Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, July 25, 1901, Image 1

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    8Ute Hltt Librarian Soolilj
Every well reg-ulated pock
et should carry the pile , ami
' well household
ever } regulated
hold have the other.
I In this working1 season its
an economical proposition
I for you to have time , both
in your pocket and iu the
The man who is alwaj's
asking some one for the
time is behind the times and
the only way to get up and
stay up is to suppty his
pocket and his house with
v these two essentials of a
I well regulated life.
Graduate of CUicueo Opthutinlc College.
School Books ,
School Supplies ,
J. G. Haeberle's : ,
PURE Pickling vinegars at J. C.
Bowen't ? .
You can save money by ordering
your reading matter through the
REPUBLICAN. Wo can furniuh vou
nearly all the papers and magazine
' tor leas than publishers price * .
PURF extracts at J. C. Bowen's.
Notleetothe Public.
Owners of city property are
hereby notified to cut the weeds
on their lota and streets and save
cost. If let stand until cut by the
city , the expense will bo charged to
the property and added ta your tax
C-27-tf. P. M. TOWOUCY ,
FOUND By Lou and Paul Athoy
a caddie of tobacco , Sunday ,
which the owner can have by
proving prodorty and ppying lor
this notice.
ALL KINDS of Nut and Krnit
Candies at Walteis Candj Kiloh-
en , 3 doors north of postofh'ne.
6-20 tf.
Headquarters For
Dry Goods ,
Groceries ,
Boots and
j. .
Our Royal Worcester Corsets
Have No Superiors For Ease
and Comfort.
Local '
Mention , |
Airs J II Karr , of Atisley. was
a city vuitor Thursday of lunl wtok.
See W. D. Blaokwell at Kanm-is
Ba'ik for Kirr , I'j clone and Torna
do intiuranoo. ? ! if
Mr. and Mr. " . DuNVit , of Auwley ,
w&ro viniling in llio city Sunday
with their daughter filrH. L ) . N.
itrn. C. Waters and HOU came
over from the Bow Tuesday and
will remain hurj for the present )
with her huoband , vrlu i one of
he courteous clerks in the new de
triment atort1. Uatlaway Tribune.
Wo are authorized to aunounou
lie irinib of John AlcQraw , of
Gateij , UH a candidate for uhccilr ,
tibject lo the decision ol the ie
nbiican party. Mr. McUraw is
no of Cuister uounty'd progressive
arnii-i'd and would m-iko a good
liontl' should he be the suuce ful
ROSA aud Tony Blair loft TUCH-
ay moroiug on a visft with their
randpareutH in Jefferson counlj
lus blale. Veruu hud Ada went lo
lullinrt to visit with their aunt
ilra. Ctiuabeok. They expect to be
one nutil about thu lirat of October ,
n the meanwhile Billy will batch
nd board alternately.
C. J. Voso , of Gates , was a
riendly caller Tuesday. lie was
n the city after twine to bind hia
wheat He reports Unit there are a
lumber of fields of wheat in his
vicinity not uifccteo with chinch
bugs and that Ihoro is mill hopea ot
uile a peed deal of corn where
well tended if rain comes soon.
Mru. Wilho Cadwoll and child.
en loft Tujuday morning on a visit
0 Illinois whom limy will regain
ovt-iol weekf. Mrs. Cad well and
va and Hay are delcjnilea lo ihe
tfalional B. Y. P. U , convention
'rom llio eonior and junior B. Y. P.
J. orgauizx'ion , ol iirokou Bow.
Fha uonvuntion is iu Ht'Soion at
Chicago this weok.
Following the populist ( UMivon-
ion and thu nominalioiiH of ii.uuli-
lates for th.j dlll'oront county ofll-
oer.s t'ho ' n. mo of HlHudo 1'iokott
ins been Hiiggcated in connection
vith tht ) pceuions of county btipcr-
n'.endont. Mr. Pickott la a young
ua" ' of good traits , a graduvtfof
3roke i Bow Huhoola and a noldior
if thb SSpanirth American War.
