Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, October 31, 1907, Image 6

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- - - - - -
; A Strange Epidemic of Murders in New" York
, ; City in Whicb Dan Cupid Plays the .
Leading Part.
- . - . - . .
i Tl.lal . Ulere II : ! rcally an olldmule [ oC
< < hucs 111 UIO sacrud ullme of lovn
" .lglIt w U appeur ! 'roll1 the recent
, n\urUlnf : ; reoord or ClLtlll trngclll08 , It
JII-TCe , IIrollortlon or which hllvo hnd
tftclr Boone In Now YOI'k.
"I killed her lJecau/lo I thuughL aim
Wag nol. tnte to 1110lllld . 'UIlUH HorC.I
. I
IIHUI , as ho lookoll from the Nm. York
\IOlico to Ilrlng Dl'I\gn Selgol.
"Will you tuke mn back7" dmnond.
) ell'I1eur- ltchner of .Johnnnn Huefor ,
nn oU.cacJro ) 'oltng wnllresn 'Tho WIIS
I , on duty nL her unclo'n luneh 1'Uom , sn :
: 'rontb a'ronne , nnd ns aho 11Idn't re.
! lIJ' ho ahot her down In cold blood ,
' ; thcn hrl'ftCll the wealOn on hlma'Jlr.
I' Tlmt , on Ule [ lOlIco blottur , within
24 hours two 0101'0 mllrdera were
\ . chargcd t.o the hllnd Ullle Hod , Love.
r" Why hag Cupid tradud his well. ill"
: 101 and gonllo wlml10ns , the bow nnd
; : ' arrOrer t.he moro formldablo ren" .
In the dn's wben I.ovo wafyounJ ! ; ,
una slmplo lIfo an actuulll ) ' , not Il
t.beory , _ Cuplll lIlllled bls arrow with
goldcn lovo-songo and aimed It with
II. Int1 h. 'ro-day , In NoYDrk , 'W th
Its strange commingling. of ( orlrn ) ;
elements , Ita nervous tension , Ita glit.
t.erfng [ Jlensures nnd Its appalling
lonclhlN'J , Cupll ! orttlmca lends his
nowlr neqtllrelt Weapon , vllh death.
denlln ! ; IIlIlIetll and oonds thOll1 lIylng
to t.he Itccompnnlrllent of Il ! ; roan or a
curae. Within the [ last 2 months
I.ave's hond llIls aimed morc deadly
wcnJOUltblm ! Bucchua , or Greed , or
Ito\'onge , or Hat.rod. Raco-hatred , Imd.
don ( ury following on Ute heels pf 1L
IJUslneBs quarrel , these n.nd nil ot1er
callses muat rlvo Love precellonce as
the power behind the gun , the knife ,
the aUletto. '
.Tun 1\ year ngo , In 1\11 obscure down.
town Iroter , LouIs O. Hamplen , a man
of ( amIJJ" , Boclal and buslnolls stnnd.
I'ng" ahot and k II4d Orst the woman
! be loved nnd then hlnuiolf. ' 1'ho woo
WIlU in the 'caso wlU Vlctorlu Tnc1. '
. .leo'l1 bcmdlfnl salesg rl In 'a 1I0pi\rt.
oIJ1ent store. She WIlU 32 years the' '
, Junlol' or her wealthy and influential
a < 1mlr , who' was an officlnl of the
Unllcl , SuLtes 'l'rust .cOlnllun , . , of Wall
J > tr ot. , She did not know ho WImar -
, rled. sire WIlU wailing for the death
of hlK ug d mother to rellevo him of
cel'tnlu domestic responsibilities und
Get him fren to marry the glrhe \
loved. Her 1 amo was nbove l'oprbach.
( [ or family kno , , of her love affair and
approved of the allpposol1ly proKIlect.
lve marringo.
Whitt. happened between these two
, behind the barred door of the obllcure
hotel no 011e IUlown. Perhaps the girl
.had [ ellrned the Jlldoous truth , aud
told the 11\1111 she no Jonger loved him
-that she wns leaving him forover.
