Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, September 14, 1905, Image 2

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.y D. M , AMs.IitRnY ,
anOlmN now. . . NEDRA8JC
. .
I News n Brief I
Dound trom Port Antonio , Jamacla ,
to Now Yorlc , W1Ul n. cargo ot bananas ,
the fruit steamer Danes wont ashore I
nOar Jones beach lIfosavlng station.
'fho doaUl of John A. lIonor ot Duf-
fnlo , N. Y. , merchant , was duo to chol.
oro. morbus nnd heart Illsel\so , and not
(0 carbolic acid administered hy his
President Roosevelt unexpectedly
vlllitod the submarine torrdo ) bent
Plunger and spent fifty minutes bo.
neath the waves , lasbed to fury by a
Two men are are dcn and thrco
moro In a Ilying condition as a result
of the burBling of a slxteon.lnch steam
pipe In the Danvllle , III. , electric light
plant vester.
The breaker , office , holler house nnd
onglno houee ot the PI no Hili Coal
company nt 1\lInersvl1lo , Pa. , wns de-
atroyed by flro today. Loss , $160.000 ,
ptutly Insured.
The annual report of the Lehlg11
Valley , Railroad company tor the year
ending Juno 30 , ID05 , shows a not Income -
como of $6,3D2,888 , an Increase ot $1-
181,000 ever Inst yenr.
A train on the I ) ng Beach division
of the Long Islnnd railway was wreck.
ed by n. . sproadlng rail near Jokyll1 Isl.
and. Many passengers were Injured ,
but no ono was fatally hurt.
The Atlanta city council proposoo to
bogln impeachment procoelllngs
ngalnat Mayor Woodward for his attack -
tack on Mayor Dunne at the League
of Amorlcan Munlclpalltlos convention
In Toledo.
Thomas JD. Waggaman , under Indictment -
mont for embezzlement , appeared In
the office of UIO clerk ot the criminal
court at Washington and gave bond
In the sum of $3,000 for his appearance . -
anco In court.
The monthly statement ot the col.
Jectlons of Internal revenue show that
for the month ot July , ID06 , the col.
Joctlons amounted to $20,790,479 ,
which Is an Increase as compared with
JUly , 1004 , ot $386,461.
President Roosevelt , In accoptlng
the position of honorary vlco preahlent
of the Public Schools' Athlotlc League
ot New Yorle , says crowded tenement
districts are responslblo for the dovol-
o mont of vicious and unhealthy chil-
Dr. M. U. O'Sulllvnn , senior surgeon
in St. Vincent's and the 'Voman's college -
lego nnd follow ot the Royal College
Dt Surgeons. Irell\nll , Is malting a tour
Of this country studying hospitals , and
from hero will go to Mclbourno , Aus-
tralln. .
Two deaUls from cholern have oc-
currtHI at Lemberg , Austrln , nnd sov-
ornl suspected enses are under obsorv.
ntlon. The deaths occurred In the
tamIJy of n river boatman who has
been worltlng In the Vistuln district
of Prussia.
The Japanese have landed 3,000 In.
babltants ot the Island of Salthalln at
Docastrlee , West Siberia , many of
whom were women and chJltlren , and
some sick persons , who were forced
to march to the const , cnuslng thorn
terrlblo sUfforlng.
Whllo'engl ged In brealtlng up scrap
'ron with a slellgehammer at the Ro.
public 'tron and Steel plnnt of st.
) Auls , George Jones was probably
bllnl.ed'for lIre by the oxploson ! ot
an old cannon wh ch his sledge struclc
The cannon was londed.
The delegates to the naUonal Krlog-
orbund at Jollot , III" had a storm '
debate over a resolution Incronslng as-
BQSsmonts In the Insurance brnnch.
The resolution finally provallod. Rates
will bo Increased on Jnnllary 1 next
from $1,60 a qunrter to $1.76.
