Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, January 30, 1902, Image 8

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    Business and
Professional Directory.
iJssaa aswaasHsasBa WBMSMVS&Z SMS
II. O. MUTTON. Proprietor.
Plrit-clft'i work. H ° "r Hoom ot Hrokeii How
SUtc I'urik , Uroloii How , Nubrnf ku.
Alfalfa Seed.
I'urohaHo Before
Price AdvanuoH.
tfroo HamplcH nn applioation.
Leo Pftrk , Nebraska
Osteopathic Physician ,
MfOnict' vur HWMI K ( Ifni.r ) Hloru. Home
5 h. m to IS 111 . iiinl S tn I p in HMlili-im .
Oritml Ueutrul Hotel. Clironio UIKOIIH Sccliilly.
U. CONK A I ) ,
Healer In
I'uinps. Wlnil Mill * , Tunic. I'lttlni' * , Oiiiollnii
fl , utc , etc.
Ilrokun Itow , Nibrnofcn
Kroo InilrurMniiH how t talc mil ilfvolopc tlm
picture ivltli cTOry camera i" lil.
Klnl liliik' done for HIiiMiur. H
Latest Styles in IMi/itouraplis
In Ih'.ll.
-I'roprlrlor of-
ItwntanraiitiV Lunth t'ounttr. l.nmu
of ( Joiifcctlotmrluc , ( Jlynrn utul Tobnccoi. North
Sldo of I'ulillc biiniiru , llrokdn How , Ncbrnrk *
UIHO Juctlcoor llio I'miiu .Special iittunt'oiiKltun
to collection ) * l.'cpniillhm * Ink'.n , pcnulon vouch ,
urn neatly cxcciiUid niul nil kinds of le nl luiptT'i
written. Olllcoln tliu rcirof Hunk of I.OIIMIUTCO.
Ilrokun Ilou.
r > us. K. o.v. . B. TALBOT ,
' 001c i over llitcbvrl Drui ; Hloro.
llrokcu Dow , -
. Dcnlcr In .
Urauttu , Foreign itnd / merlcan MitrbleH.
Ornamental Work a Specialty.
llrokcu llow ( - - - Notirankn
Physician & Surgeon.
Office In runr of tlm llnnk of Cciuinerco. Rptt
deoceOtu lionio west ot tlie lltptlit vlmrcli.
lirokon Dow. Neiirnakn.
All kind * of Work la our line done promptly
uiHu nnt-cluni orilur { erilcil Htiop uu ihu
comer wont 01 tlio boio liuiuu.
caivi ; A THIA.I. .
Broken How , - NubrasU.
f3f Pliuii &nil ostlnmtcB on tliortnotlco.
Drokou How , Nelirnaks
.O. L. MULLliNS ,
Physician § Surgeon.
Soil SUlrwny from west ctul In Rc lty Hlock ;
rettdouco , 3rdvost M K. ciuirch , nu HAIIIU Hlilu
of Ktroct. SSrllrokvii llnw , Ncbrmlin
W. K. DAKKH. I'rnp.
for a * octil Kamu ol ik.ol..North of ltirun <
LIOAN OtUoo , llrokcu lluw ,
K. F. McCtum , I'rop.
Uji ) Flour , lluckwbiat , Urtlimi' , Feud , etc.
jjlt T. L PAKNSWOKTil.
Over Swau'e Orocory.
ysAT "LAW.
Itoomi ti and 9 , Itcalty lllock , llrokrn UONT , Nell.
Ilrokun How , Nebraika ,
A New Line of
Buggies , Surreys ,
Spring Wagons ,
and Farm Wagons.
G. W. Apple.
Agnna. Island of Guam. No
vember 20 , 19U1. Ki'.i'UiiLiOAN :
Election iH over there , and I hope
everybody IHH an ollioo and i hap-
py. Wo Nhall not IK ar of your
election until about Duomli ! ) r ! 4l.
