Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, January 14, 1909, Page 7, Image 7

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Xoitco Is hereby given. That by virtue of
an Order of Sale , Issued to uic from the Dls.
trict Court of custer County , Nebraska , upon
a decree of foreclosure rendered la said
court , at tbc November 1903 terra thereof ,
to-wlt' On thaJOth uay of November 1903 tu
favor of charlci A. r.oblnaou and against
Mary E Uutton. I have levied upon tue fol
lowing described real estate , to wit ,
TneSoutn West Quarter of the North West
Quarter the West half of tliu south West
Quarter and the South East Quarter of tu < ;
South West Quarter of Section twenty seven
Township nineteen Range twenty one In Ous
ter County , Nebraska , and I will , on the 15th
day of February 1809 at 2 o'clock p. m , , at the
east front door of the Court House , In the
city of Broken now , Nebraska , In said coun
ty ECU said real estate at public auction to
the highest bidder for cash , to satisfy said
decree , Interest and costs , the amount due
thereon amounting to the sum of 8175.93 with
7 per cent Intcrcsttrora November 10th 1909
and court costs amounting to S76oo and ac
cruing costs , said above described real es
tate will be sold subject to all prior liens and
Incumbrances , as per csrllflcates on nie In
District Clerk's office.
Dated this mh day of January 1POP.
H. F. KEXNBUT , Sheriff
ALPHA MORGAN , Attorney 82-88
Estate of Richard D. Jones , deceased , In
County Court of Custer County. Nebraska.
The state of Nebraska , To all persons In.
tercstcrt in said estate , take notice that ape-
tl'lon has been lllcd for the probate of an In
strument purporting to be the last will and
testament of Richard D. Jones , deceased ,
and for the appointment of an administra
tor of said estate which has been set for
hearing herein , on January 30 1909. at 10
o'clock a. m. Dated. Dec 19 U'03.
[ SEAL ] A. u nuMrmiHY.
32-ni County judge
In the county Court of Custer County Ne
braska. In the matter ot the estate ot Hoilis
Q , Kogcrs , deceased. The State of Nebras
ka , to Creditors of said Estate :
Take Notice , that I will sit In the County
Court Room , In Brouen now , In said County ,
on the nth day of February 1WO , and the Oth
dav of July l&Otf at 10 o'clock a. rn. , to receive
and examine all claims tiled anil presented
against said estate , with a view to their ad-
jubtmcnt and allowance. ; and that on the
ilrst date above named the petition of the
widow will be heard for homestead , exemp
tions and allowance , and other statutory
The time limit for the presentation of
claims agalst said estate la six months from
the 2nd day of January 1909 , and the time
limited for the payment of debts Is one vcar
irom said date.
Dated January 2nd 1W9
31C1 A. R. noui'HUCT County Judge
Department of the Interior , U. S. kaud
ORlce at Broken Bow , Nebr. , Dec. 10 , 1003.
Notlcels hereby given that Richard War
ring , heir of Hachacl Warring of Broken Bow
Nebr. . who , on Feb. 1,1902 , made serial No
illSII. ) E.rfo.SC < U , for w Ji SW Sec. 8 twpk
lij north of range 20 , west of the Oth. princi
pal meridian , has alert notice of Intention to
make tlnal , 5 year proof , to establish claim to
the land above described , before Register
and Receiver , at Broken Bow , Nebr. , on the
Sth , day of February , 1009.
Cllamant names as witnesses :
Harry J. Swlck , of Lillian Nebr. , Alon/o
Tracy"of nroken How. George Templar , of
Broken Bow , Mack J. Chrlsuian , of Broken
Bow Nebr.
29-Ot. John Reese , Register
Estate of George Garrison Deceased , In the
county Court of Custer County , Nebraska :
The State of Nebraska , to all persons
interested In said estate , take notice , that a
petition baa been filed tor the appointment
of Harry A. Sherman as admlnlstratror of
said estate , which has been set for hearing
herein , on 25th of January 1903 , at lu
o'clock a. m.
pated Dec. 22nd , 1003.
[ OPAL ] A. R HuiirnnKY ,
f9 it County Judge
Serial-No. 01109. II. E. IPS06
Department of the Interior , U. S. baud
Office at North Platte , Nebraska , December -
. ber 2 $ , 1903.
Notice Is hereby given that John W. Koch
of Broken Bow , Nebraska , wuo on Janu.
Ary 30 , JW1 , made Homestead entry No.
