Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, April 18, 1901, Image 8

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    lie Process of Reasoning
is niiulo very simple if you do your trading at our newly fitted , up-to date , dnylight store ,
4 doors north of Droken Jiow Stnto I3ank. Our buyer just recently returned from a very
successful Goods buying trip east where he met the agents of the principal Eastern Mann
fnoturora and Importers. Tlie result is that wo have just received and placed on sale the
finest and most complete stock of goods that it has over been our pleasure to place before
the people of this community.
Laces , Embroideries , etc. , Direct from the Importers of New York. Under Wear and
Hosiery fresh from the AI ills in Philadelphia and St. Joe. Mens and Boys Clothing direct
from the .Manufacturers of Chicago , Milwaukee and Now York , and the prices will never
stagger you.
We carry u splendid line of the
celebrated Warner Rust Proof
corsets , as well as many other
popular brands
Erect Form Corsets ,
Bycicle Corsets ,
Corsets ,
Popular Goods at Right Prices.
; 73 U t/3 a
' " >
rt ri .3
AEE GOOD HOSE. rtS rtrt < y rtrt
n < u < SJ H
rt tn C
tnO ( U
rt 10 t-H u
I-H 10
rtc in CM
c . o IHrt inm
.r I a a ) O t/j CMC ti5 =
rt rt C a
rt Or-H tu rtM rt s a )
offl < u
ffl rta
( u U -a rtu bo OJJ5
art in . bo.H
rt i/l u 53
rt , ilU 53i
,0 iln o < u . .1iai " < /i
aiw. 3a
I-H O w. a
oO w.rt rt
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rt t . tn O > .i3 CO r o tsiO rta rtu
NOHI a a o o < rt < u O O a > < u
M rt rS C/3 CX IV
Our line of Spring and Summer Wash dress goods is made up of a sp lendid assortment of the
Staple things such as lawns , dimities , percales , ginghams , etc ; together with an elegant assortment
of high grade imported and domestic novelties such as SiU np 'S'ii'SsiSJitil ' IIPUS
as the lowest city prices. We have the best Carpet , Curtain and Rug Department west of Lincoln ,
Stocked with an elegant assortment of carpets from the cheapest to the best.
If you are contemplating taking a pleasure trip you should take a look at our immense line of
Trunks , Traveling Bags and Overalls.
Hunt us up at our New Location , 4 doors North of Broken Bow State Bank and take a peep at the
best lighted , best arranged store in the state , and we will show you the largest stock of goods ever
shown in Broken How at prices that cannot be met.
Millard Hill has a stiff nock for
some cause
J. A. Moore is out again , vftor
his sick spoil-
The growler is around again ; too
much rain this time.
Mr. liotiry Kelley of Ansoluio
was on our streets last Saturday.
Still it rains , and it rains ! What
is the matter with Custor county ?
J. D. Strong has gone to southron
Missouri to look a the property he
ia on a trade for , this wook.
Mrs. Phillip Johnson was visiting
her son Jacob iu Broke Bow last
J , R. Baker , D. C. Cass , J. M.
Fodgo and 0. U. Cast ) wore Morna
visitors on Saturday.
Mr. J. J , Joynor was out in this
and of the valley Monday looking
for straw. His grandson , Harold
Joyuor is working for him ,
8. K. Redman and F. C. Fmbreo
wore at Aneolmo Saturday night to
help introduce J. C. Baker into the
mysteries of the United Workman
W. F. Blankenship has his wheat
in at this writing. Owing to the
four days of tain last week scarcely
any others began sowing , in this
Wo saw MrE. . J. Pittaway in
these parts last wook. Ho was
working in the intercut ofthe Broken
Bow Telephone Co.on the oxton.
uion of the line from Mama to An *
selmo by the way of this village. Ho
reports the outlook O K and in the
near future we hope to bo connect
ed with the outside world , in speaking -
ing distance at leant ,
The following extract from an
eastern trade journal , will explain
tin- condition in which we found
tin1 cotton goods market :
"Despite the apparent prosper-
it ) that surrounded the cotton
goods industry , the buoyancy has
j left the market. The eastern
I mill district is again in the throes
i of overproduction , and a four
weeks' shut down is to be inaug-
! united as a means of relief. It
is certainly evident that the out
let for cloths in home and foreign
markets has not kept pace with
the output. More cloths are
made than can be consumed and
in the natural course of things
the surfeit becomes a drug on the
We hit the cotton goods market
just at this same druggy period ,
and our customers shall receive
every benefit.
