Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, September 04, 1902, Image 3

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COlUlllent ! ! Dnd CrltlchllJ111 BRIIClt UPOD I
the I1llpJJlmlnl { lI of the Day-lIl.torl.
eal and New. Note. .
Re\'enge Is swcet-but enl ' In the
nds of II. rool.
Ynrl4lty Is the splco or liCe , and "Ico
8 the cn 'ouuo IWlIICr.
Paticnco Is a WOlllnn's loug smt when
101' chlldron arc al1lo ) 'll1g the ncl h.
' <
SOllie mon thluk they cau't bo true
:0 : tholl1sol\'es unle s they keep busy
( ouglug others.
Klp lng hos rcsclndt. ' his , ; Ltt ot n
trill hnll to Hottlngdea1\ . Perhaps the
.1lIngcrs were using It tor plng.pong7
The poet snys thnt "once to eycrr
] I n 11IId nntlon cOllies the moment to
lcclde. " .As for WOll1l1l1 , the more of
: hem the merrier.
Thel'e h'e been 110 reports of hnzlng
it West Polut for se\'on months. Cnn
.t be I108slble thl1t the cadets nre dohlg
: lothlug but Htud ) ' and drlll7
A Pueblo l1\lIan 'WhlplH d his wIfe ,
. hl.a moth.
iVl1S IJl'Olllptly casOgl\.teli by and III his mortification com.
mlttotl sulcldo. 'l'lu re Is no use In try.
.Ilg to cl\'ilize I\.n Indlnn.
Lougfellow probl1bly could have
itood it i he luul knuvtll that poster.
Itr would ognrll him ns a I t for
\\OIllOU nnd chllllron. The poet for mon
undouhtclll ' ii ! Ima Wheeler W1lcox. ;
A Inte hlstOl'lcnl no\'ol called ' ' 'rhe
Gate of the KI " curries the reader
lway bnck of 010 re\'olutionary war to
the time of Ilezoklnh , King of Judah ,
l1ud Italnh ! , the llrollhet. Se11ul1cherlb
! Iso nlllJellrs In Its Illlgcs. 'rhe "oldest
IlIlmbltllut" Is lost In nttolllllUng to go
bncl ; : In memur ' to tllh , date.
For the Ih'"t time slnco her creation
womlln hils recen ' won somcthlng
llIw II fall' lhllnce In the t1elds of knowl.
ed e IIn lIrllctl < : al endeavor. She Is
PI'OIn ! : o well her right to these Ol-
[ Iortunltles IInd her capacity to USt !
llu.1l1 nohl ' thllt the ' will ne\'er be
taken from her. 011 the cOlltrlU' ' , theJe
Is surl. ! to Ill ! II still lurger omlllo 'ml'l1t
of the genius of WOll\CII III more IUHI
moro lined of the world's work.
SouRa , the JloJlulnr bnndmaster , was
summoned to Illa ' lxforo King &l\\'l\rt1'
YII. After his mOil hnd ronden.'tl111'1 -
ous elcctlolls he SlIolw u ( Inlet wOl'd of
com1111111d , und "l.'ho Swr.SJllulgled
Bnnller" rung out. At the t1rst nO 'J
of It thc l\lng : rOf : ( > , ami UIO whole Urlll.
lunt mullence followed his eXllmple. Our
AIIIll'lcnn folk mllY learn a lesson even
fl'om a Idng. It Is no true de1l1oel'fic '
I thnt trios to demonstrate Its worUI b '
Il 11Isllla ' of had munners , 'Wherever
our uatlonal nil' Is plu 'ed or wherever
OUl' tlug waY ( s , there huts should como
otr and a snlute be glvon. Girls ought
' . j Y to de\'lso a graceful gesture of respect.
Boys IJnVo theirs prescribed for them.
On such murks of re\'oronce patriotism
thrl\'es , and there will neyer como n
day when a republic CJ1n live without
, 'ltlll llIl trlotlsm.
' 1'ho hnmlgrlltloll b111 which the
llouso of HOJl'e ntl1t1ves passed pro.
, 1I08es to shut out anl\.rchlsts , nnd also
. IICI"Sons 0\01' lG ) 'eurs 'old who cannot - :
not read. unfortunately , there Is no
sure way b ' whleh anarchists CIln be
Idelltlt1od. Now and then the proposed -
posed prohlhltlon might be enforced
against some notorious reprosentath e
of the clasR" but In genera } Its chief
son'lco would be us an eXllresb10n of
the national detestation. As to 1I11t-
cI'ates , not eve ' Immlgrnnt who cnn-
not roud Is dnll 01'ouS or burdensome.
