Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, June 28, 1906, Image 9

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Weak Stomach and Sick Headache
Cured by Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills.
The symptoms of stomach trouble
\'nry. Some vict.iDls ha\"o n rnveuous
"ppotlto , otherslootho the sight of food.
Ofteu there is n feeling n9 of weight ou
the chcst , n full feeliug in the throat.
Sometimes the gns presses ou the beart
I1nd lends the snfferer to tbiuk ho has
hcnrt disCl\SO. Sick headache is a iro.
quent nnd distressiug symptom.
A weale stomnch l1ced9 n digestive
V touio nnd that there is no better tonio
. for this purpose t111\11 Dr. Williams' Pink
. \ Pills is shown by the 8tate1l1eut of Mr.
A. O. Merrill , n miuiug lIJ U , of Onenls ,
Oalif. , n veteran of Battalion 0 , Thh'd
U. S. Regular Infl\utry.
It I had never been wel1 since I left
the nrmy , " ho 8I\YS , lIal\\'I\Ys hnviug had
trouble with my stomnoh , which was
weak. I was run down nnd dobilitated.
Oould l'eep nothing on 11IY stomach ,
nml at times bad sick headache so bad
that Iid not care whether I lived or
died. My stomach refused to l'ctain
even liquid food nnd I nlmost despaired
of getting weU us I had trie(1 so many
kinds ot medicine without relief. Then
I wns bitten by n rattlcsnalw nnd that
laid mo up from work entirely for R
year , six months of whieh I spent in bed.
It Ono day a friend reconl1nended Dr.
WillinUls' Pink Pills to 1110 nnd I began
talting them. They cured me when nl1
other medicine hml failod. I hl\vo
recommendcd the pills to a grent many ,
for during Jny l'cco\"cr.y ovcry ono nskccl
mo whnt was helpin 1110 so and I told
thorn Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I cannot -
not speak too highly of thom. "
If yon want oed health you must hnvo
good blood. Dr. Willinms' Piuk Pills
nctunlly ml\ko new blood nud rcstore
shat1or6d ncrves. They ( \1'e soleI 'by '
al1 drugsists or sent , postpnid , on receipt -
ceipt of price , ( jOc. per box , six boxes for
$2.50 by the Dr. Willil\Uls Medicine
00. , Schenectady , N.Y.
Suggesting Safe Course.
McFlbb-That fellow Huskle cnlled
me a lIarl
Ncwltt-yt's ?
"Yes. Whnt would you do about
It ? "
"Wel1 , If I were you , I'd make It II. I
point always to tel1 the truth when ;
ho'a Iround.-Cathollc Stnndard.
Different Rinds.
"A man In politics should have lotfl
of friends , shouldn't he ? "
"It rtepends , " answered Senator Sorghum -
hum , "on whether they are friends
who want to do something for you or
who want you to do something for
" Star.
Care of On loth.
Oilcloth should ncver be scrubbed with
II. stiff brush or washed with strong soap
Remo\'c all dirt b ' carefully sweeping with
0. 60 It hair brush. 'rhen wash until clean
with tepid water and h"ory Soap. Rins (
with clear water to which has been addcd
a teaspoonful o'f kero ( 'ne. Polish with 0
dry cloth. ELEANOR R. l'AUKElt.
"As near as I kin make d dlfferl'nce
out , " said Uncle Eben , "It's dis way
De speculations dat wins is Invest.
ments , an' rIem dat loses 18 gamblln' . "
-W hlngton Star.
Lewis' Single Binder costs more than
other 5c cigars. Smokers know why. YoU [
dealer or Lewis' l actory , Peorin , 111.
Civilization consists largely In courtIng -
Ing b : ; mail and contracting debts. The
happ ) ' liiavages do neither.
l\trs. oVlnlllow' Soothln. . : Syrup.
ror children teelhln . BotteWl the gura. . reduces In-
tlammaUun , aUalB paIn , cures wind collu. a botUD.
The seat oC conscience oCten seems
to be In the liver.
Mr . 8amh Kellogg ot Denver , Color
Bonrer or the Woman's RoUor Corps ,
Bonds Thanks to Mrs. Pinkham.
The following
letter was written
by Mrs. Kellogg ,
of 1628 Lincoln
Ave. , D c n v e r ,
Co1.toMrs. Pinlt.
huml"T-ynn,1\Inss. :
Dear JUrs.Pinkbam.
