Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, February 14, 1907, Image 6

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    Do honcst 111 ) 'ollr bllslnlss rl'la.
Uons. tl pa 's tJ' ) be honest.
. . . . .
- - - - - - - - - - -
flOwl 'Snrlc ; mnder rlrnhht ; rlC. 1\III1Y
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dealer or 1 cwls' l"\ctur ' , l'c 0 I'll , III.
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POllltlvcly cnrClt by
' ' the50 Little 1)1118.
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trcS3 trom Dyspepsl1. ! In-
ITiLE digestion nnll Too nearly
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n ec1j' tor Dlzzlntss. NIlus.1I1 ,
PILL S Dro\Tslness , Dad Taste
In the : Mouth , COlted :
TODgllO , rain In the Sldo ,
TonrID LIVER. 1'1101
regulate tbo Domlll. I'urelyVcgctablc.
Gcnuino Must Bear
I Fa.c-Simila Signature
- - - - -
Tllo lestlmOny of tholl-
MIUds dllrlDIl Ibo PlUt
tf'nr la Ibot tlm Cnoullun :
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Yenr IIr yuar IhA Dllrl-
cnllllrR ' ' 'Ilirna 1111'0 III-
crl'lUelllll vul 1111I U UII < I III
TnlllO , Rlld 811111ho Ollnn-
1111111 OoerIl I4'III. nlTors
100 lu'rt'8 I IU I : 10
every booa ndo sOLtlor.
'I'bo lhonomrnol Ilicroaso In ' 1111"l\y mllclljlo-
11I0111111108111111 IIlnlloll"8-bIl8 put 11\tllostocry \ ' -
11011 or IIIOOOUlllrltlliu \ ellAY reneb or churc I'or-
g I kcts , { 'bclIl' fucl I1l1d ccry modern
i , ,
'I'hn NI/Hn'Y / : l1II.1.IONlosn \ m. WllI AT CHO. .
of Ibll rOllr 1/Il'1I111 WJIUJ.W 10 Ibu fnrmur. ( If
Woslorn ( : nllnllll , "I'lln ' from Iho rc.ults of olh'a
( lrlllllllulIl cl1\1lo.
, " 'or nd'l'o ' nlld Infnrmnllor ! , ddre8R tllo SUI'I U-
IN1'ICNlllr.N1' . U 'IMMIU ItA'I'JUN. UIII1IVO , Oanoda ,
or I\n , I1l1thorJrd lIovornmlot ) AIICIII ,
W. V. DENNETT , 801 New York Life Building ,
Omaha. Nebraska.
- - - - - -
The man'clous growlh allll the
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miration an inspire : ; confidence -
dence the world o\'or.
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. . ' . t
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SO together.
. .
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I'U.IH VUIt.JI : IN n 'CO 1"nATII ,
t'Ay'O UIN'nl/N'I'I. jllIlLrnliLood tocurn nn , CIU.
uf ItchlnIIIllId. . Jlleedln" ur l'rnltudIDIII'Uo. In
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o. w l IJ.\W' \
BAtt Off
Now Yorle.-A bn.Ltlo Toyal between
submarines , t11C most exhaustive contest -
test o\'or held between these craft , Is
scheduled to tnlco place in the waters
of NUI'rngnnsett bay and the sell. err
the Rhode Island coast thi6 , month. '
Eivery conceivable - test to which a :
submarine boat can be subjected to i
determine Its rcllablllty nnd errectlve- I
ness will be cmplQyed , 11. weel ( or moro I
being devoted to ench c mpeUlor , and I
on the result will depend the choice of
Lhe United States government in the
furUlOr development of this branch
of Its navnl servlco thnt 11M been decided -
cided upon.
An appropriation of $1,000,000 Is
now avallnblo for the building of submarines -
marines as aoon as the t'pe Is decided -
cidod upon. FurLher approprintlons
are expected , In order thnt this government -
ernment may Iwop pace With Europenn
powers in submarine activity more
nearly than It has be on doing.
Eight or these curious craft arc now
in the merlcnn navy , nnd foul' more
are nearing completion nt the Fore
Rlvor shipyard. All these are of the
Hollnnd type , which hns so far re-
tnmed Its supl'omncy In the opinion of
nnvnl authorltlcs , though not without
bitter competition on the part or the
Lake Submarine comlmn1- , wIth occa-
slonnl c1ll1rges of undue influence.
Some Indication of the interest
which the coming tests will nrouse
among naval men of this country and
the eXIJerts of foreign powcrs mny be
Been in the recent Incident at the Fore
River yard , Fore HiveI' , Mass" when
Japanese officers stationed there durIng -
Ing the building of some turbines
for their government displayed a curiosity -
osity In regard to the new submarines
that caused Amedean officials to
worry. I
Japanese Watch Closely. !
