Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, March 01, 1906, Image 2

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DROIijN llOW. . . NEllRASKA.
( News in Brief )
John 'V. ' 1'homas , preshlont. oC the
Nashvlllo , OIHLtlanooga & St. Louis
railroad , diM nt. NnshvllIu , Tenn.
The nntlonnl hoard oC the Daughters
oC the American HevoluLlon nt. Wnsh.
ington made various Ilrellminary nr.
rangoments fur the \Jlgress , next
The Dulm oC Ahru1.1.1 has Ilofinltely
arrnnged to Jenvo In April on nn ox.
p < , dltlon In ACrlca. lIe will land nt
1\romha1.n , capltnl oC Drltlsh l ! st
M. Megato , finnnclnl nclvlsor oC the
Korean government , Is requested to
resign. owing to dlrroroncos with Mar.
quls Ito , the Jnpaneso resident. general
In Korea. I
O. T. J . :1lIon : ; , one of the founllers of
the nntlonal IrrlnaLlon can gross nnd
Callrornln commissioner to the Chlcn-
go Worlet's Pair , died at GunymnB ,
Sonorn 1\Ioxlco.
.T. J. Drooles , general counsel Cor
the Pennsrlvanla lines , says thnt the
company has no Intention oC contestIng -
Ing the 2 cent date Inw passed by the
Ohio leglslaturo.
The car bnrn oC the International
Hallway located the Clm
comllany , on o
11Ian side , near the whirlpool , NJagl\.ra
Falls , N. Y. , was imrned , together
. with thlrty.soven carat
The Drnzlllnn congress hM voted
$ ' 100,000 fOI' the reception and ontor.
talnment or the 11elegates to the Pan.
American congress , which wl1l bo hold
In Illo Janlero next spring.
Protests u/alnst / the passage oC the
Phlllppino tarlfC hill were made In
"Ileeches at n meellng oC represonta.
lIves oC the vnrlous a"soclatlons oC
the tohacco trndo at Chlcugo.
John J. E Jch secretary of the Aorlo
of Eagles , convicted of ombozzloment.
at Sandusley , 0. , was Bentencod to t.wo
'ears In the ponltenUary. Esch until
recently was a pronJilOnt. , morchant.
The house commllleo on Insular af.
fairs hns decided to maIm a favorable
report on the I1ul1 hill npprovrlntlng
$150,000 to 11\Irchas ( ' coal lands In the
island or Datan , Phlllppino Islands.
. General Marquis do Tandegorrlo.
a ii clo cnmp to the Icing of Spain ,
committed suicide. I10 wns the Span.
Ish attnche with the Husslnn army
throughout the rocent. Russo-Jnpnnoso
Paul Knnpl1 , n hn1f.lJroed Indian of
Denton Harbor , Mich. , whoso mother
was a daughter of Ohlof Peter PolCl\gon
of the pottawnttomlo t.rlllo , has re.
colved an appointment to enter West.
An orllor Cor 4,000,000 bn11 cart-
rldgoo has been recolved from the ordnance -
nanco dopnrtment nt the I ranltfort ar-
osnal nt. Phlladelphln. They nro to
bo 30-cnllbor and oC the Krng.Jorgon-
son typo.
The hluoJnclcots of the Drillch sec.
end cruiser squndron will shorl1y pre-
sont. the Amorlcnn AUnntlc fleet with
n hnndsomo sllvor CUll ns a souvonlr
of the form or's recent vIsit. to the I
United Stntes.
Man' El 1I01moo , COlllulor at the
Mary E. Holmes somlnary at West
Point , MlsR. , an Inll\1strlnl \ school for
colored girls , nnd promlnont ns n scientist -
entist , dlod nt. her homo nt Rocleford ,
III" 'osterdny.
The house commlttoo on ways nml
moans doclded to maleo n Cnvorablo
report on the IIumphrors bill requlr.
Ing coUectors of Intornnl ro\'onuo to
furnish the prosocutlng nllornors
lists oC persons holding Cedoral liquor
tax stamps In prohibition districts.
It. has been dlsco\'erotl by the Cnn.
ton , 0. , nuthorIUes that the forgorle ! !
ot the Into I W. 1'1'101' oC Cleveland
In conectlon with the Canton wntor
worlts extonslon llonlls , amountOti to
' $500,000 instead of $300,000 , as provi.
ously nnnounced.
The meotlng of the Soverolgn Granl1
Ledge of the Independent Order 01
Odd oUows will bo hold In Toronto I
in Septembor. The oxecutlvo commit.
tee In the grand ledge has decldod to I
approprlato $12,000 for the entertain.
mont oC the delegntos.
