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Bluitn n Meimro to IV rc Tnpnn Krmly
to Tnko Up Onunllrt Thrown Down
WauU Only n I'rco Itniiil Willing
o go Wbrsro KitBliiiul 1'enrtMl ( o Tri-ntl.
LONDON , March 2'5. The foreign
ofllco takes a gloomy view of the situ
ation in the cast , in spite of the. set tie-
went of the Tien Tsln question , and
entertains grave Tears that the rela
tions between Japan and Russia may
shortly reach the danger point. Judg
ing from Information obtained hero
Japan has conlidcd to at lea t s. me of
the powers her determination to op
pose at all cost any secret arrange
ments between Russia and China by
which Russia would secure territorial
or other advantages near Korea. The
foreign oillce has received no confirma
tion that the Japanese fleet is mobiliz
ing , but It tvould not be surprised to
learn that such were the facts. A
high British olllclal said today :
"All Jiipan wants Is a tree hand
u alnst Russia. This she has got so
faros England and Germany are con
cerned , and I presume , so far as the
United States government is concerned
Jthough 1 do not imagine tor one mo
ment that any of tiie powers men
tioned would be drawn Into a war be
tween Japan and Russia. If Japan
sees nothing for it but to light she
would have the moral support of ob
jections committed to papi-r by at
least two other powers against secret
treaties with China. That Is all ; but
Japan seems to consider itsulllclcnt to
provide against Interfere'nco "
- * > Conilimation of the foregolngdefini
tion of the sit nation was affoidtd by
Ibhc secretary of the Japanese legation ,
who said in the course of an inter
view :
"While reji icing at the fact that
England and Russia have reached a
pacific settlement over the minor is
sue , the main question the Integrity
of the Chinese empire remains unset
tled. In response to pressure brought
upon Russia it was announced that
Russia's secret treaties with China
had been modified , 'out the terms have
been withheld. Until we see the
treaties we will not be satisfied that
the modification does not consist of
words merely , without any alteiation
in the spirit. In this connection wo
believe other powers will support us. "
It appears that Great Britain would
toe willing to reler the whole Manchu-
riau matter to arbitration on the liius
of The Hague conference. The Tien
Tbin siding affair is not constdeied
Important enough to be disposed of In
tills way and it will immediately be
come a matter of diplomatic inter
change between St. Petersburg and
'London. '
Land ORleo Innpoctor I'lcnnctl.
O'NitiL , Neb. , March 23. Hon. E'- '
gar L. Mills of Jelleison , O , who is
- now Inspector of United States sur-
1 veyor's general and United States
land offices was in O'Neil and made a
very careful and thorough examina
tion of the United State land ollice
location here. He paid a high com
pliment to the officers at this place.
Messrs Weeks and Jenness. He said
that the business management of the
oHice was excellent and that all woik
jwas up to date. Mr. Hills Inspected
Q I the United States land olllces in
( Nebraska and said they were all doing
a good business and that there was'un
[ unusual number of homesteads being
filed within the last sixty days.
Kills Off ClKiirotts.
, ST. PAUL , March 63. The house
passes the senate bill prohibiting the
manufacture of cigarettes.
JlasimchiisuttM Again Afloat.
WASHINGTON , Maich 23. Navy de-
' ipartmont officials were relieved of all
Apprehension concerning the big bat '
tleship Massachusetts which ran 1
aground in Pensacola harbor while on 1
its way to the sea Thursday morning ,
by the receipt of the telegram from
Captain Risinger , commandant , of the I
Pensacola yard , dated Wariington ,
Fla. , March 22 ; Massachusetts got off ;
about 5 a. m. lowed by Leonides out-
aide. Has joined the squadron. Sent
lighters to her last nighi. Will wire
particular later. "
Catching Seals by Scores.
ST. JOUNS , N. F. , March 23. The
sealing steamers Auroia and Diana ,
the former with 32,000 and the latter
with 28,000 seals , entered the harbor
of Green.spond 100 miles northwest of
fit. John , tonight. Both vessels carry
full loads. They report that the
Banger , with 24,000 ; the Neptune ,
with 22,000 ; the Vanguard , with 21-
000 ; the Greenland , with 10,000 ; the
Iceland , with 15,00 ; the Algerian , with
14,000 ; the Virginia Lake , wall 13,000 ; !
the Walrus , with 12,000 ; the Nimrod ,
with 10,000 , and the Leopaid , with
9,000 were still llshing when they loft t ;
the floef.
