Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, September 17, 1908, Image 1

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Was Called to Anselmo.
Dr. T. W. Bass was called to
Anselmo last Thursday evening
by telephone announcing- ser
ious illness of his brother , An-
drian Bass , who was suffering
from a sunstroke received several
weeks ago. I''or awhile it was thot
he would not survive , but his
sturdy constitution and courage
pulled him through and at this
writing he is doing exceedingly
well under the circumstances.
Dr. Bass returned home Friday
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Perhaps the most important
news item of the past week was
the announcement that Scrctary
Taft would cuter the campaign
in person and make a tour of a
considerable portion of the
country speaking enroutc. The
trip as now planned embraces
the states of the Central West
and Nebraska is reasonably sure
of a visit from the Republican
candidate for the presidency ,
lie will find a genuine western
welcome and a boundless enthusi
asm awaiting him in Nebraska ,
the home of prosperity aud pro
gress which has flowed largely
Irom Republican policies wisely
administered in stnte and nation.
Nebraska only awaits election
day to prove the sentiment ,
"Nebraska for Taft. "
Automobiles are still regarded
somewhat as a luxury and when
the people purchase luxuries jtis ,
an incontestable proof of prosper
ity. The automobile ther
mometer may be taken as a fair
index of the prosperity teper-
ature of Nebraska under Repuli-
can administration of state and
national affairs. In 1866 a very
limited number , perhaps less
than 100 , were owned in the
entire state. Today 3,700 of
these luxurious vehicles are reg
istered in Nebraska and a great
many of them are the property of
Nebraska farmers , which will
prove even to a blind man that
Hepublican prosperity is general
among the people.
Governor George L. Sheldon ,
Republican candidate for reelection
tion to the office he has so ably
filled for the past two years , is
this week on a campaign tour
addressing the people of various
localities on the issues presented
by the Republican party. The
strength of Governor Sheldon
and his party in Nebraska lives
in the performance in the past of
every promise made the people of
state and the confidence of the
people that every promise made
this year \vill be redeemed by its
performance. To Clinch and
make permanent the progressive
legislation of the past two years
the people need George L.
Sheldon in the governor's chair
and the Republican party on
guard in the legislature and in
every st .te office. There is little
doubt that the people will see
this accomplished in the Novem
ber election.
Nebraska Republicanism is
progressive. It makes a good
record and striving always for
better things and goes on and
makes them better. For the
past two years under State
Treasurer Brian the adminis
tration of the finances of the
state have left no possible open
ing for a single word of criticism
ard progress is shown even on
the enviable record established
by his eminent and able prede
cessor . Investment of the per
manent school fund in excess of
two millions were made from
January 4 , 1907 , to date , at an
interest rate of one-half per cent
] higher than in previous years ,
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S 9
20 Es
netting an additional income of
nearly eleven thousand dollars
per annum on this item alone *
i hcse securities average about
15 years to maturity making a
total increase in interest earn
ings tor the full period of about
§ 164,000. Thus do the people
profit from the well directed and
the conscientious labors of State
Treasurer Brian aud the foregoing
going- but one item in many of
uis efficient administration of
the state treasury.
Until Secretary of State Junkin
suggested the provisions of
Senate File , 358 , which was
passed at the thirtieth session of
the legislatue and become a law ,
foreign corporations and asso
ciations were permitted to come
into Nebraska in competition
with home corporations , without
paying a fee or license tax of any
kind. Under the law above
noted they are now required to
pay the same fees as domestic
institutions of like nature. Un
der this law the income of the
secretary of state has been in
creased from $22,46310 for the
two years ending November 30 ,
1906 , to $41,990.30 to this date
and will reach , approximately ,
$50,000 for the full two year
term ending November 30 , 1908.
Another illustration of practical
business judgment applied testate
state administration and inci
dental profit to the people for
their investment of confidence in
the Republican party and its
representatives administering a
public trust for the people.
No subject touches every home
in Nebraska more closely than
the public school system of the
state. How has this great trust
been discharged by the Republi
can party ? By the careful in
vestment of school funds by 'the
Republican state treasurer and
the wise and efficient handling
of the state school lands by the
Republican commissioner of
public land , these two assets of
the public schools in Nebraska
are now earning a sum annually
that represents 20 per cent of the
entire cost of the public schools
of the state , relieving the tax
payers of that proportion of the
schools. Republican administra
tion always shows a profit both
in good government and money
for the people.
Candidate Bryan has talked so
much and so thoughtlessly that
it is not news to be told that
another bad break has been re
called which puts the Peerless
in a difficult corner. Just how
he was proclaiming his love for
and interest in the working men
of the the country because he is
running for office and wants
votes. Nothing is too good for
the working man just now but it
was not always thus , Last week
a workingtnan who heard Candi-
kate Bryan speak at Weeping
Water in 1890 declared that
Bryan said in that speech in
answer to Congressman's Cou
ncil's support of protective tariff ,
that he ( Bryan ) "was tired of
hearing about laws made for the
benefit of the men who work in
shops. " Newspaper files of that
date have been reviewed and
prove that candidate Bryan used
the exact words quoted. He was
talking to farmers at Weeping
ing Water and evidently thought
that a "roast" of shop workers
would make him votes. He no
doubt expressed his real senti
ments. What do the men who
"work in shops" think of them ?
The Republican party has
named its candidate for the legis
lature in every district of the
'state. A Republican legislature
'means a great deal more 1o Ne
braska than a mere party victory.