Former State Reprcscntatlvo James
F. Carey of l1worhlll , Mass. , was
nominated for governor nt the soclaJ-
1st stnto convention. Pntrlcle F. Ma.
boney of Boston wns placed In noml-
nntlon for lIeutenant governor I\nd a.
a. ltchcocle of Warc for secretary of
The nnnual report of Brigadier Gon.
eral Theodore J. Wlnt , commanding
the department of the Missouri , rec.
ommonds that nrmy ehaplnlns shall
not bo nllowell to perform mnrrlagos
ot soldiers unless provlous permission
uhnll hnvo been given by the com.
mandlng o lcor , the enllstmont of married -
ried soldiers bolng dlscouragod by the
war delartmenL
, Mrs. Nnoml Aldrich ot Froderlclc ,
1\Ilch" after a Irellmlnnry oxamlna.
tlon , waR bound aver for trial betoro
the circuit. court charged with hav.
Ing poisoned her two IIttio sons , nged
I f 6 and 8 ) 'enrs , with nrsenle. Early In
: , / July , Mrs. Aldrich Insured the lives
fl. of her sons tor $60 onch. The bo 's I
i . died during the weole of August. 6 , un.
' ' dol' 8lsplclous circumstances.
't . , . ; : : . A lllspntch from Dnllen.Daden sa 's
: " , . that. W. K. Vamlerbllt la confined to
I his room at 0. hotel In that city.
' , ' Dun's rovlow of Chicago trade says
: ' nIl lines ot Industry are well sustain.
, " . cd. Rallrond trn lc Is unusually hlSh ,
, while Inlto cnrrylng maltos a now l'cC-
, ' ' ' \ . ord.
' : Wllllnm Jobo , nn allogCll Ohio mur-
" e'
dorer , Is holtl at Kansl\s City.
J , Joe ntel\Ctts , 18 ' ' ? ars old , an om.
I ; ploye ot the Pacific xpross company ,
: wns round dead nOlr the W.abnsh ralJ.
i/- , . vay atatlon at De'atur , III. , with hla
I . ( , oad bon ten to u pulp. 'I'ho murderer
\ . oscaDed.
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, . . - -
" _ H , _ . . . . . , . . _ . _
fwo QUllint Inscriptions Thllt Gave
Strong Te.tlmony.
I wns n visitor to the West cemetery
In Litchfield a few duys ago ( where
my bones will ultimatelY rest , unled
I am unfortunately drowned nt sea ) , '
antI after Inspecting the tombstones
of ancestors I WI\S Interested In readIng -
Ing the Inscriptions on some others ,
to. wit : Hero lies the bOdy of Mury ,
wife of Dr. John Duel , Esq. She died
Nov. 4th , 17GS , not. 94 , havln , ; hatI 13
chlldl'en , 101 grandchildren , 274 great-
grandchildren , 22 grent.great.grand-
ehlltlren-total 410 ; 33G survive her. "
Another : "SacrClI to the memory ot
Inestlmablo worth of Unrivalled Excellence -
cellenco & Vlrhto. Mrs. Hachel , wlfo
of Jerome D. Woodruff , daughter of
Normnn & LolR Bnrber , whose etherial
pnrls became n serallh May 24 , 1835 ,
III the 22 r'r of her ago.-Correspond.
enco Hartford Courant. .
Hindu Customs.
It la In order that sons mar perform
the father's fnnoral ccremonlea each
yenr that It Is ordnlned that the son
shall Inhcrlt the father's proverty. It
III n rule of our faith thut by the son's
performance ot snch acts the 'fnther
obtains heaven. For this reason , If
ho has 110 male child. the father will
ndopt 0. boy In ordcr that , after Ills
own doaUI. his funeral coromonleR
may bo performed by the adopted son ,
-1\Iysore \ Standard. Dangalore.
A Cure for Stomach Troubl A New
Method by Absorption-No Drugs.
DO YOU BELOIl ? It means n. . dls-
el\.Sed stomnch. Are you aflllctec1 wit.h
short breath , gl\.l ! , sour eruetl\UOnS ,
heart pains , indigestion , dyspepsia ,
burning pains and lead weigh t in pi t of
stomach , ncld stomach , ( tlstenc1ed abdomen -
men , dizziness , DAD DREA''II , or any
other stomach torture ? TJet us send
you n. . box of Mull's Antl.nelch Wnfun
free to convince yon thll.t It cnre8. .
