Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, May 01, 1902, Image 3

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4..F..ARN8 . OF U I'Jtn ' .c WITlIOVT
I i E"I Cl O Il'ITI ItI'T" ,
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I < 1Jft1'flmnr It nlp , . for Lnw AlftlnU' l''llIlnl '
I J'uulabml'&lt-ltIv1J8 lteR30na for U.
Governor Savage grantc a conril-
410nal reprlc\'e to WIIII m Rhea , who
was under selltenoe to be hun All/II
! 5 at the penltelltlary. ' 1'he respite
Is of long duraHon as under It Htwa
8nLV : live till .Jul ) 10 , 1\J \ ) ( ) : , 'l'hls dale
'Was taken as a time when any law
, , lJassed by the next legislature woulll
bo In elTect. 'rhe governor's hope Is
that a law may be placed on the statutes -
utes pro\'ldlng ' agaln : > t capital plln-
ishmcnt. In event the chief eccu-
tlve Is not rellrned for a second
term , the ( luty 111' IIlmlly passing on
the case will de\01vo upon his suc-
1.'he papers In the case were mac1e
. /Out yesterday arternoon. A ttlOI1ft
them was 11 document , wllich Uhea
'SIgned , consenting to the action or
the overnor. A nether was the order
to Wardell Davis of the penitentiary
And Justly and explanat.lon by Guver-
nor Savage h'lng his re:1sons : for
the reprh'e. . ' 1'he governor went III
persull tu the peni ten lary to secure
Uhea's consent to the reprle\'e.
/ . The action ot the governor was not
at nll u'nexpected. leoplo who had
talled with him us far back as Monday -
-day atherd : t'rom his remarks that
-clemency wOllld be exercised. It
was then pllbllshed that the chief
xecutl ve would probably grant a
Gltay at scntence. Bv placing the
< 'Jate at expiration at the reprlevo so
far along the governur has obviated
the necessity ot passing upou the
qucstlon during his present term of
It'HUS suggested by some that n
aw doing away with capital punishment -
ment might not save Rhea's lite
. , tlthout executh'o interference e\'en
U it pnsspd. S'me , contend that
the cOlldltlUns that exist now would
lipply to his case next yea r nut wi tl1-
IItalldlnj. ! ' law. Others said that the
IIx-post racto theory docs not nppl\ '
In criminal matters alln clvllllmi
that with the law against capital
unlshment existing ' 10 man wouln
c hung no mutter when convll'ted.
LIe governor had the ad\'lce ur tlH'
' \ Morney Reneral In the CUBe IInd Is
'f oatis lied tllat the passage or n new
law would be elIecth'o in Uhea's
Gase.When the news at the reprieve was
( ! Dade known to Rhea he was not
Joved. II e accepted the sl ay of sen-
i.ence with ' '
Indllfereuce. 'l'he news
! was receh'ed IIbout Iho city \'prr
Ghortly litter . tLle repr love had been
litrantcd. .1'hemaJorl y of : he pc-
tltlolls Ir. nhea's favor had been
! lJned here and a number or people
I , ere pleased while othels were not.
'he action of the goveruor had heen
( txpe < 'tcd henfe : there was IItl1e said ,
' 1'h6 unusulil form or the replrevc
. ! 'Nas , Generally commented upun It
111.Jrin \
tLle question ltt the pafls
age or an anti-capital punishment
! w squarely before tbe lcglslature winter.
u.at7 Where Cr me'all Cuniblltt d De-
1IorN Oo" ruor'8 Action.
Fremont , Neb. , April 24.-The
aew ! tbat Governor Savage had
Franted William nhea , the Dod e
: ctOunty murderer , n respite until
uly 10 , 1903 , was mlldo publlo here
'ehls ' nfternoon through the medium
t a locul evenln newspaper. It 1m-
. tInecJlately beoame the topic for dls-
.usslon nmong all classes of citizens.
proups of mOil gathered on the side ,
alks and passed their on
/'Iho / Kovernor's IIctlon. It Is sate to
Jlny tonight that not one person In
wenty-fivo nmong PremouVs popu-
! atlon e\'en mllllly approves the gov-
rnor's course. 'rhough notion fa-
; o. ornble to Rhea.was looked for ) this
' . pct had not diminished the Intens.
. ity ot popular Indlguatlon here over
hat Is re arded liS a travesty on
ustlce for the sake ot saving a crlm-
nal's life. ' 1'ho same Is true all
ver the coun ty ar ll the feeling is
trlD er In Sn1'der , the town where
he murder took place. Much of the
entlment expressed In this city
mounts to consermtlve condemna-
Ion , bnt there are some who con-
ent themselves wll h nothing less
l1an pourIng out execrations upon
\be governor's head.
