Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, December 14, 1905, Image 10

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    ruSIfR ( OU" RIPUBLlW
. , I .y D. M. AMS..nnV.
; - MOON BOW. N "
I : :
r , I New in Brief I
The Aualt'lall government. Ilromises
the right. of sUffrage to the worldng
: . ' cln.sses.
Prnctlcnlly the entlro IIuslllcss par-
Uon or the town of Arcadia , 1"la" " was
. . . destroyed by fire.
Many vessels are reported wreclecd
nnd It Is feared that. lives h.avo . boon
lost In storm on great lalees.
Preshlont Louhet of Franco states
cntegorlcally that ho will not accept a
ro-oloctlon to the presidency.
St. . Charles theater , at 'l'oronto , ono
of the leading vallllovl1lo hous of
Canada , was destroyed IIy fire.
A dispatch from Constantlnoplo reports -
ports that the steamer Uoleldleu has
been wrecltcd In the Dosphorus ,
Sonntor DolI1ver expresses the belIef -
lIef that. congres ! ! will meet the presl.
dont's wishes on ! 'fito questions.
Adn.m W. Johnson of Washington ,
tormer United States marshal at
Nome , Alaslm , died at Now Yorle In a.
sanitarium followln an oporatlon.
On the recommendation of the com.
missioner of the general land olnce ,
the president has Issue(1 ( nn order
nbollshlng the Innd omco at Lamnr ,
Percy Iuuttroff , n Prlncoton stu.
dent , who dlsaJIIJCared several weeles
ago and for whom II. rownrd of UOOO
was offered , has been located In Eng.
KIng Altonso of Spain has accepted
the resignation of the cablnot nnd has
requestcd Senor Morot , formerly min.
Istor of the Interior , to term a. now I
ministry. I
The body of .Tohn N. Tisdale , a
wealthy minIng opern.tor , who dlsap.
peared from the Hotel Sovlllo , Now
Yorle , on November 6 , WIlS found In
the Harlem river.
Several na.mes are montloned Ilt To.
Jdo tor the resldont genoralshlp Ilt
Seoul , but nothing w1ll bo lenown ro-
gnrdlng the appointment until the return -
turn of Mllrquls Ito.
1\Ilss Florence Carpenter of Chicago ,
whllo riding horsebacle nt Excllslor
prlngs , Mo. , tell from her horse and
recolved Injuries from wlilch she died
a few hours later. ' lIer body was
IIhlpped to ChIcago.
Alfred Lyttleton , secretary of st\to
for the colonies , on November 20 ca ,
bled the colonial governments snggest.
Jng the pmTtpmoment of. the colonial
conference on the fiscal quostlon until
W. R. Janvier of New Yorle bought
for a. prlco relJOrted to bo $12UOO , the
IndIana stalll n , DIrector General. DI.
rector General Is the 'slro or tllo noted
grand cIrcuit trotter , 1\1alnsheet \ ,
2:0811.1. :
It Is understood that the commltteo
of the In tori or dOIJl1.rtment at Wash.
Ington whIch W.lS . appolntod to IH'e.
pare recommondatlons for winding' UII
the affaIrs at the five trlhes , will com.
pleto Its worle b ' , Saturday.
On. the rocommond.3t1on of the com.
mIssIoner of the genernl land 011lce ,
the presIdent has Issued an order
abolishing the land office at Lamar ,
Colo. , and consolidating the Ulmar
land distrIct wIth the Pueblo dIstrIct.
Great excl tomen t Ilrovalls In the
gold fields bordorlng on trlo straIt of
MagelLan. Many companIes hllvo been
termed and Ulero has been a great
openIng ot the fIelds and washerles.
The territory promIses to bo 0. secon
An IndIctment was returned b ' tiiO
, federal grand jury ngalnst Frnncls B. I
Runder , former cnshler of the St. '
; LouIs postolllce , who Wens arrested a
\ few weelts ago on the charge of om.
I bezzllng $8,621 of the funds of the
I postomco.
. " '
Almost 01111 of the stocle or UIO San
FrancIsco Gas and ElectrIc COmlJany
nnd the Callrornla Gas and ElectrIc
corporation of San Francisco has vIrtually -
tually passed Into the control of the
banldng firm of N. W. lIa1sey & 'Co.
of New Yorle. TlO ! negotiations for
thIs deal hnvo been pending for FOmo
As a. result of the ngltatlon ngalnst
the of footbal1 as at present
playel1 , Alderman Franle J. O'Toolo
t alated that ho Intended to Introduce
i at the next meotlng of the Doston
board of aldermen an order prohibIt.
Ing the game withIn the city 1I1111ts
1 until such tlmo as the rules have been
so amended ns to maltC fatalities and
serious .accldents an Il11posslblllt ) ' .
