Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, September 12, 1907, Image 6

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{ COr'111I1ht,11I01lJy the.\lIllIor , W.II , I "oll. )
Scrlpluro Atlthorll ) ' : - 2 Snmllol
2.1-32. :
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
Davld'Q succeGS brought with
It no bitterness of regret over
the means by which that suc-
cecs had been won.
Had David purchased success
at the compromise of principle ,
or the commission of crime , It
would have cast a cloud upon
his life which would have overshadowed -
shadowed him to the very { Jrave
Take success In the world ted -
d y which Is achieved by questionable -
tionable means , how certaInly
do the misdeeds uncover them-
aelves at last , and relentlessly
I and persistently follow the per-
Success won by any but faIr
means brlng unreat of soul ,
nnd merits' the contempt and
scorn of the orld.
What shall It profit it man
If he gain the whole world at
the silcrlflce of honor , or obedience -
ence to God's law , or aervlce to
his brother man ?
Faith that can willt brings
succeGO which will endure. The
, road of preGent expedIency docs
not lead to , the land of perfect
It was it long time from the f
anointing at Bethlehem until the
crowning at Hebron. But the +
God who promls s at Bethlehem -
" hem Is the God who can keep
through the vicissitudes of the
years .md C11 fulfill to the minutest -
utest detail his spoken word.
i The man who Is willing to
i take only the success which
God gives Is the man Into whose
hands God commits his moat Important -
portant trusts.
David's chief adviser was the
Hea\enly ( Friend whoGe wisdom
Is above man's wisdom , and
whose falthfulneos never slackens -
ens _
How often In the chapters before -
fore Us we find the statement
I that David Inquired of the Lord
as to the coure he ohould pur-
sue. Even thla man of affairs
with the discipline of the years
upon him dare not trust to his
own wisdom. He must seek
the Divine guidance , by whIch
alone he could walk In the
straight path which would dellvt :
er him from the snares of the t :
enemy and establish him In the +
kIngdom which so long before : t
had been pt'omlsed to him. i
In all of his tribulations and
_ adversities David was the cheerful -
ful optimIst whose vision was
from bove even while his feet
walked the un.certaln pathways
. of the world.
We may not all be called to
kingdoms , but we may all have .
the privilege of the Divine
guidance and the conscIousness
that God's presence Is with us ,
be the place we fill ever so
+ + + + + + + + + + + + t + + + + + + + + + + + + +
" the ocean tempest como the
subdued winds and the subsllllng
waves ; the heavens stretch llluo and
beautiful from horIzon to horlznn , and
the gOlden sunshlno filts all the bahnr
air. Dut ijlong the roclt-bolllul shore
the wreckage lies In mnd confusion n
sad remll1l10r of the storl1l of the night.
before. Th ! re In l1Iuto )1rotest. ) to
Nature's fl'1endly 1110011 Ul'O the tOI'l1
and shattered timbers of the noble
shill which has gene down Into the merciless -
ciless maw of the mighty wat01's.
There strewn along the beuch Is the
water-sonked cargo , and from beneath
the confusion of IllIed wreclmgo appears -
pears the hand , the foot , the batt01'ed
llead of 801110 halllesK vlcUm. Nature so
11eacoful and reassmlng , and rot bring-
Jng but 110QI' comfort to the hem't
which contemplat's the ruin before
! it ,
So was It. In Isl'l\el. 'rho storm of
battle hUll passed ; the clash of al'ms
Is stilled , tho'thundei. . of rushing war
chariots and the 'mad CI'ies of multitudes -
tudes of meli joined in death struggle -
glo have Jlled away , and these who
have not fallen In battle hnvo scattered -
ed to tholr hOllies whllo the victorious
army of' the Phlllstinos laden with
plunder Ims returned home ngaln.