Nothing else 1IIee It known. It's snre
nUll very plenso.nt. Cures by absorption.
narm'ess. . No drugs. troubJe
cnn.t be cured otherwise-so
- says metJ-
ical science. Drugs won't do-they cat
up the stomach and mo.lco you worse.
We know 1\Iull's \ Anti-nolch Wn.ters .
cure nnd wo want you to lmow It , hence
this ot1er. :
SPECIAL OFFER. - The regulnr
price of Mull's Anti-nelch Wafers Is 5Oc.
0. box , but to inb'oduce it to thousands
of sufftrers wo will senc1 two (2) ( ) boxes
upon receivt of 76e. and this ndvertise-
ment , or we will send you n. . sample free
for this coupon.
Bond this coupon with your nntlle
nnd nddreBS and druggist's name who
docs N01' sell it , for n. . free box of
Mull's Anti.Delch Wnfers t.o Mull's
Grape Tanio Co. , 148 Third Ave. ,
Roele Islnnd , Ill. Give full address
nud write plainly.
Sold nt all drug ists , 1i0c. pcr box.
Dying , Thought of Reputation.
Sergeant 'Wolr ot the Scats Grnys ,
as paymaster of his troop , was exempt
from active servIce at thE ! battle of
Waterloo , In which ho nevertheless
fought and tell. When the field was
searched for the do ad and wounded ,
Corporal Scot ot tbo same regiment
found the body ot Sergeant Wolr with
his name written In blood with his
d'lng hnnd uvon his forehead , Th13 ,
oxplalned the corvoral. wns obviouslY
done In order that the sorgeant's body
might bo found and Identified. and
thnt thereby all suspicion ot his havIng -
Ing nbsconded with the money of his
troop might bo averted.
College Don's Mistake.
Jewet onjo'ed the company ot the
pretty women whom ho Invited to
Dalllol , but I never heard ot his beIng -
Ing In Jovo. , One dny n young lady
told him It would mam 'hor so happy
1f ho would marry hor. Upon which
. . ho assured her that he was much
touched by her proposal , but that ho
could not ontortaln It , ns ho had long
glvonIV all thoughts ot matrimony. ;
She hastened to exvlaln that she wns I
engaged to some ono olso. nnd thnt
she had only ventured to nsle him to
perform the coremony.-r-Lovonson.
Gower's "Dygono Ycars. "
Sure Cure at Last.
MonUcollo , Miss. , Sept. 4 ( Special )
-Lawronco County Is almost ! .Ially In
l"t3celpt ot tresh evldenco that n sure
cure tor all Kidney Troubles hns at
last been found , and that cure Is
Dodd's Ifdney PUIs.
Amon" these who have reason to
bless the Grent Amerlcnn Kldnoy Remedy -
edy Is Mrs. L. E. Daggett ot this Illace.
Mrs. Daggett bad dropsy , Dodd's : Kidney . -
ney Pills cured her.
OIl was troubled with mT Jddneys , "
Mrs. Baggett says In re ommendlng
Dodd's Kidney Pills to her friends ,
"my urlno would hnrdly pass. The
Doctors said I had Dropsy. I have
taltcn Dodd's I\ldney : Pills as dlr cted
and am now n woU woman. "
Dodd's Kidney Pills cure the kid-
neys. Cured Kldnoys strain aU the
Impurities out ot the blood. That
means pure blood and a sound , ener.
gotlc body. Dodd's IfdneT pUIs are
th greatest tonlo the world hns over
A gentleman of Yorltshlro , England ,
Is ready to make amdnvlt that whllo
ho was sijtlng by tbo river Loven 0.
phto jumved from the water. bit him
sevorly on tbo foot and jumped baclt
Here Is Rellof for Women.