I Uuoo 1'or I'lfty Thousand.
* ' 7 , * | BOSTON , March 23. A race for a $50-
'til ° ° ° Purse made u * ' ot $10 > ° 00 a corner
! < 4 | and $20,000 added by Thomas W. Law-
I son between Churllo Herr , Cresceua
and Boraima , is announced by Mr
fc - i Lawson.
* I A statement Issued by the latter to h
night says that the race will be at
Readville , Mass. , in the week begin i-
ning Septemoer 10 , all the gate re !
ceipts to go to ctiarlty. The race will j
bo Handled by the Now England trotn
ting horse breeders' association ,
CollUlon of Kn llnli nnil llinslnns IK
PKKIN , March 23. 2 a. m. Count
von Waldersee , General Barrow and
General "Wogack , have been In consul
tation , and General Wognck tins
agreed to withdraw the Russian troops
from the disputed ground at Tien Tsln
provided the British also withdraw.
He insisted , also , upon a guuranteo
that work in the railway sldiugshould
not proceed until the matter had been
diplomatically adjusted. This pro-
l/osal and stipulation were satisfactory
to General Barrow and were accepted
hy him. Consequently the British
ind Russian troops will be withdrawn
at 5 o'clock today , thereby avoiding all
trouble at pr sent. Orders have been
Issued , however , that no British otllcer
Jliall leave or even "sleep out" at
nl-rht or go to dinner without furnishIng -
Ing his address to the adjutant. The
marines will return to the ships. Ad- Seymour objects to any of the
Australian naval brigade , who volun-
leered for service on the railway re-
malnlng. The military authorities
S'iy lie does not expect the situation to
I Improve and Australian marines arc ! 1 i
just the men needed. The Russians
have ordered a regiment to proceed
from Port Arthur to Tien Tsln. The
arrangements made by General Bal-
loud , the French commander , are re-
yarded as satisfactory and all danger
ufa collision between the British and
Frencli is considered obviated.
PAKIS , March 21. The French fori
elgn otllce has as yet received no dis
patches regarding the Anglo-French 1
or Anglo- Russian troublcatTlen Tsin.
Officials are hopeful of a conciliatory
settlement for what they regard as
not being a serious dllllculty.
Cablegrams ) received here from
Pekin are very cheerful regarding the
rapid progicss of negotiations there
during the past week. The American i
proposal to arrange for demanding
joint damages from China is being
favorably cliscussen by the powers. |
There appears to be a prospect for the
adoption of this proposition , although
with some modifications from Its or-
iglnal form.
IHliiicr For I'ltzhiigh I.oe.
OMAHA , Neb. , March 221 Dr. Geo.
L. Sillier will give a dinner at the
Omaha club in honor of Gen. Fltzhugh
Lee. Among those present will bo
Governor Shaw , of Iowa , Governor
Dietrich of Nebraska , Congressman
George D. Perkins , of Sioux City , la. ,
J. Sterling Morton and perhaps Gov
ernor Dockey of Missouri.
J. P. Hayes , a stockman of Grcelj
Center , Neb. , was registered today al
the Merchants. lie says his sect on
of the country is suffcrinir ftom the
depredations of an organized gang of
thieves , which seem to have its strong
hold somewhere In the sand hills be
tween Greely Center and CcJar River ,
and that all efforts of the sheriff and
his posse to dislodge them or to dis
cover their hiding place has thus far
3roved futile.
I State Convention Will Yield.
"WASHINGTON , D. C. , March 21
Representative Mercer of Nebraska ,
who accompanied the river and har
bor committee to Cuba , was at the
white house today. He believes that
the constitutional convention ultima
tely accept the propositions of the
United States.
Representative Hull of Iowa , chair
man of the house committee , on mill-
try affairs , saw the president today.
Mr. Hull will leave early next month
for the Philippines , where he will
study the situation in order to equip
himself with information at first hand
for the debate next winter.
lloors not Ionn righting.
