Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, January 03, 1901, Image 5

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Constantly , and have a Large Stock of 'the LATEST PATTERNS of DRESS GOODS.
Their new Goods include
Shoes , of the Best Quality and Latest Designs.
For comfort and durability. They have added a fresh and complete line of
Which they are selling nt prices that defy competition. They have just received a car of
Which they are retriling at a bargain. Remember their new location ,
Northeast Corner of Public Square.
w ! . THE-
1 Commercial Hotel 1
C. H. KENNEDY , Prop'r.
> Southwest corner Square ,
l te
The Hotel has been refitted and refurnished $3
throughout. Sample rooms for Commerical men. Bath |
' ! * . ! rooms in connection. Free Bus to and from all trains.
Try us once and you will come again , © S .3 $ $
? $ fc $
Headquarters for
Board and Locking.
Groceries , Confectioneries and Fruits ,
"North Side of Public Square , - Broken Bow , Nebraska
GOAL | We are Out for I GOAL
We want to fill jour
With our famous NIGGERHEAD and CANON CITY Coal.
We know our coal will satisfy the most skeptical. Our prices ,
our quality and onr weights are in your favor. We will not
Foster & Smith Lumber Go ,
70. WILL RULE , Manager.
Get Our Prices on Eastern Hard.
It Once Was Lost , but How I Have
Found it.
'Where ? At my door. At the Eagle Grocery. What in the
world is it , my dear ? It is at the Eagle Grocery , a mam-
iiiK'th. stock ef Groceries , and at the lowest prices you ever
hoard of. The Eugle has been reading the papers and keep *
ni , pested on what was being offered for sale. They don't
say anything about Terbacker and Candy , and other good
things like that. It is not pickle dishes you want now , it is
Candy. The Eagle has 2,000 pounds of candy for sale cheap.
Everybody is invited to call and get my prices.
Remember the place , on the big corner , jnst east of First
National Bank.
W. S. SWAN , Proprietor.
Dr. Chas. L. Mullins ,
2d stairway from woht endin Realty
block ; residence , 3rd west M. E.
church , BO mo aide of street.
Any one wishing a now watch movement in an
old case , call on
Ot the city , located in Kycrgon's grocery store.
Dr. E. M. Hogan ,
Graduate Dentist
Office over W. B.Swan's Grocery store.
Broken Bow , - Neb.
A. THey \SON.
and ostlmatea on abort no *
tleo. Broken Bow , Neb.
Lunch Counter ,
EC * . Malioy , Prop'r.
All kinds if soft drinks. Best
brand of cigars. 1st building cant
of Farmort bank.
Clinton Day ,
Broken Bow , Neb.
Office lot door north of A. VV. Drake's
second band atoro , west side squftro.Real
denco ( Kb bouee west of Baptist church.
Wm. F. Efopkins ,
Finns and Specifications on abort notice. Ma
torlal (01 ntshed and buildings completed cheapoi
ban any nnn In the state. Satisfaction gunrai
ocd at to pltns ana specifications.
J , J , SNYDER ,
- Notary Public
and Jnetlco of the Peace. Special attention civ
en to collections , Depositions taken , pension
vouchers neatly executed and all kinds or legal
papers writen. Office west side square ,
Broken Kow , Neb.
J M Scott
Attorney at Law
Rooms 6 9 licalty block , Broken How , N"h.
$2,500 , Oash Prizes.
First Prize $1,000
Second Prize . , 500
Five Prizen of $100 each. . . . 500
Fiver Prizes of $00 each. . . . 2CO
Ten Prizes of $25 each 250
Total $2,500
PAUMEIl offers the above prices
to Its agents , tbu money lo bo awarded
when tne eum total of ordure received
from ngnntB reaches 10,000. In addition
to these prize * , agents are allowed n
commiPtrion of 30 cents on each new or
der , and 20 cents on renewals.
Tuo agent sending In the most orders
la entitled to iirat prize. $1,000 ; the next
largest etB second prize , and BO on
down the list. The more agents enter
ing , tbe sooner the number 10,000 will
be reached.
The Twentieth
Century Farmer ,
OMAHA , NEB. (120 4t
U , S. Land Office.
K. II. YOUNG . Hccelver
Lund Oillce nt Lincoln. Nobr. , NOT.20 , 1000.