Mother Gray , n nurae In Now York , discovered -
covered n pleasant h6rb 1'01110111 for women's
Ills , cnlled AUS''ItALIAN.I AF. It Is tI\O \
only certnln montbly regulator. , Cures
fomnla ' 'fO knossos , Dacknoho , Kidney And
Urinary troubles , At. nil Drulat. ! . or by
mnll f O cts ,
> Sample mailed FJma Addreas ,
The Mot.her Gray Co. , LeRoy , N. Y.
Talk 18 cheap. A man au let a
skave for IS cenu.
. .
- ' - .
, ,
" ' " ' .
, . . . .
Commander-In.chlef King has filled
the vncanclcs on his start In unique
fashion , and one thal hns no precedent
In G. A. R. annals. Ho has appointed -
ed " 0.9' n trlbuto to the noble worle ot
the 'V. R. 0. " three of Its carllcst past
presidents , vlz. : Mrs. Sarnh E. Fuller ,
tbo present trel1surer of the dcpart-
menl ot Massachusettsj Mrs. Llznbeth
A. 'rurner of Drldgoport nnd Kate
Drownlco Sherwood of Ohio , members
ot his official staff.
Doubtless the presence of these
three distinguished ladles upon the
start of tbo commander-Inchlef wfll
marlc 0. new departure at the Denver
encampment and complications may
arise It their new duties demand their
nbsenco from the convention of the
W. R. C. , where they are always very
much In ovldence.
- - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - -
Farmer Boy to Be Great Directing
Force , Says Exchange.
The farmer boy Is the hope of this
nation. Ho Is In a position to mnlm a
man of himself and a great dlrec ng
force of the nation. Ho nslts no man
for cmployment If ho Is tTle fortunate
owner ot a little farm , His vote nnd
his volco should , show how glorious It
Is to ho endued with the spirit of a
true patriot. One may as well try to
buy the soul of nn educated southern
farmer boy ns to buy his vote , says an
oxchange. The whlto boys of the
south , chieflY of Anglo-Saxon lineage ,
are ot the best strains known to the
world's history. The Cnvaller , the
Scotch-Irish , the Hugucnot , with a
small ndmlxturo ot the Pennsylvania
Dutcb , form the basis of the whole
population. Add to this the fact that
they have Inherited a master's t mper
and courngo from tholr ancestors , nnd
It will bo seen thnt the elements ot
manhood form the very woof and warp
of their fibre , All they need Is Industrial -
trial training to lead the world In ng.
rlculture , commerce. mining , ml nu.
facturlng and transportatlon.-Palatlcn
Pertinent Consideration as to Size
and Deadliness of Bullets.
Is the military bullet too smnll.
Japan uses a Germnn-sllver or steel-
jaclteted bullet of less than .25 cali-
ber. It Is long , built for speed , wldo
range and flat : trajectory. Our army
uses n bullet slightly larger. Th y
are called "humane , " because the
wounds they maleo are small , almost
alwnys antiseptic and heal qulcltly.
Dut they have not the stopping power -
er of the larger balls nnd many ex.
perts bellevo that they tend to prolong -
long wars , by lowering the death.rato
nnd permitting men to engage again
In fighting soon aCter being wounlled.
Is a long war preferable to a short ,
bloody ono ? Has the reappearance of
bayonetstabblng , duo to the reduced
killing power ot the bullet , made war
more humane ? And flnnlly , can war
ever bo humane-OIWlth .the Procession -
sion , " Everybody's Mngazlne ,
Peril In the Naval Plunger.
In deciding that United Stntcs submarine -
marino boats , with Inexperienced
crows , shall not bo allowed to phmgo
In water doc per than olght fnthoms ,
and that n convoy must bo on ll nd
with lUting appnratus the naval
board has sought to prevent any such
torrlblo disasters as overcame the
French submarine boat off Algiers re.
centlY' In spite of the fact that sub.
marino boats are no now thing and
that they were Invented ns long ago
as our civil war , when a confederate
subUlarlno destro'ed a union boat , In-
cld'entally ItlllIng. all ot Its own crew ,
the submarine has not yet reached n
stage "hen It can be operated safely
by any but oxperto , and even then accidents -
cidents may halpen , with the most
serious consequences-Doston Tran.
