Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, November 14, 1901, Image 5

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( Anilcy Citizen )
"Dad" Hare feuln HO jubilniil
over the election llial IIH
to bavo a barbecue -and rally at
thin pl.ico nrxt week. Ho ban
broauLed thu tubjicl lo ti vital of
the newly clioiui ( flioers and .thoy
are heartily in favor of it ,
( Mason City Trauscrlpt. )
Our townsman Or. IS. A R t
son was niiinng llio furltinato in
scouring tlui ni'iit-Hsary 'vt > t t ) that
entitle * ) him lo not in copauily of
county coroner for the next 2 year- .
Thin vvill certainly plennq hi *
frit-mis , Tnuvordl tiling w know
abjiil l bo ilo-Hor is lb t Inif : -
Al L | j m' , also one cf unr fol
io , v towusm , win ) was on thf
popuhat Vijket for county surveyor
was also elected. Tbo trouble
about bia elouliou ia viz : He waa
clouted to stay at homo. . Wo can
say thia however that Mr. Lamb put
up a good moo and bad bo secured
the position bo would have made a
good surveyor.
And still there is another Mason-
ile who waa on the county ticket.
H'o ' is a democrat and waa a oandi-
date for rogiater of doede. He also
did not get the sufliciont number of
voles to secure his prize , but we
want to say right bore that Billy
received a good vote , one be need
not bo ashamed of , Billy is alright
and juat keep your eye on him and
see what he will do iwo years from
( Gallaway Courier. )
The esteemed Beacon always has
a pet aaddidato and its pet candi
date always gets loft. In 1807 it
bowled itself hoarse for Shiun and
Shinu was defeated for county
judge by 369 voles while every
jther pop was elected by a big
ainjorily. In 1808 it devoted KB
energies to the canvas of C. W.
Beat for .State . senator and Beal was
the only pop defeated that year.
In 1809'it undertook the especial
championship of Fred Cuiurainga
for county judge- and ( Jammings
was defeated while every other pop
candidates sailed into oftioo with
flying colors. In 1900 it made the
effort of UB life to land Whilnoy in
the Htato Rcnato and every pop can *
didato otocpt Whitney waa elected ,
In 1901 it devoted the largest portion
tion of itvn editorial space to Ring
ing the praises of John Murray ,
pop candid ilo for superintendent of
ajhoola , and Murray was the worst
boiten man on the pop ticket , As
A luudoo tLo oHtuumod Bcajoa ap
pears to ho a howling success
( Ausloy Chronicle. )
What It Means.
It moans that a majority of the
volprs of Ouster county believe that
tlio principles of republicanism is
It moana that the party of Abra
ham Lincoln , James A. Qarfield and
William MoKinloy must not perish
from the earth ,
It moans that prosperity ia a good
thing oud that the farmer appreci
ates the demand and the high price
paid for the fruits of his toil.
It means that populism must take
its place m the sepulohor with the
dead parties of the past.
It means still more. It means
that the leaders of "reform" can't
fool thb people all the time.
Uullalo Bill Brags About Ilia New
IMaco in Wyoming.
Thousands of Dollars Spent For Paintings -
ings , Furmtnro anil Oarpots to
Mnko a Luxurious Home
in the Wilder
Oolonel Wm. bOody , better
known au Buffalo Bill , arrived from
Now York City to-day , enroute to
the Big Horn Basin of 'Wyoming. '
He is all wrapped in plans for the
improvement of the now town
named for him , Oody , Wyo. , which
is the pride of his heart. Uo thinks
of nothing else , talks of nothing
else , and his intimate friends nay
that ho oven dreams of the new
town , a soft impeachment which
the colonel doee not deny
In speaking of the future me
tropolis , Oolonel Oody saidf "We
are going to open a brand new ,
splinter bright 'town Jiext Monday
and its uauie is Oody. The event
will bo celebrated in style befitting
the occasion and there will be a
good old time irom morning until
' Cody is situated in the heart of
Big Horn Basin , a great sheep and
aattlo region , whore irrigation maybe
bo nst-d to iho greatest advantage
for agni. ultiiral purposes Today ,
when the Burlington railroad into
Oody is barely completed , three
tramloads of cattle were dripped
out of there , which shows that
that there in something substantial
a bum thu country.