The sky Is. blue liS hofore. the Sl1l1
cheer ' and warm , the breezes laden
with Ilerfllll10 from the flowOl'lng flolds.
nnd the birds , uncollsclous of the tragedy -
edy of war-of the King and his
sons slain , and of the mOlll'nlng in
many a homo In ISl'301 whlthel' the .
father , and the Bon , the sweotheart.
and brother would never more return
-11Ol1rlng ont. their IIttlo Rouls In glud
melod ' , hut In the hellrts of the 11eo.
pIe u note of deepllngulsh and nnxlous
torebodlng. Oh , the agony of the so
da 's , weeping tor the lost and ( curing
tor the Hying. WUh blllllcllCd cheokH
I1n trQm llng 111111 the )100)110 ) ) tnlked
together of the trllslc end of KIIlJ ;
Saul find his spns , of the IIllltllatloll of
their bodies. of Ihelr hm ; lng frol1\ \
the , "alia of Both.shan ; 11 ghastlr
tropbr of Ute 1'01.tUIl08 of war , of the
plnclnf { at the klng's 1\1'11101' In till'
. . . . , . , ' . . .
, .
teJl1lll of A.1hlnroth : the Phlllstlno
Wd : of theoo lIud the thollsand and
OUl ! ether uloody dolalll ! of tllo tor-
rlblo IIlIttlo the 1100)110 ) tall\OI , IInd
wIJllllel'el1 what further misfortune
nwnltod Iho nutlon.
Wllh Saul aud hIs thl'co sona dend ,
who _ waH tlwro to lend , t/w / nntlon 1
Confusion nnd uncortaillty prevailed.
I vull A 11I10l' the lenller of the
hosts o [ Isrllol wnl ! alJ/H\rcntl / ) '
ullublo to rully his fm'cea alld
Huggest Homo plnn of action. 'rho
IlcoJllo WCl'C ns sheep without. fL ahop-
herd. So for daya unil wooha the ( lis-
( mlor nlld confllsloll cOlltlllllell , even us
fur Olllh I1S 111 the land or .llIdah. And
there the Ht/rrlng / reports of the IIat. .
110 with Itu III consOljuences to Israel
were rOIHatod ever a rill ever ngaln ,
nud the tJlIlIlO ( Illest/oils / stirred the
helll'ts of the Iloople us to who 1I0\\
wOllld leall them us troullled the
lIol'thern tl'lbea. In the alllrit. of mllcl ,
doproHsloll the eldel't ! of , llIllnh Cll1110
togotlwl' to cOllsldor the Hltuntloll ,
lIloeting secretly In olle of the IIttlo
OllHCIII'e tOWIIS leat If they aHsomblud
at lIobl'on , theil' < : hlof city , news or
Ihe lIIeotlll ! ; might rcach the cars
of the Phlllstinos and Htll- thom to
IInlllodlnto aUnclt.
It. wns bllt nntllral that tho' fil'sl.
thollght IIhonld he of David , nnd some
were for nn Immodlntc sondlng of
a lIlessungm' to hllll inviting hIs I'e-
till'll to .Judnh , but. jllst as they WOI'O
nllollt to do HO a l'UUllor brought tidIngs -
Ings thai Da.vlll hnd joIned his fOl'ces
with thos of Achlsh , the Phlllstino
IcIng , lUlIl had shal'oll tr the recent IIat-
tlo which hnd reslllted 80 dlsnstrously
to the nrmy of ISI'llOl.
"Whal , DavId f1ght ngnlllst hIs
brethren In Israel ? " the oldel's ox-
"YeH. " rOIlIed ) the . messongor.
"Thou Imowest how ho has heen'
dwellfng in the Innd of the Philistines
fOl' uow these many months , and how
KIng Achlsh gave him Zlltlag in which
to dwoll. And Achlsh 0111.110 lenguo
with him and trusted him as ho mIght
a hl'othm' , so thllt when ho gathered
his nl'mles to go out against the armIes -
Ies of IS1'l\01 ho took David and his
men alon/ / ; . "
A long ) lainful sllenco followed thIs
disconcerting news. WhlthOl' , now.
