Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, January 10, 1901, Image 6

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Of the U , S , Treasury Recommends
Peruna ,
Ir Moweliyn Jorilnn.
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1'eriina cures catanhliciever located.
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having I'cruna
A free book written by Dr. llnrtmnn ,
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ent phases nnd stages , will be sent free
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cine Co. . Columbus , Ohio.
„ ThlnifltxilnrlnffBtntonimMJUtSal
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Combination .Corn.
an > tlMicorno.irarth.Wllliosl lively
revolutlonUacom ( jrowlnff.
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croprlx weeks ftftir Bowlnu
, ,
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iU > scrl lon ! ;
nml Bit ficduii
BIII.O II. MTKVl'.NH iV ' . , K tnIW
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The Stoddnrd Jllu-t-
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furnUh' the iTCnuino a a
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; . , Omuha , Neb
B I'
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A > > '
- >
"By Louise "Dcdjord.
CHAPTER II. ( Continued. )
"I'm sure I don't know how I sb ; ll
ot on there tonight. I don't know
where this frollcBomo engine lian
clioflon to deposit us , but we must bo
it least 10 miles away from North-
2llff. "
.Tanettn guvo an Involuntary start ;
the man's destination wan the same a
her own.
"Vott can take my dogcart , If yon
Ike. It's at a hard by. I've
: i case there that will detain mo for
the night , " rejoined the doctor curtly.
"Thanks , over so much. I bellovo
I'll bo off then. Your patient Is open-
ng her eyes ; the rest of the passon-
jers seem sorting themselves. Let me
see , there's a child that belongs to thlri
ivoman somewhere. " And , glancing
round , he saw Janctta , faithful to her
trust , urmted on the bank with the
child ho sought In her arms.
lie nmlled and lifted his hat.
"Lot r'.o relieve you of your burden , '
10 said , a certain tenderness In his
volco as ho looked at the little child.
'There , don't cry" to the little one
'mammy's all right. "
IIo carried It oft as gently as a
tjiunn would have done ; then ho re
turned to Janetta , standing by her
with a certain hesitation.
"I luive turned up a friend' here who
kindly offers his dogcart to forward
mo to my destination. Can I be of
any service to you ? I expect thor
will be a train presently to carry on
the passengers. Is It an Impertinence
to ask whore you are going ? "
Janetta rose , with a feeling of Htllf-
ncss In her limbs and4 some unsteadi
ness of motion. The shock had half
dazed 1ier. "I'm going to the Qrangf ,
Northcllff , " she said.
"How very odd ! I'm bound for the
same place. Under the circumstances ,
we had better go on together. I'll
* peak to Drake about It. Sit down
again a minute. You look as If tli"
accident had been too much for your
nerves , " he said , smiling pleasantly.
"Kindly tell me your name , and I'll
see that your luggage and my own im-
forwarded to us later. "
"I'm Miss Howard. "
"Thank you. Then I'll see if there
is luggage for the names of Howard
and Merivale to be rescued from the
debris , and then we'll get on as fast
as we can. As Miss Seymour is deli
cate , It might bo serious If she heard
rumors of an uci'ldent to our train be
fore wo arrived.
"Invalid ! " ejaculated .lanetta , as her
companion hurried off to complete his
preparations ; "and 1 should not won
der If this Mr. Merivale were a nephew
of the old lady. Very likely has ex
pectations ! "
Once fairly started in the brisk
evening air , Janetta's courage an.l
Spirits began to revive , and she could
hardly help smiling at the curious po
sition in which she found herself , seat
ed side by side with a complete stran
ger In a borrowed dogcart , going to a
lady of whom she knew absolutely
nothing but the name.
"It Is certainly a curious coincidence
that you and I should bo bound for
the same house , " began Mr. MerLvale ;
"but it is still more curious to me that ,
often as I am down at the Orange , I
have not heard your name mentioned
before. "
"That Is easily explained. 1 an
swered Mlas Seymour's advertisement
for a companion , and she Is kind
enough to give me a trial. We have
not met , " said .Tancttn simply.
Her companion turned quickly , and ,
In the half light , gave a swift , scruti
nizing glance , accompanied by a smile ,
of which Janetta found It hard to ex
plain the meaning. It was half
amused and half Incredulous. He made
no sort of comment upon her explana
tion , but turned the conversation rap
idly to other channels.
