Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, March 17, 1904, Image 2

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ImOKEN now , . - NJiJnHASI\A
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Brief Telegra s I
Chinn. lItul lit Ilresel11. abuut 800
mllell ( 'if rallrolleJ. I
A.'csIIel dl'lLwlng tfln fect rlReR two
InchCR In ImlJl lng 11'0111 fre/ih / watm' to
'fhe BUllion Amf'rlcan l(1a , ; o hnso
hall team IlRs gOlle to : 'Ilacon , Ga" tor
; Irncllcc.
Lord Strathcona hOH I\'l'n $20,000
10 Ianltobn. Unh'CJ'llty to extend 11'3
"cl'nlillc01'1 ( .
In the cllY oC WashlnAlon ther ( ' nre
1,1100 : : Jlownl : ! , lliUOO SmlthR , HOOO
, Iohnsons and 1,000 , JonesclI ,
'I'ho toys uscd hy Queen \'Intorll\ .
wlH'n a child will he on fxhlhltlon ut
the Worlel'lI Call' at St , l..oul8 ,
Jacoh HomclR. WIIO aer\'cII the
'J'l'nth Ohio dlHlrlcl In congrcss In
1HS to IS88 , dl(1 ( nt hlH homo ut ' 1'0'
Il'eo. ! '
In the Pro\'lnce of Samllra , HUlsln. : ! ,
.fllliOOO persons gll their Iuhslstenco : !
lrom less than three aCl'es of lane !
per cnplln.
: 'II. M. Boothman. con'l'essman ' from
the Sixth Ohio dlstrlcl In the Flrtloth
and Flct ' .flrf\l congresses , died at hll : !
home In Brynn , OhIo.
, John A , Creighton hils gl\'en a fur-
thoI' Hum of aboul $2IiOOOO to Crelgh ,
ton Unh'erslt . . a Catholic Inslilutlon ,
at Omaha , Neh ,
Steam launches with glass holt ems
are now fit the servlco of those who
wish to view the marino grow about
Catalina Island , California ,
' 1'ho Ser\'lan government , Intends es ,
tabllllhing a consulate at New York
cllY with a view to Increuslng and
facilitating trade with the United
It III roportell from Dem'er lhat
lllrmB ha\"e heen prepnred In that city' '
lor an extension or 121i miles to the
Union Pacific raIlroad In Colorado and
\ \ ' 'omlng ,
Colonel " ' . A. Mclnlosh , general
counsel of the Postal Telegraph company -
pany , II : ! dead In Jamaica , whcs'o ho
wus spending his vacation. His home
waa at Atlanta , Ga.
Senator } < 'alrbanks was shown n
" " that he
published "dlsII tch" stating
had "decided to hecome n candidate
for vice-president. " He declined to
rnalw anv statement.
Marchioness Spinola , who heCore
her marrlago was MIRS I IIIY Pagc ,
dnughter of Caplaln Page , of Richmond -
mend , Ya. , Is dead. ! : ; ho was ono of
Iho oldest American rellhlents of
Home , ,
George n. Cortelyou , secretary of
= ommerce find lahor , and Senator Aid ,
rich were the IIpealers at a banquet
Df the Now England Jewelers' and
b'\lversmlths' \ association al Provl ,
dence- . I.
Charltablo Institutions are le.
queathed $200 1)00 ) hy 11rovlslons of
Ihe will of Sarah Schermerhorn of
Newport , N. Y. Of this sum , the
homo of consumptives at Denver re.
ceh'es $611,000.
Commllunoners appolntell to secure
funlls for the representation of the
state' ' of Connecticut at the St. Louis
expollltlon have abandoned the } JroJect
on account of lack of Interest of tLt.1
people of the state.
General Kuropatkm , the command. I
er or the Husslan army in the Far
East. was n. . personal friend of Slwbc-
leff , with whom ho serve < 1 In the
Itusso-'furltish wat' and the Telke-
' ! 'urocman campaign.
The charred slwleton of Dralwrnan
Neven was found , but tlto body or
Conductor Shoemalwr was enUrely
consumed In the trelght wreck and I
111'0 In the tunnel' on the Missouri Pa .
clflc near JelTerson City , Mo ,
Emperor William having call ell the !
\\'ork of the ImlreSlllonlsts "gutter
rirt , " Hen' Uullct' , of the Helchstng ,
retu1'l1s the thrust by calling thu
group of Bohonzollorn statues el'ected
by the kaiser "monumental II1l1rblu
qunrry , "
'Vorll hnB heen recelvml at Fargo
of the death of Hlchal'd t ) 'ICs , thu
IRrgest real estate owner In the statu
or North Unlwta. Ho went to Eng ,
land last fall on a IJlcasuro trip and
1S rCIJOrted to IlllVe dlelt at Mala
. Congressmlln Klutzz , of North Care
IIna , who refuses to stand for an B'
sured re-olectlon , comes from th (
sarno district In which , In IS11i , [ I
United States senatol'elect refused te
servo because he "d.l ) . not propose te
ride to Washington In the mud , "
'fho sale of II.IUOU ! ! tlclwls to th (
St. Louis expusltlon cummencClI
March 9. The Ilrst. 100 were reservClI
for the directors. Pl'eslclent li'ranch
purchased olsht. I nch tlelwt has 184
coupons , ono for ench dny that tll <
exposition will bo open ( Sundays nol
bolng counted ) und on eUl1h coupor
must bo a photograph of the hoMer
'l'ho pholoSl'Ullhs 81'0 mlllio at the ex
llense of the exposition , 'rho prlc (
of the season t Iclwt III $25.
