Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, September 17, 1908, Image 2

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Cyrus Tov/nscnd Brady
w. o. Ciiniiiittii. | )
Tlic Kncupulp : opoim. not In tinio -
nmiiro prccoilliiK tlio iniMTliiKc or li , leu
Riorum , u J'lirlimi M\M. \ uiul Lonl : ur-
ilnKtun nt KtiKliiml , but In thi'lr Illo iiflcr
Kfttllni , " In KiiKlnnil. 'JHo HCIMIII In plii'fd ,
juttl following the revolution. In Currlim-
ton < untie In KtiKlinuI. Tlut'il
nftcr a house party , ci t'il I" ll."imll' .
lilt. I'uusi-il by Jcnlotmy Lntly ( 'iirrliiK
ton iiKi-i'i'd to cut onnls wltb Lord Striitli-
Kiilo , wboso nttontlons to Kllcn Imu bo-
onio u sou- point with CnrrhiKton. Tin ;
IOSH of $100.000 fnllod to perturb her , uiid
her hufilmnd llion cut for lil wlfo'H 1. O.
V. and IIH | honor. CnrrliiKlon wlnnltiK.
Additional ittlcnlliiim of Lord CnrrliiKti'ii '
to Lady Coolly mill Kurd HlrutliKiUc to
Lady Ou-ihiKtou conipi'lli-d 111" latter
tO VOW tlltlt Hill ! WOUld It'llVn till' C'llHtlC.
PrrpiuInK lo Hoc. Lmly CnrrliiKtnn and
lier phuin Di'lmrali , an American Klrl ,
met Lord Btratbu'at" at two a. in. , lit' '
iiKrcclnff to see tlioni Hafcly away. Tin
attempted to tnkn her to hill cnstle , but
Hlu < left him stunned In tliu road when
the rnrrluuu met with an ai'ddont. Kli <
and Hobble then HtruoU out for I'oi-lH-
moutb , wlioro Hlui Intunded to null for
America lleiirltiK news of Hllon'M ( Unlit
IxinlH Cnrrlimton and .Solon net out h
purtnlt. Solon rented n fmit VfflHi'l IIIN
ntnrtcd In pursuit , StnitliRiitc , bleeding
from full , diiHlicd on to I'ortKinouth , for
which OnrrliiKlon , ICIlon and Solon won. !
almi lic-adi-d by different i onion. Hlrutll-
ifiito urrlvcd .In Portsmouth In advance
of the otlioni , fuidltiK that KlIen'H Hlilp
had milled before her. HtnitliKilto and
OarrliiKton ourli hlrod a small yacht to
purmio the wrnim ; VOHHO ! , upon which
each stippo.ioil 10lli-'ii liad Hulled. Sotnn
overtook the ftiKltlvcH near I'ortsmouth ,
but bin craft ran iiKVOiiiid , Ju t n ciipturu
was Immlnont.
CHAPTER XIII. Continued.
For perhaps an hour the three ves
sels the ship nntl the two HIIUI ! !
bouts held on , every uintnunt bring
ing the llttlo chasers nearer tholr
great quarry , , The Flying Star was
making no oapoclal effort at speed.
Hotroyala were not > 'ct BO ( . She
wns proceeding on her voyage ralhur
lelsuroly , In fact , nnd the othorH wore
In high hope , Carrlngton , especially.
Ilo thought that he at last had Strath-
gate where ho could not escape , and
If Ellen and Deborah were on that
ship , they could not get away , either.
Into this peaceful nautical passage
nt arms , suddenly a now factor was
Introduced. That , of course , was El
len's boat. Sheltered by the Island
neither Stvathgate nor Carrlngton
had noticed It until It suddenly shot
Into view. Now Kllou had a bettor
wind than any of the other three. On
ii broad reach she came down on the
big ship , as a sailor would phrase it ,
hand over list. Her little boat was
heeled over until the lee gunwale was
awash and danced over the waves sit
n torrlflc pace. ,
Carrlngton saw the boat first. The
reckless way in which she was being
sailed caught hla oye. It was lee far
for him to distinguish who sailed It ,
lint he could tell that one of them was
a woman. Something made him be
lieve that it might bo his wife. Ho
gave the tiller to llalght , went up
forward and stared hard. Ilo would
Inive given anything for a glass hut
there was nothing of that kind in the
fisherman's boat and ho had (0 ( trust
to hiB unaided eyesight. The longer
he looked the more sure ho became
that it was Ellen. Ills first Impulse
was to alter his course and head di
rectly for her cutter , but he realised
the moment ho conceived tlio ( iPElgn
( hat he could never intercept her , that
his only chance was to overhaul the
ship for which she was evidently mak
ing. Ilo would thus lose no distance.