"He knows all about that eccentric
old lady's advertisement , " she thought.
Mr. Merivale chatted rtwuv so ucrec-
tlily on many topics and the ten miles'
; lrlvo passed so quickly that Janettu
ave a little start of astonishment
when Mr. Merivale pointed with his
whip to the twinkling lights of the ,
little harbor , and told her that thpy
were within half a mile of their des
It was quite dark as they drove
through the cobbled streets of the
little town ; then , by a sharp ascent ,
they climbed the hill Just outside It ,
and , turning Into a drlvcgate &ct open
to receive them , drew up at the door-
of a long , low , Irregularly built II IIRC ;
Mr. Merivale jumped to the groiur'l
and threw the reins to the groom ,
gently lifting Janctta out of tlio cart.
The next Instant they were admitted
by an extremely smart parlormaid Into
the low , oak-pannellcd hall , where a
log-flre blazed cheerily on the hearth.
A lady of between sixty and seventy ,
whoHe gown rustled as she moved , ad
vanced to meet her.
"Allow me to Introduce Miss How
ard , " said Mr. Merivale.
Janetta's heart sank. The stern fea
tures of the lady to whom she was In
troduced scarcely relaxed Into a smile ,
nnd a cold hand held her own.
"Como In , Miss Howard. Your train
must have been very late ; we expected
you more than an hour ago. "
"There was an accident. The train
ran off the line , I think , and we were
landed , Mr. Merlvalo and I "
"Captain Merivale , " corrected her
listener ,
Janetta glanced round quickly to sco
If Captain Merlvalo had followed , and
wna llKtpnlng to the correction ; but
ho wiis nowhere to bo Keen.
"We had not met before. I did not
know that ho was Captain Merivale
by Intuition ; hut he wan very anxious
that you should not he frightened on
his account , Miss Seymour. He told
me that you were not strong. "
A smile crossed tlio nnrrow face a
mirthless smile.
"I am not Miss Seymour. It l.s
many years Hlnec any one troubled
himself to consider my feelings. I am
Mrs. Mortimer , Miss Seymour's lady
housekeeper. Until lately I believed
myself also to be her companion ; but
I'm dull , apparently , and getting old.
I'm not enough for her , and I am to be
.supplanted by you. "
Janctta tretehed out her hands
eagerly , appcallngly , a great sorrow
filling her heart for the woman before
her , with whom the world had evi
dently dealt so hardly.
"Not supplanted , " she said , "only
supplemented. I don't know what
Miss Seymour's wants mny be , but let
mo help you any way I can. 1 don't
care what I do. You can put mo into
the way of things , toll mo my duties ,
anil glvo me a hint when I make a
mistake. "
"You will have no duties , " replied
the elder woman coldly , looking at
the outstretched hands , but not taking
them Into her own. "You are young
and good-looking ; they are the only
qualifications which Miss Seymour
.seems to require. She will sc > , ' you ,
she says , after dinner. Shall 1 show
you to your room ? "
Janctta followed her up the tlilek-
ly-carpeted stairs into a room so lux
uriously furnished that she could
hardly believe that It was' the ono
intended for her , except that her fur
coat had been already carried up
thorp , with such other possessions as
she had with her in the carriage.
Sl'f found Mrs. Mortimer still alone
when she wont downstairs.
"Captain Merivale dines tonight
witli Miss Seymour In her boudoir , "
fho explained as she led the way Into
the dining room. "Sometimes Miss
Seymour l.s well enough to dine with
us , but todny she has been ovor-cxcit-
ing herself , and was so tired that I
advised her remaining upstairs. "
Janctta would have liked to have
asked a hundred questions ahout Miss
Seymour , but the presence of the par
lormaid and the forbidding manner of
her companion made her curb her curi
They had scarcely returned to the
drawing room before a message was
delivered to Janetta to demand her
presence In Miss Seymour's room.
"You can show Miss Howard the
way to your mistress' room , Mason , "
said Mrs. Mortimer. And Janetta fol
lowed the maid.
She was ushered into a sitting room
more perfect in detail than any she
had ever entered. It was a general
scn e of beauty and luxury that struck
her at first , for her attention centered
Itself at once upon its only occupant ,
a fragile , fair little lady , quite young ,
who lay upon the couch that was
drawn near the fire.
She raised herself to a sitting pos
ture , and held out her hand with a
tjmilc of welcome.
