Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, November 21, 1907, Image 7

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1hf emCI DovlGOd t Decolve th Peo-
pto and to G:1ln Support for Un-
ound Flnanolal "rapo-
J-lnnnonlous co-oper:1t1o. : tfJ C ! lcn.
113.1 la any sucoosstul business. Dye
C -o orntf01Is not mcsnt Buch orga.
11Jatlan n3 the communh tlc And mono
BtIe : fJocloUes found la part : ! of the
1Jurepen countrlcs , an4 occarounal1y
l'Jtiag ' In America. A. oo-operatlon
r o1ntOll to m.nutnotul' and commer. .
clnllenl4 It simply mC\ns a rlshtoouD .
TeJlBTd cn ( lnrt or employer and the i
OIIIplO'.1ed tor the liberty and IIrlvlJ. I
't'of / both. It mean a or the laborer. .
1\ jam day's werk ror a just da"o' '
cnmpenootlon ; and tor the tJ'ployer ,
: ccnnicca : rendered for the wages he
1IIa PiY , Interests of both are paral.
Ono b:1s : hiD O l1ltal InTcsted ,
raency emplored and tIle other hns nl- I
he C3plbl reprcaonted by hlB abU.
: I. te labor elthor I. a mentnl or
lhveleal cnpnclty.
1. . IJDg1:1.nd : and In VllrlJl of Gcr-
many , theTO are numerOUB c.1eUes ,
tJt.I"J wcrkors In each being common
ah1aoldors and participating In all
vroflta ncoordlng to their holdlnt's.
Ia taGt these soclctlc Are noUllng I .
than tbo ( ; 1'03t rll.llroad com-
ItIln1ea and Industrial concerns of
Ame11o\ , only that In th9 latter tbe
stockholders seldom tate nn ncthe
) Vrt I. tbo .work porfor nad , Ona .wl10
tuns the c:1re to study Into condl.
t.i01Ia In the countrle3 where this
fbnn ot oo-operat.lon oxlsts , will find
enl1ronmcnts rar dltterent rrom what
.obtanl In the Unite ! } States. In Tarl-
QUG places and at dlIrorent times at.
tcdpts to cop ) " aflet- the English co.
'OpernUvo sooleUes have been made In
the Unltcd 8t:1too. : Fal1ure hall ro-
W':1rt1cd the efforts made. Some few
oommnnltles flourished for a time ,
th 1s dec:1ycd.
Prnpped up by tho' success or the
f suoceflsfltl organhaUons In th
tt country , shrewd sohomera hnve
6tnrtod dlfreront commorcl111 enter.
prlsoo In CJtj 9 at the United tates ,
mJPPouod to be opera upon tllO co-
' ' . - . When stud-
'ttJ'lf)1'nt.l-ro p1an. carcfully -
1ol.1 , and the plans ot the promote
' .
( Umroof.oo' , It will be found tbat co-
< JporaUon In thoGO cases seems simply -
ly tbe gottinr ; Into bulnesn on other
p Jllo'9 Dloney , and weaving around
too ontorprlso such appearances ns
IGads the unsophlatlcnted to bcUen
that from fov doUnra hivcsted , great
! lZ1 lIga can be mado. In fact the
oo-oporativo plln ; la moro for the pur-
} WBe cf advertising a priTate business
ro1 > osfUon nnd gaining trade from
tbofe wbe Invest : their doUars in the
It m , Z1 foolish thing ror . the resl- .
. .rent of any town or farming commu. I I
nJty tD Invcgt money In such enterprises -
prises , which means compet.lUon for
1iliI borne town , the killing elf of Its
oolnef3 and the building up or con-
< : anaa In l.rgo : cities. The enrncat man
01' woman c"n see In theIr own home
plMO splendid chanoos for co-opera-
Hon. EstabUshed b\1.9lnesa syatems
as found In the rural towns , ore
. aplO2ldid extmples or what co-opern.
tien SlIould. . bo , The home mercImnt
sUl'pUes the residents or the place
with the commodltle.'I that they ro-
ttUlro ; the merchant is the medium
ot. exchange or the product of the
1'l1rmer. In the trantactlonP' : ; employment -
ment Is given to home labor , and the
little proflts are kept at home ior
the benefit or aU In the community.