Stops were tal en looltlng to the os'
tabllohmont oC a 2 cent. per mlle pns .
songer rate on Wisconsin rail ronl1 E
when Secretary of State Wallor I. . .
Houser filed a versonnl complaint
with the state railroad commission
against the \Vlsconsln Central rnll ,
road , whoso 3 clnt ) chnrgo ho declnrm
, to bo excesslvo.
Governor Ponnypacleor of Ponns ' } .
vanill. signed the Greater PlttsburE
bill. This Is t.ho flrst of tIlO 10glslntloI1
advocnted by the governor In his ca11
for the oxtrn. session of the legllllnturl
which hns rocelved oxecutlvo apl1rovnl
The Greater Plttslmrg hll1 provIdes fOI
the consolltlatlon of Plttsburg and Allegheny
leghony on n joint yoto oC both cities
The steamer Indlnnapolls , owned b
the Alnslm Steamship compnn ) ' , hni
nrrived In San Francisco from Ohlcn
go. She left. Chlcngo on October 25
and went throug'h the Grent. I.aleo
nnd the Straits oC Magellan. She wll
run between puget .Sound nnd Alas
Icon ports.
Ibb Coloy , former ! ) ' sergennt In tIll
Sixteenth company oC canst artlller :
and who hM also served In 1I10 Twer
tleth fle1(1 ( nrtllll'ry , shot and Itllle
Joalo Labnt oC Santa Clnra , with whor
he hud been living' , In a room In th
Orand PacUlc hotel at. San Franclsc (
lIe then shot hlmsclf. '
t .
. . . ' , '
The edge at DeaUt Vnlloy , where
annually mnny trC:1sure hunters hnvo
perl8hecl In their search Cor gold , wns
the scene oC ono of the most IJleasln ! ;
inoldents In the Inll1nl trip of the Los
Angeles Limited. The Hhndows o [
night hnd fallen upon the desert when
thnt point wno reached on the homeward -
ward run , and tlto thoughts oC most oC
the enstern newspaper representntlves
In the hrllllnntly fJlumlne < < 1 trnln were
conterecl upon their fnr a wny homos ,
wondering whnt the IItllo ones were
dolng-prohably yenrnlng to 1.10 with
thom. 'VII 11 0 they were lIms engross.
ed Snntn Claus wns bllsl1y engaged
plnnning a surprise : ntltl a dellghtrul
surprlso It proved to ho.
When over'thlng wns renely the
guests at the Union Pacific nail road
Company were called Into their Rpe.
clnl car , 0. state-room door awung bacle
on Its hlngos , an(1 ( there slood reveal.
cd 0. Chrlotmas tree , g1llterlng with
tinsel and filled with presents , ono
or moro for ench guosl. As hln name
wnn cnlled each tollped Corward nnd
was handed n pretty souvonlr , to
which wno n < < 1cle < < 1 a Inrgo glass 011ject
encasing a generous snmplo at Cnll.
fornla's JUAlIy tamed vlntago. This
dollghlCul IItt.1o Incident rolloved such
mental tension ns had exlstod , Cor It
was a manifestation oC the true Chrt ! .
mns spirit t1l11t was npprecillted ns
much ns It 1ll1d been unexpectcd. It
wns ono of th touches at "naturo
thnt mnleo the whole world lc1n , " Cor'
It. served to bring stili closer together
the entertnlnors nnd the entertained
on the Inilial trip of the Los Angeles
Limited. For this renson , growsomo
as Us reputntlon Is , DonUt Valley will
always bo nssoclatetl with n pleasnnt
memory In the inlnds ot the news.
paver represontatlves.-"Tolegravh
Gazelle , " Pillshurg.
Now York's ExpensIve Lunch.
According to ono estlmato the pea.
plo of Oreator Now York spend $300 , .
000 n yenr Cor tholr noon luncheon.
This , of course , Includoo all clnsses
tram the swell dining rooms at the
high elass hotels to the cheap "bean-
erlos" or the slums.
Phllosopher's Answer.
Thnles , the ancient pholosophor , do.
clared that there was no dlCferenco
between lIfo and death. "Why
then , " cried ono of these to whom the
remar1t was mndo , "don't. 'ou put an
end to your lIfo ? " "Decauoo , " was
the reply , "thoro Is no dlfferenco. " '
Short nnd Easily Understood.
"This , the last will and testament
at me , John Thomns , " rend a cortaln
document. In Montreal. "I Slvo all
my things to my rolatlons to bo dl.
vlded nmong thom the best way pas.
slblo. N. D.-Jr nnybody Icicles uv 11.
row ho Isn't. to have anything. "
Production of Dow.