, 900d No\u l'roll1 11 < < , .18111 < < > .
. The Hague , April : ! t-The tpllow-
ng bulletin was Issued thl mornlJlJ : ;
I 1rom Castle 1..00 :
\ , "Queen Wilhelmina had a quiet
: crlght. 'l'he fall In tile murnlng telll-
I crature continues and the feelln of
illness has les'ened. ' ' 1'he patient Is
' \aklng sul1lclent nourlshmelltI
'l'he IIrternoOIl bulletin Issued from
; , castle Loa announced that her
I , IIHljeiity's condl tlon , during the day
wutinued satliJaclory. _
I . . _ , , , ,
8EN.\Ton 1IIONIty OF ) n'lfll ! ' II'rl
LI EH 1'1' W ITU IWX 1tUT.
Washington , April 25-Senntor n.
D. MOlley of Mississippi , hnd an altercation -
tercation with n conductor on a
street cal this mornlug which rcslllt-
ed In the scna tor recul v I JIg two 6e-
\'ere blows from the cOllductor und
the cond IIctor bel ug CII t q III te se-
verel } In tUe right hund with 11
ku Iro.
As Senator Money relntes the clr-
cun1stllnces , ho WIIS proceeding frum
his hOllle to the llalLimore & OhlQ
depot to tnko the 0 0(11uck train 011
that road for Baltimore , where ho
oes fn'qllently for medical treatment -
ment ot his eyes. lIe had tnkcll 1\
car 011 the } 'ourteenth street branch
of the Capital ' 1'ractlon company line
nnd hl1d chnnced to board a car
which stops lit the leace monu-
ment. II dozen blocks short orhis
destination. lIe had fulled to notice -
tice this circulllstance IIntll the cnr
begun lo turn aroulld the ulOnu.
111 t.HI t ,
] ) ID NOl' WAI1' FOIt TRANslo'Im.
'l'he car bound fllr the depot wn
Immecllutely behind the cur on
whleh he was seated. ' 1'he entllor
says that he had only three or fOllr
mlnlltes' tlmo In which to. mnle bls
tll1ll1 , but that after he dlsco\'ered
he Willi on the wrollg car he called 0
Ihe conductor uncI IIslwd him tor a
transfer ticket to the car bound for
the depo . lie docs lIot recall whut
Ihl' conductor replied , but failing to
rccel'e the ticket and recnlzlng
that he had no time tu lose , he
jUlllped trom the car he WIIS on nnd
bOlI'ded : the other. 11e hnd no sooner -
er talen his sent , he SIl'S , than the
conductor of thai , car IIpproacned ,
him and asked for his ticket. II
then Iol , the Coucllctor that ho had I I
not had time to secure a transfcr
nnd reminded him that he , the cou-
ductor , had been 11 witness to tllo
circumstance of his change from one
car to tile other. ' 1'he conductor
replied tLlat the senator would either
have to produce a tlclet or pay bls
rare , whereupon the senntor told
him thnl hll\'lng paid one fare nnd
belnlo { untitled to a transter ) which I
he had aslcd for but hlld not ro-
cel'ed , he wo1l1d not pay another.
Thereupon the conductor told him .
that If he would nut pay bls ture he I
would put him elf the , cnr , uud Immediately - I .
mediately proceeded to cnrry his
tLJreut lute execution. This the
senator resisted by ftrasplnjot an up- I I
II-tht ! post and engaged in n struggle
with tLle conductor ) who was nut
making much headway , wben a pas- '
sen cr who had \.Jeen \ sitting next to' '
Senator Money volunteered to assist
the condudor. By their comhlned
st englh tlleyconttl ved to breille lbe
senatur's hold upon the post and to I
lorca him trom the car. ThO senator -
tor says that when they flrsli underi i
tool < to eject him the car was In Ifull
motlun Ilnll he feels that It they bud
succe lIed at that time he would In.
evItably bave been badly hurt. The
c'unductor and his nsllstant did not )
howe\'cr , succeed In their deIJlgn until -
til the car stopped , at the next
croRslug to let off other passengers.
lIe says that both the cl1nductor
and the passen lJr were very grull
and abuslvo In their lungullge und
tha t a f I er he hud reached Lhe st eet I
t Ie cOllductor bit him u se 'er6 blow i
over the heu t witb his clinched fist. I
The blow , the .senator says , wa :
very palntul. nnd In order to protect !
hhnselt , lie took a small pocketknife I I
rrom hili Docket and opened It. 'rhl9
weapon the conductor grusped nnd
In doing so cut his hand so that It
bled very treely. After this proceed-
In other persons stepped between
the two , but notwithstanding tbelr i
presome : , tbo onductor , "bu ls
very tall man , struclc him nnotber
blow over the shoulder of a man
standing between them , This blow
wns slimck with the conductor ) !
bloody hand and It hit the senatOJ
squarely on the Jaw. 110 was as : J
eonseq uence or this blow co\'ered
with blood trom the conductros'
wound , and this clrcumstanco wal
reiponslble tor n rumor that the sen.
ator blmselr had been severely In.
