Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, July 14, 1904, Image 3

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Prot. W1Ilinm James 'ot HatTftrd
&ery POPular with the more Intelllgont
: nnll studlolls ot the undorgraduates.
.When these ) 'oung men , however ,
, make rMh , or bold , or unbecomIng ns.
sertlonB he does not. hesltato to talm
them drown. Not long ngo a sophomore -
moro alrlld some rnUler atheistical
. . . .Iows bOIreo : Prot. James. "You , " tIle
latter said , "aro a. tree thlnlter , I vcr.
celve. You believe In nothing. " "I
only believe-haw-what. I can under-
sta.nd , " t.10 sophomore replied. ' 'It
comes to lho sarno thing , I suppose ; '
said Prof. James.
A Payino Washington Industry
! Cascara barlt pooling hlUl become
' . IIn n.cti.o Industry h the torestn ot
western Washington. The barltfs
tnltcn ( rom the barberry and chltUm.
wood trees that grow protusely In the
Grays harbor district. It has a com.
mereial value of 8 cents per pound. !
: An ordinary trco yields tram 50 to' '
100 pounds of the drh.n lIark. Whole
families are engaged In collecting the
bark and selling to dealers. Sarno
men malto $5 n day at. the worlt. Entire -
tire sections are contracted by eastern
buyers and peelers engnged to supply
the bark. There Is talli : of petitioning
the legislature to en..ct laws for preserving -
serving the trees , which are moro'val-
uablo than any Umber grown III the
native foresL The barlt Is used for
modlclnal purposos. It Is estimated
that. ono pound of dry bark will malteo
enough liquid extract to sell for $2 ,
at wholesale.
Clear white clothes are n sign that tha
housekeeper uses Hed 'Cross Ball DIue.
Largo 2 oz. package , conts.
The Brooklyn Bridge.
The twont.first anniversary of the
opening of the Dr oltlyn bridge to01l'
place rec1ently. It has been a busy
place since 1883. 'rho total receIpts
theroform from 1883 to 1898 , wben
the structure passed Into the posses.
\ sian of the railroad companies , were
$17,272,890 , and the , expenditures for
I the same period were $18,151,301. The
railroad earnings from 1883 to 1898
were $13,734,818 , and the earnIngs
from the roadway In the same period
: 1,205,460. The Brooltlyn brldgo cost
f , in the neighborhood at $16,000,000.
1 he cost of the structure itself was
I' $11,500,000 , whllo the cost of acqulr.
I ing real estate , etc. , for the terminals
was about $4,500,000. The cost of the
I 'VlIIlamsburg brldgo , the second of
; the East. River bridges , wlU be In the
neighborhood ot $20,000,000. The cost
of the WlUlamsburg structure wlll bo
less than that of the Brooltlyn brldgo
structure , but the expense of acqulr.
ing real estate for terminals and ape
lroachcs was greater.
First Daugerreotype In America.
It Is perhaps not generally Imown
that the earliest practical Information
as to Daguerre's process of catchIng
nnd holding the figure , of his camera.
obscure came to America through
Prof. S. F. B. Morse. In a letter to
0. frIend In AmerIca , to be quoted In
: Abraham ogardus' "The Lost Art. of
Daugerreotypo" In the May Century ,
Prof. Marso tells of constructng the
, first daguerreotype apparatus made
' 1 in the United States from drawings
furntshed by Daguorre. "My first effort -
fort , " Prof. Morse writes , "was on a
small plato of silvered copper pro.
cured at a hardware storo. and , defective -
fective as the plato was , I obtained a
good representation of the Church of
the Messiah , then on Broadway , from
a bac1e window of the New York C1ty
unlve.rslty This II b.elIeve to hav
tJeen the first daguerreotype mnde In
merlca. "
If a woman" can't Ieep ; : a secret she
can always find some other woman to
help. .
The Last Ono Help. the lilrst.
, A sick coffee drinker must tn1te two
t'lteps ' to bo rid of hIs troubles and get
.trong and well n.galn.
The first. step Is to cut err coffee ab-
'I'hat the destroying ele-
: ment. The next step Is to take lIquid
food ( and that Is Postom Food Coffee -
fee ) that has In it tbe elements na-
.turo requires to cbango the blood
corpuscles from palo plnlt or whlto
to rich red , and good red blood bunds
good strong and healthy ceUs In plnco
lOt the broleen down cells destroyed by
colIee. With w ll boiled Poatum Food
.coffee to shift to , both these st ps
ere easy and plC .SanL The experience -
ence of a Georgian proves how 1m-
tpOrtant both are.