Dow Is produced by the condonsa.
tlon ot watery vnpor from the atmos.
phero from the cool1ng of the bodies
bedewed ; and this cooling taltes placJ
In consequence or the rndlulIol1 01
tholr heat Into open SIJ CO wlthoul
any equlvnlent. t'eturn.
Few Need Employment.
In ono' of the Bngllslt towns whlcb
opened an employment burenu for the
unomplo 'od n month ago , only foUl
applications have been received , anI !
ono of these was from an out.ot-worll
grave digger.
Truth.-Tho natuml food at OUI
soul , malting It lusty , plump and nc
tlvo ; 'tho speclnl ornament. at OUI
mind , declclng It with n gmcoful nn (
1I10asnnt lustre ; the proper wealth 0 :
renson , whereby It appeareth rich
prosperous and mlghty.-Dnrrow.
The wbolo sclonce at 1111Pl11noss II
Included In ono slnglo word , and lI\ \
word Is "occupation. " Everything dJ
ponds on our Imowlng how to fil1 U ]
the void of uro.-Wessonberg ,
The bravo nnd wlso perform grea
nctlons , not so much on account. a
UlO reward nttondlng them , as on nc
count. at tbolr own Intrlnslo oxco ]
Even falluro Is only a relnllvo tom
) 'ou lenow. And Ulnt which the worl
cml1 fnUuro may have some botte
name In another vlanot.-Deatric
A faint heart and a Cnt. banle ba
I\nco often provo to bo a wlnnln
Its n Bnap living up to 11. bad rop1
rollon.DE lAVAL
Save $10.- Per COW
Over All Gravity Setting System .
And $3. to $5. Per Co ,
Over All Imitating Separators ,
, . .
Now is the ttmo to maleo this mo
important nnd pro tnblo of dairy i'nr
invcst.monts. Send nt once for now HI (
catalogue a.nd of nenrest agent.
Randolph 11& Canal Sit. I 74 Corlllindl Sir. .
mUlt tully prolect all Invention. Dooklet.
llel1c Calendar l'IU'I : . 1I111heit refereDc
COllllnunlcallolll conlhlentllil. JolIlIblllhed 16
Kuo. . J'.1.ek " 14WrtRMo 'WuhIDltoll. D.
. .
, , . .
. . ' ' .
A Sorloull Horodltary Truublo Cured
By Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
8nf1'orera from alhlloJlts thnt hnvo nf.
nlctuli III t'cgnlnr fluccofiKloJl 0110 genern-
UOII ntter nlJothor of their flll\dly \ urp. OH
n rulo. lucllllOtlto submit to them as 11\- \
ev ln l" . 'l'ho CMO which fol1owa proves
that fmch horm1ltllrv : 11IflllmitleH nro not
I.IOYOlllt the rench of cnmtlvo forceH111 \
Rhou1l1 Inaplro hopnfu1twsf ! ( llId u rendl-
nORII to try rOI1lClII\1I thnt hnvo effected
RlglIl\l curos. Bueh as thllt which is here
giveu ,
MrA. ElI7.nheth Rf\unollll , of No. 408
Enst Seveuth fltrcut , Newtoll , KnIlAAH ,
glveH the followlllg nccouut of her nil.
lUeut nnll her CU1-0 :
"For twoyeara I sufferel1 from n trjhl { {
lIorVOUSIlURS iumy lower Ihllba from IllY
] meoll dowII.J my mother nlld 111Y
Wl\lltllllother hnll lIufforecl boCoro mo.
rho HltUIIUOI1 wna for 1II1\11Y : rellrs nc-
cepted 'us ttllnvohlnblo l.ICCI\l1/10 / hurt'lU-
tury. TIut about two 'eurflll o , whou1llV
ROil waa realizing lloneflt f1'01II the UHO < ic
Dr. W1l1IuIlIY' l'ill ] < P111H , I thought there
mlsht po fjibly 110 ROllle Jootlll1 them tor
1IIe. My trouble 111\11 tlltHI l.ICCOl1l0 110
HorfoUS Ill ! to IIl11lco It. dlntoult fet mo to
sleop. I often hlld to WIllie the floor In
reatiossuofiH the whole ulght. After talc.
IlIg fjmo Hix 1.I0XOH the twltchhlK 111//\p. /
pcarot11U1 I cunHecl to UHO the rOlllerly.
I ovldoutly stepped 1HttIo too lIoon fur
norVOUBllOHH CIUllO bn.cle I\tor n mOllth or ' .
ao nu \111011 the 1111111 aRnin for n Hhort
tlmo. RoUot CIUllO nt on co nnl1 Aiuce I
topped ullillg thom t.ho lIecol1l1 tlmo I
hnvo been free from nny rohuu of tbo
twltchlllgR or frollll\uy fntorfereuco with
. .
my flloep.
