Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, September 29, 1904, Image 10

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    ClvorcC3 In Jllpm.
Dlvor ts hi1 Jnpan. which enn bo 01"
tauetl ! ou. the most trivial protenslon ,
have somewhat diminished In number
Iu'recent years , but they atlll occur
at the rllte o ! ono to every lhreo mar.
rIaces. lu 1902 lhero were 34.8 ! } ! )
marriages and 113.9 I\.orces.
Where He's Wro'ng.
'A man has no rlghl to glvo his wll.
r.wny wheu ! ! he boul9 beloro co'Jl'
pmy. : conslc.1erlng thl1lJ 1 she nOVbr
glv08 him away by 100 ! 1 r ; lIurprlsod
when he otters her the rocldng chaIr
when company is presenl.-AtchlsoQ
Le3ve Mementoes : bf ! VlcltJ. ! .
Accordln to n very old custom pro- I
valiins at the Qualnl old town o ! Onlt.
ham ' England , . , every peer or the realm
Ilasslnr lhrough the tow is reQulrel
to lenve a IlOrseshoe , or Its equivalent. I
t.o bo Jllaced , In the c llo. I
. : '
/ustrallm Curiosity.
Austrnll:1n : l'ololsts ; recently dig.
coLV9.r d n' rent curiosity In the Rhnp/ ) I ,
o ! a fish : of opal. The I1sh Is about
t.h a d one.halt feel long , and 13
or : { 1iq shnpO ot the It has
opal veinings.
. River Skirts Lake.
, One dlsC'ory made by an explor.
In" ' arty In Ab'sslnla recently Is th t
t. I\'el' Gelo sllrts lho 130lllhernm03t
exlremlt ) ' of < o Tala Instead ? t
fi , , 'lng Into the lalte , as was hltherlo
b lIovcd.
When Opportunity Imocls at your
door , go nnd oJlen It qulclt , and don't
I\tand \ still Etlctrlnl ; ILL hcr bpcauGo she
\\'asn'l IIJ1 to date enough to ring \ho
electrle bc11.-Somervll1o Journal.
. ,
Women Know No DJrthdays.
AmotS ) female l.oors ! Jlrlhday cele-
. bratlons . are \Inlmown. A Moorish
" , ' consIders It a Ilolnt o ! honor
to ' , be abEolutel ' Ignorant of her ngo.
WQter a Sound Conductor.
The 'sound ' of n. bel1 which can 1.1'3
heard 45,200 feet throuh ; the walor
cnn bo heard through the nlr enl ) ' -triG
( eet.
011 for Locomotive Fuel.
O ! the 1,360 locomotives owned nnd
oJlerated b ) ' the Southern Pacific , 780
ire now usmg all as fuel.
. , T:1rt 1r Alphabet.
The { Tartar alphabet contains 20 : :
totters. br. ' ' " + hn ' " : . ' " the worll' '
The Reason Why ,
Drummond , Wls" Sept , 19 ( Specla1) )
. . . . .Whole families In Dn'fleld Coonly
IrO slt llng the prnlses of Dodd's Kid.
noy ! > lI1s and the reason wliy Is given
In expcrlences such as t.hat or Mr.
1' . T. " 'old , n. wl'l1.lmown citizen hero.
"I had such } laln3 In my back that
[ did not Imow what to do , " says Mr.
Wold. "and ns I came across an advert -
t Usen l'nt of Dodd's I ldney PlI1s I senl
: for a box. That ono box rel1eved me
, ' . ut al1 my pains , 1\y wlfo also use
thom an found thorn just what she
, ! leeded. I recommend Dodd's Kidney
: : PlI1s as 0. sure cure for Daclmche aUl !
" other Kidney 'froubles. "
, Daclmche Is one of the earliest
I R'mptoms of KIdney Dlseaso. Dodd's
I ' ' Kidney Pills , cnre It 11romplly ancl verI
: ) j mancnl1y and prevent It developing
'i ' Into Rheumatism , Dropsy , Diabetes ere
1 I Orhht'si : Dlacnse. '
; 1 j I j Underttker's : : Thank Offering.
