Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, February 20, 1902, Image 3

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San Francisco , Feb. 10. A myster
jous murder resembling in some of ila
tealuMS , the noted Durant case , Is
ROW puzzling I lie police department
> 1 this city. The body of Noia Ful-
ir , a sixteen-year-old girl , \ \ lidis -
ippeareJ Irom her home January 11 ,
was found lying naked on a bed In
the upstairs backroom of an uufur-
tiishud house at 2211 Sutton street ,
yesterday afternoon. The girl lia I
boon dead some time , as docomp > sl-
tlon had buh'uu. Tliure was nnthi-ii
( n the house to udicate the me.uis
ased to take hei ilo , but the pnsUne
uf the body and its condition , to
gether with thu disorder of the room ,
Indicate ; that the girl was murdered.
An autopsy disclosed that death was
not due to natural causes. The gen
eral theory Iho girl was either
strangled or poisoned.
Nora Fuller loft home January 11
and iuut a man known as John Hen-
net , In response to an advertisement
for a glr. to Like care of a baby. Sb
mot the man at a restaurant , a d
thereafter all knowledge of her was
lost. Un Janu.ity 8 , the house in
which tlie body of the girl wa.s found ,
was rented uy a man giving the i.ame.
of C. It. Hawkins. The general do-
ccrlptlons or Jiennett and Iftiwkins
tally and it Is thought that the two
names were aliases of the same m.n.
* Both Dennett and Hawkins are Bald
to have been between thirty-live and
forty years old. Henneti wore cleri
cal clothes and claimed to have stud-
ted for tin ; ministry. A pus ible mo
tive for the murder is found In the
suggestion that the murderer either
quarreled with the girl or feared that
bis relation * with her were about to
become public.
1.1 ; l t on a .Murder.
Kansas City , Mo. , Feb 1.0. Rhoda
Taylor mode written confession to
the police of Argentine. Kan. , acr > ss
fjhe river from here , today , that Noah
Long , the aged stonemason who dis
appeared mysteriously from his h' ' me
there a week today , had been robbed
and his hndy thrown into the Kaw
river. Long was an old 'Ol lier ; n I
had drawn $10 pension money from
he bank on Thursday last. He visited
a saloon In Argentine that night ,
which WMR tlie last time he had been I
seen. T < > d.iy the police arc searching j
in the river for the body , which , ex '
cept at the place where it is c.aimed
he was tl.rouu In , ib coveted with
thick ice. |
According to the woman's confes- I
aion , which w ; s ; i ned in the pres |
ence of a reporter , Henry Donohuo
and James Got ! were with her and
Long at Punt hue's house on the
aight Long disappeared. Donohue ,
who was Infatuated with the woman ,
toad , she as.sjrt& , taunted her with
noC being abio to secure the money
ifrom Long , who. It , appears , has also
paid her some attention.
During the evening , she declares ,
iho men robbed the old man and then
compelled her to start with him
cross a bridge over the Kaw. Whl'e
In the middle of the bridge the men ,
she a serts , caught up with them ,
held Long and ordered her to hurry
on and not turn back. A moment
later she herrd a splash , she says ,
and knew that they had brown Long
Into the wafer.
Iionohue , Dave Muran , a nephew
-of - Long and the Taylor woman , were.
arrested on Tuesday last ai-d Goil was
taken today after she had made the
confession. All live in tbe hot turns
along the river. Last night Moran
attempted to commit suicide by try
ing to cut an artery in his wrist.
The nature of the charge against
Moran Is not krown. On the day bo-
fore Lonir disappeared Argentine was
funilsh-d another mystery In the llnd-
Ing In his hut the dead boy of Tham
es Carroll , sixty-rive years' old , who
had lived alone f r years. Ho was
known to have considerable
* nd wounds on his head made It ap
pear ' that ho had been murdered by
/obb'ors. No clue to his assailants
have been found.
Following thi-i , George Zimmerman ,
ged sixty-three , a fanner , was found
dead in his homo , win re he had lived
ilono , six miles west of Argentine.
