Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, November 21, 1901, Image 5

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    Rain and sweat
have no effect on
harness treated
with Eureka liarj j
tae Oil. It ft
atits the dam
keeps tbe leatl
er soft and pll
able. Stitches
do not break
No rough ur fl
face to chafe
and cut. The ,
harness not
only keep *
| looking like
> new , but
wears twice
as long by the t
| uie of Eureka
Harness OIU
everywhere In cant A
Made by
Standard Oil \ \
iMr.Tyron la shredding corn ut
"V ranch. /
Repair your lire guards you may need
them on abort notice.
0. G. nnd JJ. F. Krulleld dehorucd
their Cittlo last1 week.
After a weeks vacation Miss , Anna
Whittle resumed her school at River
side Monday.
Literary In full blast at Custer. J.H.
Smith , president , J.F , Pox worthy , vice
presidentMrs.C G.Empfiold secretary
and R. P. Emplield treasurer , every
body Invited.
( Omitted from last week. }
Fine weather for gathering corn' and
doing fall work.
ill. G. Donnel lost eeven sheep last
week ; alfalfa bloat did it ,
Miss Anna Whittle closed R three
month term of school at Riverside on
last Friday.
M. Conlcy sold a load of hogs last
week at Oconto and lien Empfleld sold
three loads of hogs yesterday at Lodi ,
1 advise the person that was hunting
on the Loup last Sabbath to give Spring
reek a wide berth au several nre watching -
ing for violutcrs of the game law ,
i ' .
( Otnltted frcm.laet week , )
Ole Moe is shucking corn ou the
Elton tablo.
Adolf Ricer moks his regular Sunday
trips to Sargent.
Julea Johneon'fl wife > ia down with
typhoid fever at her fathet's place.
Miea Doe Lillian is teaching the
BOhopl here , but ut present it is a nuiall
N. K. Leo ia now to make a new well
for Ole Johnson , and erect a new wind
ill thereon.
Rev. flarnees preached here in Round
Valley last Sunday. Ho staid while
t here with O. Engelegjord ,
lj t Johoson has built n new house
on liia farm of Nebraska brick which
he covers with n shingle roof.
W E. BAKBU , Prop.
For a social pamo of pool , North
Broken Bow , Nebraska.
tincceiBor to
Black & UolcomD ,
Columbia Byclolos ,
Wheeler & Wllaon , and
New Homo Sewing
Machine *
t Brokou Bow , Notiraska ,
. Dealer In .
Pumps , Wind Mills ,
TankH , Fittings , Gaso
line Engines , eto , , etc.
Broken Bow , Nebraska.
1 15 years experience.
Terms reasonable. ,
Telephone No. I2U.
BroVca Uow , Nebraska ,
The republicans in this vicinity arc
rcjoiclnp , b it the pops are . Never
mind th < y are switched off the track
o stay off. Go d by.
( ) . KiuelsKJerd IB to have n busking
brfo ii xt Satu dny. He wishes to got
UO tCHiiiB ; frco oyjttr supper in the even *
ing und other nmuamonls.
The white corn yollda rnuoh more
llnui the ru 1 i\v t is jtar , it si'etus
( tint it stands more dry wether , All
corn this year ia of poor quality and
requires a "big heap" to feed a single
hoi ? .
litUU I.C110UM.
( Juilttcd from last week. )
A dance at Mr. Cl. I layers last Satur
day nignt , i
0. 0 , Lind is getting ready to put on
his official robe next January.
Election is'"over nndHurrah for
John Oreenloaf Whlttier Lewis. "
It is useless to say that Wayne town *
ship wont republicanas the G. O. P.
ticket was all the township ticket there
A surprise party was attended at Mr.
Jacobaona last Saturday night in honor
of Miss Laura's 18th birthday was en
joyed by all ,
Daweon county went pop except tbe
head of the ticket county judge and
county coroner , Ouster ban eat a good
example now and her sister county
should follow suit.
