Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, November 14, 1901, Image 2

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    Custer County Republican ,
fr. M. AMI HU lilt i , Killtor nd 1'nblUJiel
Boir , '
Tfo mnii over gained u reputation by
working uiil pufcftlos.
Xleut. Penry nmy ho stnylng up near
Iho north pole to umpire the Baldwin
Ltcutcnnnt Peary linn hccn found
Igaln. He IB near enough to the pole
to warrant another lecture tour.
HapplncRH comes to UH hy dcgrcca.
Vfe have to blto through the foreud before -
fore Wo reach the chicken In the sand-
I' Mx bLUJ b
A call la being made on Massachu-
totts to graft the lobster on to the gipsy
noth to save the former from extertul-
atlon. . i , , ,
Wo men are Blowly getting out1 own
h fights. A New York woman h. . < l-een
lent to Blackwell's Island for whipping
icr husband.
The world Is wide , bui it - narrow
when compared with the .Im.-i-cneu of
pinion exiting between ilu > average
nan and IIH ! wife's mother
One great gun , "the biggest thing on
larth , " will carry Hliot over .Ml. IHanc
with Tike's Peak piled on top of It.
The fact Is It will shoot olean out ot
'The cigarette furnishes the smoke of
battle now that smokeless powder IH In
rogue. One American linn shipped
100,000,000 of the little cylinders to
South Africa last year.
The use of the sword will be abolish-
id lu the British army. Kngtund's ex-
lerlence lu South Africa has clearly
lemonstrated that the typewriter Is
nlghtler than the sword In the hands
If an Englishman.
It has been Bald that In true friend-
jhip nothing that IK wrong may hu
inked , nothing that IH wrong may hu
jrautcd. A rule of life for nations , as
: / For IndlvIdualH , which would save nils-
BnderatandlngH and uontroverwleH with-
lut number.
It has been hinted that Miss Anna
Morgan , daughter of J. Piurpont , re-
tcutly demonstrated on a camping ex-
luwllHnn ( lint dint I'liimnt r'dnl : It Is
. _ - _
J. T
lonsense to expect her to possess this
accomplishment. Thu only ( jnestlou
with a young woman of her prospects
la as to whether shu ean successfully
lay down thu law t < > the hired girl.
Happily , the iiimrehlst la not an
American product. He coinus to us
troui other lands and a Htrlet scrutiny
Mt all ImmlgrantH , their antecedents
ind Intentions , und a turning back of
rery one who cunnot nlvo a good ac
count of himself and produce u state-
nent from thu olllclals of thu place
from which he comes that he Is a de-
tirable citizen will he helpful In the
work'of freeing the country of this horrible
rible menace. Any step that will rid
. . n of them Is Justlllahle. The wholu
Question Is ! What Is that step ?
a 'ti = f
1 Altogether there Is union to ho said
1 for the theory that white doni'lnatlon
* of the world may ho merely a chapter
of the long hunnin story , with other
and very dlu'cront conditions to follow ,
but there IB little In the conditions of
the past , so far as they are known teA
A us , rind nothing In the facts of the pros-
* "
, tat to overthrow thu position of these
, who believe that unhrokeii troplcnl
. heat , especially heat with moisture , Is
if- tlmost , If not quite , an Insurmountable
' ' ebstaclc to the development iiid ) inuln-
, tonancc of un advanced clvlll/.atlou ,
- -
fr if -n f
. The statistician of the Department
of Agriculture has lately returned from
A trip to Europe undertaken for I he-
purpose of arranging with the Euro
pean governments for an jknU-rchauga
of crop reports with thu United States.