Trof. W.V. . Waters ( a being
avoraldy Hpoken of an a candidate
or county Hiipennlimdont on t'o )
ropublioan tickat Mr.Vatern ban
ho reputation of being a very abk-
L-ducalor. He and bin wife uro
radualoH of Ihe Broken Bo * *
chooln aud of Ihe Hlato normal.
ju in a young man of fine appear
an co and txeolimU charaolur.
Tto bpHt game of ball jla\od in
oontral Nebriskn thi seaHon was
iad at Broken Bow last Friday in
1 content between the home uluh of
that city and thu Browster nine ,
the acoro standing 4 and 5 the tirt > t
day aud 5 and t ! the nrcond day ,
each in favor of Broken Bow
While the Broodier boys wore no
laurels coming homo , they all re
port a good time and were con
vinced that they showed the other
team a ' * hol limn. " L'ruwatur
DtMir birr I read with very
much interest your artiuli > , "Arnold
a good trading point , " in your last
Hiio. I endorse all that is sa
there. Yet if I am nol preuumpu-
m I would like to note the fact
that Arnold ban a telephone line lo
Oallauvy , due to the enterprise of
Mr. Bin Ilardin. It also hay two
frame aud one ted church , Chribtain
Baptiut aud Melhodist The lasl
Iwo having ntKidenl pastors , Revs.
Judkina and Cosier. While the
Christian church has Rev. Carrel ,
a former paatoi' , residing in tluir
midst. Hti has ecen many yc-arn in
thiH world. Yi I ie unusally brighl
and vigorous , There are Iwo halls
in which iue < ts the Maeonp
Woodmen , Workmen and Mystic
Legion. Dr B. E. llcdiinson in Ihc
rcNidiMit phyaician and ban been
loi-a't-d ihtT" bomu 8 or 0 years.
1'ou will Lxciifo me ubiuling you
ihcai ) f < iutH. My only txun-u is , that
having an appreciation iof your ef
fort io bring forward ihe merits o
our OTunty , I thouphl you would
welcome aome few additional fautB.
I would like to suggoHt that aome-
one write up for the benefit of yonr
readers the community iu which
they live , Uiat wo may have a growing -
ing appreciation of CuiUer , us Ihe
outcome ol a growing knowledge of
Truly YOITS ,
Wj would suggortl that thy
writer put In a preaching into
prnctii-e by ii\iujj ; lib n vuilo Up
of Wuoterville. Id ) .
tiiliiciitioiml All va lit ayes of
l'ai > ar reuil by Miss Gridi Taj lor , nt Olfl
uiecilnt ; , t LliiJU-yV Ottivo , July t "
Thia subject : Thu Educational
Advantages of 1'ionuer Clnldruni
miglil well bo tunned the Educa-
Uoiiul Disadvantages of 1'iotuibr
Oliililrcn ,
Bui it HoeniB to mo , that the ad-
vaiUagea gamed through the wiae
education of children , whatever
at tl urn or opportunities in life , tuu
so very IIUIULTOHB uud reasonable
thai they aifj 01 should lie uppre-
ciutiid by alt.
Education is , we nitU' bay , a word
synonymous wil'h oivilmaliou : it is
at leant a pcitnnt laulor in produc
lug the energy inltlliijenco and re--
tiuemenl f-o nucesHiivy lc high oivili-
aalion. U IH the science of human
culture , and the art of Ircming Urn
faculliea of man to their bunt uses
und tboir highest romi'ls. ' By U
the > oung are prepared 'to lullill
their duties in omlizud life and by
ptoptM1 development of iho mind
and boaltby growth of the body , to
become useful and important in
their oommunilies having senau of
liiVa responsibilities.
Wo aru apt to &eo only the die-
advantages which invariably Hl.uid
in tliu way of pioneer children al-
U'lnpling to secure an education.
