Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, January 03, 1901, Image 4

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    ( So. Republican
PnblldieU etcry Thursday nt tueConnty Sent
H > M.
ncc In Ctiftor Dlock , Fourth
Entircd at Hie pottofflcc at II r oh en How , Neb ,
aa Bccond.claf s matter fur Irani inltelon through
tlioU. M.Mslla.
One Your , In Advuucu . $1 W
The legislature convened TueH-
For fear the Cudahy kidnappers
will not know juat what the Omaha
poliuo and detectives arc doing to
capture thorn , ( hey daily publish
their exploits.
The Btand Mayor Moore , of
Omaha , lias takou in offering a reword
word of * 2GOUO for the arrcnt and
oonviotioii of the kidnappers , in
highly commendable
Secretary Moikltjohn and Con
gressman Mercer have left Washing
ton , and established headquarteru
at Lincoln for the time being , to
watch the development ! ) in the
senatorial contest , . Both have aspi-
ralioLs in that direction.
It is a matter of congelation to
the public to know that it id but one
more week until the now county
board will meet. Thou the delin
quent tax conunitto that has been
holding down a soft snap for wcokr ,
will bo retired to private life , and
the collection of taxes will bo
turned over , to the county treasurer ,
\ where it belongs.
The legislature convened Tues
day noon , both houses were organ
ised without p hitch. Mr. Soars , : i
member from Burl county , wan
elected speaker of the house , and
John Wall , of Aroadiu , oleik. In
the senate Mr. Steele , of Jefferson ,
elected president 'of thesenate. .
The contested members were al
lowed their seatp without question.
The Sargent Era oornplaines that
Sheriff Armstrong is not living up
to the promises he made him before
his election , The Era Bays , Eli said
he would si are his patronage equally
between the newspapers that sup
ported him before election , but now
ho doc ? not give the Era any Sheriff
notices , while tliu colums of thn
Chief and Beacon are full of them.
E. A , Cudahy has reooivod two
letters' in the past week , purporting
to be froni'tho abductors of his son ,
which make serious threats against
the Cudahy children , unless he
withdraws the offer of $25,000 re
ward for the arrest and conviction
of the criminals. The first letter
threatened to kidnap one of his girls ,
and the last one threatens to shoot
the bdy unless the reward is with
drawn. Mr. Cudahy declines to
accede to their demands.
The sanatoria ! question is still in
an unsettled state , and there are
no indications of its being other
wise for some time yet to come.
The united opposition of railroad
employes of the U. P. railroad
against D. E. Thompson's oandi-
' ' '
i I i
daoy , ' Complicates matters more
than over. It is resulting in a fight
between the B. & M. and U. P ,
roads that may defeat both Thomp.
ion and Moiklojohn , as the latter is
regarded as the choice of the U. P.
3hoUld < the fight bo continued between
twoen tin employes of the two
roads , it will doujnlesi prevent
Thompson and Meiklejohn from
combining their strength , which
will have n tendency to help Ouster
county's candidate.
The twentieth century is now
her a , and no one questions it. The
No v Year was ushered in , in Bro.
kei Bow by the blowing of the
whjistlo at the big mill , the only
demonstration of the retiring of the
old ! and the coming in of the new.
Ofijlng to the strict quarantine in
tiiti city , but few watch parties were
held. A few of the young folks
Bjpont a pleasant time at the home
df G. , H , Thorpe , to appropriately
celibrato the occasion. Ye scribe
wiipesaed the event at his desk in
his home writing , the seme as if
nothing unusuul wet transpiring.
] Jtwas an event which but few of
those bow living will witness again
the beginning ot another century.
Senator Currie Generally Endorsed.
. _ _ - _ _
The Demand of the "Republican" for a ,
Western and an Eastern Man Com-
I mented upon Favorably.