Some such persons 1111'e become useful -
ful cltlzons ; Imt as a class , they n.rc 11
mcn ce , IIIUHlIcup)1(1d ) b ' their de-
Ilclencles In the competition wlUI the
moro Intelilgont and energetic , UlO '
101'10 ' heart. Their tendcncy Is to mass
themsel\'es In the great cities , and
many of thom me public burdcns
In the lOorhouses , nB 'lums nnd jalls.
'The Incroaslng volume of hnmlgratlon
makes thl8 an urgent QU9StlOn. During
the first four months of the present
'ear Imll1lgl'l1t1on 'Wns more lhnn one-
hnlf largl'r than In the corresp ( > lUnJ ! I
period last ) 'oar or the year before , I\.nd
lI1m-e thnn one-half of the Immigrants
IIi'O nntlves of the countries which Cur-
nlsh most Ullterntes. The UnIted States
mnnot justly be chlU'ged with llbernl-
Ity If It docllnes to go on tryIng to
I n ll1lllate the 'World's Icnornncc at this
o less nn authority than Mr. Car-
neglo Is con\'lnced thnt an acndemle
education Is a handicap nl.ther thnn a
help In busln\8s , but Il rge percentage
M the graduating class of the academic
department at Yale I1ro figuring on n
business caroor. There I1rc B4 of those
'oung men , against 78 who intend to
I become lIiw 'ers , and of 42 who bave
urrl\'ed at no dccl810n'ct nB to the
choice of nn ullatlon It Is probable
that 1I10re wll1 go to business thnn to
the hiW. Young mlUl In such an uncor-
tuln Mtnto of mind are likely to hl\.vo
their cholco detormlnoc1 by cb ncos for
11IlIIII dlnte rotUnlB , which nre rendered
Imposslhlo by 11 long course of profes.
810nl11 study. It Is remarkable thnt
Umso who ha'e taken the academic
course to prepare for business outnumber -
ber the tlllichers nCJ1.l'ly five
to one , as there are enl ' 17 of the Int-
. it. tor , whlle minor classoB tmB off as
follows : Doctors , 11 : ministers ( In.
cludlng one foreign missionary ) , 0 ;
farmers ( Including o "plantor" and
ono "runeher" ) , OJ newsl > uper men. 3 :
" - . . . . , . . . , , ! . 'U " ! .j. _ " .a. . . . . . . . . , . : . . . . . . " . : . . . . . " . . , . . . . . _ . . .Y
. \ ' ,
. t'
. ' " . . . . ,
, . ,
_ _ _
ar'hltt'l't , n ; al'tl'lt ' , 1. 'hl' fMt 19
Ihl\'t If a 1I11l'I'1I1 t'lhll'lIt1on Wel'e mel'l'ly
a tJl'l'lhnlnarr 8tllt' $ to studr nUll work
lu till' llroCeHRloJl'l ! ' 0\11' supply of col.
11'J.l'H'oull1 he lltllt'uloUIII ' large , IUlIl
till' l'III8RI'S In tJrer ' OIW of tl1l'llI woull1
\In\l'rgo \ a rl'l1 rrul shrlnldu , H\lt thel'e
Is n ! ) guml l'l' 80n why Ihl' IIhornl edu.
l'nllon 8hould lIe flO consll1Cl'el1. It It
Is a ha11lllel111 In busllll' s the \'aluo of
culture In tli huslnl'ss mcu who sur.
\'I\'e it Is Itll1lsll\ltnbll" a 11I1 It would I
he a gt'C'lIt Illt . If It wCI'e till ! exclush'e
monollol ) ' or II1W 'l'I'I ! , tenl'hers , doc.torN
nnll mlulRters. ' 1'ho more there are of
thcs uuslnl'ss ' 011llg men who strl\'o
for It the better w11l it be for the count
Ono or the 11Iust l't.l1l1lrlmblo storlor.
In thl annnls or hU11lan tleJenernc ' Is
that relllUng to , Tllno 'l'oPIJfiU , the Bos.
ton lI1'Ofel'Mlollal tralllell nurso. She
has confl'sscd thll t she hns kllletI b ) '
admlnlstcrlnJ ; pulsons thlrt "oue per.
( , on8 1111Il'l'tlunder her cnre to bo nursed
In sickness. She prnctlcl't1 on prIvate
ImUents , not In hospllllls , whore her
victims might ha'e tlllod n longer list.
