Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, February 07, 1907, Section Two, Image 12

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Cupid IJll11d oldcd. Anotllcr form of inviting guests
is to use Cupid post cards , then enclose in envelopes
and send through the mail. Hearts in all designs ,
some blceding with a dart's pierce , winged , hitched
. to Cupid's cap of roses with blue ribbons.
The menu , printed on rose colored ribbon , makes
a dainty souvenir of the feast. The lettering can be
done at home by outlining with pencil , then going
ovcr with liquid aluminuln.
A dainty taLle decQration is made of a rose heart ;
the dart of yellow buds is placed on one end of the
table. From this a linked chain of rosebuds and
pink hearts , winding in and out of the pink and
while china , ends at the extreme end of the table in
a bow and ends of pink satin ribbon.
Another dainty decorative conceit is to have a silver -
ver loving eup ( a tin one will answer every purpose )
filled with roses and huds. Around the base red
hc.1rt boxes attached to pink and silver ribbons
which extend to the cover are placed , and each can-
tains-solne souvenir.
So many dainty things are made of tissue crepe
paper , that inexpensive mementos can be formed
at home. There is nothing more appreciable to
women guests than heart sachets made of delicate
rose paper , tied with silver gauze ribbon and filled
with violet powder ; they are dainty and appropriate.
Never use anything but violet sachet unless the preferred -
ferred perfume of each individual is Imown. Nearly
every woman admires violet , so one is safe in this
Little haskets , Marie Antoinette shape , can be purchased -
chased at a basket store. These , lined with'lace paper
doilies , can be filled with crystalJized violets , rose
petals and sugared nutmeats. Pink bows tied on the
handles . . add a dainty touch to
. . , , - .
Ule ell ecr.
At a lunchcon given last February -
ruary , the strawber y ice cream
was molded in hearts , by the ca-
terers. They were wrappcd in
paraffine paper and then tied with
pink ribbons in dainty rose and
silver paper. Each was passed on
a plate , and a g nuine surprise
was given when unwrapped.
At a house furnishing sLore ,
heart sandwich or cooky cutters
can be purchased for ten or fifteen -
teen cents , and they will be found
almost indispensable where tlu
hostess entertains frequently.
A bottle of violet and red vegetable -
etable coloring kept in the house
" will help to add dainty effects to
cakes and icings. A sheet of
cake , white hatter cut into hearts
and dipped ill rose colored icing ,
flavored with either rose , peach ,
almond or vanilla , has dainty
flowers designed on top with tiny
deep red , silver and green pellets.
A Bavarian cream molded in a
dripping pan , can be cut heart-
sbpe and sewed on rounds of
white sponge cake with a spoonful - '
ful of whipped . cream , colored
- . . . ,
- - - -
a rOSe or c.1rnation , to which is attached , by a greener
or pink ribbon , a liUle envelope containing a pink
heart on which the engagement is written.
Annfhl'r rll'vI'r "rr"nrrl'nu'nt ilZ.
- _ uu. _ . - . - . - . . . . . _ " 0 _ ' " _ ' ' ' - -
to secure unmounted photographs
of the couple and cut the background -
ground from the heads. These
are mounted on pink or. green
cards so as to appear as though
growing from a large scarlet
heart. A photographer friend of
the couple can secure pictures'
that will answer every purpose ,
and some clever poses can be se-
Valentine souvenirs can also be
made for the guests br. using
photographed heads on silhouette
bodies which depict some fad or
peculiarity of the recipient For
instance , a woman is particularly
'fond of dogs ; have the dog and
hody of woman cut from black
paper , the canin being fondly
held 111 the arms , and let it be of
large proportions.
A man is a crank golfer-a
huge golf bag is swung on his
back , and a tiny caddy is getting
a lecture.
French "poppers" are being
made these davs to contain souve- . .
, " , , ' . ' : . , ; . ' " ; : ' ' ' ! ' ' ' ' ' . W ; ' * ' ! I' ' _
. . . , -
oven about twenty minutes to secure best results.
LovELETIEs.-Btaneh papersl1ell almonds by boiling -
ing a second in water , then throw into cold water ,
. ,
nirs - for--nearTy every festival 011- the calendar , and when the brown skins can be removed ; dip the meats
those for St. Valentine arc both comical and dainty. . into white of egg beaten to a froth , then roll in red ;
For those who have not recipes for some of the sugar which can be gotten at the confectionery
stores. . Some . . . . of the - nut meats , . . .