I Albert Ll so of Dallas , Tox" who roe
I cenUy brought up for decisIon a poInt
\I \ of larltr law whIch had never been
questioned before , lost his clahn In n.
declmon by the United States board
\ of general nppralsers. The doclslon
was made under that section of the
lnw allowIng $100 personal baggage to
each Inoomlng travelor. Mr. Llnso at.
I t mpted to bring In1I1Ilel' tJlls provl.
sIan some furs valued at $ lDO , which
bOlonged to hIs wIfe. .
" Congressman Durton of OhIo denlod
"a wIdely circulated report that ho
would bo 0. candldato tor spealwr of
IltM house.
i mng Edward has oltered a cup for II.
: trnns-Atla tlc yacht rnco to be Fnlled
' ) 1007. The race Is to bo from Sandy
Hoole to The Needles. .
' Congrcssman Lacey Sa'S that rural
\1 'routetJ must bo Ilrovltled tor , no lUat.
ter what other term economy talOs
, With congross.
, G. E. Kennedy , , 'ho has reached EI
Pnso , 'I'ox. , trofu tJllfton , Ariz. , o\'or.
nnd , reports that three men hav' ]
eenrowned b ) ' ror-ont flonds.
, - , , -
' . .
- -
. ,
, -
- - - -
Amlounc'Inent. of Irnporlnnt changcs
In Iho trnll/ / ! ' dell rtrnent of the Wa.
hash nnll Wheeling nnd Lalco I rlo
rallronds nnll of Iho appointment of anew
now genoml lunnnger for the eastern
Gould IIno , the \"ostern Mnrylnnd ,
hnvo Iwen mnde. Vlco President n.
A. Worthington of the WnlH1Hh lines
east of ' 1'oeldo IIIIS Issued rlrculnrs
announcing the apJ1fJlnllllunt ot C. II.
Newton to ho , fnhlt agent of the Whlol.
Ing and I.nltO grle and WllbaRh.Pltts.
hurg terminal rallroa s at. 'I'ole o , of.
tecllvo on Dec. 1. It Is also an.
nounced thnt the olIIco of senoral
trelght agent of tbo Wabash at St.
I.ouls Is to bo abolished , and S. n.
Knight , the present Incumbent , has
bel.ll ! appolntod IndustrIal ogent.
Horace Clarle , general mallager of
the WIJftcrn Maryland and West VIr.
glnla Cenlral rnllroads , the Gould
tidewater lines , hns resigned , ollli
Alexander UolJCrlson , formerly gener.
al manager of the St. LouIs Tormlnnl
railroad , has been apIJolnted In his
stead. !
Kelly Gets Higher Position , I
Instead of Il. I . Kelly coming to
Chicago to supersede Franle Pahner as
assistant genernl passenger agent of
the Wabash at Chicago , It was an.
nounced yesterday thnt Fred II. Trls.
tram , formerly IIsRIHtant general passenger -
sengor ngent at Piltshurg , will have
the ChIcago IJOst , nnd Mr. Kelly will
succeed 'l'l'Istram at Piltsburg. This
promotion will place 'I'rlstram next In
authority to the general II ssengor
agent. of the Wahash.
No Use for Beef.
In Uruguay , until within II. tew
years , tbo scles of hides was the only
part of the cattle Industry that ylehl.
ed any cash , the meat beIng mostly
ilscarded as of no value.
Deafncss Cannot Be Cured
by Jocal al'pllcatlonl , aa they canllot rcach the dl. .
ea.e.I . portlull or the ( 'ar. There I. (1111) uno wa ) to
cure dcarllcu , an,1 that la b ) clllulltullollaJ remotllu ,
I1carne. . h cau.ed b ) an InnaUleI , conti/lion / ur Ibo
toucaul Unlng or the J.u.tachlau : T'lhe , When thll
tuba II Innamed you have a rumhllng aound or 1m.
perteet heurillg. an.1 . whtm It la cnllrt'l ) cln.ed. I1eat.
ne. . II the ' ulllc. . the IlIlIIlIlImallon can be
taken out and th I tube re.tnred to Ita normal condl ,
tlun , hoarlng 11'11I bo tleatro'ctl torever ! nine ca.el
out or ten are cau.c,1 b ) ( 'atanh. which II nothlnll
but an Innamed CUllllllloll ot the IlIueOlIO aurraeel ,
Wn wlllllvo Ono lIundroI I10llar tor' ' an ) ca.e at
Dearneu ( cau.eI b ) catarrh I that CKnnO ! bo cured
"ll1all'l Catarrh Cure. ! jenI tor clr.ullre , rree.
. ' . J , CIIENEY & CO" Toledo , O.
Rohl b ) Drujfl875c. ! ! .
Taka lIall'l 1"amll ) 1'11I1 tor eonillpation.
Woman Throws straight.