' "
, j ! ' The bishop of London has received
' ' \ 1 s bscrlpt10n of $25 from an'unl ( r'
" . lalter who described lho Sift ns a
b t anlt offering "bc.causo trade has
i1 n so .ltslt o ! l\to , " \
I '
1 'WhUo we are sorr ' to learn thai
, r the atteUllance at St. Louis Is not. Dt
I tarlo as was CXIHJcted , stili there , f !
I ) . the ha111,1Y thought that there wl\1 \ nOI
I . . b3 ! , s . , m nr 11001l1e who will waut tc
1 11) talk -al1"'lnter about theil' visit to lh (
' r t lr. '
1U' ! , J' ' 1 U . I '
, ' '
" man 'whQ' removes his hnt In tL4
; crn:1tor r an office building nlwa1
! R : :100S' : It with au expression which InlI
q , II cates that he believes every womal
, . In lho elevator will write n. no to If
i qe ) ; paD 's about his gallanl'r. !
. ) " , ' , -
i I. The nest embodies all lhat Is groal
est In n binI's life : Dnd as most mel
I are n. good denl IIJee birds , the sam ,
ought. to ! Je said at the homa.-No ,
II 'Yorle Tribune.
I ' \ The ) ' sar that money does not brln
, I
I happlness. ThIs Is nn oxpbrlmonl
\ 'however , w.hich every one wishes t
lry tor hlmsel-Phlladelphln. Telt
Some people Insist lhat whUe It I
tame to have a 10 cent cigar name
tor 'ou It Is mere notorletr when
fi ent clg r has ) 'our plcturo on th
'I The first slop toward the elevatlo
, o ! tbo stale should ho the Incu'cer : :
\ . tlou ot the big handed nlllt wlio wan1
eight or t.en encores of ever ) ' son\ ; ' .
Classic music nUll woman are slm
i lar. Lola of people 111to them. bul to'
undc"rstn.n ' them.
Some men admlro a well.fonne
I woman mal'O than the ' do a weU.I :
\ termed one.
I Many a man Is wmlng to dlo tor h
countr ) ' , bnt he wants to fix the dal
for hi " ! .Sel ! .
. N mriq who slln with his hands !
hlsvock la usually hasn't much oJl
. t1 ! .r.1./ , ! " ' . ' - :
Every man Imows how a. wro , sbou' '
be managed , bnt tow are able to do , !
, The men who ma1eo a noise In th
: world arc n1wty's the quiet onos.
MIoses' Seven.Gored l < JItd Skirt.
Hldrts that are ; 1I11ulo flat oyer the
JIIS ) alld are RO 1Jlhltod M to mean
rmwr < Jus fullness lJOlow that } Joint
Incrt'uso In favor"eolt by wecl" anll
arl' Hhown In many , 'arlntiouH. This
0110 Is l1Ccullarly attractlvo and suits
\'CIung girls to n. nlcoty , IjJlng 1I11111e
of Illalll cut bins and stltehed with
corti celli silit. ' 1'he 'plaltH are tlll'lled
hac\vnnl ] nnll are so arJ'angcd as to
conceal nll scams , while tho. mnn ) '
gorC\11 \ do awn ) ' witH 'urlneccJsnry huJ1 < .
All SlIllIlIg and sl.lrtln { ; .materlals are
The sl < 1rt conHIHts of Re\'cn gore ! ;
nnll Is cl03ed Invlalhly nt. tlt' ! ' , center
hacl , . ' 1'he lllalts are Inlllon Indicated
IIne9 and are 11reHsed flat. for their
ontlro length , hut stltchell for' 11 lIar.
Hon enl ) ' .
' 1'ho quantity or matorlal reQlllred
for the medium Hlzo (14 ( 'ears ) la G %
) 'ardH 21 or 27 Inchea wide , _ or 31
) 'ards H Inches wide.
Whole Cucumber Plckleo.
Ln ) ' a hllndl'ed cncumhers In cold
water for an hOllr. Drain , put Into a
- -
stone crocle and cover with cold hrlno
that Is strong enough to hear up an
ogg. Set asldo for lhree days , drain
off the ! Jrlne , amI wlpo the pickles
dr ) ' . Wash Ollt the crocle , put In the
cucumbers , cover with cold water and
leave for twonty-four hOllrs. Doll In
vinegar two minced onions , twenty
cloves , an ounce each of mustard and
celery seed and a few blades of mace.