The body was frozen still. The cor
oners , however , oecided that Him-
merman's death was duo to heart dis-
Town In U'n ti >
Klbcrton. Ga. , Feb. lo Fire hero
early today destroyed nearly all of the
business socti'm of this place , doing
damage tin * is estimated at100OW
The city has inhie protection and
bucket brigades formed by citizens
-Vere of no avail in a temperature of
twenty degrees and a high wind. The
Tate bl-ck. , two livery stables , the
T. M. Swift block , f'o now plant of
the southern Hell Telephone company
and B nrceu more tun * . himied ,
UliirR ' < l V.'lth It' ( < ! > IIIR llnnU " | in tti
When litKttnv tinCnmin | n <
ol out Ot'oi'jjo Oiiulil Arrutlci ! aui/ /
Taken to Ihulil < Mty.
[ Jell wood "Neb. , Feb. 12. Last
night at I' ' o'clock Sheriff U'est diwt !
Iif't town from David City and placed
Gi'nrgo Gould under arrest , .ilsn'
charged with ciDbez7lomont In con *
( HCllou with wtockint ! I he Pi.ttte
Valley state bank The sh-Mllf. aft.or
milking the a nest. Immediately took
him to David City The ariesl was
made at night in order to avoid the
possibility of an attempt lo lynch
the pilsoner or other excitement.
The prisoner was lodged in the same
from in the rouit house jail with bis
brotlH-rs. A. H. and Dick Mr Hart-
well , the bank examiner , is still at
work on the books of I lie bank and' '
s he proceeds the < iiscl"sures as to' I
tlie forgeries and other \M k In the
bank becomes blacker and "l.tckor.
David City Neb. , Feb. I.George
Gould , of Helhvoort. who wa - irrested
hist night by Sheriff U'est , \ is lodged
In jail in this city. Gt ige is y
brother of A. H. Gould , Ciller , and
R. C. Gould , assistant ca-uier. of the
defunct 1'latte Valley stat. hank. He
was clerk In tin bank. The com
plaint liled against him Is that he re-
O'ived deposits when he knew the was insolvent and that he had
knowledge and aided and abetted A.
H. G uld. in forging of notes and
mortgages , and was an ace ss"ry In , |
all the cn.i ked transaction connec .
ted with tlie bank George asserts
his innocence and says be can prove ,
that he had nothing whatever to do |
with anvof the crooked transactions.
County Attorney U'.illing says that ha ,
hasagoodcas * against Oetrge and I he was a prominent .ctor In all I
of the crookedness connected with l
the bank.
MrCnrmiclc .Mtinier Cii n ,
Nebraska City. Nob. . Feb 12. The
attention of the district eotirt was
taken up the greater part of the day
In trying to j-et a juiy to try the case
of the state vs John MoCormlck ,
charged with the murder of Mrs.
Maggie Lins ey. who was killed as slio
stond in the dmir of net house on the
ni > iht of November " about midnight
talking to the deft ndant. He had
been keeping company with the wom
an who was trying to secure a divorce
from her husband. Tlieio was only
one shot and that entered the left
bye pa&sirig int bet i.iain , killii g
her almost in.ilanily The defend-
ant. It is alleged then tried to kill
himself by shooting himself in tlie
head , but Lite ball gl need , making
only a llesb wound. His defence will
now bo that l c was handed the re
volver by the and that she
caused the same to be discharged by
closing the screen door too suddenly.
The following is the Jury that will
hear the evidence'icnrgc \V. 1'arr ,
J..mes Hkkey , . 'esse Adams , Nicholas
Schltzka. J. E KobinJs , Peter mil-
man , C. H. Kiissell. V. W. Coper
harve , R.V. . Stokler. M. T. Harri
son , T. J. Spattensure.ger and , T. J.
Dakan. The case will be on trial all
this week
UIIK Flclit Wllli tiild .St. cr.
North Ilond , Neb. , Fob. 12. George
Millar of this place hadliboutas < * lose
an escape from death on Sunday last
as any man would wish to experience.
In company with his family ho had
been out driving and was helping his
' wife and three children * uitof the rig
tit home , when a wild stect was scon
'coming ' towaid the p.irty at full tut.