Notice Is hereby given thnt the following-
named settler ban tiled notice of bur Intention to
makoflnM proof In support of herr'jun. ' and tbst
jatd proof will bo made before Jndson 0. Porlur ,
y. 8 , Coram. at Mason City , Ncbr. , on Tuesday.
Janu ry8tb , 1001 , viz :
, MARY 11. liANNAl'OItl ) , for the mvtf of Sec.
IB. Twp. 13 , KRo 17V. .
Slip names the following wlttir * ca to provo her
continuous reMdenca upon , ntut cnltlritlon of ,
said land viz ; Hubert F. llcmpUn , Lowl * 11.
Thomas , Thos. V. llumpklu aud lllrU K. Cla > -
pool , all of Lllcbdeld. Nobr.
noT8 Ct J. w. JOHNSON , Kogletor.
Land Offloo at Ir ! < en Dow Nobr , , I
' . ' 8 , IPOO. Ij j
Notice Is horobr clven that the following-
nairn-d settler linn died tmtlc * of his Intention u >
make ruml proof In enuport of Ms claim , mid that
said proof will bo made before RocUtor and
JcrclviTnt llrohculJow NtUr.DO January 4th ,
luuii VIE *
KDWARl ) r. HARNK8. of Bound Valley ,
Ncbr. , lor tbe H. K. No. 4BO , w ive * . ami now
nwH , See. 17 Twp. 18 , Hue. 18.
llu names the following wltno-Vcen to provo his
continuous residence npon and .cultlTatJon of said
land , vlr. :
Jesse L. Wcsttirook , John IT. Klobt > . Oeorgo
tare- mid Earnest Klubti. nil of ) tonnd Valley ,
Ncbr. JAMKS WIHTIIUEAD , Itogljtter.
Land Ofllcu at llrokcn ICow , Nebr. , I
NOT. ttitb , 1000. f
Notice Is hereby Riven that tin- following
named pettier haa fllcti uotlco nf hie Intention lo
make llnal proof In support of Ills claim , wid
that said pruof ulll bu made bvforu Hcglstor and
Heco vor , at llrokon How , Neb. , on January < ,
1001 , viz :
JKSSK L. WK3THKOOOK , of Round Valley.
Ncbr. , for II K. No. < WI. o j ucM , Buc. 17 , uH
y , Stc 8 , Twp 18. M'to. 1U.
llu i ami's Ihu following witnesses to prove his
continuous reuldunco upon and cultivation of
said laud , \lz :
Kdwnrd V. Dameo. Jobu U. Klobb , Earnest
Klubb , of Round Valley , Nobr. , and Krauk H , ,
Kultilit , of t'omeiford , Nehr. !
u20-0t JAMKS W111TE1IKAD , ROKister.
U.S. Land Ofllco , Uroxnn How , Nobr. , i
Doc. 15 , 1000 I
Notice Li hereby Riven thnt tin following-
nnuiud settler haa tiled notlco of bit Intention to
innKo Him proof in support of his claim , and that
uld proof \vill bo inndo before Itcglslur nnil Re
eiver , nt Urokcn How , Nobr. , on Jan. M , 19U1 ,
vlr i
Gordon K. VauEvery , of MtUmrn , Nebraska , for
lnB2,3und I , ni ! nw . See. 3. Twp. 'JO N , Rge.
Ho nsmus tbo following wltnoseos to provo bis
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said land , rlz :
William Alllburn , Robert Farley , Fred Girding
nnilVllllntu Glndsnn , all of Mllburn. Nubr.
dilOtl JAMES WH1TKUKA1) , Register.
Land Office at Lincoln , Nobr. , Nor. 27,1000.
filotlco Is hereby given that the followlng-
nameil settler bus Ulou notice of bis Intention to
n.iko Unal proof In support of tils claim , nnd tbnt
aid proof will bu made before J. A Armonr.
county judge , In Itroltuu How , Nobr. , on January
8tb. 1001. viz :
QEOHOK . TKUEUAN , for the noVj of See.
33. Twp. 13 , HBO. Ill W.
He names the following witnesses to prove bin
continuous residence upon and cultivation of said
lui'd , viz-
Wm T. CIouso , John Hnurr , Fred Nobles nnd
Lclgbton Flock , all ct Sumner , Ncbr.
nov20 Gw J. W. JOIINSON , Register.
