Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, May 09, 1907, Image 8

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: :
Her Mission Aml ratlon of the
l \
Condition of the Blind-Queen
of Rounanla ! Her
Close rrlcnd.
A fusC'lnuUng uUlI fOl'clhlo Ilhllnn.
throplBt whoso mission uUlI ItB uPllenl
IBInlqllo , Is 11rs.Valkor Fou I'll , ot
WaHhlugton , a gl'find dumo oC quccnly
11110n , who hus spent most ot hel' lito
ut Burolloln cnllllul8. MrB. 1"oul'11'S
late hUBbnnd wall Un lied Stutes minis.
tel' to HOlllUnnln. In which IntofsUng )
country the conilio became InUmutel ) '
Idontlfled wllh "Curmon S'lvu , " I II1. .
aheth , the healltltlll , the good , the brll.
lIunUy cndowed queen , pel'hnllR the
most romurlmblo wOlUnn In the wOl'ld ,
IIQssesslng ulmost over } ' lnlent and
cvory gruco.
'rho qlloon oC llolllllanla fOllnd u
I'ondy aylt1ll1Lthl1.el' 111111 coadjlltOl' In
her vurlous bllmuuo enterprIses In the
chnrmlnl ; Amerlcnn , the two wOlllon
1)Jln confidentlnll ' ' . Mm.
) ( } on I'CllllJOrt.
, Pourn und "Carmen S'lva , " the ro'u.1 ,
Iloet und phllnnthrollst ( , wOl'l < cd hn1ll1
In hand. 1\1 I'S. Feurn's oSllCclnl entllll.
I.IluslII bolng onllsted In the Iuel.m's
wondOl'tll1 IIIlsslon to the blind. 'fhel'C
arc 20,000 ot the HlghtlesH In the Hlllnll
country oC Houmunln , und Co I' the
nmolloraUon und uplift oC the conlll.
tlon of theBo nnfortunates the qlleen
Is hulhllng an ollllOclul : elt } . , "Vutl'n
J.umlnoasa"-tho "Iumlnolls henrth , "
where ovm'y pOHslblo ph'Hlcal uUlI edu.
catlonal advantngo will bo afCol'dod thu
henel1clarles. Mrs. Feat'l1 , flllICO her
I'eturn to AmerIca , Is PIII'flUlllg the
same lIne of hllmano ulldeavol' hero as
was Inspll'ed by hOl' frlelld , the beautl.
fill queen of Houmanla , with whom she
Is In constant communIcation. Mrs.
F'earn Is consecrating , grutllltously the
hest eUorts of her lIfo to the l'elloC of
the blind , her philanthropy beIng ex.
pressed Immedlatoly In a vIvIdly IntoI"
osting lecture that she gIves called "A
MIssIon of Love to the Dlllld , " with
' tal from Inti.
! : Itel'ooptlcon vIews < cn
mate homo scene and royal glhnpses
at the Houmanhm capItal. MI's. 1.'earn '
wem's during hm' lectul'ea , a wonderful
natlvo Uoumanln'1 costume , u. cOllrt
di'ess IlI'esented to her by Queen lIz ,
abeth. heavy In emhrolderles of sllvol' .
A , long , whlto flowIng voll wInds gruco :
fnll } ' at the hacle , Mrs. Fearn , ono of
the effectlvo floclnl factors of Wash.
Ington , ontol't 1lnod an alllll'eclatlvo
company' of friends charmlllHly at hel'
homo In 1\tnssaehuJctts avenue , with
talle aUout hOl' wOl'le , and lllustrat10ns
and a rIch collation. Hel' own pIc.
tl1l'esquo SwIss maId nlso were a beau ,
tJCul Roulllanlan coritumo of the up.
111'OI > 1'lato elass. 1\1rs. Fearn , formerly
MIas 1'rances Hewitt , was bol'l1' I
I oulsvlllo , ,
Most of itOI' early lICe waR sbont In
Now Ol'leanl : . She Is starting on u tour
at on co to clln'y her beautiful m < : Jssllge
t other parts of the country , going
I1rst to CIncInnati , where she will bo
the guest ot 'hor lIfo.long friend , Mrs ,
LongwOl'th. 'fhen Kontuclc ) ' , 'I'ennes ,
seQ , Now o 1'1 OI111S , 'I'exas , Indlanl\ and
other sectlonH will have the 1II'Ivllego
of hearIng thlH cl1l1l'mlllg woman who
has consecmted her IIfo gratutlouHI } ' ,
without the "lightest l'emUnOl'atlon , to
so nolllo and benIgn a causo. At hOl'
lecture at Hlluseher'H to n h'emendous ,
fashIonable audlonce , 1\11'8. I"ol\l'I1 waH
Introduced b ) ' the Hev. DI' , Couden , the
blind chaplaIn of the house of repro.
sentatl'vos. A recent alltogral1h mes.
Rage from the queen of Houmanla to
her symliathellc frIend reads , "BI'lng
light to the hllnd , m ) ' deal' 1\1rs. Feurn ,
and malte thoh' lICe shlno for all these
whoso mlnd'H 0)0 Is not ) 'ot 011Oned.
llzabeth , "
New Homes In Washington.