Will Fight "Tainted Money. "
Dr. Washington Gladden will Intro.
duce n resolution aimed to hend off
the accolltanco of girts of "tainted
monoy" by oxecutlvo officers of the
American bonrd ot commissioners for
forolgn missions when the hO\rI1 :
meets for Its annual session In Seattle
on Sept. 14 to 18. The l'esolutlon will
lIl11lortalto to rellove the oxecutlve of.
flcers from all nuthorlt ) . to recelvo
glls ot money. Dr. Oladdln Is work.
Ing to organize the men who sUllport-
ed him In Ills provlous opposition to
"tainted money , " and there are 1I1 < 01y
to bo S0ll10 live ) ) ' speeches at the
meeting. Many mtmbors ot the board
ot opinion that ' resolution
are an ro-
IItrlcUng the executive omcers In ro-
cglvlnt : . : Ils will bo voted down.
. . .
, , "
. . . . . . . . . - -
_ _ _ . . . . . . . --v-- . . _ _ _
- '
Japan's Triumph Contains Much Food I
for Thought. .
The triumph of Japan'ls talten In
various Wl1)'S by n compllcnted uni-
verse.Ve prefer to observe It In tbe
first plnce for what It teaches of value
to ourselves , The Amerl an bill for
alcoholic drinks during a slnglo ) 'ear
Is estimated In dollars alone at a billion -
lion and a quarter. What It Is In con.
sequences who shan estimate ? 'Jalmn
drinks with the moderntlon which she
exhll.llts In every phase of lite. Her
people so far care less for show , for
persOl,1 I conspicuousness than they d '
for ends of general worth. The Japanese - I'
anese were worried for months by the
fewness of their battleships , but In the
end they won , not by numbers. but by
moralitY-by sobriety , devotion , courage -
age nnd Intelligence , They did not
win by t llt antI bluster either. They
hnve shown. In peace and war , 0. calm :
fall' mlndedlless , a predominating I
taste , a hostility to mere nolso antI
thunder , an nbliity to be quiet nnd
mind their business , whether thnt
business be art , domestic labor or
deadly war. To b sure of the quality
of our sailors , the disinterestedness of
promotions , the honesty of contrncts ,
the subordination of personal gain
nnd nm1lltlon-all this Is more 1m.
portant than the tonnage of our fleet.
It Is not so much the number of torpedo -
pedo boats or battleships ns It Is the
way they will be managed In emer-
gency.-C011ler's Weeltly.
Great Increase In Population of the
German Empire. .
ACter Russia Germany Is tbo richest
country In children. For every 10,000
Inhabitants there are 363 living births
a year , ns against only 226 In France.
Hence the Increase of populntlon In
Germany Is correspondingly great. In
the course of the nineteenth century
the population within the present ter-
rltor ' of the -emplro has much moro
thnn doubled In spite of the considerable -
able numbers of Germans who have
emlgratetl tIurlng this' time , In 1816
there were 24,400,000 souls In the tor-
rltor ) ' ot the present omplre , whllo In
1900 there were 56,300,000 , which cor.
responds to a 'e.arly average Increase
, of' ono per cent , whllo moro than
5,000,000 Germans have emigrated
from their homes during the nineteenth -
teenth centur ) ' . In order to measure
the meaning ot these figures we must
compare them with these of 0. coun.
try 111 < 0 Frnnce , which Is practically
stationary In Its population. In the
middle of the century there were as
man ) ' people In Prnnco as hI' Germany.
In 1845 there were In Germany 34,400 , .
000 , In Franco 3'1,500,000 , whllo In
1820 Franco had nearly 4,000,000 more
tlian Germany. To-day the French
population has rlson only to 35,500,000
and Is therefore moro than 20,000,000
bohlnd Germany.-Yalo Rovlew.
Marking Historical Spots.