Indeed , woulll .Jmah ] tUI'l1. Uavld had
failed thom. Now that ho hnd tal\Ol1
1111 rums ngalnst hIs own countrymen
thel'o cOllld novel' 1I10re bo ) llaco for
him In , Judnh. And with even greater -
er dOIH'esslon thnn before the elders
dellnrtod to theIr hOl11es\ \
But the next dny strnnge things had
hnpllolled In ,1udah. The elders Hent
mc songerH to onch other with the
CJ uer ' :
"Huth David sent aught to theo ?
Boholll , when I arrived homo 1 found
thol'o awalt/ng / 11I0 u goodly portion of
the sJoll ) which DavId hnd sent with
10Yl\I greotlnss. What thlnkost thou
concol'11lng It ? "
It can lie Imagined what sllrj1rlso
und astonishment such tidings brollght
to eaeh of the olliers und hastlly ther
rcasscmbled early on the following
day to consider the matter. Then II.
\\'us that the fllll details of Davld's ro-
tUI'll to Zlltlag. his Ilursllit of the on-
em ' whIch had blll'ned his city and
carried err the women and children.
und of his recovorr of ever .thlng
which hnd bcen talcen , were made
" ' 1'I1(1n ho did not fight with the
Philistines agaInst ] sl'llel ? " thor exclaimed -
claimed , ono to the other , their dc-
III'esslon giving plnce to the joy of anew
now hOlle.
"LetIS sOl1l1 greotlngs at once to
David , and Invite him to retlll'11 , " eagerly -
erly l3uggested ono.
"But who Is thel'o who w111 dare go
illto the Innd of the Philistines to
cnrrr him word. If the coming of
such messenger reuchos the cars of
the PhlllstineR. 1 fear It. wHl go hard
with David. and I11nr bring the Phil-
IlItlno armies down uJonIS ) , " Sllolto
1111 unolhor cautiously.
Then followed an eal'l1est dlsellsslon
which wus suddenlr IntorrulltOlI by
the ontrllnco of a bl'eathloss runner
who exclaimed as soon as ho was
able 10 recover the power of IIlleech :
"David ! Hebron ! "
"What.'s that 'ou sn ' ? " falrl ' shouted -
ed the olllors. HO oxclted were there
"DavId hns como to Hebron 1"
rrho mes80ngOl' nodded his hend In
uSHont , l\.nd added :
"Yea , Tllld ho hath bl'OlIght all his
mon and all his sUbstance , a11d his
wlvos and ull whntsoever ho hath. "
"Thon lot liS go up to Hebron and
there anoint him U8 0111' Idng. Sure-
I ' God has lopked down upon us in our
dlstresll. and hath sent a dollvOI'or. "
AllIl HO It was thllt the mon of Judah -
dah came and there the ' anointed
David Itlng over the house of Judnh ,
Novelty In Entertainments.
A Paris ImllOl' says that on oVCl'y
SUllllar 1\lrs. Maclcllr recolves her
frlellds In a. secluded corner of the
Latin qllul'lel"s most. famolls IJllrk in
Paris. The rorrellhmentll at these
entol'tallullonts are sUllplled hr paSR-
Ing vendOl's , such as 0111 women who
sell tomptlng raisin cultO und othOl'
1IIw dalntioR. The Imller adds to this
account , which , whethOl' -
01not uu-
thontlc , Is pleasnnt to bellovo. that
thcso novel 111110 nfCall's have been
most tllCcessrul and ' '
111'0 a gl'ent relief
aClol' mol'o fo 1"111 I cntol'lulnments.
Natural Soap Baths.
Natlll'lll soap bnths UI'O not an IIn-
mixed IIleflslng. 'rho cllriolls SOil II
HIIl'ing that ( ol'ms a WOIHlol' of u vII.
lago In ' 1'111101' , nst Indlnn islunds ,
conslsls of u s111811 elevated nlllll
cone , from which hubbIes 1111 waleI'
hoavll ' ' with ulknll
) ehal'god und
mdlul11 , the IIIHCll1ll'gO giving the appearance -
pearanco of u mlnlat I Q'volcnno. ' . A
dlBlulvllnlllgo of such 11 washing 11111co
Is Ihat. yegclat10n Is ruined fot' miles
, , '
. ,
, . ,
" . ; . . , . . .