Onl. } ' a few da's ago the announcement -
mont was made of the half millIon ,
dollar bomo to be built at Washington
by August Bolmont. 'fo'day It Is gen'
01'1\1 gossh ) that olltlons have been se ,
cured b } ' 1\I1'S. Marshall Flehl , ' ot ChI ,
cago. and Geol'go W , Vand rbllt , of
Now Yorl , and I1l1tmol' ( . on "oslllonco
prol1el'tr In the northwest. 'rho prop'
erty on whIch the homes f r these mil ,
lIonalres Is to bo erected Is the west
end 'of the square fronting on a small
parle formed by the Intersection 01
Now Hamllshlro avel1\lO and Seven ,
teonth street , The property 'has n
frontage of nonrh' 2'00 feet.
Tourists and 'Mount Vernon.
1\Iount Vernon , tbo homo of Wash
h\gton \ and hIp burIal place , Is vlslte ! :
by thousands of tOlll'lstH oYer ' yelll'
but. Washingtonians don't 'go thol'o
You lienrVulihlngton Calles 011l1envor
Ing to tlag theIr vl HUngrolatlves al1l
frIends from , other Illncos C 'Om the trll
to l\1ou t , ro1ton. ; ! 1\Iost folks wll !
vIsit WashIngton want to , see 1\Ioun
Vernon. 'rhey suggest the trlp8 tc
theIr Waablngton entertaIners' as SOOI
as Ule ) ' get thero. '
- - -
" . Reward for Faithful $ ervl e.
For the Inst two 'ears of hIs sel'vlc ,
In ongrellll MI' . 'I'heobold Otjen , a
, I\lwallicce. \ WIs. , hns led a S\uIIII\ :
nIght sacred song 80rvlco for th ,
Sliosts at the hotel In which ho IIvel
Ilt WasHIngton. Hecentl } ' ho was presented
sonted wIth a gold watch fob In hehal
of those whom 110 hall lOll In the ROI"
Ice-CongresslIuUl Crllmllacltor's wlf
malting tbo presontatlon sllOech.
Cablnct Officers' Signaturcs.
Soorotary Hoot , ' although hIs fll
name , Elihu Root , 113 not a long on
Cound It laborIous to put bls who
, mlUa 011 hIs atato doparlinent mall , i
. ho now 111m ply sIgna It "E. Hoot. " Se
retary' BonaIarto's rIght arm does 111
1100111 to have grown tired , 1I0wovo
In , signing bls mall hr. stili signa h
tull name , "Charles J. UQaparto. "
' " " - . , . . , . . .
"J.-t , , -1 .4 : -1t- "
- - - -
Hcavy Gambling a Part , of Social Life
of the City.
Prolmhly In no ether oIL } ' In Amerleu
11001:1 : this nlghtl ) card plnylng take on
so IIIl1ch or the utmoRllhel'o of the
Hlvlern us In Washlnglon , ' 1'hore are
many rorolgMrs thorc , and they play
the game with that plcturesquo fovor.
Ishness which Is t'plcnl of thclr natllro
! Lnd trlllning. The great majorIty ot
forelgu altuchos are not oqulppod
flnllncllllly Cor the exactions at the
game , hut their position COlli pel a them
to ncco)1t ) every In v\lntlon. \
'I'holr argument-whllo attuclccd by
many as ono showing lacle of morn.l
courage-Is qullo satlsfaclory to thom.
'I'hoy SIlY they were not sent to thIs
countt' . to 111ny the part or . scholarly
roclullo. 'I'hoy IUUSt ho In evldenco at
1111 smart fllnctlons. What would ho
thought of them , they asl" tr they
sternly refused to IIIIIY brldgo for
noney whcn the wOl'Id they move In ,
IInl1 the wo1'1d they rellresont , consld.
ors It the rIght thIng to do ?
'flwll' II1lnlstors pillyl' Melllhers of
the cahlnet Illny 1 'l'hoy flcarcely feel
IIIw directing to thell1solvelJ und to
lhelr legaOonR the 1'ldlculo and crltl.
clsm whIch would follow the guest who
sllliS IIWIlY between dinner /lnd / brIdge.
So they play. If they lose on tholr
flmall Incollles It becollles necessary
for thorn to 1'OCOIIII , alld the ollly way
10 dO this "Is to go to moro hrldgo
pnrUes. '
Waflhlngtoll 113 Ilroomh1ently 1\ city
oC the lolfluro elasBes , alld the ulmost
cOlltlnuous social seasoll tH ro raIses
1II'Idgo to Its mOflt gllttorln'g helght.-
Broadway Maga1.lne.
European Natlono Raise alarlcs of.
Their Alf1bassadors.
Not wIth 1l1'l1110s , not with warRhlps ,
hut with that which will hllY both-
monoy-tho nations of EIII'OIIO are pre ,
IHlrlng theIr forces for the capture ot
Wlishlngton. In 1893 Great BrItain
raised the ranlc of her envoy at 'Vash ,
Ington from mInister to amhass ldor.
l"I'unco atHl , Germany dId lIlcowlso the
SUIIIO yeal' , H.usslu In 1808 , Huiy In
1001 and Austrla.lillngary In 1M2.
; \Iexlco , I1ra1.11 Il1Id .Japan 'followed th'o
example o ! the Ellrollcan powers , "
IncrCl\setl rallie requl'l'es hettel' hous ,
lng , and fOl'el n natlolls have sp nt
milch slnco 1808 III bllylng and build.