'l'hrcc ahnrp reports , scurrying foot.
- - - -
of 1I111ny ndmlrers treated with co.
IlllottllJh lrullou by the belle of
Carmine strlut ! and the SprIng street
Cact.m'y , but. In time nil fell back In
Cllvor ot VlnccJ1zo I.nvurcc. The boo
I roUral or the handlomc couple WM
nnnoullccd , tholr wedding day grew
nenr-but with It cnlllo doaOI. An.
tolnette , . not content with her con.
qlwSt , had later made fun ot Fislla ,
who was amall nnd tmattrnctlve , caU.
Ing him " ' 1'he 'road. " 011 the twenty.
Ilxth : day oC November "Tho Toad"
und the tnctory lwnuty mt.1 , during
the noon hOllr at Ule water cooler. An
angry IInestlon , taunting rClly [ , four
relorts [ from a death.deallng pistol , a
once beauUful form lying In a pool of
blood , a Rullen mnn fnclng the omcers
ot the \LW. \
"She mal1e tun of me , nnd I killed
hor. Now aho won't mnrry anyone ,
aId If I die , too , I don't caro. "
December , month of the Chrlnt. .
chlll1 , pnlJsed without a murder In the
name ot I..ave : but on January 2 the
pollco gntbered Into their I.eo
l\lItchall , who for more than four
yeal1l hod been In hiding tor UIO mul'-
dol' of 1I11\rle Lewrnzzo , a pretty girl
who had refused to marry him , atter
he bad 11U11l her II over from
JtIL1 ' . To bo sure , tbls was becnuao
Murle Irnd heard thnt had an.
OUlOI' wife In Ital ' , but the Jealous
italian had passed the stage where
'lIIarrlage vows counted' against the
power of the JIlUo god-and so he ,
too , raised his revolver and ahot tbe
Irl 1Ilrpuih the hoart. .
{ < 'I\'e da's later George : I < "nllen , who
rau a lIowor stn.nd at Elghty.flrst
KtreeL IInd Coluwbus avenue , shot and
killed Mrs. Mallellne Wiedman , the
'wlfo ot Jds bualne88 nclghbor , John
WIedman , news dealer. Mrs. Wied-
man \'I'ns a striking brunette who with
her asBlntnnt , Mias Ratel , 1 > lIed the
trnde of nrnnicurlllg at tbo Endicott
hotel. She lived at No. 80 West
Ehht.Y' cconlt street , , wbltber on the
fatnl night George Fallen had been
\blddcn , with other'gueats , to celebrate
IL blrthda ' . As the guests separated ,
Fallen drew Mrs , WIedman usldo and
again urged the unlawful love which
she had orton apurncd , and , bolng
spurned ngnln , that love crlud hoarse.
Iy : "I'm tired ot this nonsenae. I
love you , and I'm going to 'havo
you. "
'fhen ngaln the rn.tal shot and nn.
other at Mrs. WlodlUnu's IlSslstant ,
who cnmo to her rescue , and sUII n'
third and 0 sharp Imlfo at his own
Ulroat. Another tragedy In the name
of Love had been written In New
York's crhnlnal annala.
, In ho e1rly ! dawn or Mnrch 1 Allle-
Ullo Gallo , a young brldo of Northern
Little Italy , went n.gunnlng ror the
man wbo hnd atolen tro'm him , at a
" -
s elli ; nnd batel1 IIroathB In the '
way. without , and wlthin-Culiid wee hall'j [ ) .
Ing twer hll : ! deadly worl , . ]
\'cmbor-I\nd UIO Thn.nkHslvlng. .
splrlL abroad In the hlg , bustling city.