DIKU at his home in Ouster county
Populism age ten years deceased led
quitu a wayward life , But we all hope
ho will be served Justly in his future
home. Burled at Broken How Novem
ber 0,1001.
Ortcllo Mcxvs.
Everything is quite once more uinco
election enthusiasm has died down ,
A. 13. Cornish , of Lodi was iu the
valley Thursday and Friday. He came
over to attend the Reduinn sale.
Mr. and Mrs. C , G , Empfleld spent
Sunday in Or t olio. Miss Anna Whittle
returned to Ryno With thorn where she
has another school.
The Ladies Fair will be held at the
school on the evening of December 13 ! h ,
Don't forget the fish pond and the homemade
made candy booth.
Y. H. S. C. E. will meet at 7:30 : next
Sunday evening , Mr , Hunt being leader.
good attendance ia desired there be *
ing quitu a little business to be done.
Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Day came down
laot Thursday and etayed a few days to
visit with Mrs. Day's uncle , fl. Ji. Hud-
eon , who returned to his Montana homo
on Sunday.
Frits , the little dog who has lived at
the P. O. . the last six years , died last
Saturday from the effects ot securing
BOUIO Btrieuine. His shrill bark with
which ho greated each comer will be
greatly missed.
( Omitted from last wee. )
Lula and Eddie Zachery spent last
fcVcoy Box Stationery at Ed Mo *
Anyone wishing a new watch
movement In n old case , call on
Lending Sboomtikcr & Watch
Hepairor ot tlie city. Located 1st
door fouth i > o8toUlce.
x *
Dealer lnt. . . .
GraniteForoUa and American
Marble * .
Ornamental Work a
Broken Bow , Nebraska.
All Linda ot Work Done.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Crayon Work
Enlarged ,
Broken Bow , Nebraska.
B.O.HUTTON , Proprietor.
First-clan work. Rear Room
ot Broken Bow State Bank.
Urokon Bow , Nebraska.
Sunday nt Mr. Bills.
Hurrah for J. 0. W. Lewli.
Clifford llnnoy WRS at Nawken Bow ,
Saturday ,
Gra'rdtnx Kdwards Is eomo bolter
than l"Bt week ,
Mtu. Jones haa beeii newlug for Mie ,
Jacquot the lnt week.
About t-vriity fivn prrannt at
U , . prayer iiicetitiK hut bunduy cycn-
K. I ) . Iludaon , ot Nye , Morxtnun , is
visiting a few days with his brother-in-
low , A. D. Hunt and family.
Mr. nnd Mrc. Rndrnan wore eurprhod
alst Monday evening to have their homo
uncermonioualy entered and taken pea *
eooslon of , by about sixty ot their
friends. A moat pleasant evening pas.
sod quickly and by the midnight hour
all had gone to their homes. Mr. and
Mrs , Hodman will leave in the near
future for a BOW home in Colorado.
They bnvo lived In our valley fourteen
yearn and their frond a all roaret their
.leaving. Our host wishes accompany
them ,
W KBTE RVltjr.E.
Preaching nt Wealoy , morning and
evening next Sunday.
Bev. W. . Mathow's boys nre down
with tousllitia but are proteasing favor ,
The mill here la being fitted with now
machinery throughout , with a gaollne
plant to run tbe mill when water ia
Tho.funoral of Ed , Baker the 14 year
old eon of Mr. liaker of Atmlcy was
held at this place on Monday morning
November II , The body waa brought
from the homo * at Aneley entered in
Weutorvillo oemotry. Rev. W. E.
Baker preached to a crowded congrega
tion on "The Lord gava and the Lord
hath taken away blessed bo the name
of the Lord. " Deep sympathy IB felt
for the. bereaved family in their loss.
11)00 ) Personal Tax.
Kindly pay them , I do not want
to issue distress wnrrants , but 'this
tax must bo paid by December 1 ,
1001. M. E , ScniNEiuNOEu ,
11 14 2t Uonnty Treasurer.
. . . .
For all kinds of school books go
to Ed. McComas's ,
* * " " .