CcH > perl1t.1on can bo simmered down
to a strictly home-tradu principle , nnd
th o can bo no higher rorm , no sys.
tem InauG11rated that will brln bet.
ter results to the masses. Berore you
inTOI5t In co-oparatlvo mercantile
flchemes devised by shrewd buslneslI
mon In tbe large clUes , study every
phase of the question well , and you
are Jlkely to conclude that In your
own town tbere 13 plenty of room for
( \QoperaUvo work.
Cent of Production Should Always De
< 1 Factor In the .tv'Iatter ' of Prices.
Profits should bc\r : an oqultablo re-
1allon to cost or production. 'rhe farm.
or who has money Invested in lands ,
: &m1cultural Implements , stocks , and
. ether things necossarr to carryon bls
business , when seUlng his products
mulrt. taka Into consideration the Inter.
oot WI his money Invested , the wear
and tear or farm oqulpment , the wages
uf hired help and a salary ror his own
rv1co. When he sel13 his products
fur less tban PIl'S the expenses necessary -
essary to carry on his work and cuHI.
: , vate hla crops , cue lor hs : stock , etc. ,
be 111 the loser. 'I'he samo' principles
:1ppl , to the person eQtage In any
ether line or buslnoss. There Is Interest -
est on capital em\Jloyed \ , wages , tnces ,
license and oost or articles which com.
priso the stocle necessary for oper -
tlon. Gods must bo sold at a certain
I)1)rccntago of profit or there will be
a. ease tor the IJhorltr or the bank.
ruptey court. In denting with our
tollow men we should al\n1.'s bear In
mind , the princlplea or business , and
not exact too grest profits or seU or
bay at prlcos other than equitable. It
fs WIIO a good thin ! ; to remember wben
grea.t bargains are offered that ( ' , Dst
J. f production nnd legltlmato profitll
' \ most be consldoretl. Too low prices
mve cause tor suspicion that d8
ro Inferlot" In some wa ) ' , or that there
is a "nlggor In the fene" , '
Prollocutlon of Oppressive Comblnea
Afford it Lonon to Homo Trade , . . .
NOT"Or baoro bas thCt'e bo.en Ducll
. stirring up or the maOOCB snd AI'
awakonlng 1\9 to rottcnncs In dnan.
elal arralrs among the large OOfiJOra-
UORD ao at Irosont. Some ono at ono
tlmo oald that "whon thlo"co tnll out
the dovU nets hta rcwlnd , " So It
MemlJ at prGSont "hen faction I , /1r- /
raTed g\lnst taction In expOflu :
crooked operations In gre'1t nancl11 !
nnd bu : ness dools , In whJch the IIttie
Coh arc s\1':1l1owod by the big ones ,
and the mcn In control , IIk wolTes ,
lead tllo lamba to sll'ouchter. ' .
It Js nmazlnl : bow rarsprc:1d arc the
rrnlld pr\ctlcod : , and how high up In
public c9t1mttlon : are tl1" manlpuln.
torn of the rotten denls. The steAtlnGB
of the mlllionaircs and multl.mllllon.
nlres , the Intrigues and their perJuri-
ous lying : tnd mlareprcrlentntlona to
II.ccomptl h their ILimll ; the Int.ica y
of the machinery ucc { ) In tholr o ra.
tlons , the porrocUon or 010 mcans , th
comblnntloDB omplo'ed to I1ceco the
. Veoplo or doUars , would do credit tea
a Oa tlostro or a liachlaTelll , or a
Cavt. Ildd.
'l'herB cannot be doubt thflt tbelo
nrloun I\rtlcloo appearin& ; In the maIJ.
rulneo and C nernl wBpaperB wlU
have the result or opening the
oC the public to tblnra th\t few horoto-
rare oV r gavo'Dorloull consldel11t1on.