The , negotiations were successful , and
It Is expected that thu plan will lie In
.operation next autumn. Thu step Is a
vary Important onu. Heretofore this
country has had to depend upon private
sources for Information of foreign
crops , which was always Incomplete
and sometimes Inaccurate. Thu value
ij of such reports to the American fanner
Is considerable , since the prices of
! . American farm products ate largely Influenced -
fluenced by foreign crops ,
* * - George Quarrle , of Brooklyn , says
that , he discovered In 1SSS what olee
trldtyAvas , nut that ho iMnH.jjoIuj : to
.tell. * lie does say , however
that all human troubles conu
necatiHo we do not take our
ehoes off | "go barefoot" and
our currents. U Is not I-'reneh litera
ture , thu inelo'driiina , rum aud | iot bis
cuit , that are doin us up , but our fa to
ts due to the fac't that we are too ten
der or too proud to get our feet on"
Mother Knrth and ground our cur
rents. . Mr. Qnarrle thinks the feet
ought to Ijfoatho and he claims that
they I'linnot dq It properly In leather
any more than the society 4 > ello can In
Mays. There Is doubtless something In
ilr. Quarrlo's contention. One of the
old Indian writings n Vedlc hymn or
u ullti of slime kind--states that "tho
man of God breathes In his heels. " Hut
-u-hllo y hey-continue to put down as-
jil-ali [ 'lavements , hot In summer and
. hilly * In- winter , most people will con-
to take their lives lu their hands
P ' A prominent educator calls attention
j > . -to the fact that the school savings bank
has gradually come to occupy n mofrt
prominent and Important place In th.s
country's public educational.Hyotcm. In
California the system 1ms been catnb-
llshcd In n largo number of places , ' aiid
there arc Indications that the practical
teaching of thrift will become general
In the very near future , an everyone
scorns to bo moat enthusiastic In the
support of the Idea. It IB stated that
there are now no loss than aR88 hchool
banks lu thu United States , and that have an army of IW.507 depositors.
TJio amount deposited In tliuso banks
since their beginning Is placed at $807-
000 , but the writer snys these figures
must be far from qomplete as the school
bunks In the one county of Montgom
ery , In Philadelphia , have received
$17fj,800 from children , and have no less
than -1,010 depositors. In" Atlantic Olty
the deposits In the school banks there
last year reached a total of $0,870 , , and
the youngest are showing great Interest
In the Idctu Now , Instead of spending
their pennies and nickels for useless
trlnketa , they put their money Into the
bank and take great pride lu showing
their little deposit books. The only
objection against the movement Is'that
It Increases the work of the school
teacher , but those who have tried It do
not llnd fault. Once or twice a week
the teacher calls for deposits aud the
pupils then bring forward whatever
they have , from one cent up. They are
given due credit on the bank books , and
the teacher then deposits the amount lit
some reliable banking Institution. The
system lias long been In vogue In
France and Holglum and Is a great suc
cess there. Thu young American can
be taught to take care of his money af
none ton early an age.
An ( .mazing amount of educational
sense and wise , gracious mniihel are
crowded Into an article In tin- Inde
pendent on college education fur girls
by Helolse Edwiua Ilcrsey , a graduate
of Vassar and formerly a teacher In
Hmlth College. Thu writer disposes at
once of the question as to whoth'er a
girl should go to college or not by de
claring that "there Is no doubt that It
Is becoming an obstacle to women who
must enter the wage-earning world not
to have what Is called a liberal educa
tion. " With her there Is no room for
controversy upon this point. The pro
fession of teaching Is slowly being
closed to all those who have not the
requisite college degree , and Miss Her-
sey believes that other professions will
follow suit. If a woman expects to
occupy a position of responsibility and
prollt she must prepare for It by going
to college. While the highest and no
blest sphere of womau Is the "home , It
Is very plain that every girl , under pres
ent conditions , must face the contin
gency of being called upon to earn her
own living. Among the gains of the
college life Miss lluiwy places llrst
"the trained mind. " She demolishes
the old-time notion that college educa
tion means nun-fly an accumulation of
knowledge. Klllclency Is the all-Im
portant thing. What a graduate can
do Is of far more Importance than what
she knows. When a woman lias been
out of college live years there IH little
probability that she would bu ahlo to
pass the examination for the Freshman
year. The most Important element ac
quired Is "the general knowledge gf the
sweep and trend of the world's history
which the classics and the literatures
of our own language and of other lan
guages may give us. " Among other
advantages enumerated by the writer
are thu executive experience gained
n the miniature life of the col-
ego , the great privilege of friendship
ml the noble gift of loyalty and tie-
otlon to the alma mater with which
he college Imbues the student. Ol
uoursu it follows that so keen a stu
lent of education does not belluve In
co-educational Institution * , because
hey Interfere with the cultivation of
hose friendships which she extols In
college life. If a girl selects a eo
educational college , however , she
should choose one where the Idea til
wonianllui'ss dominates the edncatlou
of wonujn.