'rho senator ndds that ttl6re werE
three or four policemen present , bul
that none of them took IIny steps t < ,
prevent the altercutlon. 110 say !
also that both the conductor nnd thE. . .
passelller who as'sted , ' In his eject.
meut Tl'fused to give their names.
The senatur was not badly hlut , bul
his trip to Baltimore was prevented.
lIe , 110\cyer , proceeded \VIttI his
customary duties about the capitol
durln the day as If notblng unu mal
had occurred.
foolu II tt"r rn Jlf1lltlnm.
ru'lsels , April 25.-1\1 n Leop01
has responded to the Iet ) II Ion or the
chamber of COlllmerce , asking for his
Intenent.lon In the prelient crisis , In
11 concllliatn'ry hut non.commlttal
rnannlJr , Intlmatln that the goverll-
ment Is carefully conshl"rln the sit.
ua tloll and ca n ho depended 1I pen 10
luyally maintain the constitution
anti fullli It'1 duty hy atloltln.t ( the
! loll I' } ' whl'h It deems lIIost 1I"rul !
! 'or t.he well being . and tranqulll . tl
of tbo'country. ' . _ . _ _ '
JULL ANI > llVltl'l
Claltnl JII tlfll'ntion In " . 'eklllR' to Jlfnke
H.lIIl1tr n 110\1' 11111'lhlt"l'lIt1.Chlnc. . .
lI 'nr ; In IIntUu
Manila , April 20.-1'ho trial by I
court-martlul or Oen. Jacob 11. ;
Smith on the charge or conduct
p. JUdlclal to good order IInd discipline - I
pline bl'gan today.
Gen. Lloyd Wheaton presided , Cot.
Charles A. Wflodruff , counsel tor
the derenso , said he desired to
slmpllty the proc edlngs , Ho was
willing to admit General SmitS. ga\'e
I nstrucllons to Majur'aller to kill
nnd burn anc1muke Samur a howling
wilderness , that he wauted ever'body
klllod at bearing arllls and
that L10 llh ) specify all over tell ) 'ears
or age , as tile Sumar bOJ's of that
nge were equally as dangerous ns
their elders.
. Da\'ld lorter marino
Capt. \ , corps ,
nod Lleut John 11. A. Day ) marine
corps , \Vere the only wltuesses ex-
amlncd. Their testimony developed
nothing new.
MIIJ. Littleton W. T. Waller , n1l\-
rl ne corps , will bo the only other
witness for the prosecution. He wus
ullablo to be rescnt today on nc-
ouuut at slclmes8 , but It Is expelltcd
will bo In utterance tomorrow. l.'ho
derense will call several omcars at
tbo Ninth Infantry.
I Major Waller nnd Lleut , Day of
the marine CUI ps , who were tried by
c rt-martlal hero on the char e o (
executlu natives oC the Islaud oC
Samar wlhout trial , have been nc-
ChiD" " n.'bel 'otd hnlUJrnl Traol"
Clu"h Nf'l1r Nun 1'1111 ; ' ,
I Hong Kong ) April 2U.-Advlccs re.
celved today rrom Wu Chou , unde !
date or April 21) annolluce tllUt a
: bloody battle was then proceedln
between a turcc of Imperial trooJls on
their way to Nan Ning aud a largc
force or rehels.
I ' .rhe Impel'lal army nttacked the
rebels' eucampment In the Wu Chang
hills , brought up twu Maxims aud I
two 12-pountlers , and IInally scal t r- ,
cd the rebels and captured their
leader , Hung Yung Seng , who was
Sul s'quently the rebels captured'
two \'lIIages on the outfiklrts ( If Nanl
Ning aod estahllshed tl1elr headquar-
t"Jrs In these villages.
J.I1f17 Injured In ROl1rnult Accident n&
Lonlto I
London , April 20.-I'ltty ! Pcrson9 1
were l Jured this mornlllg In an uc- ,
clden t on the Great Eastern rall ,
wuy , near the lIuckcey Downs sta-I
tlon. As a trnln rrom Wulhamstow ,
called tbe " ' 1'lIrce Penny tmlnl )
wall crossing n bridge , an I1xle of the
car nearest the 10coUloti vo broke
nnd the conch jumped the ralls ,
crashed Into the side or the brldue
and lodged ncross both tracks.