Ing emhasslofl at WashIngton for tholr
rel1resentl\tlves. Soma of these I\re
plendld enough to be worthy of ranle.
Ing with many ot Eurolle's palaces.
It was then leCt for Great BritaIn to
11IscovCl' that her amlllasslldor o ght to
be paId as IIIl1ch as the preHldent ot
the United Stutes , und 1\11' . Bryce Is to
recolvo $60,000 n ) 'ear , $6,000 maI'o
thun hIs pl'edocossol' . As In 1893 Gel"
many followed , Britain's lead , so noW
her mqhaHqllllOl"s , sulal'Y has been
mlaell $ riOOO , Undoubtedly , the repro'
sontatlves of othCl' nations have felt
" of ' ' " and wOllld be
th9 1I111ch II\'OSIIOl'Itr" , ,
glnd to recelvo an increase .of salary.
'rho moro 1110 n e } ' the ombassles a 1il
legntlons have to sl1elld the bottoI' it
will bo tor the shol11ecepers of Wash ,
IlIgton. The diplomatic benefits are
not so obvIous ,
Joke on Palmctto State.
RepreHontatlvo Adamson at Georgia
Was rubbIng It' ' In on Rel1rosontatlvo
, Johnaon of , South 'Carolina , and tolll
this fltol'y about the red hills of the
Palmetto state :
"Wh } ' , Johnson , South Carolina land ,
01' , most ot It , Is too poor to OVOII raIse
a dIfficult ) ' on , I heard of an old fol.
low ever there who was greaUy war ,
rled about his neIghbor's cuttle got ,
tlng Into his pasture. HIs own cattle
didn't get half ollough to keell thom
alive , ulld the ohl' follow didn't see
how he could altoI'd to lot hIs neIgh.
bor's catllo share It with tholll ,
"Tho old man wellt to hIs neighbor
and made c01ll111alllt. 110 saId ho waR
not hunting trouble , bul that his cattle -
tlo must stuy at home.
" 'Neighbor , ' wus' the 1'oply , 'I am
Berry my cattle are wOl'r'lng you and
I hllto to BOO th01l1 die , but If } 'ou will
jllst lot thom shl } ' III YOUI' pnsturo two
dUrR they wlll'starvo to death : Just
Pllt tll ) the fence alld , keOI ) them In and
the"ll sturvo as SIll'O Its YOIl live. ' ' '
All Listen to Proctor.
Probably the ,1I1ost rOIlll\l'lmblo volc
III the son to Is thut of the senIor VOl"
mont senator , HodfIeld Proctor. It 111lf
heoll called a bollol' factory volcQ , bu1
that descrh1t1011 doeR 1I0t begIn to do II
jllstlce. When 1\11' . Proctor speak !
every senator In the clmmbei' listens ;
, ho cannot help hllUsolf. The only a
lie can avoId hearing what he 'says If
. b } ' leavIng the bllllding. A faInt whis
per troIU Proctor cun bo heard illstlnot
Iy In the press gall or ) ' . HIs volco 18
deOI ) buss and Is preceded gonerall ]
'by a low rumbling sound that 8eelUS tc
como from sOlUe faraway Bubcollar h
his anatomy. 'fhon the words 110111
forth wIth great I'nl11dlty wIth th. .
junlng force ot small thunder claps.
- -
Got Temporary Shock.
Whllo the senate wus on the eve 0
adjournment SenatOl' 1"1'0 , of l\Ialn
I'athor shocled hIs colleagues Co I' I
momont. 110 WIIH on his teot malhll
d. report from hIs coinmlttoo on C01l1
nt'orco on several mInor bills , a dut :
ho perfol'lIIs trcquentl ) ' and whIch , a
a rule , ath'lIcts lIttle Illterest or attOlI
tlon. Suddonlr , I'IIlslng hIs volco , ? oil
Fr'o exclaImed : "lt I call get hmm
dlato cOllsldoratlon fOl' that damblJ
I will 11romlso the senate not to repor
allotllOl' dum bill thIs session. " Ami
u gelleral laugh the bill was 11Issed.
St. Gaudens to Design Coin.
, Augustus St. Guud ns hus heen con
It. mlssloned by the tI'ensllry departmel1
Is to execute a now dcslGn for the $2
cold ploco.
" . .
- . . . .
- -
Secure In Their Mountain Fastnesses ,
They Have Never Acknowledged
till ) Sovereignty of Spain or
T'lero ' Is ono wild warllko trlho In
the Phlllpillnes thnt hus otubbornly
l'efllso ! for centurleR to become at.
tracted 01' Ilsslrnllaled by the ChrIs.
lIan Inhahlt.ants.
'rheso II'oplo arc Imown IIn the Ilon.
gota' : : : ncl uro fOllnd In the mountaInS
lieuI' nalor , sa's the 1\1 all 11 a AmerIcan.
'rhl8 trilio comeH withIn the jurlsdlc.
tlon of 'rayabaR , and IIccordlllg to
Gov. QlleZllll's report , there , Is ono sec.
t\m \ 1I0rth of Dagcan Inhabited by
these people where no Clrlntlan , has
ever Iionotrated , and where the sov
orolgllt ) . of SpaIn or the UnIted Straos
hils novoI' beclI ucknowledgod , Gov.