'fho relll1bllcan CUIICUS of the Ne"
Yorl ( leglalut1ll'0 f\elected 111' . A ndrm\
S. Draper , \1I'esld \ nl of till ! lllllloll
unlvOl'slt ' nnd fOl'nll'r IIII'pll'lntendolll
of 11llblle Insll'lIctlon , to ho commls "
sloneI' of educutlon for the Inltla :
term of six ) 'eUI'R , He will ho (1lectCl
nt tL e jolntlHsslon ! of the Il'glRIl\tlll'O
Owing to the gl'eut'Iso In thl ! 11I'1e (
of wheat In the Sllunllh rnul'lwtl ! , Ihl
go\'ernment hus III' sentl'd a hili II' '
the Chumher of Deputlell which 111'0 ,
vldelr 10r conaldel'llhlo r111uctlun ! 01
the Import duties on wheut und Ilour
' ! 'he Japanese ua\'y Is now He\'ontl
omens the na\'les of the \\'ol'hl.
The L tter SaId to H ve LOGt One
Torpedo Doat-One RussIan Ship
Sunk and Another Destroyed by the
Enemy's Shells , . '
H'I' . PWnmSnUHG-'I'ho Ullsllan : !
torpello heal flotilla left POl't Arthur I
at hl"Jd da 'I"ht 1.'rlelay mOl'llln ! ; and I
altaclwd the , JaplIICs : ( ) IIcot , One JaIl'
anoso torJlCdo hURL Wl1 : ! Html , al1l1 ono
Huafllan 'rorpt'elo boal Ilestroycd. The
Boziloahtehndni wa ! ! sun ] ( . 'rho fale
of the latter'l : ! m'ow I , . not lwown.
Admiral lalcarorr InauguratCll hlR
IIRDumplion of Ihe command of lho
Husslan lIeot at POl't Arthlll' hv a
eomillete change of tnellcs , AI : ! Ioon : !
ati ho allilearell he ordel'ed the remov.
al of the halUcshlp Helvlzan , which
WfiS sll'l1ndeel ut the month of the
harhor nnd hal'l'ed the l'IlRnnel at cer ,
taln stnzes of the tide , mallng the
( Ogress of hattleshlps hnllosslhle , 1 , 1'1-
Ilay mornln tiC dlrectel1 a sortie of
the torpel1o heat lIotllla , SUllpol'ted hy
a IJart of the HUMslnl1 squadron ,
against the , Japanese slual1l'on. ) 'fhe
l1etalls are not "et Imown , except lhat
the encounter resulted In the lOlls of
one , Japanese tOrlCdo ) heat , one HUH'
alan torpcdo heat nnd one Husslun torpedo -
pedo boat destroyer.
'flte complete story' of I he fierce
1IgOt err Port Arthur hetween the tor-
IJello lIotillas , whwh occnrrel1 'Ved-
ne111lar , allli the bomhardment which
followe < < 1 on ThurlHla ' mornhll ; , wall
not gl\'en out here until altcl' mill.
nlht. , 'l'wo omclal messagea fl'OIl1
vlcero ' Alexlert' hall hecn received
during the duy and In'eHentell to the
emperor , hut the public had remained
In suspense.
When the texts appeared It hecame
ovldent that the collisions between
the torpedo flotillas hnd occurred ac.
clclentnlly during the nlgnt whllo the
Russians ' \/el'O scouting In search of
the enemy.
I.S far as Is Imown hero this "is the
flrRt time torpedo houts ha\'e engaged
each other at sea. Although the mlds
were against the Husslanl : ! , as the
, totlila. . wall sUllllOrted by the
cruiser squadron , the Ilussluns made
a lIerolc dush for the fee anl1 al\par. \
ently han the hetter of the attacl" .
sinking a .Jallanese torpel1o boat , until
the cruisers got within range , anl1 one
of the latt r's shells crl11llied one of
tile Husslan hoats.
The gallant action of Vice Adrnlrnl
. /Ialcarorf Is transfort'lng his lIug to
tne fas. cruiser No\'l1 ( anel sailing out
In the face of the en my In un at ,
lempt at rescue recel\'cs unstlnted
praise , stamping him at the outset of
1I1s command as IL man oC ! OI'CO an
action who Insists on helng In the \'an
01 the flghtlns ,
( nqulrlng Into Charges Against tHe
, Senator Begun.
WASHlNG'fON-The Inlulry ) Into
the charges against Senator Dlelrlch
of Nehraslm hegnn fo'rhla ' befom the
Sl ) ( clal ommlttee In Senator UOIIJ"S
commltteo room.
