Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, December 14, 1905, Image 8

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\ ruSTfR ( OUNn' RfPUBLlCAft
II ay D. M. AMe.tInnY.
i .1L00mN BOW. . . NFJDRABlUr.
, -
1L 1
1I I Brief Telegrams
; A. P. Hnlitz , theater proprietor 01
I Olevelaml , hns Btarted a movement to
I ' , erect a monument to Henry Irving.
/ John J. KelIy , chll'r of marleets nt
I Olevelnnd , was arr < , sted on the charge
or ombezzllng $ i,700 or the cltY'1i
At the sessloll or the national encampment -
campment of the Ullloll Vote 1\ '
union It wns Llechll'll to meet at St.
} ) aul next year.
; New Yorle board of estlmnto receives
I report of export fixing $7,7liOOOO aiJ
, the value 01 n t'lopholle Crnnchlse for
i twenty.fivn years.
1 MarshnII I lold and his IIrldo land in
' Now Yorlt , and the Chicago merchant
I' saYH I11l1nlclplIl ownol'ahlp Is a fall lire ,
nccorillng to his ohscl'vations abroall.
I Frellerlclc A. Poclthnm and Moses
I Hans , the alleged consplrntora who
I prontod by the lealt In the government
! cotton crop reports were arraigned In
New Yorlt.
jl 'fhe PullmHn company directors dc-
clarell the I'cgular quarterly dlvldenl1
j or $2 per ahare. 'l'he financial statement -
ment hews an Increase in net earnIngs -
Ings of $392,9 2.
I'ro/1IlIont / ; King or Oberlin ColIege , In
an Interview given In 1\lllwaukee , saya
"tainted money" may be received provided -
vided the moulh or the reelulent Is not
closell to erltIclam.
Commissioner Host or Wisconsin 10
sending out to nIl state Insllranco de-
pnrtments a copy or the Wisconsin
gain and , loss exhibit blanle for lIre
company reports and urgIilg Its use.
'I.'ho Bolglan government Is maturing
a plan for the reorganization or the
army whlcb it wJll soon present to
parliament. This establishes personal
military service similar to the Swiss
Peoria's grand jury acljonrned arter
Indicting two banle presldenlB , causing
the collapse of ono bank and shaltlng
the confidence or the cltlzons In the
mon who stood highest In business I
cl rei es.
Wl11lam E. Curtis , wrlUng rrom
Montreal , says mon bol'll In the United
8tate8 are talc1ng a leading part In
Canndlan affairs , and describes hard
: Minto , succeSdor to Lord Curzon , viceroy -
roy of India.
The , Great Dritaln sought and promIsed -
Ised II. milltnry derenslvo alllonce with
Franco against Germany at the tlm
the Moroccan affair assumed a threat-
j cnlng aspect , Is the burden of a stor1
t prlntod .n . Paris.
t 'fho Nashvltlo chamber or commerce
' unanimously adopted a resolution requesting -
questing Secretary or the 'frensury
1 Bhn.w to admit free or uty the articles
, t brought into this country by Miss ,
Allco Roosevelt. '
1\ \ Ma 'or McCleHan , BP althtg , at :
, Tammany ratlficatl n meeting , aUacle-
cd the theorle or municipal ownorshlp
j oxtremlsts and says the debt limitations -
tions of' Now YOI'le City compel the
prantlng or franehlscs.
. Doxlng matches In Chicago have
I been placed under the ban by Chler
I of Police Collins. lie announced that
proresslonal prizefighters and boxers
1 would not herearter bo allowed to tako.
part in contests In Chicago.
" : Professor H. D. Meyer of the U I-
vero.ity or Wiscoosln , In an address
Ii beroro the gas mon's convention in
, Mllwauleee , declared that long.torm
francblses are productive or extortion
J and tblnks that llUbllc ownership Is
\ better.
. ' ) The convention or the General Dnp-
t1st association or IllInois , In session
\I \ at .Tollet , voted to join the crusade of
'f the Antl.Saloon league and worle fort
the election or men to the state leg.
t Islature who ure favomble to local op-
, tion.
! Prosldent Hoosovelt' Issues an order
I that clyll service employcs may be
summarily dlschal'jed without trial
whenever a superior decltle the em.
ployo has been Inofilclent or guilty o !
misconduct. In the presence or such IU.