Wo are rieemingly from under the
IHWH of our "ountrj , for Spanish
InwH nro Htill in force here. Ii
might flocm Hlrango that HO miiuli
uorruplion oximed among Spaniel
colonies when the .Spauidi lawn g'Ti'-MPy quito good. In
faot , ha-l Spanitdi IIIVH been well
administered , Spain would have
bonn a Htrong nation yot. The
trouble. aronn out of tbo mannur tbo
nation mumt lined her uolonial
judge * . Tbcio wan favoritism in
th'tir appointment , a d oacb one
wan li-ft to HiilHiHl on H more pitt
ance ; thi , of courHo , led to accept
ing bribe ? , ind soon the IIIWH were
ignored ' 1'ln re may bo imny dm-
( Hinting tbini H in American politic ? ,
but Ptill llio opun light over IHHIOH
real or mi n igmnry in the only
meatiH ol protecting public l.onor ,
and norr ' ing wroni , ' tondonoieH in
public rifl'ivirH 1 tbink 1 Hbare a
general opinion of Amerioann. bore ,
that our now colonion m the woHt
nuiHt bu trained by a HTKONO HAND
into the wuyH of our oiyili/.ttion.
Education I'D doing itH good work ;
it in ahHoluloly noueHHary to give
opportunity to new thought and
moralH , but Hohool education IH HOW !
compared to bimineHH dnmandri.
Authority Hternly UHed to protoot a
people agaitiHt annihilation in not
Hlavery , though itH formal applica
tion may appear HO.
Wo need bore , an well an in the
I'hillippinoH , a vigorouH nppliua
tion of autl'ority to compel the
nativofl to adopt now ways. The
pitiful and aggrevating HluflH the
natives adopt to got hometliing for
nothing IH all proper in their tnindn ,
but biiHinoHH intorcHtH demand permanent -
manent honor and oHtabhrihcd prin.
oiplcH , and if no pubhu authority
mtorfors , privito proteotion will
uoon load to organized indtiHtrieH
which will pauperize the iintiven
It would bo the vaporingn of iriHin-
ity to say that wo Hhould let the
native alone , or give them free
government. Under the provid-
onoo of God or Nature juHt BH
anyone vv'iHhoH to think the world
iH "up againHt" oivilizition ard
progress under civil government ,
and those who will not orogrenH
miiHt perish. To Hay tint wo
should never hive moloHtoii the
quiet and innocent imtivoH in their
half barbarous w ayn , ih lo admit a
permission in human history , which
makoH matter * ) worse by granting
all to chancu and to the Htrong. If
the United StatcH will only T'IHO in
the majcHty of her trunnion , and
like Germany , impress her national
lifo upon her uolonitttH by KDUOA-
TION and AUTIIOIUTY , at onoo , a
great coed will bo done. Other-
iHo , a driveling Hontimontality
will lead to individual co-oporatton
until the vac-il dihtinction of our
coloniotH in obliterated. Alter all ,
maybe it JH the true oourno of hio-
tory that the Hturdy Anglo Saxon
Hhould poHHOHH the world , it in a
principle of nature to almit no
wante , and certainly , it will necm
like a great wanto of time and
labor and mcuiiH , lo fuily engraft a
largo portion of our coloniHtw upon
our nationality. 1'orhapn it iH my
Hontimontality after nil , that din-
likes to HUO a diHtinot people loHt to
all ItiHlory , but nature haH done
just iiunli things often , and maybe
it IH God'ri plan in human lifo. One
thing i certain , the world will bo
better with Anglo Saxon than will
Chamorro and Filipino.
\VoarouHUHuaHywoH , and enjoying -
joying ourHolvoa. SohoolH full and
work programing well. OrangoH ,
lemons and bananas are very plentiful -
iful , and very cheap and very good
Ohnmborlain'B CoiiKh Komedy in the
mothor'a favorito. It is piynimiit niul
Hfo ( or children to tuko Mid always
euros. It is intended HHnociully lor
coughs , colds. croup uiul whooping
cough , and is the best medloino Hindu
lor tlioso dlaenHOH. There IN not the
least dinner in giving it to ohildnm for
it contains no opium or other injiirloiiH
driii : and may b t-ivon RR oonliduntly tea
a balm na to MI lulult , For BAO | by ,1.
O. llaoberle.
( To lalo for lnnt week. )
Win. Kdtnlaton WOK at ( Jnlhiway 0110
day tlila ueok on biiHineiH.
MIH.I Myrtle Miller of Lexington IH
vlfitinu relatives mm Lotnvc.
Ixnnax IH no dull place AH Ihoro ate
from onti to MX mirliHB every week.