Dr. W11I1amR' Pink Pill' J1I\VA
' : ! \ (1nrpt1
the worRt cnROII of bloodlu8HIICSR , indiges.
tion , influcII7.n. homlncheR , lumbl1go , Icl- ;
nticltlournlgla , lIorVOUBIII'SR. Bplunl
wunlmoBllund the HlCclnlni1monts ) of 1r18
nml womoll. For further iuforu1l\t1ou.
nclclrcss the Dr.ViUiulUs Medlcino 00. .
Scheuoctndy , N. Y.
Birds Benefit the World.
If the world were blrdless , a nntu.
rallst declnres mnn could not Inhnblt
It. nfter nine yenr's tlml } , In spite ot
ill the sprays and poisons that. could
00 mnnuCactured Cor the destruction
) f Insects. The insects nnd slugs
would simplY ent. nll the orchards and
rolls In thnt trme.
Eruptions Appeared on Cheat , and
Fnce nnd Neck Were All Broken
Out-Cured by Cutlcura.
"I hnd nn oruptlon appeur on my
chest. and body and extend upwards
and downwnrtls , ao that. my neele nnd
face were nil brolten out. ; also lilY
nrms and the lower limbs as fnr as
thImees. . I at. first. thought. It wns
prlclc1y heat. mlt soon scalen or
crusts Cormed where the brealdng out
was. Instend of going to a physician I
pm chnsed a comlJlete treatment oC the
Cuttcura Hemeclles , In which I hnd
Great fnlth , and all was satlsractory.
A year or two Inter the eruption ap-
reared agnin , only a lIttle lower ; but
before it had time to sp1'\l\Il I pro.
cured II110ther supply of the Cutlcura
Romedles , and continued their use uu-
m the cure wns complote. It Is now
five years slnco the last aUacle , and
IlIIvo nut seen any signs of a return.
I have moro faith In Cutlcura neme-
dies for sltln dlsenses than nnythlng
I lenow of. Emma FJ. WIlson , Lis.
comb , Iowa , Ocl. 1 , 11105. "
Duty of Grand Jury.
A grand jury is ono who sits to hear
ono sldo only , and to sny whether
there Is evidence enough to show
probable guilt.
Every 11Ousoleeoper should Imow tli t
. It the ' will buy Defiance Cold Wnter
Stnrch for Inundry use they will save
not only time , bocnuse It. never flllcks
to the Iron , but becnuso enc.ll package
contnlns 16 OZ.-ono full 110und-whllo
, t.1I ether Cold 'Vuter Stnrches are put
up In % .pound 11aclcnges , nnd the price
ts the same , 10 cents. Then again
bocnuso Defiance Starch Is free from
all Injurious chomlcnls. If your grocer
trloB to sell you a 12'01. . pncltngo It
Is bocnuso ho has a stacIe on hand
which ho wishes to dlsposo of beCore
ho puts In Dofianco. He lmows thai
Doflanco Starch hns printed on every
paclmgo In Inrgo lellers nnd figures
" 16 ozs. " Domnnd Defiance ancl save
' . . much time nnd mone } ' anll the nnno "
anco of the 'iron sUctelng. Dofianc (
nerer sUcles.
Mohammedans and Christians.
Trustwortuy stntlsllcuns declnr4
that. there are 250,000,000 , but. Ull
Ir nns in the world. 'rho Chrlsllnn IOIJ
ulatlon Is put at 447,000,000 , but. tIll
Increase of Islam Is moro rapid U1IlI
that. of the combined OhrIstina de
, ) - nominations.
ACn-10 DyspepsIa Cure.
l'"lth.e euro for . .II (1I.'ao . nr olnnll\l'h . , IIvor , all
. . . . , . , . . . . 11 ,
00.1. lIccoIIIIIIN"I ,1 h- " " ,1I1I1l l.h.lclan.
:1- : : UN that CUrt'8. 1110Iblol. . 11,00 , lic1 , lIIuncy "It
nrdcr tu Aomo Dyspopsla Cure CO. , Ironl
flow .Jorsoy.
Many Children are Sickly.
Mother Gl'ay's Sweet Pow cr orChUt1ror
used b ' MothorGl'a . , 1IU1'SO Iu Chlldl" " "
lIomo , NowYo1'lc , cure Fovol'lshncss , Ileal
, 'l'l'oubles 'l'eothlll Dil
ncho. Stomach , ! :
: i orl1ors , Drca\cupColds \ 11I111 Dcstl'Or'YOl'1I11
At all Drugl ts'.2.'ic. Salnple mnllcll r 1tEI' '
Ad ress Allc1l S. 01mstcl1 , Lo Hey , N. )
Grent DrItaln nnd IrelntH1 OXPOI
every year nbout. $25,000OQO wort
oC IInon goods , oC which ono-hntt I
. shlpPod to tIlO Unltet1 States ,
st Itchlnll. tlllull. 1I1ecdiull , l'rotrl\lllDIl 1'lIcs , Hru
111 RIll. are authorized to reflllni money If l'AZ
)0 ) 01NTMtN'l' filII. to cllre In G to It dlll'I , 5OC.