According to advlces rrom ManchurIa -
Ia , GenernlLhll.1Vitr.h. on receipt or the
notlfientlon or the ratillcations or the
peace treaty , ordered the destruction
or the barricades , entrenchments and
other Impediments or communication
with the neutral zono.
Passao ! or Preslliont Roosevolt'l
train through North Carolina WUE
mnrleed by a continuous ovation In
which 1\Irs. Hoosl'velt shared. In 8
IIpcech at Raleigh the president urged
that the government lie given the poW'
er to control ralIroad rates.
The Russian battleship Knlas Po
wmklno , the crew or which mutlnlod
In tbe harbor or Ollessa last June , has
by imlerlal order , bcon re-chrlstened
the Paml1elmon , artl'r the famous mar
tyr of the Uusslan church , who died
in thll third centur ) ' mId who Is lookt ) (
upon lIy the doctors UII their putro [
Weelely trade rev ows rellort greal
activit ) ' in all lines , tlw movement 01
commodillea tmdng raIlroad lalte trans .
porlatlon facIlIties.
The bureau or equtpmont or the navJ
departments is prepnl'llIl { to establlat
nine new wlrelcss tet'gralJh ! statlonl
on tbo Pacific coast.
Ueductlon or the tariff on Bugal
beets ! rrom 2 to 10 per cent ad val
orl1m is asked to save Michigan Bugal
, beet ractorles rrom closing.
Edward George CunlUfe , the exprell
clerk who stole $101.000 at Plttaburl
'WIUJ ' arrfsted In Orllll."l1Ilrt. Conn. . anI
dna UD 11i0.000 lit , II"
- I . , ,
Paul Dresser , the Popular Composer.
Cured by Doan's Kidney P/Ils. /
Paul Drepscr hf New York , author
of "Bnllhl ! of the WabnHh" 1II111 mallY II
nn. : . . . . other sreat SOIlJ : hits ,
. . -
wrHos :
Gl'ntlemen : I wll < h
to rocomJlll'nel Donn'8
1(111110) ' PIlI8 , In the
hOll0 tllat my l'n.
tol'sumcnt ! will bo
rl'nd by some or the
many thou luHII ! or
surrerers from Illdlley
/6f/fd complalut. I was so
wretched Cram this mulady that I I
cOllld not slel'p , rest 1101' eat , and had
a wenlt nnd achllll ; bnck. Doan's Kidney -
ney PJlls errrctllnIly eurc me , IInd I
wish thnl ot1ler8 may \wow. \
( Sl nell ) PA UI. DHl SSJm ,
Sold by 1111 denIers. E.iO cellts a box.
Footor.MUburn Co. , Buff.110 , N. Y.
SOlp : : from PompeII.
A row years ngo a soap.hoUer's shop
wns cllscover.ed in PompeII , havln
beell burled lIeneath that l rrlble ralll
or r.shes thllt fell upon lho city 79
A. D. ' 1'he sonp fOlllld In the shop
hacl not lost lis efficncy , although It
hud been bllrled 1.800 ) 'enl's.
Insist on Gottlng It.
Some gl'ocers Hny , hey ( ] on't keep
Dellance Stureh , 'I'hls Is because they
have a Htocle on hanel of other hran s
contaIning- only 12 oz. In u pnclmge ,
which they won't ue ublo to Rcll firRt ,
beea URC Defiance cn tutns 16 oz. tor
the flume money.
Do you want 16 oz. InRtead at 12 oz.
tor RamI' money ? 'fhen buy Defiance
Starch. Hel1ull'es no cool.lng.
Origin of Some Spanish Titles.
Spain is said to contain 470,000 "no.
bles , " Ulany or whoUl ewe their titles ,
such as they are , to the bnIr mad anti
wholly bad PhIlIp II , who used to cre.
ate thom In batches or 100 at 11 time
Ilt a uniform prIce or $50 a bead.
rlAo's Cure for Consumption Is nn Infnlltblo
medlctne tor coughs IIn cohls.-N. W. SAMUEL ,
Oceau arovo. N. J.I"cb.17IOOO.
Has Lots of Leisure Now.
Cupid used to bo overworleed untl1
ho Invented the m rl'lnge ceremony.-
! llr . WIIIBln" " , , I'uuLhllll : SyrOI"
J1'orebllclren tpnthlllK , "rlcn8lhe IlIm. , reduccl In-
QAmm8tluu , 8118"1",10 , cures wln,1 cullu. 2lca : ootUo.