Add a cup of sugar nnd fill the crocle
with this boiling mixture. Stir the
cucumbers w l1 , then cover closely
and leave for a weole. At the end of
that time drain off the vinogar. bol1
it up again and again pour it over the
} 1Icl < 1es. Do not use for sereral
Skirts Long and Full ,
The newest sldrts , in splle of all the
prophecies 'to the contrar ) ' . are verr
long and full , and , when pUffings and
gaglngs are not emplo'ed , there arc
many small trills , much luclted and
ruched , or insertell with lace. There
Is a general air a ! drooplness about
aU the smart tol1ettes of the moment ,
and ono really canuot deny their
graceful elegance. A lovely little
linen gown seen the other day-It
had been made In Paris for one of
the smartest Parlslennes renowned
for her Ilerfect tnslo In dress-had
the aldrt cut very loug , and decorated
with four flounces of embroidery In
graduating whlths separated by nun's
piaits. The Illalted bodice had a 1IlUo
flchu fastened In front of either shoul ,
dor by a roselle of ! Jlack velonrs mOilS'
sellno , and tho' deep polnt\d ! Jelt was
nlso of the velours mousseline.
Skirt Styles.
St'les are , In the main , very much
what designers have been leading Ul1
to for a 'eal' or more. Sldrls , instead
or molding the form , sI1rIng light
away from the wnlst line , thoug1J
many stll1 bear wlness to the vcr ) '
natllral fear o [ 1001.lng bunchy an
. 'thlcle , which haunts most women nc
r1 longer on the right sldo of twent.five
o by being set Into cordlngs and gaug
\ . iugs. 'fho 1111s50 Rltlrt and the box
plaltell variety are hoth admirable
and 1IItoly to ondure.
The Rhort slt1rt has found Its rlghl
111aco strictly as n walllng sldrt , fOI
carl ) ' morning wear , for shollplng , 01
for country and sllorts ; the mQst 115
ual lonlth Is that which just touche !
the ground aU arounll. Tmlns are re
served for o\'enlng gowns aUlI cere
monlous tollots.
Shirt Waists Here to Stay.
"Shirt wl1lsts are too comfortable t (
oyer go out of fashion , " salll a 111'0011
nent mOlllato recentl ) ' , "They arl
growing more drcss ) ' ever ) ' soasoll
aud 'et I doubt , too , If the real plah
lallOl'-mado shirt waist , worn with I
II. whllo coUal' anll hlncl , tlo' or a nea
\V stock , will oyer be supcl'sclied for cel
talu occasions h ) ' the drC6slor affah'
1 malee111 Quantities of the whit
handlwrchlef lIneu walsta , hand.en :
brolderell , right throu h the summo
nnd wlntor , ' 1'he ) ' Il\undel' well , 1\1'
extremely- becoming , and cool. "
Frencl1 Finery ,
l.lnen gowns. It should be e :
vlalned , arc the chic thln for mort
Ing wear nt nl1 thQ limart Prcnch 1101
d . _ Illacos jnst now , anlhwhen the
are uot possible , on a Ilull or rain
tIay , smart lIU10 eoats o\ul sllrts e
fine serge or some th1I crnyonettQ
i. cloth arc In accorl1.rI'O with tee
. nut muslin dresseR 111'0 a thing
alll\rt ; the . ) ' nre fOl' afternoon and gar.
den 11I\rt nnll Reml'ovenlng wear ,
dainty robes painted or 1II'Inlell with
tin ) ' Ilomlllldour designs of flowers ,
IInli conunlngled wIth cobwebhy Il\ccs
thrC'adcd with the , 'ery narrowest 01
volYel behe rlhJons ! that 1001. ns
thouh ! falr ' flngers nlono hn"d fash.
loned them. Roses. hy the \.1) ' , are
lhe most modIsh of nil flowers and the
most : ulmlrell for wear tills season ,
and aprollos of mailers mlll1nerlal , nil
the newest hats haye decilledl ) ' high
crowns ,
Artistic Fruit Centerpleco : ; .