'rho Inquiry. which was InHtltutel1
upon the demand of Senator Dloll'lch ,
is CO\ \ ' the purpos of pl'ablng the
chargee on which the lJnator ; wiis In.
dlcted laHt fall In Nebrasla , and
which wera dlsmlssel1 on del1l1l1'rer.
The commltteo consists of Senators
Hoal' , PJatt of Conhectlcut , Sllooner ,
Coclrell und Pell\ls. \
All of the members of the committee -
tee except Mr. Spooner Were present ,
SenatOl' Dletl'lch was In attenllanco
with hll : ! IIllol'l1ey , H , A. Hatt ' , of
Hastings , A numllCr of wltncsses
\\01'0 preMent. 1\11' . Dietrich Iopeateel ;
his wish that the In\'cstlgatlon should
bo the fullest possible.
LeOIJold Hahn , postmastel' at Hast ,
Ings from ] 8J7 ! to ] ! JOJ , wns the I1rst
witness ,
Executor of Bennett Will Does not
Waive the Right to Co:1test ,
NEW HAVEN , Conn-By a deel.
slon hanllell down II ' JUdge Gnger of
the Huperlor court , on u demurrell to
- anHwers to an appeal by William J.
. I' 'nn fI'om a decision of the Ilrobnte
court , which rlltell ngalnst him In the
Philo S. Bennetl will CIUIC , MI' . Drynn
has the right to contest 101' the $ lill , .
- OUO bequeathed to hltnHelf In the
"seuled lotler , "
' 1'ho court says'In suhstaneo Ihat
the action of Mr. } Jr 'nn In IIccelltlng
the ollco ! of executer lIoes not call so ,
him to relinquish uny right that he
may ha\'o In llll , nJlPl'al to establish
the \'alldlty of cc\'tuln ' 1lUIICrs aR a
IlIlrt of the will , ' 'I'ho court su 's that
when a lottoI' Is presented to the
IlI'obalo courl the question Is whether
the letter bo 'lIccoped IJI' I'ojectell ,
'fhe question of right of apJloal can ,
not bo IlUssed on by the probllto court.
People ruled by the mooll of gloolll
) attl'l1ct to thom gloOJn ' thlnls ,
Patriotic Woman Is Dead.
BI I.I'IL.I [ , 1I1.lrs , Alfrell p ,
Bnlll ! ) ' , who hefol'o hel' malTlago utul
1'l'1I1 U11 I of roshlenco to Cl\IlIuln , 0\01' '
I'eu I' ago , II'ell here , hlJl'\'le.1 . here
from \onteal \ ! ast weel , that hel'
chllel might bo born citizen of the
United States , She Wll8 acpouched
of 11 lrlllgnter ! 'I'hur'Hlny night , anll
dloll eal't ' 1i'rltluy , hut the Infant lI\es
ntul thl'l\'os , Mrs. Ballo ' wna 21 'ears
of UI ; . She hall come here to'Islt
her sister , : 'Ilrs , Mcl.oury. The hua ,
ballli hns heun nutlled ) h ' wh'o anll
1 will ' for the '
{ 'OIllO I'omalns.
- -
Gives an Account of the EnJl1gcment (
at Prt Arthur.
J\1tJJII'N , lllllle'hlll'llL - All III I 1'1\1
[ ulm\'orr , ( 'Omlllallllllll : the HUllllian
lI'ot , rOJlOl'l1 : ! 1"011I I'lII't Arthur as fol ,
lowl ! :
Six tOl'/lCelo / IlIlIItH wllle'h wellt to Iea : !
: 'IILI'ch [ 10 , rOlli' h'llI lIIulel' the gell.
eral COII1 IIJII 1111 of Captalll : 'Ilullousso ,
vlteh , ellcolllltol' d tho. ellemy's tor.
Iledo IwalH foIlO\\'OII hy cruillers.
A hot action ( 'l1auell In which the
torllCdo heat dl'lItroy 1' Vlaslllli II's.
chargnll 11 Whitehead torllello and
sanl ( one of the IJllOmY'H torllodo boals.
On the way hacl ( the tOl'ledo ) IlOat dc ,
stro 'er Stol'l'Julchtchl : ! commnneled hy
Lieutenant Siergulerf , sustalnell dam.
ages , Its ( 'lIgllle helng disabled , and It
hegan to fOlllHlor , B ' 8 o'elock In the
morning II vo of OIJl' hll'lJcelo boat de.
stroyerH hn returlleu.
Whn ) the el'ltical positIon of the
Steregullchtchl becamc e\'ldent I holst ,
ed m ' flag on the ( , I'lIlsOI' No\'lk and
went wllh the No\'l1c and the Qayarll\
to the rescue , But as l1\'e of the cne.
rnr'g cruisers surrounded our destro ) ' .
er , and all their hattJoshlp slJuadron
was nllpronchlng , I did not succeed In
la\'lng : ! lhe StercJuschtlhl ! , wlllcn foun.
dered. I'art of the crew were made
IIrlsoners and part was drowned.