If she did not intend to try to board
the ship ho could chnse her after
ward. The sailors on Strathgate's
boat evidently pointed out the situa
tion to him just as it had presented
itself to Carrington , so all three hold
Ellen had the shortest distance to
sail , and a free wind , while the ship
and the other two boats had a hard
beat before them. There was nothing
Carrington could do in fact but hold
his course , yet with what a fever of
Impatience he continued ills sternly
beat to and fro across the harbor.
The only satisfaction ho got was that t ,
with every tack he gained percep
tibly on Strathgato. Indeed the boats
passed each other close enough for
conversation , but Strathgato had noth
ing to say to Carrington and Cnrrlng-
ton controlled himself waiting for a
convenient opportunity to express him
self fully and unequivocally.
Both of them , moreover , were en
grossed in the other boat. As the
boats converged upon the ship , there
wns no doubt in Carrlngton's mind I ,
or in StratliEnte's , us to the Identity
of its passengers. The wind was get I-
ting stronger us they drew farther out
into the open channel and the rate at
which they were drawing nuaror to the
ship grow correspondingly slower.
Carrlngton * gritted bin teeth In ills [
Still he hold on It was fuich n race
us ho bad never sailed bcfo.'o . He ;
held on although bo knew that if the
Kind increased , lite case was a hopo-
' . rn"1. I'.rld on , nlthoii ? : ! lo : Raw
Klltn'ft bonl In a few moments would
Intercept the Hhlp ; held on , when he
Maw that boat disappear on the lee
! d" of tlm Hhlp : held on when he
naw Mm Blili ) thrown Into the wind
lo make a half hoard HO I hat her way
was practically cheeked ; held on when
two figures appeared upon the deck
of ( he Hhlp. nnd ono. a boyish look-
Inn youth , walked over lo the weather
jniiK-.vay "ml stood In full view of the
ni-proatihlng cutters , waved a hand ,
lifted a caji disdainfully and then dls-
ppcared ; held on when ho saw the
lout which the two'had abandoned ,
ailing astern at tlm end of a long
It was my lord's nalnrc lo hold on
lognodly no long as there was the
'nlntest possibility of success und bo-
ond. And ho kept up the chase of
he big ship oven though she suddenly
covered with light canvas and , catch-
iu ; Hie full force of the breeze , great-
y accc'lfiatcd her motion. Ilo bold
in oven ( hough a slant of the wind
miiighi I bo brco/.o over I bo quarter
if the big ship us she lioro away on
icr course to the eastward. Cnrrlng-
on marked ( hat with Biiddon nur-
irlse. The ship wns not going to
America apparently.
Hut It wan evident , even ( o the most
sanguine mind , that the game was
ip. Strathgato'ii boat was suddenly
put about. The earl had abandoned
the chase and was going bank to bar
bor. CnrrliiRton was not so easily
daunted , or perhaps ho was more
blind to the possibilities , for ho strove
to persuade the boatmen to continue
the chase. Ho would have sailed t < :
Franco , or ( o America , or to the end
of the world , in whatsoever boat be
was on so long OH It would float. Hit
the boatmen were not so minded. They
were not provisioned for such
cruise nor prepared for It. Not over
the incontlvo of unlimited flnancla
rewards with which Carrlngton titrovi
to dazzle them could make them agrc
to continue I ho pursuit. They won
clamorous for putting back to Ports
mouth , seeing plainly that they had
failed. It was only the personal au
thority of Carrlngton'n rank and sta
tion which kept them from summarily
dispossessing him from the holm.
I'll Kill You. "
They were not quite ready for that
when Strathgate's boat came rushing
down toward thorn.
It was Carrlngton's opportunity.