Qllozon says :
" 'I'ho Ilongota , are found ollly In the
mOlllltalns of Balm' , from Dlpaculan ,
Dla1'abasln and Dlnudlanan to Isa.
bula , toward the north , and from the
nlOllntllllls oC SlIn Jose de Caslga1'lln
lI fill' us Panlnhangrm and Carranga.
lan , toward the wost.
' ' ' 1'hoy are a foroclous race , always
on the lookout for IIn olillortunlty to
kill the Illhaliitants of every other set.
"Tho road botweell Pantahangl1n
and HalOl' Is wont to be the scene of
these uttaeks on the lIart of those
Infidels on ChrIstian FllI11lnos.
"Dllrlng the tlmo of Spanish , gov.
ol'llmont troops wore wont to be : sent
to the Jl\ollntulns to IIlInlsh the Ilon.
ots when they assassinated Ghrls. !
tlan 1"llIplnos" " and then the fOlmer' '
would either sllrrendOl' 01' ren1l11n
IIIIet ! for some time , payIng a tnx of
2 contlmos Cor each male InhabItant
over 18 and lindoI' 60 , collectable In
tobacco leaves , as they had no money.
" ' 1'hon tholl' local allthol'ltles were
nppolnted fl'om umong their number.
Pmctlclllly , howovol' , these authorities
apllolntml by the SpanIsh government
were , never nclmowlodged 01' recog.
nlzOlI b ) ' tl o Inhabltllnts of each set.
llomont , those really rocognlzed as
such being the leadol'fI whoso vulor
and great ferocltr Insl1h'ed terror In
all othol's. 'fho Ilongots of San Jose ,
Dhll1culan , Dlarulmsln and Dagoan
wore the onCH IInsubjllgated by the
Snunlsh , and as no Christian hils hoen
there theIr number cailllot bo estl.
mated , but It 113 known that they
' ' the Ilongots
al'o maI'o numerous than
who wel'O Rubjugatod , from the In.
Cormatlon , given by the latter ,
" 1"holr wlll'lIke urms are the arrow
the call1pllan ( a wIde bo o , very
lI'ght and well shar ened' , about t\V
IInd a hnlf hand.breadUls l limgth ) ,
and the lance , 'I'helr deCenslve urm Is
a shlold three feet long , - by , ono foot
wIde , called culasllg.
"Their uttuclca 1\1'0 ulwars chal'l1c.
'tetl1.ed hy l1'oachOl' } ' , they 110 InJalt
In the hllah IInllllmhllsh theh' vIctims ;
f om tholl' hldln ! ; ' 111aoo ther IIS0
theil' lances , and when wounded , dls.
patch theIr onemles , takIng their
heads and leavIng the bodY where It
fell. 'fhe heall Is cal'rlod avay and
preserved as a hophr of war , a feast
hehlg colehrated II110n thu arrl val of
the head at their settlement.
"For UII 1I0ngoL to mun' ) ' , It Is nec-
ossur ) ' that he I1l'st bring 'the nllmher
of healls of Chrlstlllna or Infidels thllt
hIs future fatherln.lllw ma } ' designate ,
whIch heudH 1IIUSt have , IlCon Cllt olt
by the suitor hlmselr. "
LIOIng'a Diplomatic Answer.
Ono oC , the slll'est Indlclltlons. of the
rovolutlon of sontllllerit tllielng place
In China. Is the 11011\11111' movement to.
wurd the cducutlon of womcn , Ono
or the strong advocates for the new
dopartllro Is the ) lres nt Chinese mIn.
Ister ut Washington , SirLiang , whoso
AmerIcan Bchool life , when for Pl1l't of
the time ho was ullller the Instruction
t wOlllan teachers , gave hIm a lasting
' for femlnlno Intellectual
I I'ospect 110W'
ers. Shortly hofOl'e ho left ChIna fOl'
, WashIngton SII' I.lang had Ull IntoI"
'vIew wIth the oml1ross dowager und
the subject WIIS brought 1111. "I h ve
been ad vIsed. " said hOl' majest } ' , "to
I Introdllco schools .rOl' gll'ls Into the
. empIre. But I 1m vo noticed that as
I soon as women begin the 11IIrsllit 01
t learnIng the } ' are sel1.ed with the
t lDMla for meddling In politics , " \ SII
I LIang wus equal to the oceaslon ,
: "Your majesty'R lIubjocts rejoice , " he
roplled. "that the' ' 100,000,000 of Chinn
have for theil' l'ulOl' an edllcated wom-
'an. " J' '
- .
Growing Old Comfortab'ly. '
I tlnd I am called 1111 old man b }
ether 11eolllo , hilt I get along m'sell
wllhout thlnllng oC this or talltln
about It , unlesa somo" c rrespondenl
asleR mo to , wrltos NdwlIl'd vol'etl
Hale , In the CII'clo. 'l'hIlH , I I\IU lame ;
, but I do' not sn ) ' I Illn lanlO heeallso :
f am 84. I suy I Ilm Illmo lIecallso I hal
a Call , preelsol- I Rhould hu0 salt
It If I were :13 : ) 'el\l'fI' and :1 : months oh
nt three mlnutefl lifter thl'eo In thl
third month oC the ) 'cal' . "
Or , In hrlof , If you ean get alOll !
without thlnltlng of ) 'olll'self lilliCh , I
will 11robllblr be a comfol't to roll\ '
self , und It will certlllnl ) " bo a comfOl'
! . to your frlenlls.