'rhe tral n wus IIlledw I th persons
on tLlelr WI1Y to work. 1'he two
coaches tollowlng the stranded car
I crasl1ed ILto it , causing the wreck
and dt'lIlIn ; awful havnc IUnong the
II I I passengers cau ht therein. 'l'he
second car was also wreclcd anll a
, numLJer of Its Inmates were badly
hurt. 'I'he Injured were taken to'
the Dalstun hospital.
' "
\ ' -
- - - -
Uutlen 'VllbulmlnR' . Jllnf'u TllklnJr H"r- ,
ulur C"lIr e ,
The ague , Api II 20.-Thc mornIng - '
Ing LJulletln pOSlcd at Cas le r.oo to-
I day anncunced that Qu'cn'Ilhel -
IIIlna slept nt Intervuls durin ! ; the
night. '
lier. tever temperature cent Innes
to Indicate Ural , her majesty's IIIne.s ,
which has IIOW entered Its third ,
week ) Is taking Its regular course.
'rhe ntternoon hulletln from Cas. ,
tIe Lee was lIon.commlttal. h
lIIe. . ely said that hl'r majesty's condition -
dition called for no special remarks.
Slnnlor JllunltYrr..ftt..I ,
Wa hlntron : , April -Renatol
MJlley of Mississippi WilS placed In
cnstody on Inform : lon tiled b Arthur -
thur B. Shaner , : t street car conductor -
tor who chaned the s 'nlltnr with as-
slUlling him dnrln the dlslnrbanco
, 011 Shanor's car Yl'slerday. Sella tor
Money , Conductor Shane , and Furc-
lIIi1n Hooper of I he Ihe 'deDilrtlllent ,
"hu u slhl ed 't he olJlHlucl ( II' yc tr- !
day , I1l1l1Carcd In tile ( lollco court
and Iholr trllll : was set , for , Duxt
'l'hurscJay moruID , . - ,
, , ,
. . . , . . ,
The Western N brnnka 1 ducntlonn1
nssolcutlon will be III session at Ogn.
lalla this week.
1 ! lre at llattslllollth destroym1 the
fonner rcsldellco ot S. 1) . Holloway
now IIvln ut Lelld. , S.D. 'l'he IuS-
18 nbout. $3,000 with elooo Insurunco.
A mu1e be101l lnJt to farmer ncar
Brownvllle t1lsal'I/1ted ' ) / ) am1 was
found ulh'c In a hote , where the 1111.
Im/11 / had II vcd wtlhout food or waler
tor three weeks.
A lugo : acrea o ot sUg/1r / beets will
bo put In about ' ! 'rellltllJ durln the
comlll scason , nnd H the \'olltur
-provo succcsstul , II tactmy \ \ 111 be in.
stalled lit Culbertson next filII.
Snpllm llIeschock , J'uun womlln
IIvlllg II few miles frum M'Couk 011 : I
farm , was taken to the asyhlm at
Lilicoln b ) ' SherllT Orabtree. muklllJ. !
the lifth person tlllml from thlll
county wtlhln little over n. m nth.
'rhe mule population of Nebraslm
xcceds the femllle , and sympII'
lhetln elTort Is helng mude In III II nJ'
localities to Induce lIIatl'lmonlal In.
lIlIed wOlllen to Immlgrato from thc
eastern stlltes.
The gruln firm of l\yc1.t : Co. , 01
neal rico solr1 thel r nine elevators ,
located lit various polnti ! on tht'
UUl'lIugtoll road In 80uthern 'Nebras.
len , to the Ceutrul Grahllirles cum.
pany of LIIIl'oln. 'rho prlco paid .
lVai ! $40,000 In cash.
' 1'ho Platlslllollth In lependent
relcphol1e cOll1pany Is at work al
Weeping Wa ter COlisl ructlng nn ex.
chllnge. Over 100 lelt'I\Jones \ are
suhlcrlbcd and It IIntlclpnt1s secur.
Ing 300 In the vicinity.
Fred Debrle , a c1esel'ter rrom com
pany .l ! ' of the ' 1'went-el hth Intl1n.
try Iotave hllllself up to SherllT OUIl1'
mlngs at l'ecmnseh. l1e will be
. , ent to the aulhorltlf's at lJ'orl
Jl'Ook. I1ls cOlllpany Is stationed at
Fort Wright , Wilshlngton.
IT. II. Darner nnd W. O. Heaston
: ) t Blue , SprlllHs ha.vo b en awarded
the contraot to conslruct thirty-six
1I111es ur telephone IIncs ror the Gage
Cuunty I ndepelldent ' 1'elephono COIII- ,
Jlny. : ' 1'he work Is to be completed :
oy June 1.
