Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, September 21, 1905, Image 7

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, 1 [ [ IIRf 8Y81fM.
" - "
F. H. Davidson , Bx-Lieut. U. S.
Army , Washington , D. C. , care U. S.
Pension Ollice , writes :
"To my mind tllere Is no remedy
for cntnrrlI compllrnble to Pcruna.
It not only strIkes llt tllC root of tlIc
mll/Dely , but It tones nnel strengtlIens !
tlIe s'stem In 11 truly wonderful
wny. Tlwt Ilns been Its IIlstory In c
my cnse. I chcedul1 ' nnd unhesi-
, tatingly recommen it to those
, n lIctcd as I have been.-P. S. j
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . .
If 'ou do not derive prompt nn satis-
{ aetory results from the use of leruna ,
write at once to Dr , Hartman , giving' II ,
full statement of 'our case , nnd he will
be pleased to give 'ou his valuable n -
vice gratis.
Addre-.s : Dr. S. n. Hartman , President
of The Badman Sanitarium , Columbus -
bus , Ohio.
, . W. Lli DOUCLAS
: A $3.50& $3,00SHOEStfE
'r W. L. Douglas $4.00 cli Edge Line
I cannot bo oqualled at any price.
AL. ! , .
PRI 'ilI :
, ' '
\ 'I
, ,
. 'i
. '
: : I
, JnI76I8iS.
$1 0 000 REWARD to anyone who can
I disprove this , ! alemenl ,
W. L. Dougla $3.50 shoes have b ) ' their excellent -
cellent style , easy fitting , Imd
qualities , achieved the 10rICest fR e . of on ) ' $3.5U
shoe In the world. They are lust us 1C00d as
those that cost you $5.00 to $7.00 - the only
difference Is the price. If I could take you Into
my factory at Brockton , Mass. , the larllest In
the world under one roof making men' . fine
shoes , and show ) 'OU the care with which every
( * pair of Douglas shoes b madel you would realize
why W. L. IJou'Ilas $3.50 sloes are the best
ahoes produced In the world.
If I cOllld show'ou the difference between the
Ihoes made In my factory and those of other
makes , ) 'ou would understand why Douglu
$3.50 .hoes cost more to make , why they hold
their shape. fit better , wear longer. and are of
. reater Intrinsic value than any other $3.50
, ! Ihoe on the market to-day.
W. L Doug1s11 strong Marlo Shoo. for
Mon , $2. O , $2.00. B . ' School &
Dr" . . She . , $2. 50 , $2 , $1.78$1.60
CAUTION . -Inslst upon havl"WLDong , / -
II.s shoes. 'I'ake no substitute. : ! Sone Iennlne
without his nallle alld price slamped 011 bottom.
, V ANTE n. A shoe dealer In every town where
' . , W. L. DOUIII\8 Shoes are not 801 < 1. I II11 11116 of
. . , lam pIes seut free for In pectlon upon laquest.
Fast Color Eyeletll used ; they wlll not u'Jar brallSY ,
. Wrlto for Illustrated Catalog of Fall Style&
. W. L. DOUGLAS , nrocktou,1\lusllo
Positive. Comparative , Superlativo.
. .
I have used one of your Fish Drand
, Bllckers for five years , and now want
' l > . D new one , also one for a friend. I
\ ' would not be without one for twice the
, , " cost. They arc just as far ahead of "
: ; . common coat as a common one Is
, ahelld of nOlhln ! : . "
{ ( N"o " 011 .I'Pllcallol1o )
' : ' Do 8uro you don't cet one of the common -
mon kind-this Is the
mark of excellence.
. . . . :
h' ; .
BOSTON. U.S.A. .1 ' Ji1
MahersofWetWeatherOlothlng&Hat. .
, . K
r. J
r.t " '
- /
; t .
' " Look for this branc1 on harness ,
collars , saddles , horse blankets , lap
robes , ete ,
: Made by
lIarpham Bros. Co. , Lincoln , Neb.