Ilalked in his chase of his wife , ho
determined to wreak his vengeance
upon the earl. As the boat drew close
to his bows , by a sudden sweep of the
helm ho sent his own heavier cutter
crashing fair Into it. The force with
which he struck the other boat caused
Strathgato's smaller vcasel to hang on
the bows of Cnrrlnglon's boat. There
was no loss of life , for Strathgate ,
scarcely worse for the disaster , fol
lowed by Cooper and the lad , scram
bled aboard Halght's cutter.
White with passion Strathgato
rushed aft , snaking his fist at Carrlng
ton , who snt laughing bitterly In the
stern sheets. At Strnthgate's back
were Cooper , furious over the deliber
ate wrecking of his boat , and the boy
eager to join In the fray.
"lly heaven ! " cried Strathgato ,
fiercely , "what did you mean by
that ? "
"I should think that my meaning
was obvious oven to you , " says my
lord , indifferently , although ho was
soothing with anger to see his adver
sary within his reach.
"I don't know you , sir , " cried Coop
er , shaking his list , "but you sunk my
boat. Von done it deliberately. It'll
cost you a matter of 50. "
" Tls cheap at the price , " answered
Carrlngton. "Don't worry , my man.
Just plpo down , " ho continued , as
Cooper opened his mouth to expostu
late. "I'm Lord Carrington. You shall
bo paid for your boat and something
for your trouble. "
"Payment Is not enough to com-
ponsato me , Carrlngton , " cried Strath-
gate , furiously.
"No , " returned Cnrrlngton , "thcro'a
nothing that I might offer you that
would pay you for what you've done ,
you dnslard ! "
"What do you mean ? "
"You know very well what I mean ,
although 1 confess 1 have done some
wrong to your powers of fascination , "
returned Carrlngton.
"And what , pray , may bo the ox-
plnnaMon of that statement ? " queried
"I thought that you hud run away
with my wlfo ; 1 thought so yesterday
morning , that Is ; but now 1 see that
she Ucd from you as well as from
j me "
"It's a He1" crlrd Strnthgate.
1'oth mt'ii were now so worked up
nnd so blinded with passion that they
odid not care for the opon-niouthoU ,
opon-eurctl ramllenco which crowded
around thfmi.
"Sho did go with me , " continued the
"It lookit like it this morning. If
she went with you , how did she como
to be on yonder ship while you were
hero ? "
Strnthfinte Janghcd evilly.
"If you must know It , my lord , your
wife lied In my company. "
"Damn you ! " cried Carrlngton.
But Strnthgato went on without
"An ; icoldont , a broken coach wheel
stopped our Journey. I rode on ahead
to make arrangements for our passage
to some happier land on yonder ship.
Lady Ellen elected to go by water. "
"I don't "believe n word of it , " re
turned CairJngton. "if it were true , "
asked my Jord again , "I usk you
why you wwo not on the ship ? "
"I overnlevt myself this morning ,
with the conKoqtienccH which you see. "
"You haveir't seen the" end of those
consequences , my Lord Strathgate , "
continued Cnrrlngton.
"No ? "
"Not by any means. Wo'll settle
the question as to which of us Is to
live "
"And have Lady Ellen ? " Interrupt
ed Strathgnte.
Carrlngton whfjipcd out hla pistol.
"Another word like that nnd I'll
kill you without giving you a chance
for defense. "
"You threatened to murder mo on
I ho wharf an hour or so ngo , " and
Strathgate , equably. "What prevents
you from doing It now ? "
"A thing of which you know noth
ing , " answered Carjington.
"And what is that , pray ? "
"A sense of honor. "
"Indeed , " answered the earl , "I had
understood that your honor was in
Lady Ellen's keeping. "
The sweat stood out on Carrlngton's'
face. He locked hla jaws until the
musclcw rose like whipcords. lie was
under the strongest possible con
straint a man may pitt upon himself.
"My Ironer is In her ladyship's keep
ing , " ho wild slowly at last , "and I am
confident that she will never put It at
the hazard of a blackguard like your
self. "
This time it wns Strathgate who
gave way.