"I'm afraid you must come to me ,
Miss Howard , I'm too tired to get up to
greet you. Sit down near me , will
you ? I sent Harry off to the smoking
room , as I told him I wanted to talk
to you alone for a bit. "
Janetta shook hands , seated herself
in the easy chair to which Miss Spy-
mour pointed , and wondered If she
dreamed. This , then , was the Miss
Seymour she had pictured as an 'ec '
centric old maid , devoted to poodles
and parrots !
Even her views about Captain Meri
vale needed readjusting. Clearly he
was not a nephew with expectations !
More probably a cousin , possibly a
The thoughts passed rapidly through
her mind until , raising her eyes , she
was conscious that she was being
watched eagerly by her companion.
There was something intensely at
tractive in the face that looked into
her own. It must have been very
pretty until Ill-health and delicacy had
written their lines on It. Even now
the shape of It waa charming. The
llaxen hair that waved on the forehead
was abundant and beautifully dressed ,
the folds of white silk and soft-fall
ing lace wore becomingly arranged
round the tiny throat ; but oh ! how
delicate she looked. Something of the
pity that Janctta felt must have found
expression In her face , for Miss Sey
mour broke the bllcnco with petulant
"You are berry for me , like every
one else I read It In your eyes ; but
I'm not going to die. I'm going to get
well , or nil the doctors Ho. "
"I devoutly hope you will , and
quickly , " replied Janetta gently ; "and
you must tell me what I can do to
help you. I'm sure I could carry you ,
you are so light and small. "
Miss Seymour broke Into merry
laughter. " 1 don't want you for hard
labor. I wonder If you thought It was
a lunatic who put that advertisement
Into the paper ? Harry declared that
nobody In her senses would answer It ,
but many did.
"I had over two hundred answers , so
many that 1 would not even open them
all. I liked your photo. I thought
you were pretty and looked true , pq J
told Mrs. Mortimer to take your letter
and answer It , as If from mo , and to
return all the others.
"It was Doctor Drake's suggestion- "
tU- man you saw at the train tonight.
Harry tolls me that ho scented the ac
cident from afar , and was on the
scene almost directly It happened. Ho
IH called clever , but he docs not cure
"Well , he found me crying ono day ,
and ho said 1 ought to have some ono
bright , and young nnd good-tempered
about me. You can't call Mrs. Morti
mer any one of these things , can you ? "
Janetta did not answer ; she felt
that the remark was In bad taste.
"I sha'n't like you If you look
shocked every time I'm flippant
Where was I ? So 1 advertised , half
In fun and half In earnest , nnd of
course Mrs. Mortimer Is very cross ,
although It won't make the smallest
difference In her lot , except that she
will have to give orders for another
place to bo laid at every meal.
"She Is perfectly Invaluable In her
way housekeeper , chaperon , compan
ion , everything rolled into one ; but
she Is occasionally depressing. "
"You will give me something to do ? "
said Jnnctta , when Miss Seymour cainc
to a pause. "Not the things that Mrs.
Mortimer IIOH done for you , It might
hurt her feelings. "
"Oh , you will not have much to do.
You will be cheerful when I'm sad ,
and kind when I'm cross ; and you
won't offer to read aloud unless I ask
you , and you will talk when I want
you to talk ; and. above all things ,
you won t try palpably to amuse me.
"Nothing bores me like that ; and I
do hope you can arrange llowers nice
ly. Mrs. Mortimer makes bouquets as
round as pumpklnn , and Is so annoyed
when I criticise.
"I wonder , " she Maid , with n rapid
change of subject , "how you liked Cap
tain Merivale ? I'm engaged to him ,
you know , and he has come to stay
here for a little bit before he goes out
to India. He Is ordered to the front.1
"He was very kind , " replied Jnuettn ,
"I scarcely know how 1 would have got
here without him. "
"Wo wore engaged before I had the
fall from my horse which has made
me what you see me , " went on Miss
Seymour , twisting her engagement
ring round nnd round upon her finger ,
so that every diamond In it caught and
reflected the light in u thousand rain
bow-colored hues.
"It's hard luck that I lie hero help
less like this , isn't It , when there is
Mich a life of happjness before me9
I'm going to get well , but It's long to
wait. Now you can guess how much
1 shall need cheering when Harry
goes abroad. He's very good to me ,
and declares he's never dull when ho
comes ; but you will try to make it
more cheerful for him. If you wait a
little while he'll be up again.