. -
Many people are suffering ) fear
fully from indigestion or dyspepsia
when one single bottle of HKR-
BIN& would bring about a prompt
and permanent euro. A few doses
will do more for a weak stomach
than a prolonged course of any oth
er medicine. Price , 50 oents. Ed.
MoComas , Broken Dow and Merna.
A Village Blacksmith HU Little Son's Life.
Mr. H. II. Black , the well-known
village Grahamaville , Sullivan .Co. , N.
Y" . , Bays : "Our little eon , five yeara
old has always been subject to croup
and so bad have tbo attacks been that
wo bav feared many .times that he would
die. We have bad the doctor and need
many medicines , but Chamberlain's
and Professional Directory ,
Pruprletore o (
WojtBIUo Square , UrokenBotv
Nebrnokn. Agents Clarkgon
Lincoln Laundry.
Raamus Anderson , J. C. Moore
Heal Estate. Abstractor.
Lauds for sale and rent in Ouster and adjoin
ing counties. Equities and mortgages bought and
sold. AbtUrauts promptly and neatly made.
Office , Main St. , Between 4th & Sth Avonuoa ,
Broken Bow , Custor County , Nebraska.
Attorney at ? aw
BroVca Bow , Nelir ,
2nd BUtrway flfo ? W t cud In
Healty Block ; residence. 3rd woit
M. E. church , on name Bide of
> trCeBroUen Bow , Nebraika.
t37 Plan and oatlm&tea ou abort
Broken Bow , Kebraika.
Rooms 8 and 9 , Ilealty Block.
Broken Uow , Nebrftika.
Atty-at-Law ,
Notary Public ,
and Justice of tha Peace. Special
attention given to collections
UepoMltona Uk n , pocilcm vouch
ers neatly ezeautod and all kind *
or legal paper * written. Office In
tbe rear ot Bank ot Commerce.
Broken Bow , Neb.
Practice In all Courts.
Broken Bow , Nebraska.
K. F. McCuini , l'rp.
Rye Flour , Buckwheat ,
Graham , Food , etc.
All kinds ot work In our line dona
promptly and in flrit-claii order.
lied Hoop on the corner westoi
the note home.
Broke * ! Bow , Met ) .
Proprietor of
Restaurants Lnneh Counter.
Largo asortmont of Confection-
arle * . Cigars and Tobaccos.
North Side ot Public Square ,
Broken Bow , Nebrariu.
I-x IIS. R. 0. 4 W. E.TALB0T
OBce over Uaoberla's Drug Store ,
Broken Bow ,
Office In rear of tbe Bank ot Com
tnerce , Residence 6th Louie weit
ot , tbe Baptist church.
Broken Bow , Neb.
Stenographer and
[ Notary Public , i
Job Work a Specialty , |
OOco with James LeJwlcU , i
Our Prices Co Down.
Wo are going to Cloao Out Our
Clothing ,
ilata ami Caps ,
Boots nnd Shoos ,
And Dross Goods.
Sale starts Monday , and will continue aa long at ) there is a pair
of pants left.
Coino early and got a good thing for a 1
* % > il *
Broken Bow , Nebraska. t
3otigh Remedy is now our solo reliance.
It Boeras to tuBolvo the tough tnuoua'
and by giving frequent doses when the
croupy symptoms appear welmvo found
hat the dreaded croup id cured bolero
t gets Bottled , " There la no dnngor in
giving this remedy for it contains no
> pium or other injurious drug and may
bo given aa confidently to a bubo as to
an adult , For sale By J. 0. Uneberlo.
An Ingenious Treatment Iy Which Drunkards
Ate Berne Cured Dally in Bplte
ot Themselves.