But no such spirit In the heart of
GlusOpliO li'fglla , Working \Tlth him
In t.he came taetory at No. 67 Sprlnl ;
.street WllS beautiful Antolnotte Maclo.
of. beautiful as an Italian woman Is
anly at the ago of 19. Ffglla had
Joved and " ' 00011 ho : " had brion ono
dnnce In the Now Star Casino , One
Huqdred nnd Seventh street llIl Lox
InlJton nvenuo , the belle oC the baJJ
Bnndra Glovelli. . . . .But hla rival she
firat. Shots were a1'most liS Ullck n :
Hallnn cursoo , Ilnd for the love at on4
girl Oallo dletl nnll alx men were hole
as his nS8f\slns. \
Juno 17 , ,11l1l1 n Wnrdoll nnd hi :
wife , Lam'ulltercd Into 1sulcll1l
pact , as the 1I0to fOUlH ! 111 their roon
, provud : "As 10llg 1\8 I.aura Iy .lnJ
to 11\0 wllh mo nllo wHl never
IIvo with Rllotlr { > r. Wo nr golllg to
dlo tOJother. Lllllm IIn,1 .Jlm. " But
the WOl11nn IIhot Iwrselt flnlt. The
mUll 1111"11011 h/I / ! aim nnd Own weal , .
oned. Jlrolwll marrlllJe vows , Qual' .
rels Illl.tched 1111 nnd then renewed ,
love ono mlnllte , IIllhed the next. ,
douth for the wife , IIIISlllclon , arreat
alld dishonor for the hUlband-n.nd
nil In the name of Love !
"Three bllllotll for swceUlCnrt allel
ono tor herselt , " fs the tabloid form
In which MIII'le nulnsl's tragedy wns
wrillon on Independence day. DoI
calved and ruined by Henry Stlnn , 1\ .
strallJor In II strange land , nlld dooort. :
ed by the man she hud lrllatcd , poor I
Marlo Balusl thus Cllllctl ( orevor tbo
now 10"0 dream In which Stern hacl
lost nll 1I01l10 of honor and obligation
to her.
On Jul ) ' 23 occurred ono o ( the most
sonaallonal murders In New York's
recent history. Mias EsOtcr Nor.
ling discovered Urnt Frnnle II. War.
ner , 011 co ber bllnlneaa cmplo'er , later
her ) lnrtnor , WIlS not worUlY ot her
trust and love , al1l1 thrust hIm out oC
her lito. Drlnl.aotIden and belloT'
Ing tbat the girl , by ber nct , htul
I G.z : : . .d .rJ'LC. o .
The Clergyman Pinioned the Half Cray Youth and Miss Crouse Escaped to
Her Family.
. cpornted him from UJO , last , hope of
earthly happlneas 01' a connection
with a decept me , 'Varner shot and
killed her In the vcry door of Ou
atoro where she wall : employed an I
cashlor , nt No. 3 'Vest Forty-second
street. Then , bloodcrazed , he dtlShed I
down town and killed a me.long
friend , John C.Vllson , ml11lonalro
hat manuCacturor of 'Vnvcrloy place
1\1111 Greene atreot , who was In the act
of loanIng the crnzed mIlD money.
A doughty and strong.armCiI minis.
ter of the gospel saved Il ) 'oung woman -
an from a hnted marrlago and [ ) er.
hllIS [ from I1ctual death at Asbury
Pnrk on September 19. Be'llo CrouBe ,
daughter of a Presbyterian mlnlltor ;
at Stanhope , N. .T. , was engaged to
Percy C. llIssell , a tudcnt at the state
normal achool , Trenton , N. J. , when
rumors renched her that her Intend-
( HI was confirmed gambler. Her l'a.
ther found that the rumors were only
too truu nnd. the engagement was
brolwn otT. 'rho Crouscs wont to
Ocean Grove , whither : roung Bissell
followoll. The two young Ileoplo met
on the street , and snrrepUUouslr Bls.
sell Illsllayell a revolver and orllerd !
the girl to accompnny him to the liaS-
torato of Rm' . C. M , Grlml1 , pastor ot
the Aahbllry Park Methodist chnrch.
In the mldillo of the sorvlco Miss
Crouse btgnn ) to Bcream , naklng that
slio bo [ lrotected from her too anxIous
lover.Vhereupon , the clergyman ,
bolngstrong of nrm , pinioned the lratr.
crtLzed ) 'onth , and ? lUSR Crouse es.
1mlcll [ to the bosom of her tn.mlly.
