Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, July 19, 1906, Image 6

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. -
One Sister Murders Another Because
She Thought She Wao Going Insane
-Other Matters of Interest Over
. the State ,
. -
Murdered Her Sister ,
' ' ' ' ,
NIWItASKA CI'I'\-1'hlll cnmmun
Sly waR slartecl h ' Iho annollncement
tlml J\IIRR LUCj' Uo'd. Ilged 37 years ,
2111cl Icilled hur slBter , Mias Della Llo'd ,
aged ao ,
'rho RIHteI'H lived togot her In Il
illolllo of : own on Il farm RO\'On
trnllus lIorth of the diy , 'rhey IlI1vo
, Jlvncl Ihm'e Rlnco thI' ) molhcr's , Ipath , '
\ 11011\ ( ' twenty years Ilgo. A lIIan 11I111
111R family IIvod In IJllIt of thl' hOllso
, unci flu'l1Il'd the quartcI' RN'tlOII. For
\ 1ho IMt six 1I10nths the older alstur
/ ] I/IR / hel'n thollght. to IUIVO hoen gohl' ' ;
t. ' 1l1l1ano Ilnd WIlS tn'atcel hy ! ! , h'slclan
: ' r\fl \ cal'ell for hy her alstet' tho' '
( : uolghhors ,
I 'I'ho Hherlff 111\11 \ cnroner al on co
; ' "vunt 10 till' Brune of lho crlmo 111111
fOllnd the ) 'Ullng'I'r 81nlol' ver ) ' h'st'r- ,
iCIII Ilnd 51w confusHu(1 ( to 1lIlInhel' /
alslel' , She 1I1I'IJledIII ' hehlnel her us
they WI'O III'ollOrlnfOI' / heel , und gl'llh ,
hlng hcr nhollt the neel ( cholced hel' I
to death. She 1In. ) " aho romemhOl'S i
thlR , hilt ( 'Ilnnot. tell why Rho did the I
nct , RIlVO thut she hn.ll IlIJen hroodlng
'over the fact that her slater was lon-
ing her m11111 nnd they would he sell'
uratecl aftul' ull oC theRe years , and
oome Irreslsllhle Ilowcr Corcod her to
do the l1eoll.
She rmmlnoll : In the room with her
douII It er 1111 nlghr ana tlio rentcrA
tm the farm , not noticing thom n.hollt ,
called lIe"-1. " 1I10rnlnlr , nt 8 o'cloclc ,
"yhen the ) 'O\lI1ger slliter ollonecl the
'wltHlow ' U1C1 told of 1 < l11Ing hm' slslm' .
SIll' WUK ( 'aim until rell10ved fl'OIl1 the
roe 111 , whun she hecllll10 hyslm'cal ! and
; l'onmtllell ! 'o Illl day
AS3es30ro Boost Values ,
LINCOT.N-A nllmher of cOlin ties
t'OIIOI'tcd to the Stlliu Doard of As-
f > eSHlI1entA , as lI1ade hy tlte COli II ty
h < mrdA of elillallzlltlon show Il very
oed InCI'IIISl" wllh the excelltlon of
! l\1el'l'lcl ; COli II ly , which showA a de-
CI'eIlHe. On the fuce of the rotllrns
Salllle county show ! ! a decrease , bllt
thn USKeiSOI' : has fallNI to Ildd some
170OOO t : > t.ho value of his real 0.1-
1nte , n.s ordered b ) ' the hoard last
'ear. When lIlls amollnt Is alldell the
tlSReflRlUenl this ) 'ellr wl11 be an In.
Cl'eaRO of 801110 $ HiOOOO over the re-
tlll'llR of laRI. yoar.
Sea ! > Mines Near Orleans.
Om-EANS-1'he lmllless : posslhll.
UleR for mnnllnll thnt 110 In nn.tllro
! torilelt hils had new exomllllficalion
1n the discovery of a Ileposit of
erhll.llR cunturlos olll-Crol1l which n
, high grallo , Ienlllnel ) ' 11111'0 soall can
tIC lI1ado. It hus alwaYil heon thOltght
thal a HI\I } cou1l1 OIly he mudo from
nnltnal fals , oils , etc. It. thus addA
'Wclgh I and credelHo ; to I ho olel sa 'lng
that l1\all can finll everylhlng ho wants
n 1I10thOl' eat'lh. 'I'ho finding of this
SaJlOlHlCOOIIS deposit Is Interesting III
thtR I'orlod ' of chemically llrelH\red ar.