" ,
r'efore her marriage to the Baron Speek Von Sternberg , Embassador from
GermanYI the Baroness was a notd Kgntucky belle : she Is regarded as the
most beautiful woman In official life at Washington.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Movement of Chanticleer Balancing
ot . ) Thumb Illustrates Principle
on Which Inoenlous Machine
Is Modelcd by Him.
New York.-lIow does a 1:00ster : balance -
ance hllllsolf on a man's thumb ?
Ho stlclts - out his head , shifts nnJI
oxtenlls hIs wings , which are lateral
nerollinnes , and then elevates or do-
Ilresses his tall. B ' ca.uslng his favorIte -
Ito chanticleer on his farm , near Fort
Plain , to go through varIous oXl1erl-
mcnts on this Ilhalangeal roost , WII.
1111111 1\1organ has evolved a flying mil.-
chino which ho now hopes to send
through the air.
Ho hils II IImall mollel , which ho
Donlls hither and thlthor , nnd It has
the movement of a sUl'llrlsod chlekon
just. shooed from Its perch _ The
small model , which ho has patented ,
can bo made to fiy at an ) ' tlmo uy
slmlll ' winding UII the rubber bands
which form the motlvo Ilowor of the
two prol1l'/lers / in Cront.
Of the big air shIp Its Inventor said , .
\ \ hen seen at the VictorIa Hotel , a
newer ' lodglng.houso :
"I would have It merely sltlm along.
It would. of course , have abundant
Was Dancing Without Clothes In the
Shadow of a Market House.
Baltimore , l\1d.-A man rushed up
to Patrolman Geraght ) ' as ho wns III\-
trolling Prntt street , shortly after 1
. o'cloclt In the morning , and exclaim-
cd : "Olllceolllcor ! thore's a wild
man up the streot. thore. " 'fho patrol-
mnn. guided , or rathel' forwarded by
the excited eltlzen , who lwpt a good
twenty } Jaces in the renr , walltod up
Mal'ltct SIIUCO Cor auout fift ) ' yards ,
and then Goraghty saw that U1ero was
really something capering about In
the shadows of the 1\1arltet house.
For a moment the Ilol/eoman / 1'0-
garded the queer object , and then , tnlt-
Ing his eSlll1ntoon , ndvanced. 'fho ca-
llCrlng figure was that of a man , short
and muscularly hullt , and without 11.
ntltch of clothing on him. 110 did not
porcelvo the pol/ceman / until the latter -
ter touched him on the shoulllor and
then ho tUl'1led enl ) ' to find his arms I
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- -
space to clear the 20-foot propellers
from the earth _ It docs not need a
gas uag. There are two largo propellers -
pollers in front nnd the machlno can
uo steered by varying their number
of rovolutlons.
"It is kept up br the motion of the
propellers , and when they cease to
move the aeroplanes take such a position -
sition that the machlno cannot comedown
down hard , but wUl settle ! ; rallually _ "
1\11' \ . Morgan flew his small model
for tho. delectation of his follow lodgers -
ers In the Dowory caravansary. The
Inventor was formerly In the cigar
buslnoss and ho also manufactured a
hall' restoror.
Polar Bear Steak.
AccordIng to Max Ii'leischman , who
has not only killed polar bears. but
has eaten the same , the meat was -
I ) ' palatable , although it was necessary -
sary to cut It into very thin strips and
hammer It thoroughly before broiling
In order to get the blubbery taste out
of It.