On the shills whlcn partlchJllterl In
the uttack ono officer was serloush'
wounded and t.hree others were slight. .
13'voulHlell ; two soldiers were killed
and eighteen wounued.
S'f. , JOSEPH , IoIarlc Dunn was
hangel ! hel'e at 10 : 40 Prlla ! ' ,
Dunn went 10 the scaffold attended
hy He1. . [ . Geode of the Christian
ehlll'ch. Doctors had examined him
and had sahl hll : ! condition was such
that there was no reason wh ' the ex-
cmtlon should not proceed. The result -
sult was telegraphed Go\'ernor Docl , .
ery and he said he would not Inter-
fem. On the scarrold Dunn mudo a
statement chal'gln thllt his con\'lc-
tlon was the result of u conspiracy
and that I.'entlon was shot by a man
named Cy Fisher.
'I'ho murderel"s wife was In l. , Tos.
eph and nppeared at the underlakel"s
soon aHel' the body hud heen remo\'ed
there to ho Ilreparerl fOl' burial ,
Dunn's neck was brolcn by the dl'OP ,
The mureler for which : \Iark Dunn
was hanged was that of Alfred 1.01\ .
ton , 11 wealthy young Cllrmer of HUBh.
\'lIIe , this county. : July 20 , 1902 , He
" \ > as sentenced to be hanged : 'Ilarch 11.
Colonel Cody FlieD Petition Asking
Severance of Marital Tics.
DI' ' = NVI H-A Ietltlon for dl\'orce
lIIed In the Itlstrlcl court of Dig Horn
county , W 'omlng , , January ! J , Inst , h '
Colonel William I. " Cody ( Buffalo
011I ) , has just be n made public ,
The COmllalnl charges cruelty and
aleges } thllt on Decemher 2G , 1900 ,
! \Irs. Cod : attempted to ) Iolsun , the
.plalntlff. Anothel' fI'ound on wbleh
the plaintiff asls a decree Is that the
marital relation has been made un.
beamble to him by his wife's refmml
10 entm'taln his fl'lends at his formel'
homo In North Platte , Neb.
: \Irs. Cod ' , who Is at North Platte ,
denies her husband's churges and will
contest the sull. Colonel and : 'III's ,
Cod ' were mal'i'led at Sl : Louis
I arch ( i , 18lili , . \
Some Records Unprintable.
WASHINGTON-At'the executl\'e
sessloll of the cOlIJmlttee ccrtaln 111'0'
ceedlngs from the dl\'O\'ce \ case of
Apostle Teasdnlo were put Into the
record as evhlence , The admissions
made In that caae were offered hy the
prosecution to com hat the testimony
of Prefddent JO/iOIJh / F. Smith that
Teasdalo was married to Lillian Hoe ] (
for otornll ' only , IInd that she WIIS
not consldm'ed us ' 1'easdale'll wife
when ho contracted the mnrrlnge. 'rhe
testl 1Ony Is unlll'lntable ,
Corea Nullifies Russian Grants.
TOKIO-The , JnllUnosoCorean IJro.
tocol was IJllbllshed at Seoul hI an
extra edition of the Gazette 'I'hul'sda ' ,
'rho Co\'enn go\'oml11ent will 1IIIIIIIely
announce that the Iluhllcation of the
Ilrolocol nullll1es the concessions
granted to HURsln , such as the non.
alienation of coni mining at I\.och 'o
Island and Hose IRlluHl and the for.
estry concosslons In the Ulloungdo.
'l'umlln and Yalu'ulleys. .
Are Laying for JIpanese : Ships.
PA1US-I'ho oml11aniler of the
} < 'rench' stoamel' Saghallon , from PI ,
rueus , Greece , 011 url'l\'lng lit 1\Iar ,
sellles 1 < rlcta ' . l'elWl'ted that two Hus.
silln CI'UlbOl'1I : and one torpedo boat de.
atro 'el' wel'o at Piraeus about to Imt
to sea for the IJlII'IJOSO of Intercepting
Jall\\lCse ! merchant ships , Six of the
lallot' are u1. . lIavro , Nllntes and Dol'-
deaux allli others are said to he l'oul.
Ing at Encllsh IIOl'ls ,
Great Loss of Range Cattle.
nEI I..E FOUnCIIE , S. D-Condl.
tlO t3 IUnong range cattle In this re ,
HIOIal'O nhnost beyond I'ollef. Not
shlco IS'8li hns thol'o been so much
sulTel'hlH and If Mnrch contalnues
I with IUI ' sO\l'lIy the percentage : of
loss will bo unusulllly large.
Net Increase of $506,000 ,
W\SIIING'l'ON-Senator Porlclns of
the commlttoo ' ' ' ' ,
on 1IJ1ll1'OIIl'r\tlons ! 'I'ues
liar I'epm'ted the ( OI'lItkation lilll wllh
I II not Increase of $ C OnOOO 0\01' the
hili us 1H1l1sed hy the house , and male-
the tmal of the hili IlS repol'ted
to the sennte $7li37,1fI2 , 'rho 1II'Inel ,
pal Incl'enses are : For IlIIl'chaSff of
luhlllal'lno tOI'IJolo IlOnt (01' use of
Iwhool of lIuhlllurlno dl1f1S0. . 21iO 000 ;
fOl' nmlllullition and slIlllllIes fOl' ilia.
