Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, July 11, 1901, Image 1

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It will jioy ynn 10 tieur me ID mlndwhuu
In ccetl of anything HfUftlly ftiiiud In u
tint class Irwehjr store.
Hear mo In tiiltit ] alog wltli thu coming
wedding I've got ju \vliat vou want to
give , at Just Hie iircojou wniit to pay.
Utarmeatm ihUln inlud I Itnd , nev
er fallow , In quality ot goods , In low
prices , In treattnint of my customers
Graduate of Chicago Outlialmlc
School Books ,
School Supplies ,
J. G. Haeberie's ;
PURE Pickling 7mcg > ? 9 * t J. C.
Attention fompnuy M. Order No. 10.
July 8 , 1001.
Thursday , July 18th * , has been
the date fixed by Co ! . Trtlbot for
general inspection of company and
company property.
You are therefore commanded to
report at Armory in Broken Bow ,
a * . 8 o'clock , in.tho forenoon , on
July 18th , for inspection and drill.
No man will be excused save for
The day drill heretofore ? et for
the lotb of July , is postponed un
til the 18th.
Every soldier'will make it his
business , as it in bin duty , to report
and aid in making the inspection ,
target thoot and rlrill a Huooess.
11. F. KENNKDY , Capt.
PURlf extracts at J. C. Boweu's.
Nuticoto the Public.
Owners of city property are
hereby notified to cut the weeds
on their lots and streets and save
cost. If let stand until out by t he
city , the expense will bo charged to
the property and added ti your tax. P. M. Towfluv ,
Headquarters For g
Dry Goods , f
Groceries , |
Boots and |
Shoes , ;
Our Royal Worooator CoraotB ji
Hove No Superiors For fcaao
and Comfort. ?
Mention ,
The county board convened m
adjourued session Tuendny.
H. E. Brega , of Callaway , was a
friendly caller at tuia , oliioe on
See \V. D. Blaukwoll at Farmers
Bank for Fire , Cyclone and Tornado -
do insurance.
Wiltuot Brandenburg and wife
i\ro the happy parents of a boy , who
mndo hiH appearance at their homo
ant Monday.
Mr. Edward Ooffman of Thed-
ord , was in the city noveral dnya
us t week visiting with the family
of his miclfl J , A. Farrell.
Riimah Ryeraon and Ilorburl
Watls have bought out Al. Book-
lauker'ti news stand , The Ropub
loan predicts HUOOCSH for tint
> 0)TH.
Kditor WiHoly , wife and two
children , of Ansley , were city vis-
tois Monday , returning Tuonday ,
ftlr. Winoly attmulert the Editors'
n uiini { Monday night.
ThnHe who wish to take ttwiihtirj
to boanl during the iuatitute which
will begin July 22 , HO report to the
county superintendent , giving the
number that uiin bo actiomodated ,
) rieoH , otu. ,
Rev. B.V. . Richards left Mon
day night on' a month's vauatioo ,
aooompaniod by hiH daughter ,
joltie. Their objective point IH
Dounldtioii , MinneHOta , where they
will vi.sU Rev. Richards oldest
Walter "luiih'n boy , of George
town , wan thrown from a home ,
the 4th. , and sustained a fracture
of ono of Ian fore arms Mr.
Smith is a brotli r-in-law of John
Daveuop , aud , recently ame here
froln Guthrie , IOWH.
Col. Vf. U , 'Talbot ? nd family
came down from Ualaey Woduea-
luy bV last wuo rtu" iyend the -1th.
Monday morning the colonel start
ed out on an inspecting tonr of the
several malitia companies of the
state. His that atop was at
The 4lh waa auiet in Broken
Bow. A number of the Sunday
School children had a picuiu in the
Monk grove in the north piirt of
own , but otherwise the day was
more quiet than Sunday usually IB.
All thu young ppoflo who were
able to get away celebrated at some
one of the towns in the oounty.
Ausley drew the largest number as
t was the moio easily reached by
the railroad. Fully 800 wont to
StiAi-ili' Anuatraug has a fiue sup
ply of what in supposed to be liquid
, stored in hiH offioe at the
court house. Ilo siezod fixtoen
boxes at the de-pot on Wednesday
night before the -Uh. , on papers is
sued by Judge Armour , on applt-
cstion of County Attorney Kirk
patrick. Tlu- night agent , Lafay
ette M. CarStonseu , wan arrested
for handling the goods unlawfully ,
as I'XprunR agent. The preliminary
trial of thu case will be held before
Judge Armour on the ] 7lh.