It Is saId that 0. woman never hits
my thIng when she throws a rocle , but
she smasheg the tn.rget . when she
hrows a hlnt.-Dnllas Nows.
Submarine Cables.
There arQ 376 submarine cnbles In
the world , the length of which
! 1bount to 178,91D miles. Most of
thcso belong to prlvnte parlles , enl ) '
' . ! uOOO miles being owned by the various -
ous governments. All , however , bring
dally orders from e\'ery land on the
globe , for Pillsbury's Vltos , the 0.11.
day food.
Every hOllsel\Oeper 81JOllld lenow
that It they will huy Defiance Cold
Water Starch for launllryISO they
will save not only lime , because It
no\'er stlcles to the Iron , but bel'ollso
each paclcngo contains 16 oZ.-ono full
pound-whllo all otllOl' Cold Water
Stnrches are IlIIt up In ry 'pollnd 11acle.
ages , nnd the Irlce Is the same , 10
conts. Then ngaln hocnll80 Defiance
Starch Is free from all Injllrlolls chem-
Icals. If your grocer tries to sell ) ' 011
a 12-oz. pac1cngo It Is because he hils
a stocle on hand which bo wlshe" to
dlsposo of before ho puts In Defiance ,
He lenows that Definllco Starch hils
printed Oil e\'ery IlRclmgo In largo lot.
tors anll figllres " 1 G ozs. " Demand Defiance -
fiance and save IlIlIch limo and money
and tlw anno'ance of the Iron sllele-
Ing. Defiance never stlcles.
'I'he chnrm of the "slmplo IIfo" no
doubt Is great. but tliO first. necessity
for Its succes sls thnt It should bo
malle qui to ns comfortable ns the com. i
plex IIfe.-Ladles' Plold.
O. F. Daly , passenger trnmOl manager -
ger of the Now Yorle Central lines
west of Dllffnlo , amI Warren L 'nch ,
general passenger agent of the lJIg
FOllr , were clll1ell to New Yorle recont.
ly for conference with PresIdent New.
man. A plan Is saId to be 011 foot to
transfer Mr. Dal ' to Now York as
passenger trafilc manager of the New
Yorle Central , to give Mr. Lynch the
Chlcao , : post , to rellro George DanIels ,
general passenger agent of the New
Yor1e Central , and to maleo II. J. Rhein ,
now general passenger agent of the
Laleo Erlo and Western , general pns. ,
senger agent of the Dig Four. Mr.
Dnnlels bas confirmed the report as to
hIs retirement. lIe wl11 bo made gen.
eral adverliliing manager of the sys.
Her Name , Please.
Thlnlelng at first that she was
: lreamlng , an actress In Berlin watch.
ed sarno thieves paclelng UIJ her \alu.
: \bloo , but when con\'lnced that what
she saw was real she screamed tor
help. The thle\'es escaped wIth two
diamond necldaces.
Important to Mothers.
Exmnlno carefully vcry botllo of CASTORIA ,
"ufo and alUfO rcml'lly tor Inranla IInd chlldrcn ,
and eco that It
Dears the . . .
# . . - #
BllDaluro ot I t.Vt {
In Ueo For Over 30 Ycar .
The Kind You Uavo Alwa'a ouShi. .
The Professor.
"In the mIdst of 'lICo' , " snltl the professor -
fessor , reflecting on the general un ,
cortalnty of things , "thero Is always
nn ' ! I' . "
London't Water Consumption.
London uses' 211,323,602 gallons ot
water a day.
. ' . , '
- - -
- - - - - -
Rhoumatlsm and Other Blood DI:4
ClOSOII ere Cured by Dr. Williams'
Pink Pilla. .
"In the lend mlllOR I WlUIl\t worle Oil my
Jences wllh lilY elbows pressell ngultllit
rook wulll ( , III dalll)1l10811 ) nllel extrenws of
cold , " snlll Mr. .T. G. Moulwl , of 2U7C
Jaoluonl\VelIIIU ; , IJIIIIllfUe , 10wlIn do.
orlbhlK his o'l'erll'lIco ' : 10 11 rellOrter ,
" 111111 it IH 1I0t flurJrIHIII thut I con.
trnctod rhel1lllllthnll. It"or thl'eo ) 'rnrH I
luulattuoleH nn'uctlll the joillts of lilY
l1ulcleR , JweeAIud el uwH. My lLuldus
l1ud kneoi ! hec/llllo so swollen 1 coulll
licnrooly walk ou1I10von RrtlUllll nud u
lIttle preARuro from u stouo under lilY
foot would CIUISO 11I0 so IIIuch pain that I
would uearly Rlllk dowu. 1 Wail often
obllKo < l to 110 In hOlI for sovornl l1aYH I\t It
tlmo. My frieudH who were flhnllnl'iy
tl'Oubled were goltllllf 110 rollet fl'om
doctors I\ud I dlduot eel oncoul'ngOlI to
throw 1I10noy I1WI\Y tor 1I0tbhlK. 13y
ohanco I l'e\(1 ( ( the story of Hobort Yatetl ,
of the Klnuor 1\IRuntacturluR 00. , of
Dubufuo } , who IIml 1\ very bl\ll case of
rhoullmtlslll. I dochled to try Dr. W11.