; The younger boy wan wearing a bright
j garment , which was no di.iibt . the occasion -
} casion of the animal's hostile cxhibi-j
j tlon.
I Mr. Millar jumped in front of the 1
'Infuriated beast to protect the child , ,
and in an instant he was knocked' I
down. The. steer showed a disposition
to do its worst , hut as it had no horns 1
It could not gore him. The animal,1
did , however , try to stamp him with
j l Its feet , but lie utiituard tusave liim-
'self ' by good maneim-ring. Finally P
' he griblied the steer around the. neck ;
and hung on in a deteimined manner.
The beast at this juncture pave up j
the tight and made no further at
tempt to Injure him Mr. Millar
came out of the melee with scarcely
i scratch.
SlriUfN n Itunil Cnr.
Hudson , U'ls. , Ffb 12. A west
bound freight train today struck a
hand car , on which were four section
men. on the St. Croix bridge. Audresv
Swausnn and August Johnson , both
men with families were instantly
killed. Fred Car'sen ' and Charles John
son received slight injuries. The son-
tlon er w was trying to re ich tlie east
end of the bridge in n driving snow
Uorm before the freight c tossed
rrmlT Killiiil l >
Lead , S. D. . Feb. 12. A heavy
blast on the Elkhotn tailroad grade
today hurled fragment * of nek sev
eral bun 'red ' feet , in Hiring John
Crowley , a grader , sri severely that
he died a shor' tlruo iifier reaching
the L'ad hospital. Cr iwlcy did not
retire to a safe distance win n the
shut was put off. He was fotty-flvc
fears old and married bin family llv-
nip at Holvr-ko Mass. <
Koomivcl Mm tlinnce for Ui *
Groton , Mass , Feb. 11. Tneodore
Rou.sevi-Jt , jr. , the eldest son of l >
dent Roo-evelt , basdiuble'iieumonla ( | ;
Otherwise bis condition is unchanged
tmilght. The Ixiy is seriously blt-k ,
but it Is tot ) arly to say what tlie
chances arc for Ills recovery.
This was the statement Issued by
Mr. George Corlclyou , secretary to the
president , a 0 o'el ok tonlclit , and
' ssas made after a caretul examination
by Dr. Alexander Lambert , the family
, physcl " ' ) l President boosevolt , who
arrived hei from New York at 0
( o'clock tonight- .
President and Mrs Roosevelt spent
a long , anxious day nt the Intirnury
awaiting the crisis of the
which tills rooming appeared to have
taken fiiicli K rong hold of their son.
The change- for the worse In the boy's
condition occurred during the night ,
and showed when the regu ar
morning examination was made by
fir ShHttuckiind Dr. Warren. Sec-
re ary Cortelyon , who Is the only
irrans of communication with the
I k room , made "the announcement
, iis morning of he patient's serious
condition , although he said then It
was not alarming.
"His temperature is higher , " said
Mr. CortebM" . " " "d 'i's ' ' respiration IF
weaker than ytsteiday , but his pulhf
Is better. "
He also said there was nommedlate
change , only the nitunvl progress of
the diseaseHe announced that UK-
disease had spread and involved both
Tins sudden ana umavoniuiu mn
'warned ' the president that the most
- medical treatment was neces
stry : , and so tonight he caller ! to tin-
aid of DM. Sbattuck and Warren his
f.unily physician , Dr. Alexander Lam
hertof New York , an eminent praou
l Inner and a mm well acquainted with
the boy's physique. The dcolMon ! <
c.ill Hr. Lambert was made after con *
Mil tat Inn of the physicians and the
piesident , and the duoiur lelt New
Vi-rk at noon , arriving hereshortl )
if.erO o
T tt Kluilx
JMuv .