Yon can buy all brands of
cotton goods from us at the low
est price ever reached. iJesl LIv
muslins atlc , Standard 1'rints at
3c all the Best Brands of Fancy
Dress Prints at Sc , u good 'J cent
Shirting at 7c , yard wide Bleach
ed Muslins at f > c , 7c and 8c.
Ryno , April 10 , 1001.
Later-Snow has about dispersed ,
but the air is cold ; prospects fair
for bettor weather
K. W. Pretty men has taken
charge of J. II. Prottymcn's ranch ,
moving there yesterday.
Ryu and grass are thowing up
fine and will make good pasture
soon as wo have Bottled weather ,
J. D. Hoadloy has rented the
liurroll claim located two miles
east of Ryno , and haa built a house ;
ho has also rented the N. J. Prov
ince claim adjoining on the oast.
Cattle arc in poor condition ,
shivering on the lee side of the
wire fence ; unless the weather
improves there will be a big loss an
fodder is getting scarce and cows
are in poor condition , many calves
It ia said history repeats itsolf-
vrondor if the weather does ! 1801
was a cold , wet and Into spring , and
old settlers inform us that' 1881
was similar , followed with good
crops. Hope it will bo the same
the coming season.
I am cbhgod to go to the month
of January to describe the weather ,
this the 10th of April. Last week
it rained almost oontinously for
throedays and nights and the ground
ia completely soaked ; there in vary-
little wheat sown yet and a good
deal tlmt is sown haa not boon culti
vated in and farmers are fearful that
it may sprout before they got it cov
ered. Last Sunday was a beautiful
day ; sun ahowti Lbrightly nnd the
air was warm , but Monday was
A Satisfactory Kill Golve
; it u modcnitc pricc is hard to
litul , : is every lady well knows ,
but the past year has demonstrat
ed the fact the Glove here shown
is the peer of any kid glove on
the niarke't.
V *
Black , White , Tan , Modes , Greys ,
Blues , Greens , Pink , Canary.
cloudy and it commoucod dininiug
iu the 'evening ' , continuitigr during ,
the nightwith distant tlniii arewith
snow , this Tuesday morning wind
in the north , air cold and wintry
On dudday evening , April 21 , a
special program will bo given at
the M. E. church , Wosterville ,
commencing at 7:30. The first
part will consist of a parable by
the pastor , entitled "When Brother
Brown of Wostorvillo , goes to
Ausloy to trade. " The second part
will counist of a dismission of the
question "Resolved that foreign
missions have boon more beneficial
than homo missions. " Atlirmatmt
Mr. Chas. Savillo and Mr. G
Holms. Negative Miss Carrie
Mills and Miss Elsie Savillo. Miss
Eba Welsh will preside.
Sunday , April 14 , was an unusua
day at Wostorville , judging from
the following : Four preachers at
work , Itovs. M it hews , Speeoe
Eastman and Case ; tivo preaching
Cervices ; live Sabbath schools am
$35.00 pledged for missions , with
two appointments , not as yet heari
U S. I-anil omco , North 1'Uttv , Nchraekit.
Notice U hereby giri'ti ttiat In pursuance of ) In
vtrucllouB from tlio ( . 'omiiiUMonor of ttiu ( leni'rs
Uuul Olllcp , under nutliorltveetoil In him by
cecUon'.M&S , U. 8 , Hev SUt , umcuilcd by no
ot ContrrccK nmiroYod February SO , 1S85 , we wil
nrooetd to otf-T nt public lale on the Sstli day o
Mty , INI , niizt at thli olllce , tlio follov\lng true
ot ( and , to-uli :
NwM NeVi.HeM 8wi < , and 8eM St 4 , section
31 , tovrusUlp 10 , north raiigo ai , west.