DUIUJAN , March 22. Owing to the
Klip river flooded General
I i being Camp
bell's column lias been unable to re-
I | turn to Standerton , frotn whk-b
point went to bring away the
garrison at Vredo , which the British -
ish evacuated. The column had
heavy fighting going to and coming I
from Viedo. General Campbell has
about 200 sick and wounded. There' ' i
are many bands of roving Boers In the
neighborhood of Standerton.
j LONDON , March 20. The Wcstmln-
Btcr Gazette this afternoon makes pes-
Mmlstlc comment on General Botha's
refusal to accept the peace terms of
fered by Lord Kitchener , and connects
this refusal with the situation in
China , I
The failure of these peace negotfa-
'Minns ' means that the military pol - '
tlon in South Africa Is not yet de-
CAPETOWN , March 20. J. P. Mlna-
ber , S Minaber and J. A. Ncuwoudt
weie shot at Le Aar last evening tor
tieasonand murder In pursuance of
sentence of a court-martial. The I1
death sentence was passrd a week auo M
In connection with the wrecking of a M
train near Tansbosch. by which five 1
men were killed. General Kitchener
confirmed the verdict. The garrison
Was paraded and the prisoners were
M ] out at sunsHt. A dutch minister
ind relative * remained with the pris-
> ners till the end.
HnRtievrooU Mtmler Trlnl.
CHADHON , Neb. , Maich 22. The
xnirt has taken up the time trying to
empanel a jury In the Haguewood
murder trial. At 4:30 : this afternoon
} ourt adjourned till 9 a. in. tomorrow ,
j having exhausted the men they could
lubpoena. The circumstances are
10 well known that in may be several
iJays before a Jury Is sworn.
j .lames Hlxon , who was before the
jourt on a charge of grand larceny
trlth John Tldd , was dismissed.
Will ' rinTe no ArliltrntorA1ilr > to Settle
Trouble With Knglnnd AlonnOenernl
Demands Apology-Says IlrlllshTroopt
UUeiTlso Mint Withdraw.
LOODON , March 21. "General Wo-
gack has refused to accept Ount Von (
, ' Tien Tsln "
Waldersec's arbitration at ,
says ( the Pekln correspondent of the
] Dally Mall , wiring yesterday , "and de
mands ( that- the British not only withdraw -
draw , but apologize for removing the
Russian j flng.
"General Burrow refuses to do cither
and 1 In so refusing has the support of
the British government. British re
inforcements aie being sent. "
'Russia's proceedings In Korea , "
8 E vs the Kobe correspondent of the
Dally Mail , "aie now openly aggres
sive , , and It Is believed that she is
about to make further demands In
connection j with Ma-San-IIo. "
ST. PETKKSIIUHU , March 20. The
Russian press Is not alarmed about the
Tien i fsln affair. There is nn mention
o ( it In theonichil agencies' dispatches
but j . the London correspondent of the
Novoe Viomyacharacterizes the dis
pute ' as unimportant. Another Lon
don correspondent quotes a Frencli
diplomat as saying that an Anglo-
Russian ; war is Impossible , and Russia
need i only threaten to support the
Boers to bring Great Britain to her
The Novosti advocates a Russia-Jap
anese alliance , which will assure Japan
her I present possessions and a largo
market i for her Industrial products in
Russian territory , where they will be
protected ] against Anglo-German com
petition. ] In conclusion the aiticle
declaies i this alliance Is as Important
In \ the orient as the Franco-Russian ill-
lla ] * ce is in the incident.
The Novosti apparently regards the
Russo- American understanding as
per i am-nt , as the paper does not men
tion American competition in Russian
territory , which is sponger than the
Anglo-German competition.
TIEN TSIN , March 20 A special
train qearlng reinforcements of Aus
tralian troops left Pekln for Tien Tsin
at 10 o'clock this morning. One
French , an Italian and a German war
ship are outside the bar.
General Lome Campbell , the English
commander , and General
manding the Russians , met Count von
Wildersee upon his arrival heie.
Leirnlng that both had received In-
st'-iictions ' from their governments ,
Count von Waldersee said it was use
less for him to give even an opinion
regard ing the matter at Issue.
It is the general opinion Tien In
Tsin that the feeling Is not likely to
reach a point where blood would be
shed. Both detachments on guard
have orders to do nothing aggressive
unless forced to do so. Except the
army and camp followers , the only
persons now residing here are the
members of the consular staff , two
clerks and two Jews , who are running
stores , and who left Russia in older to
save their lives. These are now being
offered inducements to move to tne
Russian concession.