The Clerk Spuko
The ambitious attempts of the forelgi
tradesman to hpcitk Kngllsh to hh
American customers have been described
scribed by Mrs. ( Slllosple- "A Hoot
of Upinembrance" as part of hummus
Ing experiences In Herlln.
Supplies of luiuu were to he bought
and we went again to- the shop wher
we1 had essayed to speak ( Serinim an
the shopman answered UR with effort 1
NVu found him affable as before , an
although we told him In Cernmn th :
we wanted to look at towels , hubrougl
out some and said :
"I have found It very dilllcnlt to become
come such a towel as this. "
We agreed with him , and then askts
for some other articles , which hea <
obliged to look for In some dlstam < var
of the store ; he bowed and said :
"Execute me In an Instant. "
My companion , I/oull , buiight tweht
do/.en children' napkins , and ( he yomi )
man said : (
"Have you , then , so many young sis
ters and brothers'/ "
A Curious Duett.
A curious deed Is on tile In Northum
berlnnd ( Bounty. Pennsylvania , accord
Ing to the Sunbury llepublleiin. it bean
ditto of October 1 > . L71W. In a series o
xvhereases It tracon the ownership o.
the land conveyed from the Creator o1
thu earth , who "by parole and llvere ;
of seizin did eufcolY the parents of man
kind , to wit , Adam and Kve , of all tha
curtain tract of land called nnd knowi
In the planetary nystom us the earth , '
down through the ages to the maker o
thu deed.
Wlum a boy knows what Is In hi
mother'sparlor , It f 'evd ! ut that h
htt no" sisters , or they wouldn't let hlr
go In there.
Tnif-to llnaketn.
TUCHO are not new , but they are
pleasing to the eye and gfve a sense of
coolness and freshness. Select the
smooth , round , dark red tomato and
argo enough to hold half a cup of tili
ng. Scald , ftecl , cut n good slice from
lu- stem end ; scoop out the Inside ;
turn the tomatoes upside down to drain
and set In the refrigerator until need'
ed. These can be tilled with mayon-
aalse of Rhrlmp , crab meat , or any vege-
able salad mixture.
A Clip Of Chocolate.
All cooking teachers recommend the
'rothlng of chocolate. It should be
beaten with a patent egg-beater before
Mending to the table , whether whipped
cream Is to be served with It or not.
An English chocolate pot lu sure to be
irovlded with Its lohg paddle , wliosc
handle goes through the lid of the pot.
As each cupful Is served , the paddle Is
.timed briskly two or three times be
fore the chocolate Is poured off. the
process being know n us " muddling. "
ToitmtnA .
Scald , peul , slice and cqre a pe < k of
ipe tomatoes. Use the bright-red lo
mntoes. Place In u porcelain kettle ,
and cook until tender , and then strain
i'ii this quantity of tomatoes add three
ar e onions chopped very tine , oue
tabu-spoonful of cayenne pepper. Illivc
tablet > pionfuls of ground mustard und
i 'ublesitoouful each of ground blac'.J
> eppur. ground cloves and celery seed
In a bag. Shumcr about six hours.
I'lurtlth. i-rte ' .
Split a well-cleaned
- bluetlsh throu n
the back , cut each half Into three
pieces , sijftsou with oue tablespoonfu )
of yeasoulu salt , letting lie oue Half
hour ; then roll the thsh In Hour ; melt
ouu tablespoouful of lard or fat in a
frying pan ; try light brown on both
sides ; when nl < are fried arrange them
on a hot dish and serve with FrenHi
fried potatoes and mustard snucc , or
without any sauce. Hluetlsli fried -D
larding poilc Is excellent.
Cocnattiit lllanc Miiuirr.
Scald one pint of rich milk , and
thlcki'n with four tablespoon * of cornstarch -
starch wet with cold milk. Heat the
whites of four eggs'very stiff , nnd stir
in. Add one cup of grated coeoauut ,
two-thirds of : i cup of granulated
sugar , and a pinch of salt. Stir well and
let cook live or ten minutes. Flavor to
taste with either vanilla or almond ,
and pour into molds to harden.