( 'hlno and J\utollllltl ( ' Guns $100,000 ;
for nnHllunltlon for sea coast Call1lOI1S ,
_ $160,000 ,
- - - -
- -
Shelling Bcglns t Midnight and Con.
tlnues Until Mornlng-ViceAdmlral
Kamlmura Thinks that Rusnlans
Are Becoming Demoralled.
'I'OKIO-Hu8slan ami ,18)UIH ) ' , $ ( ,
mounted scouts mel nOl'th of Pllllg
\'I\ng , After 1brll'f cngaJelllenl tlt
HUH31ans retreated. No casunltles arc
report'd on either sld ( ' .
POH'I' AIlTHUH-Tho .Japanese
lIect appeured oII this harbor at mid ,
night and bomharded this ell ) ' Inter. '
mlttentl ) ' until 8 u'clock In the mont.
' 1'OIIO-"lcc Admiral Knmlll1ura ,
reporllg the hombardment of , "Iadl.
\'ostoe ] Iarch 6 , sa 's the atta'k com ,
menced' at 2:10 o'clol'k In the after ,
noon ntlll the tiring was Iet ) up about' '
forl ' mlnutt's , He helle\'c the horn.
bardmellt was effectl\'e a:1Il demoral ,
Izlng to Ihe enem ' . 'I'he Russian
forts did not reJII ' to tlte Japanese
lire. _
Japanese crulscl's subsequenl1r reconnoitered -
onnoitered Re\'eral adjacent places on
the coast , hut found no trace of the
enem ) ' , The full rellort of VI co Adml ,
ral Kamlc1Ur says thaI as they alJ-
Iroachcd the cast entrance to Vlaell\'o.
slok on the morning of Iarch n the
enemy's ships were 1I0t scon outHlde
tlte harbor. He Ra 's :
"We allpl'oachell lho hatterles Oil
tlte northeast coaat 1'1'01\1 a point be-
'ond the range or the hatterles on
the Balznn pl'Omontor ' and Dosphorus
strait. Acter hOl\1bal'lllng the InnOl'
harhor forty minutes , from J : O
o'clock In the nrtel'l1oon , we retlrod ,
I hell eve the bombardment effected
co slderablo damngc. Soldiers wore
seen , hut the land batteries dl not
rely ) to 'our fire , Blacl , smoltc was
obsel'\'ed at the cast enlrance to the
harbor about fi o'cloek p. m. and was
thcJlight to be trom the enemy's ships ,
hut this smelt grndual ' disappeared.
"On the morning of Iarch 7 we rec-
ounoltered America. bay a d trolol {
bur , hut saw nothing unusual. 'Yo ap.
) lron'ched the cast entrance to Vladl-
\'osUolc at noon. 'rhe enemy's shlpa
were Invlslblo and lh . batteries elld
/101 fire , We turned toward Posslet
huy , hut , not seeing the enem ' , re ,
tlrell , "
United States Officers May Accom.
pany Army to Oboserve Operations.
WASHINGTON.-The Russian arm '
formully has grunted the request or :
the Uillted Stales that certain officers
of the American army bo permitted
to IIccom)1uny ) the Russlall troops amI
witness tloJr operations In tlte war
with Jalan. ) AmhassadorlcCormlc1c , ,
In a ( ahlegram Informing Secretary
Hay of this fact state3 that the offi.
cers cunllot jolr. the Husslan army
hufOl'o April Iii , or the Husslan calen.
dar ,
'rhe officers who haye Ieen deslg.
nated Cor this ser\'lce arc Colonel J. D.
, Kerr of the general slaff , Captain Carl
Relchmnn oC the Seventh Infllntr ' ,
Caltnln George Gatley allli Captain
William Judson of the englneor corps.
All of the abo\'e are In 1\Innlla except
Capuln ! Judson , who Is Inthis city
und who leaves at. once for St. Peters ,
burg ,
Irish Nationalists at St. Louis Pass
ST. I..OmS 1\Io-'l'ho Irish nation ,
allsts of St. Louis at their celebration -
tion of the birth of Hobert Emmet
Sunday nlghl adopted resolutions up.
holding ] hissla In her way with Japan
and expressing "s 'mIJl\thy with Chris.
tlan Hullsla against thlll I III grn
horde , " 'I'he resolution concluded :
' ' ' ! 'hat the slleclal 1.hanlm . of the ex.
lied children of the 'llcatlCl'ed Gael'
be extended to the Husslnn go\'ern-
ment ro\ ' her worlc done In the Intel'-
ests of humallity by her ollllosHlon to
the lleslgllH of gnglnnd In Persia ,
1'urlestan , 'fhlbet alul othel' Asiatic
coulltrles , therehy IJre\'enting the extension -
tension 01" Bngland's 't 'ranny o\'el'
helpless Ileollle , '
A eOIl ' of the resolutions will bo
senl to the Husslan l1Jtnlatel' at Wash.