The English taste for fruit center.
pieces for the dinner table has been
stimulated b ) ' the beautiful designs III
cleclrollers which goldsmiths and sll.
\'C'smlths ! are turning out.
The wiring Is dOllo through n hole
In the centm' of the taJlo ! and clover.
Iy hidden by low howls with tubes
running through the center. from
which rlso and slH'ead the electrollers ,
In ono design , n howl of exqulslto
carved Itallau marble Is sUPlIorted hy
six cupids and from the center sprIng
lho gold.plaled electrollers In n. spray
of three , showing narcissi lights. This
bowl may he I11lell WIUI fruits accordIng -
Ing lo the English fashion or , to meet
the American taste , pink roses' ar"
Another centerpleco has narcissi I
hlooms at the hase as well as on the
\111)1er ) elect rollers. and cupids arc
Ilosed reaching from the lower row a !
1Ights to the upper.
Elaboration In Gowns.
Modes of the moment seem as fuss ) .
as e\'er , and nearl ) ' a11 of them apper'
taln to one or other of lhe Louis
perIods. ' 1'here Is slmllllcity In effect ,
but In r nllty how different It aU Is !
Gauglngs and pUffings and festoone
110unces , to say nothing of the 111\ !
houlllounees now in vogue. spell end
less handwork , and it Is really tnre
that dressmaldng just now Is nelthct
more nor less than fine needlework
Moro especially Is this the case with
moussellno and taffelas froclss-the re
Qulred lightness and daintiness of er
fect can only bo produced by hand
stitching , and ns the newest sldrts are
guiltless of lining It goes without say
In ! ; that the vcr ) ' flnest needleworl !
Is alone admissable. Taffeta Is more
and more in e\'ldence. and Its mo. ! 1
serIous riyal Is glace silk. softl )
ruched with chiffon.
Parisian Creation.
One of the IH'oll ) ' American women
In Paris recenl1y appeared at a rG
ceptlon gowned In ! I. dress of blacll
Chantll1) ' , beaullfully' made oyer ' 8
lustrous satin foundation. 'rho hat
was a great wide-spreading blach
lace picture hat and she wore long
! Jlack gloves. The note of color was
found In a beautiful turquoise blue
sasb. In a great , long , blue ostrich
plume and In II. handsome turQuol :1e
brooch at the throat. The costume
was b ) ' al1 odds the most attractive
In the room.
Kimono Dressing Sacque.
No olher , form of dressing sacquo
Is qulto so comfortable and satlsfac'
tor ) ' ! .is the It1mono , This one is pc-
cullarl ) ' attractive nnd Is made of
1\ght \ weight wash fiannel with bands
of wash silk In lllain color. As shown ,
the sleeves are pointed. but round
ones can be substituted.whenevCf pre.
ferred. Again. the 'ol.e can match the
! Janrl In place of the Ihuono wilen ,
that combination Is 1I1eed. In addition
to the light weight wools Orienlal cot , .
r1 I . . , . . . , , : " I ' \ \ : I : ' - - J
t ton crepes and all " 'ashn. lo materi
' . nls nl'o emlnentl ) ' al1pro\lrlato \ and. IIJ
I , place of the bands being IIloJn ami
lhe mnterl111 I1gured. the malerlnl call
bo plain and tllO ban s of nll ' lll'etty
Ilg11l'UlI sill , 01' ribbon that Ula ) ' be
'fho 1,11110no consls'ts oC Cull fronts
nnd bnel. whleh m'e joined to the 'olw
nnd Is Ilnlshed with ! \ collar nnd band
cut In ono'ploce. . The sleeves aro'In
pno I11Qce each and sllghtl full at the
shoulliers. ' .
'fh"o qunnUt ) . o ! m ler al rpqulred
In the m Uum ! slzo ilf.l4 % 'nrds 21
inch\I : . , . , 'hle ; . . ) 'ards 27 InebeR wide.
ill or 3'1. ' : ) 'ords 32 Inc \cs 'WIde ; with 1 *
I , ) 'ard1 In nn ) ' wi ' . 1 tor bUl1Ils.
J . . . . .
: , - ; {
Home.Grown Sugar Ueet Seed.