, Happy the preacher who can Invent
a 110eltetboole that cannot be left at
homo on Sundaya.-lIenry 10' . COlle in
Chicago 'frlbune.
FARMS . J. MUIllALI. , Sioux C1t ' . lu.
Three Things to Ascertain.
There was 11. t1mo when mlnlsten
used commonly to cons III 01' the sub ,
jects for theh' sermons under .three
heads. A CUIIIOUS usel' of rcdl1ndant
11ronouns , taltlug for text , "Tho dovll
goeth ubout as a roaring llon , " lira
posed to consider , "lIr8t , wbo the dOTIl
ho is : seeolllll ) ' , why the devll ho go
eth I1.bouti and , thh'tll ' and lastl ) ' ,
wbat the devIl Is ho J'olll'lng at. "
" Coating for Gilt Frames.
For gtlt frames which are not qulto
of the best quallty 11. good thing Is D
coating' clear parncilluent slzo ovm
the gliding , as this prevents the dark
enlng and discoloring or the gold , and
also allows or the fral11es bolng light
Iy wiped over occasionally wHh a
clean moist span go , this being al
lowetl to dry of ItseIr.
Antiquity of Ropemaklng.
Although the nlUlllI or the first rope.
maleeI' and that or the land In which
he practiced his art have both been
lost to history , Egyptian sculpturel !
provo that th art WIlS practiced at
least 2,000 ) 'cars before the Hme or
Pawnbroking In London.
Moro than 1 , OOOOOO visits are 1111111
every 'ear to London pawnbroltoJ's. .
'I'ho exact figurl's are on an average
IiO,300 times a c1ny. Throughout the
whole counlry the 1Iumbor of pledges
I is said to nsllO\l1It lo 1DOOOO,000 POI
Dc Soto looked Cor the secrd vl
, ) 'out1 ; In a Sprlll ! ; or ! ; lIshing , ! lfo-
slvln ! ; waters , which ho was sure 111.
" . .auld find In the New World. AI.
chemists and wagcs ( thollsands of
them ) , have sllent their lI\'es In ques
for It , but It Is on1) ' found b ) ' those
happ ) ' people who cnn digest and aD-
IIlmllnto the right rood which Ieeps
the ph/lical / bod" perCect that peace
and comfort are the sure results.
A remarlenblo man of DI sa 's : " 1 < ' 01
many long ) 'cnts I sulfered more 01
. le8/1 with chronl costiveness and
pnlntul indlgestloll. This cotdlUon !
made lire a ! ; reat hunlen to me , a.
you ma ) ' wel1 imagine.
"Two ) 'ears ngo I beglln to use
Gr tJe'Nut as food. and am thanlful
. thnt I dll1. It hns hAcn a hleRslng to
I mo In every wa ) ' . 1 first noticed that
I It bad reitored m ' digestion , 'I'h1
L was a great I'aln but WIlS nothing te
I CaUl pal'o In importnn , o with the Cac' '
t 1 tbat In a short time n\ } ' bowels were
' restored to Creo and 110rmal I1ctlOI1.
L. I' " 'rho cure 8ccmlll to ho 'Omplet" :
for two years I hl1\'o hacl nore or thE
r old trouble. I use the Grnpc-Nut
I food every morning fOI IIrcaltfast and
I trequently ent notlllnJ ; else , The USE
has made me comrortab'o and happ"
r and although I wlll be14 ) 'ears olc
. next tal1 , 1 havc hecomf. . strong anc
r lupplo again , croct In fiJ\lre and cat
walk with an'body arid enjoy It. '
Name rlven b , . PNltum Co" Datth
Creek , Mlah. " 'rhert.o'l a realon. "
i Rf'ad the l\tU. \ . hook. "Th Road t
Wel1YIU. . " I. eTtlI'f pkl-
. - , , . "
cw"TP.2D"enger T" lfno Manager for
the Snnta Fo nO Jd.
t I
William J. Dlaelt , who has just been. .
promoted by the Santa Fo railroad to :
bo passenger lrarnc mannger of the
enUre system , with heaelquarters In
Chicago , wus born oct. 3 , 18G4 , In
St. LouIs , and has been in the ra1l.
wny service /linco / 187D , begInning as
an office bo ) ' with lho Vandalla at t1.o
age of 1 [ ; 'earB. 110 retained bis first
position flvo years , when ho became
rate clerIc in the passenger department -
ment 'of tho' l\t1ssourl Pacific. In
March , 188G , ho was given a similar
position hy the Santa Fe. Ho was
promoted to chief clerlt in the ) Jasson-
gel' department In April , 188' : , and
to assistant general pnssenger ngont
Jan. I , 1S2. ! ! 110 has been general
11assenger agent , wItb bead quarters
at Topelcn , 1an" slnco Fob. I , 1897.