"Yon have another pistol at your
bolt. Give It to me. Take you one
end of this boat and 1 the other. Wo'l
see then who has the right to live an <
lovn. "
"I dishonor myself , " said Carrlng
ton , rising nnd abandoning the tiller ,
which was Instantly grasped by one
of the crew , "by meeting you In this
way. but I'll do it. Hero ! "
He extended OIK ; of the pistols.
"I would prefer a choice , " said
Strathgate , not extending his arm to
take it. ,
"As you will , " returned Carrington ,
extending both of them to him. "You
honor me In doubting my good faith , "
ho remarked as Strnthgiitc took ono
of the pistols. "Hnlght. " said Carring
ton , "take your station nmldshlp , out
of range , and count three. There
shall be no firing clone by either of us
until after the word 'three. ' Are you
agreed , Lord Strathgate ? "
"Entirely , " returned the other , step ,
ping forward.
But Master Haight did not propose
to have his vessel turned Into a field
of honor , which would bo a field of
Ulood. He Interposed a vigorous ob
"Gentlemen. " ho began , "I'll have no
murder done here. "
"There shall be none , " said Carrlng
ton. " Tis a fair duel with each' man
a chance for his life. "
"I don't know about that , my mas
ters , " returned the sailor , "but I say
this : This bent's mine , I'm the cap
tain of It , and I'll have no flghtln'
aboard. Savin' yer honors' graces , it
can't bo done. You agree with me ,
Cooper ? You , Jack ? You. Ned ? "
"Ay , ay , " returned the others , clos
ing about Haight and interposing be
tween the would-bo combatants.
Massachusetts Girl Refused to Wed
Count and Denounced Him.
At St. Stanislaus * church , Fall River , |
Mass. , Angola Pawlow , daughter of a
merchant , absolutely refused to go on
with the marilage ceremony that wan
to unite her to Basyl MullnskI , who
says he is a Polish count and the
owner of an estate in Russia.
The marriage had been set for
eight o'clock. The church was crowded
with friends nnd relatives. The bride
groom had answered an exultant
"Yes" to the usual question , and the I 1 |
bride , In n white silk wedding dress
with long veil and wedding bouquet ,
seemed ( o amllo ns Father Basin
turned to her nnd asked : "Will than
take unto theo this man to bo thy
lawfully wedded husband ? "
The brldo dropped her hand from
the arm of the bridegroom. She
turned and faced the crowded church
and answered loudly :
"No ; ho has been unfaithful to mo
before marriage. I will not marry
him , "
Then the girl ran down the aisle to
her mother. The audience was dum-
founded. Before it really appreciated
what had happened the church officials
had cleared the church.
Woman's Wiles.
"Yes , " confided Mrs. A. , "I find It
very profitable to give my husband a
dressing down occasionally. 1 gave
him ono to-day. "
"But how Is It profitable ? " queried
Mrs. Z.
"Why , ho generally glvea mo a
dressing up. "
"Dressing up ? "
"Yes ; to got mo in good humor
again ho promlseH mo a new coat , a
now set of furs and n new hat. "
Jommlssloner of Labor Ryder Finds
Politico Slow In Comparison With
Crop Matters.
Corn Is King.
"Republican and democratic speak-
.TH , oratorn and nation savern all
agree , rays Labor Commissioner Ry
der , that they never saw so llttlo pub-
lie Interest In politics or candidates.
The contract price of corn or the average -
age date of early frost In Nebraska
are the engrossing subjects.
"Talking of prices , I was told by an
Aurora man who has several farina
that ho has been offered r > 0 cents for
all the corn ho will deliver. Ho re
fused the offer. And let me say the
government estimate of our corn crop
is too high , while some of the railroad
estimates are away off , In my judg
ment. Wo have several hundred re
ports hero In the office now , that bear
out this statement and I have been In
a largo number of fields on foot. A
great deal of corn Is thin and uneven ,
nnd fully 10 per cent of the total acreage -
ago planted has been lost. Nebraska
will have probably 70 per cent of a
full normal crop , not more.
"This must be said , however. Where
we have good corn this year we have
ns fine a crop as heart could wish. A
yield of GO bushels to the acre can
be looked for in some fields , barring
a hard frost within two or three
weeks. Forty bushels will be the tally
in a great many instances , nnd 20 to
30 bushels will be realized in many
moi'j fields. But the big expectations
of some folks on aggregate yield are
due for n hard tumble.