Thcy will hl.vo the effect at maklnr ; ;
the pceplo more caut.lous' In making
Inyeatmcnts ot tb lr eamlnes , and
TrIll rOJUlt : In lQlSOD'S thnt arc bone-
ncial .to the country Ilt largo. Home
tra e prlncipleil preclude the pooslbl1-
ItY or people 1091n , ; by the opcr t.lons
ot .rlUch gigantic achcmer .
vcnterI In rour own contmunlty In tho'
deTelopmcnt or Its Intent re6 UrCCR
will Clvo exc ltont returnB , IB ever
under your. own observation , and whllo
the percentage ot profit rrom Bomo
homo Investments may n ' be up tI ? ,
th reprosentatlons mnde by the manipulators -
nipulators or slocks and the hcn.rcrrs
or lambs In goneral. you are not 80
likely to bo a. losor.
nucccu.ful : Plana to Entertain Visitors
and Attract Tr..dc _
How to attract trade to towns 10
'quostlon tha.t Interests every buslucns
man. There must be come attraction
for people of the surroundlnc < > untry ;
some entertainment to please. 1I3UY
means ha.vo boon put In operaUon by
dHrercnt towns t bring about the ob-
jccts dcslcd. . The people or the smaller -
er towns in different western states
have Inaugurated street carnivals , fall
festivals and slml1ar enterpriscs to
entertain 11001 > 10 rrom the surr.undlng
farming section ! ! . These methods
have been unlvoraany StlCcossrul , and
ha vo rCButted ill brlnginr ; trade to the
towns that otherwise would have bone
elsewhere. Not alone thle , but the
reBldent ! ! of the rurnl districts are
brought In contact with the city people -
ple on a friendlY liasls and harmonious
relatlans eatabllshed that Bre blehy !
In many towns marlmt dayc have
been established. From early sprln.J : ;
until late in ran one day In the month
18 set nslde for "market day , " For this
occasion bands of music are ensaged.
balloon asccnslons , baseball games ,
raceB and similar attractions nre employed -
ployed to interest the people. An these
nrc rree , the expense being borne by
the business Interests or the town.
The rarmers are Invited to bring to
the town their horses , cattle , hogs , In
ract , every product that they have tor
sale , and the Barno iB auctioned off to
the beat advantage. On these market
days all kinds of nrtlcles can be had
at barsaln prlcee. Each storelteeper
malten specil1 : e1Torts to offer oorgalnll ,
and's nerally the sales are cnormous.
A few enterprising small towz:1s : that
have adopted the market-day Idea
have become noted ror manr mllcs
about as 1I..el ) ' trade centers and take
trade away rrom territory In the nelgh- .
borhood ot less entorprlslng towns.
The market-dB ) " Idea Is worthy or consideration -
sideration by buslncss men In small
towns who doolre to purfme An inexpensive -
pensive method of attracting trade to
tbo place.
D\.Jty \ of Good Citizens.
Home and Ita protection Is tile safe-
; uard or aU government. That clU-
zen who haR the love or home nnd
fen1t ) ' to bomo intercsts , i8 a worthy
representatlTo or a commonwealth. It
Is the mass or such men that are the
backbone of any community , nnd ,
figuratively , the mainstay and the
rock upon which the natlonlJ are
Counded. Who . . .er liven In n com-
'munlty and rails to support the pub-
tic Institutions and does not assist In
the bul1dlng up or Industrien that add
to the greatness or that community , Is
lIke an allon. While ho IIvea one
place , his henrt Is In another. He Is
not the ideal citizen , for he Is not In
hannon ) ' with tllOse who arc his
neighbors. It is the duty i3r every
rcsldent or a town or community to do
hla utmost to advnnoo Its intereat.
Dy thus doln ! ; he not alone nsslsts
himself , but his nelgbborc , bls town ,
his count ' , his state and blc nation.
Time to Awaken ,
Any plan devised that tends toward
greater business centralization makes
easier the building up of harmrul
combinations. During the pnat ten
y nrB billions or dollnrs have be6D
sent to the lar e cltlcs by the rel1l.
dent or rural communltlos , and these
bl1l1ons have been used in building up
trusts that work ngnlnst the be9t In-
terosto of the masscs who rcslde In
agricultural sections. In It not time
to awakclI to the dan ers of sending
money away tram the home townY
- - - - .
to IA@ '
. .
. " . , " ' , ( . \
I F _ . . . . . . . _ _ _ On _ Ie _ plea 1
or I-dcrenco
. morchnntn and I
.of the J.Jd(1to
West haye given -
en Impetus to
R movement
tor R sreat Inland -
land waterway
nyntem that
promlse to remain -
main In the
rorerront or
nnt.lonal ar-
falra for ycarn
to como. 'Prac-
t.lcallr oTery
Becllon or the
country not ac. .
tunUy within
the seabonrd
zone IHIS' tak- '
cn up the ncl- .
t:1t1on for 11
great Inlnnd
waterw Y and
10 likely to
continue the
cnmpalgn until
tbe natJonal government , hi committed -
ted to a policy that 'Will plnce an ) '
na'lgable stream or considerable dimensions -
mensions In touch with ocean com.