"In addition to this precaution , "
sa 's Mr. Fleischman in the National
Geographic Magazine , "I would advlso
that a plontlful admlxturo of onions
be used in brolllng fresh bear moat.
and if the onions are strong enough
and ono has 11 penchant for onions
ono won't really mind uear stoak. It
Is the opInion of the writ or and also
of the ship surgeon , who was the taster -
or of all now food , that 'oung seal is
11 great denl moro palatable than bear
pinioned. For II. few moments Gor-
aghty struggled with the nude figure ,
but finally l11aced nippers on his
wrists and mastered him. The prisoner
was t:1lwn to the Central pol/co / sta-
tion. HIs name , he said , was , Joseph
FI01'lo. Ho is 48 'eaI'S old , and a native -
tive of Haly. For a tlmo ho appeared
to bo in his right mind , and admlttell
that he had been drlnltlng heavilr.
Then ho became Incoherent again. and
auld the "s/llrlts / told him to taltO off
hIs clothes nnd danco. "
A second.haud suit of clothes was
given to FlorIo , but he toro thom noar-
Iy all err before ho was brought before -
fore Justlco Grannan for a hearing
this 111ol'1llng. Justlco Grannan l1nod
him $5 and costs on the chnrge. of beIng -
Ing drunl. on the streot. and committed -
mitted him to jal ! in default of pay-
ment. J.'JOl'lo allpears to bo well odu-
cated. and between his ravings spolw
In English , German , French and Span-
1 Ish.
- - -
- - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Canada Is Building 1,600 Mile Trail to
Back Door of Gold Region.
Edmonton , n , C , - An IlI\lIol' ant
worlt that Is being cllnled on b ) ' the
Dominion govorllmentln the Canudlan
northwest , concernIng which peojlle In
general know hut II ttI 0 , IH the bullll-
Ing of a mllltarr road from this clt ) '
to the Yulwn tel'l'lIol' ' ' . 101' two rears
the construction hils been under way
ir. chal'go of the ro'al northwest
mounted Ilollce.
Ii'rom Edmonton the roall strolches
70 111110s awa ' to FOI't. St. .101111 on the
Peace ri'eland then takes an nlmost
dlmct course ever the Hoclt . moun.
talns for 200 mlleH to Fort Graham , In
BI'II18h Colllmbla. IInd thence In a
nOl'thwostel'l ) ' direction for 700 miles
moro to Atlln. This lon tl'lIll of IGOO
1111105 lies throngh a I'oglon but. little
civilized , IInd where nnturo at times
OIIISes ) her storllo blll'l'lors ' ,
It. Is not a'whlo I'oul-onl ' olght
feet-and ut. rogulnl' Intol'\'I\ls of : W
miles small ) og hOllse3 are erected
as halting III aces , 'rho 1Il'Incljlai work
so far haH heen from the castom sldo
of the Hoeky mountains , Ilnd Inst fall
the construction ' . ' the .
IJIII't > , unllol' com.
mnnd of Callt. Camles. renched FOl't
GmhlllU , / where the ) ' hl\vo wlntercd ,
This SllmmOl' , another parl ' of wlrk-
mon , undol' InfjI'clor ; McDonnll1 of
Wbltohors'o , will IlIIsh the work frOlll
Atlln until the two fOI-ccs meot. which
the ' hope to do before winter.
And the jlUl'pose of It is because ono
of Canndn.'H rIchest treasure houses ,
the gold'n Klondlke. lies coojled Ujl
bc'ond the great mountains. ' 1'ho
two front doOl's to thIs countr ' 110 in
the Unlled States tonltol' ) ' of Alnska
-ono ojlcnlng In from SlmgwllY by
mcanB oC the Whlto 11ass and Yukon
rnllwa ) ' . tll' ) other further north , the
ostual' ) ' of the Yukon rl\'er at St.
Something Substantial.
DId 'ou evol' tlegg sonll. No ?
'l'hon 'ou ha\'o lived In vain. Beat
thoroughly sIx strlctlr fresh oggs.
Add ono quart of good cream and
season wllh butter , llellj1er and slIlt.
Simmol' , When thick enough , serve
with grlslnl broken In short. bits. or ,
If ) ' 011 clln not get the stick hread ,
with toasted dlco mndo of yesterday's
bread , You can not hnaglno nnythlng ,
moro llI1latahlo or nourlahlng In thl9
weather' or In anr other w'ather.