I'otted Kind.
Pick tq pieces cold cooked tlsh ; sea
son with salt , pepper and a very little
mace. Then put it into a jar ; tie tight
ly with a piece of muslin ; then cover
this with a paste mafic from Hour and
water. Stand the jar In a pan of water
und bake in a moderate oven for one
hour. Stand aside till cool , then pound
the llsh to a paste ; pack It back Into the
jar and cover with melted butter ,
reach Son fit- . J
Put a quart of sweetened yellow
> each pulp Into a glash dish that has
icon tempered to the heat of oven ,
'over with a rich egg custard to the
lepth of two Inches ; then with th <
vhlte of the eggs left from the en's
ard. beaten to a stlfl' froth , piling It
ip roughly ; ditst with powdered sugar
tnd place In a Mow oven until the egg
whiles are a delicate brown.
Hliiiple DlMliifcctnut.
A simple disinfectant to use In a Mck
oem or'lii any room where n iTnse ,
misty or sewer smell Is noticed , is to
int some ground coffee on a shovel , a
tit of camphor gum In the middle of
it. Light the gum , which Is nonex-
plotdve. and easily Ignited , with a
match , and allow the coflVc to burn
with the gum , A refreshing aiul sani
tary perfume Is the result.
Veiil I'nttle * .
Have about two pounds of lean veal
and two ounces of bacon and chop
these until they are very fine. Mix
with tht ; minced meat , salt and pepper
.ind two well beaten eggs. Mould Into
Mnall ovals and lay In a buttered bak
ing pan. Sprinkle bread crumbs over
them and set In the over. Haste with a
Illtlf melted biTtter ami white stock oc
casionally until cooked.
Cucumber CutMip.
P.ire large , ripe encumbers , remove
thu seeds ; grate tine and measuie. Place
the pulp In a colander ami drain well.
To > > very quart of the pulp allow a half
ti'dhpoonful of cayenne pepper , one teaspoonful -
spoonful of salt , two lalile-poonfuls of
grated horseradish and a pint of good
elder vinegar. Mix thoroughly ; do not
cook ; bottle and seal. Try this will
tlsh ami game.
I'iueuptiln I'rc L-rvp" .
Cut some large pineapples Into slices ,
peel them , remove the eyt > ; t-nt thu
fruit Into cubes and \\i-igh It. For six
pounds of fruit place four pounds of
sugar and onu quart of w.ater over thu
lire , ( toll a few minutes. Addthuplnu-
npples .mil boll slowly forty-live min
utes , keeping the kettle covered.
Airlcot Mnriiiitlnilc.
lU-move the skin of the apricots , Cut
them In pieces and weigh them. Place
the fruit In a preserving kettle , boll
thirty minute * ; then add for sjx pounds
> f apricots four pountU of sugar. Stir
tnd cook nvc minuter , and pour1 Into
| ur * , which tdiould be sealed as di
A gown for evening or hotel dinner
( rear is of rosc-tlntcd crcpo dc chlno
lor the tucked skirt and under , bodice
ice , with trlmmlngfc and coat of lace
finished with bows of black crepe dc
solo nnd waist belt of velvet. The
hat Is pink chip with white chiffon
draperies round the crown and u long
white ostrich feather curling round
the brim from behind a rosette of
black ribbon velvet. A fashion has
sprung tip at the French watering
places for shoes of sucdc to mutch
the gown , finished with n bow of
black ribbon behind u paste buckle.
An llllnnl * Btntcmnnii Tell * n OriO'l
Story -Knew 111 * Father' * KorTWonltl
Not Jlc.
The Honorable Alva Merrill of Chilli-
cothc , member for the Twenty-fourth
District State of Illinois House of Hep-
resentatlvcs , tells an Interesting story :
Some two years ngo Mf. Merrill gave
a testimonial slntlhir that Dodd's Kid
ney Pills cured his rheumatism. This
with Mr. Merrill's portrait were pub
lished lu thousands of papers all over
the United States.
On the train returning home from
Springfield one day last winter were
the Honorable Mr. Merrill and several
other members. After a time one of
them aaid :
"Merrill , what time 'do you get to
Ohllllcothe ? "
This attracted the attention of nn
old man who had been apparently
awaiting some Identification of Mr.