PrcllhIcnt Rooscvolt Is expected to
mnk a strong rccommendatlon In his
coming annunl mossnge on the cub-
Ject of "lakCB to the Gulf system"
of water routes. Such an undertaking
us at present mapped out would equal
In magnitude the comtructl : m or the
Panama cannl. The cost or the two
nroJects , it Is estlmatcd , would be
nbout the same. Advocttcs of the inland -
land wnterwnrs : nsser tlmt tllCY would
bo of inflnltely grentor benefit to th
Unltol Slates than the cannl , and that
without u comprcllenslve system or
Internal mnrlno highways this nation
w\1uld be reaping only a frngment of
the grent commercial IlreBtigo to
which the comp1ctlon of the Pan3mn
O:1nal : entltlcs It.
Rcsldents , officials nnd leaders or
thought fn ] & ! : tates of the union arc
alrcadY mlht.lly ! interested In the In.
land \Tntcrways ug-Itatlon. A nntlonnl
comml slon to mensure the benet1ts
or the project 111 lIkely to be appointed
within Q short time. The reeent trip
er the president through th Mlssl -
slppl val1oy , culmlnntlng In his nd-
dress before tbe LI\1ee8 to the Gull
Deep Waterwn'n conTention , Is regarded -
garded through tlJo central section of
the country ns committing t110 present
admlnilltratlon to the H.root channel
project. The nnnual national RIver : !
and Harbors consre G that Is held In
Washington just before the rcgu\ar \
fait session or congress begins 10 relied -
lied u Ou to lwep IlUbUc Interest atoml-
ed I\S to the noce Slty or the .under- .
ChIcago Canal a Start. , ,
"Fourteen feet through the vaHey"
will bo the slogan with , , , hlcb the nd.
vocateo of the In1and waterways 1m.
provement projects will press their
claims before congress. TIley main.
taln that al1 or the otatlstlcs nnd arguments -
monts nre on their aide and that the
present'condltlon or affairs In the com.
merclal world Is nn unerring Indica-
Uon that -tho country's ruture development -
ment depends not alone upon the' expansion -
pansion or railroad mileage , but upon
the improvement of the great water
hlshwa-f1 or the country.
What is being urged by the business
Intere31.s or the great ccntral country
Is a setUed poUcy qr the improvement
that wUl begin at Lake Michigan and
terminate at the deHa or the Missis.
slppl. It was for tbo Innugurntlon or
this nettled national poHcy tlmt the
recent convention was hold In Mem-
phis. This two da's' convention wo.nd
up the prcsldent's tour of the Mississippi -
sippi valley.
Outlay of $50CCOCCO.
Already a ctart on this lakes to the
Gulf waterway has beGun. The-.Chl-
cage dralnago cannl , extending from
the shore or Lake Michigan at the Chi-
C.1O river to a. point between Lock-
port and JoUet , 111. , Is rcgarded as the
InlUal stretch of the great hh.l'way. .
' 1'ho dralnl1o : canal Is approxlmatclY
3G ml10s In 1ength , and ns comp1eted Is
avallablo froUl end to end Il n navl-
gable waterway , capable of nccommo-
dating vosscls drawing 20 feet or wa.
ter. The cost or the canal lIas been
approclmately $50,000,000. AU the out-
la ) ' has been ! Jorno by Chicago at ! a
munlclpalltr , Imt It Is undorntood that
ror commercial purlloses the city la
willing to gt..o the nuUonw government -
mont navigation control or It.