Senator Currie has entered into
the onatorml contest in earnest ,
and will put forth every ponsible
legitimate effort to secure roco ui.
tioii for the western part of the
Dtato , along the lines suggested by
the Ilici'unucAN two weeks ago. A
number of the newspapers of the
Sixth congressional district have
joined the KHJ'UUUOAN m demand
ing recognition for the west in the
election of the two United States
senators. Among the number is
the Valley County Times , which
devoted two-thirds of a page in
advocacy of the election of Senator
Currie to the United Stater senate ,
along with other comments on the
subject , copied the article from the
REPUBLICAN in full. Wo arc relia
bly informed that the republican
members of the legislature from the
Sixth district , and several of the
Fifth district , favor the abolishing
of the North and South Platte
hobby , and will unite in an effort to
secure one of the United States
senators to be elected from western
Nebraska. There are a number of
the members of the legislature from
the eastern part of the state who
recognize the justness of the claim
of the western part of the sla'e ' for
recognition , ara will lend their
support to the accomplishment of
the end. What others have to say :
Why not 1st the live stock in
terests of the state be represented
for one term at least in the uppei
house of our national law makers ?
Hon. FM. . Currio ia the man to
make the representation Browstor
Senator Currio , of Ouster county ,
will have a good many votes for
United Statcu senator , especially
from the western part of the state ,
and if the caucus should have a
long drawn out seancehowould bo
in a position for standing a fair
chance. Goring Courier.
We heartily indorse all Bro. Barks
has said in the above clipping , an
Senator Currie is truly a man of the
people ; and the work he did in the
last legislature proves him to be
one who has ability to fill the office
of U % 3- Senator from Nebraska ,
one who could and would find a
place in the front ranks of the lawmaking -
making liody.-iNorth Loup Loyalist.
Hon. F. M. Currie IP a scholar
among scholars , a broad man among
broad men. lie ia the only man
who could have broken the fusion
grasp on his senatorial 'district.
Lot us have him for U. S. Senator
aim thus aecuro Nebraska in the re
publican ranko. We urgohineleo.
tiou , not because of local pride , but
for the good of the state and country.
The more our people study Mr.
Currio as a man , and our political
ituntion , the more they will recog
nise tht wisdom of making him
their choioo for U. S. Senator Sar
gent Loader.
F. M. Currio is as able i man as
is to bo found within the borders of
the state of Nebraska , admirably
fitted to prove a shining light in
the chief legislative body of the
nation. Should ho be ohoien ne
ono of the Htato's representatives. .
It is reported that thy Chinesa
government has accepted the joint
note of the powers.
While the populist papera of the
county are boasting of the county
getting out of debt under their ten
years of administration , they fail to
note that the county had credits
enough loft by the republicans
when they went into power , to have
paid its indebtedness. With that
to their uredit , it has taken the pop
oilioialH ten years to put the county
on a cash basis. An ordinary school
boy , with the means at his disposal
that the pops have had , might have
accomplished as much in half , the
ho will , from point of scholarship
and education , lose nothing in com *
parisjn with any man who had ever
occupied thut place from our slate ,
if , indeed , there ever has bonn ono
who had the advantage of an early
education equal to his. As to bis
native ability , honor , party loyalty
and general fitness , h.s public and
private record best speaks. Valley
County Times.
Lot every newspaper ot north
western Nebraska come to the front
and a demand he made for the re
cognition of this portion of Nebras
ka , in the way of national represen
tation. No better man , in any re
spect , can bo found for the place
than our candidate , and ho would
give to the state a representation
that each man might feel proud of.
His record from a point of honesty
and ability , would be an envious
one. Let thn people of the whole
state know that this section wants
F. M. Currie for U. S. Senator , and
that the stalwart republicans who
have stood in this storm-centre
while the wave of populism swept
past , are entitled to something hand
some. Arcadia Champion.
The sentiment favorable to the
election of F. M. Currio as one of
the U. S. Senators to 'be chosen
next mouth , appears to bo growing
stronger as the time for the opening
of the legislature approaches. All
over the state Mr , Currio in recog
nized ae a possibility in the coming
senatorial race , and it is generally
conceded that in case of a look , up
among the 60-oallod prominent can *
didates , ho has a show of success
The eastern portion of the state
does not appear to concede , how
ever , that the western portion ia
entitled to ono ot the senators , and
no delegation from Missouri river
territory will accept a western man
except as acompromiso. The west
ern delegates ought to stand to
gether as one man for Mr. Currie ,
who can bo elected if. they insist
upon it , Callaway Courier.