lIams' Pink Pills for Palo People , the
rOlllody ho 11I\d UflOCI. In three or tour
weeks nfter beglunlng to UHO the plllf ! , I
\Villi nluoh bettor nuel in three monthR I
WILA woll. The Hwolllng of the jOlutA
rmd the tOllllorncs dlAAppenred , I coultl
worlc fltondlly nuel Cor elRht yenrs I hl\vo
hnd no return of the trouhlo. My whole
Cl\l\l1y \ bollovo In Dr. Wlllla1l\ \ ! ! ' Pink
PillA. Both my sonAtHO thelll. Wo
cOIiAldor thom household rome y llmt
\VO are sure nhnut. "
What Dr. Williams' Pilllc Pills dill fnr
Mr. 1\I0uleol they I\ro dolug for hUlldrocls
of others. I very ORO souds gl\lIoplllg
throllgh the VOI1IR , pure , IItrOllg , rich , rod
blood tlmt HtrllccA strnlght I\t the CIlURO of
nil 111 henlth. 'l'ho uoW blood rOAtoro
rORularity , nud braccR nil the orRanA for
tholr Rpoolal tnllks. Get the gOllulllO Dr.
WllllaUis' Plulc Pills nt yonI' dmgllstH'
or dIrect fmlll t.hll Dr. Williams Modi.
D 1e 00. , Scl1oucctady , N , Y.
Victor Emanuel Monument.
Gluseppo Saconl Is dend , and the co.
lossal VIctor Emanuel monument In
Rome which was selected to build Is
tar from completed. "PetrIfied megn-
lomanla , " bls enemies hl\ve called It.
It will probably bo completed by G.
[ { och , who , though a son of II. German
paInter , Is himself on out-and-out Ital.
Ian. It was ho who built the palace
: If the Danca c1'ltalln.
Storm In Swimming Bath.
In MunIch , Germany , there Is a.
largo bath where the sea Is trn1tated
! lY means of sea salt added -to fresh
water , and an IngenIous electrIcal con.
: rlvan o whIch bents the water at fre.
luent Intervals , causing big waves to
' 011 nlong the bath. The slzo of the
wnves Is regulated b ) ' the switch con-
: r01l1ng the eloctrlc machIne.
Satisfied With Seeing Smoke.
A smolcor can do without dinIng and
wInIng , they sa ) ' , but ho cannot do
without smoldng. A Swedish captain
lurIng the seven ) 'ears' war , deprIved
) f hIs beloved tobacco , filled hIs pi po
with straw , avowIng thnt provided
: mly ho could see the smolcc rIsing
tram hIs plpo beneath hIs nose ho was
Facts and Proof.
Hulott , W 'o" Dec. 4th ( Speclal- )
An ounce of fact Is worth a ton of
theory aUlI It Is evidence founded on
facts that bncls up o\ery box of
Dodd's Kldnoy PIlls. The evldenco of
people who lenow what they do. Mrs.
May Taber , highly esteemed resident
of Hulett , sa 's : '
"I know Dodd's Kidney PIlls are a
valuable medlclno because I have
used thom. I took se\'en boxes and
they cured me of a severe attacle of
KIdney Trouble. 'rhey relieved mo
from the first dose , and when I had
finished the last box I had no pain
and my KIdneys are now acting prop-
erly. "
Dodd's Kidney PIlls are now recognized -
nized all over the world ns the grent-
cst Kidney Remedy sclenco has over
produced. They cure Rheumatism ,
Dropsy , Gout , Lumbago , DIabetes ,
UrInary and Dlndder Troubles ,
Drlght's DIsease , and all disorders
arising from any form of KIdney Dls'
Sure Thing.
Safe to bet on n.s sure to throw all
comers ILt the first encountor-tho ba
nann peel.-Daltlmoro American.
Lost All His Hair-Scratched Till
Blood Ran - Grateful Mother
Tells of His Cure by Cutl.
cura for 75c.
"When our baby boy was three
months old he had the mille crust very
badly on hIs head , so that all the hair
came out , aud It Itched so bad ho
would scratch until the blood ran. I
got n cake of CutlCUrl\ Soap and 0. box
of Cutlcura OIntment. I applied Ule
Cutlcurn nnd IJUt 0. thIn cop on hIs
head , and before I had used half of
ho box It was ontlroly cured , his hair
commenced to grow out nicely agaIn ,
nnd h9 has had no return of the trOUt
blo. ( Signed ) Mrs. II. P. Holmes ,
Ashland _ Or. "
Must Keep Shoes Shined.