Jpy03 for the N'SV'f ot Se.c 11 , Township
15 N , Ranpe23V. . , of the Sixth Principal
Meridian , ban filed notice of Intention to
make Final Five Vcar Pioof , to establish
claim to the land above described , betoro A
P Humphiey Couutv Judge at Broken Bow ,
Nebraska , on the twen'y-thlnl day of
OJtair.ant names as witnesses :
Jotm W. Uogors , Sylvester Dale , David .T.
Coulter of uroken How -ind Charles S. EcU-
roali of Sterna
20-S9 J IJ. J3VANB. Register.
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Copyright , 1007 , by Robert W. C h n m b e r *
( Continued from last week. )
"Mun , you tire madder than n March
heiress 1"
"Air your theories , Phil , then come
bad : to realities. The conditions re-
mntn. Eileen Is certainly n little In
love with you , and n little with her
means something. And you evidently
have never harbored any serious In
tentions toward the child. I can see
that , because you are the most trans
parent man I ever knew. Now , the
question Is , What Is to bo done ? "
"I am , of course , obliged to bollevo
that you are mistaken , " he said. "A
man cannot choose but believe In that
manner. There Is no very young girl ,
nobody , old or young , whom I like as
thoroughly as I do Eileen Erroll. She
knows U ; so do you , Nina. It to open
and aboveboard. I ahould be very un
happy If anything marred or distorted
our friendship I am quite confident
that nothing v. , i '
"In that frame of mind , " paid his
sister , KinllhiR. "yon are the healthiest
companion In ( he world for her , for
you will olthor cure her or she you ,
nnd It Is all right either way. "
"Certainly It will be all right , " he
said confidently.
For a few moments lie paced the
room , reflective , quickening his pace
all the while , and his sister watched
him , silent in her Indecision.
"I'm going up to see the kids. " he
eald abruptly.
The children , one nnd nJ ! , were In
the park , fort Eileen was bowing In
the nursery , and his sister did not. call'
him back ns ho swung out of the teem
and up the stairs. But wlion ho had
disappears ! Nina dropped Into hep
chnlr , awarn thnt who Imd played her
best card prematurely , forced by Ros
amund , who had JusL told her that
rumor continued to bo very busy cou
pling her brother's name with the
name of the woman who once had
been his wife.
Nina was now thoroughly convinced
of Alixo's umisunl capacity for making
She had known Allxo always , and
she had seen lior develop from a - talented
ented , restless- erratic , emotional rjtrl ,
easily moved fo generosity , Into au
Impulsive woman , reckless" to the
point of ruthlessness when ennui and
unhapplness stampeded her. a woman
not deliberately selfish , not wittingly
immoral , for she lacked the passion
which her emotion was sometimes mistaken -
taken for , and she was kind by In-
Sufficiently Intelligent to suffer from
the lack of It In others , cultured to thg
point of recognizing culture , her OWW ?
b'crous unsoundness lay In her uttcrf
lack of mental ntamina when condi
tions became unpleasant beyond her
will , not her ability to endure them.
The consequenceof ! her own errors
She refused to bo burdened with. To
escape somehow was her paramount
Impulse , and she always tried to had
always attempted It even In school
flays and further back when Nina
first remembered her as a thin , ongor ,
restless little girl scampering from one
scrape Into another at full speed
Even in those days there were mo
ments when Nina believed her to bo
actually Irrational , but there was every
reason not to say so to the heedless
Bcatterbtaln whose father In the prime
of life sat all day In his room , his
faded eyes Used wistfully on the child
ish toys which his attendant brought
to him from bis daughter's nursery.
All this Nina was remembering , nnd
again she wondered bitterly at Altec's
treatment of her brother and what ex
planation there could ever bo ' 'or It
except one.
Lately , too , Allxo had scarcely been
nt pains to conceal her contempt for
her husband , If what Roiumund relat
ed was true. It was only one more
headlong scrape , this second marriage ,
find Nina know Allxe well enough to
expect the usual stampede toward that ;
gay phantom which was always beck
oning onward to promised happiness ,
that goal of heart's desire already ly
ing so far behind her , nnd farther still ,
for every step her little Hying foci
were taking In the oldest , the vainest ,
the most hopeless , chase in the world
the headlong hunt for happiness.
And If that blind hunt should lead
onco'more toward Selwyn ? Suppose ,
freed from Ruthveu , she turned In her
tracks nnd threw herself and her
youthful unhapplness straight at the
man who had not yet destroyed the
picture that Nina found wheu oho visit
ed her brother's rooms with the desire
to be good to him with rocking chairs.
Not that she really believed or feared
that Philip would consider such an
Impossible reconciliation ; pride and a
sense of the absurd must always check
nny such weird caprice of her broth
er's conscience , nnd yet nnd yet other
amazing and mlsmatcd couples had
done It had been reunited.