Thomas ( nnc1 wlte , both
) llec1 peop1e , were severely InjurCl1111
Platt811111uth by' thler team becomlnl- !
IJ l1tened ! lnll runnln away. Mrs. 1
' 3chh al had her collin bono trae-
, tured , nnll her hUlhand was sri badly
Illjured Int.ernally that It Is teared
bo'may llie.
'rhe } armerc : ; ) Elevator cnmpnay of
mile Springs , COlli posed ot 125 sub.
'stantlal rarmers ot Gng county.
with a stroll paid up capital , has
purchased nn elc\/1tor / on tile Union
Palcllc line at nlue Sprlnlls from th"
Nebraska Elevator company ut Lln-
: oln , In vlowot shipping tbelr own
; raln to tbe markets.
State uperlntendent Fowler nnd
COli nty Su perl ntellden t O'Con nnell
have Issued lelters or Inrormatlon to
I those Intercsted In the Joint Bummer I
'normal ' to bo held for six weeks ) be. .
ginning June , 2 at Culbertson. It
Is l'xpected that four hundred teachers - .
ers rrom thc follnwln counties will
ntliend the normal : Hltchcook ,
Chase , 1Iayes and Rea Wllllow.
S IUlC of the best educators or the
'state ' will be the Instructors nnd a
number at eminent lIIen nnd women
ire to dell vcr lectures , E. JlenJn.
mln Andrews , Dean Fordyce , T. W.
Verse , E. N. Allen , A , C. Shallen
ber er and W. E. .Andrews urc
jiwong the spenkers.
lIow Chenp I1nlilul : l'o\Ydllr 1831"dc.
'l'he Ilculth DOllllrtllHlIt ! or Nuw York
hU8 selv.\'J a tl\IIUltily o ( Q-.clIllc chcllp
blll < lug powder , which It roul111 thut
city. Attention wns IItlrncte lo It by' '
the low 1II'Ice at which It wus beng ! 80hl
In the dellUrlnwnt Blure . Sumples
were tnken 1111(1 the chcmlst or the
Health DCllul'tlllcnt fpol'tetl ! tile IItUI't
to e COUlIIOe ! chletl ) " or ululJI allll pul.
\erlzed rock. '
, 'l'he 110w pr WU8 dedllred , to be duo.
erou9 to health , IIn seveml thousand
IIOUIII111 were curted to the oUul dock
nud destroyed. , .
It IH umH\re to experiment wltb t1H ! le
so-culled "cheap" uI'Uclell ot tOOlI. They ,
ore Hure to IH ! Illude from alulII , rocl"
or other Injurious muUl'r , In lJakln : ;
Ilowders , the hlh : CIlIHII , crenm ot lilt'
tur IlTI\1Ids ure the llIost economlclIl , btJo
CII use they o rUl'lher In use and art
heulthrul IJc'ollll , cluesUon.
A nmuller of Hllsslan enJl runta
l1a\'e recelltly locnted at Ji'rlend.
'rhe pllplls of the Nchmska Clt
hl h schull I wellt on Ii stl'll\o hecause
the ) were not gl r/HI the uSllal A r her
Day vl1calion. A hOllt 0110 hundre
of the Ht\Jleuts leeL the schoul IIlId
lIIarched to the puhllc IIlmlry , where
rcslIIIlons ! were passed und lIll
crowd lIlCn ' ' 'Iuched ' throngh the
streets , I\'lng their s hJol nnd clas
} 'ells , As soon 11'1. the rullnlwa :
she \'II to Stll1ernltcndent FIIIJ he
J ( rdered 1\11 \ tl.Io , , ll1opb , qt . the , , ell ) '
flLslUl se ( ] .
CoION't' 1Iran In UU..r PO\'f'rty , n.lIr"l'It\ .
nRve Carrlrcl Out Thre' , , ' . to 1Ifftl"
\1'7 'Vlth Th. . . " All
Ohlcngo , April 2:1.-Deal1 : In II
stulTy bedroolll III U crowded tenl1l1t
qUl1rter III Slate street , the bod.
les of un elltlre chlored falllily lIum.
berlng seven perSOIl ! ! , were routH1
gnawed by rats 111111 In un ndvullced
stn r. of decomposltlon. , ' 1'he police ;
Incline tlO 1thelll'Y ot murder IIUll
sulcldo by loI8un. 'l'ho fallllly Is
that or Joqes Buller , all ullhoh.tCler ,
and consisted ot Butler , his wife nnd
/1\0 / chlldrell. 'l'hey had bccn dcad
for eight days.