No NoxloiiH DoHua. No Wcalccu-
luifaftiie Nerves , A l lcau-
i ut aua I'oeuive Cure
l "or tbe X.lqaor
It ie now generally known and under
stood that Drunkenness it a deaeaso und
lot weakness. A body filled with poison
and nerves completely shattered by
> erlodlcnl or conatunt use oC intoxicating
Iquors. requires HU antidote capnblo o
neutralizing und eradicating tula poison
and destroying the craving for intox-
cants. Suffers may now cure thorn *
colvca at homo without publicity or loss
of ( ( me frem business by this wonderful
'Home Gold Cure" which has been per *
ooted after many years of close study
and treatment of inebriates. The faith
ful use according it the directions ot
bis wonderful discovery Is positively
guaranteed to euro the most obsHnate
ittHO , no matter hew hard A drinker.
) ur records show the marvelous trans-
ormailon of thousands of Drunkards
nto sober , Industrious and upright men.
Wives Cure Your Husbands. Child-
en Oure Your Fathero. This remedy Is
n no eonae a nostrum but is a specific
or this disease only , and is so skillfully
devised and prepared that it is thorough-
y soluble nnd pleasant to the taste so
that it can be given In & cup ot tea or
colfoo without the knowledge ot the per-
on taking it. Thousands ot Drunkards
have cured themselves with this prlceleus
etnedy , and as nmny more have been
cured nnd made temperate men by
mvlniv fhn Oflnrn" fiflmliilafAfArl litr 1rkir
t * mu * * wi &w . .i4U4.ui.Dijw * vi jw .vf ,
ng friends and relatives without their
cnowledge in coffee or tea , and believe
o-day that they dlecontlued drinking of
heir own free will. Do Not Wait. Dp
not be deluded by apparent anil mlslead-
og "improvement. " Drive out
llsoaBO at once and for all time. Tbe
Home Gold Oure" is sold at thu
extremely low price of One Dollar , thus
ilaclng within reach of everybody a
rcatment more effectual than otliera
coating $25 to 850. Full direction *
accompany each package. Special
advice by skilled pbyHlolans when re
quested without extra charge. Sent
irepald to any part of the world on
reoept of One Dollar. Address DepU B
77EDWIN B. Giles&OOMPANY,2330
and 2332 Market Street , Philadelphia ,
All correspondence strictly conlidetirtl.
U. S. Land Office.
F.U. YOUNG RecolTcr
All advertisement * under this head trill bo
charged for at leiral rateit , vlct $1,09 per HCjuart ?
for first Insertion , and COc per iqnnre for eacl
subsequent Inpertlou.
A "nqnare" IB ten linen or fraction thureof.
In the Jnitlce tourt ofK. Q'Schwinu , Juitlce of
the Peace , Wlihln and for Ouster county , Nelv
Richard Price , 1'lalntill , )
TS. >
John O. lllrcock , Defd't. >
John O. llircock will take notloo that on the
14th day of October , 1001 , K. Q'Scbwlnd , a Justice.
of the peace within and for ( Junior county , N - '
braika , Issued an order of attachment against i
you for the mm of $171..33 , In on action pending )
before him wherein Hlchard Price IK plaintiff unl
JohuO. lllrcock. defendant'that llauuah II.
Ulrcock was garmsnee in laid action nnd * hu ban
answered dliclo > lni { that the la BdmluUUatrlr of
tbe estate of William Jllrcock , deceased , aud ha *
moneys and credits In her posBes lonaud under
her eontrol bclonelOK to tald defendant , Jotui
lllrcock ; and tald cause wai continued to the
artjidayof November , 1801 , at 10 o'clock a. in. ,
when you are required to appear aid answer sala
petition or Jadaeuient will bo rendered RKalnst
yon for thu full amount claimed due , togotUcr
with costs ot suit. liiouiHD Fnics , 1'lslutIIf.
By ALFOA UOROAN , lila Attorney. 10-U1 4t
United States Land OtSlco , ) %
Broken Bow , Neb. . November 14,1901. f
fvjotlcu U hereby given that the followlDg named
II settler ha * filed uotlco of his Intention to make
final proof inaupport ot hU claim , and that cald
proof will tie made before ileglitor and Kecolver
at Broken How , Nebrasku , ou Saturday. Decem
ber 1 , 1901 , Viz : JAMES 11. HLOOaPTT. of
Broken Bow , Nobrisks , ou his U. E. No. 7/1 , for
the NH Se , N Hw , section 10 , township 18 ,
north , range 80 , westetk P. M. He names the
following wjtueises to prora bin contiuaoo * reil-
deace upon and cultivation ot said laud , viz :
Pretasman Richardton , AlboU R. Chruman.