Hobort. Durton Illtbllshed the "Ann
) . amy of Melnnchol ) ' " at15. . It. WI
! cl written to rellevo the strnll1 ot tulr1
. . .
bot'dorlng on Insnnlh' .
1I1r . Wlllato\v'l ! ltothllll : i'I'rufI. '
r 1'01' chlhlren teelhlng. "ottens the KUrul , rtldueel :
t:1amluaUon : , 101l1 ) 1 1'11111 , eurell WIDlt 1.0110 , "ootl :
. EvorrhOtiY haa runs of gOiJl\ luc
but th Umo ho wouldl\1111reclfltt ! the
: ; wouhl bo when he wns having tl
II' " bad.
, . , " . . -
, . . . , . . .
LINCOLN-'fho hlsllectlon of the
Nntlonnl Guard hy Captain Frank A.
Wilcox of the ' ) 'hlrtleth United States
Infltntr ) ' w1l1 bogln February 26. Ad-
jutant. General Culver Isaued orders to
the various compnnles , notifying them
when anti where to nssemble for the
Inspection. The Inspection this year
will bo ono of the most. rIgid the
gunrd hits over unllorgono nnd the fact
thnt the dOIJII.rtment nt. Wnshlngton Is
nt this tlmo talelng moro Interest. in
the Nntlonal Guard thnn ever before
hns led to the clrculntlon of 111nny ru.
lt Is tnlltcd by military men , though
Geneml Oulver refused to dlsccss the
matlor , that the government has nslted
man ) ' hnpol'tnnt questions regardhig
the Natlonnl Gunl'd lately , among them :
how long It. woulel taltc to moblllzo tho' '
troops and how well they are equip'
ped. D ' aOI11O this great. Interest. be.
In < < manifested h ' the government Is
talwll to menn that. a demonRtrntlon Is
going to bo made In China or the gov-
ernment. Is getting In shape to 1.10
ready to malw n. del110nstrntl n should
such a course he necessary.
LINCOLN - Apparently popular ,
though a convict , In the condition In
which Charles Camllbo\1 \ of the Ne-
braslm state pcnltentlnry finds him-
solf. Ho Is recolvlng letters from all
over the country written by persons
who claim friendship and acquaint.-
nnco. The roport. published widely
that Campbell waR soon to receive all
or a portion or $25,000 for correctly
naming In advance the number of ad.
missions to the St. Louis fair may
have somothlng to do with the sudden
Increase In the convict's mall , but. It.
Is dally growing larger. The writers
set forth all sorts or pretexts to claim
acqunlntance with the prisoner and to
gently hint that they are In need of
something that money will buy.
Attorney General Drown filed In the
federal court his nnswer to the l1etltlon
of the Durllngton rallrond for nn In.
junction to restrnln the yarlous county
trensurers from co\1ectlng \ the 1905
taxes nssessed against that road. The
attorney seneral denies the charge of
the ro d thnt its propertr was vnlued
too high or that the atate board hnd
been Influenced by publlc clamor in Its
action ns an assessln body. The an ,
swer 'Is 11ractlcally the sarno ns WI1'i :
the nnswer In Ule 190.1 suit.
Rip Rap Work In Great Danger.
RUI O-Government. rip rap worl (
costing $500,000 Is threatened with de.
structlon by the nctlon of the MissourI
river near hero , which shows a dlsposl ,
tlon to change Its channel. The banltE
are bolng washed steadily , nnd th (
wnter Is encroaching on the Durling.
ton traclts. Four miles of new traclt
It. Is thought , will have to bo built , anti
sboultl the chnnnol cut. through to the
Inlto on the Missouri sllle It will mear
nn Ilddltlon to the steel brldgo acres : :
UlD river.
Frozen to Death In a Hut.
GRAND IS [ ANDWllllam lIeycnrd
recluse and hermit , wns found dead ir
an old slmck or a hut In the northwest
ern part. of the countr , a few ml1ef
from Cairo , a few dnys ago. His fnlth
ful old shepherd dog was standln !
! gnnrd over tbo remnlns , The whlnln !
of. the dog had been noticed Cor severn
dnys , and nn Invesllgallon was made
Hoycard wus 11I\rtly sitting up on I
bunk , his coat nnd vest removed , bu
I cap on. He had evidently been deal
severnl dars.