Nut the Music He Loved.
1\lrs , ' ! 'alkl11oro-"Yo11l- husband Is a
great. lovm' of mllsle. Isn't ho' ! " Mrs.
Chat\o\'f-"Yos \ , Inc\eed. I hnvo seen
him get Ujl In the mliidlo of the nIght
anll t1' ' to compose , " 1\lrs. T-
"WhatT' Mrs , C-"The IIabr.-
Gtln ) ' Storlcs.
' .
o . - . ,
Moral Suasion and Fruit Diet In Model
Country Town Advocated for
CrimInals of AmIable
Chicago.-A garden colony for amiable -
able crJtnlnals where they wlll learn
to bo good hy growIng Ileachos and
roses Is the Intest idea to bo advanced
In criminal reformatory methods. The
authol' of the Arcadian prlneiplo is
John F _ Geotlng , ellllor of the Amori-
con Crhnlnal Hecords , and n. Chicago
crlmlnallaw 'or. . .
Mr _ Gcetlng does not refer to crim-
InnIs of n. . dark and bloody turn of
mImI , but to these kindly souls who
practlco the gentle art of sotUng gold
bricks to the unsophisticated rustic :
These mon , with' tholr vnst army of
brothers , who earn n. . precnrlous living'
through varIous forms of swindling , '
1\11' . Geeting deelares , asldo from tholr
Irritating proponslty to put their
hnnds In other peoplo's pockets , 11.1'0
111easnnt compnnlons and not infrequently -
quently blflho nnd witty souls.
The present method by which the
rude law casts these mon into the
common jail with murderers nnd an-
ar hlsts is , accordIng to 1\11' . Geotlng ,
the destruction of mnny of thom , who
are only sufforlng from a slight moral
twist whieh , might bo stralghtenod
out by the application of much milder
The scheme which 1\11' . Geotlng intends -
tends to urge on the governor and legislature -
islaturo of Illinois is the formation of
n. . little town along novel lines. The
town wHl bo situated in the con tor of
a 1Itt10 garden , where peaches and
roses may grow. For foal' the rural
simplicity of the place might pall on
the city bred inll1lbltants and tempt
'thom ' to return to wicked places IIko
I Chicago , a stout wall will bo erected
. all about the town , whose ugliness can
. bo concealed with 'trailing vines and'
gooseberry bushos.
All criminals who have not homicidal -
cidal tendoncles or have not been in
the habit of boating their wives ever
the head with n. poker wfll be ollglble
to cltlzonship upon the order of the
judge. Each wl11 have n. . little cottage
and wfll grow pure and at least morally -
ly beautiful in the peaceful pursuit
of' botany _ If ho should try to filch
his neighbor's tools or soil him a potato -
to for a poach , ho wl11 bo argued with
gently and brought back to the narrow
path by moral suasion and a fruit
dlot.Mr _ Geeting Is satisfied that his
scheme would provo the salvation of
many jriminals , who are only can-
firmed in their courses by the present
punitlvo mothods. Ho purposes to
embody his plan in writing and have
It submitted to the leglslaturo.
Recent Practice on British Ship Recalls -
calls American Performances.
'Vashlngton.-For several 'ears the
. navy dopnrtment has not regarded it
: as good policy to acquaint foreIgn na :
tions with , the performances of the
. Amorlcan naval gunners. It was felt
that the publication of a good record
mnde by our mon would only servo to
stlmulato the gunners of other nations -
tions to bottoI' their own perform-
But the publication recontl . of the
: fact that during target praetlco on the
, British channel fieot In the presence
1 of King Edward ono gun made nineteen -
teen hits in twentono shots , thereby
earning a decoration from the Itlng ,
has natural1y touched the prldo of
some of the AmerIcan nn.val olllcors ,
but they find no reason to fear a comparIson -
parIson with the gunners of any ether
na v ' .
