to give his home
town as well as surrounding
towns the benefit of seeing a > good
show and we predict a very sue
cessful season for him and his
company. Mr. Benjamin gave
the people of Broken Bow a great
surprise in his ability as an actcr.
He is very clever in every part he
has played. In fact every mem
ber of his company is just as clev
er as he and altogether they
make up a organisation hard to
The Company will open in
Mcrna , Nebr. , for a Three night's
engagement beginning Monday
Feb. 1st.
Willings Store Robbed.
is late this weeu on
account of the press bciiif ? broken down
and before our forms are closed today
( Fridajtwe learn that Oeo. Willinu's
store \\as robbed last ni ht. The thief
entered through the Imck window tuok
about $20 from the .safe ( fcul a revolver
and box of cartridge * , frotn the show
Kinkaid is Not Only fulfilling His Cam
paign Promise to Note Against Cannon
for Re-election Dtit is righting to
Lessen Tlic Speakers Power's
Some time ago the Editor of
the Republican wrote Congress
man Kinkaid for information
concerning his attitude towards
Speaker Cannon in the National
House of Representatives. Judge
Kinkaid replied that he had as
yet had no opportunity to fulfill
his campaign promise to not sup
port Speaker Cannon for reelection
ion as Speaker of the House ,
because the House for the 61st
Congress did not elect its Speaker
until after March 4th.
The Editor of the Republican
wrote him again , stating that his
constituents here was interested
mainly in knowing- what way
he was using his iniluence against
the iniluence of Speaker Cannon
in the House ; that the tendency
was to believe that the so-called
"insurgents , " who were attempt
ing to secure a revision of the
rules of the House taking away a
part of the power now exercised
by the speaker , represented the
most progressive element of the
Republicans in the House and
that the people would like to know
what'Congressman Kiukald wasv
doing to aid them. To this
Judge Kinkaid made the follow
ing reply :
Jan. 23 , 1'JO'X
Herbert G. Myers ,
Broken Bow , Nebr.
My dear Mr. Myers :
I am in receipt of your es
teemed favor of the IGth inst. ,
by which you write me further as
to what I may have been doing
in the way of opposition to the
afficial iniluence of Mr. Cannon.
In my reply to your ilrbt letter 1
stated that nothing had been
lone or could be done by the prcs-
jnt Congress , which is the 00th
Congress , in the way of the elec
tion of a speaker for the Olst Con
gress to commence March 4th ,
and while your last letter vir
tually grants this to be true , you
further state in effect that my
constituents regard the "insur
gent" element as the most pro
gressive of the Congress and that
newspaper reports have failed to
identify , , me with this element.
You state that "the main proposi
tion under consideration is , hi
what way have you been using
your iniluence against the in
iluence of Speaker Cannon : "
replying v/ill say , the only way-
worthy of mention in which op
position to speaker Cannon has
been manifested by the "insur
gent" element during the session
has been by adjitating a change
of the rules to the end that less
power be conferred upon the
speaker and more be reserved to
the membership fundamentally.
What have I done in this respect ?
Practically I have done the same
as other "insurgents" , not so
much as Col. Hepburn of Iowa ,
Mr. ( Gardner of Mass. , or Mr.
Hayes of Calif , who have been the
most active and conspicious , but
more than a few and certainly as
much as the average. I have at
tended all the meetings save one
when it was impracticable , and I
am pretty confident that every
other member identified with the
mounent.not excepting the chair-
I it i.- . i v / i Ii uf
Considerable Number Deal With Amend
ments ( o Road Laus , School Laws ,
Ke\cmic laws , Di\orce La us ,
And The Liquor ijucstion.
Taylor Of Custcr.
II. R. 69 Amending the free
high schoo1 law requiring the
pupil to pay the fees instead of
the school district when the pupil
or parents are worth over $2,000.
II. R. 73 Defines duties of
moderator of school district.
H. R. 81 Amending road laws.
II. R. 82--Providing canvass
of returns on constitutional
amendments be made b. ; state
cauvasing board.
II. R. S'S Providing payment
of damages occasioned by aband
onment of country roads.
Ollis of Valley :
S. F. 55 To license carriages ,
automobiles and other vehicles.
S. F. 50 Providing that prop
erty used for school purposes for
private gain shall not be exempt
Irotn taxation.
S. V. 57 For a mechanics'
lien upon windmills and pumps
and wells.
S. F. 5S To require railroad
companies to furnish a caboose
equipped with a toilet room for
ft * . h train carrying-live stock.
S. F. 70 Kequircs that con
stitutional amendments shall be
published in one newspaper in a
a county , designated by the gov
ernor , for three months.
S. F. 72 Railroads to report
physical valuation of property to
the governor annually.
S. F. 75 Puts clerk of Su
preme Court on salary of 3,1)00 ) a
year. The constitution gives an
additional $1,500 a year aslibrar
lan. The bill gives two depu
ties , one at $1,500 fcnd one at
S. F. 142 To regulate the
practice of professional nursing
in the state of Nebraska.
S. F. 133 To provide for the
physical valuation of railroads
and ether public service corpora
tions. "
Guarantee Of Hank Deposits.
The legislature is expected to
pass a law for the guarantee of
bank deposits at this session , but
the scope and character of the-
law that will be enacted remains
a problem. The banking law of
fered in the senate by Hat field is
practically the Oklahoma law
and is said to have the approval
of William J. Bryan , but it still
icsts in the hands of the commit
tee , while the banking bill of
Senator Volpp , a much different
measure , is talked of by a num
ber of democratic senators and is
apparently the most favored by
them , The real test will come
when the bill re-aches the voting
stage and there arc predictions
thatMr. Bryan will not be well
pleased with the result.
Valuation Of liailwajs.
