Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, January 03, 1901, Image 8

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Common TliltiB * Ilulp Tlmt Ciunai from
< lo l llnty of HcliiK C'ticurful TlitnK *
to rorgtt Korirot NclRlilmrn 1'uutu
AbstrnclA from HITIIIOIH.
Olvo me , dear Lord , Thy magic com
mon things ,
Which ull am eeo , which all may
share ,
Sunlit-lit uiul dewtlroiJS , grimu aud
stars and HCII ,
Nothing unique or now , and nothing
rare. ,
Just daisies , knap-weed , wind among
thu thorns ;
Sonio clouds to cross the blue old
uky above ;
Rnln , winter fires , a useful hand , a
heart ,
The common glory of n woman's
Then , .when my feet no longer tread
old paths
( Keep them from fouling sweet
things anywhere ) ,
Writ * one old epitaph In grace-lit
words :
"Such things look fairer that he so
journed hero. "
The Spectator.
IIolp Tlmt Conic * from Uod.
In the time of sore aflllctlon , when
the he-art cries out for relief from Ita
deep dlatreos , nothing save the help
that cornea from the everlasting goupel
can avail to sustain the spirit. Sym
pathy can do hiucli. A cheery faith
that all things wt rk together for good
to him who etiltlvates It can also do
much to assuage the grief of a friend.
But genuine sympathy is akin to that
spirit of interest which is fostered by
the gospel , and that faith which looks
steadily upward and forward , confident
that Goodness presides over all worlds ,
is the product of u prolonged and earn
est quoat for the truth which Jesus
came to Impart. To thu eager and per
sistent quefltioulnus of a soul tried by
deep sorrow Christ alone can give
plain and satisfying answers. The aid
that comefl through the man or woman
of faith hus Its source in the Savior's
teachings In the truths that He ut
tered respecting the Father.the endless
life , the heavenly home , and in the
same truths that had expression and
demonstration in his rising in spir
itual habiliments to the eternal world.
Through. Him the Father , the giver of
life , assures the seeking heart that
the departed loved ones live more
really than over before , and that the
brief separation will bo followed by
eiullefls association in a world more
glorious. UnlvcrBuUBt louder.
Duty of Baltic Olieerfnl.
Wo speak much of the duty of mak
ing others happy. "No day should
pass , " w Bay , "on which wo do not
put a little cheer Into some heart ,
make the path a little smoother for
sonioont/b tired feet , or help one faint
ing robin Into its nest again. " But wo
are not accustomed to think of the
duty of being happy ourselves. Yet
the one duty is taught in the Bible
us clearly as the other. Jesus said his
disciples should have tribulation in the
world , but he said in the sumo sen
tence : "Bo or good cheer. " That is
the problem which is set before us as
Christians. Wo are to live cheerful.
The fact is , however , that not all
Christians are cheerfully Christians at
all times. Some tire scarcely over
cheerful are habitually uncheorful.
Others are cheerful only at times ,
when the sun shines , and all things
go Well with them. The truth is , there
are in the ordinary life a thousand
pleasant things to one unpleasant. I :
Is a ahame , therefore , to lot the one
roughness or pain spoil us for all tli'o
gladness of a thousand good things ,
the one discordant note mar for us
all the music of the grand .yinphony.
So many people are mooning away
their time as if they had a whole
eternity to upend , and they pay so
much attention to things that can help
the individual soul but little , If any
at all , and they neglect the weightier
matters of the law. Toll mo that my
ago will be ten thousand times tou
thousand yours , and 1 aay , My broth
ers , halt ! let us look into this weed ;
bow did it come to be what it Is ?
What other weeds are there round
about Us neighborhood ? What Is the
relation of these various aud apparent
ly competing needs ? and halt , lot us
gather a thousand llttlo shells from
the seashore , and number them , and
appraise them , and wonder about how
long they have boon In their evolution.
There might be some little grain of
sense in that , but when you toll mo
that the days of our years are three ,
score years and ton , I must reconsider
the whole calculation , and get to un
derstand if I can which Is the more
Important , which the moat important ,
what is the thing to be done now.
Joseph Parker , D. D.
Thing * to Forget.
If you would increase your happiness
* nd' prolong your life forget your
neighbor's faults. Forget the tempta
tions. Forgot the fault-flndlng , and
ctve a little thought to the cause which
provoked it. Forget the peculiarities
of your friends and only remember the
good points which make you fond of
them. Forget all personal quarrels or
histories you may have heard by acci
dent , and which , If repeated , would
com a thousand times worce than
they are. Blot out as far as possible
all the dlsngreunblOB of life ; they will j
como , but they will grow larger when
you rcmcinbur them , and the constant ,
thought of the acts of meanness , or , j
worse fltlll , malice , ' will only tend to
make von more familiar with them , i
Obliterate everything disagreeable
from yesterday , start out with a clean
sheet for today , and write upon it , for
sweet memory's sake.only those things
which are loveljr and lorablo.