II.t Bottle Long 'Aflo < tt.
d The greatest length ot tlmo whlcl
ahY. holtle has been known to rc
lilaln IIfloat Is 1 ) 'ellrs , A bottll
cOlltlllnln ) ; n lIIoaHage , whIch 'wa' '
1 , thrown'CJ'OI'1I01ll'd br IIn Amorlclln BCI
Lt cal taln off I'owfoundlund In 1878 , wa
:0 pIcked UJI off the w'at cotlft of 11'0111111
enrb' III 1809.
. .
' "
" ' - " " ' q' , , , - . - - - - .
I.orenzo Dow , Peter Cartwright and
Othcr Famou's Circuit Riders.
Few romances , 'IIlYS the Yuuth's
Companion , cUn ellual thnt of el\l'ly
Ohio Melhodlsm. No tJart of the
Ullited Statefl found u mol' Cl'lIltCul
field or ylelclod a greater harveal.
In 1i16 .John Slowart , a free mulat.
to livIng In 1\IlIrJetta , addicted to
drunkenness , and on the WU ) ' to t.ho
rIver to drown hImself , heard the
voIce of a cIrcuit rldOl' , Htol1I10d at ,
the church door to lIBt'II , and went
homo with un aWllle'nod conscIence.
lIe ! loon voluntem'ed to go umong the
Indian trhes ( and toll hlH story. Wlln.
dorlng northward , ho cllmo to a Wy.
unl otto v1l\ago \ ou the Saudmlky rIver.
III. ! could 1'eu(1' and Hlng , and ho soon
hlld the whole trlbo undel' his Influ.
ence. lie dIed at lhe IIgo of :17 : ,
mourned und honol'od , the flrflt Amo1' .
Ican mlssonary ! oC the l\IethodlHt
EplscoJ1al church.
Ono of Stowal't'll convOl'tll was Bc ,
twoen.the.Loga , , w + W'l\IHlotto chlel' .
He was horn at 1.0WOl' Snnduslej' , now
1"l'umont " , 0. , took the Ame1'lcnnslde
In the wal' of 1812 , nnd accompunled
Harrison In his Invuslon oC Cluiada.
BIHhoJl 1\lcCllbe'fI unele , DI' . L. D.
1\lcCabe , a notable OhIo 1\lethOlllstl
waB nmned aftel' that fumous cIrcuit
rider , Loren1.U Dow. Dpw was cole-
hratoel for hIs eccontrlcltles 'of 'dres ! !
und speech I , well as for hIs l.eal.
Ho WOI'O no bultona on hla coat , but
tlod Ihe gal'ment around h s waIst
wtth a 1'0110 , lIe would mnko appoInt.
nlJJnts to 11I'each months In advance ,
and flO 11II11IIclt was the faIth of his
11I'omlses that on t.ho allpolnted days
grout cl'owds would gather f'Om miles
around. Ono Instance Is recorded
where Dow preached thus punctually
to the mlnuto on an 1I111)0lntmont
mudo fIve ) 'ears previous.
Of Peter Cal'twrlght , I\n Ohio "son
of thUlldOl' , " licensed to preach at
the age of 17 , It Is saId that hIs cIrcuIts -
cuIts were llco lines of hattle. Ono
quartorlr meetln was hold In the
woods. A mob led by two chamillons
with leaded whl11H Invuded It. Cart.
wl'lght seIzed one after the olher of
the IIrlnclpal rioters , threw them
down , and , aldod by frIends , seclII'ml
30 1100'Hons , wh01ll ho 1IIarched off to
an emllty tent , had thom guarded aTeI'
night , and hr ught all to' jllstlco.
IIIIJ Herlllon that day was from the
text : "Tho gates of hell shall not
IIrovlIlI , "
ClII'twrlght durIng his 6 years of
11I'eachlng receIved 12,000 1IIembers
Into the church.
'l'he C1\1II11 mcotlng orlglllatetd and
attaIned Its highest devulollment In !
OhIo. Under llIshop l\lclen reo such
WIIS the eagerness oC the lIeol1lo to at.
tend that the roads were lIterallj'
crowded with those pressIng their
war to the groves. Entire neighbor.
hooch , ; wmo fOI'HaltCn for a season bj'
their Inhabitants. A bishop's salary
at Ihllt tlmo was from $20 to $50 a
rcm' and trn vollng eXllenses. FI'01ll
thIs IllLtanco he had to bl1j' his clothes
IInd II1'0vldo for his family ,
Rest , co
'rho ancient , Ioh longed for the rest
of the grave , and th l'ohr oxhlblted
just u bit of cowardice , besides mIss.
Ing lIfo's trlle meaning. Real rest Is
not Inactlvltj'-llot cessation from en.
doa VOl' , .hut Is an abIdIng peace , 1I0w.