' My purpose in visiting Now
York was to interest capitalists in
an immense irrigational canal to
cost nearly $1.000,000 an d to water
120,000 acres of laud. I atn pleas
ed to annouco that my mission was
successful and that the canal will
bo completed next year , Our
purpose is to divide the land under
the ditch into forty-aero farms , so
wo are prepared to furnish homos
to a great many thousand people.
"It is tiuo that I have given up
my legal residence at North Platte
and that I have become a citizen of
Wyoming but I have not sold an
acre of my Nebraska lands and I do
not intend to do BO. Nebraska is
forging to the front too rapidly for
me to think of soiling what I hold
here. "
Oolonel Martin a lifelong friend
of Oodv'H and his constant com
panion , says that Iho lattei has
built a ten-room log cabin at Oody ,
in which he will live. "Why do
you know , " said he , "that Bill pur
chased $10,000 worth of oil paiut-
ingb in New York for that log
cabin of his ? Well , it's a faot ,
Uo run across a painter of animals
and western scons who was long on
pictures and short on cash and
when the artist got through hypno
tizing the colonel their conditions
wore reversed for the time being.
The furnishings of that log cabin
will be a tight for the gods to be-
hbld. In addition to the oil paint
ings Oody has bought an immense
amount of the newest Flemish oak
furniture and the finest carpets and
curtains. " The Omaha Bee.
B- .
A Village Blacksmith His Little Son's Life.
Mr * H. H. Black , the well-known
village Grnhamavillo , Sullivan Co. , N.
iT. , says : "Our little eon , five years
old baa always been subject * to croup
and HO bad have the attacks been that
w'e hav feared many times that he would
die.Vo have bad the doctor and used
many medicines , but Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy is now our sole reliance.
It eeetns to uiaolvo the tougb mucus
and by Riving frequent doaes wben the
croupy symptoms appear we have found
that the dreaded qroup ia cured before
it get * Bottled , " There Is no danger in
giving thia remedy for it contains no
opium or otber injurious drug and may
be given as confidently to a babe as to
an adult , For sale By J. G. Haoberle.
iiisiness and Professional Directory ,
Proprietors of
West Hide Square , UrokJfn Uo\v
Nehrnek * . Agents LTiirUson
Lincoln Lanudry.
Rasmus Anderson , J. C. Moore
Ktal Estate. Abstractor.
Lands for sale and rent in Cantor and adjoin
ing counticR. Equities and mortgages bought and
sold. Abstracts promptly and neatly made.
Office , Main St. , Between 4th & 5th Avenues ,
Broken Bow , Custor County , Nebraska.
W. K. BAKEU.J'rop.
For a social ciunu of pool , North
of iruut.icAN O111co.
Broken Bow , Neliraska.
Successor to
blaclx & IlolcomD ,
Columbia Byololes ,
Wheeler & Wilson , and
New llonin eumg
Machine <
Broken Bow , Nucraska.
Dealer In
Pumps , Wind Mills ,
Tankf , Fittings , Gaso
line Kn inee , eta , , etc.
Broken Bow , Nebraska.
I 15 years experience.
Terms reasonable.
Telephone No , 12 ,
Broken Bow , Nebraska ,
Auyona wishing n new watch
movement In an old case , call ou
Lending Shoemaker A Watch
Itopnlierof the city. Located lat
door fouth. poetolllcu.
Dealer In
Granite , Foreign und Jt uerlcau
Ornamental .Work a
Broken Bow , Nul
All kinds ot Work Done.
Satisfaction Guaranteed ,
Crayon Work
Broken Bow , Nebraska.
B.O.HUTTON , Proprietor.
Flrst-ola u work. Itear Itoon :
of llrokcn Bow State Bank.
Broken Bow , Nebraska.
attorney attain
llrokou Bow , Nebr.
2nd Stairway from we t end IB
Realty llloote : residence , 3rd wu t
U. B. clmrcli , on samu Bide of
j5 ? PlanB and osttmates on short
llrokcn Dow , Nebraska
Couiicellorn-ut-I aw.
Itooms 8 and U , Realty Block.
Broken Bow , Nebraska.
'Atty-at-La\v ,
Notary Public ,
Hmi Justice of the Peace. Special
attention BlTen to collections
Depositions taken , penilonvoneb.
ers neatly executed and all ktndi
of legal papers written Oflloe In
the rear of Bank of Commerce.
Broken Bow , Neb.
J ,
Practice In all Courts.