The French concession Is qulot.
French gendarmes are on duty at the
British concession to prevent the sol
diers from trespassing and the Aus-
trallan brigade men are preventing
the Sikhs from Invading the French
Count von Waldersee has gone to
General Lome Campbell , upon hear-
Ingof the death of ex-President Harrison
risen , ordered all the British flags tc
be flown at half mast.
Vote Knocked Out.
, Md. , March 21. The
new election bill having for Its object
the practical dlsfranchlsement of
most of the 60,000 illiterate voters of
the state , pas .cd the senate today. It . immediately sent to the house ,
where all the amendments made by
the senate were concurred in , and the
bill passed. It la now ready lor the
g ivernor's signature.
The most Important change In exist
ing methods accomplished by the en
actment of the new law lies In depriving
ing Illiterate votersof the assistance of
ballot clerks In preparing their ballots
Under the previous practices these
clerks accompanied such voters Into
the booths aud marked their ballots
for them or showed them how to do if
Irregularities In Census ,
WASHINGTON , D. 0. , March 21.
Regarding irregularities In the census
enumeration in Maryland , Dhector of
the Census Mcrrlam said today :
" 1 have been simply amaxed at the
Irregularities wo have discovered. It
is too late to change the figures of the
Tenth census , but it will be the policy
of this office to punish every oflender.
st. Mary's and St. Cliarhs counties
in which the worst Irregularities oc
the Navy Tnrd.
NOHKOLK , Va. , March 21. Whole
sale desertions from the navy yards
.ue reported. Some men who deserted
from theTopeka have been appie.hend-
cil and will he tried by court-martial. l
Many of the apprentices and seamen
.buard the cruiser Dixie , however ,
nave escaped. The deseiters are all
inland lads or lake sailms The re- :
poit that a heavy draft of the men
torn the Dixie was to he sent to ido
Asiatic squadron Is given as the prob *
able cuusu of the desertions.
III * Homo I'rrtrnt Him With
? ! ntt MoKllincnilt Kilter Service.
GUMCNsnmto , Ala , March 20. Cap
tain t Richmond P. Ilobson , who mink
the ( Mcrrlmno In an effort to bottle up
Admiral Ccrvera's fleet In Santiago
harbor ( during the Spanish-American
war , wns honored yesterday by theclt >
i/cns of Greensboro , the cltv of hli
't birth. Business was generally sus
pended I , residences and business housed
were gay with bunting , and the streets
were ( jammed with people wearing
Ilobson badges.
Captain Hobson was escorted to the
opera house and was welcomed by a
throng ( that taxed the capacity of the
' auditorium ( , the assembly Including
the ( foremost citizens of Greensboro
and , a number of distinguished visitors
from other parts of the sUtc.
Will to t > e O pencil.
INDIAN-AVOIDS , March 20. The will
of the late General Harrison will In
read before a gathering of the rcla
tlves before they leave the city. It
will then bo filed in the courts foi
probate. The general made his will
In the spring of 1890 , before he went
to Paris. No one knows what Ita con
tents arc.
Itisliiuind Will Ohjrrt.
LONDON , March 20. William Red-
monrl , Irish nationalist , jcstcrday
gave notice in the house of commons
that ho would shortly take an oppor
tunity of Informing King Edward ,
whoso title It Is proposed to place on
the new coins Issued by the govern
ment , that he had no right to use the
title of defender of the faith.
neil Are llonu-lrss.
MEMPHIS , Ind. , March 20. Flro
broke out In Hans' stove factory hero
Tuesday afternoon and within an hour
the entire town was destroyed. Flvo
hundred people are homeless and with
out shelter.
The property loss Is estimated at
$200,000 , with sea root v any Insurance.
Town I
ST. Louis , Mo. , March 20. The
town of Bismarck , situated seventy-
five miles from here was completely
destroyed by IIro yesterday afternoon
T ie loss Is estimated at $100,000 , with
lltMe insurance.
The town had no llre-llihtlngappar
atus , and the citizens had to stand by
and watch their homes burn.
IIu I 111 I.nrk.