A Sermon In It.
In thq fol1owll1 ! ; paragraph , from 11
story by Gouvc1'IIel1r 1\1orrls , In the
Reader magazlnc , there Is a whole
sermon : "Edwl1rd , " said my grandfather -
father , "never undertalcc to patronlzo
God. It 'ou feel that 'OI1 do not understand -
derstand HIm lWOl1 It to yourseIr. It Is
enough to Iwow that ) 'OU were dust ,
and 110 made a man of you ; that you
grow wear at length and Ho gives
you sleep ! " -'f tI antic Constitution.
- -
The tollowtng'ery InterellUng can ver-
BaUun beL\HtJn 1\11. \ \ lllLU , hunker. and
Mr.Vullor Wel1mlln. l'uLired. two proml-
lIent cltlzcn/l of Lho town , 'was recentlv
ovclhenrd :
"I ncver buy PlltC1Jt medlctne , " Batd
Mr. \ \ 'hlLe.'hl'n 1 tecl the need of
medical nsslstnnce I cnll our phy,1clan.
I don't bdle\'e In Inllng n. lot ot sluff
that I IlIIow nolhln : IIhout , . I Imow. how-
e\'er. that n gl''lIt mnny do use It. nn
pparently wILli oed rellults. but [ am
tor I-ellhw II dOCLol' e\'ery time. "
I "Your drclllnlltl1nc s remhr ! Lhls posst-
ble" replied : \11' , Wel1nllln , " ! Jut the mn-
jOl'lty ot people III UII I clIllt11der the ex-
pense. My expcrlence Is that some pat-
fOnL medltJIni trt'IUl'ntly ! cure whim the
docLor's " ,1,11I , Is 1IIIIIIed , Talle , f r Instance -
stance nil ullllcllol\ ' say like consLipu lion
an slomllch It'ouhie , DId you C\'Cr hear
ot 'our family ph 'slclan cUl'11I1 ; n. cnse
lIke that' ! It consllllflted , he I-Ives yon a
JJh 'slc ; but a physic cnnnot cure eonsLl-
pallon. nnd he will Lell 'ou so. IL Is n
temporn.r . ' relief nnd beforlJ IOllg 'ou nced
more ) Ihyslc or pills , ' 1'he docLor chnrg's
you $ w o\'ery 111110 'ou c/ill on him and
I you have to pu ' 1 0c { ) I' 7 e 10 have his
. filled , Pretty lIoon you ha\'o
the ' 1'11' or 'Ph > 'slc' 1II\II1t and your doctor -
tor hAil n steady cuslomer , You cannot
rend the doctor'lI lHPserlpLions. You IlIIow
no more nJout ! whnt he gl\'es you Lh n
'ou do nbout the Ingredlenls ot a \
medicine. No 1''l1l1ble company w lll\teht
n lut ot monc ' In La n'l1lent ' medicine
unless thcy are con\ Inc ( > ( \'l1lent \ It will do
nil Lhnt Is clillmell tor it. Usuatl ' It Is
tl1IH'escl'II'1Il111 01 some specialist whu
hns devoted his life to the stully of a
certnln dlspnse nnll hns l11aNlcrell It.
I men lion comilipn lion nllli stomnch
trolll.le lIecauso I bufferell from thnt uf-
IlIl'lIon for 'Pllrs , It I" Lho beginning ot
nenl'ly nil llspnsl' . Onc ( ' IL gels n grip
I on 'Oll. It Is serious , stuhhol"ll and hnl'd
to ovcrcome. I never knpw n ease I1mt
wnll CUI ed hy nn 01 1IInnr ' ' phy-
III'ln n , hut I llo Imow 0 II nUl11hpat
hnll " " .cs Lhat wor4J IWl'mnnl'nlly cured
h 1'lly cntlpd11111'8 : Oralie 'I'ollic.