Zinc Ncar Rulo.
TIUT.O-'I'ho ollCrutors of the PIrate
l\lInlng C0Il11H\n ) ' , located n.lIollt six
lllles weRI. of here , rellort. findlllg 11.
rich voln or zille n.hollt fOllr feet In
t.ltlclmeas , alld the zinc Is said. to In.
creaHO IIIalno liS they descm\lt. The ) '
ere down u , ; oed dOllth and the water
comeH In so rapidly n.s to coml1ol
thom to ' pend ono.thlrd of the tlmo
pUl11plng It out of tholr wa ) ' . The
l roprlotor : ; Ceel much encOlll'agec1 over
their rrosllectB and others think the ) '
11L\'o som lhlng Yer ) ' deslrnhlc. 'I'ho
cnmlmn ) ' Ims cCllsel1 worldnJ : ; ' their
toad and cOllI Ilrosilect as the ) ' thlnlc
, it unprofitahle.
Child Burned to Death ,
OALI.A A Y - ' } 'ho 6.mon ths.Qhl
chilli of 1\11' . amI 1\1 I'S. .Ta.mes Whalen ,
'who reRhle sovc\'I11 \ mlleR northwest of
Iore , was hU1'l1ed to death a few days
gQ. 'l'hQ moUler hacl left the child
o.lono In the house , and when aho r&-
turned the house hod hurned almost
to the ground anll was In the act of
ocolla'lslng. '
Horse Drags Boy to Death ,
LOUP CI'I'Y-The 8.'ear.old SOli of
r.awl'ence Hossa , a Canner living about
ovell miles ellSt of this clt.y , near
'SChl\IIIIIIS , was d\'l1ggell \ to death 1\ ) ' a
IlOl'RO. 'I'ho lIttle Ccllow went Into the
! { mHturo : caught the horse llnd aCtor
( ) \Itllng the haUm' on the nnlmal
thoughtlessl ) ' tied the rOlle about his
First of Wheat Crop ,
DIOA'l'lUCR-Tho fir8t of this yoar's
'whent crOll was marltOted horo. 'rho
I1Ir1co Imld wa.s 66 cents , 'rho grain Is
of an exeollent ( Iunllty and tested six-
t-one llounds to the hushel and ) 'Ielli.
cd thlrt.two bushels to the nero.
End of Bad Man From Beatrice ,
Dl'lA'I'lUUID-A ' dlslmtch received
bol'o stilted that 0110) ' Sl11lth , alias
Dront n , Nell , n form 01' resident of
Deatrlco Md II. note 1 forger , who was
.sontonced to ono ear III the state
lenltontlnr ) ' here overnl ) 'ears ago ,
'Was 1 < llIcd by a guard w'llIo ' attempt.
Ing to escape from the South Caro.
linn. lonltentlar ) ' , Whllo III Beatrlco
SmlUl forged checl.s amountln { ; ' to $1-
GOB. Aftol' sorvlng her term In the
lQnltentiary ho'Ol.t west allli later
10catod III the south , whnro bo r01'lclt
checks rlsht and left
. . ' . ' , , . J. . . .
- -
II 0 I'll ( ' 0 Coole , of Beatrlcc , 10 yonrs
I of a o , will prohnhl ) ' lese the hht 01
un O'C , CUURl'd by the oxploslon of D
hlnnl ( carlt'ldgo lllatol ,
W. B. vanR of ltoROI\ml was Bon
to lho aR'll1ln at 1.lncolv. on account
or In1nnlty. Ho hn.a been homo BOY'
( 'ral mouths on parole.
WOI'k on the Crofton extension of
the Olllllhn I'Illlro d from I1nrtlngloD
hall been 11I' ( ) I'e1slng qulto rapidly 01
Inte , and It Is thollght that the roalJ
will ho road ) : for b\lslnes \ about Sep
tOllllwr Hi 01' Octohcl' 1.
Mrs , Ialo IlIplo ) ' or HURling's hM
recently 11ccelllcd posilion as matron
of the Jcnrno ) ' 11111llall'Iai Rchool. ' 1'h6
Il1ellos of lho HOlllolIsRonary : ! flocloty
of the 1\1othol1l8t ch\ll'ch \ gave a faro.
well Jlarty In hI ! ! ' hOlloI' .