They may seem over to outweigh
the advantages derived from imch
labor. But all things idiould bowen
won by oarneet eil'ort , ai'd 1 believe
that tlu person wlio in youth haste
to cotitond more or lot's with advor-
nity in strengthened thereby , and
bettor prepared for thu bittlo of
life , than bin soomiugly mor far-
lunalu brother who has been reuied
n the ! t\p of luxury , enjoying eve y
)08tiniblo opportunity in ihu way ol
it is not true , that wo value the
prize according to the Hlruggio ?
Especially should patuntH roahzo
the value of this. By si-ning de
fects in their own training duo possibly -
sibly to lack C'f proper education ,
they hhould endeavor to HO train
the child'ri mind and bung ; such in
fluence in Iheii IIVCN that ihoy uu
q'liru ' an atlinity ( or learning , indua
try , and , education in itn fullest
souse , that in , being practical aud
the poanefsor of good , common
nenae and the ability of using it
In this way they are made lo real-
i lhal there are possibilities for
them , that no obstacle HO unsur-
nountablo , no diliicully HO great
that it cannot be overcome.
How many children grow up in
in atmosphere of ig-ioianco where
they do not know , have never seen
ind cannot appter.rlo good litera
ture ! They know nothing beyond
liard daily labor. Tina is very
commendable , Una industry and
energy which as a rule characterize
the children laboring people. But
we Hhould hot ho extremists. We
should combine our physical hbor
wiln a proper development of Ihe
mind. It ha ? been said that , "The
rioul ia planed in the body hlcu a
roi'gh ' diamond , and must bu polish
ed or the luster of it will never sip-
pear and it ia manifest that an the
national aoul diHtirrguiflhus us from
brutcN , so education earrieii on that
dihtinetion , and make * Htmo IO.H
bullish than others. "
{ 301110 may Bay , "Oh yes , educa
tion is all righl , but wo bohovu in
.saving the dimes and dollars in in *
creasing our poasepKioiiH. Our
ohildrou can be. of more IIHO to us
in our hurd loll , than lo ha spend
ing our hard earned money on auch ,
high flown , nonsensical notions. "
But right hero ia where ho many
have a miatakrn idea. No one of
us , I hope , admire the frivolous and
shallow minda of society , who HO
like to impress their green country
cousins with their great mental
superiority. "All ia not gold tint
glitlerfl , " and fiuiely iheso exemplify
that oft qiu-ted truth. They arn
not the educators of our land today.
IH it because they have no oppor
tunities in the the way of educa
tion ? The high nohool , nuadr-my ,
college Ihoy have free access to ,
and they are able to take advantage
ol their privilege , but disdain that
which is proffered them.
It fipfiina that human nature ia so
constituted that , that which hea
within our grasp and can be BO
easily obtained , ia rejected its a
thing of no-value. Wo value wealth
and life t > e' > ms to bu one great
Htruirglo for it. But imagine a
person in the midst of wealth , gold
lying in abundance about ; he has
but to lake it ami gratify every
wish , every whim I DOOM ho value
the dollar aH wo do ? No hn cannot
realise , cannot appreciate it.
U in the 8-unu in the matter of
education. How many fail to see
and use the golden opportunity !
Suppose two children in your
minds oye. Plaoo them Hide by
bide. It will emphasize the con
trast. One the pampered child of
wnalth , the other a pioneer child of
the prairies and srd houses. One
NeeniH completely at a IONH as com
pared with the other. Ytt follow
their life history. One a life ol
pleasure , the ether : i series of Htrug-
plort against adversity some now
dittioully continually confronting
him. If he has the ambition and
perseverance , if ho has implanted
in his mind \ho value of learning ,
ho will overcome thrm. "livery
hill wo climb in attaining an educa
tion makes us stronger for the
This pioneer child advantages
wo all know how limited they nre.