In ParIs oven the poor man stepson
on his way to worle to hayo hIs shoes
shined. It costs hIm only 2 cents , and
he mIght lese his job If ho dId not. .
Chrlstlari1 clence.
In the United States there are about
400 Chrlstilln Sclenco churches , wIth
nbout 100,000 adhorents. Accorlllng to
Mrs. Eddy , Its founder , the church Is
makIng tremendous strides In popu
larlty , In which respect It resolllblos
PlIIsbur " 8 Vltos , UIO popular corea I
Bo8 would get very lIttio satlstac-
tlon out of being bad It POOlllo ox.
pected them to be.-Now York Pros , . , I
- '
. , ,
, .
- - - -
Marked Attention Given to the Utter.
lnces of the Chief Executlve-A
Resolution Expressing American
Sympathy With the JewG.
WASJIINGTON-l'resl < < lent Roose.
velt's message to congreBM recolYOll
the attcntlon of the house for two
and a hnlf hours. Its reading was lis.
tened to with mnrlcoll attention and nt.
Its conclusIon the document was ap.
plauded. Prellmlnnry steps were tnlwn
toward approprillting the needed orner-
gency funds tor the Pnnama. canal ,
and thIs maUOI' will be the buslncss
tor Wednesday. Shollill unat1hnous
consent bo refused for Its consillern.
lion , a. special rule , from the commIt-
tco on rules will be n.\'alll\ble , whIch
w1ll put the hili on Its passnge aCter
II. limited pOI'lod for discussion.
The house receIved and ordered re.
ferrod to ono or the regular election
committees n protest frolU the I.'lfth
Congressional district of I1Ilnols statIng -
Ing that AnthonJtlcblliele : , who WI1
yesterday sworn In as II member of
the house from that district Is not. II.
citizen of tno United Statos. The
protest \VaR presentell by Mr. Rainey
of that state , who as1iod for consldera.
t10n of the matter by 11. specIal ( 'om-
mlUee. ThIs point was the only ono
contested , It beln sU ested by 1\Ir ,
1\Iann thnt It was a matter for the
proper elections commltteo to consldor
and hIs amendlllent to the effect WIlS
adopted on a yca and nay \'ote.
Upon motion or Mr. GoldCogle of
New Yorle a resolution was read ex.
pressIng the sYlIlpath ) " of the American -
can people for the distressed Rmslan ;
Jews. The resolution was ordered
prlntell In the Record nnd referred to
the commltteo on foreIgn rralrs ,
'Vhen the house met at noon there
w'\s a full attendance of members
present , and the gallerIes were com ,
fortably filled In nntlclpntlon of the
readIng of the message of President
Representatlyes HUlllphreys (1\IIss ( , )
and Claud Kitchen ( N. C , ) IJreSl'nted
themselves and toole the oath of omce.
- -
W ASlIINGTON-Tho monthly elr-
culatlon statement. Issued by the comptroller -
troller of the currency shows that at
the clmro of buslneHs on November 30 ,
1D06 , the total amount of national
banle notes In circulation was $ u33 , .
329,268 , an Increase for the year of
$72GuO,182 , anrl an Increase for the
month ot $8,8 I,009. The amouut of
circulation haRed on United States
! Jonds was $4nG1GJ04 : , an Increase for
the 'ear of $69GG8,798 , and an Increase -
crease for the 11Ionth of $7,578,408.
'rho circulation s'l1I'ed ! Jy Inwful man.
ey aggregated $ :15,71,954 : : ! , an Incrense
for the year of $2,981,38 t nnd an Increase -
crease for the IIIonth of $1,242,511.
The amount of bonds on delJOslt to
secure circulating notes was $500,26D-
440 , and to secl\l'u \ I"'hllc ' deposits 65 , .
WASHINGTON - All members of
the Nebraslcn delegation were present
at the opening of the openIng or the
fifty-ninth congress. In the drawing
for scats In the house the Nobrnslcn.ns .
generally fared well In s/'crulng ; loca.
tlons. 'fhe first to be seated was Rell-
rosentatlvc HInshaw , who drew nn
allotment near the seat he formerly
occupIed. lIe Is Rurrounded by such
lellders as Delzell of PonnsYlvanla ,
Payne or New Yorle , Hull or Iowa. and
ox-Spealer E , Warren KelCo or Ohio
being among the last Cow members to
draw seats. .Judge I lnlU1ld had the
mlsfOl' une to lanll In whnt Is termen
"the Chel'Olcce strll ) , " which Is on the
democratic sldo or the ( 'hamber.
Assassinated by a Woman.