Coituv , Pa. , March20. Peter Green-
halgh , who boughta safe at an admin
istrator's sale for $7 today , has dis
covered that it contained $4,250 In
Inun lit In l.lne.
CICDAU RAPIDS , la. , March 20. This
city is to receive $ oO , < 00 from Andrew
Carmeglc for a free public llbr.iry ,
The gift is conditioned that the city
furnish a site and levy a lax of 85,700
for Its support.
Both conditions will be compiler
H < M > r * May K < > ' < > Cnnniln.
LONDON , March 20. General Ian
Hamilton , In addressing the Authors
o ub Monday night , made this suirues
tlon that the Boer prisoners should bo
sent to Canada to work on the rail
roads , where they would learn the
Enullsh language and become Imbued
with English sentiment.
HAVANA , March 20.- The Cuban
committee on resolutions has not yet
reported but Its action of Monday
practically Indicates what the tone of
the report will be. Juan Gualber , a
vigorous opponent of the ultimatum
In the' Platt amendment , has been
delegated to draw up the Cuban reply.
The matter Is to be concluded on
Nothing but a change of attitude
by the United States can prevent an
absolute deadlock , aad possibly seri
ous dinicultles.
Fulfill * Olil Vow.
YOUK , Pa. , March 20.- John Laugh-
lln , the bachelor manufacturer of this
city , fultilled a vow that lie mndi
over half a cenutry ago by leaving the
bulk of $20,000 for the spread of the
g 'spel In foreign mission Holds.
Loughlin , was only about four feet
In hetahliand he feared that he would
be poor all his life because of his
small size. He then promised the
Lord that he would devote all his sav-
huB to the Methodist church bonrd of
missions If He prospered him financl-
a ly. He soon began to amass money ,
1 and a fodder cutter that he had In
vented brought him a large sum.
Will SulmMIre I.tlliintuilnnl.
SAN FRANCISCO , March 20. DIs-
Uitches from Honolulu state that a
bill has been Introduced In the legis
lature providing for an annual pension
of $12,00 to ex-Queen Lilluokalanl.
Nrgrorn H" 1 ° Ilnwnll.
KNOXVIU.K , Tenn. , March 20. A
colony consist Ing of lee negroes left
here yesterday for Hawaii , under a
three year's contract to the Hawaiian
Commercial and Sugar company.
Kan I * In 1'rlnon.
PrATTHMourn , Neb. , March20. An
affecting reunion occurred In thesher-
Itf's office Tuesday when Mrs. Agnes
| A Hard Ice , who came hero from Can-
ton , O. , discovered that George Allen ,
who was recently found guilty of perjury -
jury here , Is her son. It was suspected
at the time of his trial that the name
of Allen was an assumed one.
Mrs. Allardlce was accompanied by
Mrs. 0. E. Holnvs of Omaha. She had
l not seen her sou for five years.
lUlntioni Mnch BtrMnetl-Inolttent t
TleitTRln , Ilo\r < Mor , to Quirt Troops
of Until Nntlon * May Withdraw Ytom
DUputeil Territory.
LONDON , March lO.-On the highest
official i authority the Associated press
is i authorized to announce Unit the
dlffloulty ( at Tlcn Tsn between the
Russians and British over the con-
fitruotlon iI i of a railroad siding In tcrrl-1
ii tory I claimed by both , will probably bo
solved by the withdrawal of both tha
British ] and Russian troops from the
ground J In dispute.
Jt There is a disposition hero to think '
too t much has boon made of the Anglo-
Russian Incident at Tlcn Tsln and &
more hopeful view of the affair Is taken
today. This Is aided by the statement
contained In Dr. Morrison's dispatch
from Pekln yesterday to the London
Times , which is taken to mean that
the combined efforts of the interested
powers are having the effect of causing
St. Petersburg to check any tendency
to undue aggressiveness on the part of
the Russian representatives In China.
The ofllclals of the British foreign
office have not yet received ofllolal
continuation of Russia's alleged back
down in regard to the Manchuria ,
Turkestan and Mongolia , and inquir
ies on the subject are now being made
at St. Petersburg and Pekln. The
British foreign office is not relaxing j
its efforts to secure a more satisfactory |
statement of the intention of Russia ,
but the officials deprecate the British
press agitation on the subject. On all
sides It is oillclally and otherwise said ,
that Great Britain iias not the Blight-1
es't contemplation of resorting to
hostilities against Russia , whatever
ma } bo the outcome of present nego
While hostilities are outof the ques
tion , however it Is not unlikely that
thcdlplomatlcrolations between Great
Britain and Russia will become
strained almost to the breaking point.