She saYB that she wus ublo to deceh'o
the best doctors , who took her word
In explaining the cnuses of the numerOUs -
OUs deaths which slle procured Instcnd
ot maklug the personal eXllmlnation In
cach CIlSO which their duties In"ol\'ed.
To what oxtellt does this loose prac.
tlce pre\'all In hospitals und In pri\'nte
practice where' profosslonal nurses are
emplo'ed 7 It Is ontlrely Improbable
tllat lIumorOU8 cases IIko thnt of Jane
' 1'oPllI1u 11110 occurred , but her c\.Se Is
a wllmlng nnd lesson. No physician
should tJll.o the wOI'd of another per-
Fen us to the CIlUMe of death In a case
8uhmlltod for his eXlIlIIlnntlon.lIss :
' ' ' courcsslon l'olutod ' '
'l'oppall's to e\'or
phllso or her cnroer as an habitual
11018Ouor. She doscrlbed the Impulsc
uullor which she uctcd In mlmlnlMter-
Ing polson8 to her \'Ictlms , ' .rhe stor ) '
Is 111.e a hldoous nightmare. It pre-
sl'nts a hahlt of Introspection like that
" , hleh rl'l1t stIHlcnts of montl11 sclcnce
hll\'o rollowod. There have been weird
InsUlllces-whero 11Ion wntched nntI 110'
ted dowll In the Interest of sclonce
their symptoms as Imullllt ' 01' deuth
UlllrOlll'hed b ' slow degrees whllc they
I'ctnlned purtlll I consclommesB. But
such n case as this Is probabl ' wIUI-
out 11 IJlU11Ilel.IIS8 ' 1'omJlln rocognlzod
the S'miltoms when her homIcidal 11111-
nla wus I1pproachlng to take possosslol ,
of her Impulses amI ucts. 'l'hls Is e\'l-I
llenctJ of her respunslblllty In some de.
/I'ee. / She kuew what she wus IIboutl
lIer conscience warnell her of tllIl
crIminal ImlHllso before It obtalnell
eomplote control of hor. rfln ) ' lJOrsonH
exhibiting greater 111111l'111'1lnces or In.
8anlt . than : \llss TOPlll1n mnnlfestell
ha" heen hanged for m lll'd 01' . She :
was conscious of ol1eh crime which shd ,
comlllitted , of t.he wrong IInd tIepra"It .
which It In\'ol\'ed amI or the Ile enor-
ac'hlell her nature had reached.
whlcb she admits. Under these circumstances -
cumstances her responAlhlllty for hm'
uets Is prnctlcally e. < ; tabllshed. Shl ]
should lIa'e Imld the penalty of hm :
crimes Instead of bcln ! ; rowardotl with
that as 'hlln of rest nnd peace which
she sollcltl'd and obtnluotl lu n hospllni
fOl' the Insane.
While the cent hook wltb lock at ,
taehment Is not entlrel ) ' now , yet the
one hero 1lIustrntod has all u1justlng
arrangement to
tnko ga1'lnents of
\'nrlous thickness ,
which Hhow ! ! nn
Imlro"ement 0\(11'
these h01'OtOrOro
used , It ulso hns
the admntage of
cont1nlng the Io ; : '
until the hool. Is
locll'd ; : , thus IB'e.
\'cntlng the usm' fl'om IIcclllt.ntall ) ' removing -
moving the Iwr Iwforc It Is loclwd ,
thlnltlng he hud alrelld ' loclwd It , IUHI
alRo from wltllll1'11wlng the ke ) ' UI\(1 In.
tcntlonall ' carr'lng It 011' when he hus
unloclwll the appurntus to remo\'c his
coat. Ono part of this dm'lce Is rl hl-
l ' IIccure(1 ( to the wnll lI ' scre\\8 , whllo
the othcr portion sllllet ! vertically to all.
just the slzo of the nIJerture to fit the
thickness of the cloth. 'l.'he 1'11111 member -
ber has a toothOO r lck at the renr nnd
Rlottod guldos on either side , In which
the 10080 member slides. The locltlng
mochanlsm Is so arronged that a turn
of the key brings tbo tlat end of the
bolt mto a horlzontnl position Ilnd
forces It baclcwnrd lWlII It rests In one
ot the slots of the rigid momber. In
use the coat and hat are deposited on
the hook , the slidIng clamp Is 10\\01'00
lWtlI ilio I1rm firmly grips the gar.
ments and II. turn of the key throws the
bolt nnd locks the clamp.
Styles Change.