Washington , Feb. jl. In continuing
uing- his statement concerning cmidi-
linns In the I'l'inppine i.-iands befme
ihe senate cominn lee on Hie Philip
pines Kid.-iy Governor Taft mid Ilia
tbe estimate tor pieliminary xiensei-
in l liuM ! islands muht > ine/ltnlu a cmi-
bider ble outlay tor sch'iol buildings
Jt was necebsary , he said , to m.kt- ;
Mi'aries ' from ' ( ) tu 25 per cent lilghei
tban in MIL- United Scales In Ibiscon
li'Ci.ion .Senator ( Julbert on made in
quiiiesaK to Mienlnries and allow
an es of Hie archiprlayo
'Ms each of the commissioners paid
| 2 . ' ( O ? " beasKed.
"No , " was Hie reply. "When we
first went out il. < ! cuminissioiicrR wen
eiicb taid $10,000 ; illl tbu ci > ainnan
(12,000 ( , and in rid n Jon ibere as on
aiiowanct : of $ . " > , " 00 fur i xpenses , mak
ing t.he total l fliK ) ami $ i700 ; , re
spectively.Vhunl wasappoiniedcivll
governor I was allowed $5 < M 0 for ni )
I i Native- duties mid 8lfiOoO lor nn
( 'uti' ' ' 8 as an cxe utive , uiakiiiur$2n,000
Tin' o" " Her commissioners were allowed
fr.r,000 for t heir i ; gi l.i i i vc MM vices arm
$10 , ( X ) for thcirextcutiveduticvs , mak
ing $1 ,00 , all in gold. "
"Is each allowed a private secre
tary ? "
"Yes. "
"And you also have a large clerical
fore.i > y"
"You would think so If you should
Stop into our olllct-s ; you would also
gel an idea of the necessity for such a
force . "
"What , other allowances are made ? "
"None , except that J am allowed , as
povernor , to live in the Mal.icanan ,
the old governor general's palace. "
"Is it , an expensive placi' ? "
"Hal her. 1 1. cos-is me $125 inirold pej
month to light it and 1 pay & , OUO a
year , on b of niy own pocket , lor ser-
vent hire. There are fourteen' ponies
' In the stable , I'iiiht of which 1 ovn ,
j j and l also keep thn-o canlages. The
1 jrrounds ate fxien ive , i tit they are
lighted by th. fii.y uf Mauha , ; LS anj
j 3tb' ' > r park would bi . "
! "Are any otln r members of the com
inlssi' n provided vvii.h icsidciici-s ? "
"Tliey are not. All of t.bem pay
rent and 1 can a-.sutv y < iu thai 1 wnul < 1
1 much prefer ixt p.ty mine to being re-
, ( jul red to live at Malauanun and kec | .
up that esiablisbmcnt. If I may be
atlowc'l ' a word personal J would say
' tbatot my ! il".f > ' 0 salary last- year ]
had only 81,500 left at. tlie end of the
' year , and 1 am sure that If my Illness
had nut prevented my "jntertaining tea
a dtsirabie extent there would have
been nothing ic.ti of the $ -0,000 , now
paJ | ( , and General Wright and Judge
Jdn have assured me they could save
nothing. There is much enie.rtait'int !
necessary and the c < isi of everything
IK greater than In Washington. Jn-
dcefj , money t-oe ? KO fast there that It
seems to melt. There are no per-
quisltles or allowances other than
tr.cjse I liavc mentioned. "
The governor added that the com
mission hnd nothing to do with llxmc
the salaries of iheir own members ,
that liuving been dune in Washington ,
but he said that it was Impossible to
? ecure the services of competent m ii
for lesponsibln po itions without pav
ing better salaries t ban are paid here.
l ilrll 'll ,
Pcorla , 111. , Feb 11.The asylum
for incurable Insane" South Barton
villc was opened at nee i , wben lee pa-
tientsfrom the Jacksonville asvlum
were brought In on the- Chicago ,
Pei.rla & St. Louis road. The pal lent *
were transferred without the slight
est accident , being the- best be
haved of tbe pa'ii-nts at the Jackson
ville asyluiu / iuurrow a trainload
of 100 vl'i . ' . . ( .ugtit in from tin
vcn n ' Aiinli' nliijj lt iitrn , Stnt-
ticil nnil I of I I'licoiiHitnutt r\'ullilv
llO'1-.tti'K tliu l.ll'orts til Two Ui
Grand Island , Ncl ) . , Feb. 14.-
Tiiotnas R Yunih. a farmer living
live tulles southeast of Donlphan ,
wis n aulted and robbed of $05 in
bis nwti home between 0 and 10
n'rlock last night. Ho wa.s alone in
the huu < with his children.