Itobett B. Deatberage , Lewis Dustman , all ot
Broken Bow , Nebraska ,
The following described land * In Ouster
county will be otlerud for l aso nt public auction
at Broken Bow , Nebraska , on Tuesday , Uocam *
bar 10 , 1DOI , at county trciiaurcr's oltlco , begin
ning at I o'clocK p. m. . aud continuing uivtll all
of Raid land * have boun offered. Term * of
leasing and { appraised valno may bo had ou
application to thin offlco or to county treasurer.
Any ot these lauds that have boun declared va
cant by Board of Educational land * and funds
may bo redeemed If dcllmjuuncten nnd cof tu nre
pnld liofuro laud la leased at audtlon.
WH 10-17-17 , nwU&wK uo &to no 38 1717 ,
* o > t8w4 | 10-18-17 , soM 311.10-18 , all 10-17-1S.
U 10'16-lD , uY un A ao nofiivdw & HO uwr &
* H s & no BO 10-17-1U , ncH M-1.7.1U , n ow &
nwM & S\T BO 111 17-TO , nH .t so ifl-iO-LU nil ao-io-
Sl , nK BOv iu 3(1-17-21 ( , all 30-llMM , uwU 3D-
14-S- ' , all IOlUnoH ! M-17-i."J. all HO-IB-K .
Qlto. n , FODLMEII.COIU. 1'au. LiiuiliA Bldc .
In the matter of the ostnto of Florence L. Keen ,
'Motloo 1 * hereby given tbnt In tinrsnanco ot au
LX order of ( lomer Hi Sullivan , Judge of the dis
trict court of ttio state of Nebraska , hold In an'd
for Ouster county , rnado on the 30th day of Sep
tember , 1001 , for the tale of the real uitata here
inafter described , there wll | bo ftold at thu prop
erty below described on the 30th duy of Novem
ber , A D. Iftil.nt IO.KKI o'clock A. M. at public
vendno to the hlRbeat iilddor for oneli , the follow
ing described real estate , to-wlt ; Onu aero In
the northeast corner ot lot 3 , Iu section C > , town-
ghlu 16 , rutiKO CO , and a parcel ot Innil , 40 feet
wide and SHU teet loni > , In Uoyncr's addition to
Broken Bow , Nebraska. The Bald aalelll re *
iiHlu open onn hour.
Dated this 19th day ot November , 11)01. )
' Administrator ot the en-
lM43t 3 tate of Vlorenco L. Koon.
United States Land OOlce , I
Broken Bow , Neb. , October ! W , 1901. f
> 'otlco IB hereby given that the following
named settler baa tiled notlcu ot his Intention to
niiiku final proof In support of hlc claim , nnd
hat tld proof will bcmado before Hornier and
Kecolver , at Broken Bow , Nebraska , on Satur
day December 7tb , 1901 , la : WKSLEV R.