Omaha in Evidence at Fair.
People of Omaha have always at
tended the state fair. But Thursday
wns the first time Onmlm came down
In a body. It was the first time Oma
ha come down headed by Its Commer
cial club. Us magnificent Ak-Sar-Bcn
and Its leading business men. It was
the first time that It was Impossible to
turn around on the ground without
running into Omaha men. And the
Omaha delegation did not look a bit
different from the , owners of the Hvo
stock exhibited at the fair , the men
who raised the fine county exhibits ,
or the men who put up the magnifi
cent horticultural exhibit. In fact , in
this last department Charles Saunders
of Omaha was In charge , he being ( he
president of the society. It was a
great day for the fair and a great ilay
for Omaha. The day was called
"Omaha day , " and from the big city
several , tralnloads of people came
down , while many came In automo
Study of Tuberculosis.
The officers of the Eaton laboratory
for the study and prevention of tuhei >
culosls In children will hold an exec
tlvo meeting In a few days at which
phns for the completion of the labora
tory will be taken up and acted upon.
Concerning this matter Dr. H. W. Orr
says : "Lincoln Is behind hand In this
movement HO far and we are very anx
ious to make a showing which will beef
of sufficient Importance to report to
the International congress In Wash
ington , October 1. "
Expenditures More Than Receipts
During Month of August.
During the last month State Treas
urer Brian paid out $200,452.23 and re
ceived $ lC3,22i. ( 72. lie has a balance
on hand of $ I9 < ; ,821.93 , as against a
balanceof ? 534OJ7.43 the first of the
month. He has , as shown by his
monthly statement , In the permanent
school fund uninvested $01.840.00. Pol-
lowing is the monthly report in de
tail :
Funds. AUK. 1. AUK. .Tl.
fionoral $ n.SIT.CO $ ii.03.r..r > t
I'ormnnont school. nn.OSL'.TO 9i.840.0i ;
Tuimioniry sohool. ina.Mn'J.TO l".r,112ir.
1'e.rmiuient unlv. . . 4Q,22Rr. 40.522.01
Air. col. endowment 4S.444.67 50.903.8.1
Temporary unlv. . . 0.240.7R
Penitentiary 31.70 31.79
riodemptlon 'J.C'JS.ns 2fi9rRr
Kearney normal li
brary 1.443.
Orthopedic liosp. . . .17.94 : ! 7.t4 !
InstltiiUonH' cash. . 9.497.5R 9.940.71
Hospital for tmwiuo 4,21.44 ! ' : t.OUt.ll :
State lllimry.v lli29.4R 1.(110,48 (
University cash. . . .ifi.97S,5.l : ; r.,2nfir > 2
Peru norm , library 2.18,2S : ! lS"r. ]
Normal endowment 21.218.93 2.218.9:1 ! :
Normal interest. . . 3.989.91 2i > : il.24
AK. ami Modi , arts nrooo.oi
a S. oMor. sta. . . fi.740.37 0.709.89
Totals J5.14io4T.t3 ? 49G,821.U3
Cash on hnml $ 1S.020.00
( "ash on deposit. . . 47S.S01.93 496,821.93
Trust funilH Invrstotl
Permanent school $7,400,30.r.8fi
[ 'ermnnent university 141,117.17
AK. colk'Ke. endowment 444.000.00
Normal endowment 50,600.00
Total . ? S.04 2.1123.03
omls of nil kinds 7.4r r..4R,32
Warrants 587.187.71
Inquiry About Insurance.
The Sehnefor Drug company nf
Omaha has written Auditor Searle re
garding n policy Issued to It by tire
Druggist Indemnity Insurance company
' j
ny of St. Louis. The druggist wanted
to knew If the policy Is any gooil.
Auditor Searlo answered that the
company had no license to do business
In Nebraska and , besides , ho took the
drug company to task severely for
buying Insurance from an unknown
agent when Omahr. was full of good
apents who v Ml write policies prompt
ly anil in the right way
Items of Greater or Lcncer Impor
tance Over the State.
Hurglars of late have been very ac
tive In David City.