For six miles the canal follows tile
Chlcno rh'or to Its hL-ad , yond that
volnt It runs for 28 miloo tllrough
I carth and rocle excavnton ! to the Dcs.
plalnen river. Jt conUnuos ulan ! ; the
wnterway for clhl , mllca. In order to
mnke tbe dralnago canal n commor-
clal waterway o.\pa1l10 of flol\Ung yos.
sels ot largo tonnage the tJnglnooro
of tllO projcct expended $18,000,000
moro than would hnve been nooessary
for sanitary IHlIlx > ses only. The cannl
wouhl hnvo mot nB of the drAlnago
nnd nn.turnl wnteraht- neoc6stUcA at 1\
considerably lens c1eJltll tbnn the : l : !
rcot at which It 'WDtJ carried out. The
objective of the craatora tit tbo. ennui
wno not only to dlsposo or Chicago's
sewa.go b ) dlvortluE ; It rromLalo -
Mlchlgm , , , , hero it threatencon. .
tamlnatlon or the city wnter fJupply ,
but the catnbUshmcnt ot n navlgnb10
watOl'way rrom the like to the Mill-
slsslppl vln. t11C Illinoio river.
It In from I..nkc Jollet thnt the next
"top In th3 grent lalm to GnU high.
W:1Y Is expected to bo talcon. The tor-
rltory between Joliet amI Grafton ,
above St. Loula , haa b < 'Cn cloDely sur-
vC'od and a serien of IJools or nrtlfielal
lakes haa 1cen mappcd out to mark
the 10ve1s nlong whnt 10 projootod ns
th boglnnlnE ; of the Et'oot "Fourteen
fcot through t110lUcy" water courso.
The first level will bo ilie secUon bo-
tw on Joliet and UUca , distAnce or
Ei4 miles , with 1fnB of G6 feet. . In this
dlct.'lIlCO It Is estlmnted that l1troe
pools , dnmo or 10c1es will be nelJecsllry
and that a B.foot wlltcrway oa311y
can bo maintAined wit.h . 1\ width of
300 , feet. I
Detween Utica nncI the mouth at the
II1lnols river , where It emlJUeS Into the
MIssissippi river , at Grnfton , la ' 227
mlleo. The bed or' tlle Illinois
river ulonE ; thla dlstnnco In
betwcCl tx hundre ( ] and nine bunclrod
reot wide. Along the route the redoral
government hos aroal1y ] completed
several loclm anc ] dams. To cecuro a
H.foot depth here hydraulic drcdrlnl ;
avoraglng sevell fe t will bd neCOB-
sary. 'I'hls , vIU necc9sltatc the oxen.-
vntlon or 100,000,000 cubic ) 'ards or
nort earth , the estlmatcd coat of which
hall bcon fu : d by englnoors at $7- ,
To Control MississIppi.
Between the month of the IlIInol3 ,
at Oratton , nnd the harbor Umlto of
Bt. Louis the c1I tanco down the MississIppi -
sissIppi river Is 39 milcH. In this
strctch the Mlaslsslppl fnlls 21 teat.
It 10 the magnitude or Iwcpln ! : tbe
m-eat Mississippi trnct:1ble nnd within
bounds and providing a 14.foot channel -
nel from St. Louis to the GuU of Mexico -
ice that has given the greatest engineers -
gineers or the country Ilanse. What
the completion or thnt undorta1elng
wlU cent no ono profcsscs to know [ lC-
curately. Surmises vary between $200-
I 000,000 am1 $400,000,000. A considerable -
able percentngo of the former sum has
alrcnd ) ' bcen expended In plecomeal
Improvements on 010 Father or Wn.
ters. Engineers admit that much or
this outlay haa been practically wasted -
ed because the work was not carried
on alonE ; any well defined plan. It Is
for the laying out or n general 111o.n
of Mississippi v .1le hnprovemcnt
that the buslnesa Interestn of the
great Centrnl West arc ) low bonding ,
their energies.
After surveying the territory be- '
twcon Joltct nnd St. Louis n board
of army cngineera a ( ow years ngo ca.
tlmatod that the cost or a 14.rpot waterway -
terway between those poln'ta would
cost $31,000,000. About the ronslbllity
of continuing that atretch at the sarno
depth n the Chicago dralnago ca.nal
there Is no doubt. The only qucstlons
to be con : > ldorcd are those or drcdging
and watcr supply.
In tbo opinion or I.yman 1' ' ) . Cooley ,
or Chlcaso , one of the greatest en-
gincerlng authorities' 010 country ,
the practicability or carrying the big
Inland water highway to successful
complcUon dcpOnds upon tbe maotcry
or the mlddlo Misalaolppl between St.