Leaves Much to Charity.
NEWPOIt'1' . n , l-tnarltable : Institutions -
tutions ure bequeathed $200,000 by
SUl'Ilh Schermerhorn , daughter of " ' .
C. Schel'merhorn of New)1ort ) and New
Yorl ( , whose will was filed for pro-
hate In this cltr. Of this sum the
home for conlHImlltives : at Den\'er ,
Colo" receives $50,000 , The remalnd ,
er Is dl\'lded nmong 1111111 bel' or
chal'ltablo societies In New 101'1 , cltr
Ready for Reciprocity.
l\IEl.DOURNE-Premler Releln has
announced III the House of Hellresen.
tatlves that the fCllernl o\'ernmentls
IJrOparoll 10 ulter Ihe tal'll. In fa\'ol'
I11'Haln sacl'llIces If
of Great , malelng ,
necessar ' , to secure reclprocnl lIreI' ,
Cl'ellces ,
Luetwln Needs Guns : : Ind Men.
BEilI..lN-It was said In Holscllfta ;
ell'oles thut Colonel I.uetwln , governor
general of the Southwest Africa col ,
( ) n ' , hnt > usleCtl fol' relnfol'cclI1ellts to
the nllmhol' of 800 men and two
moullted .haltel'lell. lIe has fOl\nd \ the
HOI'rol'oH to ho '
11101'0 numerous and
botlel' llI'med than ho sllllilosed and
they IWCUIJ ) ' u Rtron posltloll which
the ) ' 1\1'0 fortlf 'lnJ. ; . . FIII'thOl' , Colonel
Luotwln Is expoctlng I1ll11culty In IJrO-
' the ' from ' . '
\'entlng enem l'e.entol'lng
the IlurtR of the cOl\ntl' \ ' he has ai ,
1' nd ' cl'nre\ .
" , , ,
Russia's Motives In OpposIng Mobili.
zatlon of Troops.
BI HI.IN--'I'11l' I'ngohlatt puhllsht's
n Nlnh'lIleut I'cgnrdlllg the lIIotl\'es o
HUNln III ' 1I'ltl'slln ngalnst the con.
( 'ontnttlUII llf { 'hhH'NO troops on the
Inlwhllrll\n rrontl I' , aUII Intlmat < ' . 8
thnt It llrlthlllt ' wllh thl' RURsiun
l'lIIhl\I\r III U"rlll'I'hl' ( 'ol1ll1l\lnlcu-
( ton ntlmt till' nR ullllltl9n that
Ih111ln wn hll\l\I'nl''ll \ hr IJolltical mo.
th'l'I. ! III'h n l'hl'rllhln . dcslglls on
Chhl H' hlrrltorr , III making this pro.
ll'st. l t'rn\lH'OU $ . } lei' motl\'cs were
lI\1r'I ' mllltnrr.
Ihlssll11 ! 'l'II\\'lnccd ; : that she wilt
soon O\'l'I'l'Onll' the Jnrl1tnCsl' . ne\'erthe'
less she l'annot' ' Ill'rmlt thl' olleratlon
of troop1 ! , 1101' can she be threatenell
br dlsturhances III h'r rear. The
prescnco oC Chlnesc troolls on the
[ anchurlan herder might resnlt IJ1 IIn.
pleasant occnrrences , 'fhe St , Pe'ters.
llllrg government Is full ' convlnce
that the Chinese go\'ernJl1ont Intends
to maintain a strlctncutrallt . , bllt this
concentration of troops wouM endan ,
gel' neutrallt ' , ' 1'ho Pel < 1n go\'ern ,
mont Its 1f II : ! not aure of Its troops ,
Yuan Shan Kal , the Chinese com'
mander. wouM not .Hsohey . ordel's , hul
It Is dlffer > JIt wilh Insnbordlnatlon
anlong the Ioldlers , J [ Chll1ese troops
ar ( ! now stationed on the frontier
there Iii the danger that. at some fa.
\'O\'ablo \ oJlPOl'tunlt ' the ' will esert
and join the Chunchlls , 'Thls would
male It lIecossary to detaeh Husslan
troopl : ! fl'om the f'Ont ! 'to fight the mJ.
ral\lel's In the I'eal' , hence Russia Oil'
\loses \ the co centratlon ,
Russllns : Think crlsh : on the Yalu
River Is Imminent. . . . . . .
S'f. PE'fERSBURG-1'he only
Il'lece of Imlortant ) news U)1 ) to this
hour 1"1'011the seat of wal' was the
AHoclated Press dlallatch from Port
Al'thur announcing a freah attack on
that place II ) ' the , Japanese lIeet. The
.lIslatch . ) contained no detnlls ,
Another telegmm to the ASloclated
Press from Vlalll\'Otol , has been re-
cel\'ed , 'It malws no mention of fight.