It means progressive legislation
lu the interest of the whole pee
ple. It means a permanent
flinching of all reform measures
aud a permanent establishment
> f all the square deal policies
nacted into law by the last Ke-
publican body. It means that
progress shall go on in Nebraska
and not be halted by an incom
petent and ractionary Democratic
control. It means the people
3)iall ) rule as the people did rule
iU ! the last session , when every
Republican platform promise was
redeemed by being enacted into
1&W ,
It may be undignified to accuse
Candidate Bryan of ' 'talking
tbrought his hat" but no other
CMrrent phrase quite so aptly
describes the cris-croas attitude
of the Peerless when his talk is
cpmpared to his platform. At
the state fair , Lincoln on Sep
tember 4 , the three time candi
date said : "My friends we are
more stingy in making appro
priations for the farmer than any
olfher large class of the people. "
T hat is true of Candidate Bryan's
party but not of the Republican
fiarty wliich has appropriated 35
millions per year for the farmers'
rural mail delivery and 15 mil
lions per year for the farmers'
agricultural department , the
two departments employing
49,000 people in the service of
the farmer. Candidate Bryan's
platform denounces the "increase
of officeholders" and threatens to
largely reduce the number. The
increase is made up of these men
working for the farmer. Bryan
wants them discharged ( in his
platform ) and says we are
"stingy" Vith the farmer in his
talk. Which does he ? Or
is he talking through his hat ?
There is one general statement
in the Republican national plat
form of this year worth reading
every day. It declares : "The
great accomplishments of Presi
dent Roosevelt have been , first
and foremost , a brave and im
partial enforcement of law ; the
prosecution of illegal trusts and
monopolies ; the exposure and
punishment of evil doers in the
public service ; the more effective
regulation of the rates and
service of the great transporta
tion lines ; the complete over
throw of preferences , rebates and
discriminations ; the arbitration
of labor disputes ; the amelio
ration of the condition of wage-
workers everywhere ; the conservation
vation of the natural resources of
the country ; the forward step in
the improvement of the inland
waterways , aud always the
earnest support and defense of
every wholesome safeguard
which has made more secure the
guarantees of life , liberty and
property. These arc the achieve
ments that will make Theodore
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Roosevelt hia place in history ,
but more than all else the great
things he has done will be an
inspiration to those who have yet
greater things to do. We de
clare our unfaltering adherence
to the policies thus inaugurated ,
and pledge their continuance
under a Itepttblican administra
tion of the government. "
These statements arc known
to be true by every intelligent
citizen of our country. As a
fitting scqual to this declaration ,
President Koosevelt , on receiving
the news of the nomination of
Secretary Taft for the presidency
said :
"I feel that the country is in
deed to be congratulated upon
the nomination of Mr Taft. I
have known him intimately for
many years and I have a peculiar
feeling for him , because through
out that time he worked for the
same object with the same pur
poses aud ideals. I do not be
lieve there could be found in all
the country a man so fitted to be
president. "
Docs this leave question as to
who will best carry to completion
the real Roosevelt policies ?
Railroad Taxes.
If a fusionish tries to tell you
a story about railroad taxes , cut
out these figures , and shoot them
at him. They are the story the
record of railway assessments
In 1895 , Governor Crounsc ,
and a republican assessment
board , assessed the railroads of
Nebraska , at their full value at
$27,939,176.50. This was when
the law required assessment at
full value.
In 1897 , under the administra
tion Governor Ilplcomb , a popu
list , and .1 populist board , assess
ed the railroads at their full
value , at $25,561,720,20. A de
crease of' over $2,000,000 from
two yars before.
In 1907. under the administra
tion of Governor Sheldon , and a
republican assessment board , the
railroads were assessed at one
fifth valiiu , and the figures at
which tiiev were assessed were
$53,036,796.97 , which if assessed
at full value as in former years
for taxation purposes would have
made a full value of over
The railroads have been build
ing no new road during the past
year , and very little improvement
owing to the legislation in this
state , which vas put in effect
two years ago. The railroad
assessments are the same this
year as last. St. Paul Republi
Morris Brown to Speak at Sargent.
Norris Brown is to speak at Sar
gent on October 2d. , so says
Chairman Pigman who has his
authority from the State Central
Committee. Mr Brown is a fine
talker"and should be greeted by a
Irrge audience.
Wagon and Grain Burns *
Last Saturday , near Arnold
a lpad of grain was set fire by a
threshing engine and before it
could be put out the wagon aud
grain were burned. Roy Phicfer
was severely burned while trying
to put out the fire.
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Three More Days.
When we announced our Bar
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that we would meet with the suc
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taking advantage of our cut rate
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competitors , likes our plan of a
Bargain Week and we like it also.
Our list arc climbing right up to
the top notch and if they keep
coming the balance of tke week
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Remember the hour for closing1
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Death of D. W. Thompson.
D. W. Thompson , formerly a
resident of Broken liowj died in
Eureka , California , August ? 9th ,
aged 64 yefirs. ' IJor a jiutnber of
years he was in the hardware bus
iness in this city and has many
friends in this county vho will
be pained to hear 'of his death.
Mr. Thompson had been suffer'
ing for several weeks wtth stomach
ach trouble , but was able to at
tend to his business. It was on
ly a few days before he died that
his illness took an acute form
The relatives have the sympathy
of his many friends in Broken
To Select Chairman.
A new chairman and secretary
of the Republican County Central
will be selected next Saturday ac
cording to the rules of the new
primary law. These two offices
should be filled by the best mer
in the party ; for on them depends
the management of the campaign
and as the time is short until
election , they should be men who
can devote their time exclusively
to the work.
The Callaway Fair.
The Second annual fair at Cal
laway will be held September 22 , .
23 , 24 and 25 , the week folio win tp'
the Custer County Pair which is
being held in Broken Bow. Lib
eral purses are offered for racing ,
premiums on exhibit are standard
and the peopletof Callaway guar
antee everyone who attends a fine
Sheppard & Burk
Phone 125. S mth Side Square