In spring , some fifty
years ago , our grandsire -
sire threw aside the
headgear he had worn
about through winter's
sleet and snow , and
donned a straw hat ,
tall and wide. con.
structed like Ii tower.
" 'Ith1n was room
enough to hide n
book or two to " , hlle
the hour , and mllny
things beside. ' 1'ho taller 't WIlS the
better our granddad WIIS satisfied
The style has changed since thllt
tnir day. Ul1lity's no longer sought ,
and now our youngstl 1'S think
unmatched the Bummer hat thllt's
shaved this " , ay , wIth yards ot strln&
. I
t. I " . . I
. I I ! t.
-Cincinnnti Enquirer. ' . . " t
-d - - -
- . _
nn7.Clton , rn , A ng. 27.-A Uitust
ShCIICh , IIHed 11ft ' .slx ycnrs , 1pcclal
pollcel1lan I n the so-Ioe ot tno Lo.
high Valley ConI OmNtH' wns assaulted -
saultedlnd stllbbed on tIIb lmtsklrts
oC the city today whtJe uttomptlng to
leSCllO his son , Wllllal1l ShOIlOl1 , a
non-union workman , el1lplo 'ed lit the
cOl1lpan "s No. ,10 colllor ' , froUl a mob
of nbout :1,000 : , strikers , who hnd
gnthered Crom alt purts of the Hllzel-
ton region 011 the roads ! endlng from
the mine , to frllstrate the plans of
the company fora partial resumption
oC operatIons with a 110n.unlon torc ( '
of 250 hands.
A majority of the non-union men
wero. taken to the worldngs In a spe.
clal train , with which tbe strikers
cUd not attempt to intorfore. Will.
lam Sheueh , who 11ves In the cIty ,
walked trom his borne towl1rd thc
colllory and thus fell Into the handset
ot the pickets. Most t the olothlng
was torn from his back In the strug.
glcJ which followed. When houch'B
father rushed to his aid the mob set
upon the elder Sheuch , who wns 11.
nally resoued by amino foromun and
removed to the minors' bospltal.
811euch was stabbed In the breast
and on eucll blp. kloked In the abdomen -
domen and struck on the head with
a stone. Dls Injuries are not very
serious. 'rho knife which wus sunk
Into his breast , struck u rib and that
faot pJObably saved his ] lto. Tbe
elfort to prevent work at the mine
was successful.
'l'he report oC a resumptlou at the
( Jranberry colliery oC A. Pardeo . Co.
caused about 500 men to gather near
Ule mine today , but no attempt wus
mape to start. work.
Shenan oah , J1. ; , Aug. 26.-1\1uch \
1111 portance Is attached to the calts
General GobIn recel ves trom coal
mlno operators , who spend hours
with the general In going over the
strike situation.
After ha\'lng met a number of operators -
erators , Geneml GolJln s\ld today
that. he docs not see any signs of a
settlement. In fact , ho states that
hlllndicatlon& point moro < 1011 nate-
ly to a prolongation of the ! .tl'lI.e
now Lhan they did when he lIrst
reached here. He keeps In touch
wi th the stl'Jlwrs as well as the operators -
ators Hnd may be soon dally rldll1g
over the hills with members ot bls
A long the road ho freqnen tly holds
conversatIons with miners , all of
whom display friendly feell ng toward -
ward hIm porsonally. l'here Is no
111 feeling here against thu soldlcrs ,
and the mJH tla has become so popu.
lar that a movement has been sot
afoot to start a company in this
Individual operators are begInning
to display wlllln ncss to end the
strlko If a method coul < 1 be shuwn
them how tbey could wako concess ,
ions to the men without stupJryll1g
themsel\'es. In speaJ < I ng with memo
bers of the staff at brigade headquar'
tel's some have within tIO : past ftm
days stated that H a way could be
suggested whereby they could gi ve In
without placln themselves In a bac ]
light they wuuld tolvor a settClIJent
General Gobin Is usln his good
olllces toward a settlement , and ho
allows no opportunity to pass when
In conference with operators to make
a conservative plea for the n1en on
l > ottsvllle , Pa. , Aug. 27.-Georgll
Wheatley. an outside fore1\1l1n at tlw
Brool < sldo colliery of the Phlladel.
phla & Rearllng ( Joal and Iron 1'01\1 ,
pany , IS under $1,000 bail , charger1
with. shooting George Sacrer , al.l'd !
nlneteeu Y'3ars ot 'rower Olty. Whoat.
ey says he was followed throngh the
sreets by a crowd of strlkers , and
sympathizers , who Jeered und , hooted
him. Becoming enraged ho drew a
revol\'er aud fired Into the crowel.
