Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, May 17, 1906, Image 2

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By D. M. AMSDERny ,
DROKEN BOW , . . NEnItASl \ .
. . . .
- - - - -
Nu PnrInll.ncntly RIcl1.
It Is QuIte t1nt\ceB. ) nr1 In this coun.
trr , 1JJl 'S Dr. Charlofi W. Eliot , of Hnr.
, 'ard , In World' " Worlt , to teol alarm , I
about the risG of a permnnent CIMA
of ' rIch . ' ' transmit
verY' peoplo. 'l'o ureat
, Cfltaten Is hard. They get dlvldod or
: dIspersed. 'rhe helrp are otten unablol
to keep their Inhoritcil treasures , orl
f , by the holtl or 1Vyer8 1 nnd othcr
lrcd agenUJ , they mnnaJo to 110011
bem , they ceaRO to aCCUInhlte , uUll
pnly spcnd. This Is ono of the natural
berects on his children of the very rich
plan's mode of lite. ' With rarest xcop.
tlon the very rich men ot uro
pot the SOI18 of the very rich ! nen of
pO years ago , but arc now mono It will
bo the same 30 years honco. The wlso
rlch father will try to llllt his SOIlB
Into thnso beneficent professions allli
Dccupatlons which have strong Int l.
loctual and mornl Interest , and In
which Ilecuniary IndependC'nce ' Is a
distinct advantare. Such are the puJ. !
IIc servlco in olectlve or appointive ot.
Uccs , the mlnlBtI.y , scientific reasearch ,
social sen-Ice , and the management of
charities and ot servlceablo endowml
institutions. Inherited wealth enables
oung men to devote themselves early
to these fine omilloymon , which are
not pecunlarllr : remunerative , but yet
OHsess the hlghl/St sort of Interest aUlI
ofCer all the re\Yards of bcnellcenl In.
fluence among men.
Health of School Children.
IroPQr attention to the health at
chlltIren Is nn excellent civic Invest-
ment. A great part of the diseases
which do\'elop as chronic In after lICe
coultI bo obviated by closer nhHlIcal
superslvion ot children's health. Es-
peclall ) ' tIefccts In hearing , eyesight
or teeth can bo checked In early lICe ,
while In later years they become too
confirmed to yloJtI to trcatmont. Thor
Investigation ot the boartI at otIuca-
tlon have shown thnt II. majority otj
the Bchool chlltIren have either defective - :
fective ej'eslght or a tendency to badl
vision. It Is now proposed to examine -
, amino the school children's t3eth al-
so. This experhnont has been tried In'
Gormony , where attention to the
teeth has Improved the eyesight and
the hearing by Improving the digestion -
tion ot the children treated. It Is as
pecessary for a child to have sound
senses and good bodily health as mental -
tal dovQlopmenl. In t.ho majority of
the occupations at which the present
school children ot the present will In
future years earn tholr livelihood ,
sountI health and a good physlquo will
be at more value than education trlllB.
'l1.hero . a o signs , says a Washington
report , thM Allco Longworth Is bring'
Ing up her husband } Iroporly. In toct.
i the Idea Is alloat In Wl1shlngton thai
1 , he Is fairly well tumed nlready. Ho
has gone shopping with his wire more
than once. " ' 1'0 be sure , " says UD
omclal In ono of the dOlmrtments , "ho
went shollplng with hOI. before shd
Was his wlCe , but that doesn't count.
It's Ule shopping ho has done sln o
'then ' that maltes or brealts the rec-
ord. The antenuptial shollplng was
expected. The llostnuptlal-well , un-
Ul It Is done the taming has not been
accomplished. The Washington rule
lor judging whether the husband bas
been tamed Is to Invite him to o
shopping In one of the department
stores betore lunch. It ho does , ho
has beQn broken to double harness. "
We are 8pendlng at II. teartul rate ,
nnd much at the expenditure bas , tor
the nonce , no. oerset except paper
profits , The laml Is full of nouveaux
riches who , as the slang goes , thlnle
they have "money to burn" and tholr
womentolks are bettering the Instruc-
tion. The cost of building and Hvlng
has thus been raised to a level on
wblch It cannot rest for very long. As
the old adage hath It : "Put a beggar
.on horseback , and ho w11l rIde to
the devll. " From the present outlook -
look the record w11l be brolten by the
joclteys who are now In the saddle.