The ni uer members of the family
Including his smi-in-law had gone tea
a dance .1 qti rter of a mile distant.
Var.ih was awakened by feeling a
hikndkcirhfef being put over Ins
mouth. He thieatened to call his
son-in-law but was informed by the
rob ! IP is that his son-in-law was at a
d nice tints showing tliu robbers had j
been well posted. They ordi red him
out of bed and down stairs. Varah
had been at Hastings the day before
and in a business tratuaction hail se
emed over .fJoii in cash. On the way
d > wn stairs he took tlie larger of two
tolls ot hllU and tucked It away leav
ing only W ) in bis trousers pockets.
Upon reiii'hing the lower lloor he was
nrdered Ui strike a light. When ho
had done so he made up his mind to '
li bt for it. The robbers soon clubbed j
bed him into un 'onsclousness with
I lie butt end of a revolver also stab
bing him in the shoulder and on the
I'nre arm with ! knife. Dining toe
light tlie table tipped ovvr spilling a
laige amount of milk all over the
ll"or and causing general havoc In the
mom. The robbers fi < und the & < ! " > in
Ills wallet , but did not secure the roll
of $ IS" .
The children ran to a neighbor's
house and gave the alarm and a search
was immediately made but there is
no C'lie. Dr. Stone , of Doniphan ,
wascalled to attend the Injured man
iirlnging him back to consciousness
after two hours , liolli men wore
dti' k coats and one corduroy trousers.
Hull ) had white masks. One is es
pecially tall. It is believed the thugs
became cognizant at Hastings that
Varah bad secured quite a roll of'
money and followed , located and
robbed him Hie next night.
I'lollilni ; ii MUSH "I T'lninofi.
Callaway , Neb. , Fel > . M. While
handling g.isoline last evening Mrs.
D. L. II : pkins wife of a merchant of
this place threw some of it into a
p.til which was sitting jnst inside
the door. A few minutes later she
wa.s trimming tbe lamp and held it
over the pail so that the char would
fall into it which when it fell ignited
tbe gasoline. Tbu ll.imes hot up , and
Mrs. Hopkins grabbed the pail and
started for the dnor to throw it out.
when her clothing cau ht on lire ,
and t.'iiUS'd ' her to drop the pail. In
a moment's time her diess and the
whole Inside of the room was a mass
of llanif.c. A nephew just then stepped -
ped In and Immediately grabbed
a qii'lt and wrapped it around Mrs.
Hopkins , which saved her life. As
it is she has a badly burned hand ,
arm , shoulder , and back , and will be
confined to her bed for sometime to
come. The lire in the room was ex-
tingnisbed with but little damage. (
A baby was lying on the bed In an
adjoining room , and , as soon as the
( lames were extinguished from Its
mo\ler\s ! clothiii ) ! , &h ( > grabbed the
child and ran to her husband's stote ,
a distance of half a hit ck , and al-
tl.i'ii'1) ' ) her clothing was still suiould-
"ntir ! , , tbe child escaped without 1
b n. It was a n. row escape for hi h
. us. Hojikin's lile and tlie buiHing. .
Fiiirbury , 'Neb. Feb. M Russell
Post' , G. A. R. , of this city , celcbra i
red Lincoln's birthday with an up-
piopriute program at their hall last
night. The program was In the na-j i
lure of u campllre , the speeches all
being Impromptu. Among tin se who
sp ike Interestingly tif tbe life of Ab- I
rabam Lincoln was Lieutenant Govt
einor Htceio and lion. J.V. . Thomp-l I
son. The talks were Interspersed
with music and an elaborate banquet
wi'.s served at the conclusion.