A bulletin a ! the UnlttJd Stntes De.
partmont or Agrlculluro says :
It Is bolloved that the nverago sugar
content of beets In this counlry can
he Increased 2 to 3 per cent when wo
uhall haye developed a higher straIn
of beets through home.grown aeed. '
On account of the hlghor vitality of
the germ. these experlmonts hullcato
that wo shall have a race at beets
moro vigorous from the start.
In the 11roductlon of beets for a , fac.
lor . , the vHallt . of the Eeed as shown
b ' germInation Is an Important factor.
It Is the first evidence of the probable
ylold of the crop that the grower 1001\0
for. Evorythlng depends upon the
stand. It is desired that a beet sha11
fill every place in the row provided
for It. It Is evident that If every
t.hlrd ! Jeet Is missing Ulero will bo only
two.U1irds of a stand at plants mn. . .
tured at the harvest. If the rows are
18 inches apart and the beets stand 8
Inches apart In the row. there will be
312 beets to the row , and 138 2.3 rows
to the acre. If every beet Is In Hs
place there wl1l be 43,264 beets to 'iho
acre. If these beets average ono
pound , there will be 43,264 pounds to
the acre , cQual to 21.63 tons. If the
! Jeets average two pounds , which Is
moro nearly the usual size , wo will
have 43.26 tons per acre. ThIs shows
the posslblo tonnage per acre when
a11 conditions are favorable and we
have a perfect stand. Vitality ot seed
Is n. strong factor . in reaching this
The plants should start out strong.
vigorous and healthful. They must
send down their taproots vigorously ,
and send out their laterals qulcltl ) . ;
this enables them to entrench them.
selves early In the soil. Plants arc
111m animals. Vigor in youth promIses -
Ises much for healthful maturity.
Strong vitallt ) ' or germinating power
of the seed Indicates this early vigor ,
whIch wHl enable the plants to with.
stand diseases. pests and drougbt.
The numJer of sprouting germs In a
given number of beet balls and the
' 11101' and rapidity ot germination are
the tests of this vItamy. Home.grown
seed has shown a hlghor germinating
power In It shorter tlmo than thoSE-
selected from ordinary imported seed.
From these facts It would appear that
we are entll1ed to antlcipato It hlghor
) 'ield of beets from the use of homo.
grown hIghly developed ! Jeet seed.
Thi ! extraction of refined eUlar in
this country averages 11 11er cent ,
or 220 pounds at refined sugar to a
ton of beets. The faclory pa's the
farmer for this SUlar $2.27 per hundredweight -
dredweight while it is still in the
beet. If tht ) factory could extract 13
per cent o ! sugar on account of our
perfecting a strain at beets with
higher sugar content and purity
through hbme-grown seed , a ton of
beets would yield 40 pounds moro sugar -
gar , worth at the factory $1.80. Thl
alone would give the factor36 POl'
cent profit upon the Inveslment ot $5
per ton for beets , This scems q lto
possible. Homegrown seed ef.
fers t.ho most encouraging prospect of
Insuring the future growlh and pros.
perlty of the beet sugar industry.
Phosphorus In Steamed Bon Meal.
In a recent ta11e with Professor
Hopltlns of the University of lllinols ,
! I. representative of the Farmers' Re.
vlow learned that the cheapest form
In which to purchase phosphorus Is In
the form of steamed bono meal ; that
is , for early results. It mar bo the
cheapest In any compctltlon. but wo
have ) 'et much to learn about the
phosphate in unacldulated phoSIJhato
roclt. That Professor Hopldns Is
right wo have every reason to bellevo.
HiB opinion is coincided In by no less
an authority than Professor Charles
E. Thorne of the Ohio Experiment
Station. That gentleman does not
hesltato to declare that steamed bono
meal furnishes the cheapest and most
Ilval1ablo form of phosphorus that can
be obtained. Ho further says that except -
cept for experimental purposes the
Ohio slatlon has abandoned tbelse of
the acldulatCtl goods. Dy actual ex.
poriment it was found that the clover-
producing fields were Injured by the
constant application o ! the acldulatod
fertilizers. The sulphurlc acid broulht
into the soil manltested itself in bar-
len spots in the clover field. and these
spots grow tram year to year as more
terU1Izor was applied. Steamed bono
menl has the advantage over raw
bono meal In that the nitrogen has
been mostly talten out ot the steamed
nrtlcle and therefore docs not have to
! Jo paid tor. This makes the steamcl (
bono meal a cheaper : : ourco of phos-
Ilhol'uS lhan the raw bono meal. or
course It It inan wants also to huy nl.
trogen ho can purchase the raw bono
meal.Fal'lllers"Roview. : .