Atter awbllo the season of rellOse , repentance -
pentance and economy w11l come
It Is related that Col. Oharles W.
Lamed , professor of drawing at West
Point , stood In the sunshine under an
elm. "The sPtlng Is rather backward ,
sir , " said a cadet. "Oh , no , " said Col.
Lamed. "The dattodlls , the crocuses' '
and violets are backward , sir , " the cadet
Insisted , respectfully. "Nevertheless , "
said Col. Lamed , "there Is no doubt
that spring Is really here at lasl. "
"Why , sir , do you think s01" the cadet ,
asked. "Because all the comic nrt. :
Ists , " Bald Col. Lamed , "havo now begun -
gun to put vegetation In theirback. .
, grounds. "
Reform hM already progrcssed so
far In Russia that a man there can
.ow think anything he pleases , pro-
.Ided he exercises due care not to
'mention hIs thoughts to anybody , or
to act In accordance with them If they
.ure at all progressive.
The prominent lawyer who S6erts
that women are responsible for 80 per
cent. of the divorces Is too conserva.
tlve. Make It 100 per cenl. It wom.
en did not accept proposals of mar.
.rlage there would be no divorces. .
. ,
. . ,
, , . ' . ,
President Transmits Report of Commissioner -
missioner Garfield with Comments -
ments on Document. ,
Issue Elaborate Defense of Great Corporation ,
Contending It Is Conducted Along Honorable -
able Business Lines and That Home
Competition Is Not Crushed.
Washington. - Presldont Roosevelt
Friday transmitted to congrcss the report -
port at Jamcs R. Garlleld , commlHslon-
ar of corporations , giving the results
Dt his Investigation ot the subject of
transllOrtation / freight rntcs In
connection wIth the all Industry.
In bls message the president ex-
Dresses the view that the report Is of
: apItal Importance because of the et-
Cart now being made to secure such
enla.rgement at the powers of the Interstate -
terstate commerce commlsBlon 118 will
center upon the commission power In
lome measure adequate to meet the
clearly demonstrated needs of the sit-
uation. 'fhe facts set forth In the re-
Dort , ho declares , are for the most part
aot dl puted. 'I'hat the Standard 011
company has benellted enormously up
almost to tbe present moment by secret -
cret rates , many ot which were cloar- I
Iy unlawful , the president says the report - I
port clear1 ' shows.
Abolish Secrat Rates.
The preslden t then says :
A very striking result at the Investigation -
tigation has been that horUy after I
the discovery of these secret rates by
the commissioner of corporations the
major portion at them was promptly
corrected by the railroads , In that
most of them have now been done
" , way wIth. This Immediate correction -
tion , partial or complete , of the evil
: If the secret rates Is , at course , on the
Dne hand an aclcnowledgment that
they wete wrong r.nd yet were per-
I yored In until exposed ; and , on the
Dther hand , a proot of the efficiency of
Lbo work that. has been done by the
bureau of corporationB.
"Dut In addition to these secret
rates the Standard 011 profits 1m-
monsely by alIen rates , which are so
lrrnnged as to give It an overwhelmIng -
Ing advantage over Its Independent
competitors. "
Con rols the Market.
'Il Is not posslblo , he sa's , to put
Into figures the exnct amount by
which the Standard profits through
the gross favorltlslU showll It by the
railroads In connection wIth the open
rates. "The prollt , at course , comes
not merely by the saving In the rate
Itself as compared with Its competItors -
Itors , but by the higher prices It .8
II.blo to charge and by the complete
control of the marltet which It secures -
cures , thereby getting the profit on tlle
whole consumption. "
There Are OthC'rs.