On ono of the-preliminary trials of
the submarines the Japnneso officers
cllartored a yacht and followed the
little bents until flnally the Amertcan
omelals asked UlOm to desist. This resulted -
sulted In cnllln ; ; the affair to the attention -
tention of the higher authorities at
Wnshlngton , and it cltme to public attention -
tention wl10n President Roosevelt Is-
sued an order granting U1e .Japanese' '
permission to observe unhindered
anything in the way of construction
which they desired at the yard.
From this It is inferred that the
Japanese officlnls , as well as some
from oUle\ ' nations , may be on hand
during the tests in Narragansett bay
to gnln as much information as they
can In regard to the probable nddltlon
I to the United States navy. That such
observnUon w111 not bo welcomed is
I evident from the attitude of the naval
officials In the Fore Hlver case , and
from the cloud of secrecy and mystery
Which they have attempted to throw
over the preparations for the .tests.
From the notices sent to prospective
competitors outlining the require.
ments and the nature of the tests , notices -
tices which the navy department Itself
declined to 11lnl { ( public , the Importance -
tanco of the evellt In naval progress is
evident. For 0110 of the tests a storm
at sea will be necessary , slnco each
contestant will be required to demon :
8trnte Its stablIlt ) ' in as rough water
as Neptune can be induced to furnish
tor the occasion. Point .Judlth's record -
ord for heavy weather in wln1 r Is
such that no difficulty is anticipated
amount used during the test will be
carefully noted.
A depth of 160 feet Is about as great
ns submarInes would be called on to
rench In acLual servlco , but in the
'coming tests , to quote the nnnounce-
ment to builders , "no boat will be ac-
copLed as fulfilling all the require-
ments of the navy department unless
the boat will stand without damage
the stresses due to an actual .8ub.
mergence of at least 200 feet. "
Other tests will Includ speOll trIals
over measured mile course In light ,
cruising and conditions , submerged -
merged speed trials , firing of torpedoes
In submerged and other coudltlons ,
mining , counterminlng , cnblo cutting
and handling torpedoes.
The details of the tests , including
.tho number of trIals to each boat under -
der the varying conditions , are 10ft
entirely In the hunds of the trIal
board , of whIch Capt. Adolph MarIx ,
U. S. N. , Is chairman. 'rho test" ' is to
last as long as necessary to complete
the trInls under every condUlon of
weather that Is desired. It was suggested -
gested by the secrotar- the navy
that the dnte be clumged on account
of the probnballlty of cold weather at
that time , but no action was taltcn on
this suggestion. .
Winter weather is of smaH consequence -
quence to submnrl les In action , as
was demonstrated during a trIal of the
Lake SubmarIne company's Protector
In Januarr , 1904 , when the mast was
carrIed away b ) ' the ice under which
she wns running , at II. depth of some
30 feet , and she rose to the surface
through nn Ice flee from five to ten
inches thlcl ( without suffering harm.
It ma ) ' , however , be more of a factor
In adding to the difficulties of th 2,1-
hour submerged test.
Two Companies Compete.
So far ns is now anticipated , t.he
only competitors will be the Holland
amI Lalee Submarine Boat companies.
Between these two the competition
has alwa's been most bitter. The fact
that the nav- department has stuc1 , to
the HolIand type has aroused much
criticism nnd the contest has been _
wnged with great warmth in congress ,
where charges have been made that
the devotion of the department to the
HolIand type 'was due to' political In-
There have been previous tests in
whicl1 the two designs have met , Lhe
most important previous one havIng
been In 1893 , when three types were
entel'ed , the Bnlwr submarine meeting
the other two. Since then , however ,
and even since 1900 l\11d 1\101 \ , when all
the submarines now In the navy were
constructed , there have been
mendous strides in their consructlon.
Each firm will be represented by its
latest designs , embodYing all that has
been learned about the science of
"submarining" up to the present time.
The HolIand company will present the
Octopus , the first of the four new
boats to be completed at the Fore RIver -
er yard. 'I'he Lalte company recently
completed a boat at Newport News
which It claims is the best possible
example of submarine construction.
'rhls was taleen to Bridgeport , Conn"
for the finishing touches. Each of the
rlvnls , therefore , will be offering the
extreme limit of Its achievements to
the government.
In spite of the fact that some naval
- - -
- .
_ _
- -
- -
I m' E L > 7.VC ILONC"tf l1J.W'EIXJBMT.
In gottlng n. storm sufficient to test
the submarluC1 ! to the utmost durIng
the period of the trIals.
Another ImlJOrtant feature will be
the submergOtl test , during which each
competitor will bO lopt beneath the
surfaoe tor 24 hours , . . . . .hen the crew
will be dependent .entirolY on the resources -
sources of the boat for food , all' and
all living aecommodaUor.a. 'I'hls will
determine the habitability of the boats
under water for longer 11i\'iods than
have yet been attempted u. omclnl
LImit to Safc Depth.