Taltlng some of the six inch guns
in the Atlantic fleet. ono gunner on
the armored crulsol' l\larylmd made
eleven shots and eleven hits in ono
mlnuto. A gun on the battleship Ohio
was fired wIth a perfect score at the
rate of 10.81 a mlnuto. A six Inch gun
on the bnttleshlp 1\1alno has a record
of a perfect score at the rate of 10.41
a mlnuto , and the battleship Missouri's
best record was 10.30 shots a mlnuto.
each lodged In a targot.
Dut In the way of small guns these
six inch records become Insignificant.
A three poundm- the battleshIp VII'-
, glnia made 20 shots and hits In 75 seconds -
, ends , and another gun made 10 shots
. and 10 hits In 2211.3 seconds , a rel11arlt-
able average of 26.67 shots nnd hits a
: mlnuto _
Edelweiss Now Paris Flower.
. . Parls.-EdolweiRs , which this roar
Is more fashlonablo than over. is
mostly grown near Copenhagen and
exported to Switzerland where the
flower is so rare now that. gathering
of it is forbidden. Not' to bo outdone ,
Paris gardeners are cultivating odol-
wolss In the suburbs and recently
have exhibited speclmons , Largo
quantities will appear at the next
greenhousf ) exhibition und soon the
SwIss gardeners will sell enl ) ' ParIs-
Inn products.
Plans Monument to Chlck n.
Dloomlngton , 1Il.-A monument Is
plnnned for a chicken belonging to
O. L. McCord of Vermilion Countr.
It has just dlod , aged 12 'earR. It
wns claimed to 110 the chnmplon of
champions , having won first llrlze at
olght success I\'o state full's and also
Ilt. the pnn.Amorlcan EXllosltioll. 'rho
fowl was yaluod nt a high firuro and
was considered to bo onQ of the tlnest
blooded chlckcns In the counlr .
, . ' .
- . '
, .
- . '
Directions for CannIng ThIs Heal . hful
and SucculcrH Vegetable. . ' ! ' .
- .
piclt 0\01' the Rplnnch when you ' :
hnve washcd It and strIp the leaves :1'\ : ,
from the main stems without bruisIng . !
' -
thorn. Cover with cold water IInd
le\vo In this to freshen and crIsp
thom. In nn hour's tlmo transfer the , ,
leav(1s , dl'I11plng w t , to a granlto or
porcolaln pot , adding no water except r :
thnt whleh drips from the spinach _ . .
Sot this Ilot or jar in a larger vesse ] . . .
of cold water. Cover the inner ve&'J
sol closely to Iwop In the steam nnd
sot both oyer the fire _ When the .f"
water in the outer pot boglns to boll. ' ;
open the inner nnd stir the contents
gently with your wooden ladle to : ( ,
make sure that they 11.1'0 hentod to tho- j I
contor. Cover again and lot the boll "
go on for half an hour more. There -
should UO enough liquid from the succulent - \
culent leavea to co VOl' the splnacU
when 11 cl\Cd Into the jars. Seal im-
medlatoly _
I ,
- I
API = : : : : 1t1on of Petroleum OIntment 10 ; . ; >
Good for Them. l
An oxcol1ont presorvatlvo of shoOo 'I
Icather is lotroleum , olntmont. If a. .
small quantity ho applied to noW'
shoos It will soften the leather , and it
enameled leather will keel1 it soft :
much -longoI' than ordinarily and ron-
deI' it loss lIable to crack. If worn.
shoes are cleuned and blackened and :
then i'uubed with the petroleum ointment -
ment their appearance and wearing :
qualities will be much improved.
Have a box of oats handy and wholl. -
the shoo'3 11.1'0 talten off remove all
mud and dirt , lace or button thom , filt
half ful1 with oats and stuff the tops.
with cnni1111ed papor. When neces-
sar ' to wear the shoes empty thom
and they will be found to h'avo ltept
their shapo. and wHl not bo drawn If
they were the least bit damp when.
taken 01'
Evapo.-ated . Pears.