It Is untortunatel ' not true , he says ,
that the Standard all company Is the
Dnly corporation which hils benefited
and Is benelltlng In wholly Improper
fashion by an elaborate sorice of rate
discriminations. The sugar trust , he
adds , according to the results of the
Invostlgatlon now In progress , rarely
It ever paj's the lawtul rate for transportation -
portation , lie declares that In the ef-
tort to prevent the railroads trom
uniting for Improper purposes "we
have very unwlsoly prohibited them
trom uniting for proper lmrposes ; that
Is , for purlJOles of protecting themselves -
selves and the general pUblic as
against the power at the great cor-
porations. "
Correotlonary Measures.
He favors as an element of competition -
tition the passage of some such law
I\B that which has already passed the
house , putting alcohol used In the arts
and manufactures upon the free list
and of kesplng the tee to all and coal
lands of the IntLl ' 1 tribes or on the
pUblic domain In the government , the
lands to be leased only on such terms
and for such period" us will enable the
government to entirely control them.
In summarizing his report Oommill- '
lSoner Garfteld speaka of his personal
visit to the 01\ \ fields allli of the great
mass of data obtained hy him either
porsonl111y or through ugonts at the
bureau at corporationH. 'rhe prellml-
1H1rj' study of this material , he says ,
sl10wetl that the most Important subject -
ject was transportation , which enters
so largely Into the coc at furnished I I
product and hence n most Important
factor In competition.
" 'rho Standard claims that thc 10.
cation of Its refinorles and Ule use
of plpo Unes are natural advantages
to which It Is jUlltly entitled by reRson
of the energy and toreslght of Its man-
agors. While In a measure that Is
true , It may not be forgotten that
those adyantages were In part obtained
by means ot unfair competitive methods -
ods after year8 ot industrial strife.
"The development ot the pi po lIne
system by the Standard 011 company
wns the resultat spcclal agreements
wllh railroad companies. li'urther-
moro , those so-called natural advantages -
tages have been anl1 are being greatly
Increased by discriminations In freight
rates , both published and secret , Inter-
state and state , which glvo the Standard -
ard monopolistic control In the greater -
er I > ortlon of the country.
on Price Is Gauge.
"An Immediate result of this delimItation -
Itation of the competitive area Is
shown by the Ilrlces of ordinary 11-
lumlnatlng 011. After deducting the
freight rate the prlco of such 011 Is
usually from two cents to fIve cents a
gallon higher In the non-competitive
than In the competitive fields. A reasonable -
sonable profit 11110n refined 011 Is
about one-halt a cent per gallon. It Is
clear that exorbitant profits are obtained -
tained In the non-competltlvo fields. "
In IDO-I these secret rates ! : laved the
Gtandard 011 company three-quarters
or n. million uollars , representing the
difference between the open rates and
the rates achUllly paid. "These discriminations -
criminations , " he says , "havo been so
long continued , anll so ! : Iocret , sa Ingeniously -
geniously applied to new conditions
of trade , anl1 so large In amount as to
malte It certain that the ) ' were due to
concerted action by the Standard nnd
the railroads. " He says turther that
the Standard all comllllny Is recelvln
unjust dlscrhnlnatlons In the matter
at open rates , the published rates from
the leading Siandard shipping points
being relatlvel ) ' much lower than r tes I
from the shipping ' points ot Its com- , .
Roads Abol1sh Secret Tl\riffs.
Mr. Garllelcl then refers to sevcn
Instances ot hnportont dlscrltnlnatlons
In favor ot the Standard all company -
pany In various } J rts of the country ,
and says that most ot the secret rates
and some of the open dlscrlmlnatl ns
discovered by the burean were abol-
tshed by the railroads shortly after
such discovery. ACter calling n Hen-
tlon to the good which already has resulted -
sulted trom the Investigation , Mr , Garfield -
field says that the changes effected
have put the Independents upon a fairer -
er tooUng and maleo competition possible -
sible In terrItories heretoCore Inncces-
sible. The report concludes as follows -
lows :
" 'rarllts may be made and rntes may
bo combined In such a manner as to
malee It practically In1Josslble for the
ordinary shipper to find them , "
New Yorlt.-In rellly to President
Roosevelt's messnge and the report at
Commissioner Garfield , Messrs. H. II.