But the enll was not yet , and friends
ot the family assort that Dlssell should
bo conl1ned , aa the girl Is' not Saf(1
so long ns ho Is at large.
And last comes Julius Hottman ,
l11nrrled , formerly n 1I0utenant In the
Ausll'hm army , who for love end
jealouay 1 lJ\cd \ Drnga Siegel. For bp.
hall given .up wife , children nnll
frlonds. HolTman nnd his wlto IUlIl
COUlO from Australia , bringing with
thom Drnga , who 111\11 been an I\Iprcn.
tico In Mrs. HorCmau's drcBsrnoltll1S
In Now York they all llrospored un.
tIl love , blind , Irresponslblo , unren.qon.
) Ing love , took a band In the gamo.
Mra , Hoffman left her husband and
rnga wont to Hvo with 1famll , .
b ) ' the name 'of l ca8. Hortman
lived alono. 1\1111. Hortman brought
suit against Dragn Slogel , who In an.
ether year would como Into an Inber-
Itanco ot $100,000 , for nJlenating her
husbanll's affections : and Druga In
turn hl'ousht suit for deCamation uf
charactor. In tlto mldHt ot this con.
fusIon ' oalouRY , nn 1 dJath app'ar"
. - . . ,
" fT'
hnnd III l1nneJ. 111 AUlJtrnlla cnmQ
some childhood frlenda of the pretty
Drnga. Bl10 did the hOllom of Now
York to her tormol : ' plaYDmtcs. Horr.
man hoard and nrmod hlrllsclC for re.
"I gave up everything , wife , family ,
standing , for love of you. You shall
belong to no other Ulrut. "
Again the fnwl fll1ot. Again a WOIO'
an plcadlng that she 10TL d only the
man whose hand hold the smoking re.
vulver. Agnln UIQ rage-dimmed OYC8
that somehow regulate fntn.l1y true
nlm. Again the rU1lh ot excited peo.
plo , the clnng of the nmbulanco boll , . .
the shouts of officers driving back '
the curious throng-and another
erlme Is laid nt the door of poor ,
twontlothcentury worn Cupid. '
Government Owns System Which Has
Many Up-to-Date
In Jopan t.ho telephone sT8tem Is
operated by the govornment. Tolo.
phone , postlll and telegraph aorvlces
are all under one head , being con.
trolled b ' a group or officlaJn who
Corm what Is known ns the depar
mont of communications. Although
thla department has had only a row
years In which to bul\d \ up the tele-
phone service It bas malle such prog.
ress tlS to put t.he Japanese system In
a condition which makes It [ iQ much
superior to others [ n the ellEt that It
Is not for n moment to be comparcd
with thcm , says the AmerIcan Telephone - II
phone .Journal. In fnct the , Japaneae .
telephone men have adopted man ) '
Ideas In connection with the building
and operotlon of Ulell' plants which !
show that they could give vnluable ! .
pointers to many guropeans In charge
of telcpllOno sYHterns under govern.
ment control.
Their IjroETesslvuncss , Cor example ,
In the use of telephonea to aid In i
army maneuvcrs Is known to the
wbole world. It Is acknowlel1gec1
everywhere that In the late war wllh
Russia the ) ' developed fle1d telephone
sorvlce to a Ilolnt or greater officlency
thnn bas h'On reached b ) ' Itny ether
arm ) ' .
'fo1do haR , ns would be expected ,
the InrgcRttelcphone s'stern of nny of
the JOlmneso clUes , and UlO general
teature of constructiun aud operntlon
there scem to he typical of th prac.
tlce throllghout the counlry.
Out of n [ Joll11lalon ( of nenrIt \ mil.
lion people nbout 15,000 orc sllbscrlb.
orn for telephone Horvlce. 'I'he Jines
are dlvldellbetween - five omces , 'rho
rates nro 6G yen ( about $3:1) : ) for
elthor buslnos8 or resldenco staUons.
All HneK are IndJvldual , party line
servIce hClng esteem cd unsatisfactory. I
CleanJiness Is the moat noteworthy I
t.hlng which I
Impresses Itsetr upon a I
"Isltor to ono of Ulese centml OmCe8.