Any and all perrons diilmlng ailrcriioly the
abuyo iloecrlbcd land are aJvieed to fl'o ' their
claim in thli otllce on or boforv tlio day above
detlgnatcd ( or the commencement of ild eale ,
ottiernUo their rlchte will bo forfeited.
Dated thU 15th day of April , 1W1.
4.ld6t vUEO. H. i'uiKcii , lleglitcr.
8o 8 If a Woman
8o wants to put out a ( Ira she doesn't
o heap on oil and wood. She throws
o on water.knowmg that walerquenches
o ( Ire. When a woman wants to get
i ) well from diseases peculiar to her sex ,
shu should not add fuel to the fire
already burning her life away. She
o should not take worthless drugs and
oo potions composed of harmful narcot
ics and opiates. They do not check
o the disease they do not cure It they
simply add fuel to the fire.
i Bradfleld's Female
Regulator should be
taken by every woman
or girl who has the
susp clon of
iinv of the all-
liu tilshit h uf-
f 111 t w o in i 11.
'I hey will i.imply
IID waiting time
until they take it.
Tliu Iti'Kttlutot is
n i > u r 1 f y i n K .
htrunHi t tun K
Ionic , \ \ \ \ \ \ h Ki'ts
ut the roots of Ihu
the cnuse.
tin- pain , it crndlcntcH it.
HstopsfallinKof tlio womb ,
I en oirhea. inll.imtmuiun
and pi t lodical suilot Intf , ir- < ii , Hcnnty or painful
. .i i uatii'ti ' ; arulbduitii , '
rill tins < lmrs a\\uy the
iuindi nl ntid ono athi'S and
pa I < H v\hu h di.iiii health
atul licutity , liiippini'ss and
, > o il ti mtiiT fiotn many a
\\uii nn life It is tin1 une
ti n iv aliovc- all otlu-rs
h tvcry woman should
know about nnd use.
61.00 PIT liotllo
ut uny < li 111 ; nturc ,
SPIU ! for nnr free
Illublr.iU J bouk.
Atlanta , Ga.
Business Pointers.
.lob printing at UIIH
Dr. T. W. Bans , dentist , Uroki-n
Lubricating oils of all kinds at
VVilkniH' drug ntoro.
FINK quality of luy for Hale. P.
I > Thompson. 4-18 il
Dit'rks Liunhur Co. has in utook a
car load ol fine cedar pontH for tlio
Seed Outs.
for the puru articlu , leave orders
a ij. C. Bowen's at onuo.
Tf you intend to build call at
Dk-rks Lumber Co. and get prieen
Pepsin Gum , two packages lor a
Como and get our prices on can
ned dry fruits Wo will not bo m -
di-r wold. JOHN fe KNKUR.
Houses for tent or Hah1. I rtill
bo at my place of btihiuosH from
now on until 8 p. m.
For lirst ola.-s tonsorial work call
on Wahl & Freed , west wide of tno
public square. tf
FarmH for Halu and lands for ront.
Now is the time to get a farm cheap ,
as the cheap farms arc all going ,
and prices are advancing rapidly.
, ] . G. UKKNIZKU.
Fou SAUJ OR Tii/u / > K Town lots
and a few live aero lots in this citj ,
for cattle , horsoa or farm land.
If you have ranches , farmtr or
city property vou want to soil or
rent , list them with J. J. Snyder
Broken Bow , Neb. 4-11 tf
NOTICK : Our offer of a 10x20
picture with a dozen cabinets con
tinued until May 1.
Id BANGS , the Artist.
Candy , nuts , fruits , all kinds o :
breakfast foods , buckwheat Hour
maple syrup , silver drip , nothing
finer , at John & Knorr's.
For Sale.
Good stcok of general merchan
dise. For particulars write J. J
Stanford , Morna , Neb. J31 t
Wo have not moved or sold out
but are at the old stand ready to
give you bargains ae in the past.
WANTKO A girl or womui
for general housework. Permanen
place and good wages. t
I'or Hale t > r Trade.