Rogers and John D. Arcbbold , ot the
Standard 011 company , made the fol.
lowing statement to the press :
"In the president's etYort to secure
the passage of II. bill enlarging the
powers of Interstate eommerco com.
mIssion and just and equitable rail.
war rates , wo lmve preclselr the sarno
. ,
. , . . .
I Interest that any good clU..en . hM. No
I more nnll 110 IC8s. Helardlng hla crlt.
lelsms upon the manUICmt'tlt ot the
rallwnys , or his strictures upon nny
acts ot the Inter tate commerce com.
mission , we have neither resllonalbll.
fly nor concern. When , however , he
or Commissioner Onrfield aUaclts the
Slanrlanl 011 compnny onl1 URes Its
methods of dolnJ ; buslneslI un object !
lessen Cor the ImrlOfle of promoting
his views , wo Ilrotest. It may be I
tronl\y \ stated Ilt the outset that the
Standard 011 compijny hII'I at all times
within the limits ot falrne1 ! ! and with
due r gard tor the law , sought to se'
cure thl' most advontaglollJ ! freight
I'ates nnll routell possible.
Corporntlon Is UprIght.
"Wo 8ay fiatly that any nsserUon
that the Stundard 011 company ha9
been or Is now Imowlngly engaged In
practices which arc unlawful Is a1l1to
untruthful and unjust.
"The commlsslonor's report , upon
which the president's message Is
based , opens with the statement that
- , . , . . . . . . . , . , " r. . , . . " , _
the manufacture of refined 011 In this
country Is about 26,000.000 barrels
annually. It would havc been fair
for him to.have stated that over 16,000"
000 of , barrels or this nnnual manufllo ,
ture Is expo ted.
"He next calls attention to the fact
thllt the Standard 011 refineries are 10'
cated at centers of distribution , while
the Independent refineries are usual.
h' In the crude all fields. He charges
that this location ot refineries and
the natural advantages following It
were obtained by means of unfair
competitive methods , but be'ond this
mere assertion docs not go Inlo a his.
tory or explanation of these alleged
unfair methods at all. He says the
'development ot the pipe l1ne system
by the Standard 011 company was the
result of special agrecment with the
railroad companies. ' As a matter of
fact. the development of the pipe
line system by the Standard 011 com.
pany was In the face of violent hos.
tllIty on the part of the railroads.
Conditions In New England.
"Passing from tbls point. Commls.
sloneI' Garfield taltes 'up ' the question
of favoritism , which he alleges has
neen shown by various railroad cor.
p rntlons , to the Standard all com.
pany. The first specillc case of al.
leged discrimination to which ho dl.
rects attention is In the New England
terrItory. It Is charged that we en.
joy a monopol ) ' In certain parts of that
section because some of the railroads
there refuse to prorate , Casual In.
quir ) ' would show that the New Eng. ,
land road are slmpl ) ' doing what they
arc forced to do by natural conditions
Obviously , we have an advantage by
the use of our plpo lines from the
western 011 flelds to the coast and the
use at water transportation thence to
New Englaml over an'one who uses
all rail transportation from western
Some of our competitors do the
sarno thing and deliver oil at the
points In New England that we do by
the same process.
Question of Rebates.
"The commissioner says that 'with
one or two exceptions the Investlga'
tlons ot the burcau have as. yet dls ,
, , -
covered no rebates In the technical
sense on Interstate business. '
"He says the Standard 011 company
has habitually received from the rail.
roads. and Is now receiving. 'secret'
rates and other unjust and Hlegal dls.
erlminatlons. It 18 hardly fair or
manl ) ' tor him to add the sentence , 'Of
course there may be other secret ratea
which the bureau has not tllscovered.
Does Not Cru&h Competition.
"Tho statement that the 'Standard
011 company has largely bj' unCal !
and unlawful methods crushed out
home competition' Is tully answered
by the tact that home competition haa
always existed , Is steadily growing ,
and thnt there are now at least 12E
competitive refineries In tbo United
"The Standard Oil company has been
Investigated over and over asnln at
the Instigation of Its rivals , and It
always welcomes such hivestlgatlon
when conducted In good faith and
fairly. We arc engaged In a largo and
honorable busln ss. Wo are' conduct.
