Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, March 07, 1901, Image 1

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Con'nlnn ICO fpparnto pieces , ro
quirlrik3750 diBtlncC opurntlonH in
i lie production The bnlnncu tuns
it mile an hour , 24 miles a dnv
Ouo wheel revolves 4,730,450
times a year.
The biilutiuo makes 1C7.080 000
vibrations every twelve montliF ,
nud keeps It up fur yenrs.
IB It not H faithful pervant ?
Are you 11 Roort muster ?
I RHirlit \ VntchVruiiKH. .
U rail unto of Chicago Oythalmlo College ,
School Books ,
Tablets .
School Supplies ,
J. G. Haeberle's.
It lHi 't tlie iiiMteriul
Unit K < ieH Into your
repalrutl wutcli tliat
In a perfect
that iloealliu business , uuy buughtr
eiui buy tni- line kinds of material
Unit I use la repairing ; but skill
is the most valuable ainturml tuut
5 n bu ueed m watch n-pulriug ;
and the bungler cun'i buy it. i
sell my skill ( or what It Is worth
ami H will colt you less than
at lowV-r prices.
Jeweler nnd Optician.
West nido of uquure.
Wheat „ We.
llarloy , „ 47 ,
Oats . . . „ H-
Corn siK.
Uyo S9
Huttur lUc
KgKS 13
1'otatocs , . 80 :
Onions . . . . $1. 0
ChicktnB aw. dozen
llous t 4.BO
Cows 3.00
Steers „ 3.50 to'.1)0 )
mrkeys Do
Straw me . * .
Notice of Itomml.
A reward of $5.00 will be given
for information leading to convic
tion of any one tampering or ined-
ling with any line , or ( shooting in
( ttlatom or doing auj damage inten
tionally on any line belonging to the
Itiokeii Bow Telephone Exchange.
Warning is hereby given that any
persons so offending will bo prose
cuted to thu full extent of the law.
Kcuiurkublo Cures of KheiiiuaUsm.
From the Vindicator , Ruther-
fordton , N. C.
The edtor of the Vindicator has
had occasion to' lest ihe etlicaoy of
Chamberliau's Pain Bairn iwice
with the most remarkable remlto
in each cate. First , with rheuma
tism in the hholder from which he
suffered excruciating pain for ten
dayn , which was relieved with two
applications of Pain Balm , rubbing
the parts nfliotod and realizing in
stant benefit and entire reliefm short
tune. Second , in rheumatism in
thigh joint , almost prostrating him
with aevero puin , which w s rehevnd
by two applicatone , rubbing with
liniment on retiring al night , and
gelling up free from pain. For
Bale by J. G. Uaberlie.
| fcijjf
$ Field Seeds , Grass Seeds , Garden Seeds , g5
§ f-y ? TiBr nria r nncini nnnrsriiw nr W ;
lia - k < t > !
IBJULHJI ! _ _ Bfl U
A big tar of it at Foster & Smith's Lumber Yard.
It Can't ' tie Beat for Heating , Mn as
Order quick. Will scon bo all sold.
M Foster & Smith Lumber Co , ,
Broken Bow , Nebr.
tt "Phoue 79. WILL RULE , Manager.
. , . . .
EfTjimiiiiiiiinii iiujnn. inimiiiiijiiiiiij.iiijuiiiiiiiiijiLiiiiMiiiJ.iii.Liiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiii inn mmm nTl
tUI H H H HI B H BI IB Bfl 9 H B ) Dhl
Business Pointers.
Dr. T. W. BaHB , dentist , Broknii
A complete line of lleintz bottle
! * oods. JOHN&KNKUR.
Pepsin Gum , two packages tor a
Cosmopolitan patterns ten cents.
No more. SNYDKII Bnos.
Lubricating oils of all kinds at
Wilkins' drug store.
Ei lit Load of young COWR lor
sale cheap. A. T.
fob 28 tf
Come and get our prices on onn-J
ned dry fruita. Wo will not bo un
der sold. JOHN & KNKUU
Buy your chicken's oyster shell ,
crushed bone and grit at the Peal
Cash Grocery Co. feb26 tf
FOB BENT. Store room on north
rtide of bquare , Cull or address
itb21 tf A. T. SBYJJOLT
For Hale.
A pair of young draft horses.
Inquire at Lee's barn ,
Seed Oats.