Soak the pears ov 'r night in luke-
\varm water , fil'st washing thoroughh' .
When ready to cook put into II. small I
pIpkin or ualtlng dish of earthonware.
SI1'lnklo with sugar or sweeten to ,
asto with 111olassos ; fiavor with a 1It-
tlo whole clovo. cinnnmon , or ginger.
cover with water , then cover the :
whole with a' close-fitting 1111. and bake : (
In a slow oven until the pears are ton- . . . .
del' and the l/quld / of II. jellylllto con-
slstoncy _ These are delicious served
with hot gingerbread. If a gas ran go :
Is used , and you do not wish to keep "
up the even fire , simmer gently , cov-
ered. on top of the range , using elthor
the sll11merer or a small burner turned
low _
Summer Pudding. -
Prepare the dr ' bread as fOldrcss -
Ing. Be t throe eggs thoroughlr , Icav-
Ing out the whites ; add ono cup of'
water , ono of mlllt ; mix well , and'
pour ever the steamed bread. Beat ,
together wel1 and boll In a thlclt ves- , . iI'r
sel , stirring until solid. Whllo hot adlt F
the beaten whites of the esS's with
one-half cup of sugar. Stir hrisl\lv ;
then set asldo to cool. 1\1alte a snu o
of two teaspoons of flour. mixed dry
with one.half CUl1 of sugar ; dlssolvo
with a little cold water ; then add boilIng -
Ing water until It Is the consistency
of thin starch. Drop In a generous
lump of butter and after placing on
eaeh dish of the pudding , sprinkle with
Tinting Lace. '
To color lace for a gown. procure n. ,
tube of 011 paint , the color deslrcd.
and squeeze it into a cup of gasolIne
and stir until dissolved. Then pour
Into a Inrgor vosso1. Dip a small
picco of the lace Into It and If too
deep add moro gasollno until the
shade desired Is obtained. When It Is
the rIght color put al1 the lace Into It _
After a few minutes take out , shal > o
gently and dry In the open air. Flowers -
ors nnd straw may bo tlntod by the
same method , .
To Restore Cashmere ,
A good morlno or cashmere Is always -
ways worth the trouble of cleaning
and romaklng. Take three tablespoonfuls - .
fuls extract of soap and two tnble-
spoonfuls of ox gal1 ; add to this about - I
two quarts of warm water and wash
t.ho cashmere In it. then rlnso and
wring it In cold water. If the material -
terial Is of a very beauUCul black It Is
bettor to add a smal1 quantity of dissolved -
al for rinsing Im1'l1Oses. and
solved lm
. , . . . .
washed by
anr otl101- color
process Is rendered fast by the alum.
Pickled Cauliflower.
Cut the caulUJowor Into smal1 chIs- 1
Into scalding
tel'6 , dropping them
Il1'lno and 110lllng for three mlnutos. \ , .
Drain , pucl { In a jar , cover with cold ' "
vlnogal" Into which lla'o boon stlrrod
n cup of sugar. a tablespoonful each
of celery , mustard and coriander sced
and whole whlto peppers , 1\ dozen
blades of mace and a smllll red pop-
per. sliced. Boll the splcod "Inegar
for five minutes , then fill the jars
with it and scal Immedlatoly.
Currant Sherbet.
Piclt ever , IInd squeeze In cheesecloth -
cloth enough currants tQ obtain two
cupfuls of juice. Add to this two cups
of wutOl' and two cups of sugar. When .
the Sugnr Is dissolved sill' In the heat-
on whites of two eggs and freeze.
Servo in sherbet glnsses and put on
each glass n spoonful of VCr ) ' cold soft
( 'ustard. in which n few chopped pistachio -
tachio nuts have been stlrrod.
Cleaning Kitchen Utensils.
Wet a coarse cloth with hot water , ' ,
soap It well and apply to copl1cr.
Sprlnltlo powdered bol'l\x over it and
110llsh with a dr cloth.