I , "From 1872 to the year 19M my
'Wlto ' and I had both been afflicted
with sick or nervous headache and at
times wo suffered untold agony. Wo
were coffee drinkers and did not know
110W to got away from It for tl10 habit
1s hard to quit.
"But In 1900 I read of a case slml.
I Lr to ours where Postum correo was
used In plll.Ce or the old correo and a
: : complete cure resulted , so I concluded
to get sarno anf tr.y It.
. , "Tho result was , atter three days'
use of Postum In place of the corree
i I never ha < 1 a symptom at the old
\ trouble and In five montl1s I had
galnod ( rom 145 po nds to 163 ppunds.
il "My friends askad mo almost dally
II what wrought the chango. My an.
swer always Is , leaYlng off coffee and
drlnltlnr ; Pootum 111 Its place.
t "Wo 11111"C many friends who have
been benefited by PoBtUIl1.
"As to whether or not I have stated
the facts truthfu1l7 I rerer u to
the Dank of CnrroJlton or any busl.
ness firm In that r.lty where I have
Uvod for many ) 'ears and am well
kno 'n. " Name g" n by Postum Co. ,
Dattlo Creele , MIch.
"Thero's a.renson. "
Look In each pkl . for Ulo fnmouB
muo book , "The ) nd tc WellvUle. "
. " .
, .
District Judges Deny Writ of
Habeas Corpus.
OMAHA-Dy Uro opinion at the dis.
trlct. court , handCtI down by Ju ges
Day , Redick and Troup , no hnbens
corpus writ will be nllowed for the
pUrOSO } of pre'cntlng the extradltlon
of Tom Dennison to stand trial for
complicIty In the Pollacl , dlamolHl rob.
A lnrgo crowd wns In the court room
to henr the opinion rendered. The de.
clslon of the court. was announced b '
Judge Day , who merely called the
case and stated that Inasmuch as the
parties were all present In court. the
decision would bo handed down. 110
then proceeded to read n wrltlen opln.
Ion of some length. As soon nn ho
concluded , Judge Troup rea II n sup.
plementhl opinion anll .Tudge Hedlcle
stili another , all agreeing as to the
findings , nnd expressing In a measure
the Individual views of the jUdges.
BrleiIy stated , the court held thnt
the various polntn alleged In behalf at
Dennison had not been sustained.
That the statute of limitations 111\d not
run against the crime , owing to the
fact that Dennison had been out or
Iowa nearh' all the time since the
crime was commItted : that the gov.
ernor'n extradition warrant was suffi.
clent and In proper form ; thnt the
grand jur ' Indictment of Dennison was
) lroperly authenticated anll sufficient.
proof thnt a crime was charged ; nnd
finallr , that Dennison had failed to
establish that ho was not In Iowa at
the time charged , the court finding
therefrom that ho Is a fugitive from
Complete Ticket Named and Placed
Bcfore the Votera.
OMAlIA-The socialists In state
convention here , paced the following
tlclcct In the field :
Governor , D. H. Vall , Omaha ; lieu.
tenant governor , T. Carroll , Hastings ;
treasurer. C. 'V. Stearns , Humboldt ;
auditor , T. P. LIIpencott , DIalr ; secret
tary of state , Wllllnm Parcell , North
Platte ; attorne ' general , I. . J. . 1\1'11-
valne , Omaha ; commissioner of pUbllc
lands and buildings , A. D. Peugh.
Grand Island ; superintendent or 11Ubllc
Instruptlon , Mrs. Mnry Pierce Howe ,
Presidential Electors-I. . Westgate ,
LIncoln , or the FIrst congressional dls.
trlct ; J. A. Jncobs , South Omaha , of
the Second district ; L. DeVore , Laurel ,
of the Third district ; D. C. Omstott ,
Gering , of the Fifth district ; Harry
Lamplaugh , North Platte , of the Sixth
district. J. Har.
mon of Grand Island and I. . V.
Humphreys of Atldnson.
Woman Drowned In Crock.
HEBRON-\Irs. Dan Harp waR
drowned near here Sunday. Harp and
wife , who lIve five mll 8 flouth of
town , were going home and altemlterl
to cross Dry Creek. swollen b ' the re.
cent rains. The team plunged Into a
deep hole nnd ono horse was drowned.