Possibly British warships may bo dls-
p ilched to bring pressure to bear upon
Russia , but war will not result unless
Eome fracas unauthorized by London
and St. Petersburg occurs between the
opposing forces at Tien Tsln.
Tills assertion Is based upon exhaust
ive Inquiries made by the Associated
press in London. A prominent British
oilkiiil , often the mouthpiece of t'ao
government , whoso position makes It
unueslrablo that he should be named
in this connection , said lost evening :
"It Is useless for our newspapers to
uin provocative language. They for
get that wo have a great army In
South Africa and that wo have no
other army , nor the makings of one
elsewhere. It Is impossible to go to
war with Russia. "
thfi Innult.
WASHINGTON , March 19. The Htato
department , through Minister Loomls
recently lodged a most vigorous pro
test to the Venezuelan government
against further Interference with Mr.
Hal ? , the United States consular agent
at Barcelona , Venezuela. It knows
n ithlng of the last reported Infringe
ment of his liberty , but It Is presumed
that the affair Is connected directly
with the troubles which led to the first
Ignatlo M. Balz IB not a citizen of
the United States , a fact that may
add to the difficulty which our govern
ment will experience In protecting
him , as It Is determined to do. Ho
was born In St. Thomas and Is a Dan
ish citizen so far as Is known here , but
having an exequatur Issued by the
Venezuelan government recognizing
him as a United States consular agent ,
the state department has decided that
ho Is entitled to the protection of the
United States government. It ap
pears that he Is engaged In business
and became Involved in trouble with
Venezuelan military by resisting an
attempt to collect a forced loan from
him. More than a month ago the
state department forwarded Its in-
Btructlons to Loomls to present to the
Venezuelan go/eminent that these
annoying Interferei.ves with our of-
flcnl must cease , but so far no results
have appeared.
President nil It > turn Trip.
CANTON , O. . March 19. President
and Mrs. McKlnley left at 10:30 last
nlu'ht for Washington. They occupied
a private car attached to the regular
Pennsylvania train.
To Accept Carnegie flirt.
Nnw YOIIK , March Id. Mayor Van
Wyck , Controller Coler , Corporation |
Counsel Whalcn , Deputy Controller
Levy and George L. Rives held an ex
tended conference yesterday regarding
the gift of libraries In this city. After
the conference Mr. Color said :
"Mr. River Mr. and
, Levy Mr. Wha-
len have been appointed a committee
to draft an enabling act to be present r
ed to the legislature at onco. This
will be hurried to a conclusion and 1 I
believe that arrangements will be
completed within the year.
Natlre OHIolal Named.
WASHINGTON , Ma oh 1 ° . In ac y
cordance with President McKlnley's '
recent order that the treasurer of Cuba
should be a citizen of that Island , Gov
ernor General Wood today cabled to
the war department that he nad ap >
pointed Carlos Roles as treasurer of
Cuba. Mr. Roles previously has been
connected with the fiscal branch , and
is considered well qualified for this im i-
portant post. Secretary Root con
tinued the appointment.
Sneak thieves stole a set of harries *
from the stable of the editor of tlir
Springfield Monitor.
Peru will have a now laundry and
normalities may now get their washing
done on short notice.
Fremont's now Is finely
equipped and h s accommodations for
seventy-live patients.
Nail-pulling contests are features of
swell ' social affairs at Pawnco City. A
hammer and box arc furnished each
contestant. '
Miss Minnie E. Thorp of the Wca-
Icyan university , won the first prlzoat
the state orltorlcal contest , which vta
held at Crete.
With corn at 30 cents per bushel
Nebraska lias more gold lying around
in open cribs thnn some states hare
goMn their banks.
C. H. Woolworth , of Omaha , fur
I nished the government twenty scrvico
ponies for the Weso Point military
academy polo players.
Some person to the authorities un
known one night recently smashed *
large plate glass window in the store
of William Bulauf of Pierce.