AI\'ls Dalll1 \ ' , Sl' . , a weallhy
flll'1II01' ! lnd Jill. . ownr , who lives ono
and ollc.half IIIl1es north of Hulo ,
while dolnA hili chores found that the
lI hll\lng Ht1'\lck \ his 1Ino barn and
1 < llIed IIlx head of fine cattle ,
' 1'00 lIIan ) ' carllenlel'H bappened to
ho on a smull aecllon oC the sheds or
LOllis Schmidt's now hrlcle yard II In
Gl'aud Island shingling [ lnd the ahed
collaJlne(1. ( Ed Memlnn was caught
undel'lleath and his hand , vas severely
Injured ,
'I'ho li'a1'Itlera' Slale hanlt oC Eddy-
vile , Dawson rount : : ) ' has b\.on Incor.
llOl'uted with u capital stock or $2uoou.
'I'he hlCol'llorutol's are A. U. Dann ,
George J. Slunloy , .Jamefl Cunningham ,
Nick Jopr , I. S. Irwin and JalUes Mc-
Muhan ,
LestOl' Armstrong , son oC ex-Ropre.
sentatlve A1'mslrong of Auburn ,
hl'ollght suit against the city of Au.
bm'n fOl' dalllages to the amollnt or
$10,221 ! , fOl' Injurlos to himself anll
wlfo , for which he holdn the city 1'0'
sponslhle ,
I1enr ' Heoco , a YOlln l11all 24 yellrs
of a e , who haR buon wOl1tlng for
Homo tlmo at the homo of his brothel' ,
east of Ua rada , has dls < llipenred , nnll
on hohalf of rolatlves Ihero Is much
anxlelY , UR ho hacl made lhroats of
IdlllnJ ; hhmlOll' .
A , II. Brice , who has been running
a hl'olccl't\g'e hllslness at 1\IInden for
the Illst elcht montllll Cor Scwell Siou.
man of Omnha , has left for parts un-
l < I1own , and with mOllc ) ' belonging to
IHO\llo \ or 1\T1lulen which they had
llald on nUll'glnH ,
Hessll' tltO 1:1-'elll'-0Iel :
, - ) - daughter of
: \11' , 111)(1 ) ( 1\11'8. W , N. Grcer of Grand
Island , was sJ\'lousy \ ] IHlI'ned about the
lower exl1'olllltles while ' '
1'e 'lvlllg a fire
In a cook stove , 'rho 111'0 IU\ll smould-
crecl aud she look 11 can of 011 aud
Iho common result followed ,
Frank Davis. who has hnd the con ,
tract fOl' deliverinG' tIJo mall to and
1'1'0111 trains In Beatrice for tbo last.
eight 'ears , turns the worl , over to W ,
H. Olto. the auccessful bichler , JUly 1.
During the eight 'ears 1\11' . Davis bad
the contract he never missed a train.
Acting for IAmd Commlsslonor En-
lOll , Attorney General NorrJs Drown
Itan filed nn Illlswer In the case of the
Rtate alllnst ! RlIlIcelge , alloglng that
the land conllulssloner Is not compelled -
ed to deed n.wn ) ' school lands unless
tlto allrnlscment ) Is mtlfofactor ) ' . The
liuestlon oC sale of school laud In Jef.
fel'son couuty slarled this case.
Uhllng , which Is finel ) ' located on
the Great Nortlll'1'l1 rallwa ) " , Is lIlUo
more tllIlU six weelcs oJll , hut It nl.
read ' ha two UOWSI1l111l'rS , two hnrd-
ware atores , two lumher ) 'ards , two
banl.s , two gelleml stores , one eleva.
tor doing bushlesH anll one In course
of erecUon , a harhOl' shOll , n jewelry
store nnll one of the hest drul ; stores
III the count ) . .
The price chat'ged consumm's for Ice
Is out of all "rollortloll 10 the value or
Ice Is returned hr the cOllnt ) ' a sos.
SOl'S , According to the Ice man this
IIttlo houRehold uecesslt . Is worth not
lesR than $10 n. hm , According to the
assessOl' In Douel county , Ice Ollt there
Is worth 60 cenls a ton , whllo In How.
arll county It IR worth $5 a lon , the
hIghest "rico placed \111On tltls com ,
mOlllty b ) ' nn ) ' asessor. !