Weeds cannot ! Jo allowed to grow
If a seed crop of an 'lhlng Is expect.
ed. ' 1'hey absorb mQlsture and l1re-
Vc\1t the roots o ! the toad 111ants trom
goWnl ; It. As water is lho convo'or
ot t.ho food or the plants , this is a
great drnwbacl. . 'rhe more succulent
the weeds the moro do , they interfere -
fero with the growing or plantlJ that
are raised for the \ISO a ! man.
Any Idnd or buslnms : will tall to
gtvo a sUPllort to the man following
It If ho docs not \ISO n , great deal ot
seed judgment. The business o ! Carm.
InE ; 'Is success with ono man and a
ral1uro with anothGu OucoU7 e
same c01HlIlionc. .
- . . . . -
'fho profit en t.he Ceed put I to 'the
cow depends very much on t1a co\\ ' ,
, -
Deliver Cream Orten.
Reports trom th centralized cream-
gathering plantu IndIcate that there 19
a good deal o ! trouble about t.ho ae.
I curing of cream In good condition.
The farmers In many pln.ces now have
hand separators. and in others tollow
uio old practice of setting Ule ml1lc ,
t get the cream. 'fhey are too busy
In the summer time to drive to the
rnllroal1 depot oftener than they have
lo , nn'd this means that in some cases
the cream 15 a. week old before II Is
forwarded. The butter malwrs de
clare that It Is next to Imposslblo te.
moIeo Eood buller out of this crer.m , or
\\'llfm it Is mixed with the other m1l1e ,
as It usually Is. 'rho llroblem is n
hard ono and It cannot be solved by
any short method. It Is , ot course ,
, advisable to have the farmers deliver
: their cream as often as' possible , but a
farmer w1ll hardly mnlto a trip to
town it that trIp is going to , cost him
more for 10B ! In his harvests than the
profits of the cream will amount to.
rt Is ovldent that we must depend on
a little Improvement h < : re and a little
Improvement t.hore. With the proper
fac111l1es and with ster111zatlon o [
cream on the farm it should be
brought Into a condition where It can
be kellt for a few da 's without Injury
to it. If Mr. Gurler can send mll1t
from IllInois to Franco and have It
nrri vo' there sweet after 17 days , cer.
talnly our farmers can lteep their
cream in such good condItion that It
w111 be fit to maltO butter from It few
days after It is talwn f om the mll1e.
We are not advocating few deliveries
of cream , but lmow that there are
many of our farmers so situated that
they will not attempt to deliver cream
every day , either in summer or wlri.
Some Uses or Skimmlll : .
That sldmm111e Is a useful feed for
a11 It1nds of farm anlml.Js Is an established -
lished fact. It pa's better , however ,
to fecd It to the young animals than
to old ones , though the latter usa It
to fairly good advantage. The young
Dnes have stomachs so weU adapted
to usIng sltlmml1l. that they can get
more out of it with less expenditure
of dlgesllve energy than any others.
A good many experiments haie
! Jeen made with it from Ume 10 time ,
by the way of using It as n. fopd foe
mntlro farm animals. Hero and lhera
are men that have fed It to their
milch cows. and In the' absence a !
othcr anImals to consume It this Is a
good use to mal\Q of It. 'fhe value In
such a case depends on the
price that can be obtained for It. In
the case of using It for cow feed It
will bo found necessary to l\Oep It
sweet tll1 50 used.
Colts and even mature horses have
! Jeen fed on sl.immillt. Ono man
claims that hIs horses came to 1I1al
mille and that less grain was consumed -
sumed after the milk belan to be fed.
We can easily believe this. The millt I
contains a good amount of protein' '
and thIs o ! course goes to build up
the museles nnd make protein from
grain less necossary.