The bullet took eITect In Searer's leg.
Wheatll'Y has been a mlno boss tor a
number ot years.
Ta1\1aqul1 , ] Ja. , Aug. 27-Not since
the Inauguration ot the anthracll < :
coal miners' strike have the united
mlno workers had so many pickets
patrolllng the ! > anther creek \'alley
as today. Every road and path load.
Ing to the colliers were engnge In
an errort to persuade non-Un Ion mell
not to BO to work. No new recrult !
were added to the working force and
qulto a nUID er' were turned bal'k.
'l'ho extra \'Igllance was due to the
rumor that It Is the Intention ul
the Lehigh Coal and Navigation
company to cut coal as soon as suC-
IJclent well can be scoured.
It is easier to get a man to tell you
how a thing shonld be done than H
Is to get a man to do it
- Aberdeen , S. D. , Aug. 27.-1'he
First National bank of this 01 ty WUE
rObbed oC $3,800 In silver and nlclws !
last night. j ntrance WIIS made
through tbo cellar , thence lute thp
rear ol11ce. where crowbars were used
to dig a 110le through the IJllokwnrk I
Into the vnult , In which 1\ large snr. ;
plus of sliver was stored. ] ' 110 saCe .
was not molested.
1'hero Is no olue to the robbers.
who were undoubtedly professlouals.
The loss Is covered by iusurance. ,
. , , - " - . - . . - - -
' .
, , . , . - . '
- rI'II' " " \ . . . .
( ' ' ' rnllrr } . ' , IJhtenrd h , . Cun tnnt l lrlnJ ;
nllt : Sot I\lule ted-l lI's TrcnluN'r '
to 1Jc Short.
Spokanc , Wash" Aug 27.-A west
hOlHld Northern lnelllc pnssonllor
train was held up at Sandpoint , Idaho -
ho , sixty fI vo wiles enst oC bore , lnst
The robbers , or whom there wore
seven , Corced.tho onglnoor to stop the
train , after wInch tboy uncoupled
the IJag"ogo car. Then they compelled -
polled the engineer u the poInt or n
ro\'o1\'or to pull up the truck about
three mill's further , where they tried
to wreck the buggage car with dyna.
mite. 'I'he expluslves fulled to work
tlnd ! ftor spendIng fifteen mluutcs
with the cllr the robbers decnmped ,
nllGwln the englneor to go baok to
the train with hIs englno.
' 1'wo ether bandits hlld ul\rded the
train. keeping the pnsson ers Insldo
lIy fhlllg revel vcrs IIlon the sides.
No attempt WIIS made to Uloiest the
passellgers IInd aCter the enj.llIo . oame
back the other robbers left nnd the
train came on to Spolmn . The train
\\'as III eharge of < Jonductol' WilHam
Gilbert Of Helena. . and was heavily
St. Panl. MInn. , Aug. 27.-A tele.
n\lll WIIS rocelved today by the gen.
IJrnl mannger of the Northern Pacilic
railway Crolll a divisIon sllpm'lutend.
ent sta\J1ng \ Ihat t rllin No. : ) of that
ro.lll had beeu slopped last night 'hy
11 gang of seven or eight men. 'l'ho
express me sellger refused to open
his car notwithstanding the till cats
of the bandits.
bout twenty shots were IIred , but
no olle was hurt alld no 0110 robholl.
' 1'he work Is belle\'ed to be that Of
tra m pSt
Salt Lake , Utah , A ug 27.-0I1lcl.11
announcement has been made beCore
the EII.s Lodge In this city tha.t . a
shorta o of $10,000 has been dlscov.
ored In the bool < s or Edd S. Orris ,
oC BulTallo , N. Y. , gram ] treasnrer
of the grnnd ledge of Elks , Mr. Or.
rls was reelected at the recent re.
union In Salt Lake.
Acoordlng to a member of the
grand led o the shortage was not
dlscnvored by the i1udltlllg commit.
toe until aCter the election.
Mr. Orris , when conCronted , stated
that ho could and wonld maleo the
shortage good at once , but this , It Is
announced , hus not been dona.
The ol1lolal announcement does not
state what action will be taken In
the maLter.
Omaha A ug. 27.-Geor 0 I ) . Cronl (
IrarHl exalted ruler of the order oC
Elles , was adverse to dlcsussln the
roporteCl shortage , or ( jrand 'l'ronsur-
or ] dwal'Cl S. Orris. IIe snld , how.