Ing It honorably and we' sincerely believe -
lieve In contormltf to law. "
. . .
, - ,
Indicted for Land Frauds'"Offendel'
Arrested In Texas , but Will Return
to Nebraska and Answer Before
Court for Hlo Transgressions.
OMAIITllat Aqullln. 'I'rlvlelt , In ,
dieted as aneged vrocurer of fraudu.
Jent 1111ngs on ImJlIc ! lands within thG
big cattle ranch onclosur.cs In the
110rthwostorn pn.rt of tile state , Is go.
Jnl ; to vut up a fight against convic
tlon In the United Stutes courts is
shown In the fact that his Omahn at.
, torney , A. II. Durnett , appeared at the
'federal ' building Wel1nesday , and an.I
ounced that he would represent 'I'rlp. I ,
Jett In the cases now before the Unl. I
ted States court. . Counsel has , ruse
been provIded for 'l'rlplett at El Paso ,
Tex. , where ho Is now In custody
awaiting transfer to the jurisdiction of
the Nobraslcn district of the United
States courts.
The department of justlco eXIects
to Ilrovo a great many Important
things in the fraUdulent land flllng
cases by Triplett , and for tIlls reason
months have been spent In his appre.
bIonslon and If necessary his extradl-
lion from 1\Iexlco , where he had lIed ,
u.fter hearing that he was wanted.
rho government Is In possession of
Information that Aqullla Triplett
Icnows marc of the fraudulent lanl1
practlc.oo in the cattle country than
any ether man and the Impression Is
prevalent at the federal building that
the suspected co.tlle barons are bocle
Df Trivlett's defense and will employ
the best legru talent that money can
procure to loep him from going be.
10ro the grand jury , much less como
to trial \Ultlor Ule Indictments found
ngalnst hIm alreadY.
Average for United States Six Points
Above Mean for Ten Years.
W AStIINGTON-Tho crop report.
Ing board of the bureau of 'statistics
of the department of agriculture , from
the reports of the correspondents nad
llgents at the bureau , finds the area
under wInter wheat remaining In cuI.
lIvation on 1\1ay 1 to have been a out
29,623,000 acres. 'rhls Is 6 per cent ,
or about l,71SOOO acres , less than the
area reported as sown last fall , and 1
per cent , or about DUOOO acres , less
than the area of winter wheat report.
d as harvested last year.
The average condition of the grow.
mg wInter wheat crop on 1\1ay 1 was
91 , as cOIfpared with SD on April 1 ,
ID06 ; D2 on May 1 , 1D05 ; 76 on 1\1ay 1 ,
lD04 , and 86 , the mean of the 1\1ay av.
crago for the last ten years.
MurderouG Nebraska Woman.
DENVER , Colo.-While soundly
. .leoplng after his night's work as
braJccman on the Colorado. ' : : : Southern
railway , H. 'V. Denner , formerly of
alrbury , Neb. , was dealt a terrible
blow on the head with an Q.X by his
wife. He may die.
Japs Help San FranclEco.
W ASHINGTON-Secret.ary Taft , in
Is capacity of president of the Amer.
lean Red Cross , has Informed the Jap. ambassador that funds being
ollected from the eneral pUblic In
Japan for San Francisco's rell f will
bo gratefully accepted by the Red
Good Wages for Expert Painters and
Paper Hangers In Omaha.
Owing to a scarcity of first.class
workmen the master ! lalnters of
maba are palng up to 50 cents per
\tour \ for skilled workmen. Oven shops
and vlenty of worle.
Eight Hundred Thousand Acres Now
for Free Range.
OMAHA-Unlawful fenoes which
Inclosed SOOOOO acres of the government -
ment domain In the western part of
L1l0 state havi been talccn down.
Sworn statements to that effect have
Deon received b ) . Speelfl.l DIstrIct At.
lorney Rush from twentY-fivo cattle.
men against whom he brought seven
cIvil actions , five In ! ederru circuit
court and two In federal district court.