Whlll' the members ot the tnmll , ) '
were elthcr partly or' wholly UII"
dressed , the LJody of Blltler remained
cntlroly clothel1. He hllli seemln ly
thrmYD hJIIII\elt \ III dcspernllon
ucruss the ( : orpse9 ot his wlte and
children some tlmo nfter the 110lson
hnd IICt cd on them.
Jh1l1or had freClUmt ] difficulties
wllh hIs wlfo , nnd hlld Illude thn'l1ts
to do nwuy with his whule tllmlly.
It Is tlHHllht thl\t deSl1IHlency ( ) ,
due to brooding o\'er the conditions
Iurroundlng his tamlly , who were In
utter po\'erty , caused 1111tlcr to go
Insallo IIml take the lives of ull the
To I'rnt..rt. ( aml'lt" , . .
Wll.'IhlnR'ton , April 23-'fho waYR
Bud nW n commltteo ordered tavor- -
able report 011 thu bill ot Hoprcse nta.
tI vetcUall ! of MIl.aohu ottH , to re-
rund the taxes llpon leltl1olc.'l for the
use or rell luu , literary ) olmrltahlo or
eduoatlonal clllLrlwtor or for the en"
.ural > lcmellt of art , or for societies tor
the prevention or orue1t.y to children. also rlLVorably reported ex-
tcndlnl { tllO outage period on IIQ IInrs
III bond and provldln tor oomplllJlIl
Itatlstlcs ot Insular pos'Ies."lolI ,
Mr. McUall , In reporting the bill to
refund oertaln lelacy tnxcs ) says tint ,
t.he rerund Pt111cs t.o lylol { In hOS111t-
aIR ) urdlulJ.r3' hospltl11s , pllbllo lIbnlrles ,
ohurches , hOlllel'l ' ror the l1j.ted 1\1111 'prac-
tically hc entire dOllluln of ollarlta-
ble work. 'ho I\l11ount.luvolvcd is 8-
tlD1lJ.ted a.t 10,18,000.
I' . , I'tJr lIlIlI Htrl kn Ofr ,
KnukaunB , WIS" April 23.-Tho
.trllcc In the Thllmany paper 11I11I , the
bhgcst tissue mill In tllo wurlll , Ii set-
tled. The men returned to work yes-
lelday. 'l'l1/s / cndK the la.bor troubles
In the Fox river valley.
fie" , tnr JJIf1tlch' . I"A' "
WushlntRon , April 23.-Scnntor
Dletrloh hall Introduced u bill to
authorlzo thc presldont tp enter Into
a reciprocallllreement with the permanent -
manent Iovernment of Cuba respectIng -
Ing trade betwecn the U llted Statel
and Cuba. It prO\'ldes thut when
inch permanent governll1cnt Is established -
tablished the president IluutLlorlzed
to cntor Into such lI recmont Wllh
Cuba wherehy the Uilited Stutcs
binds Itselt tor the period or flvo
1ears to pay to the government at
1 At the end ot each quarter ot the
ncsal yrnr endlnl { Juno 30 , JOOJ : , a
Bum ot Uloncy equal to 40 per cent.
lof the amount or Import llutles collected -
lected during RRld quarter on nrtlclell
the Rruwl h and product or Cuba
coming directly to the United States
In American or Cull11n bottoms ;
for the llscal year ending JUIIC 30 ,
l00 , :10 : per cjJnt. on such nrtlcle3
so carried ; tor the flRcal year ondlll
Ju ; e :10 : , 1005 , 2 , ) per cent ; for the
i fiscal year enlling JUIIC 30 , 11J00. 20
per cent. , ot such dutleR , and tor
'oach ' quarter of the IIsal year ending
Juno 30 , 1007 , 15 per cet. ( It such du-
, tics. C II the IlIIportalion of any
article produccll hi Cllba UpOIl which
I u bounty has been paid the IlIlIount
slH'h bounty shall be dedlwted
, rrolD ; the IIlIIount which otherwise
I would he pahlb1 ; the 'United States ,
, which SUIIIS Cuba IR to flhllllgtO' h 'r
I selt to devotb to permanent harbor
I sunltalhm und other public Improve-
II'1cnls and the IlIlllnttJllrHe ' ) . . : of a 83'S-
, telll of schouls.
I r1'ho bill pro rides Uilit the lIfree- !
mellt JlJUY be abrjgllt d by JJlII ulll
' cOlisen L , fir by the w IlIHI , : I\\'al I hl're-
j' fronl h ) ' ell her parly uli/ln / f'aKUlla\.Jlo ( \
noth C ! . The sonlltor said thu.Jill \ Is
Inlended jUt a Sub.tllIIte for the
huuse Cuhan ret'lpl'lIl'ity , hili ,
n , nlh Itullflt : Ilctllwd.