A house and lot in Mason City to
sell or trade for Htook ; also a good
ton foot wind mill with tower , that
I will dispose of the sarao way.
fob ? tf A. Y ; BUTTON.
Broken Bow , Nobr.
The old and reliable firm of
Diorks Lumber Co. is the plaeo to
go for lumber or coal. A good
supply and grades to moot the wants
of their customers are always in
Htook. 321tf
Call and get prices on groceries ,
quooiiHwaro and dry goods , whether
yon want to buy ot not. It may
save you money later. No trouble
to give prices and show goods.
Quick sales , small profits , prompt
dolt very is our motto , at John and
1 Kuerr's.
. .
BlBtcim Kavffiit and "Itoimfs Boys" Concert Go.
. Blatchford Kavanagh , Bairtone Soloist
Master Harry Cockrell , Soprono
Master Jamie Crippen , Mezxo-Soprano
Master Harold Maurer Contralto
Master Tracy Ilolbrook , Violinist
Mr. Henry B. Roney , Musical Director and Manager
1. Violin Solo "Second Polonaise Brilliant , " Wieniawski
Master Tracy Ilolbrook.
( Pupil of Karl R. Drake , Chicago. )
2. Contralto Solo - "The Soldier's Dream , " _ . . . .Rodney
Master Harold Maurer.
3. Song "Staccato Polka , " Mulder
Master Harry Cockrell.
4. Recitative and Aria "Live Without My Fatrydice. "
"Orpheus , " Gluck
Master Jamie Crippen. V
5. Tn'o "In Old Madrid , " . . . . Trotere
Masters Cockrell , Crippen and Maurer.
j ; u "In the Dark , in the Dew- " Coombs
6. bongs -j b.ujjeiouin Love Song , " Buck
Mr. Blatchford Kavanagh.
7. Duet "The Fisherman , " Gabussi
Masters Cockrell and Crippen.
, . . . , i a. "By the Sea , " Schubert
r. 0
8. Violin bolos -j biu5fifcmUuise. " ( Elfin Dance ) Popper
Master Tracy Holbrook.
9. Trio "Tenting tonight , on the Old Camp Ground , "
Masters Cockrell , Crippen and Maurer.
10. Duct "Loye On , " Pinsuti
Master Crippen and Mr. Kavanag-h.
U. Trio "Drag-on Flieb , " Barg-iel
Masters Cockrell , Crippen and Maurer.
12. Song"The Letter Song- , " Newcombe
MrBlatchford Kavanapfh.
13. Grand Finale "An Act of Up-to-date Opera , " F. J. Smith
( A travesty on the absurdities of modern "Grand Opera. " )
By the Company.
Sag-inaw ( Mich. ) Courier-Journal : "It seems impossible for
thosc'who have heard Mr. Koncy's Hoys to speak of 'them in terms
of moderation. Audiences go away almost beside themselves with
enthusiasm over their mag-nilicent voices and artistsc work. 'It is
simply a revelation , ' was a frequent remark. "
A complete line of Hoint/ bottle
goods. JOHN & KNKUK.
FOR SAUC. Ono I'rrchcron Nor
man Stallion. Kequiro of .John Wil
lis , ono half mile west of Broken
Bow. f4 tf
Fou SAI.K : Six yuar old mare ,
Phoaton , Light Spring Wagon ,
Single Harness , Saddle , Lady's and
Gf nts Bicycle. Inquire at oflico of
county judge. April , -
You can save money by ordering
your rortJing matter through the
HKPUHUCAN. Wo can furnish vo
nearly all the papers and maga/.iiiH
for ICHH thnn publishers pnco * .
EGGS If jou want a Hutting of
Buff Cochin , Partridge Coohin or
Buff Leghorn c ggH , call on Mrs.
Franco Moore. Hhn has fine
uhickens. I IB It
liftnember the Busy Big Hlorn.
Thny liave anything you want in
the grocery lino. Drop in and look
around , inaki * yourself at hoini1 and
see if our prices are not riuht.
Fou SAMC : Twenty head of line
brood HOWS Will furrow m May.
For p irticulnrs call by 'phone or
uotno to residence nine miles south
west of Broken Bow.