Drop usI / C4 d and will mall you /I / souvenir.
o ,
. . . " ,
, .
Story Told by Old Gentleman's NeIgh.
bor and Chum Gives Him High Representation -
resentation for stupidity-Cabman
on to HIs Business.
Zebulon Athow and Jedut1u\U WH-
loughby are the two wags or a Con.
nectlcut v111al0 not a hundred miles
Cram New Yorlt , and ench Is the butt
of the othor's jibes an ) 'n'rnB. As a
matter or Cact , they are the best or
friends , but whenever ono thlnls outer
or otherwlso gets hold of an Idea In-
volvln especial stupidity ho Is sure to
attribute It to the other , nnd all this
to tbo Intense delight of the rest of
the v111agers.
I happened to be In "tho storo"
when W1110ughby came In. Somebody ,
just to start him going , spol\O o [
Athow as a pretty smart Cell ow.
"What ? " snld W1110ughby , "Zeb
Athow ? W'y , he's so green that when
he glls Into the herea ter , eternlly'll
como to an end beCoro ho catches fire.
Did 'ou henr nbout him going to
"Wnl , It wns thIs way ; Zeb ho had
to go to Yonlters fer sOl11ethln' , so he
glls out his g'og'aphy to see where
Yonltcrs Is , nn' finds ho's got to go to
New Yorlt first an' change enrs there.
' ' rnilroad Cram
Deln's there's only one
hero to New York , ho mnnnged to glt
that fur nll right. Ho lmowed ho was
on the Now Haven road an' thnt You'
Iters was on the New Yorl , Central , so
when he glts to New York he aslts a
cab nan nt the deepo where the New
Yorlt Centrnl deepo Is.
" 'It's about four miles from here , '
sa's the cabmnn. 'Olt right Into my
cab nn' I'll drlvo ) 'OU over thore. '
"So Zeb he glls Into the cab nn' tht1
Celler drives him around nwhile , geein'
nn' hawln' till ho glts Zeb all twisted
up as to where he is. Then he sets
him down at another door of the same
deepo and charges him $4 for It.
"Jest then the cabman se n a po1ice.
man stan'in' off a little wa's e'ein' '
'om sort ' 0 suspicious lilte , so ho says
to Zeb : 'You see thntlIan in tbe blue
clo'es over there ? ' 'Yes , ' SIl'S Zeb.
"Val , ' says tbe cabman , 'that's my
boss. If he Imows I cbarged you only
four dollars he'll malto ) 'ou pay the
' ' faro is six ,
other two. 1-'ho regular
So , if be aslts ) 'OU how much you paid ,
you tell him it's none o' his business ,
"Sure enough , the policeman comes
up to Zeb bimeby an' nsks him how
much he paid.
" 'None 0' yer business , ' says Zeb. .
'You 'tend to your affnirs an' I'll 'tend
to mine. '
"Wnl , after Zcb got nboard 0' the
New York Centrnl train bo seen the
policeman stan'in' on the deepo plat'
form , so Zeb goes out on tbe hind end
0' tbe last car , an' when the train gitE
again' so fast that the pollcemnn can'j
l\Otch it , Ze > , ho hollers back at him :
" 'Ya-a.a.h , ) 'ou feller with the bluE
clo'es ! I only paid that haeltman fOUl
dollars , an' I'd liltO to see you glt the
other two , gal dum you ! ' " -Brooklyn
Wanted Trick Played Again.
A traveler entered the dining room
of a leading hotel In Colorado Spring
the other day and , nfter he was served
witb sonp ho drew a two.dollar bill
from his pocltOt an showed it to the
waiter , sayIng :
"Jim , I shall be here until next Wed.
nesday night and tben this will b
yours. "
"All right , sir , I'll take the best carE
of you , sure , " replied the wniter.