Kelson , Nobt , Feb. 11. Lincoln's
biithday wns fittingly observed by j !
tliu Nelson high school and great it.-
terest was shown. Hen. R. D. i i
Sutherland was present anil delivered
* *
an eloquent patriotic talk to Iho
si-hulars. j I
J'lattsmouth , Neb. , Fob. M. The
inrilvcrsary of Abraham Lincoln's
birthday was observed In this cliyij
under the auspices of MRConihic post , | '
( j. A. R. Appropriate aIdresses , I' l
brlcllv rcvlewlin ; the lire , wrks and
c laraeler of Liiiculu , were delivered I
i.y AL. . Tidcl , C. S. 1'ulk , C. A. :
Ruwl * and Matthew Geririg. The
mtiHiul was furnisbed by MUs Clara
Street and a nuM't of vouny ladles.
AurMi in 10 urn.K'n Her.
Plattsniouili , Neb. , Feb. 11. The
work < if sinking iliu casslon for tboij !
new pier to be erected undTlbo Rur- I
llngton bridge at tbl-j place Is pm- '
grossing rapidly. One of the men' '
employed in the casslon met with a' I '
peculiar accident today which may r
result In his sense of bearing being '
pa-tlally destroyed. While .itwotk,1
below , the air pressure 1 c..rne soj 1
heavy as to dislodge one of hlRcar ( |
drurofi. forcing it inward. i
Ill Til ? * * I'llKl. ItV M l.'fllMl , llttt It
I'fovi'il tliu Itciil Tliiim.
Among tlio KI Men eotixoiali.diH of all-
uinn IH tluit ! < " li-'inio ti..tnmiitnl. : la-
/or. to knowni.s
-i.s puiiipkln pi | , and with
Is IHHt appennuiei' nt a Detroit res-
Mitrnnt a little group of men waxed
' "I'unipkln jitu tiiitdo hidotir.s IH gener-
'illy plenty good eiiotigb. " unu iiiiiu re-
iinrkcd , "but did any of you over cal
MimpUhi pie made out of doors V"
Not one of ( lie men bail over bad such
in uniiHunl experience.
"Well , " explained tlie man wlio bad ,
'jisl : wait till you eat pumpkin pic
undo out of doorti tluil'H tlioreal thing ,
: tell you ! A good many years njjo 1
luide nil overland trip to California In
i wagon with my Hist or , her husband
mtl two children , a lioy and a girl. The
Jeer man was threatened wlili eon-
ntmptloii and lil.s doctor said mich a
'otirne.v ' might build him up. It did help
5lin for the time , but ho llnally had
'o die.
" \Ve litul n grand trip , however , an
'xperleiiee to be romemhred a lifetime.
Muni ; the way. In October , at nil the
'ni'ins pumpkin * were Just going to
Miste. In Kansas. 1 think It was. we
found pumpkin vines and big yellow
Mimpklns outside of the fences , often
'or a mile or so on h ; > lh sides of the
toad. Ono cluy my brother said :
" 'Why can't we have some pumpkin
MOH ? Susie , you can make pumpkin
'pies , can't you ? '
"Susie Haiti she could ; mid It' wo
ivoiild get the pumpkin she would HCO
.ivluit she could do. So one morning , In
pimp nniler a big tree , she went to
tvork at the pies. I remember we nil
lelped ; even ( lie youngsters peeled.Vo
ami only a little monkey stove to cook
> n ami how do you think Sunle man-
ijroil ? She rolled the donph out with it
bottle , put the pic In an Iron sklllt with
i plepan over It mid Itnkeil It on top of
: he little moiiUey stove.
"Honestly , that outdoor pumpkin plo
tasted better than anything 1 over ate
.11 my life , " ileelareil the enthusiast , tie-
K to the Detroit Fro Presa.