Mrs. Harr 's bab ) ' was carried down the
stream. 1\Ir. \ Harp saved himself by
hard wore.
Minister Loses Leg ,
COI.UmUSDr. . G. A. Munroe , for
several yenrs pastor of the Congrega.
tlonal church of this clt . , submitted to
an oporatlon and had his left log nm.
putated above "the lmee. Mr. Munroe
has suffered for some five 'ears from
tuberculosis of the Imee joint.
. Taking Up Land.
SOUTH O\IAHA-A \ number of
South Omaha people hare taken up
homesteads \.Imler \ the Kln1mld bl11.
The land taleen Is In Klmhall county
and about eight miles north of the
county scat.
Christian Women Bury Erring Girl. .
CflADRON-After holding the body
In the Mead undertaldng rooms for
oyer n week trying In yaln to reach
an a.ged mother In Canada. Doris
Davidson , the 'oung' woman from Cas.
per and Donglas , 'Vyo" was burled un.
dol' the auspices of the 'Voman Chris.
tlan Temperance union. It will he re.
membered she commltt'ed sulcldo h '
takln laudanum In the Depot hotel nt
this clt ) ' last weele. Nothing could
have been sadder than this funeral.
Not. one human helng that. had ever
heard or seen her before. a stranger
In n strange land. but there were prayers -
ors and songs and tears and fiowers.
Pictures were talteti of her and the
fiower covered casket to semI to the
mother when she Is found.
Arrested for Stealing a Horse.
COLU.mUSRohert . Furgeson , the
'ollng man who was arrested at Stan.
ton for stealing n horse belonging to
'W. J. Parlts. a farmer near Cr < > ston ,
had his prellmlnarr examination he.
fore .Tudgo O'Brien In Golllmhus and
was bound oyer to the district court.
It Is helleyed that Furgeson Is not well
balanced mentall ! ' ,
Farmers Will Organize.
GOEHNER-Farmers' meetings were
held 'I'llesday at hoth this place and
Beayor Grossing , both In Seward count
ty , to discuss the formation of farm.
ers eleyator companies. H. H. Hanks
of Nebrasla ; : CIt . alhlressed the meet.
Ing hero nnd $1.300 was raised to.
ward the project. The compan ' will ho
a hranch of the National ( armorg ex-
change. C. Vincent of Omahn , spolco
at Deaver Crossing , nnd another meet.
Ing will bo held to complete worlt be-
West. Point's levy this ) 'car is 10
mills , ns ngalnst 24 last ) 'ear.
North Platlo taxpa 'ers are congratu.
h\tlng themselves OVer n decrease In
city tax levy from to
fourteen mills.
C. P. Emo.r ) ' saM his 1GO.acro farm ,
two miles north of Genovn , for $9OOO
This Is ono of the best. Improved
fn.rms In Filmore count . . O. It.
Drown of Dunbar was the buyer.
Durton F. } t rench , Idaho's only can.
gressman , nnd the 'oungest member
of the congresslonnl body , was mar.
rled In Nortollt to Miss Winifred Hart. .
Ie ) ' at the homo of the brldo's sIster ,
Mrs. W. G. Balter.
.Judgo Paul AnUorson oC S1. Paullefl
last weelt for a three months' visit to
Europe to benefit his health and to
ylslt relatlyes In Denmnrle. lIe was
accompanied by Hans Hansen of Dray-
ton , who also goes to Denmarlt on n.
According to statements mnde by
prominent. railroad men In Lincoln ,
the Durllngton niay comblno the
southern and western dlylslons , nban-
donlng the omces at W 'more and cQ.n.
clmtmtlllg the division forces at Mc.
James , living near Powell ,
Jefferson county , was Itllled by being
thrown from his buggy , his horse run.
nlng away. lIe was over 70 ) 'ears of
age , and had rcsltled In the county
alJout thlrt ' .fivo yenrs , lIving on the
same farm where ho 11rst settled.
A traveling man , givIng his name
as F. 'V. Mueller , was stopping at an
Auburn hotel , In Falls City , the other
day and gave the landlord n checlt for
$30 on a bank outside of Auburn. Af.
ter cashing It the hotel man foune ] . It
worthless , the man being unlmown to
t.lO . bank. Ho was arrested and talten
to Auburn.
Supt. and 1\Irs. \ Johnson of the Instl.
tutlon for Feeble l\I1nded Youth nt
Beatrice returned home from P.ortland ,
1\Ie" where they had been attending tIio
national conference of correction and
charities for the past weelt. They say
that the meeting was largely attended ,
delegates being p1esent : from all parts
of the United States.