And he did servo the trnveler ex ,
cellently. It happened that on Wed
nesday morning the traveler was hast
lIy summoned to Denver and it waf
six weels beCore ho returned to thE
Colorndo Springs hotel. Presently hiE
former wait , whom he had forgetter
along with the incident. came up t (
him and said :
"Say , boss , please play that two
dollar triclt on ) 'our new waiter , fOI
ho's de mennes' man what's In de
whole house.-Under the Spreadin
Chestnut-Treo , " Ever'body's 1\1nga
A Real "Mission. "
The pretliest "mission" Imnginablo
with a name as pretty as its object
hns been started by a dozen ) 'oun
girls , especially for summer work.
Its name is "The Rose.Colored 1\1ls
slon , " and Its object just tbe puttin
of a bit of bright color Into the live !
of people who are living the sternes !
sort or worlmday existences.
Sometimes they choose a young gir
and each member of the tiny circk
mnkes for her a little gift , some onE
of the pretty things so dear to a gir ! ' !
henrt. Sometimes it's a bit at mourn
Ing Cor a woman too poor to spare hm
poor pennies , yet who passlonntelJ
longs to show her dead what she callE
"honor. "
Sometimes It's a bit at fine tablE
linen for a poor minister's wltc--r
thing she hasn't known the feel ot fOI
years. Sometimes-but the tale Is to (
long , and the object Is always thE
AI Long As He Gets the Money.
A mnn may lauch nt ahu'le and hate
A ! ! long as he gets the money.
nd a mnn may go at a lively gait
As long ns he cets the money :
The wise ml1Y scotr nnd the good maJ
And ml'n may shrInk from his talntel
Dut the world Is Reldom unldtd or cold
As long be gets the mOLey.
mnn mil ) ' do what he likes to do.
As long n8 he Net ! ! the monl'Y :
lIe can purchnqc honor and huy lo\'e , too
As long as heI'tl the money ,
'Vo IInarl at the pale old millionaire.
And we tRlk of the troubll's God makel
him bear ,
But he probably Isn't Inclined to cnre.
8 lonlr as he gets the money ,
-B. E. KIser.
. .
' t.
, , , . .
Scientists Have Succeeded In PluckIng -
Ing Real Diamonds and Rubles from
the Crucible of the Furnace.
Recent advlces from Franco state
1hat Prot. Mols6an , the eminent Bcl.
entlst nnd Inventor , hns nctually SUI >
ceeded In malting genuine diamonds
and rubles. He emplo's for this 11llfo
1 > OS9 the electrle furnace , whlcb has
been so Imllro"ed that degree oj
heat can be 11roduced , nppronching the
extreme tempernturcs , which were un.
doubtedly a Cactor In the Cormatlon 01
minerals nn gems In the Interior oj
tbe . earth.
The rubles obtained are of lnrgo
size , weighing 10 or 15 carats , and In
quamy and color equal and even sur.
pnss those found In the eartb. The
Dl\.tural forces nttonding the Cormation
of diamonds seem to hnve been moro
compUcated , nnd so fnr the diamonds
resulting ( rom the efforts or tbe scl.
entlsts have been very small , but sUlI
they are positively Idenlificd as the
cnrbon crystnl-tho diamond. Tbey
are remarlmbly clear nnd bright , anli
on a small scale as fine specimens as
.13.ture's own product.
The electric ( . : ) ace bas enriched
hemlstry with a whole series or
new compounds. Probably the one of
most value to mnnkind at large Is Cnl.
cium Carbide. The 811nple applica. :
tlon of water 10 Calcium Carbldo gen. '
crates the gas Acetylene , which is
DOW being commonly used Cor light.
The pecuUnr merits of Acetylene
light are Its brilliance nnd high can-
die power , ense of installation , economy -
nomy and Its adnptnbility for IIgbUng
buildings of every description , regard.
lells or their locntlon ,
Charming AW < 1Y Rheumatism.
Cbronie rheumatism is a dlsense 01
advancing life ; its nches nnd Imins
are most wearIng ; it cripples so many :
of our friends that it is not surprising
, people who begin to feel its grip are
ready to try nntbing nnd everthlng
[ or Its arrest. A stolen potnto worn
I in the left-hnn pocket Is n. , "ery
widely emplo'e charm Cor this pur ,
pose In England. It is ono which of.