made three , I remember , anil
Inek anil I ale three-tjuarterB apiece
mil wlshei ] we had more. "
Minic Hall r.nvc Mini InjiiricH I.ilcc
tliu I.nle Prer'
' Soon after the attempt upon the life
) f the Into President MoKlnloy at Huf-
falo f some army olileors were discussing
In I ; tlie ollleo of Lieut. ( Jen. .Miles the
porcciitiiKo. of recovery from abdominal
ivounds , wlien the general tool ; part In
tbo t conversation. "I prosit mo. " Ins
snld , " 1 am one of tlie I'ow persons so
ivotimlod ( that ever reeovered. On May
i ] , 1Si. ! , while beating Intel ; at the head
jf : my regiment , a rush WIIH innde hy
Anderson's ( men on llooker'H left wins
near < the rhnneollorsvlllo House. I wan
t itruel ; liy a mliiio hall , which penotntt-
? ; d my abdomen un Inch and a half to
the f left of the navel , tore tliroitxli the
Intestines ' mi.I lodged In Iho iniiKcle.s of
Iho ' haek.Vlien the surgeon of < .ho
regiment f reached mo I iiHked him how
long I had to live. In a tone which I
thought t WIIH very micoiicerncit. .luv replied
, ,
plied , 'About forty-oltfht hours. ' I
Joiibted the veracity .of the nurjjoon on
the [ spot , and told him that I ( lid not
think t It wa.s as bad as that. He refus
ed to argue the matter with me , and ,
with the aid of an assistant , procood-
E.l to probe for the ball and then new
me up. Loft to my meditations , I de
termined ' to fool ttie doctor. AH the
flays passed my lemperature subsided ,
the ' wound healed as nicely as could
have been expected , and In three
months' ' ' tlmo I wan on my feet again.
I'lii ! ' .Medical History of the Civil War'
tins ( a full history of Iho ease , which IH
set down as a most remarkable recov
ery from an Inlosflnnl wound. " Plill-
idt'lphla Lo Igor.
st in the World ,
A stoutly niiido little fellow of 8. to
Ids ' mother , who happened to bu extremely -
tremely ' tliln :
"Oli , mother , 1 do liellevoyou must bo
the.cry uweotout woman In the.
ivorhl , ! "
"ThnukH , very much , 1/nwre.neo. I'.ut
why no uffeotloimloV What do you
"I don't want anything. I only know
you must bo the very sweetest woman
In the world. " .v /
"Really you are toWllnttcrlnj ; . Why
thin biidilcn outburst of ufii-etlonV"
"Well , you know. I've been thinking
jvor the old , old saying , 'Tht > neurer the
bono the sweeter the moat. ' " The
I5cc(4''UIK > IU lor ItlioiiinnliHiii.
Dr. Tere , a muilieal man of much ro-
puU ' ; In VU nun , udvocutca as 1111 otToc-
: lvo rt'mi'.ly for rhcunmtlHiii the satu
rating of Iho patient's hoily with > h < )
runoin of bees. For the purpoKo ho ox-
itractH the venom , trt-iiHurinjj Jt up In
quantity anil applying It artificially In
.lie wiiy of puncture's. IIo found Hint
: hn tuine.fui'llou or swelling that I'ol-
lows the Bringing of a bee does not
ippoar ' in tliu rheumatic patlein uuk' H
ae has been Btuiitf several times , while
hi some CUHOH the HtlngltiR IB hunlly
* elt. Luiidun CjJobo.
"Wbnl n sour Indlvlduul ! What's ho
owlliig about , anyway ? "
"O ! ho complain * that bo hasn't got
A'bat lie deserved In this world. "
" 1 should tlilnlc he'd lm vo rauso to ro-
foleo on that account. " Philadelphia
Ahout tlie first tiling tt man notices
tvlien ho hits fallen Into trouble , IH that
ill his friends seem to ho looking the
jtlior way.
H ine men can nhvnya oeo great
t In other people's bUHlne.s . Then
po In , nnd lose money.
Rcllwond has a now bank.
Columbus' new iJo.uuti theater lias
i'cu formerly nioncd. |
Katinders coutity talks of building
ti new courtliniisu ,
The state liir at Lmc.oln will bo
Ii 'Id August " 0 to Seiembcr | | C.
The fo'ir ' weeks' leligi.insrevival at
rails City resulted In 180 additions tn
i ho Melhndlsl Kpiscopal church.