Ing and II Is assumed thnt all Is ( julet
tbere , ' 1'ho l'oportR that , Japan has en ,
tered Innch\ll'la west of the Yalu
rl\'er and has I'cached Feng Huan
Cheng , on the Pel.lng rend , which Is
the Husslm : line of communication to
the Yulu , cannot ho contil'med , If the
Information 1ll'o\ls true , a lanll engage.
ment of Home magnitude Is imminent ,
It cannot long be delayed , as the Hus.
slans ha\'c n hea\ ' ' force south of the
line , hetween Llao Yanl , and , lukden ,
and the ' are also OCCuIJ 'lng strong po.
sltlons along the Ylllu , A , Tapaneso
column hetween them would be In n
deslerate ) stmlt unless It moved by
the lIank to tale the' RusRlans on the
Yalu In the rear and was energetically
sUlported ) by 'IL forward , Japanese
mo\'ement from C < ? re ,
ReJ:1ortc : from San Domingo SIY : Gov.
ernment Is Repulsed.
SAN , IUAN , Porto Hlco-A seml.of.
lIelnl lollel' reeel\'ed here from San
Pedro de Iacorls , San Domingo. dated
Februar ' 29 , gl\'es dot ails of the born.
hardment of San Pedro De : 'Ilacorls
} < 'ebruRry 27 b ' the Dominican war-
shlls ) Presldente unll Estrella.
'fhe calltaln of the Presldente , u
SlIanlllru& and slxt ' men on hoard of
her were l\llIed , only six of the crew
osca\ling \ without InjurleH. In 1111 se\ "
ent ' .folll' men wore Ie 11I0 11 and twent ' -
Ih'e were wounded on the two shl\Js \ ,
The Insurgents lost thlrt ' .slx men
1liIed 01' wounded.
'fhe Preslclente was drl\'en a.way . at
da 'hreal ( I' ebruary 28 , the Insurgents
ha\'lng brought UII a field 1)lece dur ,
Ing the night and unexlectedly ) Ollen ,
Ing fire on It , Se\'eral defeats of the
troops of I'l'esldent IoralCs. with
heav ' losses , hl\\'o heen reported late ,
General , lose Amll , r , who cl\ptnrell
at San Antonio Dc Guerra Quantltlefl
of pro\'lslons aud clothing and $2,000
In cash , Is now a ) lrlsonOl' at San Pe
dro De : 'Ilacorls ,
Sell Closer Than in Former Years-
Less Corn and Oats.
WASHING'I'ON-The l\larch repOl't
of the bureau of statistics of the de.
partment of ngrlculture shows the
amount or wheal remaining In furll\-
el's' hands on : 'Ilarch 1 1.0 have IlOen
about 132GOO,000 bushels , or 80,8lei' \
cent of last year'.s crop , as compared
with 24Ii per cent of Iho crOll of 11IJ2 !
on hund March I , 1903 , and 23,2 Ill'l'
cent of the crop of 1J01 ! on hanel on
JI\I'ch 1 , 1J02 ! ,
'fho com In fnrme'rs' hands Is eHII-
mated at ahout 83JOOOOOO ! bushels , (1\ \ '
:17.4 : per cent of last 'ear's Cl'Op ,
against 41.1. ; 11er cent of the CI'OIJ of
1J02 ! on hand on : : 'II arch I , 1903 , and
: ! ! J,2 Iler cent of the crop of 1J01 ! on
hand on March I , 1J02. ! ,
Of oats , there are reported to ho
allOul 275,700,000 hushels , or 3UIIeI' \
cent of last 'eal"s CrOI ) stili In farm.
ers' hands , as com\lared \ with 3nU )101' )
cent oC the croll of 1902 on hnnel nn
March 1 , 1J1JJ ! : , and : IOH Iler cent ot'
the crall of 1901 on hand on March 1
lUO : ! ,
Victim of Poison Is Dead.
pmnH , S. D-After II. weel. of hI'
tense sUffOl'lng : 'Iliss Hmlll Nelson , thl'
, , , Ictlm of 110lsonel1 cnrhl ' sen t fmlll. .
Boone , Ja , . died at hel' home six mll ( " ; ,
north of this clt ) ' from Iho offcl'ts 0 :
the drug , 1"1'01\1 the first the altC'lul
InIlh / . 'sl lan Il < 'ld out no hOlll' , and
whllo the 'Olll\b woman herself he-
lIevell that aho'ould recover thl' ph ' .
slelans who had been cnlled In'oulll
gl\'o no hOlle. 'l'hat she held on 10 : ;
long with the suffering Is attrlbutf'd to
her health and strength , she boln II
largo an strons 'oung woman.
t >
, . . ' " . .
u ' . . II . . . -ii. . . . . . .
- -
How's This , ?
We oter 000 Hundred Doltlm Reward fer a
DA.IO 'Ot Catarrh that cannot bo cured b1 lIall.
Oat&rrli Cure , .
: r. .T. O1tE EY Ie . CO Toledo , O.
'We , the nnderafgned have kno."n t , J , Ohener
for the IIIU 15 yellU , IIna belle'l'o ' blm perteCII1 hone
orable In an bUltne. . tranillctlo ! : . IIDd ODanelal1T
lobI. to carr , out aOT ObUlllllloDa Inade b ) ' hll linn.