Cers mnny points of interest to the
I ( ollt.loro student. It is of great an ,
tiquity , dating from the time of the
Romans and before. In those days a
certain root wns carried by Buch as
I were nnxlous to avoid not only dls ,
ease but other ills.
, Mra. Reagan W8a B Nervous Wreck ,
I But Dr. WIlliams' PInk Pilla
. Brought Sound Health ,
l . . Before I began to take Dr.WIlllams'
Pink Pills , " mUd Mrs. Mary Reagan ,
: of No. 86 Kilburn street , J'nll ! RiTcr ,
. . I in and out of
MMs. , recently , was
, bed all the time , but now I stay up nIl
. day and do nIl my own work.
I . . I was badly run down from over.
I work. Qno day noises began in my houd
Imd almost mnde me crnzr. My hellll
fult as if n tight buud had beun Imt
nrounll it , nUll the pressure nnd the
soumIs matle me so unealY that I often
I hud to walk the Hoer nIl niHht.
I . . : My st01llnch wus in batl shnpe , I\.nd I
I ball smothering sensatious , At such
I timcs my body scmued bloOOI068 , m )
I hauds were Iilto chullc und my fnce
tumcd yellow. The doctor said I hud
. dyspepsin in thQ worst fonn. Then my
nerves g'l\V6 way and I was completely
I pro trnted. I frequently Buffel'ed frow
1IW0tbering sensations.
. . The first box of Dr. Willinms' Pink
Pills that I used quieted m ) " nerves
. ' 80 that I could cet a good lligbt's
. , Ioep , which was ' " new experioooe for
. me. Bofor I began to U6e them I was
a nenous wreck and trembled at the
I .1Ightest sound. I WI\8 so weak that I
! bad to Bit down aud relit every few steps
; when I went up L'tairs. Now I can run
l np a whole flight nt once , The smother-
ling IICnsations have gone and the uoises
In my head hav6 stopped entirely. My
. "ppearnnce has greatly impro-red. Cor
. Crhmds who were nlanned on m ) " no-
, count before , now sI\Y : I How well ) ' 011
r.I'e looking l' l1y husband spent over 110
hnndrc dollars on treatment for me thai
. was worthleslI , but n few boX\\ll ! of Dr ,
Williams' Pink Pills bNught me oouud
ilen1th , "
Sold by all dru gists , ortent / , post-
& d , on receipt of priee , 60 cents per
, box , six boxea for i2 l. O by the Dr. Wil-
, Uaml Medicine 00. , Scheuociady , N. Y ,
Cost of Continental Armies.
The armies of contlnentnl coun-
lrles are the first branch of the ser-
vice. The cost of tbe French army Is
U35,000OOO lIer annum. Germany can
put Into tbe field n vnst , well.equipped
inny for $160,000,000 a year. The
Russian army , another tremendous
machine , costs $200,000,000 a , year.
( ncluding India , England Is paying
. 5265,000,000 a year ,
Important to Mothe. . . .
! EnmIno carefully onry bottle of CABTORIA ,
a ufe and eure remedy for Infant. and children ,
and lee that It
Dean the
Slillature of . , .
In UN For Over 30 Years.
The KInd You naTa Alwa , . Doucht.
If 1he grandeour of living depended
on surroundings nnd occupations , tbey
! Lr6 Cew who would ever feel Its In.
'Jplration ; but It has its seat In the
r lIoul that looks out upon its vlssitudes
and opportunities.-John Ruskin.
More Flexible and Lasting ,
won't shake out or blow outj by using
Defiance Sta.rch you obtaIn better reo
, eults than p08slblfl "ith any oth r
brand and onll-thlrd more tor lIame
In Norway on pay days saloons are
closed and savings bunks open uotU
midnight. .
. .
, ' .