At a meeting of the public library
of Grand Island It was ordered that
the library be closed for three days
and that all the bools ; : be fumigated.
ComplaInt has reacl1ed the library
board , directed at It , that. It. has per.
milled buolt8 to go anll como from a
home In which there was scarlet fever -
ver , and It Is statell that such nn Incl.
dent did occur , though there are com.
paratlvely few cases of scarlet fever.
Ono of the biggest land deals made
In this section for some time , says n
Beatrice dlsp.atch , wns made or the
H. H. Smith farm or 160 acres to W.
Sionn McHugh of Chester , Neb. , for
which he paid $75 per acre , the total
amount being $12,000. The land Is located -
cated four miles south of Beatrlco and
two years ago sold for $50 per acre.
Henry Poggeme 'er , who lives near
Coole , In Johnson county , was kicked
by a vicious 11Orse. While lelldlng ono
animal to water , Mr. Poggemeyer
came up baclt of another , which 1dck-
ed him squarely In the mouth. His
upper jaw was fractl11ed : and several
teeth Imocked out. The Injury was
serious nnd will dlsablo the man for
some tIme.
August Wachter of Fremont met
death In the Platte river. In company
with a number of others , ho went.
down for , n swIm after supper. Ho
dived from the upper top span of the
brldgo across the south channel and
never came to the surface. The water -
ter at this point Is only thirty Inches
deep , and It Is supposed that ho struck
Although new buildings are being
erected In Shelton Ilt a rapid ratc , It
Is almost Impossible for all the people
who want to live there to find houses.
'I'hls dlmculty Is common to a largo
number of towns In central Nebraska.
O. A. GallatIn of Saunders county has
perfected a ruHol' and cultIvator thllt
Is eSIeclally adapted to use with listed -
ed corn. Farmers who have examined
the worlt of the new mnchlno say that
It will do as much work In ono cultIvating -
vating as other cultivators do In two.
The state banltlng board has ap. '
pointed Jacob F. Halderman of Bur-
chard as special examiner of state
banks. 1\Ir. IIalderman Is to succeed
W. A. IIartwell , who resigned recently
on account of III health. The appointment -
ment will taJw effect JUly 1.
The corn acreage In Dawson county
Is probably double what It was last
year , and Is In first.class condition ;
some fields a IIttlo weedy , but abun.
dance of rainfall slnco earl ' In May ,
and present prospects. for corn and
spring grain were never botter. Potatoes -
tatoes find gurden crops also Iromlso
an nbundant yield. 'rho acreage or
small grain Is doulJtless not. over 25
ler cent. of last. year's crop.
Frank PlcJ < cII , supposed to bo from
Omahn , Is In Jail at Paplllion as a sus-
1)lclous character. Ho Is thought to
bo the man who stele n horse and
buggy from a lIver'man named Ilea.
cock nt SIJrlngfield about three woelts
Danner county Is the second to 1116
a report o ( Its assessment. wlt.h the
state board of equalization , and the
report shows a decrease In the total
assessment. from $25,1,311 In : l903 to
$118,978.5G this 'ear , though the ac-
tunl valuation thla year was $914-
He Wns n Good Risk ,
The Marquis of Douegnl , who (1It'd I
the other 11a ' , was some ) 'cars nro. . .
nmlle the subject or nn Insurnnco Jil.m. [
hie. In 1890 sarno ono took out. a pol.
Ic ) ' aJialust the marquis , who was Ulcn
In hlR sovontleth ) 'on.r , and as ho hnd
no children , this 10 1ell ; : n gooll thIns
[ or the Ins\11'anco ( 'ompan ' , but in his
eighty.fifth ) ' ( ! Rr the .marqul9 marrIed
agaIn and left n. son , "ho i9 six months
old. The luclty Indlvl unl , , 'ho took
the pollc ' hI\ ! thus , by the paymcnt of
n. olnlle premium ot $6G5 , received
. Hint for the Sick Room.
Noyer ' nsk n Blclt person what she
would 1I1 < c to cat. or drlnle. Let the
meals nlwl\'s bo nlcoly cooltOI nnll
their exact nature unltuown till they
appear. LIttio surprises In the wa '
of food do much to temJ , > t. the appetIto.
Results of Marriage.
Every 1,000 marrIages me m nn Increase -
crease to the population of 6 , 00 In
Hussla , 4,000 In Scotland , 3GOO In Ens.
lam' , 3,000 In the United States and
2,700 In France.