. Marking the blrthplaco ot Chester
A. Arthur was the beginning of a
movement that Is sprendlng and thnt
may well be carried further ) 'et. A
monument In memor ) ' ot Ann Stor ) ' ,
and the Ethan Allen tower In Durling.
ton 11avo all'eady been dedicated.
There are numerous places In Ver.
mont that have bl'en : the sel'ne : ot his.
torlc events or the blrthplaco of dls.
tlngulshed people and local patriotism
should prompt us to see that they are
all murlcd In some wa ' . We cannot
erect a Dennington monument or an
14than Allen tower at 8.11 the plnces ,
but wo can enslly erect n stone or a
tablet to marlt the spot nnd presen'o
their memory. A slmplo bronze tablet -
let , such as placed on the wall of the
Ilavlllon In Montlleller , maltes a ler.
manent record ot the visit ot LntAY.
ette to the city , would be sumclent
In moat cn5es.-Montlleller Ar1ro8.
Was Accused of Improper Relation.
with Mrs. Taggart. :
Gen. Miner , who was the commandIng -
Ing officer at Fort Leavenworth when
Maj. Taggart , , 'as stationed nt that
post , was on the stnnd In the Woos tor
trial. 110 Is charged \\'lth \ being 0.
party to such scandalous relntlons
with Mrs. Tagtut : that the major declared -
clared on the stnnd he would hau
been justified In kUling him. Gen.
l\ilner tIenled that his relations with
Mrs. Taggart were ever Improper.
Probability That Many Othcr World-t
Are Inhabited. I
The fact that , so far as wo hnvo yet
been nblo to learn , enl ) ' a small 'pro-
portion of the vlslblo worlds scattered
through space are fitted to bo the
o.bode of IICo does not preclude the
probability that among hundreds of
mUllons of such worlds 0. vast number
are so fitted. Such being the case , nU
the analogies of nature lead us to be
lIeve that , whatever the process which
led to Ufe upon this earth-whether a
special act of creative power or a.
gradual course of development-
through that same process docs Ufe
begin In every part of the unlvers
fitted to sustnln It. The course of development -
velopment Involves 0. gradual Improvement -
ment In living forms , which by Irregu.
lar'steps rise higher and higher In the
scale of being , \Ve have every reason
to believe that this Is the case wher.
ever lite exists. It Is , therefore , per.
flicUy reasonable to suppose that beIngs -
Ings , not only animated , but endowed
with reason , Inhabit countless worltIs
In space. It , would , Indeed , be Insplr.
Ing could we learn by actual observa.
tlon what forms ot society exist
throughout space , nnd se the memo
bers ot such societies enjoying th m.
sclves by their wnrm firesides , Dut
this Is , so far as we can now see , en.
tlrely beyond the possible reach of our
race , so long ns It Is confined to a
single world.-Harper's Magazine ,
Curious ArtIstic Reminiscences.
\Yritlng of the approaching Interna.
. tlonnl congress of artists , which Is to
be held In Venice next month , Edouard
Trogan Indulges In a curious bit ot
reminiscence. When , he was last In
Venice 0. painting by Grosse was rals.
Ing 0. storm of protest , met by a clamor -
or of protest against protest. The pic.
turo showed San Juan In Erebus , sur.
rounded by his victims. Ten years
have passed since .then. The patrl.
arch who bravetI popular Indignation
by contIemnlng the plcturo Is now
popej the painter ot It Is now exhibitIng -
Ing a portrnlt of he Itatlnn queen , and
the syndic who lost his place because
of bls share In the controversy Is to
preside at the coming festlvnl.
Shoe Factory Map.
The blapk circles on the mnp show
the only stntes that have shoe fac.
The Collector and His Mania.
Collecting Is 0. sort of cumulative
passion. It stnrts wlui 0. tnsto fOf
quality , It develops Into 0. greed for
ql antlty. Once \ho collector discovers
ho Is the possessor of an artlclo of
which there are few or no other copIes -
Ies , he Is lost. Thereafter he hns only
ono concern-to solzo upon more rarI.
ties. It would be nil very well It. the
manln pertained to what may truly bo
called treasures , but too often these
things have value only because other
colle tors have them. That ho mny
have an example at the ceramics of
every dynnst ) . of China Is moro to the I
collector than that ho has beautiful
specimens ot ono.-Cloveland LeatIer. I
Tamagno Said to Be Dying.