LONDON-'ho ) St. Petersburg correspondent -
respondent of the Dally Telegraph In a
dispatch dated Decemhel' 5 , sa "a Lieutenant -
tenant General Snl\lll1.roff , formerl ) "
mlnlstor of war , was assassInated. 'I'he
go\"ernIllent had deputed General Sale-
harolt to'Islt the provlnco of Saratoff
for t.he purpose of quelling the ag.
rarlan rIots thore.
Seed Dealers Make a Protest.
W ASIIlNGTON-Thlrty of the lend.
to dealers of the country ha\'e sent
p"rldent RooslIvelt (1 potltlon pro.
tenUn I\lalllst the free dlstl'lhutlon
of stods by memhers of ( 'onJl'ess. : ; and
urging hIm to Include In hIs meR < ; age
a paragraph tllsnJllrovlng ! the 1)I',8ent
practlco and recomnH'lHlIng that enl ) '
tlie Intent of the orlglnnl act authorizIng -
Ing seed dlstrlhutlon ho the future
policy. This Intent , the petition 8a's ,
was that the seeds should bo obtaIned
from remota corum's of the enrth for
President Fills Vacancies.
W ASlIINGTON-1"ho lrulihllJnt has
made the followIng npllOlntments In
Oregon :
To bo United Stnteg tllstl'lct nttol'-
ne ) ' for the distrIct of Oregon.11. .
lIam C. Bristol , vlco Frnucls C. lIeno ' ,
To bo register of the Innel oll1co nt
Rosoburg , BenjamIn 1 _ . I lldy of ' 1'1IIn.
moole'Ico .Josellh ' 1" . Brhlgcs , remo\'ed.
' 1'0 bo recol\'er of Il\1bllc \ 1I10no's at
Roseburg , James M l.awl'cnco of
Dend. vlco James 11 Dooth removf1(1 (
' ' ; ' , flt'.ft
, The Republican CaucUs AUaln Selects
W ASlIING'rON - 'rho refluhllcnn
members of the Flft\'olllnlh conress
met In cnucus In the hull of I he house
of represcntatlves and renomlullted all
of the electlvo ofilccrs of t e house
who served durIng t.he lu ! = t sossloll.
William P. Ilephurn WlIR again choscn
chalrmnn ot the cnucus , ' 1'he prlnr.l.
pili feature of the evening wat ! the
! ! lleech of Joseph C. Cnnllon , . . . . .ho wall
for second time unanhnously chosen
for spealccl' . 'fho nomination of 1\11' .
Cannon aut ! his SIJlech or acceptanc
created heart ) . nthuslasm among the
republican mombCl's and his remarlei !
were genorlllly npIJroved. In accepting
the nomination , Mr. CnnnOll saId :
"Gentlemen - Ono 'oar ngo , attp.r !
full consldemtlon , the people under
the lend of the republican party elect. I
cd Its cand'date for president and \'Ico I
presdent , continued a strong mnJorlty
In the senate und gave a republican
majority In the hOllso of representa'
tlves of 112. The congress will be or.
ganlzed on Monday next and will
promptly receive the annuul message
from the preslden t. 1 will not SI1OCU'
lute as to what ma ) ' be the contents
of the messnge , I have 110 doubt It wl1l
bo both wlso and patriotic tn its rec-
I "Tho cllnnges In the methods or pro.
I ductIon and commerce so salutar ' and
I benefielnl , luvolvlng as they do the ex.
traordlnar ) ' use of combined capital ,
emphasizes the necessIty for prevent-
tng ngreemeuts In restraint of trade ,
and the regulation or commerce among
the states and with foreign nations.
The congress , within the limits of Its
Jurisdiction undel' the constitution , has
therefore enacted legislation touching
these subjects. In the fullness of tlmo
. . may he , I1IlIler the law as It now Is
and by the operntlon of competltlvo
forces , that IlIlItter ! ! of dllYel'enco between -
tween the corpol'Utlons , tllO carrter. and
the people they serve , would bo adjusted -
ed In justlco to all.
"Tho consensus of opinion or the
people , ho\\'e\'or , If ! that con gross hns
the power hy amendment to the law t.o
provide bettor remedies for real abuses
oxlstlng , so that the producer and con.
sumer can find 11. more speedy anti less
oXllenslvo remedy llmn we now hnve.
In this opinion I Cor one concur. The
burden Is upon ( 'on gross and our varty
having power Is prlmarll ' responRlble.
Let us go forward. But It Is our duty
to see that legislation Is wise In the
premIses , just to tlto corporation , just
to the carrier and to tbo people. We
cunnot Ollpl'ess one by tooltsh or unJust -
Just legislation wIthout In the end
bringing disaster upon nIl. We should
be especially careful to not unduly In.
terrere with the operation of alO com.
petltlve forces , t'or ufter all , our very
clvlllzatJon rests upon It ; each Indl.
vIdual 1I\'lng In the sweat 01 his 1ace ,
hustlIng to promote hIs own Interest.