"For five years I
" 'i was troubled with a
/ . tumor , whlcb kept
N.s. aralHe/logg growlngcauslngme
intense agony and
great mental depression. I was unable to attend -
tend to my bol1.SO worlc. and 1fe became a burden -
den tome. IwllS conllned for days to my bcd ,
lost my appetite , my courage and a ) ) bope.
" I couW not bear to think of an o1eratlon ] ,
and In my distress I tried every remooy which
I tbougbt would be of any use to me. and
reading of tbe "aue of Lydia. E. Pinkham's
Vegctabo ] Compound to sIck women decIded
to give it n. trial. I felt so dIscouro ed thllt I
bad little hope of recovery , and when I began
to feel better , after the second , vecle , thought
it only Jneant temporary relief ; but to my
SJCI1t : surpiiso I found that I kept gnining ,
while tile tumor lessened In sizo.
II The ComJXIund continued to build up my
general hcnlth and the tumor seemed to Dc
absorbed , unUl , il\ seven months , the tumor
WlIs entirely gone Illlil I a we ) ) woman. I am
10 thankful for my roco\'ery that I ask you
to 11ublish my letter In newsPllpers , so other
women may know of the wondel'ful curative
powers of Lydia E. Pinldinm's Vegetable
Compound. "
When women are t.rou bled with irreg.
ular or painful periods , wealme5s , dis.
placement or ulecration of the female
organs. that b arlng-down feeling , In.
flammation , baclcache , flatulence , gen.
eral dcblHty , indigestion or nervous
prostration. thcy should remember
thcro is ono tricd and tnle remed ' .
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com.
\M \ : ' pound o.t once removes such troubles ,
)1 ( . ' No other medicine In the world ba
received such widespread and unquali ,
fled endorsement. No othcr medicin (
has such 0. record of cures of fcmaI (
Mrs. Pinkhnm invites 11.11 stclt womer :
to write her for advice. She isdaughtcl" of L 'diu. E. Pinltham and fOI
twenty-five yeurs under her directior :
nnd since her decease has beel1
advising sicle women free of charge
She hns gullIed thousands to llcalth ,
L _ . ' \ddre58 , Lrlln , Mass.
Rcmember that it is L ' (1iu. E. Pink
ham's Vcsetublu Compound that is cur ,
Ing-womcn , nntldon'tallowanydruggisj
to seU 'ou n\l \ 'thng ! else in its pI nee.
cJimmy's , Wife , : ,
( Autbor 01 "Wlnd J.mmers , " "CnJllIO cI
the PetrDI , " Etc )
( CopyrIght , by Joscph D. Bowlos. )
We were about 60 miles 'tOuth a !
Capo Horn , hove-to In a hlgb , rolling ,
northwest. sea which mndo the main
'leck uninhabitable.
In the dog-wntch the carpenter tool ,
mercy on Gantlllle and myself and allowed -
lowed us to slmre his room in the Cor-
ward hOUGO for an aCter-supper amolte.
We hnd atartel1 forward when the man
: )0 1001Out hailed. Through the gloom
: I ! the flying driCt I\nd twUlght a
Ihadow bore down upon the shill ,
groy-whlte above blnck. Then there I
mddonly loomed out the shape of a I
great ship tearing nlollg under t'gal- ' ;
lant saUs dead beCore the gale.
Then in an Inslant she was gone.
rhe drift had closM upon her ns she
Iwept astern boCoro anyone could read
nor name. She had vanished as quicle-
'y as she had nppeared , passing on In-
o the dismal sea bohlnd us like n
l alt-strealed mystery.
Wo stood gazing at the whirling
1rlft In the gloom astern for some
minutes , and then wo followed Chips
Into his room. Gant11no could not re-
all the vessel by her shnpe or rig and
nsked the carpenter nbout her.
"Do 1 lenow her ? " he hissed fierce-
'yo "Would I bo I\pt to forget her ? "
A.nd he thrust out an arm , . pu1l\ng UP
'tis sleeve until a long livid Bcar
; hewed clear to his elbow. "It Isn't
. ' " " -
- , .
likely anyone would forget the MornIng -
Ing Light if they ever sailed in her.
Manl I'd lenow her in the depths 0'
perdition , the deepest hole in devU.
dom , whore she'll sail In the hereafter -
"No , I didn't Intend to ship In her.