Monday of last week , R.ihen
RauiEuy , of Ansley , and a daughter
of It. 11. Parker made application
to Judge Armour fc-r a marriage
ItfiMico. AH the girl elated that
she wan oplo sixteen years old the
judge rofupcd to insuo the license
without the written consent of the
parents-.They loft with the supposed
intention of securing the written
consent of the parents , but to the
present tune they have not return
ed homo It is probable that they
wontturther north withthe hopes of
finding a magistrate who is not so
strict in his adherence to the law.
We underoiund the parents olaira
the girl was not yet Buteen.
Rev L. Q Brooker , a former
Evangel'oal preacher , who worked
in the southwest part of the county
several years pgo , committed sui
cide at Kearney , Wednesday morn
ing of last week , by shooting him-
a'elf. Ho had rereutly returned
fiom Oklahoma , wbere he h < ul been
preaching. Ue was arrested by the
hh-riffof Hall county , on cam.
plaint of Mins Uarriet1 Long ,
unto , of Grand Island , who charges
him .with being the father of her
illegitimate child. When the
sheriff had made the arrest he loft
his prisoner with the view of get
ting Forao one to guard him , and
Rev. Brooker improved the oppor
tunity to end his own existence ,
Samuel VanBusldrk , of Merun
was a city visitor Tuesday.
These desiring a good business
education , attend the Broken Bow
Business college *
Judge G'Sohwind John Johnson
and Harry Day went to Gram :
Island to colehrate tliti 4Hi.
Those who attend thu Broken
Bow Business college next wtutei
will certainly lone no time.
A. R. Humphrey and wife are
visiting at Callaway this week
with the family of Chas Humphrey
II , L , Ormsby returned fast right
from I'.IH throe weeks' vacation in
the north , His aunt Mrs. lllod <
gott accompanied him home.
About three hundred of the cit
izens of Broken Bow went to Ann-
ley to celebrate the 4th. The
Broken Bon Band was among the
J. A. Kollenbarger and wife , ol
Uerua. were city visitors Saturday
Mi. Kellenbarger attended the
meeting of thu Slock Qrowert' As
sociation , f
C. II. JffTonlrt and wifb , Mit
Ama Amsbeiry ami y scribe at-
tenriod the old settlers meeting held
in hiadloy'a yrov ; near Aaseltur
U. L. Ward has loafed the Grand
Central barn formerly run by BroiiK
Loo. Will Qrgat has' leased lh (
Richardson barn which Ward vaca
ted yesterday.
J. F. Brynon , of Upton , was a
friendly caller at his oQice today ,
lie reports the spring wheat in his
vicinity will bo very light from
various causes. '
M. M Parkhurnl , of Rose Val.
ley , was a friendly caller Saturday ,
Pie reported the spring wheat poe
tically destroyed in his vicinity by
the chinch bugs.
William and Harry Kollenbargor
of Dale , were in the city Saturday.
They each tiled on a quarter section
of government laud lo-jated in .Ke
Kellenbargor pasture.
J. M. Kimborli.ig left last night
[ or a two or three weeks visit with
relative in Iowa. He will vinit at
DVB Moiues , Marshaltown , Knox-
villo-and Mtlo while gono.
F. E. VauAntwerp was a fnond-
y caller1 at this oth'ue Monday.
Flo came over to bring his sou Allie
back to the summer school , who
went home to celebrate the 4th.
Tom Wright and A. U. Burks ,
publishers of the Ghronioh and
Citizen respectively , drove up
'rotu Ausley Monday afternoon to
attend the Editorial Association.
G , B. Mair and Roy Barnard ,
publishers of the Callaway Courier ,
Dame over Monday to attend the
meeting of the Caster oounty pub-
iishers held in this city Monday
Dr. W. E. and Mrs. Talbot arc
the proud parents of another boy
who was born to them on the 8th.
lust. The Dr. kindly remembered
the newspaper boya with Dalbey's
best cigars.
A telephone is in accoBs ful oper
ation from Atkisaon'a ranch , near
Anselrao , to the Tiernpy ranch , a
distance of twenty-four milen.
Thu line includpH lh Kullonbarger
and other ranches along the route
E II. Dalboy , promoter of the
Broken Bow cigar factory , treated
the members of the Cnsler County
Editorial Association , Tuesday
ni ht , to a box ot his best ton ornt
cigars , which was very highly ap
preciated by those who indulge in
the weed.