- - - -
The Least Said , the Least Cause for
Criticism ,
The Mngple , the Owl nnd 1ho Pen.-
cocl , met In the baruynrll ono dny ,
and they hnd sCl\rcely como together
when the ormer snld :
"I wish to tell ) 'OU 1hat I have
lenruell 1no \ ' ! ! eng , nnd that the
Mocldng BIrd Is no longer In It with
me. I don't wGnt to mnlto eitber ot
) 'ou jenlous , but-OJ
"As to thnt , " relll1cd the Owl , "I
hn\'e been practicing some new notes
u1)elC ! , nnd I thlnlt that certain ells
will be surllrisod when next tber hear
me sing , "
"And I have not been wasting my
time , " a(1I1ed the Pencoclt. "While I
11n"o nlwn's been cnlled a sweet sing.
er , I have felt that there wns room
for il11llrovem'cnt , nUll have gene
nhead. "
"Oh , If ) 'ou birds nro on the brng
we will hnve 1\ test right hero , " observed -
served the Mngpie. "Thera Is our
master approaching , and wo w1l1 all
" arblo uwa ) ' nnd leave It to him 10
sa ) ' which bas the sweetest voice for
song. "
As the fnrmer drew nenrer the three
contestl\nts began to utter their vnrl-
OilS notes. For a couple of mlnuteB
Uncle Heuben stood still In IUUu.zc-
ment. ' ! 'hen ho threw down his pitch-
fOl'1t nnd hun.1ed Cor clubs and cried
out :
"You were nll tlneo ; bad enough as
It was , but now thnt you thinl , you
can si1g ! the noise Is unbenrable , nnd
) 'ou'vo got . to go or I'll brenk ) 'our
'neclts. "
Moral-He who snys least furnishes
least cnuso for criticism.
Brave Act of Gen. J. Franklin Bell In
the Philippines.
One of the few who enrne the : Med'
al of Honor In the Pblllppines Is Gen.
J. Prnnltlln Dell , and the story of how
he did It is of the sort to stir the
slowest pulse. On Sept. 8 , 1S ! ) ! ) , Gen.
Dell , then Colonel of the Thirty-sixth
Volunteer InCantr ) ' , encamped with his
regiment nenr Porac , in the Islnnd of
Luzon , Ahout 2 o'clocl , the fonowing
morning the regiment left camp nnd
set out to hend off a largo body or , insurgents -
surgents wbich during the nlgbt llnd
nttacled the Ninth Infnntry , stutloned
nt Guagua nnd San H.ita. Col. DeH
was ahend or Ule regiment with a dozen -
en company scouts. Just ns day was
brealdng the advance scouts encountered -
tered the onemy's patrol , consisting-
a captain , a lieutenant , nnd five prl.
vates. The scouts fired on them , and ,
as the Insurgents stnrted to run , gave
chase. Co1. Dell Instnntly spurrell his
horse to tbe trant , and seeing that the
Insurgents were easily running a.wny .
Cram the scouts , he pushed Into 1gal -
lop. Then unmindful of. the fact that
he was far In advance of hIs men and
wbolly without support , ho charged
the seven insurgents with his pistol ,
scattered them , and compeHed the sur.
render or tbo cnptaln nnd two pri.
vates , this under a hot and close fire
from the other Insurgents concen.led
In a bamboo thlcltet by tbo side of tbe
road. In the end the entire party were
capture with tbelr arms ,
Stage H < 1nd Saves an Actor.
"My monologue was not favorably
receive by the audience , " said an
actor in spenldng of his career. "I
hnd made up my mind to quit the
stage nnd return to n. clerltshlp In the
auditing department or a wnter com-
pany. The night which I hnd determined -
mined to bo my last upon the stage I
wns received by a chilly audienco.
' } ' 11O bouse attnehes were cold ; the
other actors freezing.