Jimmy Turner an' I got Into her nfter
wo left the navy. When we went
broke n. fellow wanted hands for the
Morning Light , Cap'n Sam Smith ,
master. We hadn't heard of any particular -
ticular 8am Smith , so on we signed
with shaldng hands an' dry throats ,
wi111ng to go anywhere or do anythinlJ
tor enough grog to leep n.l1ve. .
Jimmy had gone in the navy , boo
cause he couldn't live ashore. He'd
married and was sorry for it-made 11
mistake. But he'd never said any.
thing to me about his wife or famUy
and I never asleed. NobodY nsks ques.
tlons of anybody aboard men-o'-war.
When we dropped down the bay f
tug came alongside nnd Cap'n Smitt
went to the rail to greet a little hatch ,
et.fnced fellow who jumped aboard
He WDS with a woman.
"Sammy Smith an' niece , " said ar
old shellback standing on the forecas ,
pe head , "I thought so. "
"What's the matter ? " we asled.
"Matter I Don't you Imow thnt fel ,
low ? That's Morrell , the worst thinl
In man's Image that ever trod a decl
planl , . Come It on us as Sammy Smith :
Man , if ye can get ushoro , swim fer I
afore It's too late. I'm too old. " Bu
Morrell didn't ship men to have then
do the pier-head jump. Wo were In fo :
a western ocean eruiso In ono of thl
packet ships who will leave her mem
: lry a black anll bloody tracle In thl
minds of sailor men.
Deforo we'd crossed the stream , Mor
rell had begun on us. Dut-well , nevI
I cr mind. It would mal\O the tules 0
old-time horror seem I1Iw play to to ]
one-half of what took place in a weeh
i Save yet GantUne , I could sit hero alii
tell you things tiU morning-and eac ]
one would malw you shiver. We hal
flvo men "missing" before the voyag' '
was half over. Jimmy and I came i ]
for some of It hut even that tiger
sharle alt knew when he had reachel
I tbe Umlt-and wo were men-o'-war'
I men.
"One night there was a row art ani
there were cries oC a womall. Jhnm'
heard them and started out on deci
with his sheath knife , but we hell
blm , and four of us got the marks 0
I the knlfo to remember how wo save ,
, him.
"ACter that Jimmy was quiet an ,
ugly. He never spoke to anyont
There were no moro 'men' In the cro\\
I only square-heads and Dutchmen , an ,
they never go nft.
"I wouldn.t consent to go alon
when Jimmy gave me a look that tel ,
his came. Soon I noticed he wouhln' '
turn in at night and then I knew I
; was coming. I stole aCt to see the elll
"I found him standing close unde
the break of the poop , talking in
, whisper to some one. Then I cllugh
, the glint of a sldrt and recognized th
voice of the woman.
" 'It's no use , Jim , let mo lI..e I
out. ' be laid. 'It won" last 10llG
, , '
. . . '
" .r
, .
Her . . . .olco wns 111te that of the l1yltlt1.
"Then Jimmy answered her slowly
and qulotly. 11Is words came lieop nnd
low 111to tbe smothered rOl\r v ! the
sur ! on the shoro. Mnn , It was like
the great sen r0111ng over I\n outlyinG
reef , bursting , gathorlng ngaln and
then rushing wltn that mighty power
to the end. When ho stepped she wns
choldng , ( tMpint ; Cor breath. Man , it
seemed like her heart would break. I
couldn't help listeQing , hearing bor
pay for wlmt she'tI done. Dut Jimmy
ne\'er blnmCl1 11er , no , not he.
"Jimmy stood there wl\itlng for his
" 'Go-gol Go and forsot. ' sh wall
choklnl , but It came 1)lnln and dis-
tinct. There was a 10llg silence , and I
1001\0.1 . hnrd into the gloom. She had
gonu Jimmy wns standing there swny-
Ing In the night 111e nn unltayed mast
nnd I led him 'forruda , his head hanging -
ing down and sogglng like he wds .
"The next do. ) ' It cl\me on hea\ ' ) '
Crom the northwest. Jimmy was stmt
aloft to Ill1t un extrn. gusltet around
the bunt of the cro' jacle where It hud
be on blown out by the gale. Some.
thing went wrong witti the Coot-rope
Loo'ked lilte a clcar case of cutting' ,
( or It was all right when we furled th"
sail 0. Cew hours before.
"Jimmy fell with the dull wallo\1 \
thnt generally means denth , und he
landed rIght across the callin sleylight
It was a long fnll nnd ho was st11l.