( J. N , Rawaoti will leave in the
morning on an outing to the Black
Hill country. Last year he spent
his vacation in Chicago , but it is too
hot there for comfort and ho will try
the mountains again for a change.
Ho will visit Hot Springs Dead ,
wood bpeurtibh and other points of
interest , lie expeotft to be gone
about u month ,
Lega ! rates will oo the prices
charged for all legal notices pub
lished in the Republican as well as
all other newspapers in Custer
oounty In the future. This is a
class of advertising that has been
done for onc-foiirlb to half thua \
gal rates in this county , while the
publishers have be-on competing
with eauh other for this class of
printing and diinsr the work for less
than they oou'd afford. The ofll-
cials and others who furnish this
olass of printing have invariably ,
ae far as wo have been able to learn
demaneod and reuHlved all the law
allows them ,
Old Settlers Meet.
The old settlers mooting of the
northwest quarter held at Lindley'a
grove yesterday wan largely attend'
ed and a pleasant time was enjoyed ,
'I lie program was a good one and
the music , specchec , papers and reo-
tationt ) wore all good. The Liudly
grove is one of thu finest in the
county and is an ideal place to been
on a hot July day.
Resolutions were passed thauk-
ind J. M. Podge , president , and G.
0. Joyner , secretary , for the ex.
cellent program they proyided-
The officers elected for the unsuing
year wor.o 0. H , Jeffords , president ;
J. M. Fodge , JaM. Liudley and Sam
Liter , vice presidents ; G. 0. Joy-
ror , secretary ; Mru. H. It , Atkis-
ann , historian. For lack of tune
wu arc unable to give a personal
mention of those who participated , '
The program as published , was in
the main carried out with several ad
ditions. The Republican expects
to puhfiah ono or more of the papers
read , in the near future.
The homo of Mr. and Mrs. O.
H. Conrad , of this city , waa the
Hcono of a pretty wedding Wednes
day evening , July 10 , IOOJ , when
their daughter , Mias Emma 1C , ,
Conrad and Mr. Allen 1C. tfaidley
wore joined in the holy bonds of
wedlock , Rev Knight , of the M.
E , church officiating.
The house wan appropriately dec
orated with cut ( lowers , and a pan
el of lace and green foliage decorated -
ated the side cf the room whore
the bridal party stood.
At precisely half past seven the
party inarched into the room to the
strains of a wedding maroh played
by Miss Mabel McMurphy and the
young couple wore pronounced man
and wife in the presence of a "large
circle of frionda and relatives
MIKH Edith Armstrong acted as
bridesmaid and Mr , Wilbor Hoi-
comb as best man. The beautiful
Methodist Episcopal ceremony wr e
used In which the bridu and groom
knelt during the last prayer , which
made itwory impressive.
After congratulations were offer-
ud an elaborate supper was served ,
the bride cutting her own cake *
The bride wore an elegant gown
of white silk and carried a boquot
of bride's roses , and the groom
wore the conventional black. The
bridesmaid was dressed in white
Paris lawn and the best man in a
black suit.
The young people are well known
in this vicinity and tx host of friundu
join the Republican in wishing the
young people a long lift ) of joy and
liappincss , ,
Among tl.e out-of-town guests
present , was Miss Irene Faidley ,
of Denver , Colo. , the sister of the
The happy couple loft on the
OS50 train Thursday morning for
a few .days' visit with relatives in
the eastern part of the state , after
whio'a they will go to Deuver , the
beautiful Queen citj of tha west ,
( o spend a fortnight of their honev-
rnoon. They will h ? at home to
their friends after August 1st.
following is a list of the presents
received :
Water set , linen table oloth , lacR
curtains and two hundBome gold
pieces , the brides parents ; nut set
consisting of cut glass nut bowl ,
solid bilvor nut picks and orack ,
Mis Irene Faidly ; moquolto rug ,
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Ormsby and
Mr. and Mrs , C. B. Cox ; ater set ,
Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Towsloy ; linen
towel , Mrs. Maupin ; fanuy uakb
tray , Ida Griswold and Eva Cay-
wood ; fancy pocfumn , John Mar-
Bliil ; stand cover , Mr. and Mrs. J.