Louis and Cairo. The total dlctanco or
the projccted continuous navlgablo
chnnncl rrom Lake Michigan , at Chi-
cngo , to the Enda Jetties , In the GuU
or Me\lco : , Is l,62Ei mites , and the fall
113 Ci79 fCJt from t11C lake level to the
QuU 10ve1.
Difficulties -Overcome. .
Between 8t. Louis nnd Cairo lf-
ncultie l Ihat a few years ago would
have heen regarded ns Insurmountable
wilt unl\ucntonably \ ! be encounterod.
'fbo siopo iliero averages only seven
Incheu per mite for the cnUro dlstanco
of 168 miles. At normal low water the
, 'olume between those two points Is
1i6,000 second reet. W1th the river
In normal flood It rises to ton times
that flow and In tlmcs or extraordl-
lIary' flood has rtncllCd ! between 800-
000 and 1,000,000 second rCJt. A flood
volume 'or tJUeh magnltudo on n slope
, . , . d
BO ( leop1roluccs \ n wuterwny of 1m-
menso , "ront1tIl wlUI n < 'crtaln OIJlb
t l \-r wnter , .
Thb low water nC'nson , "bon the rlv-
or depth 18 rroQucntly 10o than 12
root , vorages 120 dnyn ) 'oorly In the
dlntrlct botwecn St. Louln nnd CAiro ,
The t\l1uvlnl lleOsltR ! tnc.tllont to the
flood ovorllowc mUllt , o ( courllO , be
la1eon Into cOI1 ltternUon InI1Y ncheme
ror the curbing ot the MhtslsRlppl'o'
width tl1l\t ! as the malntonuuoo or an
all the ) 'enr rouml deell ellannel as
Ita obJectlyc , Saving bnnko nncl exten.
alvo levee conotrnctlon 111ust be under ,
taken , It Is conceded , In such & \ way
at ! not to dOJrivc Ule bottom or 010
onnrmous wcnlUl or ul1uvil\l ( lcpocltn
roUowing floodn.
To I < cep the Course.
It Is the worl < 1l11 ; oul of n cY8tem ot
retaining bnnks Hint wilt uot affect the
, , "enlth or the Mltwlstllppl vl1l1ey CII \ .
try nnd nl the nnmo Umo regulnte to I
cortalnty the all 010 year round
cIlllnnol depth or U1 ( . . river Umt IJr&
scntA thu Crt'ntonl J1robloDl In the
working out or 010 H.root chnnnul
llroposltlon. or course , a malntntnod
Ol1th or 14 rcot will omand 10138
wldUl In the river In the vicinity of
the bottom aUIl wlU llrobnbly produce
changes In 8101Joo rOl1ulrlnc grant
corroctlve , vorlt.
Mr. Cooley cstlmntef1 thnt n 26 } 1Of
cont. Increment to the Mlsshnlppi :
fiow ha posc1blo by using. tI(1 enUre
, , 'olume ofVntor tlmt can como
through the Chic4o cnnnt. He caU-
mates a Jltc ) IncrclIloqt br the eft.
tabllahment ot comprobel1slvo resor-
volrll on tllo UJlor MississippI. This
would mnke a 1foot minimum chan.
nol durlnc tile porim ] of lm1' water
nnd give the watcnvny n oopth or
from 18 to lU fect.UHlor normal con.
dlUon ! ! . From tllO TIed river to tllO
mouth or tho. Mlolllosll1Pl , a ( ] Iatancc
of 300 mllen , the GuU level Is main-
tained. It Is hotween UIO Hod river
an the Ohio , cnlr thal the grant-I
_ .
\ _ arl. ] /t'rrry
fOSEPff B.RAlr : Dill.Ir.