1 11-41 CIIAS. W. WII.UH
LOST OK STOLEN Ono silk flat ;
belonging to the Ills. Votrans
Association of CuHtor count .
Anyone having the same will save
troubh nnd cost by delivering it
to Ner Hartley or W. W. Cowles
of Broken Bow It
ATcMlilumiul S--rfiiiiOIl ICt
' I couplclur Uuumuerliun 8 Cough Kom
ody iho best In th world ( or broi-oults "
Hays Mr William Savory , of Wnrrln ton ,
EiiKlRnd. "ItBiived my wife's lift' , she
huviiit ! been a nuirtyr to bronoluid forever
over six years , being most of the turn
aonliiud to her bud. sue is now quite
wnll. " Sold by , ] O. llonburlo.
April 4 , 1m.
It Isn't tlie inntwrlHl
tliat Into i our
repaired \viitclt tlmt
remulH In u iterleet
) ol > . It is tlie J OUf
that iloc-s the business , m.y
can buy the line klnda of mntertnl
Unit I U"i' In rcpiunii ; but ekill
is tint iiioct vfxlimblo inntcrml ttiuL
: nn IjiiiPi'd In wtitcb rcpuirinj ; :
nnd the buiuiler citn't buy It. 1
my pkili for wluit It IB worth
it will onat you less thnn
at lower prices.
.Ii'welor and Optlomn.
Wi-st Pidt ) of mniaro.
To Tint LKAK A rich lady , cured
01 i i DuafncHs u'd ' Noises in the
IK1 a ( i by Dr. Nicholson's Artificial
Kur DruniH , gave 8115,000 to his In-
Htituir , HO that deaf people unable
to procure the Ear Drums , may have
them fn-n. Address No. O 148 ,
The Nioholrion Institute , 780 ,
Ifiight Avonut' , New York. jan3 ly
Hciund lildx nil ) lie ricflwd ut tlio olllcit < > r Hie
County Clerk ci ( Cutter ( Juiiiny , NeliraHku , until
iinon of ihu Jlltli day of Juno , IU01 , ( or tliu uur-
< luihu ( if uny or ull o ( the following dexirlbud
loU , lolt :
l.oth 1'J lll-H-lB-ln lllock IL' , In tlio origliuil
town ut Ilroki'ti How , Nilir ai * nliown liy ihu
otil ) pint now mi lllo In tliu Kicordcra olllc. ' of
raid i ounly Tim Count ) Hoard ri'scnus tliu
ilKht to roji'Ct ntiy or ull Wile 'liven uiulur tuy
liiind uuil MII : ! tlilfnil day of Ajir.l , 11X11
leKAl , 1 J. 1) ) . OtliauuN , l.ouut ) Cler
AiirlUIt. .
a Ilreiultul ColU.
Marion ICooke , umnagor for T. M.
Tiiumpaon , a large iniportur of line
millinery at 105S Milwaukee Avenue ,
CtnoHgo , tuys : "During the Into eovoru
weathur I ciutbt ; tlreadtul cold which
ki'pt mo awake at night nnd iniKlii m.
unlit to uttuiid my work during the diiyo
Onu ot tuy imlliiiutB w.ia taking Clnim-
boritiln's Coiled Jtoiuedy foi asivero
cold tit that tlmo. which eueuutl to ro-
llevi ) tier eo quickly tutu 1 buiigut HOUIO
tormyu'lf. It acted like ma > ; io ntul I
iH-giin to iinprovn at once. 1 iitn now
t'titlrely wnll and feel yery pleaaud to
( icktiowlcdjio its merits. " bor .sale by
J ( } llncberlo.
VT T-rerrgr
Sells the David Hradley , John Dtero , ttrand D.'tour , Listers , Riders and
Walkers They are the best madp. Also the Ohio and Now Departure'
Cultivator , Disks and Seoderc , Kai-ino Buggies and Wagons.
The best harness all kinds at prices that Ins put competition to tlunk-
ing. See me for Stoves , Furniture , Carpets -new patterns , Tinware ,
Rico's Garden Seeus in bulk , etc.
A full hue of Undertaking Goods.