Mrs , Mary A. Ollinore of Otoe coun
ty went insane and wns taken ( o ( he
asylum. She Is very violent nnd had
to be strapped down.
A young man of Mllford , named
Hurkholder , was arrested by Sheriff
Glllan for attempted assault on u
young woman named Erb.
Rimer Tuttle , a young man raised
In Salem , was run over by n west
bound Burlington train and killed. He
Is said to have been intoxicated and
wat lying on the track.
A reward of $100 has been offered
for the rapture of a thief who stols
a horse from Hodges & Baldwin's
barn In Fremont. The animal Is a big
bay weighing 1,750 pounds.
C. M. Earned was arrested in Se-
wild by Sheriff Olllnn for having stolen
a team Juno 8 in Holt county. He
Hold It at Krallmch. Ho wns taken
to O'Neill by the sheriff of that county.
F. Erlckson and family of Menahgn ,
Minn. , arrived in Fremont In an auto
mobile. They came ( o visit Mr. and
Mrs. David Jones , who reside soaith of
the city. They drove the whole dis
tance In an automobile.
Richard Prettle made nn application
to Clerk Mundy at the district court
of Dodge county for hearing under the
dipsomaniac act. Prettle says he is a
dope fiend and he wants to take the j
state treatment at the Lincoln asylum.
The five people who were injured In
Keith county , when the tank house
collapsed , are all alive. Frank Kalviot ,
the young man employed by Mr. Glr-
man In his meat market , Is the most
seriously Injured. His leg may have
to be amputated.
The peach and nppe crop IF KO
heavy In this section , says a Nebraska
City dispatch , that the canning fac
tory has contracted to put up some
thing like fifteen carloads of these two
kinds alone. The tomato crop was fair ,
but. the corn crop short.
Fremont's new $60,000 Y. M. C. A.
building was opened to the public last
week. A big crowd filled the lobby ,
corridors and the gymnasium. The
pwlmmlng pool in the basement called
out the admiration of ( he smal boys
and many others of larger size.
The union labor lodges of McCook
observed Labor day a big pic
nic , an address by Congressman G.
W. Norris and several unionist
speeches , music by the High school
band , a ball game and numerous other
Mrs. Soignrt of Hastings , who sev
eral weeks ago was Injured In Donl-
phun , Is still In a serious condltV.i and
a suit may be Instituted against the
village of Doniphan or the St. Joseph
& Grand Isand railroad for having Im
proper lighting.
Mark SeltH , one of the progressive
young farmers of Pawnee county , was
so seriously Injured ns to cause his
death. He was engaged In building a
new residence on his farm , three and
one-half miles east of the city. While
upon him fatal injuries.
liarry T. Martin , Fred Thomas ,
Larry Mullin and Lulu Wolfe , who
were arrested at Dc'jatur by Sheriff
Phlpps , charged with Belling liquor
without a license , were taken before
Judge Sears where they all plead
guilty and were fined $200 and costs ,
which they paid.
With his arm In a sling as the result
of a collision with a Mexican bicycle
rider , D. 1C. Thompson , ambassador lo
Mexico , arrived In Lincoln in his spec
ial car. He Is on leave of absence and
will remain In this country several
weeks. This is the second time the
name arm has been fractured and Mr.
Thompson said It had caused him con
siderable discomfort and inconven
According to the report of County
Superintendent R. C. King , there were
thirteen schools , in Otoe count * that
were not able to open on account of
the shortage of teachers and these
schools \\ill have to remain closed
until teachers have been secured. A
month ago there was a shortage of
forly-soven teachers , but since then
the shortage has boon out down to
One of the heaviufal ical estate sales
to occur In this section , says a Suth
erland dispatch , In a long time , was
consummated during the past few
days , when the famous "Duck Brand"
ranch , lying in the cast part of Keith
county , a few miles west of this place ,
passed from the ownership of C. F.
Nevln to P. P. Maddux of Miller , this
state. The ranch embraces 75,000
ncrcH of deeded lands and Is well
stocked with cal tie , horses , etc.