Tnmagno , the great italian tenor ,
who Is announced as d'lng at 1\111 an ,
was not d for his penuriousness while
traveling with opera companies , and
stories ot this charncterlstlc nro stili
told of him In America. Dut ufter ho
rotlred from the stl\Jo ho built for
himself In Yaresco n villa which for
artistic beauty has few el1unls any.
where. Attnched thereto Is a perfect.
\ ) ' appointed t oatcr , " .Vhel'o famous
singers dollght d to appear with their
generous host. Ho'alty Itself accepted -
od Invitations JO such entertainments.
In these dl\'s 'I'nmagno was princely
In his expenditures. , He gave the vUla
to his only daughter as 0. woddln
Did Not Disappear Until the Blooc . ' :
Was Renewed by Dr. Williams' . . . ' 1..1 ;
Pink Pills. ' , ' . . .
Typhoid revor is somotlmes canel ner - - : : :
tous rovor. During the course of th& . ' " . ; '
fever the lIerves nro nlways profoundl , .
dlstu\'bed , n1ll1 "hOll it Is ever thoyare
left so senHltlvo thnt the patient hns to ; .
be guarded against all excitement. III the
toulo treatment then domnnded , regard. "
. .
must be paitlnot only to building np llasb
but also to strongthonlug the nerves , A
remedy thnt will do ooth , souud . ,
flesh to reJlail' waste nnd give now' vigor ' '
to feeble lIarvcs , Is the 1II0St conveniuu'
6nlloconomical. Such\ ! remedy is Dr. , .
Williams' Piuk Pilla for Pulo Peoplo. : , , "
OUA proof of this is the experience of o. J
Mr. Oharles Worth , of ] I\st Vassnlboro , ' : ; ,
Maino. lIe says : . . I had n. . severe nt. , ( :
tack of typhoid fovcr lute in the fall ' . .
which loft 1\10 VOl'y weak nud dobllltated. ' . , '
'My heurt pnlpitated , lilY brcuthlug boo ' \ ' . -
'tUlle ( lImcnlt IIftor the Jeast oxertlon nud ' . ' .
tlloro wus nlll1l1l1l0ss in both hands. I "
lIufforCil ill that wny for fully six months. , f'
As I did not Jr w out of It , did not in \ . . .
fact see the sljhtest ! improvement as "
time passed , I decided to nso Dr. 'ViI. ,
JimnH' Pink PiII I\S I Imow of flome curel , ' . . . . .
they hnd etToctell iu CIISCS liIco mille. " ' - ' ,
"Almost us soou as I began tnltlng . .
them I could hoe decdCll ! hnprovomcnC " ; (
nud attor Iteeping on with them for . .
severnl weelfl ! I was completely woll. I ,
consider Dr.'Villntns' ! Pink Pills n. . mo.'I " , '
vnJunble l'omcdy , 1\1\(1 I nm in the hnbitl . .
of rocoll1meudiug them to othorsllffiicted '
ns I wns. "
When the nerves Rebe aud trem.
ble it menns tbat they are stnrvlng. The
onJT WRY to toed tbem is throulh the
blood , and the best food is Dr.Wl11iams'
Pink Pills. Tbey nre absolutely guaran.
teed to be tree from.opin orother hnrm.
lul drags. They nre'sold by nIl drug. , .
gists , or mny bo obt. iucd directly from "
the Dr. wnUnms MediciueOo. , , Sch6l1eo. '
WyN. Y. .
" ,
. . '
"r don't see how Dlllelns can stand . "
that wlto of hiB. She's uglY , III humored - . :
mored , and she's his fourth' attempt - , " . : ; ' .
tempt , anyhow. " "That's just. It. ; , ' : "
Ho's been married four times , but this . .t
Is the rs , tlmo he's struck n. . ren1 ' : . , " " it. .
coed cook. . '
. . : . 1 , , ; : ' .