Ho bet inH school ia the little sod
sohool house with its \\ooden
benches and few books ; poHaibly
walks or drives two or three or
mnro miles , in all kindu of weather
when not obliged , to I remain at
homo to labor. Ho finishes the
country pohool. There is a senae
of unsatmfaction with himself he
has not enough knowledge. So he
delves away gathering bits of learn
ing from every possible source ,
until some day , it may take IOMK
years but the time will oomo when
he will have reached tlo ) goal , and
he is ready for hfe'd work and re
Jlut where is his companion , the
wealthy child who is raised prob
ably , in the onator Htato or city , .lias
dit-da'tiod education , has likely
wearied of the labor of study and
dropu it for the more congenial
booioty of pleauuroloviim people
( irndually his ambitions disttapponi
and at , last are swallowed by the
infatuation for gaiety and fast liv
ing. Ho now stands at a great dis
advantage fin compared with the
pioneer child. Ono senteifo ex-
piert-en it. One him failed oven to
take advantage of his advantage ,
the other lias taken advantage of
IUH disadvantage. .
Were the people as a class more
educated , wealth would not rnlo so
completely as it ( iflen docn. Think
of KiiHKia's ignorant millions and
how they are kept under opproHsion
by a tyrannical rule. America's
common classes are educating them
selves and hence their greater free
dom. And even hero in our own
countiy conditions mig'ut bo great
ly improved. Our greatest men
have been of most humble origin
and it wan through their pluck and
perseverance that they stand today
before I ho world as men to bo re
spected , honored and are indeed
worthy patterns for we pioneers
who realixo what adversity is.
Education is not merely some
thing to bo gained through the use
of books , but by a proper study of
them , they will open our eyes and
mind to what was unappreciable bo
fore. Perhaps all will not
collude , master the hard languages ,
the intricacies of higher mathema
tics. But all can obinin a good
practical education , which in much
the rohtilt of intelligouco and ex
periences we muet with in every
walk of life.
And that is where the pioneer
has the oppottunity of gaining
strength through his poor opptunU
ties. Again I repeat , thia fact
would I emphasize , that the great
educational advantage of pioneei
children , uonsiuta it > the over com
ing of the many disadvantage * .
Itepiiljlidan Primaries.
' 1 ho republican electors rf West
Union township are hereby called
to meet at the Walworth pchool
house on Saturday , August 3rd , at
three o'clock p. m. to elect & dele
gates to the county convention to
bo held at Brol.-on Uow , on Augunt
10th , 1001 , at 10 o'clock n. m , and
to oleot 8 delegates co tint super
visors convention not > ut called ,
and to nominate township olUuern
and to transact any otlnr business
that may come before the caucus.
J. 0. PnuiJMOKK , Com.
1 The republican voters of Cliff
precinct are hotoby called to meet
at thu Center school hone in
ClilF prooinct , August , 3rd , nt 3
o'clock p. m. for the purports of
electing 8 delegates to attend the
ormity convention at Broken Bow ,
August 10th , 1001 , also to elect
delegates to supervisors conven
tion not yet called , and also to
put in nomination a full township
ticket and thu transaction of any
ether business that may como be
fore the GHtiauD.
f W. J. KICK , Com.
To thu republican voters of Lil
lian product. The primary will beheld
held at the Oxford school house on
Saturday , August 8,1001 , m a p m. for
purpose of electing delegates to the
county convention and delegates to
thu Supervisors convention.