To Fight Mall Order Houses.
HASTINGS-A ntas : meellng of cltl
zens wns held here , The original ob
I' ject wns to further the district fnl
nssoclallon movement , but 1\11' . W. H
Sherml\n of Indlnnnpolls , nallonal OI
gllnlzer f the Amerlcnn society 0
Equity , wns aslted to nddl'qss the meel
tng. This sclet ) ' hns done much II
the way ot t1jbtlng the mnll orde
houses , nnd1\1r , Shormnn explained th ,
methods thnt. hnvo been used.
Cunningham's Sudden Death.
YORK-.10seI1h Cunningham wa
Cound dead sitting UII\'I \ ht In hi
bugg ) ' on the high war nbout one mil
sonthwest of th Is eltr. 1I0 had starl
ed fl'om his homo nlono with his tear
to como to 1'01'1. . the dlstanco being 31 ,
miles. IInd'Gn discovered , the tenr
had turned rn the beaten trnclt an
BtOOtt nt the roadsltlo. 1\1r. Cunnln !
1ll1m had heen trented tor heart troubl
b ' local Ijh 'slclnns aud therefore n
Inquest will 1.10 hold.
: 'S ' - Plans for Next State Fair.
LINCOI.N-Tho State Fair hoar
concluded Its session 1\1111 ndJourne (
, to The board voted to flOt. nsldo $ ! JOO t
ll' pa ) ' for an educatlonnl exhibit lit I h
d talr and $200 was set. asltle to pa } ' fa
the premiums to ho orrered at the IJOYI
corn growln conteRt , to be held ne
no Docember. Socretnry Mellor was 0.\ .
.l . ! . thorized to bu ) ' 200 loads of clndors t
ropnlr the walles antI mnko new wnlle
Ie on the Call' ground8 nnd contracts wer
11lot \ Cor the Ilrlntlng of 10,000 copies e
I ! the promlum list nnl1 25.000 raiders a < <
verUslng the r lr.
. .
- -
There are rODorllr that 0. new bnnlt
will shortly ho started at. llradshaw.
Hog cholera has been rnglng In Cass
county , L. G. ' 1'odtl has lost. 300 porle.
ors and W. n. DavIs forty with the
dreaded dlseaso ,
I"ort "elght. Japanese Inborors , who
have been employed by the UnIon Pa.
; cillc unloading steel west. of Icnrno ' ,
struck and were at. once discharged.
Sam Goon , a Chinaman , has been
sent. to the county jail nt Norfolk because -
cause ho threatened to shoot his wife ,
n. colored women.
Peter Nelson was severely Idclted by
n. horse while attending n snlo at the
Drooles farm west. of Dancroft. The
horse Iclcl < ed him In the face , Imock.
Ing out severnl teoth.
Word has been received In Deatrlce
from OIent'Jorn , Cnl. , nnnouncing that.
Mrs. Maggie V. Netzley , unt.l1 recently
n. resident. of Adams , Gage county , wns
burned to death at that. ! .I1n.ce.
Charged with brutnlly beating Hob.
ert. IlIclten , 3 yenrs old , Mrs. Mrtlo
Heclmthorno was fined $5 und costs by
.1udgo Spafford In the county court. at.
Deat.rlco. She paid her fine and WIIS
A flro at WInsldo totaUr deatro'ct !
t.ho general merchandlso store of G. S.
F1arrnn , F. S. Tracy's furnlturo and
hard\varo stocl < and caused I\ . loss of
more than $1,000 to A. II. Carter on'
goods stored In the building.
DI' . Charles naVel' of Telmmnh succeeded -
ceoded In bagging three moro Cann.
dlan geese. The doctor made a new
record. He went out nnt ! killed these
three geese In the flrst three abets
and was back to town In just ono hour
and fifteen This malccs ten
Canudns the doctor hns Itllled In ono
weele , ,
At. a special meeting of the city
council called for the purpose , the city
of Aurora granted the Aurara electric
'light. and Ilowel' companr a twent. ' .
renr extension or Its frnnchlse , mOttl.
lied by a quinquennial optfon to the
city to l1\trc.hase the plant , should the
city so elect , nt a price to be fixed by
a stipulated bnsls of appraisal.
Hobert. WIIIJel't , a farmer living ten
lnlles northwest. of Ainsworth , was In
town and bought a load of lumber. As .
ho was driving out and was seated on
top of the load , when he went. to go
out of the door he jerked his hend
down and the top of t.ho dear caught.
the back of his neck and It. was so
badh' mashed thn.t fatal results nre
Prof. E. II. Dnrbour of the stnto university -
versity expects to attend the meeting
of curators of Inuseums to po held In
Now York City May 15 , Orgnnlzntion
wlli bo 11Crfected at this meeting ,
which is the flrst. of Its' ] tlnd. Dr.