UICHAKOSON , of AtiBolmo , Nebraska , ou hi *
II. R. No , 1097 , for the Nft Se , No Sw , euctlon
31 , N\r Sw , aectlon 35 , township . nortli , rnugo
U4 , west , Oth P. M. %
lie namoi the following Itnosie * to prove his
coiitinnona roridonco u ] > on and cnltfvatlon of
aaid land , viz : Samuel Adklns , John Ajllilua ,
Wesley M. Koger , Noah Honor , all of Anselmo ,
Nebrnska , JAMES WuiTKHBAl )
William A. JIarrIa and Clara J. Harris , defen
dants will Uko notice that , on DIM liith dny of
September , 1901 , Kllza A. Bullla , plaintlll heroin ,
filed her jMitlllon Iu the dletrlct court of Custor
county , Nflbrasko , agalimt the nbovo oamcd do *
fondante , implnadod with otucra , , the object and
prayer of which arc to forcclote a certain mort-
K KO deed executed by the f aid William II , liar
rid and uiara J. Harris , nuribanu ami wiio , to tuo
Nebraska Moitnge and Trust Company , whereby
they'conYoyed the t outhwcit quarto r ot ccctlou
0 , In towufhlp 17 , north of range 85 , wont of the
Birth Principal Meridian , in Nebrakn , to eccnro
thu payment of $750 according ito the kmorand
effect of ono first mbrtgnRt ) bond , dated on the
2Uth day of July. A. D. 1HW. dno aud payable
flvo yeara from thu date thcroof , with interest
thereon. There IB uow.due and owing thereon
the nad ! BUIU of $760 with interest thcrt-ou from
thu 1st day of January. 1H93 , at , tbo rate ot 10 per
cent , per nunnm. For which sum the vjalutlu
prnys.for a decree that the defendants bo requir
ed to pay the aatne or that nald premise * may bo
Bold to pallslr the amount found to bo dun. The
| , lalntlir herein , Kll7.a A. Bnllln , Is the assignee
and owner of uatd bond und mortgage. You nre
required to answer Bald petition on or before the
10th day of December , 11)01. )
Dated thl 3lBt day of October , A. D. 1001.
EU/.A A. HULLIU , Plalntlli.
By JAIIBB LKDWIOH , Her Attorney. 10-31 'It
United Stntes Lend Olflco , I
Brokvn Bow , Neb. . October 'M , 1901 , f
Notice IH hereby KITBII that the followliiR
named Bcttlor hua Jllca iiqtlcu of hla intuntlon to
maku final pcf > ot In Hiipport of his claim , and that
mtld nroof will IMI tnailo iw-rorc lte ltcr and Ita-
celver. at Broken Bow. N b , , ou Frldayf Decem
her 6th , IWf. ylKi UALl'lf TAYl.oii , Lillian.
RebrasLa , onhiBU. E. No. 1090 , for the E i
SE , SE NK. Boction 1 , township 18 , north , range
21 , wet flibii. in. , , , ,
Ilonkinoa the following wltni-gsOB to pfovo fats
continuous residence upon add cultivation of
Bald laud , viz : George M. WprthlniUon , " "inn *
P. Scrltimler , Gcorgu Templar , all of Lilian ,
Nohr&aka ; OoorguL. Warring , of Broken Bow ,
Nebraska , JAMES
10-31 flt
Unttotl States Laud Office , J.
Broken Bow. Nob. , October ' . ' 8 , 1901 , f
Notice Is hereby given that thu following
named settler bn fileu notice of her Intention to
make final proof In support ot bar claim , and that
said proof will be niidn before Register and Re-
culver , at llrokeu llow , Nebraeka' on Friday ,
December 0,1901. viz : I1ELKN ABU , formerly
Helen r" * Be. of Broken Bow , Nebraska , ou II.
K. No 1595 , for the Ho Bw , 8M So , aectlou 10 ,
town hlp 18 , north , range S0 ! , weat.Oth P. St.
She tames the following witiitsies to proro
her continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said land , viz : Bert Deatherago , Jarnen Slog-
g tt. Lowl * Cuehman , Alonzo B , ABh , all of
Uroken Bow , Nebraska ,
10-31 Ot JAUES WuiTKUKAl ) , Regliter.
Kt N °
Wa7hInglon , D 1) . , October 18 , 1901.