A peculiar accident haPlloned In the
Garvoy Bros , saloon nt. Ilartlnlton.
One of the 11l'olH'lc : > tors and a bartender
were In the 11110111' storeroom when the ;
bartender pullell the faucet out ot nn I
elllllt ) ' gin barrel at about the snmo
time as the 11l'olll'lelor struck a match
to light. a elgar , A torrIflc oxploslon I .
l'oRulted nnd the Ollli of the omllt ) ' bnr.
reI was blown through 11 llUrtition wnll
and the two men stullned. harrols of
liquor came tUlulJlIng down 1l1 ! In D
moment the room was on fire.
1\Irs. Calhoun or Spencer , wns
bUrnell to death. She tried to stnrt
the ldtchen fire , and after two or
three unsuccessful attempts Sh6
pourecl lwroseno In the sloTe out of 0
gallon can , which caused an oxplo
slon , blll'sUng hoth enlls out of thd
ClUJ and amltOl'lng the 011 on her and
all about the room , which hnm ! )
eHately became II. mass of fiames , ! 111
Col1 to lho fiool' antI the fire and heat
was so Intense that help could not
reach her until the ClI'o was partially
extlnsnlshell hy the flromen , 11m
BOn , Gu ) " C. Calhoun , and his wife.
a11l1 two chlld''ell : Were In nn n.djoln ,
Ing room. hut tltoy could 1I0t help
'I'bo sroot craze for tlte fruit land
on the Green rl\'er , Utah. has strncl/ /
Ainsworth , and olshteen of the best
citizens of the town and connt ) " , and
yet Alnsworlh Is booming and ne\1
buildings going Ufl as Cast I'IS carpenters
ponters can o the WOl'I ( .
Arthur Christianson , the young man
who wns 111entall ) ' afflicted and escaped
od fr0111 nnllo "s sanitarium at 1.ln
coin. and stele a horse nlld wns caf )
turCll nnd lodged with the nuthorltlo
of SownI'd. has lIeen talon to hll
h011l0 at Sacramenlo b ) ' a brother.ln
law who came for him ,
. - ,
- - - - - -
- -
SovaRtollOl.-An attempt was made
by mutlneol's Wedllesdll ' to assassin- Vlco Admiral Chulmln , command.
el' of the Blnck sell Heet. 'l'he allmlral
was wounded and tal\Cn to a hosll\tal. \
' 1'ho woulel-llo afiI1ssln ! Is a sailor ,
who hid In the bushes nnel shot at the
admiral as he was wal1\nj \ ; In the
gnl'llen of his villa , 'rho culprit has
nol heen IIpprehenllod.
'fho warships Pnnlclelmon and
Three Saints ha\'o joined the garrison
oC the Batum fortress , which has been
In mutiny. 'rhe 'I'hree Saints hoisted
the red tlag , and lho mutineers are
forclhly detaining two other war vessels -
sels which had refused to join them.
The Naval Revolt.
On Juno 2S , 1105 ! , the crew of the
Pnntelehnon , thell called the I\nlaz :
Potemlcln , mlltlnletl at Odcssa and defied -
fied the aUlhorltieH sevol'lll weelcs ,
: \Ienllthno the city was l\Cpt. In constant -
stant terror hy threats C\'Om the vessel -
sel to bombard the town , 'rho warshlll
filially did fire on aile of the forts , hut
It soon after surrendered. On No-
vemhor 26 the vessel , of Its name had'
heen changerl to Pnntelelmon , again
mutlnlell and was joined by the I'ruls-
cr Otchalmff , Nothing serious resulted -
ed , however , and later on the warships
retllrned to control hy the government.
Admiral Blamed for Severity.
Vlco Admlrnl Chlllmln has heen
blamed for his severity , anll It WI1S to
his treatment of the crews of the ships
under his command that the mutln ) '
on board the battleshfIl Knlaz Potem-
I < ln , In June and July last ) 'I'nr , was
attrlhutel } . The admiral IlIsJllayed
conslderahlo activity In allell1lltlng to
capture the mutineers at that. time
- - - -
Steamer Quincy of Diamond Jo Line
Runs on Banle Neal' Trempealeau
and TUl'ns Turtle.
La Crosse , Wls-Nearly all of 200
IlI1ssongors on the steamcl' QuIIlC ) ' or
the Diamond Jo lIue Wednesdur night
nllrrowl ) ' escaped death when the big
IlI\clOt. strllcl , a banI , In the dark near
Trompealean , Wls" turnell huH over
and then cllught IIrc.