1 1 Hl'd It In my family wlLh HilLis- I ,
'tnCl , t'f'SUItH , It cllt'ed 1110. nn I Imow ,
1\ I.\'l'nt mllllY mOl 0 I''I'IWIII ! It has cure ,
It COHtR , 1 0 ( 'pnls fnr Il HIIJIIII or 1.00 fern
n 1a0 hoUI. " 1 , Inll't Imow pxn'II ' 1111
thnt IH In It. hut I dn Imnw It CIII'ell con.
IIII\llIlIon \ nnd slol11l1l'h tI 0111,10 nnll Lhnt III
more thall my family docLor coul do tor
nil' ,
[ WIIS first attrncL,11 Lo the remedy by
the c0l1111nny'H orter to I-Ivc Lhe IIl'st bottle -
tlo ft PI' La ' who
IIn ono would wrlto to
tllem I-lvtnJt : Lllpll' dru glqL's nnme. I 11m
thA IIIful till' III ! ' hellellL IL hns gl\'en nlld
ad\'lo cvery sUffprer trom consllpaLinn
to write to Iho MIIII'I ! Grnlle Tonic Co. . HS
th A\'e. . noel ( Il < lallll , III" gl\'ll1I Ihem
their lrugglSl's ndllrNls. 50 Lhnt they can
procure a bottle tree of expense. "
Tennyson's Porter.
Tenn'son was a 10\'el' or porter.
When a peerngl' was olTered him didn't
he put off decIcllllg whether to nccept
It or not until he had debated the
question with hlmsctr over a bottle of
what Goldsmith cl\lled "Imrson's blacle
chamllllgne ? "
Body a Mass of 60rer.-Treated by
Three Doctors but Grew Worse
-Cured by Cutlcura for 75c.
"My lIttle daughter was a mass of
/lores / all ovcr her bed ' . lieI' fnco
was catcn awn ) ' , and her cars loo1\ell
ns Ir the ) ' wou1l1 tlroll off. 1 called In
three doctors , but she grew worso.
Nolghhors advlsell ClltlCUI'a , and boo
fore I had used hair or the caleo ot
l oap and box or oIntment the sores
bnd all hcalcd , and 111) ' IIttio one's
RI\ln was as cllar as a new-born
babe's , I would not bo without CuU-
cura again It It oost five dollars , In.
tcad or 80\0l1tl1vo cent8 , which Is
all It cost us to Cill'O our baby. Mrs.
G. J. Steese , 701 Coburn St. , Aleron ,
Ohio , "
I .
I It tales the state legislature to
I chnnge a ml\u's nnmc , but any justice
, or the peace cn1chnuge 0. w0111an's.
I -
A man may as wel ! tel ! the truth
, when he C0111es home at 2 a. . m. , for
hie wito won't believe him anTWll1.
. '
, T. A. Doerr or lo'remont was fined $50
and costs ror selling llquor on Sunday.
The new 110111an Catholic church at
West Point 113 soon to bo tledicated.
'I.'hero has of lalo becn two deaths
trol11 tYllhold fever in the insane
asylum at Lincoln.
The Standard lleet Sugar Company's
factory at Ames can talto care of 1,000
tons or beets a day. Allen oC Seward C lIlity died Inst
weele Crqm injuries received by jump.
Ing from a ha'atacle onto a pltchforlt.
M1'3. M. Turel ' has lIeen appointed
b3' Governor Mlclto ) ' to the position
or matron In the Nubrnslta Insane hos.
pital at Norfolk.
The H'year.old brother of George
Guenther , a dealer In guns and sport.
ing goo s , Grand Island , was att.1cked
by a shit(1polie and moy lose an eye as
a result.
Dlancho Balcer of Grand Islantl is
alarmed ever the mysterious disap.
pearance ot. her husband on October 8 ,
since which time ahe bus not heard 0.
word from him.
Mrs. S. .T. 'Yca\'erllng has sold her
farm or 1GO acres near Darneston ,
Gage county , to Peter Weir ror $5&
IJer ncre. 'fhls land \\'us purchased
twenty years ago for G an acre.
Charles A. Gore , a Humboldt merchant -
chant who is shipping his stocle to
Colorndo , met with qulto a loss a few
days since , when ho laid down hl&
poeketboolt , conlalnlng nearly $200.
and has slnco been unable to find It.
'I.'ho gathering or the second crop or
strawborrles and gmlles In the vlcln.
Ity of Deatrlco was equal1ed , 1 ! not
surpassed , last weelt when D. H. Otlell ,
n reRldetlt or Deatrlce , picked 165 ripe
pumplclns from ono \'Ine.