"You will not need an introduction
after that long drive in the dark. He
was pleased with you , because ho said
you were the only woman in the acci
dent who did not scream. "
Janettn laughed. "Terror does not
take that form with me ; It makes me
feel Incapable of uttering a sound. I
expect I was just as frightened as any
body else. "
"Well , at any rate , you kept it well
under , " said a voice behind her ; and ,
looking round , Janetta saw that Cap
tain Merivale hart entered the room
( To be continued. )
Kentucky Tents Slioiv Fruit Jelly Mil do
Wholly of Glue.
The General Assembly of Kentucky
recently enacted a law providing for
the Inspection of food products sold In
that state , nnd Intrusted the work to
the agricultural experiment station.
The station submitted a report show
ing that fully 40 per cent of all sam
ples of food taken wore adulterated.
Some of the adulterants used are in
juriouft to health ; others have been
put In to cheapen articles of food. As
examples of the former , the Inspectors
found so-called "fruit jellies" made
wholly or In part of glue and artificial
coloring and flavoring matters. They
found salicylic acid , sometimes in
large quantities , in tomato catsups
preserves and other food products
which sold as pure , and formalde
hyde and other preservatives In milk
which perhaps in some cases was fed
to Infants. The most striking example
of all is In the case of essence of pep
permint and essence of cinnamon.
These extracts contained wood alcohol ,
a poisonous substance , as ono of the in
gredients. In the preparation of these
essences a mixture of wood alcohol
and common alcohol was used In place
of common alcohol , presumably to
avoid the government tax on alcohol.
This condition of affairs Is by no
means confined to Kentucky. Equally
flagrant Instances of adulteration are
reported In the publications of other
stations engaged In the inspection of
foods and from many other sources.
( ! < > llt Frightened the Ne roos.
Some boys In Macon , Mo. , recently
fed the contents of a box of seldlltz
powders to a goat belong to a family
which had recently moved into the
neighborhood. Thou taking It for
granted that ho was thirsty , they led
Billy to a near-by trough and permit
ted him to drink heartily. Soon the
fizzing began and the goat tore down
the street toward the woods nt a reck
less pace. Some negroes living sev
eral miles out of town claim to have
seen Old Nick himself , as they verily
believed , rushing along the road In
broad daylight. His majesty resem
bled an enormous goat , they said , but
they recognized him oa the devil , be
cause ho was spitting flre and brim
The Increase in membership of the
New England Cremation Society dur
ing the past year has been larger than
for several years.
Rnhinnrlno Trip to Europe.
Holland , the submarine boat man ,
proposes to cross the Atlantic In anew
now craft which will live under water
or travel like an ordinary , respecta
ble steamer , just as the owner desires.
IIo has planned the Itinerary and de
clares there Is no more to be feared
lu making this experiment than when
he first took a dlvo in the original
Holaml boat. His new Invention will
go first to the Bermudas , thence to
the Azores , Lisbon nnd Cadiz , Spain.
Much of the trip will bo made under
water ( , ho says.
JJuiliipcsl' * Up-to-l > iite Service.
A now telephone service has been
established at Budapest , the object of
the scheme being to supply subscrib
ers with reports of all the Important
occurrences which are ordinarily
chronicled In the dally papers. The
service has a main line 108 miles In
length , nnd It Is connected with pri
vate houses and various public re
sorts. Between 7:30 : a. m. and 9:30 :
p. m. twenty-eight editions of news
are spoken Into the transmitter by
ten leather-lunged Individuals , who
work in shifts of two.
Virtue eventually manages to got the
laugh on these who throw mud at her.
In 1890 the mineral production of
the United States amounted to $619-
000,000 and In 1899 to $976,000,000.
Little Liver Pills ,
Muot Boar Signature of
Sco FaoSlmlle Wrapper Below.
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to UOio as sugar.
t - . oxctrarru MU TKVIOUIUATU ,
23 ciints
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nml tlio Mediterranean and
HALF KiitoB for the round trip to
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Ticket * now on enle to nil the winter
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June 1st. 1901. Per rates , descriptive mnt-
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at Ct T.cket .
C. P. & T. A. , Omaha , Neb.
W. N. U.-OA1AHA. No. 3-1901