And Nina was mightily troubled , for
Alixe's capacity for mischief was
'boundless , and that she In Eomc man
ner had already succeeded in stirring
up Philip was n rumor that persisted
and would not be annihilated.
] To Inform n man frankly that n
young girl Is n little In love with him
la one of the oldest , simplest and eaol-
'est ' method.s of Interesting tbat man
un cvj IK l.'t ! ' " > ei to bo In love with
Bor.cbod c'- And Nlun'had taken
her chaises that Hie picture of Allxe
wai already toT unlmportaut for the
ctiomouy M' Incineration. Uesldcs ,
wlnt shi ; h.i.l ventured to way to him
vrn3 lior bol''f. ' The child appeared to
bo utterly I'bvrbed In her Increasing
Intimacy with Selwyn.
love wno not there. Nlnn under-
otojd that. But Its germ was still
dormant , but bedded dellciously In
congranial soil the living germ in all
Its latent promise , ready to swell with
the first sudden heart beat/ quicken
wl'.i the first quickening of the pulse ,
unfold Into perfect symmetry If ever
( ht > warm. oun\ current In the veins
grew swift mid hot under the first
scorchliif ? vhtspor of truth.
EN , sewing by the
nursery window , looked
up. Her little Alsatian
maid , cross legged on
the floor at her feet ,
sowing away diligently ,
also looked up , then
scrambled to her feet as Selwyn halt
ed on the threshold of the room ,
"Why , how odd you look ! " said Ei
leen , laughing. "Comn In , please. Su-
sanuo and I are only mending some of
out- Glimmer things. Wore you In
! search of the children ? Don't say so
' If you wore , because I'm quite happy
J In believing that you knew I wa bore.
Did you ? '
! "Where are the children ? " ho tiskcd.
, "In the park , my very rude frlond.
You will lind them on the mall If you
, start nt once. "
He hesitated , but finally seated him
self , omitting the little formal hand-
Eileen looked 7/p.
flliakb with which they always met ,
oven after nn hour's separation. Of
course she noticed this and , bend
ing low above her sowing. wotered !
It seemed to him for n moment as
( hough he were looking at n woman
he had hoard about and had Just met
' for the first time. His observation of
her now was leisurely , calm and thor
ough not so calm , however , whoa ,
Impatient , of his reticence , bending
there over her work , she raised her
dark blue eyes to his , her head re
maining lowered. The sweet , allent
Inspection lasted but n moment. Then
she resumed'her stitches , aware that
something In him had changed since
she last had seen him. But she mere
ly smiled quietly to herself , confident
of his unaltered devotion In spite of
the strangely hard nnd unresponsive
gaze thnt had uneasily evaded hers.
As her white fingers flew with the
glimmering needle she reflected ou con.
dltions as she had left them a week
ago. A week ago between him and
her the most perfect of understand
ings existed , and the consciousness of
It she had carried with her every mo
ment In the country amid the icy tum
ble of the surf , on long , vigorous walks
over the greening hills whore wild
moorlaud winds whipped like a million
fairy switches till the youug blood fair
ly sang , pouring through her veins.
Since that some time within the
week something evidently had hap
pened to him here in the city while
she had been away. What ?
As she bent above the fine linen gar
ment on her knee , needle flying , a sud
den memory stirred coldly the recol
lection of her rldo with Rosamund
nnd Instinctively her clear eyes flew
open , nnd she raised her head , turning
Erectly townrd him a disturbed gnze
no did not this time evade.
In silence their regard lingered ; then ,
satisfied , Bho smiled again , saying ,
"Have I been away BO long that wo
must begin all over , Captain Selwyii ? "
"Begin wtot , Eileen ? "
"To remember that the silence of
selfish preoccupation la a privilege I
have not accorded you ? "
! "I didn't mean to be preoccupied. "
I "Oh , worse and worse ! " She shook
j her head and began to thread the nee-
I die. "I see that my week's absence
! has not been very good for you. I
knew It the moment you came In with
nil that guilty , nbsentmlnded effrontery
which I have forbidden. "
no colored up as he took her hand
In hl3. Then they both laughed nt the
yery vigorous shako.