A largo tiiimberof hornes huvo died ol
coin ntalk dlsoiieo in this neighborhood.
Mr. lilinur Hurron spent several duyn
visiting bin undo and other friendH nt
Kd'lyvlllo last we < k.
MlflH OunnliiKhiitn of Uconto has been
employed to tench thn Gun. HlHcknlru
Hubool Houtb of thin plauo.
Homo of our yotitiK people attended
tlio Mamitiornde Hull at Cildyvlllo on
the 17th. They report n goid tituo.
Mr. Goo , Irwm who IIHH b > en in tlio
onutorn pnrt of tt.o Htnto apcndin holi-
lnyn with hia paienta roturnud Friday.
MPH ! Olnru Suwnaon of Ijodi returned
to her homo Loili on Tlitiroday ol
Inatweek nfter a ploftRUut vlnit wilh
Mr. mid Mrn. Wliitopol of Minden ,
Neb , , have been vlBitln at the hunio of
Allen WhiteBdl. Thuy iiru well plcHH-
I'd Witli CiiHtor county.
Charlt'H liarrun Inn his now homo al
most completed. It is a credit to a
neighborhood l"r a person to erect
aucli an nttraulivi ) rosidnnco.
A liir d nuinbur of our yonni ; people
uatlicriid at the homo of IIorb .Strong on
Tuesday o-enuiK of week. An
oyrtter Kiippor WIIH teivul by Mrs.
Strong and nil pruuunt report nn enjoy-
nblo I line
Mr. ami MTH , Uriindlo and Miaa Mury
SimoiiHiin liavo gotm to New Vork
whnrn they will npond u year visiting
rolativtm Thin in I ho Ili t time litey
have boon th ro In twenty two yoRrp
Mr. GookiiiH will occupy their tionut un
til they retuin.
( To late for laHt week. )
O. U. ICmpblihl marketed hopn at
Ocontn Mnnday.
H. F. Kmpflold butchered bin bit ; pig ,
drCHBliiK 100 pounds with twelve gallons
of lard ,
II. lj. Ileadleyle gone to Kansas to
look up a farm mid Mr. lilr o ia doing
hla chors
OniBG hoppers are niakinu ; their np-
praranco looking around when tiie
farmers will plant corn.
A flock of geese paHBod Hyno on Sun
day goinji north no doubt tboy will
meet with a chilly reception.
II. ( . ! . Donnel wan dinoliiu last work , a
good idea to turn up ttie bugs and hop-
porn to the action of the frost.
How about that seed corn have you
selected it or will you go to the crib for
it at planting time and irisa your crop *
After the reunion at M. Conley'H on
Monday , Fred Conloy and family and
his Hiotnt tilon Htartcd en route to Okla
homa Tuesday.
There in a fatal disease amongst
horHos nnd cattle on Wood Iliver and
vicinity. Within a rndhin of live milcH
around Callaway twenty five head of
lionu'S and cattle hnvo died in the past
week. 0. W.JohtiHton lost nine head or
ionics in ton dnyH ? that it is tbo corn
atulic ( lipenRU 'IH not now buliovfld an
Homo of the animaia Unit have dlol had
not been feed nny corn fodiler.
' ' .
Mr. Koburt Kromligow 'm moving to
lii.'fo'B ) ) lace ,
l''lta'Willi < in improving a
little from hul' fill Intft W"ek ,
Mrs. i'helpi * an v rv Hick , laat Tbnra-
day but WIIH ul-lo to cull on Mrs. Uift
Friii ay.
There IHIK l > oeu qnilo a elianuo in tbo
Ounyon i-iiiro lust \vc. k , it \ quito
I'lustory. '
The two MinOH Ciift and their broth
er Frank wore calling on Mr L'helpu
last Sunday. _
There \vaa a young folkH meeting
orgunized In the Canyon hiatTluuA-
d y night which will meet at Mr.Pholpa
every Thursday and Sunday ; everybody
la welcome.
Master Franklin Hunt ban the inoas-
J. K. linker WIIH a Merna visitor Mon
Mr. F , < ' . Hmhroo waa doim : IUIH'IIH'HB
in Anfolmn Monday last.
( } . 0. Joynnr liud tlio niilfortuno to
froozu bin north onr on Satnrdny.
Sundny tlio Thomo.iiotor i < aid twenty
bulow , but we thought It noitror 70.