"WIlen I was about through wltJi
my monologue , a mallclous stage hand
let down a piece at machinery , which
hit mo on the shoulders , The people
laughed derisively. I turned Indignant
Iy and saw back or me a street scene ,
'l'hat saved me. Stepping forward , I
said with an Injured atr :
" 'Isn't It enough to have a house
down on a fellow without letting the
whole street down on him ? "
"The people laughed the laugh that
cheers , and I warmed up to tbo occasion -
sion , responded to an encore , and
have enjoyed public favor over since. "
Cabman Was Not Literary ,
The veteran circus actor threw hie
plnlc silk tights over a blaclc velvet
"Darnum 1" I said. "I knew Barnum
well. "
He took a brown boolc out of his
pinewood chest.
"Darnum's reminiscences , " he said ,
"Barnum's boolt. Never read It , eh ?
No , I expect not. It's out or prInt.
"When those reminiscences first
wore published Darnum was a proud
and happy man. He gav away free
copies to everybodY he know. One
night , when I was with him , he
thought ho would give a copy to the
cabmnn who was taking us home.
" 'Liko reminiscences ? ' he said to
the man.
" 'Thank ye , ' the cabman answered.
'Thank ye , sir. Dut It's so late , I'm
ateared the saloons Is all closcd. ' ' '
As We Make It.
Ob , Isn't It 11 clnd worlll wben IIhe , fer
whom the sky
PutJs on Its softest nzure , by tender looker
or IIICh
Confesses that the longIng which you have
dared to own
It not a foolish madness nor left to you
Oh , Isn't It a good world when , atter
doubt and fen 1' ,
The goal at first so dIstant loom. 1:10-
rlous nnd noor-
after whnt were dnngers lie harm-
Wheni ess In the past.
The eertnlnty of trIumph Is In your
at lastl
Away with him who Idly sits down to
nurse his woe
Decnu.e there mny bo dangers out where
he 10nr:1I to go.
And Bhame on hIm who I1nd ; : It a worl4
of hopele..nus
Deeauso he fears to teU her or let her
sla417 auesll.
-8. m. ) ( I..r ,
" ' - . . . . " . .
" .Just
eat COl11ffion
sense for
breakfast "
fljPJft (
A tremendously nutritive , pure white
wheat food , with n flavor that will
mnke you pass your , plate for more.
Two Honest Pounds
In Every PAckallcl
, P R ICE 1 6 C E N T S
I'lIhburJ' Wllbhrn Floar PUll. C. . , LII.
HIDDupoll" HIDD.
- .
w I
Endangers Lifo
Deal With the Honest Druggist
When you ask your druggist for Mull's Grape Tonic , a cure for
Constipation , Stomach and Bowel Trouble , and he tries to sell you I
something else which he claims 18 Juat as good , that Is substitution or
dlshonosty. It Is an Insult to your Intelligence. He does It for profit ,
and not because he cares about your health. No honest druggist will
do It.
Stop a mement and reflect before you permit him to mislead you ,
He Is willing \endanoer your IIfo and health . for the sake of n few
pennies. Is he n safe man to trade with ? Deal with the Honest druggist -
gist who will promptly supply you with what you l < now you want , and
that which you call for.
Until Mull's Grape Tonic was put on the American market there
was no cure for Constipation and Stem < 1ch trouble. Your Doctor will
tell you as much. He knowG that a physic won't cure Constipation.
Go"e remedies may net as laxatives and physics , but you and I know
from experIence that physIcs are dangerous , that they weaken , that
they not only fall to cure bu make UG 'Worse ' until finally they lese
effect entirely , which means parlysls of the Bowels and death by
Typhoid Fever , Appendicitis , Stomach , Heart , and Lung Trouble ,
Rheumatism , Dropsy , Kidney and Bright's Disease , etc.
There arc honorable druogists In most every locality , men who
will promptly suppl you with Mull's Grape Tonic and not try to sell
you something else ; but should there be no such druggist there , W
will send you the Tonlo direct from this factory without additional
expense to you.
If you have Constipation and want to try Mull's Grape Tonlo and
have never used It , we will send you , or any of your friends who suffer
with this affliction , a free bottle. Send us name and address at once ,
while we are giving the first bottle free ; we want to provo to you , at
our expense , the truth of the claims we make for this valuable remedy.