'I'ho r < > ason for the absence of dust la
mnllo apparcmt to the struner ; by the
rcquest that he shall rerr..v his
boots beCoro entering , whIch la
courteously made at Ule door. AI.
though 1llalr \ of slippers Is provided
as a lIlhsUtuto ! fOI' the foot covering
\\01'11 Ollt of doors , the shOllO of those
shoea Is so peculiar that the w1'lter
has In 80mo Instancls found IL 0101'0
convenlcnt to walk In hla ntooklng
foet. 'fho advantnge o ( UIls urlental
cllstom of removing the shoes betoro
walking upon the floor of a room Is
shown clcarly cnollgh bJ { the results.
'rho InllLneso ) offices are by long
odds the nl'lltellt UIO writer has ever
boon In In an ) ' part or the worlll.
All the operators aru girls. The end-
lesa successlon , or clmllenges , "Nan.
ban" ( nul11ber ) , Is spoken In a well.
modulated tone of "olce and nil cwls
Beem to be answcred prowlltlr
, " , .
II l'
. . ,
. , cr..r..Q".r..r..r..c. . . - . . . . . . . . . = r. ) ' ; : : ; CIon"JJ. . > " -
, The , Girl Who ead the Proof I S ) ; > , '
b .rJO" " ; OCr.r..r.r..r.r.r .r.r..r. < r. ' " .r - .
, . .
( Copyright by Joseph D. DowICd. )
: nlC city editor was scrntchlng nway
for dear lICe , hut ho couldn't keep up :
with the calls Cor copy from bolow. It .
was one oC those days when , to IIse
his own oxpresslon , overytblng wes
"balled up" In the offico. Ono of the
aub.roporters was sick , another wns
attending tbe fun oral of his father ,
nnd a Ullrd was on the chase aftcr a
sensational "scoop" that would turn
the other dalllcs green with envy , and
sUbject moro than a tew well.meanlng
young men who failed to g'3t there , t
Qdltorlal acorlng. The young woman
who read t.ho proof , and vnrled the
occupation by broadening her finger
lips on the keys of the typewrltor ,
after uneezlng all the forGnoon with
an Incl\lelt \ aUaclt of the grippe , hod
been excused and gene home.
TJte city editor himself wa engaged
on a [ lorUnent IIlUe "story" designed
to expose the boodllnr ; methods of the
opposite party In the Firth ward.
There were certain appointed days
tor UleHo exposllionEl , n.nd this wlla
one of them. So , with bls coat oft nnd
hIs ball' standing on end , n In porcu.
pine qullfs , he was boning right down
to it , wishing he had , 1I1eo Drlareus , a
'hundred handa to bring to tlJe varied
duUes ot the hour , when the devil
came in with a handful ot proosllps ,
and laJd them on his dosk.
This scorned to be the last straw
tha.t broke the camel's back. One woo
\Vaa ccrtalnly treading npon an.
othor'a heels , so faat they fo11ow d.
The city editor groaned , and fo11o/ed
up the groan with that which despera.
tlon alone excuaed - a s01l10q11Y.
" 'WItat In the thunder"-I am sorrr :
to be obliged to wrlto It , but that
waa what he sald-"what la the thun.
der am I to do with thIs proof ? "
"Give It to me ; I will read It , "
came an unexpected answer from behInd -
hInd him. "
The city editor jumped as If a bomb
had explodcd In the rear of him , anel
Buddenl ) ' turned around. What his
astonished eyes beheld was a youns
woman sltUng at the deak back of
hIs own. She wore a big blaok hat
with "tour and twent ) ' black 1 > lrds , "
more 01' IC1 > S , standing on their heads ,
with wings extended and t.\lJs In nJr ,
upon either side Its crown. He further -
ther noticed , for , like most men ,
tIN city editor waa great CD detnJla
of dress , that she hnd on a sllle shirt
walat , "of some kind or other. " He
guessed nt tbe wide skirt and tan
shoes below It.