Don't envy the rich j the ' have
corns on their foet. the sarno ns you
Denfncss Cnnnot Be Cured
brincil ftllllllcillonl , II Ih y cannot rcaeh Ibe die.
cued portllin of Ibe car. Tbero II unly one Wfty 10
cure MarDen. and Ibat II by conllllllllollil rClUc < 1lu.
I > eAtu . . tl cillued by In Innlm d cOl1dll\t \ > 1I of Iho
mllCOUI IInlnlC lit Ibo J-Ullllchiin : Tube. ' hen Ibll
lube II ) 'ou hue a rUlllbllnar .oUlul or 1m.
perfect hurllll : , and "beu It II ellllrel ) ' closcdDeaf.
n . .lllhe r lult , and 1Ii11 " Ihe Inallllma&lon can be
lak n 0111 IIcd Ihll III be ruler d 1.0 lIa normal cundl'
11 1I. hearlnlC11 \ he < 1 llro1ed fore.ernine \ calel
out of lell life cauled h ) ' Cllllrrh , which II nolhlui
but an Illnamed condilloll of Ihe mucoua .urhec. .
, \ " , ,111 In One Ilua"fd Dollin for IIny cae of
De.fllc'l rClule , ! lIy cllirrh ) Iblt cannot bn cured
by 11all'l Calarrh Cur . I'pnll tor circulars. free.
F. .J. clumy : " CO. , TOledo , O.
Pold by fru II\J. ! i c.
'l"lko lIall'l l'aUl1l11'1I1' for constlpatlog.
With poetry seconll.rato In quality ,
no one ought to bo allowed to trouble
If so , use Hod CrosR nail Dlue. It wlll maIm
them whlto as 8110W. 2 oz. IHlclcuIo ( cents.
Many n fint.class Idtchen mechanic
Is made over Into a thlrty.thlrd class
actress. _
Is It Net Worth Whl
It you trn'V I , on buslneBs or plensnrc ,
to get the best service for the lo'st
rates ? Ask the Erie Rallruad Com.
pany , 556 RaIlway Exchanre , Chlcl1
for full Information. Doollets ; : free dO :
, crlblng Summer Tours and tbo Beau-
Ufu ! Chautauqua Lalto Reglonj Iso
Cawbridge B\1rlngs.
A woman Is seldom as strllt with
her chIldren as she Is with her bus.
The Best Results In Starching
cnn be obtained only by usIng De-
tlnneo Starch , besides getting 4 oz.
more tor same mone-no cooking re-
A successful man roots while his
unsuccessful brother stands around
and squeals.
When You Buy Starch
buy Defiance and et the best , 111 oz.
for 10 cents. Once used , always used.
It. Is said that every man has his
price , yet 10ts of llicn gIve themselves
u. way.
Defiance Starch Is put up 16 ouncet !
In a package. 10 cents. One-third
mpre Bt rch tor the Burne money.
When horses and cattle stretch out
their neclts and sniff the air ) t will
Do Your Clothes Look YeliowT
Then use Defiance Starch. It will
keep them whlte-16 oz. for 10 cent8.
Every time a man goes to church be
hellrs n lot of preaching that hlt
other men.
rmanentl ) ' red. No rlt. or ne" lIne" . .fhf'
FITS fint < 1IIT" 1118 of Ur. Kline' , ONHlt N'rYn..l.oro
eT. Ron" for FUH 81.00 trial bottle and t..aU' "
Va. n. u. KuNz , Ltc1. , Dal.Arcb Btreot , l'h1lAdclpb1& , h
It Is Up to a man to remember Sam.
son's fate amI bo careful how be nses
his jawbone.
Sensible Housekeepers
'wtn have Defiance Starch , not nlone
becausc they get one-third more for'
the Sfme money , but ulno becaulle ot
.uperler quuUt ) . .
A man Is bothered 17hen called upon
to Hlvo bo dealls of a wedding cere.
Important to Mothers.
Enmlno oaretun , enIY bottle of CASTO IA ,
a aate and Inre remedy lor Inrante nnd children ,
and ace thAt It
n aNlthc
Blgnlllnro of . , .
In Ueo For Over 30 Years.
Thu llind You IlIIve AllTars ; DouCh ! .
True wit Is never better ( or travol.
Ing through gutter mud.