WUERBAH , by natlsfactory evidence present
ed to tbo uudemlged , It hao bean made to appear
that the Ouster National Bank of Broken Bow.
in the Oity of Broken Bow. in the Oouuty ot
Cuitcr , and btttto of Nebrmka , ha * complied with
all the provision * of the Statutes ot tti United
States , required to be compiled with before an
aSBoclatlou shall betinthorlzsd to commenso the
I , Tboua , P. Knne ,
ot Broken Bow , in the City of Broken Bow , In
the County of Cn cr , aud 8UU > of Ncbranka , l
antborlzed to commence the buHlncnn of lunklBU
as provided In beatlun Fifty one bundrcd au ,
sixty iiluu 01 tbe Revised Htatntos of the United
and Seal of the Comptroller' * otUce , thU leh
llepiay and Acting Comptroller of the Currency
< J-31 81
1 -
Mo , ,
Itnlteil States Land Offlro , I
Broken Bow , Nob. , Oct. > l , 1901. I
Notlco IB hereby plvon that tho'following
named settler lisa filed notice of hU intention i *
make final proof In support ot hU claim , and ,
that said proof will bo made before Register Bud .
Receiver at Broken llow , Nob. , ou Hittnrday.
November 30 , lUUl.Tl ) ! ! QKURUE BYRE , f
Round Valley , Nnbraska , on his houioitcnd entry
No , 800. far the SwU , section 0 , township 18 , N. ,
raiiao 10 , west , Oth p , m.
Ho names the rol'owluR wltnoiici to prove hi *
continuous residence upoti aud cultivation of
laid land , vizi
Kdwanl Olsoi , of Round Valley , Nobraika :
PrliKUllmaii , of Kound Valley , Nebraska ; Eraeit
Ricoh , ot Round Valley. Nobraika ; John Klebk ,
ot Broken B iw , Nithraska. . >
10-81 Ot JAUIU WiiiTBtiEiD , Register.
United State * Land.Ofilco , v I
Broken Bow , Nib. . Nov. 7. 1901. f
jjotlro Is horccy given that the followluR no wed
IX settler has filed uotlco of his Intention to mrtco
IInil proof In Bnppnrt ot hl claim , nnd that
raid proof will bo iirode before Register and lie *
culver , at Broken Bow , Nebraska un Thursday.
December 10 , 1001 , vlr. : llbNRYU GUYLU.of
\Valworthj < oli. , on hla II. K. No R06 , for the
b\r NoVH Ho , No Sw. Section in , township 'M ,
north , raniru ! 20. west , Oth P. M. Ho unmos thu
following wltnoiNu to prove kl contlnnetn rest
donco upon and cultivation nf sold laud , vlli
Archlo E. Foni. William n. Fold , both of OaUa ,
Nebruska ; Charles P. Long , John 0. . Prodmore ,
both of Walworth , Nobrankn.
11-M Ot 9 JAXKH WUITSUBAD , HeglUer.
George flnrdlner , Mary K. Gardiner , tiafsn
Plumb , Annie riuuib , Iranell Klowvr. Jeau
Flowir , Laura A Montaaao , Mln MoiUagua ,
Lydla Kelley , William Kalltjy , Bllr.n Stowact ,
William Stowmt , Katp 1'lamband Jtieph PUrnb ,
de/oudnntB , Implea'dcd with others , will ttk *
notice that om the ICth day et Htpterober. 1U01 ,
John IS. Brownlug , plalntlfl herein , filed bis peti
tion In the district court of Custor county , iNe-
bracka , Against said defendanti , Impleadod with
others , the object and prayer of wnlok are to
foreclose a certain mortgage deed-executed by
Uoorye Qardlner and Mary E , Uardluer , In favor
of tbo Nokrnika MortnaKo and Trust CoQpany ,
covering and couvoylnu -jouthcast quarter , nt
Boction 3:1 : , In township 18 , north ot range IU ,
wejt ot the Oth Principal Meridian , In Nobrnuim.
to nocnru the payment of n mortgice bond , datdd
on thu loth day of October , 1HSX ) , . for the tuui of
$400. duo and payable five years from the date
thureof. That there Is now dee and uayablo ou
aid bond aud mortgage the said sum of { 400 with
Intnrest thorcnu from the first day of November ,
ISD.i , at the rate of ten per cent , per annum :
aldo IhrOQ interest coupon notes , e ch In the'UnRi
of $ U. , duo and payable at followt November
1st , 1691 , May 1st , 1895 , and November 1st , 1890 ,
with Interest on each of said notes from the ma
turity thereof at the rate of ten per cent per
nunnm , for which aald eovornl sums , with Inter
nal , the j'lalntlrt prays for a decree that tha de 'i
fendants bo required to pay the same or that said
premise * may bo sold to satisfy the amount found
dno , You urn required to answer said petition
on or before the Kith day of December , 1901. ,
Dated this iJOtih day of October , 1901.