cst outto.y for arUnclnl hllprovoment
of the Mississippi would lIe neucs-
oary. The dlstanco between those two
points .Is 764 miles. An of the big engineering -
gineering reats w111 have to bo ac-
compllshcd withIn Omt territory. It"
a stable ehnnnel or 4 fcet cnn b
mlIntnlncd : In that stretch engineers
declare that the tlcnbo:1.rII will no
longer termlnnte at the Mlssiasl11\JI \
doHa , but will actually etrctch 1,600' '
mllcs In1n.nd to the ehore or Lake
Immeasurable goo ( ] , It is eonl1dent.-
Iy nsserted by clmmplons or the MIs-
slsalppl'alley ocean highway , wlU
como rrom the estnbllahmcnl or a
14.root cbannol between Chlcngo and
the Gu1t or Mexico. T.ho annl1al value
of the InterIml commerce or UIO United
State.3 Is $22OOOO O. 'rills Is the
amount fixed by statisticians or the
yearly value or tbo Intornntlonn1 commerce -
morce of the w9rld. It Is confidently
asserted thnt with the 14.root water
highway through the length or the
Mississippi vaHey the Internal commerce -
merco at the United States would bo
Immenoely Increasod. Hundreda ot
millions or dollars' worth df matorlala ,
It la declared , now go to waste In the
great mlddlo wcst beo.'luso or tho' Inability -
bility of the railway syatema or tbe
country (0 transport. them. The con- '
gosUon , It 18 pointed out , on the authority -
thority or sueh eXllerta as Jamcs J.
Hili and E. II. IIarrlman , Is becoming
. ' . ' . . . .
, , 11
, . . '
. ' . . ' ,
. . . .
. , . . . ' . . . . . . . . _ lle. . . . . . . . _ . . .
of crnln copl.1t not bo mQvcd lnat leaf
bocnhR ot Ule rnUwny cortg'sUoB , . .ad '
the west lIuttcrCl a coal ftUDtne ltd-
00l1RO CUr were not nvallnble nnll Wo I
Ihnlt. or trl1tlsportntlon hacloon "
r nchc in otht'r wnh.
Jnrt'ie9 ' J. 11111 has pointed out thb.t
not oul ) ' hRS tJlO limit bean rOl\Cbed In
the movemenl or freIght , but non A '
flhould cnrs , locomotl\'cR nnd trocks '
bo sup\lIed \ , lbero Is now and 19 bnud
to bo ror yenrs to como a dearth of .
tcrmlnnl rnclllUeH.Q Mr. IIJII hn SU- t' ' '
matol ) tbnt tllO rest of conntruettuK t
flufficlent rallwny tines to meet the immediate -
mediate ( lemnncl ror moving the Om-
merce of tbe countt'o would require n ;
outln ) ' or $ , OOOOOOOOO , ThIn enU- . I
mnlo , 110 declareo , give ! lItUo or BO ' (
com deratton to UIO ruturo. Mr. IIar- .
rlmnn a ohort tlmo olnoo annouDat"l '
thnt In ardor to mect trnnsportatlon ,
I'cqulrements the gauge of the railways .
of the t-'Ountry nnd the roiling IIwck . '
would have to bo doubl'tl ,
"Some time 11.0 , " Mr. 11111 n.lel , "I I I , , .
nskeet a r\\1 estnte man whl1.tll wonttJ -
coot to set n Ucr 01 blocles , ono of UIO .
nnrl' west. trom the IIarlcm rlTer t.o , .1
Thlrty-thlrd street , New York. ll ;
came bnck In a weole anet Bald Urat
$3liOOOOOOO " , oull1 not buy It. 'fimt
moans thnt ror tenllln\111 alone it ' ,
would cost $ H 5\J00 n mUe tor every
mlle rrom Chicago to Now York bo- "
toro tbe IIno was bultt. The rnllronds . _
cnn't pay rent. on imch hiCh.Jrloccl ) f
' . . . .
terJhlnnl property , - '
Mnltcr aa Ul'tJcnt. '
' -Tbln ml1.tter or transportnUoa t
most' urgent ono. Pea ilIa think Uwro
la no limit to whnl tllO rallrol1.1ft 'cnn ' '
do. There 10 n very prownt Urntt to
many rnllroad" .In the volume or bust-
neoo wo l1avo to do. It taleoo mo1W7 to ,
run rallroadu. ' There Is a wa.nt or
mono ) ' In every centor. Wber the I
bunlness hns grown the fnstc.t lharo
tbo wnnt Is srontest , 'frnmc is grow-
InE ; five times ns fnnt ns ral1rol1l1 mile-
I\go. We mlcht 3S w01l put , rl\llr03d
hnprovcmont out of the quooUon. "
Uundrc c or millions or doUnm. It ill
. ndmtttod , " , 'ould bo flnveJ nnn\1any y
tIle substltuUon or water trnnsporth-
Uon ror the IJre3C1lt railroad trannpor-
tntlon b'etween the central WUftt nnd
! the scashore. Stntlstlc8 cathered
from alt quarters or t.ho United ttn
demonstrate thnt water oorrlngo 01
freight CORts leus thnn onc-Alxtb that.