Mr. 8. Wnddington accompanied a
Hhiptiient of cattle to South Omaha last
Sumo frozen ? nrn and HnKora and a
t'ow cnttlo mid colte , are about All the
rnsimltioB HO far us heartl from ,
Owing to tbo Htomi , there wax no
service at tlio noliool house either Sun
day Sjliqol or preaching lat Sunday.
Old "llormis" cauio ilown upon us
with R whirl , on Saturday and about
tour Inchon of the. "beautiful" covers
the ground.
Mien MtUtltt Fodgo iu Bpoiullng a few
weeks wilU lior uncle , I * . H. Munlc in
HroVcn How where oho Is aeHlstlng in
the car'i ol Uriinma Ituyce.
K. I1. Ilenls took bin ho .s to market
MctiHny preparatory to moving to
M MHO/I City in r. couple of weeks where
hi : i ! | iictn to innkc lii.s future home.
Mr. J. ( ! . HA ! or lins a new I'liona-
craphilli which he intertHlnanll who
have u 'Phono oHcb oveniiiK free , but
uill give an entertainment at the ecliool
houao next Saturday ivonlng , ten cent *
Hcv Albert Mark' la in tiio canyon
Some of tbo boys were out on a lurk
hint evening.
Mrp. IlillmMi is reuortcd on the sick
1'st , hope ebo will HOOU recover.
Mr. Shonp and fnmily apont Sundny
with Mr. and Mrs. Kutter of Outtor
Mr. Fill Gift are slaying at father
this week. Kli SB husking corn
for bis father.
Mr Ghnrlen Kcbraah has got him n
flno team , Charley payn lie is going to
faun big next ycnr ,
Henry Huttor bas linished hauling the
runt corn for Tlirtnas no Mr. Thomas
will Hiart for Oklaiiorna HOOII.
" \Vonren ami
Men nro less subject to seasickness
than women , according to nn old sen
captain , but when attacked by it make
more fuss. They take immediately to
their berths , where they grumble and
groan until they are well enough to eon
on deck again.
A woman fights the unpleasant mul-
udy until Khe can tight no longer.
Then KIO becomes maudlin nnd pa
thetic. . She retires to her room and in
variably asks three questions llrst ,
whether people die of seasickness ;
then , how many miles wo nro from
shore , niul when we shall get there.
The doctor Is always talked over.
When this patient gets so ill that she
loses Interest in tlio doctor , she usually
lies on her side and cries by the hour.
London Doctor.
She \Vnit Vnt.
The small boy had been warned by
ills nurse ns to the awful result of blt-
ing his nails.
"If you bite your nails , " she said ,
"yon will swell out like nn air balloon
nnd burst. "
The small boy believed , took heed
nnd didn't bite his nails any more.
The small boy went to a children's
party , where ho stood nnd gazed nt the
liostess for some minutes in silence.
Then ho spoke.
"You bite your nulls , " be said.
Xothlnw More to lie Snlil.
"My wife always lets mo have the
last word , " remarked the meek lookIng -
Ing man.
"IndeedV" exclaimed ills friend in
tones which Implied n doubt of the
other's veracity.
"Sho does , really. Whenever I suy ,
'Yes , my dear , you are quit1 right , '
Bho stops talking immediately. " New
York Herald.
The Doctor' * * Ciilln.
Hunt I have seen Dr. Pellet's car
rlage at your house three or four times
lately. It has alarmed me greatly.
Turner Nobody's sick. Pellet merely
called to collect a bill. Nothing serf
OUH , 1 assure you.
Roumanian mothers tie red ribbon"
nronnd the ankles of their children. U >
keep them from harm.
Buflinjlonl * 8l * * V f * I V
Lincoln , nciivcr.
Oittaliu , Helena ,
IluUe ,
nt i ortiuiui ,
Ii.llllHUH Cltv , Halt l.rtUe City ,
Ml. I.oulH. Ami Hun 1'raiiclHCo
All 1'OllltH KilHt And All I'olutM
Ami Went.