We may reguhto commerce among
the stntes and as an Incident thereto
we ma- regulate the competltlvo
t'orces.Ve dnre not destroy them. "
'rhe olllcers ot the house were re-
nomInated as follows :
Clerk , AlexantltH' : lcDowell , Penn-
sylvanln ; serpeant at nrms. Henry Cas.
son , \Vlsconsln ; 11oorlweller , P. D.
Lyon.ew Yorle ; postmaster , Joseph
C. McElror , Ohio ; chaplain , Hev.
! lenry N. Loudcn ; , j\lIchlran : ,
W ASHING'I'ON-The weather bu.
renu's monthly bulletin for Novemb\r
summnrlzes crop condlllons' as fol.
lows :
While the Atlnntlc coast districts ex.
perlencetl drouth ) ' condItions and
hea\'y rains pro\'ed detrimental In the
west gulf states , the 'woather condItions -
tions durIng No\'emher , 1005 , generally
were favorable Cor farming operations
In nearly all dIstrIcts , ! Jelng except
tlonallY so in the central valleys. The
long continued drouth In Ca1lfornln
was relle\'ed hy generous rains near
the close of the month , while 11. heavy
fall of snow occlIITed throughout the
northern Rocly mOllntaln roglons and
tllenco eastward to the upper lalcos.
Names of New Cabinet Officers Sub.
mltted to the Senate.
W ASHINGTON-'I'he presIdent sent
the followIng nominations to the senate -
ate :
Secretary of State-Elihu Root ot
Now Yorle.
Secretary of the Na\'Y-Charles
Josoilit DonalHlrte of lnryland.
Among other nomInations were the
following :
United States Attorney-William C.
Drlstol , dlstrl't of Oregon.
Marshal-.James I" . : : ; hoa , district of
North Carolina.
Interstate Commerce CommIssioner
-I rnnl\1ln Lane of CallCornln.
Hepburn's Panama Bill.
WASHINGTON - Heprosentatlve
I Hepbnrn Illtrolhl'ed a ! Jill to amend
the Panall1n canal Inw so as to facll.
Itato the sale of honds anti alJproprlnt ,
Ing $ IG,500.000 to bo hnmelUately
11\'l1l1ahlo for canal construction. . .
iI i
I .
Good Price for a Stallion.
mCIl IOND. Inll.-W. H. JanvIer of
Now Yorl , bought for a IJrlco reported
to bo $12,500 the Inlllana stallion DI ,
rector General. DIrector General Is
the slro of the noted grand circuIt
tl'otter Malnsltcet , 2 : 0811. : .
Favors Joint Statehood.
HOSWI I..I. . , N.LTho ! Dally Hec.
, , ord II\IJIIRhed \ ! an Intor\'lew with the
nowl ' allilolnt < > d gO\'U\'IlOr \ of Now : \lex-
Ico. Herbert .J. I1ngel'lnan , who tie ,
elnl'es himself In fa\'or of joint state.
hoe < < l fOl' Now lexlco and Arizona , If
It can bo securell on filiI' and equltablo
tenus ,
Yellow Fever In Havana.
\'ANA-'I'wo new cases of 'el.
low fever wero. I'eported toda ' . The
vIctims are SpanlnrtJ
. .
A West Virginian's Awful DlstrcsD I .
Through Kidney Troubles. I , \
W , L. Jacleson , merchant , of Parle- , t
ersburg , W. Va" sa 's : "DrIving nuout
- -
"In bnd wenther
" brought Iddne ' trou-
\ \ bios on me , end II
\ ) suffered 20 'car9
with sharp , cramp-
'ling pains ! llthe baole
) and urInary dlsor-
! J ders. I often had tOt
. get. up a dozen times ' . ,
i at nigh t to urinate.
Hetentlon , set In , and ?
- - - - - - I was obliged to uS& ' , . .
. . . . , I.
the catheter. I toole to my bcd , anID .
the doctors failing to help , began using :
Doan's Kidney P1IIs. The urine soon.
came freely again , and the pain gradu.
all ) ' dlsnppeared. I have been curelf
eIght years , end though over 70 , am ale : :
active os 0. boy. "
Sold by all dealers. 60 cents a box. ,
Foster.1\Ulburn Co" Burralo , N. Y.
SmaIl Vlll lge ; Small Pledge. . ,
Hero Is an Engl1sh story : A fnc- ,
tory foreman used to drlnle Inordln I
ately ; afterwards he reformed , antI "
then there was II. conspIcuous relapse. t ,
. .