' ' ' "
" 'J' "
A large l\Unneapolls manufncturlng > ' ' .
concern , The Pillsbury Co. , are em- , . .
ploylng a unlquo method In ndvortls. . , 'r ' : - "
Ing their vroduct , "PIII bury's Vitae , : ' : . '
The Meat of the Wheat , " In appealing ' .
to the "eommon Senso" of the AmerIcan - < , ' .
Ican public.
, . : ,
Their assertions are modest as corn- h 'f
pared to most. ot the cereal food ad- " ; ' -
verUsements of the last few years ,
but they carry 0. ring of truth. Their . . ' . . . . ,
reasoning IB certainly rntlonal ; hero ' . . : ' <
Is some of It : " .
- . "
"We nU bellevo that Wheat Is the
best cereal the Creator has given : ,
mankind. , -
Pillsbury's Vltos Is nothing' moro
nor less than the wblte henrt of tbls
wheat kernel , cut out. by steel ma. .
chlnery , and sterilized-nothing add-
ed-n thlng talten away-no adultora.
tlon-no fiavorlng-no coloring-no t j
cooking. , , .1 , I
This product comes to yt1ur table ' . : .r:1
In Its pure , white , granular form , an st
appetizing dish for young and old.I
EasIly digested because It retnlns
Hs gr.anular form when cooked , novel'
lU.1PY or pasty.
A twopound paclenge malte ! ! twelve
pounds ot pure white c oleed food ,
and PJllsbury qua1lt ) ' too. Two generous -
erous dishes tor one cent.
We have no competitors because
we are the largest millers In thl1 ,
wor d and Iet the beat wheat. Your . ,
grocer w1l1 gladly fill your order for .
Pillsbury's Vltos because ho knows /0
he sells .you satisfaction , Vltos : Is put r
up only In two pound paelenges-alr
tight. Prlco 15c. Don't be without
H. "
. '
Some physicians would doubtless , '
starve to denth If theIr nts didn't. , _ .
enrry Ufe Insurnnce. .
Every houselteeper should know
that If they will buy Definnco Cold "
Water Starch for laundry use they
will save not only time , because'
never sticks to the Iron , but becnuso I
each pacltago contnlns 16 oz-ono tull 1
pound-while nIl ether Cold Wo.ter "
Starches nro put up In * .poun l pacle- .J
ages , and the prlco Is the snmo , 10 . _ '
" j'
cents. Then ngaln because Deflanco .
Starch Is tree from all Injurious chem. , , \
IcnH ! , If your grocer tries to seU you ,
0. 12.oz. pq.clmge It Is because he hns
a stocle on hand which ho wishes to
dlsposo ot before ho puts In Dotlanco.
Ho Imows that Deflanco Starch has
printed on every package In large letter -
tor and figures " 16 ozs. " Demand Do-
h ,
fiance and save much time and money
and the annoyance ot the Iron stlclc- I
Ing. DQflance noyer sUcl , < s. ' . . ' . (
An , "verago man would soon attain . \
perfection If he followed ttlO ndvlco , . '
he hnnds out to his nolghbors. : '
Automobllo touring car tor salo. ) . \
For particulars address A. L. Purcell ,
415 Karbach bloclc , Omaha , Neb , .
" -
The voet Dr 'den Is said to have In.
vented the word "witticism. "
. I
< \ ,
. . . .
' _ ' _
It Cures CoMs , COUllbs , Sore 'l'hront Croup , . , -
Inllucnza. Wbooplng CouII , Jlroncllltls IIna
stbtnlA certaIn cure tor ConsullIllllon IlIlIr& '
lIages , anll n sura relief In ndvllnce < l slllgcs. U e _
at onco. You w\llseo \ tbe excellent cnect nUe ! ' - of" ,
tnklng the lint dose. SOld by deniers ev r ) '
where. Lnrllo bottlcl cents nnd W cenlll.
. . - - t . : . ; . r , _ : . . I.'I1 . ' . :