A. Hntohinson ; fancy match holder
MIH. KaHtham ; silver b rry spoon ,
bulltr kuifi > , and augar shell , Mr
and Mr * , D. W. Thompson ; oentro
table cover , Mrs. Hall ; glasa dish ,
Clarence Towsley and Florence
Biirk ; glass table set , Edith Arm
strong and Wilbur lloloomb ; silver
butter knite and sugar ahull , Roy
Thompson , Central City : pair vases
Sarah Snyder ; glaea not , Mr , and
Mrs.W.SSwan ; towe iand natXtina ,
Mrs , Hagadorn ; white center piece ,
Mrg. Hutohinaon , and decorated
table sot , Mr. and Mrs , Willis Cad *
well and others.
Cltiircli HervlcvH.
The following is the Endeavor
program , Sunday , July 14 , 1801 :
Subject , ' 'Individual Work for
Christ , " Acta 8 , 20-40.
Special talk by Prof. Gunn and
Chau. Boal. Rotiironcu and short
talks by momburfl.
Bpooial militia for thu occasion
E. E. Daggett , loader , v
These that were abflont laat Sun
day mipBoa a treat. Brother .Jan.
A. Whitehead give a very Suturust-
ing and instructive talk on Religion
and Patriotism ; a I bo Prof , Gunn
gave a short address which was
very much appreciated.
A good nltondanco is expected
for Sunday , July 14. A cordial
invitation ia extended to all. Ser
vices promptly at 7 o'clock.
Union meetings will be holrt in
the park at 7 o'olooK Sunday evenings -
ings during the hot woathor. Thorn
will bu special sacred musio quar
tettes , fioloH , etc. , and sacred muaio
by the band. Rov. H. E. My or.
will preach next Sunday evening.
Other pastor's taking their tarn
latter. The young people's HOOIO-
tioa can arrange to hold their meetings -
ings in their respective churches at
8 o'clock Lot everybody come tea
a cool , pleasant place to worship
next Sunday night. Bring , Pente
costal Hymna No. 2.
Lecture ami Entertainment.
A lecture by Rov. E , M. Wheol-
ook , of Austin , T exas , on "Trusti
and Monopolies" will be delivered
by J , C. L , Wisely , editor of tbo
New Era , at the Broken Bow opera
house , on Monday evening , July 22 ,
1001.The question of Tihats and Mon
opolies is the all-absorbing quei <
tion of the hour. It m of vital
Importance to you. Come out and
got some now idoan on this subjoot.
You cannot aflord to miss this lec
ture , ae it atone will bo woith more
than the btuall admission fee ,
After the leotnro Mr. Wisely
will ruoitu about twenty aolooted
POOIHH by the most celebrated au
thors , See the uillu and you will
find that a rare treat is m atoro for
you if you oouii1. Remember the
date and oomo. You'll not regret
it. Admisaion : Adults Ufio ; school
ohildreu ICo. Seats on aalo first of
next week at Bowon'a and Haober-
Among the poems Hditor Wisely
will give after the lecture , Monday
evening , July 2'J , will bo Mark-
ham's celebrated "Man with the
Hoe , " which made its author faui-
OUH , .It *
The following ia thu dead letter
list for , the week ending July 0 ,
1001 :
Mr. Fred Cheney , Mr , Mat Dur.
pin , Mrs. Anna Emuierson , Mr. U.
T. Lowia.
Parties calling for the above will
ploaeo say advertised.
The Broken Bow Equality Club
will moot at Mrs. Chas. Jeffords ,
Friday , July 12 , at 8 p. m , A full
attendance is desired.
Miss Jur.iA WILUS , Seo'y.
Opens Monday , September 2 , I9OI. . ' * ,
Prepare to be with us. Our departments are complete. We
can give you a thorough business education , also our Shorthand
Department is complete and up-to-date. " ( Pitman System. ) " If you
desire to teach , attend our Normal Department.
Pen Art , and Telegraph } ' , is also tauglit.
Write , or call and see us.
C. W. ROUSH , Pres.
$ E. L. BUNCH ,
JS Headquartorn for
_ I il I ! . .uoivniaiiDDiDO i tin Dnnifltu
] >
North Side of Public Squftro , - Broken Bow , Nebraska.
> . . , . . .
Always have the boat quality of
Lumber and other building materials - f '
terials at the Lowest P/io ja.
'Phone No. 79 ,
W. L. RIJLE , Manager.
Per a First Class Smoke Try the
I i : Martial and
Corona Grande'
1 Ciars.
Broken Bow , Nebraska.