"You ? 'Vho are ) 'ou ? " asked the
cIty editor , In extreme snrprlne , lor-
getting his manners , and scrutinizing
her "with a power of cool stare In his
eyes , equal to 4 brown stone fronta. "
Yet , surprlacd as he was , ho couldn't
help noting the absurdity ot the small
young Caco framed In the ugly style
of fashionably-parted 113lr , which
CRUIICS maiden In her 'teens to appear -
pear as If , like Buddha , sbe might havc
been 51 one times her OWn anceator ;
transforms the rosy curves oC a Venus -
nus Int the severe lines of a Minerva.
"n" She gave a musical Jlttle
laugh , and her. serious conntcnance
re1uxed. " ! am a young womnn In
search at something to Jive by . You
were ao busy wben I came In , I
didn't like to dlaturb you with InQuiries -
Quiries , "
"Humph ! " ejaculated the city etIlt-
01' In that disagreeable tone dcnylng
Fate hn.s 1)laced her Imtent on , and to
which the young woman took hnmcdl.
ate exception. For , alns , It Is not
alwa.s that meekness la one of need's'
dlatl\1ctlvo \ quaJlflcations.
"I'm aure , " salll abc , a Jlttle splrlte -
Iy , "It Is not tbo ) lleasantest thIng In
the world to feel the neqd for doing
-much less to nsl , for work. " Her
voice Cnllered and cnmo near brealdng
on the end of the sentence. 'rhe blue
Ore In her eyes seemed about to bc
quenched In tears. 'Vas she going to
cry ? Good rnclolls ! What was to
be done with her It sbo wont to cry-
Ing7 The city editor was a BIngle
man and did not know what might be
the IlrOJm' ) thing to do In Imch all
emergoncy. .
"WolI , " saId he , : r. . IIttlo Imgrnclous.
I ) ' ; "If ) 'ou can rend pl'Oof , go over
this : " and ho buudled proof-sheets nnd
coy \ onto the des It before her , lIoe. .
Ing for refuge aclt to the Fiftll ward . :
boodling scheme.
Ho had succeeded In forgetting n11
about the yonng woman bohlnrl him ,
when her high clear voice broke In
upon his conscIousness , saying : "Denr
me ! I've forgotten how to mnke thu
mark for ttansposlng , " I
"Don't bothur ! " was the curt rOIII ' . I
Ho wal ! just rlPIlng a counclJmnn lip
the back , aud was afraid some ot his
vltuporatlvo adjectiveR might get
"Sir ? " wna the Indignant rcjolnder ,
In a tone crIsp at ; cl'lory and cohl a3
'w ll.frozen sherbet. But 010 clLy od.
ftor 'Wont on cmtchlng , and palll no I
attontlon. I
But , by , and 1 > ' , when the corruption
lrad n11 been OX)108lJd ) , aud the atory
was COUlllotc [ , this terrlblo male rep.
resontat1vo ot Nemesis , who IIhnros
with .her In this age the dnt ) . of chas.
Using all orCendlnJ ; malefactors , sub.
sided Into his [ Iroper IIer80n of mcek ,
jQnUomnnly ) 'Olmr. ; mau1111 In hIs
Bun..ost tone addressed her , snylng :
"Now , madam , whnt. cnn I liave the
) Jlcns\1ro at doing for you ? " as ho
turned on his swinging chair , 'n ' her
But 10 and behold t 11.10 blnc1 : hat
I and silk wnlst with the youag woman
under and Insldo them , respootivoly ,
had vanished. '
There were the proof.sUps duly 001'-
rected ; even the mark ror traDllpolilng
was all O. K. It it Jm ( ] not been for
the pencil marleR n thooo sJllIo , he
might hav Imnglnod the enUre atl'nJr
only the astonndlng Jrnl1uclnatJon of
an'ked city edltoT' br:1ln.
Could she , litter alJ , have been a female
Pblo : ? But no ! lIe Jm no1'Ol' heard
or a Plxlo with a whole nest of blnek.
birds on hIs or ber head. 110 con.
cluded. 'Ipon re1JecUon , tlJat she must
bo n gcnulne bona fide womaa who
had gone away In a pot b1Jcsaoo : he
Wlla not sumclonUy pouto to her. And
that WIlS where he hit the nnlt zsqune.