In the Dlitrlct Court of Cuiter County , Ncbr-
Ilarvuy I ) . Andrews , Flaiutm , )
vs. }
A. J. Pearl , Dufcndaut. )
To A. J. 1'carl , nonresident defendant : Ton
will tnkonoiIce trial on the SOt'j diy of September -
bor , 1000 , Hiuvoy II. Andrown. tbo above named
plaintiff , Illcd hl petition in the district court of
Caster county , Nebraska , ag.ilnst yon , the object
and prayer of w'nlcb said petition nro to recover
JuilL-incntoKalnft yon for tlm sura of S2M60.
\vlilcb Is a batancu due upon & note , executed and
delivered by the n ld plnlutllT , Harvey H ,
AiulrowH , oated on March l&tli , 1803 , and wulcli
note was originally for the num. of $15000 , and
which wan duo on tbe 15th day of March , 1HD8 , and
\vuicb eald note drawn interoit at tbe rate of 1O
per cent per annum from date until pa'd. You
will further take notlcu that on tin said iiOtli day
of So , tembcr , 10CO. im order of attnchrocnt was
Insiicd in said attlon out of sn'd district court
agiilnnt > our property , and that on tbo " 1st day of
September , IWJO , tbo SMIIO WHB duly executed by
levying upon and attaching us your property tlio
n1 , ol the nwi ! , mid lotu oC tioc. S2 , and lot 8 of
Suction 15 , all In Twp. BO , Rge. 21 , situated in
Ouster county. Nebraska That thuro la duo upon
tahl ooto a balance of $220 60 , with Interest on
snld eum from tbe 20lh day of September , 1000 ,
a d plalntlil aaks that judgment bo rendered ,
against yon fur Bald sum and interest , and that
an order bo made by tbu court Vi&t snld real es
tate and property levied uponondf attached under
eald order of attachment , mny bo Hold by tbo
sheriff of Custor couulyand the proceeds thereof
applied to the payment of iho amount duo npon
said note , together with intercut ml the costs of
thin suit. You are required to ttnmver laid peti
tion on or before Monday , tbo Slat day of FebrUary
ary , 1000. IIAIIVKYJI. A.KURBWH ,
" " '
dl" - Hy C. L. Oattcraou.
Now wood hbop iti back part , till floored ; front
floored with g-inch plunk ; also my TOOLS AND
UTOC'K , Krcrythlnir coinpletq and now ; good
trade ; reason for soiling , poor boaltlx. Will sell
frr cash or bankable notes , For particulars , 111'
qnlre of or addrOfm Wkt. UAVI8.
1' . O. Uox 937 , llroken How , Nebr diatf
All itluda of work in our UfiO dent
promptly und In flrat-olaaa order. Itcd
Shop on tbe corner , west of tbe boao
bouao. Glvo us , trial.
Anyone soiifllni n dkofrh nnd description nmr
quickly uscertHiix onr opmlmi fiuo wliother un
inruntlori li proluljly jutontahlo.
( loiiAHtrlctlyoontlUoiitlal. HunabooUon 1'iitcnti
sent free ( Hdeet uecncv fov Ri > curlnir pntcnts.
I'utiiiits taken tbrouu'b .Munn .V Co. receive )
ipectut notice , wlkli'.ut cbiirt'C , littbn
Almndinnicljlllaiirntml wpnklv. 1-irjicst rlr
culatlun nf liny Hi-u-ntillt * lounmi. 'IVrins. M M
year ! f' < ur inoutlis , tl. ticudbyall nu
llranch UlBto. Ert W St . uihiiiLtr < n Jj 0.
t's ensy to
mill u big
oad up <
IK bill if
xi "rcase
unwnt oti
Lincoln , Denver ,
Omaha , llolona ,
Chicago , llntte ,
St. Joseph , 1'ortland ,
Kansas City , Bait Lake City ,
St. Louis , and all Han Francisco ,
potnti coil and south. and all points weet ,
No. 49 VeMlouled cxprcf s dally , Lincoln ,
ha , St. Joseph. Ktn AsUltr , St. Louti , Chicago
cage and All pilau onstlandsonth 11 44pm
No. 44 Local express nMly , Lincoln , Omaha ,
tit. Joseph , Eatisos Cltv St , Lonlt , Chicago
and nil points east nnd south . . . . . . . . . .0 2'Jnm
No. 48 P.clght dally , lUvonnn , Grand Inland ,
Aurora , Sovard And Lincoln , 000am
No. 48 Freight , dally except Sunday , llavonna
and intermediate points. . . . . . .1 C5pm
No. 41 Vestlbtilod express dally , llolona , Heat-
tie. Brtto , Portland and all 1'nclflc Coait
points 414am
No. 43 Local express dally , lllnck llllli and
Interuivdlal0 points B'J&ptn
No , 45 Freight dally , Anielmo Soueca\VhlliuMi
and Alliance 10&8 otn
No. 47 Freight , dally except Huuday , Siuoca
and Intermediate polnU lSbpm :
Sleeping , dlLlng and reclining chair cars ( seats
free ) on through trains. Tlckos sold and bag *
g KO checked to any point In th < United States
and Canada.