It Is helle veIl that lhe mlljorlty of
the IJaHsongers werc ! 1I1 vocl nUll enl ) '
ono drowning Is defIultely Imown , that
of an lufant which was wasIli'll from
Its mother's arms.
A belated train hrought GO llssen. :
gol'S who wcro OIl the heat to this
city , Accounts glven h ) ' thelll of the
dlsastel' do not Include Ilosltlvo state-
mcnts as to drowulnJ.s , hut. It Is bo-
1I0ved comlHu'atively few met death.
At ahout 10aO : o'clocl ( the steamer ,
111)'hlg UII rlvor , strul'l , a hanl" At the
tlmo , It Is said , thc heat curried no
searchlight. Ono IHlsscngcl' sa 's ho
sn.w a babe washed overhoarll from Its
11101her's arms , The boat was 8ln1.lng ,
though not In Ilecp water.
Amid a crashing of tlmhel's , with
1110 boat on Its side , the lICeboats WCI'O
got out and the l\I\ssengers , 200 In
numhor , were taliCn oft before the
lIa111es gained any consllorablo ! head.
WI1) ' .
Cnndldate for Mnyol' a Suicide.
Omaha , Neb-August H , Heuulngs ,
ell ) ' trc surel' for six years , IUlII a
al\llldato for nomination on tin > Re-
IlIIbllcaltlelwt 1'01' lIIa 'OI' of Omaha
! It the slu'ln , ; 1lI'lmarll's. c0ll1mlttl (1 (
mlclde at his homo here Wednes-
- - - - - - - - -
Smallpox nt Colon ,
Colr"-Sl'\'ornl ca cs of smulillOx
havc c 'vclOIIl'd nt Colon , hilt thp ) ' have
the Il\bol'ln I'lns ,
lwon I mfIned tll \
I'ho Jdh'al 1(1I'r ( : of thl' ( 'anal wne Is
Isolatl. . . ; tht' Infl'l'lrd , lisll'lIt. ;
. .
- -
and In suppressing the sailors' mutiny
nt Sebastopol In November last.
An attempt was made on the life
ot the ndmlral Ii'ebrllary 9 last. A
womnn appeared at his official rcl-
dence during the n.fternoO'n of that < la ) '
and sent In hol' card , Raying she was
the daughter of a rear-admiral at St.
Petersburg , who was an 0111 acquaintance -
tance of Chulmln. On entering the
admiral's office , the woman drew a
rapid-fire pistol nncl fired four shots
at him without errec ! . As she turnell
to escape the woman was 1lIled by
the orderly on dut ) ' at Chulmln's door.
'rho crime , be'ond doubt , was 110-
'Vas Sentenced tCl Death.
When the sentences Imposell on the
sailors for the Knlaz I'oteml"n muthl ) '
were beCore the admiral for rovlew
formn.l notice was served on him that
If ho approved the death sentences he
would share the fate. Chuknln.
however , approved the sentences and
several Intimations afterward reached
him to the effert that the terrorists
were merely wailing for II. favorable
opportunity to 1"11 him. Some time
elapscII before the pollco were able
to establish the Identity oC lho woman -
an who attempted Admiral Chu1mln's
life , but It finally became Imown that
she was a Jewess named Cec 111 II.
More Paupers in America.
Washlngton.-Accordlng to a report
Issued by the censns bureau there
were In the United States In 1904
163,176 persons In n.lmshouses and of
these 111,718 were malos.
Although the number of almshouse
Ilaupers Is Incren.slng the Inel'ease has
not l < cpt Il1CO ) with the growth of
population , and consequently the ratio
of n.lmshouso IHlUllerR to IlolHllatloIJ Is
decreasing. In ISS0 It was 132 pOl'
100,000 or population : It decreased to
117 In lS90 and to 101 In 1903 ,
- - - - -
Meat Packcrs Cannot Secure Government -
ment Certificates Until Perfect
Conditions Prevail.
Chlengo-Seeretary .James Wilson
oC the delHutment of agrlcult1ll'0 con.
cluded his work In Chicago Wednesday -
day hy Issuing a statement In which
ho llenlod the Chicago moat paclwrlJ
the use of the Unlleel Slates go\'el'n-
ment Inspection label us a guarantee
to the world of the fitness of their
"roducts as food , until they have made
Ilerfect the sanitary conditions In tbe
buildings where food Is II\'olHlred. \ lIe
then too ) , a train for the west , where
ho will continuo to look Into the pack.