Barbour sa 's that. one of the grent.-
est. reforms that will be brought nbout.
by tllis organization will be uniformity
in classification of exhibits ,
The omcers of the farmers' Institute
of Gago' county have decided fto organ-
11.0 II. school for boys or Gnge count. .
for n corn'growlng contest and the
school girls for II. cooltlng contest.
I Each boy will receive a pint of 'Se.
lected corn , which ho must plant. and
cultivate and mal\C his exhibit. and re-
port. next fall. ' ) 'ho girls nre to C0111'
pete In the mnltlng of whent. and corn
bread ,
Much excitement prevails among the
citizens of Clear Creek valler and
\Vestervllle , Custer count.r , oyer the
promised extension of the Union Pa ,
clfic rnllway from Loup Ct.y ! through
, 'Vesteryllle , Donds are requested or
I the townships through whlcl the proposed -
- posed extonslon runs. 'Vestervlllo
3 and Myrtle townships have been reo
quested to each yoto $25,000 In bonds
as n. bon us.
State 011 InsrlCctor Ed Church ex-
plh.lns that. ho was unable to turn Into
the stnto treasury moro Umn $5117.64
for the month of Junuary from fees
of his ofilce because he spent. $300 for
rnllrond mllenge bools for himself and
his deputies. The railroads did not reo
new the passes of the people In the
Gt.ato 011 Inspoctlon department , none
were requested , nnt Mr. Church was
obliged to buy mileage hoolta ,
Among the Inmates brought. to the
' . Nebrnslcn stat Insane hospital at Norfolk -
folk are a mnn and his wlfo. SherIrf
: \lears of Wn 'ue county , who brought
them , carried homo with hIm a IIttlo
onc'ear.old bahy girl anll led by the
hand another little girl three 'ears
old , chlldrcn or tllO Insane pall' , who
nro to be given awny Into homes thnt
can bo found , The demented couple
recentl ) ' came from Ohlcago.
The twelve-year-oltl son of Milton
I1udson , a farmer 'resldln near Elbn ,
saved a train from being Illtched. The
boy haplletJed to discover n. broleen
rail. About eighteen Inches of the rnll
had ovltlentl ' been tOI'l1 out '
) b ) a pro-
vlous train or In s mo other manner ,
Though the weather was IIpproachlng
that. of n blizzard the boy managed to
allract the attention of the engineer
and the train was stopped within 11.
rew feet of the breale.
John Cox , an engineer In chnrge of
the engines hauling the Cnst Crelght.
through Nebraslea Clt . on the Missouri
Pacific railway , felJ Cram his englno
near the clt ' limits and was seriously
IC not fatnl1) ' Injured. 110 wns out on
the running board when ho mndo a
mlsstel1 nnd Col1.
Cnl T 'ler and George Vaughton
were arrested on the Island east of
Peru antI brought. to Nebrnslm City
Cor confinement In the count . jnll.
Thc ' were afterward lnlwn to Auburn
where they will answer to the charge
of assaulting Mnmle Hawley , a 17-
) 'ear-old girl.
- - . . - c . . . . . . . . . . . _ . . . ; /0..11. /
There 19 nD Rochelle Saito , Ium
LlmoorAmmonla In food madowltt }
C lum(9t (
Thoonly high gradoBoklng Powder
made at (1 moderate prloo. I
. _
A Trip Abroad. , ,
If vou are figuring on a trip to Eu. ,
rope , the Chlcngo , Mllwaul < co & St. .
Paul Hallway can tlclwt you through
from Omnha to foreign points. Full .
IIno ot steamahlp tlcltets. For rates
nnd full Informntlon call on or wrlto te >
F. A. Nnsh , General Western Agent
1624 Farnnm street , Omahn.
How's This ?
We ofTer OUII Hundred nnllnu newlIord tOT' IIonr
tl.8e : of IJnt rrb tbat caDDot bo cured by 1IIIU' . .
Catarrb Cure. -
. F. J. CIIE EY & CO. . Tolelto , O.
We , Ihe underRI'lIcd. ' ba\'e known F. J. Cheller
tor the lut l year. . nn,1 belle'l'o him I > erfectly hone
orable In nil \J\I \ lne. . trRluncllollo and nnnllciallr
Iollie to cllrry out IIny uhllllollun made lIy hi. Orm.
Whu1c..le lJruKI , I. , Tulcdo. O.
nall's C tarrh Cnro IR ( liken Intcrnnlly , nctlnlt'
dlreclly . ' Ihe bluud anc ! mucon urraee. of tho.