Merrill , and as soon as he heard the
name he rushed up to his seat aud ex
tending his hand , snlfl :
"You are Alva Merrill and you saved
my life. I was most dead with Lum
bago aud In an advertisement I saw
your picture and your recommendation
of Dodd's Kidney Pills. 1 knew your
father nnd I knew his son would not
lie , aud therefore I decided to try the
"I am satisfied that Dodd's Kidney
Pills und nothing , else have , saved uiy
life and 1 have been waiting this oppor
tunity to thank you personally , for had
I not seen your recommendation I
might never have been led to use this
remedy , but thanks to God. through
your honest name and the honest medi
cine which you so heartily recommend
ed , I am still alive.
"I have been watching jrou since you
got on the train at Springfield and
thought I recognized your face as the
one I had seen In the advertisement ,
and as soon as this gentleman called
you by name , I knew you were the tnau
I had to thank. "
While alpaca uf lu e quality is o. -
rellent for petticoats ( if the imu-h
frilled Variety. The material laun
ders well and makes an acceptable
change from silk and niusllii.
If You Ih > Unll HIii ' ,
( let Hetl Cross Hull JHue , tlu > Newt Hull
Hhie. Litrgu a ox. pai-kiigu nly ft cfjit * .
The strongest annuals exist entirely
on vegetable food.
Ants have been burrowing under
the brick pavement of Council UlulTs ,
Iowa , and removing the sand. One
streetfor a distance of several blocks I
has thus been rendered unfit for
travel. J
Thirty minutes Is all the time re
quired to dye with PUTNAM FADELESS -
LESS DYES. Soldby'druggista. _
An Indiana man has been fined for
kissing ; t bride. Let us suspend Judg
ment until we can see a photograph
of the man or the bride.
Corduroy Is to be popular'thls ' win
ter , and many blouses of the inu-1
torial nro to bo seen. The corduroy
conies In all colors , . I
PIso's Cure for Consumption cured m
of n tennrions nnd persistent cough.
\Vtn. II. Harrison , 227 W. 121st etrect ,
New York , Mnrch 25 , 1001.
Alrenily Them.
rhilndclphla Pi ess : Towne Do
you really think the automobile will
ever llgurc In a war ?
Browne Ever will ? Gracious , my
man , have you never heard si contro
versy between two chauffeurs as to
the merits of their respective ma
chines ? *
BI/Y'S CUKAM HALM la prepared
for the particular benefit of sufferers
from nnsnl catarrh who are used to an
atomizer In spraying the diseased rjein-
brnnt-a. ' All the healing and soothing
properties of Cream Balm are retained In
the new preparation. It does not dry up
the secretions. Price , Including sprayIng -
Ing tube , 73 cents. At druggists' or Iflly
Hrothord , CO Warren street , New York ,
u-lll mull it.
II niul Iho Spirit or It , /
"Ah , " she said , after It was all
over , wasn't It heavenly ? T couldn't
help noticing the thoughtful expres
sion you wore all through It. I could
read wonder in your look. How for
tunate one is to be able to thus enter
into the spirit of such a perform
ance. "
"Yes , " he replied , "I couldn't
h lp wondering all the time why they
called It a musical. " Chicago Bec-
FOIIHULA forth * licit Kid Olor ? Clonner made for
35 cent ! llrtr. M. O. Supply Co. , El'iorMence , U. I. ,
Sf-7th St.
NO MOUE llnttjr FUt Irani ! our new cleaner Is
needed by orcry luljri | iObti lil 1.1 cents. Tin Mall
Order Supply Co. , Itf ) Holds , lilt ,
WANTKl ) , a man In erery county to act as my r p-
rrientatUe H&totiO a week easily nmile. Write at
onco. J. D. Cammarn , Oslan , Ind.
SIX I'LATKI ) Teatpoons guaranteed for ID jrivrs
ml b > vlfl' Home Mugtijlnc ona yeai 2 > cents , Al
bany Specialty Co. , Hoi 170 Albany , K. Y.
ATTLXT1OX AOKNTS , Clianc * of a lifetime , three
latent luonvy.makliiK necreti sent out for Mo ( liver ,
A.C. UoKurn , Syrmuso , N. V. , 10311olden St. , Uept , A.