G. W. DiewKY , Com.
The republican olnolors of Gar-
litild precinct are hereby called to
muet in caucus on Saturpay , Aug
ust U , 1001 , at i ] o'clock p. m. at
the Swiss Vulloy hoholl house for
the purpose of electing aix dulegat-
OH to the county convention at
Broken Bow , August J ; 11) , and six
delegfttt'H to the Supervisors dis
trict convention of the noooud dis-
tri'Jt , the nomination of a township
ticket and the transaction of nnuli
other buainiia n may oomo before
the caucus. JUI.KS HAUMOST , Com
The republican electors of Bor *
wyn precinct uro hereby called to
meet in canons Friday , August ' - ,
1901 , at 2 o'clock p. m. , in Berwyn
uohoolhoiise , for the purpose of
electing seven delegates to the
county conventional Broken Bow
August 10 , 1001 , thu nomination
of township officers , seven delegates
to the supervisory convention of
the second district , not jet called ,
and for the transaction of mich
ether business tl-at may properly
oomo before the meeting.
J. O. TAYI.OU , Com.
The ropublioan electors of Doug ,
las Grove township will moot at the
Anthony Hohoolhoiise on Saturday ,
August : ) , 1001 , at o'clock p , m. ,
for the purpose of oleot in 1 1 dele
gates to the County convention , and
to place in nomination a townshirr
ticket , and to transact any other
businoHa that may properly como
before the mooting.
II . B. QI.OVKM , Com.
The republican voters of Ou < ter/
prcciuot are hereby called to meo
at ihu Uiversido Hchoolhonse
August 3rd at 2 o'clock p. m. , for
the purpose of electing 11 dele
gates to ntiond the Counly coupon-
lion at Urolcon Bow Augnal 10 ,
11)01 ) ; alHo to elect llio same num
ber of dolegalos to ntlond ihe Oth
district Htiuurviflors * convention , not
yet callud ; also to 'put in nomina
tion a full township tiolcet.
J. V. FoxwoimiY'Com.
The republican electors of Grant
township are hereby called to meet
nt the Iliuinstino HchoohouHo Situr-
day , August : , 1901 , at 2 o'clock p.
m. , for the purpose of electing 0
delegates to the republican coun
ty convention to bo held ut
Broken Bow August 10 , 1001 ; also
the election of township committeeman -
man , thu nomination of townlhip
ollicers , and the truiiHaolicMi of any
other business that may come be
fore thu caucus.
The republican oloctora ofVpod
River precinct are hereby called to
moot in Ouonto Saturday , August
It , 1001 , at 2 o'clock p. m. , for the
puipoau of electing 11 dologa'ea to
the republican county convention to
bo hold at Broken Bow August 10 ,
1001 , and to elect the same number
of delegates to the uupurvisor * con
vention of the Sixth supervisors
convention , not yet called ; also the
nomination of township oiliuers , and
for the tiaiiHtotion of such other
busiiictm au mav como before the
caucus. K. 1C. VANANTWUKI' , Com.
imoiusN now
Tin.1 electors of the republican
party are hereby called to moot in
primary at the court house in Bro
ken Bow , Neb. , at 2 o'clock p. m. ,
Monday , August 5 , VJOl.for the pur-
potto of piquing , in , i)0irn.ination ) a full
townuliip UJcetlh.j.y5jfUti/n ( ( ! / of 32
delegates to attend tlio ounty con
vention to bu baldAug.unt.40 , 1001 ,
and for the trnunatHKin < of miuh other
ImtuuoHH at ) may regiilnrly como be
fore naid oaueuH.- - * * " . '
All wbo believe itt'tho prinoiplea
of t io republican party , progreea
and reform are invited to attend
and pauicipato in the proceedings.
Opens Nlondny , Soptomljor 2 , IOOI.
Prepare to be with us. Our departments are complete. We
can give you a thorough business education , also our Shorthand
Department is complete and up-to-date. " ( Pitman System. ) " If you
desire to teach , attend our Normal Department.
Pen Art , and Telegraphy , is also taught.
Write , or call and see us.
C. W. KOUSH , Pres.
Always have the best quality of
Lumber and other building ma-
teriala at the Lowest 1'iiceu.
'Phono No. 79.
W. L. RULE , Manager.
For a First Class Smoke Try the
* < &
? § Martial and
" v > * ! * '
: & S Corona Grande' I
Cigars. i