.y.elll. 111'011 lInlOnIRI. BOlli free. l'rlce 75 cunLe per .
bOllle. Iuhl ; Itv 1111 HrIlKKl t. .
Take HlIlI's f'lItolly : } 'll1s lor con"Upation.
Fine Dutchr.r for Cruelty.
For carrying II. pig by his cars and
tall a Newcastle , Englnnd , butcher-
hns been fined for cruelty , though sev-
ernl experienced butchers testified
that thnt wns the correct. way to carry
n pig.
Important to Mothors.
xnmlno c rctully cvery bOltlo ot CASTORIA , .
n Bafe allll Bure remedy tor Infanta and children.
Md Bce that It
DcaI' . the /71 ' ,
SlgnDluro erIn
In U D 'or Over 30 Years.
'l'he Kind You nave Alwa:3 Dought.
It Is a good thing to remember that
your celestial stnndlng does not. depend -
pend on 'our terrestrial tailor.
Plso's Cure cannot be too hlehlY spoken or ! J
n eou h eure.-J. , V. O'1JIIIF.N , Z 'I'hlrd Avo.
N.lIIlnneapolls , 1IIInn. , Jun. 0.1000.
To bo engnged and then not get marrIed -
rIed malccs n girl 1 < 1nd of shopworn
for next time.
! .Qwls' Single llIn er straight c-You
r-ny lUe fOI' cigars not so 1-:0011. Your dculet :
Ijf Lowls' Factorr , Pcoria , lit.
The way mother used to malee things
to cat. depended n lot on the appetItes
her children had.
A Gray Head by the Hearth.
A letter from 0. lady wile Is spendIng -
Ing the 'enr among the pensants of
T 'rol , says : "The morning nfter our
arrival 'wo were awnltel1\ by , the-
sound of a violin and fll tes under the-
, ,111I10w , and hurrying down found the-
mtlo hOU90 adorned as' for a feast-
garlands over the door and wreathing
In a high chair which was set In stnto.
The tnble wns already covered with gift.
hrought by the 'oung people whose- J .
1II1I51c wo had heard , The whole neIghborhood -
borhood were 1tlnsfoll. , and these girts. . ,
came frpm uncles nnd cousins lu every degree. They were very simple. .
for the donors are 11001' - lenltted - i--
gloves , n shawl , busleet. , of flowers , .
jars of fruit , loaves of brend : but. upon
nil some muo messnge of love was
" 'Is th.ere 0. bride In this house ? "
I nslted of my landlord. \
"Ach , neln ! " he said. 'We do not - "
mnlte such pother abou young poo. \ '
pIe. It Is the grandmother's bIrthday. '
"The grnndmother In her spectacles -
tacles , white apron and blgh , 'elvet
cap , was a heroine nil day , sitting In
state to receive Ylslts , nnd dealing out
slices from a sweet 10aC to each who
came. J could not. but remember cer.
taln grandmot.hers at home , whose- -
dull , sad lives were never brightened
by nny such pleasure as this ; and I
thought. we could learn much from
these Jloor mountnlneers. "
Never judge a man's feet by the
slippers his wife maltes for him. -
London Answers.
" ,
"The More Postum the More Food-
the More Coffee the More Polson.
The Pl'e3. of the W. C. T. U. In 1\
'oung glnnt state In tlto Northwest.
&a's :
"I did not. realize that. I wns a slave-
to cofreo till I left off drlnldng ft. For
three or four 'enrs I was obliged to
taleo a nerve tonic overr day. Now
I am Cree , thanles to Postum Food
Coffeo. .
"After finding out. what. coffee wll1
do to Its vIctims , I could hardly stand
to have m ' husband dl'htlt It : but Ito
was not. .wmlng to quit. I studied for
months to find n way to induce him
to leave ft off. Flnnlly I told him I
would malto no mol'o coffee.
"I got Postum Food Coffee , and
made ft strong-boiled ft the required
time , and had him rend the 1Itt10
boole , 'Tho noad to Wellvl11e , ' thnt
comes In ever ' 111g. I '
" ' 1'o-day Postum has no stronger ad-
vocnte tlmn my husbnud ! He teUs
our frIends how to mnleo It , and that
ho got thl'ough the winter without. n
llel1 of the grip nnd has not had n
headache for months-ho used to bo
subject to frequent. nervous head.
"The stronger ) 'OU drlnl. postum the
moro food rou got : the stronger -o
drlnlt coffee the moro polsonOl \ set ,
Name given by PO tUlu Co" llattlo { .
Creek , Mich. . .
'rhere's a renson.
' L'