Mant to liven up a guineuf tard : J6S In 1'nck , rensa-
tlunaland rich : It.00 poitpald. Oern Jiff. Co. , 1017 1-1
1'lneSt. , St. Louis , Ho.
LIDIKS WANTED to wear and canrass for the
Unlay Ventilated Collar ) tlz 12 to 17 Inches ; 1 3-1 ,
2 1-S liiclin hlifhi postpaid Si cents , new plan. U. E ,
Lewd , 1'ortsniouth , N II.
A KOHTUNK for one dollar ) make artificial honcyi
throe way * to make wlil < key without distillation ) SO
trillions good He-T made from Malt for 4 cvntaptrgal.
Imi artificial older. J. Harris J : Co , box 7 J M.
L mis , Mo.
A Boon To J
Humanity 5
Is what everybody says who
has used
For It cures tha most diffi
cult cases of Rheumatism-
after every other form ol
treatment has failed.
St. Jacobs Oil never falls.
: It Conquers Pain
j Price , 350 nnd goc.
In U Us et se there
should be cleanllueis.
Ely's Cream Balm
eleanfcs , eoothcs and heals
the diseased membrane.
It cures catarrh and drives
way a cold la the bead
Crontn Balm Is placed Into the nostrils , spreads
over the membrane and Is absorbed. Relief IB hn-
tnedlato and ft euro follows. It Is not drying doe *
not produce sneezing. Largo Size , CO cents at Drug
gists or by mall ; Trial Size , 10 cents by mall.
ELY BUOTUERS , SO Warren Street , New York.
The use of a fountain pen has noth
ing to do with the water mark lu
your writing paper. "
Not even the most careful rehear
sals will cause a wedding to come off
without a hitch. ' * <
Clothes Are Unsightly.
Keep them white with Kcd Cross Ball
Dluc. All grocers aell largo 2 oz. package-
6 cents. _
Oliver Cromwell had a monstrous
nose , so red and covered with 'car
buncles , that it originated several
nick names.
With many millions of families Syrup of Figs has become the
ideal home laxative. The combination is a simple and wholesome
one , and the method of manufacture by the California Fig Syrup
Company ensures that perfect purity and uniformity of product ,
which have commended it to the favorable consideration of the
most eminent physicians aud to the intelligent appreciation of all
who are well informed in reference to medicinal agents.
Syrup of Figs has truly a laxative effect and acts gently with
out in any way disturbing the natural functions and with perfect
freedom from any unpleasant after effects.
lu the process of manufacturing , figs are used , as they are
pleasant to the taste , but the medicinally laxative principles of the
combination are obtained from plants known to act most bene
ficially on the system.
To ( Set iis beneficial effects
* * b\JV ilHe t&&r\\ iirvM > t"v\J1f f1H
Louisville. Ky. Frarxc.iaco.Cal. Yorlv-NM
.l yT
. jEiftHJL
2 sS'2fe <
W. lu Ionsln < i 81.00 Theitanil&r
Ollt Kilra I.luo Cnnnot Bo been pUcril no !
JiqunleU At Any 1'rtco.
Tor Kor Tkaa a Qurttr ca ,
Otalirr tli * rcputatlou of W. lu
Doujlai s < no aud $ * .60 ho s ( or
itTla. comfurt nd wear h i ex <
c llod all otliti ni k § ijj at them
prloji. TUla cxeclUut reputation
liM b n oa l > r merit alonn. W. L.
UouilM ah < hay ; tout better aat-
lifacilun than other ts a ) aud $ t CO
< 't3-a )
auoua\ri } ssl.fnoerd.ui8b . -
o muainremcoti
W. XNI ilaaelM 83.00 nna 93JM ilioni ni itat * mjode- ot
are w de of tit * lame blcli-Ermda leath Hrud : lioauJiildUi
er * u < xl In KA.OO und bO.00 sboci nail utuallrxunii vlala
are Jo t tun rood lu CTBTT traf urraptou : hearj- .
tnt Uuw or llilit VoUs.
I dli rt rhmi fkrun u
nunr it i pro < Uaut i
JY-.I ! , porror 11