No. 48 has morolundlso cars Tuesdays , Thurs
days And Saturdays.
No. 40 nil ! carry pastergers ( or Uavenns
Grand Island , Seward and Lincoln ,
Information , maps , time tablet md ticket
call on or write to 11. L. Ormsby , agent , or J
Franch , Q. F. A. , Omnhv. Nebraska.
II. L. OHMsnr , Ai/imt.
Vouch for west will close nt 8 p. ra. , except
Sunday when It will close at 7 p in.
Pouch , cast for train No. 4'j closes at B.80 n m
< * .nd foi No. 44 closes nt , 11 a m. Mall for Anslev
, rjid points east of Qraud Island oirrlcd on tralif
, Ko. 44.
< Oconto via of Ityuo and Tuckorvlllo , dully ex-
flp * Sunday closes , at 7 H m : returning same day
CalUtvay via , Mc'Kluley dally except Sunday
clo o * A't 7 a m , returning same day.
Round Valley via Green and Klton cloto M 7 *
m , Konioy , Weduoidy and Fridays , returning
same drgr.
Sttmner via flurnscy. Ueorgetown and Upton
arrrlvcs atil.SO , Tuesday Thursday Bud Satur
day , roturJiliK IC-AVOS nt 18,30 laino any.
OOloj hours from B.OOn into 8.00 n m. Sunday -
day 8.30 to 9.8 * a. in. Lobby open week days from
7amto.8piu L. 11. J W TT , l'M.
tlie CouUltlou
Bank of Commerce ,
Charter No. 60 , atllraiMia Don , In the sUte of
Nebraska , at the close .of business , leoember
14Ui , 1VUO :
Loans and discounts . Sia,05.'J 32
Overdrafts , oecnrod aud UDseotirnd . 70442
Stockj , poou-ltles , judgment * , clajuif.uto TOO (10
Live stoct and grain on hand . 7IHt42
Hanking house , furulturo nd fixtures. . . 4riOt ) 00
Other real oattito . 6 , * 00
Ourrent oxpmiBea and taxed paid. . . . . . . . , OM GO
Chucks and other ceeh Item * . . . . . t&
Due from national , eUito and private
banks and bankers . . . 3,07089
Total cash on hand . . a.LtO 45
Total . 4 : , J73 <
Capital stock paid In . $15,00000
Undivided pronts . - a , 108 7.4
llndlvldual deposit * subject
to check . $11.15433
[ Demand cortlflcal'a of deposit 77U 00
Time certificates of deposit. . 800 00
Juo to state and private
banks aud bankers. . . 7008 18 04 8fi
iillls payable . 2.5QU 00
Tolnl . _ . , 3y,47a 9
ETA.T2 or NKllIlASKi , )
. County of Cuntor , fnDl
I , F. M. Kubloc , president of the abovu nuuiod
bank , do solemnly swear that the above BtiUo-
tneiit la correct anil a true copy of tue repoit uiudo
to tbo state banking board.
Attest : F. M. liuautu , 1'res.
F. M.IlUDtiB , ( .niraotnrg
° rs.
B. U. THOMPSON , fDlr80t
Subscrlhid und sworn to before me , this 27th
day ol December , 1000. 0. 11. lloivcotin ,
[ SEAL. ] Notary 1'ubllc.