Brotan Bow , Nebraska ,
E. F. McCLUKa , Prop ,
Rye Flour , Buckwheat ,
Graham , Feed , eto.
All kinds of work ; In our line done
promptly aud lu first-class order.
Bed Shop on the. corner westoi
the hose bouse.
Broken Bow , Neb.
Proprietor of
HcitaurantA ; Lunch Coantcr.
Largu assortment of Confection-
Miles , Clgarn and Tobaccos.
North Bide of Public Squars ,
Broken Bow , Nebraska.
OUce over lUebetle's Drug Store.
Broken Bow , Nehraika.
Office In rear of the Bank of Com
merce. Krtldonce 6th bonie west
ot the BaptUt church.
Broken Bow , Neb.
Stenographer and
Notary Public.
Job Work a Specialty ,
Office with James Ledvrtch
% , ti
Our Prices Go Down.
Wo nro going to Oloab Out Our
Clothing ,
Hats and Onps ,
Wr t Boots and Shocw ,
m Aud Dress Qoodo ,
Sale tarts Monday , and will oontinuo as long rid there in n pair
of pants left.
Come early and got a good thing for'ft .
Broken Bow , Nebraska.
Many people are Buffering fear *
ully from indignation or dyupopaia
when one single bottle of LIKR-
3INE would briug about a prompt
and permanent oure. A few doaoH
will do more for a weak atomaoh
ban a prolonged course of any ether >
or medicine. Pnoo , 50 oonta. Ed.
Broken Bow and Merna.
If you have ranches , farms or
city property you want to soil or
rent , list them will ) J. J. Snyder ,
Broken Bow , Nob. 4-1 Mf
For all kinds of Bohool booka go
to Ed. MoOoman's.
An Ingenious Treatment By Which Druukardu
Are Being Cured Dally ID Spite
ot Themselves.
No NoaclouH noHUM. NoVeaUen -
Inicoftlie Nerves , A iMcatt-
Hut and Positive Cure
For the Liquor
Habit. !
It la now geaernlly known and under
stood Hint Drunkenness li u dee'ease uuil
tot weakness. A body tilled with poison
Mid nerves completely shattered by
> erlodical or constant use of intoxicating
Iquora , requires an antidote capable of
neutralizing and eradicating this poison
and destroying the craving ( or intox-
cantti. Suffers may now cure them
selves ut borne without publicity or JOBS
of time from business by this wonderful
'Home Gold Cure" which has boon per-
ecteil after many years of close study
and treatment ot inebriates. The fulth-
; ul use according to ttbo directions of
tola wonderful discovery la positively
guaiaoteed to cure the most obstinate
case , no matter how bard A drinker.
Jur records show the raarvelrua trhne-
'ormallon ' of thousands of Drunkards
Into sober , Industrious and upright men.
Wives Cure Your lluabands. Child
ren Oure Your Fathers. This remedy is
n no eense n nostrum but is a specific
( or tbis disease only , and j * uo skillfully
devised and prepared tbatit n thorough
ly soluble rind pleasant to the taeto so
that it can bo given in a cup ot tea or
coffee without the Knowledge of the per
son taking it. Thousands ot Drunkards
have cured themselves with tiili pricolees
remedy , and as tunny more have been
curfd and made temperate men by
the "Unro" administered
iiaving by lov-
ng friends and rolativei without their
knowledge In coffee or tea , and believe
to-day that they dlecontlued drinking of
their own free will. Do Not Wait. DP
lot bb deluded by apparent and mislead
ing "improvement. " Drive out
disease at ones and for nil time. The
"Homo Gold Oure" is sold at the
extremely low price of Ono Dollar , thus
placing within reach of everybody n
treatment more effectual than others
coating $25 to $50. Full dlrectlonu
accompany each p&ckago. Special
advice by skilled physicians when re
quested without extra cbnrgo. Sent
prepaid to any part of the world on
recept of One Dollar. Address Dep' . E
177.EDWIN B. Giles&OOMPANY.2330
and 2332 Market Street , Philadelphia.
All correspondence strictly coniidotial.
U. S. Land Office.
K , II. YOUNG Hecelfer
All advertisements under tbli head will l > o
charged for at Ural rates , vlzt $1,00 per square
for first Insertion , and W3c per ncjuare for eacb
subsequent Inaertlon.
A "square" la ten lines or fraction thereof.