For the pure article , leave orders
at. J. C. Bowen's at once.
Candy , IUUH , fruits , all kinds of
breakfast foods , buckwhuat ilour ,
maple syrup , silver drip , nothing
liner , at John & Kuerr's.
Houses for lent or sale. I will
be at my place of business from
now on until 8 p. m.
uid a few live acre lots in this citj ,
for cattle , horses or farm land
feb28 tf ALLAN RKVNKH.
When in need of a first-class
auctioneer , call on or address
Broken Bow , Nebr. tf
FOB SALK One P rcheron Nor-
uiau Stallion. Eequire of John Wil
HH , one half mile west of Broken
Bow. f4 tf
Fur Hale.
Very fine Blue Barred Plymouth
Rock chickens for sale , 2 miles
west of city. VV. M. VANNICK.
120 Bm
FOB SALK A one story cottage
with six largo rooms , pleasant yard
and surroundings. Price $900.
Call on L. J. Gandy or at this
office. 7 19tf
Farms for sale and lands for rent
Now is the tune to get a farm cheap
as the cheap farms are all going
and prices are advancing rapidly.
A new spring line of wall paper
at J. C. Bowen's.
320 acres of land for snle in Sec.
8 , Twp. 10 , Rge. 21. Good im
provements. II. W. HAMMOND.
fob7 4t
First class farm 'for sale 4 miles
south east of Broken Bow , also vnr-
lous other lands , write for parti-
ouhrs. A. T , SKYIIOLT.
Broken Bow. Nebr.
For Sale.
Good stcck of general merchan
dise. For particulars write J J.
Stanford , Mania , Neb. , j31 tf
We have not moved or sold out ,
> ut are at the old stand ready to
; ive you bargains as in UK ; past.
I have u black Cljdet < dale stallion
to Bell or trade for cattle or town
> roperty. J. B. Huiimoic ,
24 miles N. K Berwyn , Nob. J24 tl
You can save moni-y by ordering
your reading matter throtiuh the
[ { BPUBLIOAN. We can furnish you
nearly all the papers and magazins
for lens th n publishers prices.
Free Offer.
For the next 30 days , one lGx'20
photograph with every dozen of one
best cabinet photon
fcb28 3w BAN OB , the Artist.
BKOKKN How , Nob.Feb. 12,1901.
To whom it may concern : I
herebv aoreo to furnish Hntnhnr'fi
Pioneer History for all bonafide
orders given by May 1st 1901.
fl4 3t E. S , FINCH.
For Hale or Trade.
A house and lot in Mason City to
sell or trade for stock ; also a good
ten foot wind mill with tower , that
I will dispose of the same way.
feb7 tf A. Y. SUTTON.
Brokei Bow , Nebr.
Remember the Busy Big store.
They have anything you want in
the grocery line. Drop in ana look
around , make yourself at home nud
see if our prices are not right.
Call and get prices on groceries
queensware and dry gondn , whether
yon want to buy or not. It may
save you money later. No trouble
to give prices and show goods.
Quick sales , small profits , prompt
delivery is our motto , at John ant
FOUND By John Govier of El
ton , a school order , on the streets of
'Broken Bow issued to Dora lliatt
for 1(26 ( , by district No. 100. The
order has been endorsed by Miss
lliatt. The owner can have the
order by proving property paying
for thu notice ,
Local Mention.
lob printing at this oflioo.
Pure garden seeds at J. 0.
Al. Cohtierwof Merna , nulled Sat
urday and ordered the Uui'uunitiVN
for a year.
Lee Pickett , of Central City , is
inthu . He
visiting - > city. uatno up
lust Thu sdny.
A. I' . Cox , of Redforn , made this
otlio * a friendly call last Friday and
hod his subscription advanced.
H M. Brownell has rented the
Itinuh room on the north side of the
equal o recently occupied by W. H
F irrar
C J. Voso and Or vice Pike , of
Gatee , called Monday and had thnir
HUbHunptions to the RUI'UBLIOAN
entered in advance.
Sheriff Armstrong and Dopnty
Sheriff Riubardeon , accompanied
Wm. Oxloy and Ifid. Penn to Liu
coin Sunday , where they were de
livered to the warden of the state
H. L Frazier and his sister ,
Leona Frazier , left Monday morn-
111 for Lincoln , where they go with
the view of locating permanently.