Morrell was watching his ship and
saw the fall. He started for Jimmy.
Just then the woman below rushed on I
deck and flung horseli upon the lJoor
fellow. I rcached his head and started -
ed to rn.iso him. The woman was sob.
bing nnd calUng for him to speak just
once more to bar ; and , man , it was
terrible to heal' her whnt she snid.
" 1\Iorrell slood looltlng on , and then
burst Into a laugh.
" 'So that's him , Is it ? Hol hol bet
So that's the fellow ? ' And he ' . . .ent to
the dying mnn.
"She was upon him berore he leno\\ '
It , striking him a blow th\t : sent him
reeUng. 'rhcn he went mad IInd had
his pistol out firing and cursing Uke n
manlnc. It was all over in a minute. "
Here Chips stopped awhUe I\nd cut
some fresh plug for his pipe.
"Defore the morning watch I hall
talltcd lIeUgoland over , and he tnlkcJ
to a Dutchman Ilamed Langter. An.
derson finall ' joined , but .Jacqucs W:1I : , to go without his watch behhlll
him. There wcro just four of us started -
ed aft out of that crew of 20 l11en.
"Heligoland took the starboard tlide
and I took the port , both getting into
the mizzen channels when the watch
was called. ' 1'he' rest were to rush
when they heard firing.
"The second mate bawled for hi ! >
watch to clew up the mizzen lower
topsail , as It was now snoring awa )
worse than ever and the short soae
were coming aboard us. This was our
" 'Ve crn.wled nlong the declt
outside the rail , holding on 111e death
\vith our finger tips. Morrell wus nearest -
est to me. 'When we were near enough
to get behind our men , HeUgolaud
gave a cry and jumped over. I lol-
I lowed. The next second I had broken
, my Imifo short off in tilt' blncle3t-
hearted captain thnt ever cursed a
I ship's deck. He jumped bacle and ran
, forward , I nfter him , trying to close
before he could get out hi:3 pistol. He
dodged about the mizzen and fired as
he swung. ' 1'he shot hit mo there on
the arm and split it to the elbow. ' 1'he"
L something fiung out of the darlmess to
leeward and there was a dull smash.
, That was all. HeUgoand'stood ] leaning
upon his handsplltc while I picleed ur-
the pistol.
"Thq day dawned upon a storm.t'Jrn
ocean. all grey-white , and u hove-to
ship staggering off to the southward
. with her lower topsails streaming 1:1 :
ribbons from her jaclsturs. : As thr.
I low were down toward evening we.
- could hear the piteous cries of a dyIng
womnn calHng for her husband-- "
Chips waited for a few minutes anll
- puffed hard at his pille. 1'hen he went
on in a low voice I could hardly hoar :
"We burled Jimmy and his wite tlllJ
next day. Old Jacobs sewed them Ufo
together alld weighted thom. AU
hallds uncovered as they went to leo.
ward. I didn't Imow any sorvlce , allll
there wasn't any such thing as a Bibl
aboard. 'Good-by , Jimmy , ' I snid-anll
- let him go. "
There was a long silence. Gnntllnc
stood U1l and then sat down again. H
- seemed to want to as1 , a question , bill
- would not. Chips watched him.
"Yes , " he went 011 , "we got I1v (
years npiece for that. Five long yeuf
behind the bars. where the momor ,
of the blue water and the hope ]
would get out again Itept mo from goIng -
Ing mad. Is It 1I1OIy I'd forget thE
Morning Light ? "
Lost 0110 Day in 34 Years.
That she missed only one d-r 01
school worl , III the :14 : years she was en.
gaged ns 11 teacher hero was a record 01
which : \lrs. Adelaide Moon , who died In
Muskegon , Mich. , a few daYH ago , wm
proud. Mrs. Moon was the dean or thE
feachers in the Muslwgon public schoolf
and principal ot the I1nclley scl1ool ,
Death came after all illness of less tha11
two weels. She was 52 years oC age ,
She was one of the most prominent ed.
ucators In western Michigan.
Looks Ominous.
Broncho B1l1-I don't think thnl
new arrival is going to live long.
Earless Eddle-Sicl , ?
Broncho Dill-Hardly that ! Dut
see him lend Grizzly Pete a dollal
and he looles jes' tool enough ter nsl
him for It ag'in.
Easy Enough.