" ' .ALDINO , KINNAn ) tADT/If ,
'Vholeulo DrOIUlIu , TOledo O.
nan' , Cat Irrb Cnre II taken InternallT , act ! DIr
direetJ1 UPOD tlIO lllood 1I0d mucou. IUt1'OCU of Ihl
' , ICem , TMllmonlnl1 lent troo. l'rleo 7 OOD' " pu
bottle. 80ld by Jlf1IItKIIU \ ,
TAk. nail' , ! I'amUT 1'1111 tor conetlpaUon.
Bomo Infants mlcht cry loss it theIr
mothers " , , 'ouldn't nttcmpt to vocalize.
Faith Is the hnnd wherewith 'Wo ' tnko
o\'crlnsUng lIfo-Lalimer.
A woman who 1001s ahead of limo I
wonders It she \\111 bo as are other \ {
. '
East and South.
Special rates on sale dailY' to nl1
Winter resorts of the South. Ualt : '
faro round trip plus $2,00 on first and
third Tuesda's ench month to many ;
points SO\ltb.
'rho only \lne \ with Its own statloa
nt main enlranco of World's Fall"
grounds. The Wabash rune on Its own
rails from Omaha , Kansas CIt . , Des
Moines , St. Loulu and Chl ago tl >
Toledo , Detroit , Niagara Falls and
Buffalo with through connections be-
All agents cnn route YO\1 via' th
Wabash. For World's I < alr descrlp.
tlvo matter and n11 Information address -
dress , HarrY" E. Moores , G. A. P. D. .
Omaha , Nebr.
A fault which humbles a man Is or
maI'o use to hIm th n good nctioD
which puffs him up with pride.
Glittering genera1\tlcs \ are as lIlel ? "
to hurt the devil as tissue paper bul- i
- -
To the housewlto who haa not yet
become aCQuai'ntod ' with the noW'
things or everyday usa In the market.
and who Is reasonably satisfied with
the old , wo would suggest that a trlo.J
o Defiance Cold Water Starch be at once , Not alone because It
Is guaranteed by the manufncturera
to be superior to any other brnnd.
but bccam.lo cach 10c packllSo contains -
tains 16 ozs" while all the other kinds
contain but 12 oZS. It Is safe to say
that the lady who on co uscs Defiance
Starch will use DO other. QunlltY
and : quantity must wIn.
Bachelors wonder how married mOD
manage to put by any portion of their
earnings. .
1\1utual Insurance Is the most 1'01'11 ;
lar. Ten years ago there was about
$10,000,000 In the state , Now , over
$1GOOOOOOO , one-haIr of aU the FJro
Insurance In the state Is In Mutual
Companies. It Is also the oldest In.
suranco in the world , and Is cheapest ,
.alest an best , and no company bet.
tel' tban the STATE l < ARMER'S MU.
Omaha , Nebr" D , R StoutIer , Secro
In the conduct of lIfo habit counts
for moro than maxim , because habit
Is a living maxim and becomes fiosb
and Instinct. ,
Clear 'Whlto clothes r su that the
housekeeper uses Red Cro6I : lll 1 Dlua.
LarKo 2 oz. package , 5 conts.
True happlnells consists not In tbe >
multltudo of friends , but In the worth
and cholce-Jo1nson.
The con11lct with self and. selfisb-
ness must uo fought out.-George .
A.k Tour Dealer Fo ! ' AUen' . l'oot.E. . . .
A powder. It rests Ibe feel. Cures Corns.
Bunions , SwelleD , Sore , Hot , Callous , Acbing ,
Sweating Feet and Ingrowing Nails. AileD' .
Foot-Ease makes new or tight sboe3 easy. At
all Druggisis and Shoe slores , 25 cents , Accept -
cept no substitute. Sample mailed FIUUt- ,
AddressAlleo-S , Olmsted , Le Roy. N. Y.
It Is wlen men as with borses ; those'
that ao the most prancing make the' \
least progress-Daron de Stnssart.
Knowledge Is a trcasure at once-
priceless and Impcrl bable.-Glad-
Every houselteeper should know
that If tboy will bu ' Defian'e Cold
Water Star"h for laundry use tbey I
will save not only nme , becltlll > O it
novel' stlclts to the I1'0n , but beca\ls
each package contains 16 oz-one fult
pound-while all other Cold Water- \
Starches are put up In 4.pound pacle.
ages , and the prlco Is the same. 10
cents. Then a aln because Deflanc ,
Starch IrJ free from all Injurious chern.
Icals , It your Jrocer tl'l's to seU ) 'OU n.
12.oz , paeago ! ; it Is because he has
n stocl ( on hand which ho wlslcs te >
dispose of before he puts In Defiance.
Ho lmows that Defiance Stal'eh ha
11\'lnted on every IJI\clmgo \ In large letters -
ters and figures "Iii OZ8 , " Demand :
Defiance und SIl\'O much time and
money ancl the anne 'ance oC the IrOD
sticKing. Deflanco no\'or EtlCItS.
Good breedln Is a. letter of credit
all over the \VO\'ld. \
- .
. . '
' . 1