Cairo , 'Ill. , April a.-Attersearch-
fn.c : lour dUJ'K ' the du : 1 h roU or the
b'.rllu ' . steamer City or l'itthsurl- :
has lIot been red IIced ullY from the
'llrst report. or the J.l5 IHJOple on
I the bllut "hen \.Jurllell \ Saturday ,
ahout halC lire fillll II/Issln / : urd tv.
; J)1 ht no further hOpe , tor them 19
cxprcscd. ! ; ; .
'l'lIe bools and \'nluable ! , ot the
boat , crew nlHl passengers are still In
I the rill 11'1. ' ' 1'ho wreck . 'Is . bbvuVatol
6nJ atllls IIwoldcrln .
- . .
- -
. . , , ,
. . . / ,
' . "
. . if
07 ,
; ,
' '
t. ' : J
; : gA
I It 18 lIahl t 1 now . . . ,
. .
. ehlUlco to recover hl8 IIlght 1 Of -
ollr.rntlon tor cntumet. 'l'lao tICk' " , , ' ,
bO ' 8' uhscrI11t1on for him b JIM" , "t "
while llroltll'rlug. ; /
I 11lssIarlo ' UorclJl' 1\inllter Oh : J : ;
laoltls Ihe record ror IInleR of nn ) ' noTtf. I ; ,
llurlug the llItHt ) .car III BngI Dtl-J ,
000 coplcs , 111 tills country tbe IIf&Je ( ' I
root \II ) to 100,000. 't\
LO\'Cl'H or l\1nrgnrct E. SlUlIl , "
\.Jc1lutlful \ ( loelll8 will be glllt1 to kaee
thnt the l"IJtllh.g . 11. Hovell C01upUif
hnll receutly Imhllnhed 1'olul1IO ot MI'
, IOClnH enutlet ! 1.'rlcs or T..o\'c.
A cN'lul1l IHlblhhlug house In N. . .
'ror ! , hnH It rule thnt tlm prernce . . '
U\'Cl'Y boul , Rhull eOlltul1l a I.mmwarr
or the book , wl'ltten III lIuch n wny tb '
n ImrcllluHr , by reudlug thu Irefae , .
Cll11 lell ut a glulicO jUllt wlmt lut II
\U'hll \ ; ,
Gcuro , Alfl'cd lIeut , . hns 80 110111'
HtorlcH to hla credit. 110 hUll bCIiI
writing thrl'l 11 ) 'l'ur ntul mun ) ' IIropbe-
Ihd ! ! Ihllt ho would wrlto himself ou- ,
lIU ) 'ot two of hili lust tllreo.Jooka \
CUllY 1I1'8t aUli 8CCOllli IIlaculI ou the lW J
or llllll\llllr ju\'clllles ,
A boolt ought to be grn pcd firml" ,
IIBtcuet ! to w'lh olcn'llIluded , COUm ; . .
OU8 attention , lull1 clown ollly to be
1I0mlered over , and agnln to bl ! brougb ,
Into the COI'I1Iel' luthlluc ) . . You call11 t
I'cfol'm a Imd book. Let It nlouc.-Uey.
Nowlll Dwlglll 111111s.
'l'ho wrlLllIg or 1I0\'els b1l18 fnlr tit
1'lInk lIR UII Industry as well ns an ta.
8111rntloll , 111111 , J.l\llnu \ Whiting. 1J
tH'uture , nhe th11l1a1 , hus 110 eOlleorn al
nil ' \\'lth It l'ellt 11I1111 ) ' ot these tn'Go
tlueLlnlls which cxtelld tbelr clrculntl
to tlgurcH thut are hUllreElIII\'o It no'
'fho IInll1'eliOloll prevails tbM t"
mngazlnell are o\'er8ulJpUed with 8ho
otol'lcs , ) 'Ctllll edltol' or ono ot the b
tocent mngnzhlcli 81hI 1I0t lent ; OJ : _
Ihnt ho hud not enoulth short stories te
last two lIIonlha , nntl he tl11(18 It 11I1.rd
to Jet lIueh lIultel'lal. , 11111ul1es ot short
SlurlCR ure rccelved. but tow or t1loat
arn worth 1Il'lnlhlJ ; .
On thu Hul.Jject ot youn ; autboq
( ) rotluelll ; ; 1\101'0 heels than tholle ot . .
ellPrution ngo It tl111Il'nr8 , thnt DlckcDI
wl"Jlo l'JcI..wlclc at : 'H ; succeSB came t.e
l'hllclccrny at :10 : , with Vanity l 'alr ; . .
MIHS 11 1'1111 11 on , with 1..1dy udley's S
cret. ot 2 : ; ; to Oull1a , with UUler TW1I
1"118 , Ilt 7. Oeo1'go Eliot was 40 wbe.