ICytio ,
lOmlttcd lut week. ]
Christina * treu nt Success waa a bum
mer , passing off without u failure.
A , J. Iteevca linn received his organ
ami IB muuh elated. It In bettor than
be expected.
Mr. McNulty. of Ooonto , la wintering
some catUu for Mr Nelson , of Lodl
LRBI week twenty-six died , Of ( con of them
in four lioura time.
Christmas was pleuuunt and well ob
served , if feasting IH the way to observe
It , no there were a lot of big roaats and
neighbors invited to store thorn away.
Departed attempt to liold up the
Itiokun Bow in Ml on laatcek was
bloodless , and truthless ; wonder whether
thu passengers nnd drivui paw any snakes.
U. JJ. HeuUley , of At'tou IOWA , bat
fenced his oluUn , located three miles
cniit ol Ryno. Ho will put down u well
and erect n wind mill , und he aud his
brother James will run a cattle ranch.
1) , If. Emptleld renched his tweuly-
seventh mile-atone hint Sunday. Several
of his relatives hplped him cut a turkey.
lie iceelvid ecmo nlco presents. We
hupo BIMI will live to enjoy tnuny birth
days , mid tjobblers.
KYNO , Neb. , Jan. 1 , 1901.
U. A. Odllltli has lost four head ot
cuttle with corn stalk disease recently.
L. H. Emptleld butchered a hog today ,
olati d by Squire Dean und Lloyd
Mrs. Mary Wilcox has left llyno
She will etiKiige In drcebiuuklng at
Andew Horn him finished picking corn
lor Squire Denu. He will herd cattle
foil , ) 11. Smith.
Wallle QrillUI ) , of Johnstown Nebr. ,
arrived last evening. Ho will vleli
among relatives and look after aomo un
sullied busmesH.
Goodbya old century , good-bye. All
hnll the new century , Yesterday this
generation saw what they will t > ever see
again , the cloeo ot a century.
Weather had been cold since Sunday's
blizzvd. Mercury below zero ; seems
liku theru Is some truth , In the old ndn
"us the days lengthen the cold fctroug-
theus. "
G. A. Grilllth , mutated by II. U. Don
nel , raised the remains of a babe that bud
been burled on the homestead nine yenrc ,
and Interred Itboei'Jo its mother , in the
cemetery at Cull away on I set Monday.
Ourgenlnl rend overseer , John Malr ,
waa rushing around Ryno y eater Jay ,
attending town board meeting and re-
pairlrg the approaches to the Lisle
brldgo. Ho Informs ufi that hla tern ? < > f
ofllco has expired for which ho is
Cedar Foroats Ar
The cedar forests remaining ; in the
northeastern part of the continent are
In Aroostook county , Maine , the
northern counties of Now Brunswick
and the counties of Tumlscouata , Rl-
mouski , Bonayouture and Qaspe , In
Quebec. Hero cedar grows large and
there are more trees to th acre than ,
farther south. It Is found on th high
land as well aa in the awampa. ID
Nova Scotia cedar does not grow. In
southern New Brunswick ther is not
enough left to supply ties for the lo
cal railroads.
I-After ! He Comes
lie has A hard enonjjh time. Every
thing that the expectant mother
can do to help her child she should
ilo. One of the greatest blessings
she can give him is health , but to
do this , she must have health her
self. She should use every means
to improve her physical condition.
She should , by ull means , supply
herself with
It will take her
through the crisis
easily and
quickly. Itisji
liniment which
gives strength
und vigor to the
muscles. Com
mon sense will
> show you
'that ' the
stronger the
muscles are ,
which bear the
strain , the less
pain there will be.
A woman living in Fort Wayne ,
Ind. , says : "Mother's Friend did
wonders for me. Praise God for
your liniment. "
Read this from Huuel , Cal.
' Mother's Friend is a blessing to
all women who undergo nature'a
ordenl of childbirth. "
Get Mother's Friend at the
drug store. $1 nor bottle.
Atlanta , Ga.
Wrtta for our frt Illustrated book , " Ik for *
H by U llorn. "
Having bought the ptock formerly owner ! by A. Wallace ,
me have added a complete
9TQCK off
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VtlVIT , OVSTimtt mid Cl L.imY IN HI ! AMOK.
Butter and Eggs taken in Exchange.
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P. C. , . . . . .
A. . J. HO1IKHTSON , Vlw-1'rcs \V. U. BLACKWELL , Ana't Cashier
Farmers Bank of Ouster County ,
TrauBQOtn a General Bunking Business. County Claims and
Warrants Bnnght.
The People's National Family Newspaper ,
Published Mon-
OHM BUM MM day , Wednesday
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eign Concupond-
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Family Nownpapor
of the htgheetclti'S.
for farmers mm
Tlllngor' . It COL-
tains all the moit
Tr buno up to the
hour of going to
picss , an Agricul
tural Department
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der , has entertain
ing rending for
every member of
the family , old and
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History of the horse , educating the horse , teaching hote a tricks , how to
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