Their mother and other sister ,
ina Marion , expect to go in about
a month.
The meetings at the M. E church
under the leadership of Evangelist
3urkor , still continue with increaned
merest. A largo number is ro-
> orted reolaimod , and a largo nutn-
; or of conversions. ROT Barker is
i pleasant speaker and an effectual
Re v. J. B. Daly , the evangelist ,
writes from Mosou City , that they
are having splendid meetings , and
the hole community is being
movd. Some thirty-three persona
lad made profensiona of faith up to
Monday morning. The meetings
will continue there this week.
New Line o ±
Buggies , Surreys ,
Spring Wagons
and Farm Wagons.
G. W , Apple.
Lewis McCroary and Hall Sohnor-
cgor , of Callaway , were in the oily
nut Friday , as witnesses in the ease
of Holloway against the Bank of
Callaway. They were caught on
the jury Saturday , and they wore
dotaired over Sunday , the jury fail
ing to agree until 9 o'clock Sunday
Robt. French , of Kearney , who
: ias recently been appointed Grand
Custodian of the A F. A. M. , Grana
Lodge of Nebraska , has arranged to
lold a school of instruction in a
number of the masonic iodgos of
the state. lie spent Monday and
Tuesday at Ansley , and went from
there to Hyannis.
Claud Wahl and M. C. Freed
liave leased the Frazier building on
the wefct side of the public square
with the view of engaging in the
barber business together. They
have ordered anew outfit complete
AH they ate both first-class artists
in their line , we predict for them a
successful business ,
F. R. Iluxtable , of Dry Valley ,
has purchased the Maltox property
in the north west part of thn city
for $050 , Mr. Mattox has moved
back to hifr farm in Dry Valley.
Mr , Iluxtable will travel for Ward's
Li no men t Co. Ho called Monday
and ordered his address for the Ru-
PumiCAN changed from Wostorvillo
to Broken Bow.
Albert Shafer , of Berwyn , called
Monday and had his credit on sub
scription advanced. While in the
city ho settled up all the accounts
of his deceased brother , Charles ,
which leaves the family a good
homo and considerable personal
property uniucumbored. As ho
wus a man who did not make a
practice of contracting debts , there
was little to settle up but the fun.
oral expenses and doctor bills.
,1. G , Lerning returned the latter
part of last week from the Black
Hilh , where he has been for the
pant two months working on his
mining claims. Ho completed
proof on them while gone. lie han
in all , fifteen claims. They are
very favorably located , and Mr.
Leming is very sanguine that they
will make him a fortune when de
veloped. A claim adjoining has
yielded ai high as (10,000 of gold a
At this season the housekeeper must look
specially after the baking powder.
As she cannot make good cake with bad eggs ,
no more can she make cake that is light , delicious
and dainty with inferior baking powder.
Royal Baking Powder is indispensable for the
preparation of the finest food. It imparts that
peculiar lightness , sweetness and flavor noticed in
the finest cake , biscuit , doughnuts , crusts , etc. ,
which expert bakers say is unobtainable by the
use of any other leavening agent.
Tht " Koynl IlaVer and 1'nitry Thete are clicnp linking powder * . ,
Cook " containing over 800 most rrmilr from alum , but they me ex.
practical and valuable cooking re- cceilltiKlylmmdiltolicaHh. fhclr
'celpts ( rte to every patron. Semi aMrltiKcntnnd cauterizing qiialltlrs
postal card with your lull address. add n dangerous element to food.
Ira P. Mills , of Arnold , was a
city visitor Friday nnd Saturday of
last week ,
RaH. Andoraon has accepted a
position ns traveling salesman for
the Deering machine company.
Jas. May , of Stop Table , was in
'he city.the latter part of last week
as juror before thu difltriotv court.
David Hilton , of Wcisport , called
Monday morning and loft an order
for several papora on our clubing
Judge Westover occupied the
District bunch in this city last
Friday and Saturday for Judge
Ex-Lieut. Governor Abbot ,
of Grand Island was in the
city last Friday and Sattirdaj
attending court.
A. R. Huraphruy roturnes this
morning from Lincoln. Ho says
the normal school bill will' ' piss
thesenat this afternoon.
The friends of Clmrloy Robinson
gave him a surprise Tuesday nu'ht.
It was the occasion of hi * ninth
teenth birthday. A joyful time
ia repotted.