Adalll Bcdcnlllc. . and Sir 'Volter Bce
WIIS 4S when Wllycrlcy 01l110I1re(1-
We llrelumo that lIIost l'endors b" . , .
elllltr ! 1'o/ul / 01' heard ot Blcvenaou's DII'I
, lel'yll Ilnd Mr. Ilydc. In Mr. Steve.-
son's liCe , by 11/1lfour / , It Is t(1111 for' .
fnct thllt Ihe ntlthor actuully drcamc4
three of thl ! Kecno III detnl1 ot tllla.
ralllOUII Rtory. So vivid wall the 1m-
tlrcRRlon-tlH\t ot chnngln" or trnn
( ormlng thl ! character by taking po.
ders , In pnrtlcnlnr-thnt he wrote It
( or Just nil t had preBcnt ( > d ! tacit tI
, him In his sleep.
Trite n7InR'R thut Arc chloUi Corree
17 Ilclll'odllCed In I1Ver8Qtlon.
Nearly evcry 011 ( > l tOllll ot quotln ,
fro III the Ilods nnll. tlrl1l11atl t , u.
nenrly evry ! one CODllllltn the egra.
, , ; lou8 error In his quotations. All of
1111 ) " , " 'rho e\'ell tenor or their. . way.
when whllt GI'a ' wrote W S "The nor. .
leM tetlor ot theJr WilY. " "When GreeJa
mects Greek then comes tlw tug of
Will' ' ' 811oull1 be "When Greeks Join"
GreekR tben wart tile tug or war. " Whea
we IIny ' ' 'l'ho tonJuo III nn unruly moJOo
her" we mlSuoto ) rroln , Tnmeo , t1. . .
where It IR wrlttell , " 'I"he tongue Call
110 ml1n Il1l1le ; It 18 an unruly eviL-
"Chl11'lty Hhall cover over Ule multi-
tudc or sins" ( Peter , Iv. 8) ) , l almost aJ.
WI18 , tllHtortl'tl lute "Charity cove
n multltudo or olns. " Wc IIUY "We ] .
come the coming , spced UIO partlDI
guest. " " , hel'ells the correct quot.nUOJI
I. "SIl'ftl the going guenl" UUM
wrote III "Um1lhrns , " "He thnt COD
pllCR lIJtnlnst : his willIs ot hlfl own opl _
Ion stili , " hut we nIter the smlBC I1S woU
as the wortllng ot tl1e pUHSUgby quot-
In contillually , "A lIIun convince.
ll nl1l8t his will Is ot the sarno opinion
111111. "
How orten we henr people , quoUn.
the 11I\flIn ; e on merey rrom t11t Mel'
chnnt or'onlee. . " fillY "It ( alletll n8 tlM
Pllt1e dew trom Ill'a'en , " wherells thll
nrll wrote "Fnlletll aB thl' gentle raIn. "
We Iluote with Jtreut : complnceDCJ
' ' 'I''he mnn that hath no music In bit
foul ; , " whereas whllt ShnksJenre ) wrote
W/IS / " :1:110 : : IIInll that. , hllth no music In
hlllf ; ( f , " 111 his "LyclduB"l1Ito. : \ .
wrotl' , "I"retlh WOOdB alld plI lturel
rl'w , " but It Is almost ulwoys misquoted -
quoted os "l"reHh neli1 ! ' ! IITHI pasture.
new. " III "lIenr ' nnd Bmana" llItrhe\ ' (
PrIor wrt ) , " 1'lnc by dp.ltreea nn4
beaullfully Is ' " a phrl\sc \ whIch hili
\IN'ollle III populnr use , "Small lJy dar
grocs Rntl bonutlrull ' les8. "
! 'ulRnl1 In Ullmhoo.
'j'he 3'ouug thootR of the Immboo are
cO\'l'red with a lIulllher of " ( ! l'y tint
hnlrA Ihot ure HCCll , under the micro <
I' OlJe , to' 1.1 ( > hollonnd ( like
hn'onelfl. ' 'rhe e hl\lrH I1ro coIDmonl1
cnll ( ' lIumllOo Iioison b . tlll > whlto men
I'c6111(111t In .11\\'n. ror the renllOll that
murd'r Is treCul'ntl ) , ) " cOlllDltte
throuj.h ; their AjCJlC , ) ' , mixed 111 rood.
- - - - -
'Vhc'o Her Intermt Cen c" ,
liRa your wlte has a great rondDCn
ror fiction 1"
" , fr..a-yt'J'I. : ' ' nll , CJ CClt , thQ klud
tell hcr.-Pl1lwdclvl1la ulJctI
. .
: : : : . . : . _ _ _ _ . ! _ . _ - t' : -