No. I'J Vtxllliuleil express dally , Lincoln , Onia
ha , St .losupn Kanmu ) City , M. LouU , Chi
cnxn unit all polni * euat n"d conth . .II 41 | > .m
No. 44 Local express i-iily , Lincoln , Omahn ,
til. Jovoph , KaiihOK fit" , St , Ixinlc , Chicago
nrnl nil point ) , oust nnd Houtli 0 211 ntn
No. 40 Freight daily , Utuemm , Grand IclMid ,
Aurora. Seward and Lincoln 0 ( U am
No. 48 Kniltfht , uaiiy except Sunday , Ravenna
Mid interimdUte point * , I 05 pin
No. n Veutluuled oxpri'im dully , Helena , Hunt
tlo , llntlo , 1'ortlaad mid nil I'nclUc Count
points 4 imam
No. -Local oxprei-H dally , Alllamtt and
Inturmi'dlntfl nolntM l'J40nu >
No , 15 1'relKht ilally topii only Anuoluio Soncta
\\lillnun and AHUtice
No. 47 Krelglit. dally except rJunday , Seneca
anil Inturnieillate point * lSAtiin
HluopltiL' , dlt.ltiK and reclining chair cars ( Htmtc
( reo ) on tnronuli trutiiK. Tlclioa Bold nnd haK-
gauu chocUi'tl to uny point In Hit Unllud .Stitttt
unit Canada.
No. 4M liaa nu'TOhftiullao c&re Tuoadayg , Ttiuri-
iluys andbatnrdaya.
No , 40 will carry passorKcr * < or Ravount
tlrnnd Iclnnd , Howard and Lincoln.
luforinatlon , miipe , llnio Uililci and ticket
rail on or write to II. U. Ormtiny , gunt. or J
KranclH , ( J 1' . A , Ouinlw. Nebraska.
U. L , OIIMBUV , Auei.l. .
I'onch for wont will clone nt H p. ui , except
Hnnday when It will clone tol5 : p ID.
I'oneh. oiioi ( or train No. 4J O | H H nt H a in
and foi No. 41 clo u at , 6.30 a.m. Mall ( or Aiuli'V
Mill iiolntH unst of Urand Inland ( on train
o'conto Tla of llyno and Tuckcrvllle , dully ex
ct'lil Sunday cloium , at 7 n m : returuliiK HBIIIO day
C llawny via , Mc'KUdey dally except Sunda >
cloiea lit 7 a in , rrtnrnlliK HHine day.
Knunil Valley vlu re u and Klton Clote ul. u
in , Tuttiiln ) , Tliurmluy and Saturday , ruturnlnt :
u u in yUV
y ( i '
Huinnor Yin ( lurimny , Uooriietown and t'pton
arrrlves at 11 IK ) . Tucwlay 'I'huratlny * ud Satnr
day returnliiK luaioa lit 12,3(1 oamo diiy.
OOloiliout * from M.o n ju toH.lH ) p m Huu
Jay * from bt li in. lo ( J : p. ro. Uibby ciion
\\etk dayN from 7 a. iu. lo B pm. . 8unda i < HSO :
a. m. to Un m. Ueiieral iloilvury not opi-u Suu-
tUy inornluK at bereloforu , L. U.JnYfirr , 1 , M-
In tlio Dldlrlct Court , Cintur t'otintv , Nulir ka.
Vivian I'oland. iiUlnllir , n OHif Dalil -
Dnbl blKMrlfu , llrot tiniiin unknown , nnd Ctirlr
tlnn Wnm'iicr , ( lefrndHiitH
oliif Until , - Hiibl , bl wife Hint nitiio nil-
known , niul Clmillnn Wnitcncr , clcloiiiliinln , will
tuko notice tliat on Ibc 'Mth tiny ofJanunry I'.KI. ' .
Vlvlnn 1'olniid , plHlntlll luirvln Illrd hU iitlltlon
in tlm illft'iU tniirt ( if I'nnter tnnnty Nuliriifkii
HKalntt mill di fcniUntK , llio oblrct and i ruyer of
wlilcli IK to forirloHc n ccrtuln tnx linn on Hi"
hoiitliciiit iiinrtur | , nnriunot iii | rtcr. nnd loii
two HIM ! tnnu In nnlun live , In townidilp
tuc-nty , north of mn o olKlitvi-n. of Otli I' . M , In
C'lirlcr lounty , NibtniikA , unili-r a jitlvuln Ux
Hiilu had Auiu ; r 7. IKi'i mill niuiue.i | t Uxti <
with Inter > nl punnltv , ntlornuyx Icux , and torls
nniountlnK to 111H IH Mid Intircnt nt ti n per cinl
from JnliUHry 'Jr > , 1'Kfand cnhtr of milt 1'lHlntllT
litHjsfor n die rio tliat tlie Uifendiinttbv Kijulrud
to pay HID Baine or ( nut tin * iircnilH''i inuy bu fold
to Hutlhfj thOHmount foil nil due
Von , and each f yon , urn rnlrt | < d t annuiir
paid petition nn or h forti tliu lUili dny of Much ,
100' ' ln'ed Jiilinnrj 'J7 , I'JUJ.