JOHN E. IlnowNiNti , Plaintiff.
By JAMES LSDWIOU , 111 * Attorney. 10-31 4t
Biidingfon TIME TABLE y
Denver ,
> iuiilia. Ilelcuu ,
cniciiico , iiutte ,
l. Jottuplt , I'ortlaticlf
lEtiiiHMS City , Halt Lake City ,
Nt. LOIIIH , Antl Hisn ITnticlaco
All I'oiiltH Kant And All JS'utati
AMtl HoutllVCNt. .
No , 43 Vontlbuled express dally , Lincoln , Oma-
lia , Ht. Joscpn.Ks&suCItr , St. Loali , CU
cage and all point * east and south. , . . 1144 p.m.
No. 44 Local express dallr , Lincoln , Omaha ,
tit. Joseph , Hanson City , st , Lonl , Clilcnzo
and all points east nud south 6 2U am
No , 40 Freight dallr , Itavenna , Grand lelaud ,
Aurora , Howard and Lincoln , 003 am
No.13 I'rolii'it , aauy except Sunday , Hsvouna
ami intemadlito points 1 OSpm
No. 41 Veatlbnlod express dally , Helena , Beat-
tie , llutte , 1'ortlanU and all 1'aclCc Uoast
liolntfl t .400am
No. 43 Local oxprcsa dally , AlUaucu and
Intormcdluto points 1340am
No , 15 FrelKhl ( Ullystqt > a only Aniolmo Seneca ,
Whitman and Alliance 1069am
No. 47 Freight , dally except Huuday , Siaeca
and Interuedlate points l:8ipm :
SlooiiHiir , dlulnjr and reclining cbalrcars ( seats
true ) oil through Iralns. Tlckea aold and bag-
gauo chocked to any point In Uu United States
kuu Canada.
No. 48 has merobamllae cam Tuesdays , Thurs
days aud Saturdays.
No , 49 will carry passerKora for Raronns
Grand Island , Suward and Lincoln.
loformatlen , maps , time tablet and ticket
call on or write to U. L. Ormiby , agent , or J
Frauoh , Q , 1' . A. , Omuhw. Nebraska.
Ii. L , OnxsBT , Afionu
1'otich for west will cloeo at 8 p , M. , except
Sunday when It will clone at t ) : 15 p in ,
Ponch , cast for train No. 44otot a at 8 a m
and fui No. 44 cloioa nt , 0.30 aui. Mall for Ansloy
aud points east of Uraud UUurt carried on train
No. 44.
Oconto Tta ot Ryno ar l Tuckervllle , dally ex
cept Sunday cloiM , at 7 * ml returnluic game day
Callawny via , Mc'Klnley dally except Sunday
closes at 7 a m , returning anme day.
Hnnrul Vallor via Ureeu and KHon oloie at 7 a
ra.Tuuday , Thuriday aud Saturday * , rutarnlug <
laiau day. |
Sunnier via Garnsey , Qcorgetowu and Upton i
arrrlves at 11.30 , Tuesday TnnrsJay aud Satnr- j
day returning leae * at 18,30 * ame day.
OlUoi lionra from b.OO a w to 8.00 p in. Suu- i
days from BUS p. m , toOttt p , m. Lobby won - '
week day * from 7 D , to B p.m. Bouda a aSO : I
a.m. toUu. in. Uetieral doilvtry not open San * I
day morning a * heretofore. L , U.Jawwr , FU *