The Columbus at < d Albion hlgb
si-liouls will hold a joint debate al
Albion on Matrh II
Plans are being laid for a racinpr1
' liciilt. Including the fair associa
tions of Johnson , Pawnee and Rich-
iidsnn countcs ( , Neb. , and Kemaha
iind liiosvn counties , Kan.
Sheridan county people arc agita
ting the tun si o.i of buildliKT u new
1'niii't ' house. The present one is small"
: iid does not alTord suillclent protcc-
llnn t. > the enmity records.
Hunters have been successful lately
'n ' killing several wolves In the vicin
ity of Tekamah. In addition to rid-
iling tlii ! community of the wolves
i he chase has alTnrdcd splendid sport.
Chris ( iiinlock , a farmer nt Waco ,
Is loslngc.atile from cornstalk trouble.
Several of his neighbors are losing
caltl" and some have lost valuable
h i cs.
Plnttsmotith NewsVc : hope the
' .ughliig epidemic which Is prevalent
In Wellington this part
) f the country , but It Is not Itkclj
Miat this disease would become vcrj
popular with the serious Nobraskan.
The Albion News Is one of the
fillers that is now showing signs of
prosperity to the extent of putting
i i a lirst-class cylinder press to take
Ibo place of one that has done duty
for several years.
Hoinaiue Tlmmcrmnn of Stella , fell
from ' a haystack and was Injured NO
that fi r sometime all the lower part
it his body was paralv/.ed. lie IH
slowly recovering , but has'not entire
ly recovered the use of his limbs.
Keya ' 'aha county Is wlhout a rail-
r -ad , and the people of SprlngllelrJ
tire agitating the question of con
structing tin electric line from that
place to some point on the Klkhoin
railroad , preferably Newport'or Jlas-
Miss Lvdia Hablbeck. who works
for the Ideal laundry at Fremont ,
bad two lingers crushed and one
'racturcd this morning by getting
: hem caught In the rollers of thb col-
ar machine. She will probably not
! ese any port-Ion - of the lingers , except
: HIO of the nails.
Farmers in several parts of the
stale have boon swindled recently on
a new scheme. A man who pretends
lo hall from Chicago has been around
iill'cring iffi for the privilege of hunt
ing on the farmer's land. The offer
nccepted. the sharper takes a receipt ,
which later turns up in the hands of
on Innocent purchaser as a note with
the figures raised to WO.
A man and a woman , si rangers , ac
companied by u little girl , came into
She residence of .lames .Muncoy . of
"lete , and asked the privilege of
ivarmlng themselves. This was cheer-
f illy granted. A short tlmo after
Iho man and woman slipped out , Icav-
Intr the little gill with Mr. Muncoy.
The ofllcers were notlllel and I ho
pair trnctd to Lincoln and compelled
to take the child and prn'ldo for It.
The Union Pacillc Ins been given
i vet diet In the suit for $20,500 datn-
igs brought against Ik by one Tully ,
if Fremont , for Injuries alleged f/a
h ivo bc''n sustained bj being struck
.it n grade crossing at llayStatc. The
lcletse ; was contributory negligence ,
I being contended the plaintlll' did
n < t take the precaution of ascertain
ing whether a tniln was approaching.
The jury wns out for live hours.
A grain olnvator , together with COO
bushels oj grain , belonging to the
Jones Grain company of Julian , was
dist royod b > lire. The loss Is about
$2,01)0 ) ; insurance , Sl.fiOO. The fire
is believed to have boon started by
t ni trips In a box car along side thu
elevator. A man giving his name aa
L'hrnles Hall , was-nrrcstod at Nebras
ka City charged with the offense , and
was arraigned before the county court.
He entered a plea of guilty and offered
us an ex-use that ho wns cold had no
m > noy and started a flio In the carte
to get warm.
L. A. Bates of Springfield , hnd vis
ions of n bnnk robbery ono night re
cently. IIo was awakened from slum
ber by wh t sounded like an explo
sion. Ho speedily summoned the
cishlcr and the two hastened to the
buik. The moment they attempted
lo enter the automatic burglar alarm
went oIT. raising the whole town.
The can-io ' > f tin- original disturbance
has ti"t been located , as no attempt
had bflon made fo ro * m bnnk