On n11 at our farms the use or slelm-
mll1e for chlGlten feeding Is tlOW recognized -
nized , and lIttle urging Is necessary
to induce the careful poultry raiser
to feed the fowls all the milk they
'wlll consume. When they cannot
use enough of it on account of its
water ) ' nature , it Is very easy to mal\O
cottage cheese for them out of lho
Dehorningl Calves.
It Is more humane to dehorn calves
! Jy the use of caustic potash when
lho horns arc just startIng than It Is
to use the saw on the horns after they
have developed. Also , the tasle is
easier at the earlier ' '
period. 1'ho operation -
eration with the causl1c potnsh should
be mndo before the calf Is nine da's
old. The betler tlmo Is when the
calf Is from two' to five days old ,
'fhe hall' 'should be clipped away from
around the horns. A stick of caustic
potash should be ro11ed In paper , wIth
one end .of the caustic bare. This
should bo sllghl1y moistened and the
ll13 of the horns rubbed t'or about
fifteen seconds , or until the potash
has made a slllbt lmlH'esslon on the
center of tbo horn. ' 1'ho lreatment ,
should -be glvon t\VO \ , three or four"
times , according to the nge or the
. animal and the size of the horns , .
about fi\'o minutes beIng al10wed to'
elapse , between applleatlons. It a
muo blood apI1ears In the center o ! ,
the horn It will then be necessary only
to give ! \ slight rubbing with tllQ pot-
ash. We adylso all of our readers
that hYO caly s to adopt this method ,
ralhel' than to walt tllI the animals
grow and hayo to use the more painful
methqd. It Is belle\'ed that the caustic -
tic Ilotash method Is ncarly or quite
A New Milk Test.
It Is reported that ! .L German sclen.
tlst has inyonled a now milk lest , ; r
means o ! saIts 1n solution , which hnyo
the llowor to dlssolvo lho casein of
mill. . 'rhe c0111l1ound of salls Is merely -
ly mixed with the mille In a tube und
lho latter Is IJlaced In water , which
Is nenrly at the boiling point. The'
lube used 15 marlC1J with percent. .
agos. and the li lttor-fat fil1 ! ! the tube
In the saInO pt'oportlon as the fat pel"
centaEo in the milk. If lhlB simple
s'stem ! 1rOVeS to ! Jo an accurate one ,
tbQ alr ) . world wHl bo Greatl ) ' hono. .
fittod. . Tho'tesl Itself' ' will ho\\'eyer'
hnye to stand the test at flll'tnct' . 'In.
, 'esUeatlon ; and experionce.
Com 10 cents and cqunls'207ccnt $ .
\Vorth of any other kind of bluIng.
Won't Freeze"SpUrtBreak
Nor spot Clothes.
Wii :6flcIs
around in the 'bJater.
At all wlso Groear. . J
.y - , > < :
The Germ Scare In France.
It has been recommended by the
French health authorities of ParIs
that laundry articles bo convoyed In
closed bag ! ! , nnd that d11 clothes bo
first dlBlntectod beoro they nr&
washed. The wllB'kerwomen are to USIt
rubber sieves for' their own proleOo
ChlneDe Name for Port Arthur.
The Chlneso name tor Port Arthcr
was Lushunko'\1' ; the town had , twenty -
ty ) 'ears ngo. onl1 a tow thousand inhabitants -
habitants , and was used as a place f
the deportation . ! criminals.
Death From 611ght Accident.
Wbile cnrr 'lng a Iteg a ! beer Intended -
tended tor a plcnlo In Reading. Pst , .
Elmer Kerchort stumbled over n. wiro.
'l'he keg slipped so sUddenly that the
jar dislocated his neck. '
Insist on , Getting It.
Some grocers say they don't keep
Defiance Starch. This is because the
ha\9 n. stacie on hand of other brandJ :
containing only 12 oz. In II. p clmge ,
whlchth ey won't be able to sell flrot ,
hecause Defiance contaIns 16 oz. tor
the same money.
Do you want 16 oz. instead ot 12 0 : : .
for same moneyf Then buy Denanc. .
Sta.rch. Requires no cooldng. .
Most people eat their sorrows an.a ,
drink their dIsappointments.