Mrs. Amsborry gave a tea parly
last evening to a number of her
young lady friends in honor of her
neico , Miss Addie Peck , of Corydon
Iowa , who will leave for homo this
evening on No 43.
A. G. Bullock , of Saratoga , Wyo , ,
is visiting in the city with the fam.
lies of John Croon and C. E. Shop-
pard. Mr. Bullock has a horco
ranch in Wyoming. Jlo is an uncle
of Mrs. CroHi and Mr. Shoppard.
The farmers who put off moving
to new farms last vreok until Mon
day , are out of luck , AS far as the
weather ia concerned. Friday and
Saturday of last week wore excep
tionally fine , while Monday and
Tuesday wore very disagreeable ,
owing to the cold north west wind ,
A. H , Shoemaker rotutned recent
ly from a trip to Beaver City ,
whore ho was looking after a law
suit in which a large estate is in.
volvod. Mr. Shoemaker is one of
the interested heirs in the estato.
LIe informs us the case was decided
in his favor and that it is only a
matter of disposing of the properly
until the heira will realize on the
Attention U. A. It.
Members of the C. C. Waahburn
Post arc requested to attend the
next reguler meeting iho 14th inst
Business of importance will bo
transacted. An oyster supper after
close of the post.
A. W. DUAKU , Corn'r ,
J. VV. BBUOK , Adj't.
There will be a special meeting
of all persons who now are or have
been members of Sons and
Daughtoro of Protection at lodge
room lattirday evening , March 10 ,
at 8:00 : p. m. sharp. Do not forgo !
nor neglect to attend this meeting
an matters of special and vital
importance will bo discussed and
atteled. Remember the date
P. A , WALTON , President ,
KonubUuiui City Caucus.
Th" republican oli'otorB of the
City of Broken Bow , are hereby
culled to meet in caucus Friday ,
March 1 5th , at eight o'clock
p. m. , in the court room ,
lor the' purpose of placing in noin-
uation candidates for thu follow-
'ng oflio'os : ,
Mayor , < olorkiwtrohHurWy police
judge , out' councilman , each tor the
first , second aud third iard , and
for the transaction of such other
business as may properly cotno be
fore the meeting.
G. II. Tiioui'is , Ght'ui. Com.
Cnllnway Iiulcpuudont :
Ray Gadd came over Tuesday
from Broken Bow with the county
fumigating machine , and went over
to Roton vallov to fumigate the
IIOUSOR where the small pox existed.
Aneloy Advocate :
The homo of John Simms was
the scene of an enjoyable gathering
on last Thursday , it being the 77th
birthday anniversary of Mrs. Sunms
lather , S. C. Rumoryr
Mrn. W. Z. Amsbory was taken
quit sick while at Msson ono day
Una week. She was taken to Guy
FrainurV residence where she is now
aud is reported to bo much improved
od ,
Sargent Leuilsr :
Howard Savage in homo again from
Lincoln where lie wuut to visit his
father , also to attend a state meeting
of the supervisors on the 1 0th ' inst ,
John Coonoy arrived homo Friday
evening. lie wont to Lincoln Mon
day morning to attend a mooting of
the supervisors of the slate on the
19th innt. On his way homo ho
stopped oft a't Norfolk to visit his
Cnllawuy Courier :
Charles Uumphory , of Stop table
who hart purchased the old Sprouse
farm northwoat of town , expects to
move on the same this week.
Readers of this paper inay re
member an accout of the falling of
Mri. Jake Horn into an irrigation
canal at Boise City Idaho , and her
narrow escape from drowing in
consequence. Mr. and Mrs. Horn
brought an action against the Boise
Irrigation Canal Co. paying for
damages in thu amount of $000.
The cam ) was triu I in the dristriot
court , and the jury awarded the full
amount to the plaintiff The acci
dent occured on thu night o'f a re
ception to Senator Shoup Mr.
and MTH. Hern wort ) returning from
the reception in a hack. One of the
horscb beonnio unruly aud tlioy.had
to alight in the middle of the street.
While Mr. Horn was assisting the
driver with his hoisoMr'tj. Horn
started to go to the sidewalk and ,
in the darknosf , walked right into
the canal and was almost carried
under a low bridg before she was
rescued by her husband.
The county Board of Supervisors
willtuoetin adjourned sesaion on
Tuesday , March 12 , 1001.
J. B OdiioouN , County Clerk ,