Joseph Blahao was arrested at Col
umbus on the charge of obtaining
money under false pretenses. Ho bor
rowed money on property that never
The jury In the case of the state
against Charles Parks , known as the
Norfolk stock yards case , returned a
verdict of guilty. The trial was hold
at Madison.
Weeping Water thinks It has a coso
of smallpox , which was Imported from
Omaha. The greatest precaution has
been taken , so there is no liability ot
its spreading.
The managers of the Sarpy County
Fair association have commenced
making preparations for the fair to beheld
held at Sprlnglleld this fall. Sarpy Is
nothing If not cnorgotlo.
Local parties are making arrange
ments to construct a telephone line
from Arapahoe to Gosper. It Is In
tended to connect with the longdis
tance system at Arapahoo.
Ncllgh contemplates the erection of
a city lull , combining quarters for the
flro company. The now bulldlnv which
it has practically deckled to erect , will
bj a substantial brick structure.
Fred Gordcr & Son have onened up
a large Implement establishment at
L'uilsvllle. This ilrm also lias Implement - ? ,
ment stores In Plattsmouth and Weep-
inir Water , all In Cass county.
Brtinlng Is to have a flf ty-tnrrel flour , ' "eaf/o ,
mill. Wesley Moss , of Edgar , agreed'0/1 tljQ
to construct and operate such a mllt/u
for a bonus of $1.500 , and the cltlKoqfe f " 6n
of the town promptly raised the bongs ° r
Beatrice expects that an approprjait ,
tlon $15,000 will IMJ made for the put ; ° ta 9r
po c of purchasing additional land ijftftba t- ,
making'new ' Improvements at'Ww ° * 8r / . ,
Feeble-Minded institute at that pVtfQ * . . a 6 ,
Active preparations are now Innrp4o
grcss to make the ninth annual to1' 0'01/
nament of the State Volunteer * PlWjpp * o 'At
nvn's association , which Is to be3ftqJg''T r * tletQ
in Fremont next July , a grand Kupcj&v. * o fen , . , ' .
1 Nebraska 1- '
can boast of haviBftiho
best public roads of any sUitOtliytmVoo
union. Naturally the roads a&5 ° H8jt0 | '
bad , and this advantage c'tuplcfPtyky ) ! , . . 'ik\ \
thn fact that the state lias d.
svstem of working Its roads'
them very superior. ptna
. ; sOQf"u
I The Westbrook elevator at/o lbion , atf .
collapsed , completely wrecking Tiifb . . ltlotf
building and spilling 20,000 bustfelaltf. V ° P/e
wheat , corn and oats Into a pmpo/rijor
grain can be saved with a
small loss , but there is teA
kindling wood loft of the
A cave has been dlscovoml o
Little Hluo river , a few.mTf8 < l frp
Hebron. It has been cxploraWgQ fc
but nothing of Interest wtis ftnti ®
Is the homo for wild
snakes. A continual draf genre
the opening , which goes to Pftiyft thao
it has another opening , ' 'OOA
The citizens of as , ,
recently visited by a ( M iytrM9/dJ >
which consumed a lar oj paf ofSJnp ° f
business portion of tlio.twfo ! wj.oxflia/ , °
biting the rkht kind
burned structures
brick ones , the brick
the ground for some of . . .
John Grlfllth , of R'uJGIoud recfrrtljt0
lost a valuable BhorthorrtjuUJn ? a pe
culiar m inner. Thtr i
b ickward and fell oflot ,
a creek. The water/oW" ivwA rj , uflt&ej/
the bull landed on Itsuflfl8fa ?
through the thin Ice. Oefoj e
bo placed right
Miss Boyer , a
d milter of Mr. anj M fi.eff Rp Boywt
residing about cl ht lnlhfiouthfti
o RUnwood , met wifli jdrgeritftA aycl
" - ' ' - ' "fc
d -nt several days0"--
liar manner.
lulold comb In
c'oso to a hot HUwe i
causing a Severn BoadOgbur
blaze could be jpxtln
wound appeared to uo"
right until Just recently . . . .
ise of oroysipelnHjresjilted
On account/atf , , trofibUi
the busines.s , ' "
the Short
rclosed by the
ness men
rates and
p-d to a
h uiled over
p.uiy said.
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taound by ,