III have Jnst gotten hack home
from a trip to Mead \ . 111 e , Pa. , where
I went to In\'estigate the reported
shol'tago oC $11I,000 and can truthfully
say that every Clollar of the grand
10rJge Cunds are In the proper place. "
IIWas 1\1r. Orris short In his accounts -
counts ? " was asked.
II I will IhJt maleo any statement
about the matter one wuy or the oth.
er , at present , " replIed 1\11' . Oronk.
It lIa vo steps been taken to remove
TreasUler Orris from his position ? "
"I think ho wJl1 resign shortly , "
roplled Mr. Cronk.lIand that is ull I
will say ab : > lIt It , except to reltorate
that all of the grllnd lodge tund3 arc
sate and On hand in cash. "
Mr. Cronk admitted that Treasurer
Orris bad been 'Jonded
by a responsible -
sible uaruntee company.
Muscutlne , Ia. Aug. 27.-lIerman
J. Rauwerdln , uged seventy-four ,
who was born In I1ollalJd , hanged
blmselt In his stab10 ubout 0 o'clock
last night. 1I0 had been hanging
about an hour when discovered by
his aged wlfo , wbo went to call him
to supper. lIe left a note wrltton In
the Holland langualZo sa 'lng that he
and his neighbors were havlnR'
trroub'o because his ohlckens went
Into their yard , and he would hang
himself to se tle the trouble. He
wus qui te wealthy and has been a
resident ot this city for thirty-four
( Jhadron , Neb. Allg. 27.-1'ho east
hound train on tbu Elkhorn trolll
Chadron to Casper , Wyo. , was wrecked -
ed Monday night lIear Glen , Neb
'l'be calise was a broken Ilango on a
coal car wheel , resulting in the de.
rnlhnont or . ' '
two oars. 1'here were
thrre cO\vbo's rldln In the coal CUI
and It was o\'erturned and dumped
dowu the grade. ' 1'IIOY were able tc
make their wherealont& known hj
their cries al\l were dUIC out by the
train emw IlnlnJuro .
. .
- - -
Dluefield , W. Va. . AUR. -Strll- ( -
ers 'estordar Ured 011 the I1Iluors and' '
tI pplel1lon at Crn lie Creek opera tlous.
' ' guards amI two strll.ers were
killed. Sovornl were W 0\11111 \ 0 J ,
Huntington , W. VII. , Au . 29.-
Major ] . Verlal\ler \ oC Second bat.
tallon , West Vlrl-tlllia nlltlonalguard ,
has received orders tlOI1l Governor
\\'hlte \ to proceed nt OIiCO with the
three companies of state militia here
IInd ono company at Milton to New
HI\or coal Jleld , where trouble Is IIn-
mlnont. The COll1(1anles ( have been
nssembled and wlllionvo at enc oua
special trnln. Sorlous trouble Is pre-
l > arkorsburg , W , Va" Aug , 20.-
Col. O. E. Morrison ot this olt ' , commanding -
manding the second reglmont , West
Vlrglnln national uard , recoi ved orders -
ders this mornIng from Governor
Whlto , calhng his reRlmont to the
New Bh'or ooal l1olds. The omcors
, etuso to state what Is tholr destlna.
tlon , but It Is supposed to be Rod
Asb , where tbe deputies were fired
upon yestorday. The roglmont is
composed ot nenrlr t 000 , men and
the companies tlro scattered at savor-
al plaoes 1 n the sta te.
: Uuntlngton hus three , Parkersburg
two. Chnrleaton , MUon and Dlue.
110ld each one company. A speolal
train has been ordered out nnd the
ccmpanles are assembled lit their ar-
morie'J ho e IIwaltlng further orders
to move ,
Charlestoll , W. Va. . Aug. 20.-Go\-
rnor White ordered the Second reg.
Inllmt of troops to 'l'hnrmond , New
Hlver strlko district , today. 'rhe
troops arc trom l'arlwrIJsllrg , : IIunt-
InHton , Milton , Charleston and non-
e\'erte. ' 1'hoy will 111'1'1 vo hero d u rlrlR
the afternoon , establishing headquarters -
quarters at 'l'hurmond ,
1.'ho sltulltlon Is sorloull. ShreltT
Daniel , who Is hero toc1n ' fronl'Fay-
etto , county , SIl'S ho Is powerless to
ripress disorder and propcrtr and life
are In constllnt danger. Nearlye\'ery
body refllses to act liS deputy shnrl1Ts
to IIsslst In the ovlc'lon of strllluJ , ! I
mlnersand hence till' ! ! herlfT made n
request for tr.Jops , Men , concenlod
along the mountain sl < 1e , lire at the
HlIlIl'ds aud miners Wdug to worl (
aud theu dlsappoar. Governor Whlto
savs he sends the troopi to protect
IlCe nnd property , but not to settle
the strilee.