Ing hlliustr ) ' .
'rltls mo\'o by the government Is
loolwd upon as u drastic action to
force the Imelwrs to 11\Irsuo \ with viI ; '
or lho worl , oC reno'ntlntheir / plauts.
Announcement Is made In the same
declaration that the Inspection under
the now law wl11 begin at once In
plantH where sanitary conditions justify -
tify It , and the Eovel'lJment lahel may ,
bo used by the owners of such plants.
Chicago establlshmonts are mentioned
speclfIcull ) ' a 1111 uro snld to be on
the way to Improvement. The sec.
retary SU'S ho considers that they
will bo reall ' for Inspection b ) ' August -
gust 1 , hut that If the ) ' are not they
wl11 not get the Inspection oven tIJeu ,
Gasoline Kills Two.
Arcallla , Neb-\Irs : , William : \I\s- \
ner and hel' '
three-'ear-old daughter ,
were bUl'lJed to death by an eXllloslon
of gasoline. Theh' cloUllng Ignited
anel a hey was unable to extinguish
the numes.
'Vl5con5ln War Vctcmn Dend.
1.a Crot1sp WI.-Hobel't
, - A. Scott. a
cl\11 WUI' calltaln , ox-postmastcr and
! 'l'th'ol polllll'lan , died Wednoday ,
agoll li7. : \11' , Scott was the hulIand of
liI"il' : ( lilt' SC'Oll , .the rldl'st woman In
- - , = = - -
- - - - - - ' - ' '
Damage of Thousands of Dollal's Is
Rcprted-Hurrled Action Necessary -
sary to Save CIty ,
Wellsvllle , O-A cloudburst In
the country , just back ot thIs clt ) . ,
sent a torrent of Wl\tor down Mc.
Queen's creek and 'I'rotter's run thnt
caused a loss ot thousands of dollars
to Ilroperty owners and city property ,
Over 200 homes and burilness houses
were fiooded and foundations weak.
ened so that lleoplo would not remain
In the houses Sunday night. The
storm watm' sewel's could not carry
off the fiood In the lowlunds nnd water
bacled over that part oC the city to n
depth oC over three feet , In SOl11o sec.
tlons , filling cellars and first floors.
1\11\01' W , I. . . Ii'ogo called a special
moetlng of the clt ) ' cOllncll to provldo
for funds Cor the cleaning of the city ,
Ho took the situation In his own
hunds , put OVOI' 100 men I\t worle tak.
Ing tons oC debrIs from the mouth of
the several storm sewers and by his
hast ) ' action many homes were saved
Crom Curther loss ,
It was Imposslblo Cor peoilio to
leave their homos , so qulclly did the
water rlso Into the lowlands. 'Wagons
and small frame buildings were
washed Into the ell ) ' proper from the
country distrIcts. In Buckeye the wa.
tel' came down the hlllsido In such vol.
\lines that It pushed Its way through
the second.story window of a house.
The Camlly had to fleo. In East Llvor.
1\001 the damage WIlS not so heavy.
Lightning struclc the 1\Iethodlst Epls.
copal church , but the damage wn.s
slight. There were several slides on
the Cleveland & Plttsburg railroad be.
, tween hero and Stubonvtlle and many
railroad anll telegraph wires were
blown down.
Wisconsin Representative Pnssea
Away II.t Chicago as Result
of Overwork.
Chlcago.-Hls strength exhnu ted
hy days and nights of worl , In
behalf of the "
pacl"ng-house Inspection -
tion bl11 , Congressman Henr ' Cullen
Adams , of Wisconsin , died Monday
morning at the Auditorium hotel. He
hn.d been In poor health Cor some time ,
and his relatl\Js , who came to Chi ,
cage II. short time before hts death.
lIeclare that his close attontlon to duty
In congress Is directly responsible for
his death , He collapsed almost 1m.
mediately after ndjournment. The
hurlal w111 be at Madison , Wls" wherE
the congressman r'slded.
Congressman Adams was 66 years
old and was born In Oneida , N. Y.