Ing out from God. 'fhe fOllndel' of
Chl'lHtlanltr , aclmowledged u. gl'ellt
Ilhll08011hel' , 1I1' mlsed rest to the
' ' of eal'th und Ills
woal'j' , c9mpetency to
tlUI sl1eal , Is largel } ' vIndicated b } ' Ills
own comllosure lindoI' ever } ' tr'lng cll"
cumstunce , It Ifl the world's neod-
rest a1llid IIfO'H dIstractions , The 11I0si
of liS are tr 'lng to IInd rmtlsfactloa In
outward clrcumstanco , forgettlllg all
the whllo that the Itlnldom of heaven
-tho one satlsf'lng state-Is within
01' lIot at all In so fill' as wo aI'e Call'
em'nel ! . All ancient statement has In
It a p rahle or lIfo : "But the dove
found no I'est 1'01' the [ mil. ' . of her foot ,
and she returned \Into him Into the
arl. , " OUI'S Is a lost lIal'lulhw to regain
whle1l wo mllst he 111110 to allswer to
God without bolllg IIfrald. That means
for liS n st when the conflict Is fiercest ;
1'01l0SO when all ahout Is III alarm.
" ' 1'hell are the } ' Iad. becallse the ' are
lit rest. IIl1d so 110 hl'lngoth them IInto
the haven whore ther would be.-
Waco Tlmes.Hel'ald.
- -
Safety of the Night ,
A man who Hta'od , ut hIs ofllco to
worl , ono evonlng was SlII'llI'lsed to see
II mall como III abollt nIne o'clocle
I armed with ! : Icruhblng 111111 and wIndow
. "Will It hothm' j'ou If I clelln the
windows IIOW 7" ho IIsltCd ,
" o , : ' said the 1111111 , "It won't bother
mo ; but , great scott , ) 'OU don't clelln
. wllldows ut night , do ) 'ou ? " '
"In thIs bllllding we alwa's , do. " was
the I'ellh'tost ; clollners wOllld rathol'
worl. at IIlght , 'rho } " cun't see , then ,
how 1'1\1' it Is to the ground , cense ,
quentlr the } ' 111'0 lIot so IIkel ) ' to get
dlzz ) ' , allli there lire fowlJl' acchlentll : ,
For that reason half the window clean.
Ing In" hlg buildings Is done after
darl.-Xow York Glohe ,
"Cure" Is Centuries Old.
t A 11I'omlnont member of the Hallall
chl\1IIbol' of delllltJes has tuken u leaf
; ollt of the book of his IIhllltrlous : l'on ,
fI'OI'O , llIrCI1S ' 1'lIl11us Clcoro , h ' buth.
Ing In thl ! mud of lakt ! Agllan , III > Clce ,
1'0 ( Ud , OOO ' ( , III'S ago , In order to Hot
riel of the go lit , The 1IIud of the titand ,
ling watenl In the district west oC
I- lIllles wus famous frolll ourly times
for the 1'eU'f of IIlIthrltJs , ' } 'ho IlIxu.
I'lolIs hl h Ih''l's of the 11111101'1111 tlllj'ti
Imow theil' emeac ' , IlIId no doubt , tlld
tJll'lI' "curo" there In much the IIIUll0 :
II I"ushltlll liS Ihelr modcrn represent a ,
J tl'c does ,
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .AL..IIl.r J - 11" III
Demand for Explanation Left George
Very M-Ich ! "In the Air , " But of
Course It Turned Out
All Right.
When : ! \II' . Newmarlo came home the
other ovenlng he was not greeted with
the close , lovIng embrace and sweet ,
clingIng kIss with whIch Mrs. Now.
marle alwllYs met hIm. On the can.
trar ) ' , that lad ' stood like an avong.
: Ilg spIrit In the hall , her darle eyes
III\1hlng and her 11rollli breast rIsIng
und falling lIke a stOl'lIIY soa.
lJorrlfled ut hm' nppearance , 1\11' .
Nowmal'lo stellpod back.
"Hose , " he crIed , "are you mad ? "
'I'hero wus no IUlSWm' Immedlatelj' .
1\Irs. Nowmarlo stood there , her hallds
lIervously working alld her eyes flash.
Ing fire. At length Bho slloko :
"George , " and her volco was tel' .
I'lble in Its anger , " 1\11' , Newmarle , am
I YOllr wife ? "
" \Vhj' , of course , darling , " said ho.
"DolI't call me darling ! Then , If I
am your wife , pel'hl\ps you can' ex.
Illaln who thllt other woman Is. " And
she folded het" arms and looled clear
through hIm , oven to the collar stud
at the back of hIs lIeck.
"Mr. Newmarle was surprIsed.
"What other womlln ? " he gasped ,
"Tho beautiful blonde. "
" \Vha t ? "
" 'Vlth great blue e'es , and- "
"Roso ? "
"Golden , curlhall' , and- "
"Who Is she ? "
"Teeth IIko pearls ! "
"Aro j'01l crazy , 01'- "
" 'rho ono In the sealslln jacket.
and- "
"Bllt what- "
" 'Vho elllls ) ' 011 'love' IInd Idss- "
"lIeavcnH , wluit hils got Into ) 'ou ? "
" 'Vho fawns all 'our lIeck and
lIlays with j'ollr mils tache , and sa 's
you arc the ani ) ' man she eyer loved.
'and-O.o-o.h 1 j'ou b.r-r.r-rute I"
And she burst Into sobs. Mr. Now.
marie gathered himself together suf.