These actions were a1\ \ Injunction
suits filed last fall , and three days
ago decrees were Issed commanding
Lbo cattlemen to remove their fences
within flve days and enjoining them
permanently from constructing fences
upon government land. None ot the
cattlemen appeared or answered the
bills of compln.1nt , and the rcason they
41d not Is now obvious. They had
complied with the. ortter to remove
Lbelr fences before tile official decrees
were Issued b ) ' Judge Munger.
As the result ot abundonlng too 11.
legal fences , vast tracts of land , out.
Bide the inclosures of the big cattle
companies' Inclosures , have been re-
Entitled to Pensions.
WAI2IHINGTON.-Tho hous.e com.
mlttee on llenslons on l"rltlay autbor.
Ized a tavorable report on the Scott
bill , whlcb gives a penslonablo status
to the veterans or their widows of the
Eighteenth and Nlncteenth Kansas
'Volunteer ' cavalry regiments under the
net of June 17 , 1DOO , providing for pen.
slons for soldiers who Rerved ninety
daYB during the civil war. These regl.
ments were mustered In just at the
close of the war , but did valuable ser.
Tlce In repelling Indian aUaclea thero.
after ,
' ,
J ,
Promlncnt men allvlse young mCD
to go Into politics. Lord Acton said :
"Politics comoo nenror religion with
mo-n. party. more 11\\0 \ a church , orrol" '
moro 110 \ heresy , prejudice more 1I1co
aln-than I find It to bo : with betteI'
men. " I
Population of Morocco.
The populntlon of Morocco can only
bo g\w'8sel1. ' No census ljllS ever been
taken. 'l'he best authorltlos cstlmato
the Inhabitants to numbcr ab ut 7 , .
Emlnenl Doctors PraIse Its Ingredients ,
'Vo refer to that boon to weak , nervous ,
Butrorlng women Imo\yn as Dr. Pierce's
FavorIte Prescription.
Dr. John Fyle ono ot the Editorial Starr
ot 'l'II1 : EOLEOTIO MlDIOAL : H&VIBW says
ot Unicorn root ( llelonias lJioica ) which
18 ono at tlie chlot ingredients ot the "Fa.
vorlte Prescription" :
"A remedy which invariably acts as utero
Ino Invigorator . makes for normal ao.
tivlty of the entlro reproductive system. "
Ho continues "In llelonll ! I wo bavo a medica.
ment which moro fully answers the abo"1)
purpoRes than anv other drug , lt" t hlch I am
aC'1ualntld. In the treatment of diseases po.
cullar to women It Is seldom that 0. ca o is
Been whtch docs not present HOlDO indicatIon
for this remodlal ugent. " Dr. I yfo further
Bays : ' ' 'l'ho tollowlnlr uro alDonlf the leudlng
lndlcntlons for Holonlas ( Ublcorn root ) . Pain.
or uchlnlr In the , with leucorrh a ;
Menlo ( weak ) condItions ot the reproductlvl )
organs of women. menlal eprcsion nnd Ir.
ritublllty , associated with chroulo dlseMoli ot
tbo reproductive fJrjJ'l1ns of women , eonstnnt.
sensation ot hent In the roglon of the 1ld.
nOYII : ; menorrh gln ( lIoodlnJ : ) , duo to a weak.
ened condition of the reproductlvo systcm ;
menorrb a ( Hupprcssed or absent montbly
periods ) , arlslnJ : from or nccompmylnlf : liD
nbnorm I condition of the dhcstlvo organs
nnd nnromlo ( thin blood ) habit ; drugalng ,
senutiODII nbdomen. " in the extreme lower part of thl )
If more or less of the above symptoms
are present , no Invalid woman can de >
better tha.n take Dr. Plerco's Favorite
Prescription ono ot the leading ingredients -
onts at wbich 18 UnIcorn root , or Holonias ,
and the mcdicnl Ilropcrties ot whlcb It.
most taithfuUy represcnts.
Of Golden Senl root , another prominent.