lJutte , Mont. Aug. 20.-Wlth
Jilicers of the stllto perlltontlary on
his trail , IIsslsted by bloodhounds ,
Convict 'rOIll O'Brien , who last Jj'ri-
dny made a darIng escape from the
' 1tllte prison , hus seut a oommunl-
cation to the Miner , pleading for 11
publlo statel1leut or his alleHed crll1le
and \'owlng the death of Under
SherlJr Da vo Mor an , whose alleged
porJnred testImony , the convict declares -
clares sent hIm to prison und wrecker ]
his home. 1'110 docnment recel\'ed
b ' the 1\Iiner \ bears the postmark , of
A naool1la. 'rho writer hili
corumunlcatlon hem a mountain In
the surrounding hills of Anaconda
and says thut he wrote his story bo-
biud a rook , dividing his time between -
tween his Wluchester and his pen.
'rho communication Is a IItC1Htly
freale and there Is no ClIestlon ) 115 to
Its authentlclt.y . , as the hllndwrltlll ) ;
hns been fully hlentlllec1 by the
warden and ethers Itcqualnted with
the crllllnnl.
0' Brion deolllres bls solo object In
escaping from the prison Is to Idll
Deputy Shel'l II Mor an. O'DrleL'
was sent up for robbery In } 901.
'l'nmaquu , Pa. , AUf. ! 29.-'rhe I1rs\
olash be ween the striking miners and
the troops occurec1 thIs rnorulng , anti
u& a result 11vo persons are In the
guard bouso at the Twelfth regiment
camp and Cap , J. Beaver Gearbart ot
company F , Twelfth roglment Is
sulTerlng trom a wound In his shoulder -
der made by a Rtono tbrown by a
This morning n report 'llnod currency -
roncy that the striking wlners were
gathering In force to mllkc a march
on the No. ,1 ool11ery , where the Le-
high Coal and Nuvlgutlon company
Is mining and cleaning coal. The
col11ery Is at the west end oC the
I Panther wreck vnlley and the gover-
nor's troop was ordered to that point.
Companies F IInd K ot the Tweltth
regiment were pillced on trolley cars
alld run through the valley.
When the cars reached SUmm I t n 111
. they wore surrounderl by 11 mob ot
. I"trlkers , who hurled rocks at the sol.
' Iers and calle them ! ) ard names.
" Burlington , la" Au . 29.-'rho
Ibody ut U. P. Olson , who \\113 drowned
' ' In the river hero Sunday night , and
, , whosc hody , was found yesterday ,
i was shipped to his touner homo to.
J day , where It wlll bo burled tomor-
row. It was doubted for a whllo by
S'I1IO that Olson was ( lrownec1
hut Ident IIcatlon ot the 1)c1 ( ' sets all
ad\'orso rUl1lors at I'est. ' 1'110 fl1nellll
will bo attended b } ' prominent railroad -
road mell.
. . ' ,
, , . . . , ,
, ,
" '
" r t
, \ I .
, 1/
. .
- . - . - I
- - - -
NEnnASIA NOl ES. . .
Odouor 0 to 12 Hast ! ngs will heM Ii
! \ street fair. . :
'rwo new lJrlck buslllS9 ( blocls and :1 : j
nUl1Iorous lIew resldollces 111'0 boln
built I1t1111101' . \
Flro entirely dcstro'cd the coole car , ;
of the steel gang on the o 111 a 111rOHI / :
at TekeJUnh lust weol ( .
'Hlo s ate Uledlcnl soolctr's library
oC IIbout 1000 , 'olurne9 has been' placed
on the shelves of the Lincoln lt rI1ry. I
, 1
Ono l1ulldreclaud fourteen toach.
ers attended the Joint Instltuto of j
, . Burt and 'l'hurston counties hole ] a& & 1
'l'eklUunh last week. 1f 1 f
The original weeded areR or No.
hrllska Is estlmnted nt only 230C
square miles , and where are 200,000 .
acres of plant d timber. '
The Rov. II. Sohl , presiding elder , I
docllcated the new Gorman Emngel. !
Ical church at , I"romont , Sunday morn.
lng , ' 1'110 building Is 48x48 teot nnd '
handsomely 11tted ,
Mary Erickson , nn old womnn , Hv.