Allen'a Foot.Ease , Wonderful Remedy. ,
"Have tried ALLEN'S
FOOT-EASE , an '
find it to bo a certain curc , and gi.vcs com.
fort to ono sufroring with sore. tender and
swollen feet. Ivill recommend .ALLEN'S'
1r OT-EASE to my friends , I1S it 1&
eel'tainly a wondorf"ul romody.-Mrs. N.
H. Guilford , Now Orleans , La. " ,
Most Active Volcano. .
Mount SanUay ! Is the most aettve
vlleano in the world. It Is in Ecuador ,
Is 17,120 feet in height , and b s been ,
In canstant actlvity slnco 1728. Th"
sounds o ! its eruptions are sometime ,
heard In Quito. 160 mUes distant , antJI
2G7 reports were once counted in , one
Pathetic Appeal for Sympathy.
Did ) 'ou ever carry two suit cases ,
a hat box and a bag ot fruit onto n
train that was just starling , for n
woman. and then have her walk past
seyen empty seals looking for : ana .
that might be a UlUo belter-Coun.
c11 Dlutrs Nonl1l1reU. '
Midnight 6un.
"l'so mighty glad , " said the old col.
ored inhabitant , "dat de worI' onl1 . . ! ,
turns 'roun' on co In n dny. Raze ef ,
ever hit turned In do nlghttimo hl
would er kotched me at many a he'n.
. . .
roos.-Atlanta ConBtIlutlq r
Laughter a Health-Tonic.
There is nolhlng better establleheti ,
among nhysicians t.han that cheerful.
n03S prolongs mo , nnd also enrich s
nnd enlarges it. Wholo-souled. joyous -
ous laughler Is a powerful health- ,
tonic. I
Fungus on Corks. , ; ,
It has' been C5und that some o ! the
corle Imnorted In this country from
- .
Algerin. . affected by a fungous.
growth , which. unless the carles are
sterilized , gives bellIed liquids an un , j
9leasnnt . taste.
- . ,
Some Very Fine Re&ults Follow. I
The wrong kind ot food wI 1 put j
the bOdy ill sueh a. dxeased condition
that no medlcln-es " , ,111' cure It. There {
Is no way but to change food. A man
In Mo. 811)'S : I
"l 'or 2 ybars ITUB troubled so with '
my nerves that sometimes I wa.s pros- I
t.rated and could hardly over , et in a
full month at my work.
" 1\ly slomach. back and head would'
throb so I could get no rest at night
( .xcept by fits and starts. Ilnd always
had dlslres.slng II ins.
"I was Quite cerlain t.he trouble
enme from my stomach but two IhY- )
Elclans could not help me and all the
t nlcs failed an so finally I turned
to food. . I
" 'Vhen I had studied up on food
nnd learned what might bo expected
trom leaving ort. meat and the regu.
Jar food I had been JIving on : I , felt
thnt a change to Grape-Nuts would be
j:1st what was roqulred so I went to
eltlng It.
"From the start I got stronger anl (
Lettet' until I Wa.'S "ell again and
frum that time I ha"en't used a bit
ot mcdlclno for- ha\'en't
\ locdcd any.
"I am so much bc.tter In e\'ery way.
Flecp sOllndl ) ' no\Vada 'S nnd am free
frem the bat ! drenms. Indeed this
toad hils. made &iuch a great change
in 100 that my wlfo and aughter
lrnyo tal"n it Ul1 and Wo ere never ,
Tdtl10ut .Qr pe.Nutl3 on 0111' table DjlW- '
alll1)'s. It Is wonderful sustailler
t\nd 'io frequently have } 10lhlng else
at all but a saucer a ! Grape.Nuts . ; and ,
cream for ! Jrcalcta.3t or supper. . . Nnmo
{ { yen by Postum Co" Battle Creole ,
: Mlch.
Good teed and good rest. These
ar the tonics that succeed where aU
the bottled tonics and drugs tall.
TOtJ days trial o ! Grape.Nuts w111
nho\f ono ( ho reM to heal h , strength .
and vi Jro ; r , "There's n reason. "
Loole In eneh Vk ! ) . tor tho' tamoua
litUo book , ' ' 'fho Road to WcllvlUo. "