An empty purse 11lls the face with
nlllan' Tllbnlea are Ibe belt y. .
medlclno crer lI1udo. A
.undrel 1111111 < 111' of Ihcm hft' 0
becn . . .Id In 1111I UIlIt I ! 61&Iel In
a , logl6 ycar. CnUSlpIIIClIIleurl'
lIurn. lick IIIJducho , dlzzlnp , , 1J4/1
brealh , "re Ihronl , and "erT III'
nUl arl.11I1 : from dhlJflJend
IIOna h UI relieved ur cure , ! liT 1IIpim 'fabulel.
One wll. leeullT clnJ relict ' .lIhlli l"enlY rulD'
1I1 1. 1'1e IIve.celllckllll1 I _ enuuGb fur urdll1ur )
-"Iulonl All drUlllht. k'U Lbcw.
lRanyw1Jo formerly smole 10iCItars nOif smoke
four JolIlIlr or dIrect f1Oll1 Faclorf , I'oorla , 111.
Lot'crn sce only each ether In tllO
worll1 , hut. Oley forgel that the wortll
sees theln.
The man who Is too tncclc to l'tCnlt }
In "meeUng gets ever It. bcrolOQ eloc-
Whcn the tiger Is gone , the fox Is
It one Is not. observIng , ono 1001
. A sort nnswer may be a lIard argu.
. , < If' " , I" " , .
, .
. Il's dUl1cult to , nnll n mnn who III 4 ,
w1ltlng to holll the lalhler of s ccesa
while nnoth ascends fl. ,
OCClUIlounlly n girl marries n mnn
just to Ieep ; : hIm Cram hanging around {
the h0\1s0 evenIng" . 1
It 18 moro profitable to read ono 1
man Ulan ten boolt9.
Ono always has tlmo enough It ono ' '
. . . . .111 npIly It. well. 't'
I Ann was never as olll ns she wns j
i painted. !
I. B' ,
. fNCH Sr
cc It's the shots that hit that count. " Winchester
Rifle and Pi3tol Cartridges in a11 calibers hit , that is ,
they shoot accurately and strike n good , hard , penc- . '
. trnting blow. This is"the kind of cartrldge you will get ,
if you insist on having the time-tried Winchester make.
DON'F , ' ,
; ; ' I
- . "
Don't-f rget wh "yo
order starch to get the /
best. Get DEFIANCE. No . :
more lIyellow" looking clothes. "
no more cracking or breaking. It .
doesn't stick to the Iron. It gives sntlg. ; .
faction or you get your money bacl < . The .
cost is 10 cents for 16 ounces of tne best
'starch made. Of other starches you get
but 12 ounces. Now don't forget. It's At
your grocers.
, ,
, .
Almosti. hall ml\lIon \ acres of the fertile nnd
wel1.wntcrxJ.I : i s of the lloscbllli Indian Res.
el'vntlon , In South Dakota , w\ll \ bo thrown open
to selliement h ) ' theGovermnent lu July. 'l'hcso
lands are best rcach d by thl ! Chicago & North.
Weiitern Itnll..ay's dIrect throUlCh lIucs from
Chlcngo to Donesteol , S. D. AU agents soU
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ADAM J. KROLL Ii : 00" new Era. Bid : " Ohi434o.
W. N , U" Omaha. No. 28-1904
A Large Trinl Box and book of Instructions -
structions absolutely Free and Post. .
paid , enough to prove tl1" " , value 01
PoxtineToilet Antiseptic
Paxtlnc Is In powder
form to dillolve Ira
Wllter - Don-pol.onoo5 ,
antllcltlc. cont4lnhl
alcohol which Irrlt.tcs " '
Inflamed .urlacc. , IIncS
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more Antlacptic Solution -
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The rormula or a noted Boston physician , .
and wtd with great success at a Vaginal
Wash , ror Leucorrh a , Pelvic CatalYh , Nasal
Catarrh , Sore Throat. Sere Eyes , Cuts.
and all soreness or mucus membrane.
In local treatment or ! emalo l11s Paxtl o Is oj
Invalua lo. Used as II. Valtlnal Wash WI ) " ,
challenge the world to pro ucu HI ! equal for '
thoroughness. It Is a revelation in cleansing'
and heallnl ; power ; it kl11s all germs whlcb.
Cl1U80 Inflammation an 11IscharKes.
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mation nlldres9 HARRY E. MOORES ,
Gen. Agt. l'a99. DtJpt. . Omaha , Neb.
CURES catarrh of the stomach.