The Imbroglio of Life -
A imin'ri lifo ia full of oroaaeu
and temptationH. Ho comes into' '
this world without his ooiiHont ,
goon out agaiiiat bia will , and the
trip butwoon the two oxtromitiou ,
JH ( jxoeedingly rooky. The mlo
of ooutrariutj IB ouo of the important
features of the trip. When hefis
little the big girls kiss him , aud
whom iho is big the .little qirls kieti
him. If ho raises n largo family
be is n. chump , but if ho raises a
small o'hook ho is a thief and fraud
and is raiiuiinod like a Chinaman
with tbe.covon year itub. If bo > s
poor ho in .a bad manager ; il lae'a
riob ha'fl diflhoneat ; if ho don't giro
to charity..he's a stingy UUBH and
lives o-nlytfor himtelf ; if ho dies
young , thorp was a great future
ahead of him , ; , f ho lives to an old
e , ho baa minced bia calling. Ho
a introduced tinto this world by a
doctor , and to < the next world by
the Hama proooilB. The roud ib rooky ,
but man likes ito 'travel it Myrtle
Point Enterprise.
To Calllornlu In a&ourut Sleeper.
ID no other way can you go to Califor
nia en quickly , BI > comfortable , nnd yur.
BU economical , an lu u tourist elooplng :
car.Tbo tourist core used for tbo .Burling *
ton Overland Excursions are models of
comfort and oonvenionco , high back eeats
and double Windows They are lighted
by Kits. The beating arrangmcnt are
admirable and tbe bed furnishings are
clean und of good quality-
Tbu Burlington Exoiareioae.leavu .
OmiiUa every Tuesday and Thursday and
go tbrougb to San Francisco find LOH-
Angeles without changes or dolayea of
anv kind. You can | oln tuem at Lin
coln , Hustings , Oxfotd , or any other
elation tit which tbu train stops. Tbe
route is througb Denver and Salt JLake
City , pant the lineal Boonery visible from
cur windows any wlmre on tbo globe.
An experienced excursion manager 4s in
charge ol each excursion purty and H tin *
Ifonuid porter uccompuriiee each -car.
Folder giving full information uiniled
on request beautiful illustrated 72 page
hook about California Bent on receipt of
Biz cents in stampd. J.FBANCiH ,
General FaesoDger Agent , Omaha.Neb.
novS Ot.
A Good Thing.
Our Great-Grandmother's garret
containing the satno herbs of all
healing found in Earl's Clover root
tea. Tlu y gave our ancestor
strength , kept the blood puio , encl
will do the sarao for you if you say
BO. Price 25 ots. and 50 ots , 'Sold
by J. G. llaoberlo.
A Social EronU
Monday night , at the residence
of M , M. Parkhurat and wife , in
Koie Valley , guests to the number
of forty aflsomblod , all propaiod for
a good time , the ocoaaion for the
oTont being the departure of their
i < on The ma1 ; for Oklahoma , Tbo
evening was agreeably spent in
tnusiu , singing and agreeable oon-
At midnight a grand oyetor supper -
per was tiorvcd by Mrs. Parkhurst ,
n sidled by Mrs. Mary O'Brien. Af-
tir supper all repaired to the parlora
for the final greeting * , Which wore
indulged in both to Mr. and Mrs.
Parkhurat and their son. Thomas
IH a model young man , having boon *
reared in this neighborhood from
boyhood , lie took with him aa a
partner in the enterprise E M.
iMonoly , a sober Hir.l industrious
young man. While wu n-grot the
IOHH to our community of suoli citi
zens , yet wo have never doubted the
wimlom of Father Abraham. Go
went , yiung man. Boiimu ,
* t
The Howard of Truth.
During his aeuond nuocosful oam-
pnign on the rapublioan ticket for
governor of Michigan the late John
J. Bageley spoke onu evening at
Kalamazoo. lie was a good busi
ness man , but a poor public speaker.
At thq beginnini ; of his remarks on
this occasion ho alluded to his lack
of oratorical gifts. After ho bad
finished a in in pushed forward , i !
urnsped his hand warmly and s.iid :
"Governor , I have boon a lifo long
domourat , but at iho coming elec
tion I shall vote for you. "
1 Thank you , " replied the qovor-
nor much gratified. "May I ask
the particular reason for your
change ? "
"Because you are the first speaker
on either sulo in the campaign that
I have hoard toll the truth. You
said when you began you couldn't
maku much of a spcoch'.ind by jinks
you can't. ILirpor's Magazine.
Applications for clergymen's half
faro permits for 1001 should be filed
at the oailiost possible date with
thu local agent of the B. & M. R.R.