' --F bruary 14th is the most appropriate -
propriate day in all the year on
which to announce a nuptial engagement , and clever
IlOstesses are conceiving odd and novel ways in which
to convey the news to one's most intimate friends.
One dainty way is to present each invited guest-
as they enter the room-with a long stemmed flowci' .
m ntioned articles suggested for the menu , the following -
lowing are given :
TOMATO ] ELLY.-Stew contents of two pound can
of tomatoes twenty minutes with a stice .of onion ,
ix sprigs parsley , tw lye c1oyes , blade.of . rpace , .two
. .
, " ,
StickS celery ; stram through a
sieve , return liquid to the fire and
add balf cupful vinegar , two tablespoons -
blespoons sugar , teaspoon salt ,
half teaspoon paprika ( which is
a sweet Hungarian pepper ) and
two tablespoons gelatine softened
in a little cold water. Stir until
gelatine is dissolved , but do not
boit ; turn into a dripping or
shallow pie tin , set on ice until ,
firm , then set in hot water just
long enough to loosen from the
pan : cut into hearts and remove
from the dish.
WIIlTE CUP CAKEs.-Cream one
cup butter until white , add one
cup fine granulated sugar. and
cream again ; then add one cup
sweet milk and one cup flour
sifted twice with two spoons baking -
ing powder : now fold in the stiffly -
ly bcaten whites nf two eggs and
another cup of flour ; add a teaspoonful -
spoonful of vanitta in which
put two drops essence of al-
mond. Fit1 greased cups two-
thirds futl and bake in . . . . moderate . .
. "
- '
Page Four
- -
can De rOllen 111 gree1f" sugar to
vary the color scheme. These
can be served in tittle heart-shaped
paper cups at each cover.
quarts of stale bread without
crusts ; break in small pieces and
put in slow oven to dry not too
brown. Pour over the dry bread
crumbs two quarts of milk , soak
one hour , then beat it well. Add
six eggs , well beaten , a cup each
of sugar , and molasses , a cup of
chopped suet , a pound and a h tf
of seeded raisins , a teaspoonful of
raisins , a teaspoonful of cinnamon ,
half teaspoonful each of cloves
and mace , half a grated nutmeg ,
two teaspoonfuls of salt. Butter
a large pudding dish , pour in the
pudding and bake in a slow oven
three or four hours , covering to
keep from getting too brown.
Serve with wine sauce. (
SUET PUDDrNG.- Two eggs , one
cup of milk , onIlalf cup of molasses -
lasses , one hatf cup of suet ,
chopped fine ; one teaspoonful of
salt , two teaspoonfuls of baking
powder , sifted into three small
cups of flour , cloves , cinnamon ,
and nutmel ! . and as much fruit as
you like. - Stcamivohours - - d
serve with any nice sauce.
ITALIAN CREA1.f.-Grate 'the rinds of two lemons
upon a few lumps of loaf sugar ; stir these into a
pint of rich cream and add enough white sugar to
sweeten ; whip briskly , add the juice of a lemon , and
strain in an ounce of gelatin dissolved in water.
'Vhen beaten thoroughly light , flavor to taste and
put in a mold and freeze. Garnish with preserved 't
fruit when served. " ' ,
A DAINTY . the from
CENTERPIECE.-SCOOp pulp oranges -
anges , fill the hollowed skins with wine jelly , pile
whipped cream on top. The orange pulp can be used
for cake , pudding or salads.
ORANGE CAKE.-One-quarter cup of butter , two
eggs , one cup of sugar , two small cups of sifted
flour , two spoonfuls of baking" powder , sifted in the
flour , one half cup of milk. Cream butter and sugar .
together , add eggs well beaten , add flour and milk.
Beat well and pour into large pans and bake about
twenty-five minutes.
ORANGE FILLING.-One cup of confectionery sugar , . ,
grated rind of an orange , strained juice of orange i
to mix. Mix sugar and orange rind , with just - '
enough juice to moisten. Spread between layers as ,
on top of the cake. .
BANANAs.-Take a few red skinned bananas. They
: ne harder and keep their shape better than yellow
ones. Peel them and slice . them lengthwise. Sprinkle
them with a little orange uice , roll them slightly in
fine flour , and fry them in , resh butter. Roll in sugar.
SALAD DRESSING.-One quarter teaspoon of salt , one
quarter teaspoon white pepper , three tablespoons olive
oil. ten drops onion juice , and one tablespoonful of oil.
Add alternately the remaining oil , vinegar and juice.
\ . -
' 41
, - . - .
. . .