"What n horribly unfriendly creature
you can be , " said Eileen. "Never a
greeting , never even a formal oxpres-
f Ion of pleasure at my return "
"i'ou "have not returned , " ho said ,
emlllng. "You have been with mo ev
ery moment , Eileen , "
"What n pretty tribute I" she exclaim
ed. " 1 nm beginning to recognize
trncea of my tralnlug after nil. "
When the children came lu they left
the nursery together and descended
the stairs to the library. Austin had
Just cotnu lu , aud ha looked up from
his solitary cup of tea us they en
"Hello , What conspiracy
are you tip to now ? I suppose you
sniffed the tea and have come to de
prive me. Uy the way. Phil , I hear
that you've sprung the trap ou the o
Slowlthn people. " ,
* *
"Necrgnrd has , I believe. " '
"Well. i u't It all one ? "
"No. it Is not , " retorted Selwyn so
bluntly that- Eileen turned from the
window nt a sound In lily voice which
she had never beforu heard. .
"Oh ! " Austin stared over hla sus
pended teacup , then drained It. "Trou
ble with our friend Julius ? " ho hi-
"No trouble. I merely severed my
connection with him. "
"Ah ! Whoa ? "
"This morning. "
"In that case , " caid Austin , laugh
ing , "I've n job for you. "
"No , old follow , and thank you with
nil my heart. I'vo half made up my
mind to llvo on my Income for awhllo
nnd take up that olmoslto matter
ngoln. "
"Aud blow yourself to smithereens !
Why spatter nature thus ? "
- iNofear ! , " wild Solwyn , laughing.
"And If it promlb't'i anything I may
come to you for advice on how to start
It commercially. "
" "If lr doesn't start you heavenward
. on Blmll have my advice from n safe
distance. I'll telegraph It , " said Aus
tin. "But , If It's not personal , why on
earth have you shaken XoersardV
And Solwyn answered simply : "I
don't like him. Thnt Is the reason ,
Austin. "
The children from the head of the
stairs were now shouting demands for
their father , imd Austin rose , pretend
ing to grumble.
"Those confounded kids ! A man Is
never permitted n moment to himself.
from lila pocket a flat box.
[ Isfrslun up there , Eileen ? Oh , all rlghtl
'Excuses , etc. I'll bo back pretty soon' .
You'll stay to dine , Phil ? "
7VI don't think HO. "
"Yes , ho will stay , " said Eileen calm
ly ,
- -
--And when Austin had < gouo fJhe'-wnlk-
od swiftly over to where Selwyn was
standing and looked him'directly in the
' . yes.
"Is nil well with Gerald ? "
"Y-yes , I suppose so. "
"Is he still with Necrgnrd & Co. ? "
"Yes , Eileen. "
"And you don't like Mr. Neergard-
"N-no. "
"Then Herald must not remain. "
' * Ho said very quietly : "Eileen , Gerald
jio longer takes mo Into hln confidence.
1 am afraid I know , In fact that I
have little Influence with him now. I
am Horry. It hurls , but your brother Is
his own master , and ho IH at liberty to
choose his own friends and his OMI
business policy. I cqnnot Influence
him. I have learned that thoroughly.
Better that 1 "retain whnt rcnl friend-
ohip ho has left for me than destroy It
by any attempt , however gentle , to In
terfere In his affairs. "
She stood before him , straight , slen
der , her face grave nnd troubled.
"I cannot understand , " she said , "how
he could refuse to listen to n man like
you. "
"A man like me. Eileen ? Well , If I
were worth listening to no doubt he'd
listen. But the fact remains that I
have not Iwen able to hold his Inter-
cat. "
"Don't give him up , " she nald , still
looking straight Into his eyes. "If you
care for me , don't give him up. "
"Caro Jor you , Eileen I You know I
do. "
"Yes , I know It. So you will not
give up Gerald , will you ? lie IH U
only n boy. You know that. You
know he h. i borm perhaps Indiscreet.
But Gerald Is only n boy. Stand by
him , Captain Holwyn , because Austin
docs not Know how o manage him
really he doesn't. Thoic has been nn-
other unpbai-aiit acenu bv-tweon them.
Gerald told me. "
"Did he tell you why , Eileen ? "
"Yes. IIo told me that be had play
ed cards for money and he was In
debt. I know thnt conudn almost dl3
graceful , bu' h not l\la need of help
nil the creator ? "
Selwya's eyes suddenly narrowed.
"Did you help him out thl time ? "
"I I how < ! o you moan , Captalu
Sclwyn ? " But the ppleiiil'd ' color In
her face cDnfiimcd hia certainty that
she had used her own rosonrcci to
help her brother pay the gambling
dolt , aud he turned nwuy his eyes ,
angry and silent.
"Yes , " she said under her breath , "I
did aid him. What of It ? Could I re
fuse ? "
"I know. Dou't aid him again that
way. "
She Tt.ircd. "You mean"
"Send him to me , child. I under
stand such matters. I that Is"And
In sudden exasperation Inexplicable ,
( Continued nrxt weak )
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