for railroad tnmsvortatlon. The latest
ochcdulQG plnce the rrelght clmrgc a
buchel of ' " llCat rrom Chicago to Now
York 11.t . 10.20 cents , as ugalnet. 5.51
cents by lake nnd cannt. The eoat
rrom St. Louis to New Orlotln by
river Is 4.2Ei centu , as against 11.G
cents by rnU belwcen St. Loubs amI'
New York.
Decplto this very groat. lrtcrcnC 111
cost tllo tonna < ; o of Ole MlsBlsslppl
from St. Loula to Its mouth hna Bwnd-
ily decreased slnco 1880. 111 that JCl1r
the number or vesselR nrrlvlng there
Wt18 4,692. The total tonuago , rocelts
and shhlIDc11ts amO\mted to $2,130,625 ,
In 1890 the number or vessels arrlTlng
was 3,201 , and the tonnn o was 1,28 , .
ilG. In 1900 the lluhlber or
fell to 2,217 and the tonnns" to 812-
186. At the present time St. 1.oui8-
1\1ll1slsslppl tonnage Is onI , . 6QO.000.
Whllo the orgumcnt I made br the
champions or the Inland wnt41rwt\Y
project thnt river rCEulatlon , In rate
. .
rogulnUon and tbat the Impro..emcnt
or the great watenvnyo or the eoun-
try wl1l o more to reguJnte rrelght
charges than nit the Interstate commerce -
merce laws that can be onncood , pr.u- .
tical rntlroad men Ilcclare that a tur.
thor lowering or rwlroad freight rotes
10 renlly ImpracUcable _ They potnt
out Omt with the great rnU sYllterDti : uf
Ole country oporntlng to their fullest
capacity they arc earning onlT a fair
return on the capital Invoot.ed. Further -
ther reduction In rail rand charges OICY
maintain , cannot be mal10 whIle the
outlay for malntenanco nnd opera\lon
romnlns at the IJrescnt figure.
To Identify the Dead.
An army ceneral order lIas rccent-
Iy becn ISGued , stating that In the
future all officera nnd entlst.OO men
will wear wbeneVer In nelll unltonn
an Idcnt.ltlcntlon lng , wWcl1 will be Is-
suml by the quo.rtcrmnster' department - .
ment , nt COBt price to oilloor , nnll
without chnrgA to mell.
ThIa t:1g lu aluminum , abont the
n.K .
" . .
, . .
. . . .
" -
" .
, .
_ . 'f" " " ' )
. , . , , . . , .I " ' \ , .
. . . ' 0
Shaded Portion Shows Waterways Emptying Into the Gulf of Mexico I
and the Junction of the Chicago Drain age Canal with thc illinois River.
greatel' every year without prospect
or Increasing raBl'oad tacUlties to any
consldorable extont. .
Railroads Reach Limit.
During the last decade the Internal
commerce of the United States hns In.
creused more thnn 100 per cent. , while
the railroad transportation facilities
have Increnoed only 25 per ocnt. , and
Bre now practicallY at a standstill.
All of the rnllroad trnnsportnUon ex.
perla admit that the btg transconU-
nental tlnc" are bclng warked to tholr
rullost capacity. MUllons ot bushels
, < . , . . . -
- -
size or n haU dollnr , and wlU bo
worn susllon ed trom the neck beneath -
neath tbo clothing. On the tng will
al1lCar the name , rank , company , rogl.
ment or corps ot the wenrer , IWd It Is
ordered thnt when not worn tllJ direct
cd , It Bhall be regarded as. lIart or the
uniform , and bo habitually In the poSt
Besslon or tlle owner ,
Whllo this Idcntlflcntlon tnz would
or course ! Je more espccJnlly 'Tnl\1:1blo :
In tlmo or war , It Is thought that It
wl1l nl80 servo coed purposes In tlwo
or IJCaCf' , In the ovcnt or accldents.
. . ,
- " ' ' --r . - _ . . . . . . . . .