News has been recel\'ed at Yorlt an.
nounclng the death of Mrs. Ph1lJp
Hltger In Ca11.fornla , irom appendicitis.
Mr , and 1\I1'R. \ Hitger three years ago
moved from York to Long Deach , Cal.
They were pioneers In York.
John Beeber , empoj'ed ! on the Sew. I
ard court house , was struelt on th\ '
head by a picco of tlllng dropped by
another worleman , and seriously In.
jured. Ill' was unconscious ror many
hours , but Is recovprin .
Arter an 1I1ness or less than a quarter -
ter of .an hour br. John O. Dawson
died or heart faIlure In his office at ,
Lincoln. Dr. Dawson was well Imown I
in Uncoln , having practiced medicine
there ror more than twenty years.
Louis Dahl or ScrIbner WfiS the I1rst
man sent to the asylum from Dodge
county under the new law for the , cure
of dipsomaniacs. The complaint was
l11ed by his friends , who believed tbat
confinement and treatment was' what
ho needed.
The annual convocation for the
clergy of the diocese or Nehras1ca w1l1
bo held In D'atrlce November 7 to 10.
nlshops WorthIngton and W1I1lams ,
and also many prominent priests or ,
the dloCEsC : w1l1 be present and tale ; :
part In the discussions.
Robert J. llrown , aged 71ears , was
found dead at Cambridge. Mr. Drown
and 11 little 1I0y , who was staying with
him , retired In the evening without
any complaint or J11ness by the de.
ceased , and on awakening the boy
round his sleeping companion dead.
Georo ! Dalcer , accused or horse steal-
lng , pleaded guilty In the district court
ot F1l1more county , and was sentenced
to three 'el1'S ! In the penitentiary.
Daker is the man whom Sheriff Pager \ '
or F1I1more county captured near
Plattsmouth about the 1st or Septom.
bo '
The McCook CommercIal Club's rail.
road commlttce Is preparing to malee
11. campaign for mOl'e adequate rac1lJ.
ties at McCoole for handllng the big
rrelght business of that place. not to
mention the lurgo transrer freight
business one thrre.
'I.'he students atteneHng the Kearno
Normal school ant ) who lI\'e In the
dormitory are UIJ In arms against the
quality or Cootl served In the dorml.
tory and ha\'e inaclo complaint to the
State Normal board. SlIch Is the report -
port that has reached I.lncoln , but It
cannot he confirmed by the minorIty
members or th(1 hoard because they
know nothing of It.
The special committee appointed by
tbe Commercial club or Dellevuo to
conror with the Omaha Street R I.
way COl11lHlI1y have had /le\'eral / meet.
Ings with the company und as a result
they Auccl'l'dcd ' In ettlng It to Bend
out Its engIneer to look ever the route
or entrance Into nl'1e\'IIe. ! ' 1'ho ongl.
neer spent most of the da ' In survoy.
Ing and 1001tllll ; o\'or the route.
Deput ) ' Labor Commissioner Dush
has returneel to 1.lncoln Cram North
Platto. where he wcnt to Inspect some
111'0 escapes , and at on1 ; , ! atarted nn
Investll'atlon of th ( ' violations of tIle
romalo lahor laws In Lincoln , White
no forntnl ( 'UlI1\1ll1lntR \ hllvo been tIled
with MO department It haK been ro-
tlortcd that In 81'vernl ml1llnery stores
In town the 'oung womop employes
were com\ll'/lrel \ / to work JIIoro than
len houl'S CI dllY nnd Mr. llush will
lalto aetlun.
The Srltem ) Iwl' mortgage record for
RIchardson county Is aB fullows : , ! "arm ,
med , H , $30II ! ! : , 78 ; rell'alll'rJ ' , 1 G , $30"
! J7 . Clto. : , meet , 7 , $2fif O.7 : relellsed.
! I , $1,675. Chnttel , 11I011 , fi , $3IiGGI.20 :
reletsctl , ! J8 , $ GGIO.23. :
l\lJss Bertha Clcle was Cound uncon.
sclous I1t her homo In Atlbllrn Satur.
day ovenlng and died Iu ! L ahort while.
I Miss Clcle , who WI1 11 alster or Mrs.
J. S. Sttll1 or that city , has lived ! Llono
I Cor 1\ lone time. Friday she visited
her slstcr nud left In apparentl ' gOOLl
, , health. The catlse or her death Is not
I positively known. She waa 58 years
ole ! :
Attack Constitutionality of Laws 01'
Regulation of Their Business.