HIs employer rebnl\Cd him for not " "
st/cltlng / to his solemn agreement. Dut
the man. In good faith and with ) Jer-
Cect grnvlty , explained , "I only toolt
the pled go In II. small vlllago-quito a.
small village , In Yorleshlre. "
Frank P. T..owls has recently returne
from trip through the best tohl\cco sec.
tlonsJ 100ldnR over the growing fiulds , IIC !
note ! ! the best crops nd enga e them.
and will fID later to watch the curing an ,
packIng of same. He alllo. whl10 thol'l1. cx-
nmlne some ot his Il\r o holt1ln s of old to-
bucco nnd found this to bo growing richer
In quality every day. 'rho Lewis Sln lC"
Binder factory probably controls morC'
fancy graded tobacco than any other cigar
factory in thu United States. Smolccrs or
Single Dlnders lIa\'o c\'ldently learned thl ! ; "
fnct which accounts for the ever Incrcas'
Ing demanl1. In splto of thQ fact that the-
factorv sends out 110 travelln salesman tC'
boom 'Its # ! , oed quality to the trado. thE
Single Dlndor Sales rcached seven mllIlOl )
last year and will excecIl ehzht ml11lon 1t1l
1005. 'l'ho Sln lo Dlndl1r sells Itself. FOI
twenty-threo months this factory has heeD
behln In Its ordors.-llcrald.TranscriZJt I
Na Place for Her.
Mrs. Grundy Is out of place any.
I where cast of Suez. The extrava
I gance nnd eccentrIcities of socIal life- ,
would outrage her fabled dIgnity. No . . .
one asks questions It you use a latchkey -
key or play billIards on Sundays or
countenance the Macao lottery by tal-
Ing a $10 chance. They are not scan-
dnllzed It you attend a wedding In fJ
Panama hat or a funeral In II. whIte
sult.-South ChIna Post , Honglcong.
Eighteenth Century Earrings.
The olghteenth century saw the
glorIfication of the earrIng , fashion
able beau lies outvYlng each other with
the rarest and most beautiful jewels ,
There Is no doubt. that the earring 1& " . . _
ono of the prettiest femlnlnc adore- r"i ( 1iW
men ts and as such well deserves it
present populnrltr. . : !
Worth More Than I Smile. 1
A generou's storIe vIsited a certain
home uptown and left a paIr or Imbles.
A few days afterward the father an ( )
a frIend who congratulated him an \ \
said : "I hear the l.ord has smiled up. 1
. on ) 'ou. " "Indeed ! " exclaimed th ,
proud parent ; "Ho laughed aloud sir ! , . '
A Lost Opportunity. W
" , Yoman just drOPIJed dead In the
bargaIn crush nt the ribbon counter ! ' ,
crIed the fioorwallter excItedly. "Hon !
Inopportune ! " exclaImed the head oj \
the firm. "Our undertnldng depart- r.
ment won't be open until next Man
day ! " -0athollc Standard. ,
Convert Dogs Into Lamb. , I
Stolen dogs are saId to be sold In I
Paris to butchers , who sell the meat ' ,1 ,
particularly the hInd legs , as "Iamb. '
It Is as Dangerous as the Tobacco or
Whisky Heart.
"Coffee heart" Is common to man ) '
correo users and Is lIable to send tht'
owner to his or ItJr long home If the
drug il ! persisted In. You can run 30
or 40 'ards and find out If ) 'our heart
Is troubled. A lady who was once B
vIctim of the "coffeo heart" writeI' >
from Oregon :
"I hllve been a habitual user of col' ,
tee all my lICe and have suffered ver ) '
much In recent ) 'ears from aliments
, whIch I became satisfied were dIrectly
: duo to the polson In the beverage , such
as torpid lI\'er and Indigestion. whIch
In turn made my complexIon blotchy
and mUddy.
"ThAn my heart becaml' nffected. It _ . "
, , : ould beat most raphJly just after J '
dI1\nk my corree , and go below norma' '
as the coffee effect were off. SOlnl.- ; ,
times my pulse would go as high as .
137 beats to . the minute. My family .
were greatl ) alarmed at. my condItion
and at Inst mother persullded mo t < >
begin the use of PostUIll Food Corree.
"I gave UII the old coffee entirely
and absolutel ' , and made PoStUIU my
solo table beverage. This was six
months ago , and all my Ills , the Indi.
gestlon , Inactlvo liver nnd rlclwt ) .
heart actluJl , ha vo IlI\ssed \\'ay. . anll .
my COmlJlexlon hns become cleur and t. )
, . \
natural. The Impro\ement set In
\'ery soon after I mnde the change , .
just us soon as the coffee 1I0lson luu }
tlmo to worle out of my Rystom.'I '
"My husband has also ! Jeen gl'eatl ) .
benefited h ) ' the use of 1'ostlllll , a 1111
wo find that n sllllllio breulefast with
Postum Is as sl\tlsf 'lng nnd 11101' &
strengthenIng than the old hoa\'lel'
menl we used to have with the other
1lnd of coffee. " Name gl\'en b ' Postum
Co" Bnttle Croeletlch ,
There's a reason. Rend the little r
book , "The Road to Wellvlllo , " In pkgs.