VlMAN 1'OI.ANU rislllllll ,
3.f-J9-l. : lly A S MOON. UU Aity
Aiiattit-r 'I'otirlht lixcurnloii Iu
To auconiodato tbo
travel to California , tbo Burlington
Itonlo IIJIH added to it.s Hcrviiju an-
othur weekly ixaurtdon , in tonriHt
carH , pornonally conducted. 'J he
Burlington'ri through HITVIUO to
California JH : IH follows :
inabn , Lincoln , HuHtin H and Ox
ford to San FranciHco , eonnootinjj
at latter city with fast train for I OH
TOUKIHT Si.Kici'icitu perHOiially
conciliated every 'I hursday and
Saturday , Omaha , Lincoln , Knir-
mont , HantingH and Holdrego to
San Francihoo ; every WedneHiHy
and Thursday , Kansas City , St
JoHopb , VVjinorc , Suponor , and
Oxford to Kan KraneiHC-o , and Lus
Ati ( > eloH.
All theHO carH rnri via DrnVerand
dull Lake City , pnHBin ; the grand
panorama of the KnukioH by dny-
light. If on'er going to Calilornia
3011 will be inirrrnti'd in our new
40 pape folder , "Californii1 Touib
H)01-02. ) " It in free
Qoncral I'rt Henpor Agent ,
1 ai-o'.i Oniabu , Neb.
A I'roinlciit ClilcuifoVuiiiatt
1'iof. JJoxa Tyler , of t hicaKo , Vloe-
I'rcAidpnt llliiioiH WOIIIIIII'H Alliance , in
HponkiriK of Chinnboiliilnt ) Cou li Jdtu-
edy , HIIJ-H : ' ! Ktiffcrod with a scvcro
cmd this winter which threatened to
run li lo put nmony. I tried different
remedies but I * ecinrd to row worae
to > jru\v w ri-e nnd the mi'dieuio tirii
my Rtomncb. A frieri'l ndvieed nm i
Irr Olininbi'rlnin'H CotiKh Heinetly and
I tniind it wns ple snnt to tnko tuiii U
ro'invc 1 mo nt nnc I am now ont'roly '
reeovered , fnveii u doctor1 * * bill , time
nnd t-iillerln . nnd I wib never bo with
out thin Hpl'-tidul medii'ii o iiuoin , " Kur
Bale by J. ( i ll/ieborlo.
St iNit't tlie itiiiterlal
tlmt Into
ropiilroclvat jli that
Itia pc-rfi-ct
> . It
thut douHtliulmslnecs , nny bungler
can buy ttu > line kinds o ( mnturliil
that 1 n o In repiiirlnjj ; but ekill
IB tbo mopt vnbiiililo matorinl thut
! n bo IIBIM ! In watch repairing :
and the htinuler can't hny It. 1
Hell my Hklli ( nr whul It IH worth
and It will coU you lein thin
nt lower prices.
Jeweler nnd Optielun
West fidu of Rquiiro.
and Kansas City Journal . ti 15
epubllcan anil Inter Ocean. . . .so
epublicun and'Twentleth Century 65
epubllcan and Globe Democrat , betnl.w 85
epublican and State Journal . . . 85
epuclicnn nnd N cbraska Farmer . . 85
ejmblican nnd Life of McKmlc > . . 50
i Hum P"B n n &ITT/
Solln the John Doprn , David Mradluy and Grand Dolour Implements , full line , at
bottom pricr.s. Alao the Oh'p nnd sti > m Winder lildinp Cultivator.
HiiKKifH and Sprint ; \Vifr > nH , thn best tuakcH and ne\v Htyleu from $15 and
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