I..INCOLN-Tho Omahn. Elevator
company t110d Its brier In the grain
case and It contains considerable
leglslatlvo Information , and at the
sarno thno attempts to declare unconstitutional -
stitutional all II\\\'s enacted by the legislatures -
islatures or 'e\rs : lII18t affecting grain
grain dealers , together with the repeal
or the 1887 act by Implication by the
1n05 act , tinder which It holds , therefore -
fore the action Is brought. Dlscus&
ing the laws passed up to the ID05 In.w
the attorneys sa3' In their brier :
"Tho law of 1881) ) Is .lnvalId , for the
reason that the bill as Introduced and
as voted upon , as shown by the tItle ,
aplliled only to 'manuracturers. ' It Ie
true that a bl11 wltb a tltlo affecting
manufacturers 'a1ll1 dealers' was en.
grossed and sIgned , but the title to
the bill when votell upon did not have
the 'and dealers' In It.
"Tho nct of 18D3 docs not purport
to nfTect ! ; raln mono -
"The first act of 1817 ! Is Invalid for
the reason thnt the bl11 as engrossed
and slgnod wns never voted upon. The
tWo of the nct c11grossed and signed
affected 'lrado nmt business. ' But the
bill as Introduced and voted upon did
not contain the words 'and business'
in the tltlo. This Is a very materIal
alteration , as 'btlslneS'I ! ' refers to Insurance -
suranco companle..q , professions , and
probably a I111ndrl'd occupations not
emhraccd bo' : the orm of 'trade. '
The second act r 1807 Is Invalid.
A bill was Introduced tinder It title 'a
hill for an act to prohibit combinations -
tions among graIn elevator men , and
to provldo 11. penalty therefor. ' This
we will call the short title bill. The
committee to whlrh It was referred attempted -
tempted to substltuto for it a b11l with
a Itlo as 'Iong as the moral law , the
latter beng In every sense a rllrrpre t
bill. The result was that the ahort
titled bI11 was voted upon , but the
lon t1t1e 11I11 was engrossed and sign-
ed. and hence nelthor became a law.
"This leaves for consideration only
the act of 1887 , and the act or 1905.
And the questlon Is , which one or tbem
governs the coso ? I confess the matter -
ter Is not free from doubt. I w11l also
say that In bohalt of my clients I do
not know that I care which one is the
one. Dut while admitting there Is
doubt , 1 insist the correct rule to ap.
ply wlll bo to hold the former Ia.w Is
repealed by impllcatlon. "
The brier contends tbat the 1887
law Is a general law and was repealed
by hnplleatlon by th 1D05 act. There.
fore the case must como to trial under
the 1D05 nct , and that acts committed
prior to lho IIIIsugo ! : ! of that law can.
not be consldereu and an Injunction In
this case wlll not lie.
Evidences Convinces Governor He
Was Not Guilty of Murder.
LINCOL1Afler serving fonr 'ears
In the penltontjary for a crime which
it Is now beHeved he did not commit ,
Charles Russell , sentenced to. twenty
years , wont forth a free man , with
an unconditional pardon from Gover
nor 1\Uclte ' . Evldenco showing that
Russell was an Innocent man was
piled onto the governor In such abund-
Ilnce that the Issuance of the pardon
was the natural sequence. In the af.
fldl\.vlts many startling and sonsntlon.
al statements were made. showing tha.t
Russell was lItl'rally rnllroaded to the
prison , without a ghost of 0. show to
prove his Innocence.
Two of the jurors asl < ed that the
pardon be granted. wblle Nathan
Droadhurst , one of the , jurors , made
affidavit that .Tohn McCumber threat.
oned to throw him out of the wind 0"
unless ho voted' for conviction , while
Sylvester 1\Iullloon , another juror , ho
said , was absent from the jury room
on two occasions for moro than an
hOllr eaC'h tlmo without IJel'mlsslon of
the cour.t.
Engineer and FIreman Killed ;
NBDHASKA CITY-n , F. Young ,
engineer , and Wllllnm Sheffield , fire
man , on an englno drawing a slocli
trilin wlleh left here at D:40 In thE
morn In ! ; , were Itlslantl ' Ie 111 cd by be ,
Ing pinIoned under their engine wben
t went t.hrough n brldgo between
Weolling Wntl'r and Nehawka , The
enJlne and two l'mpty stock cars were
preclpltatt'd a dlstanco of twenty.fivo
Coet. The otlll'r cars and passenger
coach at the ( ,1Il1 of the train remained
on the raIls. The englno drawln ! ; the
train Is of the "battlcshlp" t 'po or 10.
comotlves , IInd lho report Is it was too
heavy for the bridge. '
Big Pay Asked by Corn Huskers.