I ' on tbo hend.
Day after day wont by , but BM did
not come agnJn ; and ns the city edl > r
went to nnd fro In the street or on
the trolley curs , It nnnoyod bJm to
find hlmsolf peertng MXfousl , . Into ,
the taco of every young woman who
worc a bIg black hat. On more than
ono occasion be had chancd after
silk uhlrt waists tbat bore 801&0 gen.
ral rcsemblance to bls hazy Idea of
what hora might have Jooked Hke , only
to discover that they were J10t the
ono which ho sought. What Impened
hl n t.o this searcb , or what would
have been the result. had 11. tonnd
her , he could not oven io hfm-
self. Day after day the Blck proot.
reader and type-writer girl failed , as
tbe dovll expreased Jt , to .t how 111 > . "
"If You Can Read Proof , Ge Over
" - .
This. " " -
Word reached the office that sbe was
down with pneumonia. Evcrrbody "
and nobody read the 'proof ' , nud rival I
papers perpetrated jokes over the
fearfully-and-wonderfuJJy-mado head.
Jlncs that got lo ked up In the terms
and came off Ute pross. The editor-
In-chlef gave notlco that "there would
bo one vacant ohair , " 1t this state of
atYars [ wasn't speedily romedlcd. Then ,
with a heart beallng with mingled
hope end fear , the elty editor insort.
ed In the paper this "ad : "
"PERSONAI the youn Illdy In
black lJat nnd Bilk ahlrt wlLlst who read
proot tor the city e ltor In the office ot
the - , two wceks lI. o last Monday aU-
crno n. will cn.11 at this office Imm'cdlll.teh' .
IIhe will hour something to her advan-
tago. " .
Next morning , the city editor looked
over his shoulder and saw her sitting
behInd hIm an on a former occasion. , .
Allhough taken by surprlso , and aomo : , .f
wbat embarrnssel1 , he lost no time In
laying before her the proposition he
was empowcred to make. She ncccpt.
ed at once , and the contrnct was soon
closed : but not until 110 had roe
venged hh11Af ! upon her tor some of
the CoUles hall , unconscIously , led
him to commit , by the fonowlng ma.
llclous catechlsatlon : "Does tobacco
smoke malw ) 'OU sck [ ? " "Do you
Icream : If you chance to see a IIIOUSO ? "
"Do YOIl think It necessary to convert I
an the reporters Into a trnln of special -
cial admirers ? " "Do you make on.
gngements WlUl your dressmaker to . '
talto cffect during office hours ! "
She knew he was exceeding the 11m.
It of hIs inquisitorial 'duUoo designed
to determlno her Otness for UIC Vlac , ,
bllt she bore hersell humbly , con- ,
vlnced ot the certnlnty of future re- !
prlBals. \ . . . .
"All h1l1gs como 'round to him 1'110 ) - "
walts"-and her. When , a year atter-
wal'd , the edltor.ln-chlof received an ' '
1I1111t [ to a metropolitan journal nnd '
the city editor was promoted to the
[ Iosltlon ho formerly' occupied , ho .
Illlde a sccond proposlUon to the '
prooC.reader , nnd this Umo , she did
the catechslng [ : "Do you stay out
later at night than bl1slness strJctl , .
rClllllre87" "Do you comoa homo
sober ? " "Will you stop flmoklng
cigars and put the money In the MV- I
Ings bank ? " "W1I1 you bund the
kHchen flrc ? " "Shall you thInk It nec.
ossary to make In\1I110us comparisons
between m ) . cooking and yo r moth. '
or's ? " "And , Inst but not least , maT
) ' 0\11' \ , , , Jlvo with U8 ! " '
To all these quesUons he b"'aTe satIsfactory -
Isfactory replies , ntIdlng as he Jd od
her lips nnd prevented her from pro- .
ollmllng moro : "It the proof laIL't . '
. - (
cJea , .ou shan bo the one tQ < < 't't Y \
roct 11" dear. "