The "physical valuation of
railways" is a democratic plat-
foim promise and is represented
in the bill offered in the senate
by Ollis of Valley. It provides
for the physical valuation of
railways and all public service
corporations but confines the lat
ter term to express , telegraph
and telephone companies. The
bill places the work of valuation
1 on the state railway commission.
Trouble in Family at Rouml Valicy Re
sults In Arrest and Children May
he Taken Prom Parents-
Mrs. Julia Riser of Round Val
ley , filed a complaint in the Coun
ty Court Monday against her
husband Levi Risci charging him
with cruel treatment. Mr. and
Mrs. Itiscr were married about
nine years ago. She claims that
she left him about a year ago and
that he induced her to come back
and live with him. She charges
that he has used knives and clubs
on her , has pulled her hair and
beat her up generally , and that
she bears scars of his abuse.
She charges that she tried to
leave the house last Sunday and
he grabbed her by the hair and
pulled her back , knocked her
down and jumped on her with
his knees. The children began
to beg him not to kill their moth ;
cr and he allowed her to get up.
Mr. Riser in a conversation ad
mitted "that he had not been just
jis kind as he should have been ,
perhaps , " and says that he was
provoked to do what he has done ,
through her refusal to properly
care for the children and keep
house for him. She , he alleges
has put in a large part of her
time reading novels and that she
allowed the house to become filthy
and the children were not proper
ly clothed or fed.
It is said that after she left
Sunday he cleaned up the house
taking out two scoop shovels full
of dirt.
Mr. Kiscr who is a blacksmith
at Round Valley was arrested
Tuesday by Sheriff Kennedy and
he was allowed to go out on bond
Wednesday morning. Mr. and
Mrs. Riser are the parents of
seven childr .the oldest , ul
which is seven years old and the
youngest are two six months old
twins. County Attorney Cadd
and Judge Humphrey considers
that the first thing to be < aken
care of is the children , and action
was brought in the Juvenile court
to determine what should be done
with them. It is probable that
the children will be placed under
the guardianship of the county
officers and placed in families
where they can be properly cared
for. They arc now being cared
for by relatives at Round Valley.
The trial of Mr. Riser , to detei-
minc whether or not he shall be
placed under .peace bond , v.ill
come up in the County court
Kearney Man \\ill Try To Get , lude
Dean's Seat.
The Supreme Judgcship has
been materially changed in the
last week. Judge Silas A. Hoi-
comb has resigned , as one of
Gov. Shallenberger's rppointces
and W. D. Cldham will file suit
in the Supreme Court Friday , to
contest the right of Judge Dean
of this city , to hold his place on
the bench to which Gov. Sheldon
appointed him.
It is expected that J. 'J. Sulli
van of Columbus , will accept the
appointment tendered him by
Gov. Shallenberger and Judge
Fawcett of Omaha , and Judge
Root of Platsmouth , who were
appointed by both Gov. Sheldon
and Gov. Shallenberger , will ac
cept both appointments. It is
expected that Mr. Oldham will
bring quo warranto proceedings
in the Supreme Court Friday , and
questain of which set of
Judges are entitldd to sit on the
bench , \\ill be decided by the Su
preme Court.
II. II. Squires Bcliocs I hat if I lie Farmer ;
Form a Cooperative Company they
Can Secure Hail Insurance for
One-Tenth Hegular Kates.
II. II. Squires of this citj ha *
for some time had under consul -
eration the formation of a for
mers hail insurance company.
Mr. Squires believes that under
the existing conditions the ] ul ?
insurance rates arc so high tLaft ,
it practically prohibits the far
mers insuring their grain against
hail. The rates of the coinpan *
ies run from SOc to SU20 per
acre. Mr. Squires believes that
the farmers of Cnster County can
do what the farmers of some of ,
the other counties have done and
and through a co-operative com
pany get their" grain insured for
lOc per acre.
During the year of 17 , the
three Nebraska hail insurance
companies paid out $18,000 for
losses in the whole State of Ne
braska. There arc in. . Custer
County about 5,200 voters , 160P
of whom arc in the seven largest
towns in the County. That
would leave 4,5'JO ' of the voters
in the county in the rural or
farming districts Mr. Squires
believes that if one-third of thin
4500 larm voter. * would insure
crops in a co-operative farmers
company 'they could gat their
grain insured for IQc an acre. 1
1500 farinersb * tlie County join
ed in the co"/oprf rttve hail insur
ance company , -oijlyui small per
cent of them will be hailed out ,
though they all mjoy the same
protection and no farmer in tlia
County should h-oitatc to insure
his grain agairst hail if he- cant
get the insurant for lOc an acre ,
Xo man should be without hat L
insurance if lir can get the pro
tection for lOc pur acre , though ,
a very large per cent of the in ;
now go without the protection
because the rates run from SOc to
? 1,20 per acie.
If the idea of the formation oJ
a fanners company meets with.
the approval of the pcople-of the
county Mr. Squires expects to call
a meeting of the fanners in Feb
ruary for the purpose of
uig the company.
Small l'oat Wcstcrvillc.
The George Evaus family of
Westcrville is under quarantine
for small pox. M. S. Trotter of
Werterville who was at the
Evans house assisting in taking :
care of thu sick for the first few-
days before the trouble was found
to be small pox is also under
quarantine. The Westerville
school has been clobcd and the
Revival meeting and the pool
hall have also been closed up in
order to prevent the spreading of
the disease ,
Repairs Did Not Arrive.
The repaiss for the RHPUSII.I-
machinery did not arrive
from Omaha this "week as ex
pected and the Republican is in
debted to the Custer County
Beacon for printing- the paper-
again this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer T. Bruce-
will entertain the Bzhu card clnb
Friday evening , at their lovely
home on the Heights. The. us
ual series of games will be play
ed. A late supper will be served.