J. KUVNCIB , Gen. Paas'r. Agent.
When in need of a first-class
Auctioneer , call on or address
Bro kpn Bow , Nebr. tf
Wo will furnish the Kansas city
Journal aud'JLlEt't/m.iOAN for 11.25
per year.
$25,000 Our Grand , $ 5,000
Ornithological .Contest ,
Something entirely nmv and Intorcithifr. .Uond
whittyouaro to do. You may get 81,000. Onr
conteit li to eeo who can ninkc the laiccnt Ifat of
names ( or kinds ) of birds from tbo following ) lqt
< of letters :
vV D O O 0 O C K Q U L I A P
E B B .D 1 M W A D O U T L
We will recognize as a bird anything belonging
to thu feathered tribe , wliutlicr It bu a lien , Crow ,
Singer or any other kind. Yon can u u any letter
as many n name HH It appears In
tbu Hit of letters alioro ; Woodcock , Plover , tin CUT
lllrd , etc. To any , pcrious who can make a llet
of ! i5 or more different name of birds , we will glvo
absoluUly fliliK a beautiful prl/.o , vuluo (1,000
or lees.
When you hfiTOinado out your llet fill out the
line on tue bottom of this advertisement , and
Mod to us with a Humped addressed envelope ,
itaoip of your country , wlll do , then If yon are
awarded a prUo you can If you. doelro not the
prlie by becoming a tnbicrlber to Jhe Woman'a
World , Wo atiall uwaid a prize to ovcry noraou
who sends the irnino of US birds , and onr elite will
be M follows > Vor the belt Hit , rocclvcd each
day , u Hold Watch ; for the second best solution
4iicb'aay , u lietutlfnl Impelled Tea Set ; for Ibo
wjveu next bosi solutions * ach day , a Konrah Ba.
kill Diamond and Buby Itlnu ; for tbo next boil
solution , a Gold 1'leco ; and lornll other correct
solutions , prlzei of K ° ° d vuluo. Thvie pilzei *
vflll bo forwarded dully , you will not have tp
wait a lone tlmu In uncertainty before you know
thu remit. There Is no clement of lottery In our
plan , It makes no ( inference whether we nil your
notation late or early in the day. All you ucud Ute
to mall this Advt. to nn.und on the dor It roaches
no. If your list Is the best , you tibalt have tbo "Wotoli , or If incond beat , the beautiful
Tos Set , and fu on. Wo cnaruntuo that wo will
award you a prlzo , There is absolutely no oppor
tunity for deception on our part wo cannot afford
It. Wo want to ct 1,000,000 well satl > fled sub
scribers , and for that rvarou wo don't want you to
tend any money until yon knuw exactly what
ftlza you havu gained by nniwerlnjj the puzzles
As soon after 4 p , m. each day in porMble , the
examiners will Judgn the ll > ts to iho best of their
ability , aud will dcslirimtc tbo prl/.e T Wo will
write to you at once notifying you what prize lias
been award' d you , then If you tire natlelltd , you
can oml yonr subscription to ThaVotuan'n
World , and your prize will go by return of mull
carriage paid. To a person of narrow Ideas It
ucenmlmuoeslblo that wu should bo ubla to make
such a rb/uutlc oiler , tint we Imvu thu money ,
brain * and reputation , wo know exactly what wo
are doing , Jiid If wo can Jeiiltlmutuly gain u mil
lion subscribers by thU grand Idea , we know that
thla million of well pleated subicrlbcra can be
Induced to recommund The Woman's World to
all friends , thereby buildini ; up our circulation
still further. Wo are wllllug to upend S'J&.COOln
Uila contest In building up u blKDUbscrlpllon list ,
uiid when this money is up ul wu reserve tbo
right to publish a notlQcatluu that the contect ban
bouiidlscuLtlnued. Don't delay until It U lee
late , Tbo content will continue uutll July 1st ,
1901.Wo give a bonus prlzo of gttU Independent of all
others , to the perion who suudu In tuo Ills gotten
up In the best und handnomeat nmunrr. Our
committee will decide und award prUo dailybnt
tlumptclul f.'Suprliu will bu uwardvu In tieptem-
ber , 1901. Auy bird's natuu found In the diction-
urlej acu i > ted.
\Vlio > Vc Are
The "woman's World ' la a thuronghly reliable
concern , wu aru known to Uo exactly as wo adver
tise. As tooanullablllty we refer to any adver
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