U e the coupon below at once while we are giving the remedy.
away. Free to all who have never used It.
Benel thla coupon with your name alld delre. . anel your elruul.t' . name , 'or a rr. . botU.
of Xull' . Grape Toale. Btomaeh Tanio , OOli.Upation Oure aDd Dlooell'uriller , to XULL'B
GRAPE TONIO 00" Its Third An. , Rook la/aDd , 111. Give full &delre. . aDel write plaloly.
The $1,00 bottle oODtalal ! Ie.rly three tlm. . the 600. .be , At elruC ItOrll. Thl ceoul. .
haa a date aad number .tamped on the label-take no other from your elrun"t.
rr @ @mi !
@ @ ) Ir 1Hd ) @llOffff $
il11111110rcd with
never cracle nor beeome
o brittle. 'l'hoy 1Mt twic l
- ns long as these laun.
derell with other starches and
give the wearcr much lJetter .
satisfaction. If you want your , .
hus anll , brothcr or son to
look dressy , to feel comfort.-
able nnll to bo thoroughly
happy use DEI ! ' I A N C E
S''AfiCn in the la.undry , It
' 1' _ , Is 0111 all 8.\ .
11 . ' " 1 > by good grocers
. 10c a package-10 ounces.
Inferior starches soIl at thcs
I same price per paclcago but
contain only 12 ounces. Nato the differ--
ence. Asic your grocer for DEInANCE
S''ARCn. Insist on. getting 1t and you
will never use any other brand.
[ O ) } 1IJ1) ) @ @ 1Ir@h1 ! @ @MjpJ 1IJ11W ( Qm ) 1h1 ! 11 ; lM lbJ. -
S'Clhr boiler Quality thin moSt 10t Clt8f5
YQaI' Jobber or direct from l'acto/'T. Peona , 11'
IT & : prrLESS SCALES. Per stea
and Wood Ilrames , $25 and up. Write
& ; ; us before you buy. We 5Ilve you Also Pumps and Wind
Mills , BECKMAN BROS. . DOl Moln. . , low. .
When answering advertisements
please mention this paper.
W. N. U. Omaha. No. 37-1905.
. . . .
troubled with Ills pecu1lar to
their Ie : ! : used as A d(1\lcho f. marTeloul Y IDO-
< < asful. ThoroUEhlYCleanses , Idlls dlseaso cenn' . '
.tops dlsCharEu , heals 1nfiammatioD &Dci' 10C&l
IOrene. . . , I
! 'ullue Is In powder form to be dIssolved In po"
water , and II far more clean.lng. healiag , , gennl ldU
and economical than Ilquld anllaepllcs for all
} o'or laIc at druggists , 60 cents a bOL I J
TrIal DOJ : and Dook of Instructlonl Pr. . .
Of Great Interest to the
Thoughtful and Economical Woman
We bave 50Ived the problem of hoW' you can drcss wcll and stylish at IIttlo east. Ask to
see our handsome nssortmcnt of the newtht : aD11 most stylish dress goods worD by well ,
dressed womcn for thfK1 < 'wland Wln\A'fr \ sea on , Wo will "cOIl , ' ' ' _ ulJOn request bcautltul
II mple selection , . .hawing tile la l ! und InI > st popular upto.lfate materIal ! ! . Uuy dlrec
fronl UK at wboleule prlcCl , whlcft m ans great fmvlng 10 you , nbout 1\011 \ of the usual retail -
tail prlt-e. It will p.ey you III ) eo our selection at Ilrc ! . lIuotl , which wo Ioeml free upon re.
QUCllt. lIundredH of JILdIClt In our lo'allty lIelcct : their ( ? Ialerlnl ! ! fro1n us , because tliey can
/let ' ' : .em for less than ctbewhero. We cut IIny IWloUnt ( It yards desIred.
. , .
67 W.LlUb Annue , - CHJCACO
Whole..l. Importer. of Ladl. . ' Woolen. Exclullnl , .