In the Justice lourl of E. Q'Hchwlnd , Justice of
tne Peace , Wlihlu aud for Cuater county , N t > .
Ittchard Price , VlalntlB , )
T * . >
John O. Illrcock , Detd't , >
John O. Illrcock will take notice tbat on tbo
14th day of October , 1'JOl , E , O'ScbwInd , a Justice
of the peace within and for Guitar county , Ne
braska , IstDcd au order of attachment agalnut
yon for the mm of $173 33 , In an action pending
before him wherein lUchard Price IK plain till and
JobnO Illrcock. defendant ; that Hannah II.
Illrcock waa garnttheu In said action und sbo has
answered dlicio lug that she Is sdmlutitrntrlr of
the estate of Wlllt&ui Illrcock , deceased , and has
moneys and credits In her poseeaalouaud under
her control belonging to paid defendant , Johu
Illrcnck ; and tatd canse w < contlnnud to the
i-Tth day ot November , 1001 , at 1U o'clock a. rn .
when you are required to appear atd answer sahi
petition or judgement will bo rendered against
you for the full amount claimed dna , together
with coats ot wilt. IltciiABl ) Pnlcx , I'lilntlU ,
By ALPHA MOHUAN , Ilia Attorney. 10-31 4t
The followlni ; described landn In Ouster
ouuty will bo oilerod for lonno nt public auction
tllrokonUow , Nehraekn , onTitutday , Ducntn-
wr 10.1V01 , at county trcneurer'ii olllcu , liPKln-
ilnt ; at t o'cloCK p , m , . and contlnulnn until all
of Maid landa hare boon ollercd. Terms ot
earing aud sppralccd valno may bo had ou
application to HIM nlllco or to county trcnstiror.
Any ot those landa that , have been declared vn-
ant by Board of Educational Inmlf and IniiilH
nay bo redeemed If ilcllmiiu'iiclen and cocti aru
iatd bofora laud In leaned at auction.
\ \ % lft-17-17 , nwU&wK no & i-o no n 17-17 ,
> i in to swU in.'H-l7 , HM ,10 10-18 , all Kl-n-lH ,
( iv < Jfl-15-lli , nH n" & au no A mvdw .Vs so nw A
A no BB iB-17-10 , now UO-17.IU , n > { BW A
& BW o 10 17-O ) , nVi & soin-10-80 , ull H9-III-
ji'X so& aw so 3U-17-il. ! ll ail-1D-St , liwU 'M'
. ' , nil lu-io. ' . , i\o < 4 : w-ir-is ; . an aa-is-i ! .
OEO. n. Foi.LiiE4t , ( . ' < ini. Pnb. Lnuds < b Bides.
n the matter of the estate ot Florence L. Keen , :
iltcoasod ,
V ] otlco Is hereby glTOu that In pursunnco of ati
li order of Homer M.Mulllvan , judge of the dl
rlct court of tlm Htato ot Nohraskn , hold In and
'or Custor connty , madu on the 30th day of Sep
tember , 1601 , for thotnlo of thu rcnl uatato here
inafter desurlbed , them wll | bo sold at thu property - '
erty below described on the 'Mlh dnv of Novom
her , A I ) . 1001at 10.110 o'eo < k A. M. at public
vitnduoto the hlglioi-t bidder for cash , the follow
ing described roul estate , to-wlt : Ono no-o In
the northeast corner of lot 3 , In Bectlou 5 , town
ship 10 , range 20 , and a parcel ot land , 40 f eel
wide and "SO feet long. In Koyiior'a addition to
Itrokou Bow. Nchrnuka. The Bald Bale will rc-
inttn open ono hour.
Dated this 1'v'th day ot November , IDol.
li. E.KooN.
Administrator of tint os-
11-14 t 3 tutu ot Florence L. Koon.
Unllod Slates Land Ofllcc , I
llrokuu How , Neb. . October 'M , 1001. I
. > otlce i hereby Klvoa that the followlnf |
uauicd Huttlrr ) ian uled notice of hie intention In
innUe n > ial proot In support of hie clcilm , and
thntatld proof will bo made before Ueglitvr and
Receiver , at Broken Bow , Nebraska , on Satur
day December 7th , IflOt , via : WKSLKV It.
K10IIAKOSON , ofAaaelmo , Nohranka. ou his
II. K. No. 1097 , tor the NK So , Nu Bw , nuctlon
H , Nw 6w , section 35 , township " 0. north , range
Jl. wei-tOthP. M.