The story of the killing of a Mr. Per-
lick by George Bayer has reached
Bridgeport. Boyer , who Is well Known
throughout that part of ( ho country ,
was engaged in petting a post on the
section line between his place and that
of Mr Poilii'k , when the latter appeared
peared and demanded that the st
bo set back several feet , alleging at
It wns not on the correct line. Hot
words followed and In the quarrel
which onsned Boycr struck Porlick on
the head with a heavy tamping stalei
he had been using.
The corn crop is maturing rapidly In
Thayer county. Grain men say Thaycr
county will produce more corn ( his
season than over before. The crop is
HO far advanced that frost would do
little damage.
Orphn Cook , a Klnkaldcr. living in
north Deuol county on his homestead ,
put his team up at a livery barn in
Ogalalla and slept In the loft. Next
morning at 4 o'clock ho got up in the
darkness , stepped throng a hatchway.
falling to th floor below. The i.pinal
coluain IB dlsloentfd. his lower limbs
are paralyzed , Tie ) do-tors jia' lie
will , not recover
Speaks Out for the Benefit of Suffering
Rov. G. M. Gray , Baptist Clergyman ,
of Whltesboro , Tex. , says : "Four years
ago I suffered mis
ery with lumbago.
Every movement ,
wau one of pain.
Doan's Kidney Pills
removed the whole
difficulty after only
a short time. yl-
though I do netlike
like to have my
. , name used publicly ,
I make an exception in this case , so
that other nufferere from kidney trou
ble may profit by my experience. "
Sold by all dealers. fiO cents a box.
Foater-Milburu Co. , Buffalo. N. Y.
Timid Card D-doeo poetry go"
around hero ?
Cruel Editor Some of it does
That last batch you submitted just.
went out of the window.
Woman Tells of Her Brother's Terrlblo
Suffering Two Babies Also Cured
Cuticura Invaluable.
"My brother had eczema three dif
ferent summers. Each summer it came
out between his shoulders and down
his back , and. he said his suffering
was terrible. When it came on the
third summer , ho bought a box of
Cuticura Ointment and gave it a faith
ful trial. Soon ho began to feel better
and lie cured himself entirely of ec
zema with Cuticura. A lady in In
diana heard of how my daughter ,
Mrs. Miller , had cured her little son
of terrible eczema by the' Cuticura
Remedies. This lady's little one had
the eczema so badly that they thought
they would lose it. She used Cuti
cura Remedies and they cured her
child entirely , and the disease never
came back. Mrs. Sarah E. Lusk , Cold-
water , Mich. , Aug. 15 and Sept. 2 , 1907. "
Critical Eye for Babies.
The five-year-old daughter of a
Brooklyn man has had such a largo
experience of dolls that she feels her
self to be something of a connoisseur ;
in children. - . . - , * ;
Recently there came a real live baby
into the house.
When It was put into her arms'thop '
flve-year-old surveyed it with a crjtl- '
cal eye.
"Isn't it a nice baby ? " asked the
nurse. ' . ' J
"Yea , it's nice , " answered the yrtung-
ster . hesitatingly. "It's nice , but its
head's loose. " Lipplncott's.
The extraordinary popularity of fine
white goods this summer makes the
choice of Starch a matter of great Im
portance. Defiance Starch , being free
from all injurloua chemicals , la the
only ono which is safe to use on fine
fabrics. Its great strength as a stiffener -
er makes half the usual quantity of
Starch necessary , with the result of
perfect finish , equal to that when thor
goods were new.
No Genius ,
"lie is very clever , but evidently far
from a real genius. "
"What mtikes you think so ? "
"Why , ho Is fairly punctual about
keeping his appointments. "
& buy Furs & Hides. Write for catalog 10.1
N.V. . Hide & Fur Co. , Miunu.ipolis , Minn
Never trouble another for what you
can do yourself. Jefferson.
Louis' Single Hinder straight 5c cicnr.
Mmle of c.\tr. . quality tobarco. " \ our
dealer or Lewis' Factory , Teoria , til.
Telling the truth accidentally la apt
to be embarrassing.
acts gently yet prompt-1
boxv'els cleanses
ly onthe ' ,
the system effectually ,
assists one in overcoming
habitual constipation
pernianently. To get its
I3ene < ficial effects buy
the genuine.
r Qnuacurc bytno