"Gee ! Some of these roustabout !
are strong. See how caslly that fell 0\1
raises that barrel of buckwheat flour , '
"That's no trouble. That's self.rais
buckwheat.-Clevelnnd " 'ador.
Dut There WAR a Doubt ns to Whether
lIe Had Ever Caught
the Offic .
A man from Pennsylvania. wont to
Vlnelnnd on a business errand. The
town WAS strange to him , and he was
unacquainted with the mau ( a lawyer )
ho had ono to see. The dlroctlons ho
receivlld were so 1t1l10 nlte thl\t he
found hImself on the elgo of the town
wllhout hl\.ing come to the houge he
sought. Then he met an old negro
and nsked the way of him and learned
that the house lay about a Cluarter of
a mile farther down the roall.
"Tho mnn I wnnt to see is a lawyer -
yer , " ho said to the old man , "Is this
Mr. Dash tIo\\'n the roall n lawyer ? "
"lIe ain't no lawyer that I ever
hoard tell of. " nnswer'll the negro.
"You're sure ? "
The old negro scratched his head In
deOl ) thought. 'l'hon n glenm of re-
, mcmbrnnce lighted his e'o.
"Now I think of It , boss. " ho said ,
. . 'pears 111\0 I do recol1cct ho ran for
lawyer one time , "
$100 Rcward. $100.
Tb& read&fI of thl. paper will bD pleand to Iura
that tberD I. at lelt.t one dreaded dl.eue that IclencD
\1110I \ been able to cllrt ! In alliU Itage'lIId that \I \
Oatarrh. nail" Calarrh CurD 11 the only 1'0.ltlVD
cure u w known to tbe medical fraternll ) ' . Uat3rrl1
beIng a con.t\lutl \ nal dbelle , requIre. . . consUlu.
tlonallrealment. lIaU' . Calarrh Cure \I \ l.ken ID'
ternaU ) ' , aCUDi' dlrectll upon tbe blood and mueou.
.urtaee of I\le \ s'Jtem , thereb ) ' denrorlnr 'hD
foundation of thD dl.ea.e , and KIYln" l\lo \ palle" ,
Itrenglh by bulldlnlf up thl ) coutmulloll and aullt.
Ing nsturo In dulnr Its work. T\le \ proprlotou havD
10 IDllch 'a\thln \ In curaUve pO\'feU that the , olter
One lIundrld DOllau for any CIUO that It taU. to
cure. Hend fOr lIt of teltlmonla. . . .
Aldreu 1' ' ' , T. CI1 NEl" k CO. , Toledo , O.
Hold Ill' all Drugglsll. 73c.
'falto lIall' . } o'amll ) ' 1'11\1 \ for con.t1paUon.
Marconi Anticipl.ted.
An E'ptologlst { and an Assyrlologlst
were dIsputing about the relatl\'e I\d-
vanCCm'llt of the two ancient peoples
whom the ) ' were studyln .
" \vh ) ' , sit. , " cried the Egyptologist ,
"wo ! lnd remains of , vires In Egypt ,
which provo they understood elcctric-
It ) . ! "
"Pshaw I "answered the Assyrlolo-
gist , "wo don't I1nd any wires In Assy-
ria. I.n that shows thllt tbey under-
Btood wireless telegraphyl' - Struy
Dl\d Effect of Athletics.
" " the hOBpital
"This man , explained
doctor , "is the victim of athletics , "
"Ah , overtraincd , I suppose. "
" ' trulned bit. The
"No , he l1e\'er a
fellow who hit him had , though.-
PhUl\delphia L ( lger. ,
Physical Impossibility.
The House Cut-You're getUn Cat
and apoplcctlc. I can sco your finish.
The Pug Dog ( milking an eITort to
turn his heall , but giving up-1'hat's )
morc thun I ( 'un 1I0 , an 'how.-Chlcago
Trl bUlle.
nlld Wood IIrnl11C9 , 125 IInd up. Wrltc
. U9 before you bll ) ' . We f\3\"C you
_ " mOllc ) ' . Also l'umps nud Willd
1\I11Is. BECKMAN BROS. . Dn Molnn , low. .
- - - -
'Vhcut. OOD.bel. per acre.
WINTER CalnlullUo lld .ample. rllr.lII.
IIlh..lI..dl'o.lIn 1Y..LaCro..I\I. .
For Rifles , Revolvers and Pistols.
Winchester cartridges in all
calibers from .22 to50 , shoot
where you aim when the trigger
is pulled. They are a 1 way s
accurate , reliable and uniform.