He was ta1en to Madison while he was
a hab ) ' . He attl'nded dlstrlrt school ,
Albion academy and the University 01
\Vlsconsln. Ho marrJed In lS78lIs9 :
Anna B. Norton , of Madison. Then ho
engllgpd In farming and built up B
profitable dalr ) ' and fruH business
1\11' , Adams was a member of the Jtat\ ' :
assembl ) ' In 1883 and 1885 , and en
gagell In lhe winters of 18S7 , lS88 and
1889 In farmers' Institute work as
president of the State Dalrymon'E
nssoclatlon. Two years he was secre.
tary of the State Horticultural So.
clet ) . and long a member of the state
board of agriculture. Mr , Aclums was
state superntenllent of public propertJ ;
from lSSS to 1890 , dn.lry food com.
missioner 189 , ! to 1902 and membOl
of congress , Second district . of Wis.
consln , sillce 1903.
Congressman Adams was a Republican -
lican , nnd In 1900 was chairman of the
state convention ot his l1arty. FOUl
children are living-BenjamIn Cullen
Adams , Frank T. Adams , Mable Adams -
ams and Carrie Adams ,
It was due largely to the efforts at
Congressman Adams during the closIng -
Ing days of the last session of congress -
gress that a compromlso satlsfactor
to President Roosevelt and In the
main slltlsfactory to the conservative
members of the house , was reached
on the pacldng-house Inspection meas.
Five Die ill Trolley Wreck ,
Buffalo , 1' : . Y-A train of two trol.
Ie ) ' cars , westbound from Lock-
port on the lines of the Internatlonw
Railway comllllny and duo at Tona
wanda nt 9 : 15 o'clocl ( Wednesdny
night , ran Into an open switch at D
siding just caRt of l\IartlnsvllIe , nnd
crashed Into n trolley freight motet
and a train of seven frelSht cars which
were 1)'lng on the sllllng waiting fm
the IlUssenger train to go by. Five
passengers were Idlled outright and 0
flcore Injul'ed some or' whom may die.
Thaw Opposes Insanity Plea.
New YOI'I-Harr ) ' K. ' 1'haw Tues.
lIa ) ' In the Tombs gave out his Urst
rormal stalement slnco ho shot and
Icl1led Sianford White on the 1\Ia'1180n
Square roof sarden. In It the 'oung
man utters a lll'otest against being re-
ganled as Insauo and declares his
counsel assure him that no : mch
course as the 'appolntment of a. com
mission to Inqulro Into his mental
condition Is contom"lated.
Bandit Suspect PrOVES : Allbl.
I.'resno , Cal.-A dispatch has been
recolvod here stating that the man
Sweet , who had been arrested charsed
with holding UI tM 11vo. stages In
Yosemlto Valley , was ; Iven his lib
ort ) ' , lIe proved an alibi.
Gen. Rucker Dead.
Los Angeles , Cal.-Hrlg. Gen , Louis
He1l\'y \ Hucl\Or , U. S , A" rolll'ed , Is
dead hel'o , lIe had heell In continuous
military sOI'v1cu for .1\1 \ yeal's. lIe un.
IIstod nt C'hlcngn when the cali for
, trooJI ! ! was mauo III ISG1.
- - ' - - , . - " " - ' "
. . . 1"-
. . .
. ' . -
Grand Duke Nicholas Tenders His
Resignation as Commander of
the Guard , but Emperor Keeps Him
In Officet for Prcscnt at Least ,
ST , PE1'ERSBURG-Flnance 1\lIn' . . . .Lr
Ister Jol < O\'off has glvcn authorlt ) ' for )
the statement that the resignation of
the entire cahlnet Is In the hands of
the empcror. So far as can ho )
learned , however , his majest ) ' Is not I
yet ren.dy to charge the constllutlonal !
democrats with the tasle of forming a
I mInistry and Is stilI see1lng to com' i
Ilromiso the ISEiuO hy forming a conll , I
lion composed of th. ! more solid of the i
conservative andl hberal clements In '
the lower houses c Parliament un.
del' the leadership oC Count He'den
and 1\1. Slal < ovich.
There were I mnm's In t.he corridors
oC the lower house oC Parliament today -
day that a split had dovcloped among
the constitutional democrats over the
qncstlon oC accepting' office In a coal.