FRE\IONT-A ; trip through the
country shows that the corn Is badly
blown down , ( lspeclal1y tlpon the
hluffs , in some 111aces h'lng almost
nut upon the ground. Corn hus1eers
ure asllng G cents It bushel , which Is
maI'o than the farmers are w11llng to
Tucker Will Not Return.
I1Ul\1II0.D'r-It Is nnouncet'l upon
aPlmrent gooll authOl'UY that Eugene
A. Tuclter , late Cedernl jUdro of Ariz-
ona. wll ! not return to this clt ) ' and resume -
sumo the ] Jructlco or Inw among the
people with whom ho resided so long ,
nolther w11l ho remain in his later
quarters at Globe , Arizona. Ho hns
not yet made up his mind dofinltely
farther than this , but It Is , probable
ho wIll locate either in Callrornla or
at some point in old Mexico. Mrs.
Tuclecr , who lias been with him , i8 III
poor hoalth.
. - , ' . . - - - - . . . , . _ , -
- " 1.- . . . ' ' ,
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Pillsbury's Vitos
is the best and most economical -
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Actuall ,
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h. maker guarantees II. QIlIIUtJ'
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pounds ! Mountatn
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package 20a
Ask your grocer
Natural Lightning Conductors.
The Lombardy poplar tree , It Is said ,
rorms a splendid natural lightning
conductor , Its great height and laclt
or spreading branches enabling It to
condllct a lightning strolee straight
downwards. No house near whlcb
one of these trees has been l . I
bas as 'et been Imown to suffet' from r.
the Be\'erest storm.
Pull for Peace.
Wastel ! energy Is fin enemy of
wealth. Poor tools and abused earn.
estness make trouble. and trouble Is \
also maelo by dishonesty berore good
tools and unrespectcd kIndness. Every
thinker should also be a worker In thlt ,
Intcrest of real wIsdom between man i
alHl man. Conclltlons might be better 0
fOI' everrllody all earth.-Earl 1\1 : .
Pmtt. .
Gocthe declured that "That man who I
sccms 'to care IIlUe whther' ho
rhnrnls or attrncts women Is he who I
serllces" ; but Crosterfield laid It
down as a first 1I1'Ineipie that "He who
Hutters women mORt l11ea8es UlOm
best , nml they ar ( ) most In love \Xttb \
him they thInk Is most hi love with
them , '
Good News for All.
nrac1tord , Tenn" Oct. 23d.-Spe- ( k" \
cla1.-Sclrntlfic ) research shows Kid. '
ney Trouble to bo the father of so
man ) ' diseases that news of a discovery -
ery of a sure cure Cor it cannot tall
to be welcomed al1 oyer the country. ,
And according' to l\lr. .1. A. Dayls or
this place jl1l\t slich n cure Is round in i3
Dodd's 1 < Idnoy Pl11s. Mr. Dnvls says : ,
"Dodd's 1\ldnoy PlIs ! are al1 that is , ' , .
claimed for them. They haye done me. . . . . .
more good thnn anytllJn I have eyer
talen , I had Kidney Trouhle very
hall anll nCter tallug' a fO\v boxes of
Dodd's Klelney Pl11s I a111 completely
cured. 1 cannot IJralse them too
much , "
Khlney Complaint tlm'elops Into
nrl ht's DlscMse , Drojlsy , DIabetes ,
Rhl'1I1111\tlsm nllli other pnlnful and
ratal dlseascs , 'fho safl'gulrd : 18 to . . . .
cure ) ' 0111' 1hIIlO'S with DOllcl's Kidney ' "
PI113 " , hell t hey show the first symp. ( ;
tom or dlseHRe. .
J\ man who II1slsts on having every. , I
thing Ills Wil ' will have trouble thrust
\I ) (1I1 him ,
There Is 80methlnl ; laclclng in th&
lIre when the fUllel'l11 writes "Flnla"
o\'er It.
It.s the man who hammen the \j I
church down who complains most t.hat ( I
eho docs nol rise. 'il' 'i '
l' '
' 1
. .
' -
- , .