I1clently to rush to his wfo's ! assJst-
ance , cryIng :
"Rose , my delli' wife , tell me- " I
"Don't touch me , " she shrieked.
"Go to hor-go to her at once ! " As
for me , I shaH kill myself ! 0 , George ,
how-how c.could you deceIve your
II'P'1100l' little wIfe so terrIbly ? 0 ,
0 , 01" And she fell sobbing Into his
urms ,
MI' . Newmarlo laId her tremb11ng
form Ul10n the soCa and bent over her
In prates lations of hIs Innocenco.
"It's a wlelced 110 that some no
has lJCen telling 'ou , " ho saId.Vho
was It ? "
"No one , " she replied.
"Then , where did you- "
" 1-1 dreamt It. George , " she said.
"whl1e I wns taking a nal1 on the sofa
thIs afternoon , And It all seemed so
true ! Isn't It , love ? "
And he replled-IJ\1t \ there are some
things that cannot he put Into \\'ords ,
-London 'l'it.Blts.
A noted evangelist was preaching
the other day In an uptown church.
says the New York TImes , The faml1y
who entertaIned him had a son who
was usuall ) ' fond of attending sorvce. (
When his parents were ready little
Charles Ilatl ) ' refused to go with thom.
" \Vhat's the matter ? " asked the
mother , milch surprIsed : "are you Ill ? "
"No , but I heard Doctor - bo.
fore , and I dOll't like him , " confessed
the child.
"Oh , Charles , that's a wlclced thing
to say , " gasped the I lother , " ' 1'01/ /
mother wh ' . "
" 'Veil , " snhi Charles , "he IlI'eaches
so long that I can't leeopawalcc and 1) ( '
preaches so 10lld that I can't go to
sleep. "
Ancient English Inns.
'I'ho vlllago Inn at Addington , In
the cOllnty of SlIrrey , has been ton.
anted by the members of ono famllr
slnco the reign of lIonry VII. On the
deatb ot the mother of the parent
hostess she leCt no son , bllt anI ) ' threl'
daughterH to survIve 1101' . The three
sisters In turn tool , possession , und
the present hostess Is the last of
them. The JolI } ' 1\llllers Inn. at New ,
hnm , CambridgeshIre , has been kept
by a famll } ' of the name of Music for
the Illst 400 years. It Is recorded In
Cambrldgo IInnals that Queen Eliza-
b th once stolilled hero IInd drank a
quart of "Yo Olde English Ayle"
without getting down from her hors ( ' ,
Skillful Woman Chess Player.
Mrs. nl\lrd , who has been called "the
Queen of Chess , " has IlIIbllshed 1,200
chess prohlellls and 110 woman has
ocllpsed tbo posItion which she holdlJ
In the chess world 1 She possesses
IIbout riO prIzes secUl'ed In OllOn com'
Iletltlons. 1\1 rs. naIl'll's Cather , mother
IInd two brothers shllre her enthuslaslll
for chess. She has other recreations ,
Incilldlng archol' } ' , tennIs al\l c'cllng ,
whllo she haH alwa's heen verr fond
ot designIng Illumlnatlons.-St. Loul
Bird Is Giraffe's Companion.
The red billed wellver bll'll'ls a
constant COml1l1ll1011 of the gll'affe ,
lIerchlng Itself upon the withers and
Ilylng along when Its host takes to
rtlgbt uncI ImIlledlatol. } ' alighting asaln
on Its back I\t th first 0111101'tllnU } ' ,
Rich Production of Sliver Mines ,
Thu Potosi sl1ver mlncs , lit Bollvln ,
lIavo been wOl'kod slnco 1546. I1\IlI
have produced 600,000,000 wOl'th oi
sllvol' .
. = ' - " . ; ; ;
' - :
. . , 'I ' I r" ,
, ' J
Holy City and Its Inhabltanto Fallen
on Evil Ways , '
MIss Helen 1\1. SmIth entertaIned n.
lurge compan ' In the ballroom at the
Tullerles tbls morhlng II } ' un anhnated
doscrlptlon oC the , far eastel'll coun.
trIes , sa 's the Boston 'I'ranscrlnt. She
11I'esented pictures of places rIch In
classic und bIblical Interest-Constan.
tlnople , Smyrna ( whore the tomb or
Polycarp is ) , UIO ruIns of the teIIIlllo .
of DIana at EnlwslIs , Jaffa und .Je\'ll.
salem were all descrIbed In wonderflli. .
Iy entertalnlng fashIon. -
'fhero was a , narration of the grad ,
ual climb of fOllr hours to the lat er
city whIch Is 3,000 feet above the sea.
Great areas of brilliant red flowers , '
"the 1I11es of the fleld , " matee a rtrll , .
Ing ImpressIon dll1'lng thIs journe ) ' .
" , Jerusalem , " saId 1\IIS8 Smith , "cannot
full to dlsappolnt-grlove ono with
Ideals. Thm\o Is 80 11111ch dll't , depravIty -
Ity and deceit ; so IIIany Calval'les , so
many graves from whIch the Htono
was rolled awnyl There Is only ono
Gethsemane , but It Is a tI\Wdl , artificIal -
ficIal place-In no sense the secluded
spot whore 'the suffm'lng SavIor wept. :
alone. ' 'l'ho 1\Iount oC 011ves probably 1
looles as It dId 1,000 years ago. It was ,
Indeed , the only place where 1 felt r v-
eronco for the holy land. From It I
could see tbo HIveI' Jordan , the Dead
sea , and follow , In fancy , the wandoI' .