IngrO < lliiont at " avorite Prescription , "
Prof. Finley Ellingwood , hI. D. , of Den-
nett Modlcal Collcge , Chicago , says :
"It Is an Important remedy In disorders or
the womb. In all catarrhal condltlonll * . .
and general enfeeblement. It is useful. "
Prot. John M. Scudder , M. D. , 10. to of
Cincinnati , sa 's ot Golden Seal root :
I "In relation to Its general etfects on thl )
system. Ihn'e is no medicine tl " 18 about tohich
I there 18 811Ch gmeral tlllan/m/tv / of optntQn. It.
I Is univerlallv relCarded as the tonlo useful In.
, all debilitated slutes. "
Prot. Bartholow , M. D'l of Jefferson
Medical College , says ot Goluen 50al :
"Valuablo In uteri no bemorrbago. menol'-
rbaJlla ; ( t1 00111 ng ) nnd congestlvo dysmenol'-
rhwa ( painful menstruation ) , "
Dr. Plerco's Favorlto Prescription faithfully -
fully represcnts nil the above named In-
grc lents and cures the diseases for which
they are recommended.
There is nothing we eat that makes
the family feel so good as light ,
wholesome bread.
To make good bread it is necessary -
sary to begin with fresh , lively
yeast. There is none so fresh as
the Big Ten Cake Package of
On Time
Two packarToc ; of "On Time" will
cost you 10 dell _ . } and weigh more
than three packages of other yeast
which wiJI cost you 15 Cents , Use
On Time \'enst and save the nickels.
Ask Your Grocer for On Time Yeast
$3.50 & $3,00 SHOES o ,
w. L. Douglas $4.00 CUt Edge Llno
cannot be equalled atony price.
. \.OOUG .
5HO 5
IL..oOt/ ' . -
IL..oOt'filTs FOh'
; fs '
JULY 6 , 1676 ,
CAPITAL S2.500.0
$1 0 000 REWARD to anyone who can I "
J disprove this slatement. ,
If I could take you Into my three large factorleJ
ot Urockton. lI1ass. , IInd show YOII the Infinite : { , i
core wllh which every palro' shoes Is made , YOII '
would realize why W. L. Douglas $3.50 shoes.
cost more to make why they hold their shape ,
fit better , wear longer. and are of greater- : ,
Intrinsic value than any other $3.150 'Ihoe. ,
W. L. Oouu/as Strong Made Shoos fa , .
Men , 12.50 , $2.00. Boy. ' School & \ I
OresDShoOD , $2.50 , $2 , $1. 71J , $1.IJO
CAUTIQN.-Inslst Ul'onllluh 1t W.L.1 > oug-
1\8 shoes. l'lIko 110 substltule. 1'olle Ienuln
\vlthout his IIlIme nnd t'rlce stamped on bOttom. _
Fat Cole , Eyelets used ; thty will not wea , brllS81. !
Write for Illustrate.l Callilo/t / , t
'V. L. I > OUOLASllrocktonl\Iou.
! ! 16t t ! , ! g . ! nh J. i
made ono hundred per cont. In same business.
Sure IncoUlo for lIfe-nud valuable legacy for
family. Henl estate deeded to Phlladelpbla
trust company tor protection Of Invelilors. t
Dcnutlfully lIIustrnted booklet and paper frl'o , I
Write at onre , I. L. and D. Co. , Dept .A , 7'
Drexel uulldlng , I'hl1 dclphlu , Pa.
mUlt tullY protect an Innntlon. Dooklet and
Ueale Calendar 1"H I I . III he t referencel.
Commnnlcatlon. connlentlal. Euahlhhed 1861. \
Muon , Fenwlok & Lawrencc , WlulllDSIOD , D. O.
PIT & PITL.:5S SCALES. Per Sleel
Rnd Woo < l11ralJ1es. $25 Bnll up. Write
, IIs'bcfore ) 'ou buy. " 'e save you
_ i\iI'I"1Doney. Also rumps and Wind
Mills. BECKMAN BRaS. . Du Moine. , low. .
DEFIANCE Cold Water Starch
makea laundry work "Iensuro. 16 oz. pkl : . 10e. .
In answering advertlsementtl , please
mention this paper. . . . , \ I
\ \ ' . N. U. . O"ohu. No. 10-1000.