. . . Provlous tests have lasted 17 ho rs ,
and the crews have declared that the
llmlt'was by 110 means reaohed. The
amount or fresh I\lt. carrJed and the
officers are strongly opposed to sub-
marIncs and that their actual worth
in wnr is sUlI to be demonstrated , the
United States In decidIng to continuo
their construction is merely followIng
the example of European powers. Rus.
sin. and Japan each ordered .Bubma-
rlnes durIng the recent war , but nouo
or them was put iuto use so tar as Is
Imown. Franco has thus far led the
wny , and now has a fieet of over 60
submarInes. They are , however , of
var'ing sizes and types , the French
having appnrently been unable to de-
olde upon a fixed type.
BrItain UseG Holland Type.
Great Dritaln paid small attention
I to subluarlnos till wIthin II. few years ,
but now has II. consldorablo fleet much
. - - -
more homogeneous in character than
France's , the llrltlsh ndmlralLy having -
ing .prllcUcnlly adopted the Holland
t'pe. It hns nlso beel1 constructing
submarines of 600 Lens , belleved to be
UIO largest that any naLion has at-
German ) ' has recently begun the
construction of lIubmarlneR with great
zeal nnd ) Jlnns to 110v lop consldor- -
able fieet of the craft , whllo both Italy
and AustrIa nro beginning to ncqulro
them. I..ltto has been Imown of the
naval activity or HUBsla nnd , Japan
slnco the war , bllt ench nation Js be-
Ileved to be building them in Its own
Six of the eight 8ub111n1'lnOIl of the
Amerlcnn nnvy are IJI'nctlcally hlentl-
cnl in sl e nllli type , being of 120 toils
each. 'I'hey 0.1'0the Addm' , Grampus ,
Moccnsln , I > ike , Porpoise and Shnrlc.
'I'he Holland is older nnd smaller , beIng -
Ing the original ono of the modern
submarInes to be adopted in our navy ,
while the Plunger Is identical with the
others -in ' .
practlcnlly ever ) respect
save that it is' slightly heavier. The
cost or each , excellt the Holland , was
Those now building at Fore IUver-
the Octopus , Viper , CutUe : FIsh and i
Tarantula-are larger thl.1 the earllm' .
ones and show many devices not Included -
cluded in them. The Octopus , though
details concerning it have been carefully -
fully guarded , is known to be of nbout
300 tons.
Some light has been thrown on the
possibilities or the coming contcst by I
. . . . . . . . . . ; : : : : - - : : ; : . . ; . ; . : : . : . = -
- ; . - . . . - . . - ; : : . . : : . ; ; - - - - - - - -1
' I
. ,
. " /
onles were ill dire straits and suoeeBS
in Bushnoll's cnterprlse would have
Beomod like a mlraclo sent from' " (
heaven . by the under-watel' route. , 1t'.J.
Had Washington's Approval.
Bushnoll's plnns were approved by\
Washington , and a turtle-shaped boat , .
holding nil' " enough to permit the single -
gle operator 'to remnln under w tor -
half an hour was built. The operator
succeeded in geltlng under the bottoms -
toms of several of the llrlLish vessels , .
but found Lhem copper sheaLhed ,
which prevented Lhe att. chlng or the
torpedocs with a screw ns lm ooon
the plnn. It was the primlUve char-
nctor of the torpedoes available , therefore -
fore , raUlm' than the IImlLations of the
boat Itself , which caused the enterprise -
prise to fnll.
During the clvll war a submarine
constructed by an Indiana shoemillter
was employed by the confederates In
Charleaton harbor , and they succeeded , .
with it in sinking the cruiser Housa-
tonle. The boat was a clgar-shnped
craft carr 'lng a crew of nine , and was
propelled by oars Ingonlously equhped , '
It haa been claimed that she was running -
ning practically on the surface when
she made her aUaek and that therefore - . .
fore her effectiveness as a submarIne
was not fully demonstrated. . . .
It remains , however , the only in- .
stance' when a. submarine has been ; .
successfully employed In actual war-
tare , and the manner or the attack I
w111 never bo known , for the exploslltn .
or the torpedo which sent the cruiser
Ii i I
\ , ,
' /
" .
. . . . .
" ,
, " . . ' : ' - _ .
. . . . . \
_ ' . . . . - . .
: , . ' ; . : ' .t. ' , "
. ' '
. ; : , " - , ' , ' . .
' . . . .1 ! i
. ' i
, iJ J
, _ _ _ 1
, !
- - - - !
- - j
- = = - =
_ f i
! I.