Ing step of Abraham and feel the Influence -
fluenco of the prophets of old.
" , JOI'lIsalem Is surely In need
of an ehllghtened prophet who 'will ' rId
the cIty of Its filth , brIng healthy con.
dltlons to Its half.bllnd chlldl'on , und a
hetter sense of rIght to Its morally de
praved people , Here , where the best
examples of Chrlstlanlt ' should be
'shown are seen the worst. Never mInd
where the actual crOSB home along
the VIa Dolorosa , the cross of Ignor.
: mce that Is crushIng the people shollid
he lifted , All wa8 In , TcrllSaleill to.
day are ways of sorl'ow , "
Wanderings of II Seagull.
On Oelober 28 last there was shot
at Ouchy , on Lalce Lemon , a seagull
aged about 16 months which was
Cound to b wearing on its' 'claw II
sl1ver rIng engraved wIth the words
"Vogel stat'on , Rosslttcn 20. " Rosslt-
ten Is sItuated In the Lido or the COl't-
land lagoon , hotween Konl sberg and
\lemel , In the Baltic , l , OO 1.1l0meters
from the Lake of Geneva. .
1\1. FOl'el or Lausanne commllnl- . ,
cated with , Dr. J. 'fhlenomann , dIrector -
or of the ornithological station at
Hossltten. According to the latest
" '
notes the gull No , 20 was hatched - ,
there and was marked with the ring
when a few weeks old hefore it couhl
fly , on July 4 , 100 . It seems 11 rob-
able that It bud thus made two win ,
tel' mIgrations before It feH a victim
to tbe human barbarian. "
So Small. ' , . ,
And It came to pass that soul'wolg . ' 1.
Ing was a scIentific fad. ,
"I'd lIlce to get a pall' of the most
delicate scales YOIl can put up , " flalt ! .J
lhe great ph'slclall , l" " !
"Yes , sir , " replied the great manll.
factureI' of scales. "We can construct
} 'ou a l1alr that will reglstor the
weIght of a hllman hall' , " .
"IndeedVell ! , cOllld ) 'OU con.
strllet ho a Imr ! , that woulll register
the weIght of 11 mole's haIr ? "
" ; \Iole's hair ? Great Scott ! What
Jo ) ' 011 want to IIse them for ? " ,
"r wl\nt to weIgh the so1l1 of a trllst
uaron. "
Useful. ' , Hornets.
"I.awson , " saId the old colored dea-
con. as he tllnldh' gazed at the hor-
nets' nest in the cOllrse of constl'llc'
tlon among the l'IIfters of the meotlng
hOllse , "why doan' yo' glt a broom
en swocp dem Insects Ollt of de hous ! !
ob wors'-lp7"
But the wise old IJUI'son shook his
head solemnly.
"I'o , BruddCl' Simpson , Providence
done sent dem horne s , "
"En what foh , pawson ? "
"Wh } ' , to keep sleepln' llInehs
a wako. WId all dem hOl'llets huzzln'
fro de nlh deh won't he enny mo'
sIlOl"ln' In church dls season , "
New Bills Not Popul < lr.
. \ccorlllng to the Wushlngton Post ,
qllotlllg a cashIer , bank officials do
not prefer fresh , new bills to 0111 ones.
\'erybodr dotsn't care 1'01' uow '
greenba les , " said a cashier , "It Is a
common Idea that bank cashIers do
not care to glvo lip crisp 1111 P 01' money. : ) '
As a matter f fact , ulne cashlors out . . , !
of c"ery ten try to get rid of new -
mone } ' us Clulckl ) ' as 1108s11.l10 after re ,
eoh'lng It. 'l'hel'o Is gra\'o cIangCl" to
the a\'ol'llge IJI'lng teller In handllu
IInused money , New Banle nolos stick
together. Frellllcntl ) ' the Ink Is not 1
thoroughl } ' .dry. "
Both Right.
"I'm not expecting au ) ' llacl\ale. , "
saId 1\I1's. Hamlet to the dl'lvOl' of
the dellvor } ' wagon , who. WIIS JlHI' .
"This Is the numbOl' , " Inslslccl the
drIvel' , looking at hlB hoole IIl'aln.
" ) : amo Hamlet , ain't It ? "
I "Yes. "
"I'o , 74 ? "
"That's 011I' nllmber , "
" 'I'hen It's fOl' ) ' 011 , "
"I th lk not. It mllst bo a case
of mlstalccu Identity , " ,
" o , mlll11. It's a CIISO of heer. "
Lunch for Hungry Youngsters.
1\lIstl .JlIlIa Hlcilluan , a tllst'lct su.
perlntendeut In Now Yo'le Hehools , Is
having great slIeccss with a 110nny
IUllclwou of cl'llckors
aud milk COI'
, the YOllngust chl1dren. All In\'ustlga.
, tlon uot long alO In that clt ) . showed " .
70,000 breakfastless children In tbe
11ublln schools.
. , - . . . ,
' " , .