He names thu followlni ; ItnosROi to prove bis
continuous ronldotico upon And cnltlvatlon of
mild land , viz : Samuel dklns , John AdliliiH ,
Wesley M. Koger , N uh ICoj-or , all of Aniuliuo ,
Mohrnsk . JAJIKS WntTiJiir.Ai ) ,
Ke lnter.
William A. Harris and Clara J. Harris , defen
dants will tnko notlco that on tliu lOlh day ot
September , 1WI , Kllzn A. Dullln , plnlnUit lirrcln ,
flleilhorpetition In the district court ot Uurler
county , Nabraska , agalm-l thu aboro ratnnd ilo-
fonUttnlp , Itnpleaded with others , thu object nnd
pruyer of which are to foreclose a certain mort-
Kagodocd executed by thu sala William II. Har
ris aud Cmra J. Uarrle , hunband aud wife , to the
Nebraska MoitraKe and Trust Company , whereby
they convoyed th couthwest quarto r ot section
1 > , In townfulp , north of range J.5 , wont of the
lth Principal Meridian , In Nubraska , tu accuro
thu payment of 8750 according to the tenor and
effect of one Brst mortgage bond , dated on the
SOthilayof July , A. D. I8W , duo and nayablo
live years front the ditto thereof , with Interest
thereon. There Is now duo and owing flieroon
the said sum of 8750 with Interest thoioou from
the 1st day of Jauuary. 1H)3 ! ) , ut the rate of 10 per
cent , per nnnuui. For which mm the plaintiff
prays for u decree that tha dtfcnduius bo requir
ed to pay the same or that mtld prumlsea may bo
old to natlnfr thu amount found tn bo dtta. Tliu
plaliitlu herolnjillza A. llulllt. lit the nKflfiiieo
mid owner of naTd bond ami mortgage. You uru
rciinlred to answer nald petition on nr before the
lOtli day of December , 1U01.
Dated thia SH' | day of October , A. D. 1001.
KLUA.A. HUI.MH , Plaintiff.
By JAIIZB LKDWIOII , Her Attorney. 10-31 > lt
United States Lend OfUca , I
Broken Bow , Neb. , October 'M , 1001. f
Notice Is hereby gtyon that thu following
imniftd Ht'ltlur IIHH Illi-d notice of his Intention to
make final proof In mipport of hl claim , aud that
ald proof will be made before ICu'lntcr ami Uo-
celvor. at Broken Bovr , Nub. , on Frlduy , Decein
bur Oth. IWl , vizi UALPH TAYJ.OU , Lillian ,
Nebraska , on bun. K. No. 11)00 ) , for the E'/i
HE , SE NK. suction 1 , towuihlp IB. north , rutigu
'JI , west Oth p. m.
He nkm 8 thu following wltiippnod to prova hU
contlnaous rcaldeuco upon add cultivation ct
said land , viz : George- . Worthlncton , Ilasmua
P. Scrltsmler , Qcorgu Templar , all of Lillian ,
Nebraska ; Goorgu L. Warring , of Broken Bow ,
10-Jil Ot KeglHtcr.
United Stated Laud OIHrn , *
Broken Bow. Nob. , October' ' , 1601. f
Notice la hereby given that thu following
named settler haa filed notice of her Intuntlon to
make final proof In nupport of her claim , nnd thtt
ald proof will be iniiln heforu Uegleter an < He-
celvor , at Krokeu Bow , Nebraska' on KrlJuy ,
Duc mhcrO , 1001. viz : I1ELIJN ASH , tormurly
Helen KOCHC , of Broken Dow , Nebraska , on II.
K No 1601 , fc r thu fie Hw. Si Su , aectlim 10 ,
lownnhlp IB , north , rangaUO , west , Ctb P. M.
She LameH the following wltntiuus lo provo
ber continuous residence upon and cultivation or
said land , vlBert : Ui-athHragu , Jiimes Slog ,
gett , Lewi * Cuthman , Alonzo B , Aah , all ot
Uroken Bow , Nebraska ,
Wafhlngton , I ) . D. . October 18 , 1001.