. r51/8/'fRRINE. HqRK ONE' 0. /
, ,
the success achl ved In submarine experiments -
periments in Narrngansett bar off
Newport durIng the past summer , the
Porpoise and Shark being used for
the purpose. 'I'he officers In charge
have refmlned from making public the :
results of the experiments , but it is I
Imown that each has made over 600
miles with gnsollne engines under conditions -
ditions that rendered this noLable.
They have also accomplished moro in
maneuvers under wnter than had heretofore -
tofore been attempted , and the submarine -
marine department of the navy is believed -
lieved to have been materially
strengthened b ) ' the lmowledge gained
durIng the past 'ear _
Varying Methods Used.
To the landsman there would seem
small difference In submarInes. The
general principle of all Is the
When ready to go under the surface
the ) ' are made almost as heavy as the
surrounding water by admitting water
to the balIast tanl.s nnd then dropping
below the surface either by < Uving ,
through the movement of the boat. and
the use of the horizontal rudder or on
an even lceel by further admission of
In the methods employed , however ,
there are differences between the Hal ,
land and Lalte types which are rndl-
cnl in their effect on UIO etllclency of
the craft , and friends of the Lnleo boat
have maintained that In the coming
test Its suporiorlty will bo demonstrated -
strated In spite of the government's
previous adherence to the Holland
, boat.
The great increase In attentlon glv- ,
on by naval powers during the past
two or three ycars to submarine construction -
struction , of which the Narragansett
bny tests nre evIdence , naturally creates -
ates Interest in previous attempts to
employ submarines In warfnre. It is
populnrly but incorrecLly assumed thnt
submarines are nn extremely recent
development of naval science. Few
people are aware that they were ae-
tually employeel by the American colonies -
onies during the revolution and that
durIng the civil war a federal cruiser
wJs blown up by a. confederate sub-
'rho boa.ts thus employed were , of
course , crude alfalrs In comparIson
with Ule craft thnt will meet in competition -
petition down the bay , but they wore
Interesting examples of early experiments -
ments nnd sumclontly refute the notion -
tion that submarines nre strieLly modern -
ern affalra. But for an untoreseon obstacle -
stacle the submarine built by David
BuslmeU , a Connecticut Inventor , durIng -
Ing the revolution would llave blown
up one ot the British men-of-war lying
elf Brooklyn nt a tlmo when the col-
to the boLtom did the same thing for
the submarine , and there it stili rests ,
a tomh of iron for the nine Intrepid
men who formed her crew.
Before she was employed against
the Housatonlc severnl erews had lost
their lives in oxperlmentlng with her ,
and this has been used by advocates
of the submarine as proof that in tlmQ ( ,
of lleed men w1ll always be round
rendy to risk the dangers of the fickle ; .
craft. This has been stili further demonstrated -
onstrated by the ability to secure -
crews for submarines in spite of the
disasters which have befaUen boats or
t at t'pe in the French and. other
European navies durIng the past few
. .
) "ea-8.
Since the days of the crude submarine -
rino of the cIvH war the development
of the submarIne has been marvelous ,
but most of It has been based on the
Introduction of the gasoline englno ,
thus providing a practical motive power -
er for the c01ldltlons that must e
met. The modem 8ubmnrlne , therefore -
fore , owes Its standing to the same
thing thnt has created automobiles as
an Important factor or clvUlzation and
bas made the perfection of the aero-
plane nppear to bo among the possl-
hili ties of the Ileal' future.
Trained Too Well , .I
In Baltimore the rule of the trans-
pol'tatlon comlJanles Is that children I
over the age of five years must pay i ; . . .
full fare , these under that age being
carried free. ,
One afternoon not long ago there
wore among the passengers on a
Charlcs street car a woman and her
son , the latter a big boy or apparently " (
seyen ) 'ears , but who was held In his
mother's lap ns It he were a baby.
Presently the lad grew restive.
"Mommer , m mmer , " ho murmured.
"Sny , mommerl"
The mother. with n premonlh'on or'
impending danger , trJed to sllonce the
) 'oungster , but to no avaH , for ho con-
tIlUed to cnll upon his "mom mer. "
FInall ) ' , the woman asleed : "WolI ,
what is It , son ? "
"Mommer , when do I say I'm only
five ? " asked the irrepressible.
"Cleanliness Is Next. "
Wo have an heard that "cleanliness
Is neJlt to godliness , " but the origin
of the proverb has been obscure , no
doubt , to man ) ' . ThIs maxIm is Rn abstract -
stract rollglous princIple contained In
au old commentary on Isalnh where
the praotlcal doctrines of religfon are
. resolved Into o.refulness , vigorousness -
ness , Guiltlessness , abstomlousnesB ,
nnd cleanliness. And cleanllness is
next to godliness , which is next tG
hollness-Sunda ) ' Magazine.