ItIOll ministry ,
The Russ toda ) ' sn.ys courltr ) ' Is 1I0t
'et ripe for the acceptance of the prill'
clple of a responRlhlo mlnlstr ' . '
Grand Dul\O Nicholas Nlcholalvltch
commn.nder of the Guard crops and
thc troops III the military dl'3trlet of
St. Petersburg , has tendered his ros-
Ignatlon to the emperor on account
of the Probrajenslcy afCalr , hut his
majesty declined to accept It.
The 110lIee have not found an ) ' trace
of the men who robbed Assistant
Cashier Gashlrovltch oC the admiralty
In broc.d daylight 'este1"l1a ) ' , but there
Is reason to helle\ ' , that the ) ' were
former worlmwn from Port Arthur ,
who turned revoluttonlsts on account
of the treat.ment to which they were
subjected there ,
Jews Flee From Warsaw ,
WARSAW , Pusslan Poland-It Is
estimated thn.t no less than 40,000
Jews , old men , women and ehlldrcn ,
fled from 'Warsaw 'esterday , 1\Iost or
the able.bodled malc , Jews rcmalned
to protect thelt. IH'operty , 1\Iany of the
Jewish shops are closed today and
the houses of the Jcws are empty , Intense -
tense dopresslon prvalls In the Jew-
' quarter , whcre ther Inhabitants
have organIzed a system oC self-de-
, rense , Armed guards are IlOsted at
: the gates of all the houscs and patriots -
riots parade the streets , The authorities -
ities ha vo tal\Ol1 precautions against
antl.J ewlsh outbreal { and the police
have authorized the neWRl1apcrs to Is.
sue extra editions with the view of
alla'lng the Imnlc ,
Action Will Be Brought by Father of
Miss Lena Rosenblum.
OMAHA-Suit against the l\Ianawa
Amusement comlmllY and the Omaha
& Council Btuft's Street Railway company -
pany , growing out of the disaster at
the Kursaal no the night of the Fourth
of July , w111 be begun In district court
within a few da-'s : by HClIr ) ' Roen- : : ;
hlum , father of Lena Rosenblum , ono
oC the : roung women who lost her life.
An allllIcation Cor the appointment of
MI' . Rosenblu111 as administrator of
thc estate of his daughter has been
made in count ) ' court preparatory to
the suit.
Stalwart Faction Controls.
.JAMESTOWN , N. D.-The repub.
lIean state convention here waR dom.
Inated by the stalwart faction of the
party. A full state tlcl\Ct was 110m-
Inn.ted , headed by E , Y. Searles , who
was renominated fo : governor.
The resolutions adopted at the afternoon -
ternoon session endorse Presldont
Roosevelt , Congressmen Gronna and
Marshall , Govcrnor Searles and the
other statl ) officers.
Theaters' Private Property.
NEW YOHK-The manager an "rop-
rletor of a theater hasa right to sa ) '
who IIhall enter hi , ; "lace of amuso.
ment and who shall not , his pia ) '
house being a prlvato and not a pub-
I1c place , Is the gst ! of a decision
handed down In the nppel1ate divIsion
f the supreme conrt. The recision
dismisses the comillaint of James S.
Metcalf , dramatic critic , against
Charles BurnIJam. . a member of the
Theater Managers' association , for excluding -
cluding Metc 11f flom Burnham's
Trims McCalis Fortune.
N W YORK-The 1I0t value of the
estate of the late John McCal , Cormer
president of the Now Yorl , Lifo Insurance -
ance comrany , was $40S35 , according
to the report Lf the np"ralsers of the
estate , which was filed In the surro.
gato's ofilco today , 'I'hls document
shows that : \11' , McCall died "assessed
of property valned vt $74,000 , tut this
has been reduced by the pa'ment of
debts , administrative expenses and
thtlr dlsbursoments to the extent of
$33,166. I
I ' , L
Big Battle In Guatemala ,
W ASIIIXGTON-Hegalado , former
president of Salvador , nnll the leader
of the Salvadorenn troolls In the I1res-
ent confilct with Guatemala , was killed
In hattlo on Thursday. The announcement -
ment of hIs dcath rel1chedo the stnto
deparlment throllgll a dispatch Crom
1\IInister : 'IIerry at San Salvador. 1'ho
dlsl1. ch etated lhat Regalado was
1l1Ied In the last movement of the
Salvaelorcan troops agaInst the Guut-
o1l1alans , but did not hllllcato what the
finn.1 outc01l10 of the battle was.
. - . . . . "