WIIRHEAH , by natlHtiictory evldencu pri'Ment-
ed to thu uuderslged , it ha been madu 10 uppear
that the ( ; ui > ter National Bunk of llrokeu Dow.
iu the Uity of Broken Bow In the Comity of
C'nster , and Btatu of Nebraska , bat complied with
all tbo provlilons of tbo StHtuten of tne J tilted
States , required to bo compiled with before an
astccltttou ehall be Mahomed to commence tbo
business of Banking ;
NOW THEREFORE , I , ThornaP. . Kane ,
depu v and acting Ouinutroller of iho Currency ,
do hereby cartlly that TUe Cubter Nmlonal Bant
ofBrokun Bow , in'thotmy ot Broken Bow , In
the County of Uuuter , und Htito of Ncuraska , IK
antborlzeii to commi'iico the buolnexn ot Hanking
as i rnvlJed In beetlon Fifty onii tiundrcd anil
.lily nine of thu UevUml StatutuD of thn United
UlN tf0
andfteal of the Coiuptroller'n otllce , thb eltrh-
temth day of October. I'JUl , , . . , _
( SKAL ) T P. KANE ,
Deputy aud Acting Cotuptrcllaf ot thu Currency.
No. filto , 10-31 t
United Status I.n ( l Olllco , I
Btok n llow , Neb , , Oct. it , 1901. I
Notice In hereby given tbat the folio wine
named settler hts Illeil notice of his Intention to
mafco lliial proof l support ot his clilm , and
tint mtld proof \\III bo madn hefuru Hoglstor and
Kccclvorat Broken Dow , Neb , , on Haturday ,
November M , IUOI. TOKUttUE ! EVKE , at
Hound Valley , Nihraska , on hU honicslead entry
No. 800. for tlio Hw , tection 0 , township It ) , It. ,
rniiKe IU , west , Olh n , m.
Ilo names tliu rol owing vrltuosirs to provo tils
continuous reMitonce upon and cnltlratlon ot
aid land , vlx.t
Edward Olouti , of Round Valley , Nobraikaj
Fri7. | Ulliiuin , of Hound Valley. Nebraska ; Krnsst
Kleiib , of Kouud Vnlloy. Nebraska ; Johu Klebb ,
of Brnkoii B w , Nebraska.
10 210 JA.MKS WitiTttiKAU , Register.
United Statoa Lnnd Olllc , I
Broken llow , Nib. . Nov. 7. 1001 , f
No tlio is horccv given that the follnvvliij ; uum d
eottlcrbaii tiled notice of kin intention to make
llnal proof In nuppori ot bis claim , onJ that
raid proof will bo nmdr bcforu Koglbtorund llu-
cclvcr. at Broken Bow , Nnbrarku on Thnrrday ,
December II ) , 10M. viz : HKNUYQ QUYLIC.of
Walwortb. Nrb. , on hla H. E. No W'5 , for the
Hw Nc , W'.i Ho , Nu Sw. Section 15 , towttthlp SO ,
north , rouge0 , west , Oth P. M. lloimmoj tha
following wllniHfiw to prove his rtntluuous renl-
dcccu upon und culttvatlOH t cold land , via !
Archie K. Ford. William H. Fold , both of Oaten ,
Nelintuka ; Oharlos P , Long , John U , Predmorc ,
both of Walworth. Nobra ku.
11-14 lit U JAMKH WHITIUKAU , negiitnr.
George Gardiner , Mary B. Uardtner , Bnsau
Plumb , Annie Plumb , Irabell flower , Jean
Flower , Laura A MontriKuo , Mlu Monlagas ,
Lydlu Kulley , William Kolley.KIIf Stewart ,
wiuiam aiowari , iv io r-iumunnu joiepn fiurau.