Ing ncor Niobrara , was brought to
town "Iolently Inllano and wilt be
taken to tbe Lincoln asylum. She
has been flonUned In the asyluw sov.
eral Urnes bofore.
While 10adlnR a lumber wagon at
Crolghton , O. 0 , Olevoland was ser.
iously Injured by bleng caught be.
twccn the wuuon and the shed whet
the horses became frlghtcned anQ
started to run I\\\'ay.
Another plonoor or Beatrice hal
passed away. Anton S. W. Yoort.
l1\an , tor twent ' .slx 'ears a merchnnl
In Beatrlco , elled Snturday of dysen.
tery. 'rho remains were _ taleon tc
01llcago tor burllli.
Pleccworl ( ] nSlJcotor M. , E. .Aokor.
man oC the Durllngton has been ap ,
pointed mllster l1\etJlIullc : oC the nllve.
luck shops , Mr. , Aclmrman be aD
liS an IIPllrentice In the PJntsmoutb
sllops Jlfteou 'ellrs a o.
Arranp ments hn\'e been completed
Jor n stleet fulr nnd a rlcultural dls.
play nt NelJgh Soptcmber 17 , 18 and'
1Ovel' \ ) $1,000 will 1.10 I\'en In ram
, pr Izes and IIIl1ny othel' prizes for nth.
'alcllc contests will be .
I U1T1d. !
I W. J. Vlncellt , a Hoc ( Islan
braleeman , , foil rrom the top of
l1Jovin frol ht car at .l ! urOlllS0 , Kas. .
Saturday and was rendered uncol"
scious. 11e wns removed to .l'alrbury. !
The exteut or his Injuries IS Ull-
Jllcob Bills , well. to do farmer llv.
Ing tell mIles northwest of 'Emersol :
was ulmost Instllntly leilled by falling
on n vltohforle. Ellis started to Jump
trum threshlug 11Iachino and stum.
jbled , only to tall on II pitchfork
whloh was sticking up In the ground . . '
Nebraska hns ten oltlos with popu.
lations lunging over 01i00. as tolows :
Omaha , 140,542 Lincoln , 55,15.1
Beatrice , 1:1,830 : Uustlngs , 1:1.58t :
Nebraslcn Olty , 11,49llllttsmouth. .
8:102 : Kearney , 8074 South Omahu ,
8002 Gl'I1nd .Island , 7530 ; and lJ ro'
mont , ( \747 \ ,
Simon Landon ot Irrernont baS-
brollglt snit IIlmlnst Jolm Maloy und
Ed. Hurst oC Saunders county fOJ
$1i,000. lIe claims that the defend.
UlltS assaulted him with a picco 01
iron a few weeks ago , Injuring him
so badly tl1at ho was unable to attenc !
to his duties Of buying Junk tor sornt
1Ifrs. Charols Osterman , Jr. , tbE
widow at the former sheepman 01
Fremont , who was tound dead on thE
mnge lllst weel ( , has arrl ved In lJ"ro
mont to live with her parents. Sbt
sars slJo thInks her husband cow.
mltted sulolde In a I1t ot dcspondoncy.
Do was found wltb a revolver In one
'hand and a razor In the oUler.
A to.year old boy of John Michael ,
wlJo 11\'es near Fargo , die In Fa III
Olty of lockjaw. Several days ago b
was playing In the yard and stepped
IIpon an old umbrella trame , one 01
the rusty ribs onterlng his foot. Th
wound did not heal and be was tak.
en to Falls Cltv and tbo docturs ex.
tracted a picco of the umbrella rib
nearly two Inches iong , ' 1'he assist.
anoo came too Jate , however , and tla
hey diEd of locl < jaw In uwful n ony.
A 8wnllow' l'lIJht.
It has oCten heen stated that 60
miles an hOllr wus th utmost rate
at whIch a swallow could fly. Re
cent epxerlments between Compelgm
and A ntwerp proves that a swaliow
In a hurry oan cover 1 % mlels It :
an hour.
'rho executive commltteo ot thl.l
board oC regentll of the Unh'erslty 01
Nebraska recommencted that Prot.
S. A very be transferred trom the
position of ( : hemlst of the scientific
school to thl\t ot chemist at the ag"
rlcultural school "Ico II. S , 8ha1e ,
who has taken a ( JosHlon with the
Idaho Agricultural colle o. 'l'ho
commlttoe also recommended that
lohe salary of DOlin Ward of the 'rued-
Ical college be Increased frow $2,300
to $2,500 per year.
- I . . . , _
- . -