Shoot Them and Y ou'l1 Shoot Well.
Alwayo Buy Wlnchastor Mak .
ALLEN'S FOOT = EASE lIfgnaturo f.JrJ ! Cka
A CertaIn Cure for Tlrod , lIot , AchIng Foet. .Ad < JsreO mile : ; ,
DO NOT ACCEPT A SUBSTITUTE. OD every box. J.olt01N. Y.
- - 7--
George Washington
won his way into the hearts of the
American pcoplo by rare diplomacy ,
unflinching bravery and superior
On Time
Is winning its way into the Bread
Making Homos of the VI est bccauso
It is the best yeast ever mado. sells
10 Cakes for 5 Cents , and is not
controlled by a Trust.
Why pay 5 Ccnts for seven cakes
of ycast whcn ) 'ou can get 10 Cakes
at the sarno price and better yeast ?
Ask Your Grocer for On Time Yeast
, . . ,
Make your boy's food tnsty-Mothcr-forit has to do some big things.
It has to rnnkc esh , blood , bone and muscle nnd supply boundlcss
Energy. Rcmembcr , the boy of today is the man . of tomorrow. . . ,
. Don't injure Wm physically nnd mentally W1th
indigestible meats , pastries , rich puddings , ctc. , . that.
nct as :1 : on his nervous
But feed Wm plenty of
. '
.n Ihere I. In "htat-And he'n be ) 'Our b rt" JoY-'lron , healthY. brl bt. .malt In < l QuIck at hi , &tu let.
You won't have 10 con him to calli ellhuMother , for Its dUclOUJ rIch S'-nor ' wben caten wllb 'cre&l\
and IUItU II lUll wbat be erlY moat tor. .
Egg.O.sce keeps the blood cool nnd is the idcalaummer food.
OIn hIm lome tomorraw-"lhere won't be no lradl1" . "
rrcpartd under condition. of ICruPuJOU' tlculllneu.
Bury trucer 111 the eounlr ) lelll EGG-O.SIt&-1he whole . .h t cel'tal It ) 'O\Ir tracer b. . not recclved
blllUlIPIY.1IU1I u. 10 cenU .ud hll name US ccnU west of the Rocky Mounullls ) and we " , mltod0\1
a pacute of EOCJ-O.SIt& and a copy of the. book , " -back to oature. "
FREE " .back to nature" book
Our 32.p'Je book , tIbaek to nature , " out11n a plaD ot rhht IIvlnl : , Ineludo
11111 menus for 7 d.tyt Ind rrclpe. for preparlolr the Drceslllry dlthe. . bItd on II
whole wheat dIet , wllh lUJiesUon. tor blthlnlr , eallog and exerele , lIIustuttd
trom lite , exceedlnily Ilmple Ind II1lractlYe , Dy following 111 , prccepU ,
aboundlol1lnd vliOrout heallh Is lure 10 result.
l'ubll.hed to .eU It 2S cenll a copy.lhll ban melT lIIustnltd Ixjc , ,1n
be maUed FRIt& to Inyone who wrlln , as lonlr III Ihl. edllIOIlluts. AdJlu
No. 10 Firat Street Qwncy , lIIinuls
Th is Is What
- - -
Catches Me !
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all inflamcd , ulcerated and c.1tarrhal con.
ditions of thc mucous membrane such as
nasal caturrh , uterIne catarrh caused
by feminine ills , Bore throat , sore
mouth or Inflamed eyes by simply
dosing the stomach.
But you surely can cure thesc IItubbom
affections by local treatmcnt with
Paxtine Toilet Antiseptic
which destroys thc discasc germschecks
discharllcs , stops pain , and heals the
inflammation and sorcness.
Pax tine represcnts the most successful
local trcatment for feminine 1118 ever
produccd. Thousands of women tesll y
to this fact. So cents at druggists.
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Girls' Help
At a certain ag , all
girls need the help of a
pure , reliable , ton 1 c
medicine , to establish a
regular habit , thatit may
remain with the' m
through life. Much terrible - .
rible suffering , in after
years , Is prevented , and
sturdy health assured ,
by taking
at this critical time of
life. "I gave Gardul to
- my young daughte.rt
writes Geo. Maston , of
Greenwood , Neb. , "and
now she Is a rosy
cheeked girl , MP y' ,
light-hearted and gay. "
Strongly recommended
for all female troubles.
Try It.
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