dufondants , Imylcadcd with others , will ttkd
notlco that on thu 10th day of Baptuinber , ' 1UOI ,
John 10 Browning , plaintiff herein , filed his peti
tion in the district court of Uttstur couuty , Ne
braska , against iiald defendants , Impletded with
others , the object and prayer ot witlcb am tu
foreclose a certain mortgage deed executed by
floorKo Gardiner and Mary K , Uirdlncr , In fa or
of the Nebraska Mortgage aud Trust
covering and couvoylng too xoDthetst quarter , f
poctlon 3J , In township IB , north ot range 10 ,
west of the Oth Principal Meridian , ! Nebraska ,
to eccuru the payment ot a mortgage bond , dated
on thu 10th day of October , 1890 , tor the tuai of
1 100. duo and payable flve year * from the datb
thereof. Thnt there Is now duo and payable on
catd bond and mortgage the said snm of J4UO with
Interest thurron ttom the first day of November ,
1803 , at the ruto ot ton per cent , per annum ;
ulfo thrco Interest coupon notes , etch In tha sum
of $11. , duu and payable as follow * : November
1st , 1H9I , May Ut.lHOS.aud November let , 1885 ,
with Interest on oauli of said notes from the ma
turity thereof nt the rate ot ten pur cent per
iinuuni , for which aald several suras , with Inter
est , the ) In In till piujs for a decree that Ui * do
feudanU ho required to pay tbo flaino or that said
bo Hold tonatlsfy the amount found
due. You nro required to answer said petition
on or before the loth day of December , 1001 ,
Dated this UOtk day of October , 1001 ,
JOHN E. UnowxiNa , Plaintiff
Ky JAMKH LUDWICII , LIU Attorney. 10,31 4t
Bufliiigton TIME TABLE
Lincoln , Denver ,
oinuiin. Helena.
Clilcaico , i Unite ,
Ht JOHCpIl , ortlund ,
ICmiHUH City , Hnit Laue City
Ht , LoulH. And Him 1'raiiclnco
All I OlMtH IIUHt Anil All 1'ointn
A net nuutli \VCHt.
No. 43 Vejllbuled express dally. Lincoln , Omn-
ha , at. , To8epti.lUns sClty , tit. Louli , Ctil
cugonnil ull poInU east and eouth..lMl p.m.
No , 41 I/ociil uzprcea ilally. Lincoln , Omalin ,
Ht. Joseph , KHUDOS Cttr , St , Looli ,
and nil points east nud iouth . 0 8U am
No. 40 Freight dally , Kavonoa , Qraud Iiland ,
Aurom , bowardftiul Lincoln . 6u3am
No. 43 Jfrol bt , nauy except Bandar , Ittvcutis
and inturrnkdltto iiolute , . . .1 OOpui
No. ) ! Veetlbnled express daily , Helen * , Boat-
Ui llutte , 1'ortland und ull racltlo Cout
points . , . 40Uam
No. 43 Local express dally , Alliance and
Internirdluto uolnts . lU40 m
No , 4S VnirM dallyiitopB only Anialmo Beuec * ,
Wliltmnti and Alliance . 1058am
No. 17 Freight , dnlly excupt Bnnday , Hineca
and IntorniPillato poluti . lSipiu
Slouplni ; , dli.lng and reclining chair can ( loats
Irvo ) ou through trains. TlclJtn oj | and hag-
Kagu chockud to uny point In tin United atutui
and UultlidB ,
No. 48 haa merohandlao cam Tueidayi , Thurs
day aud Saturdays.
Nu , 40 will carry passoi K'era ( or Itavenni
Urand lelanil , Howard and Lincoln.
Inforiuatlnu.-intipB , time tablet and ticket
fall n or wrtto to II. L. Oonaby , agent , or J
Kfaiicli , 0. 1 * . A. , Omaha. Nebraska.
II , L.UiiMBnr , ARont.
I'ouch for West will close at 8 p. a , , eirept
Hnuday when It will cloeuatfll5 p m.
I'ouch , cast for train No. 1'iolossJ at 8 a ni
and ( ot No , 41 cloien at , Q.80 a.m. Mall ( orAunley
aud iiolnte cast ot Grand Island carried ou train
No. 44.
Oconto rla of Kyno artf Tuckervllle. dally ex
cept buuday closen , at 7 u m : returuliiff same day
Cnilaway via , Mc'Klnley dally except tiuul&y
closes at 7 a m , returning name dtty.
Kiiuud Valley via Oreen and Klton Clota at 7 a
tn.Tut'iday , TUuriday and ti turday , ictnrnluK
uauo day.
hnmncr via Ournauy , Georgetown and Uptou
irtrlvos at 11.30 , Tuucday Tnursduy ud ijalur-
day ruturnluK l n o at 12,30 same day.
OlUoi hours from 8,00 a in to 8,00 p in. Sau-
d y ffOiu6l6 p. lu. toOlb : p , m. Lobby open
weekday * from" s. u ) , to B p.m. Buudtt , * 8SU
a. m. toUu. m. Ucncral doilvury not open Bun *
day morning M heretofore. L. ll.Jawirr , fil'