There has never been a time in
our country's history when scholarly
statesmanship was more needed
than at present. Political cunning
and intnguo can have no place in
upholding the honor of the repub
lican party in the solution of its
present problems. Men who h ve
been trained outside of all party
combinations to look fairly and in
telligently upon public questions
are the ones who can render the
safest service to the country.
Nebraska has such men , and
among them can bo found no one
who combines all the present re
quirements of statesmanship in a
greater degree than Hon. F. M.
Currie , Ho is a thorough republi
can , a tireless worker and a man
whose ability is exhibited in strong
er proportions as duties devolve
upon him.
If the republican party of this
state wants a man who can reflect
the greatest honor upon our people
and giv Nebraska a proud i coord
in congress , lot the legislature elect
lion , F. M. Currie for United States
Senator Sargent Leader.
The Nebraska Press Association
will hold itH annual mooting at
Omaha January 22d and 23d.
The city council of Omaha has
offered 135,000 for the arrest and
conviction of the kidnappers of
Edward Oudahy Jr.
Three dollars a day is not to be
picked up every day , and the old
members of the board , with their
clerks , whoso time expired the first
of the year , should not be censured
too strongly for holding onto their
job until ousted by the now board.
It may he the last soft snap they
will got for borne time , and they
propose to make the most of it.
The 1'ast Ccnlurr.
In looking backward upon the
century junt closed , wo view with
amazement and gratification the
most wonderful achievements in any
like period in the history of man
The slow plodding meUiodn used
at the beginning of the onntury just
closed , eem inciediblo when com-
pared with the modern appliances
of today.
The spinning wheel and hand
loom used by our grandparents to
furnish clothing for the family , has
boon supplanted with powerful
machinery , that enables ono mill to
manufacture more cloth in a day
than was possible by one person
under primitive methods in a life
time. The shingle , when made at
all , was blocked out with a hand
frow and afterwards dressed to
proper proportions with a draw
knife , with the manufacturer
sitting astride a wooden horse. A
few hundred shingles was the result
of a hard day's work , where now ,
by the use of the machinery in
vented by American genius , ono
man can make thousands in an hour'
as easily as he could have made
dozens in a day at the beginning c f
the century. The improvement in
the manufacture of lumber has been
equally as groat.
The march ot progress has been
even as remarkable in methods em.
ployed in the homn and on the
/arm. The farmer then plowed his
ground with an ox and a wooden
mould board plow , and dragged in
bis grain , after sowing it broadcast
by hand , with a small tree cut from
the forest. The muzzled ox plowed
his corn , and with the hoe the weeds
were kept down. The whaat was
harvested with a hand sickle and
threshed with a wooden flail , and
carried to mill on horseback. The
corn was gathered and cribbed by
the use of a basket. A wagon was
unknown , and a sled was the popu
lar Damage on which wood was
hauled to keep up the winter fire ,
and on wnich were marketed the
pork or other products which the
industrious farmer might chance to
have for sale.
The cookicg was doue exclusively
on the hearth of the fire place , both
winter and summer , and exceedingly
fortunate was the housekeeper who
was provided with a crane attached
to the fire grates , on which to hang
her pots for cooking purposes ,
The needle has been supplanted
with the sewing machine , and the
knitting needles have become a
thing of a past. The stage coach
of half a century ago ban bion sup
planted by the ateam engine and
railroad , that by its system of trans
portation skips across the country at
the speed of a mile a minute , and
cariiea tees of merchandise from
oceau Co ocean at a similar rate.
The traffic on the ocean has been
no less wonderful in progress.
Electricity , which had not boon
brought under the control of man ,
is now ono of the moat useful agen
cies at hia command. By it mes-
snges can be conveyed around the
glebe in a few seconds of time
Machinery is propelled by its mag
netic touch , and human hfo may be
invigorated or extmguinhod by its
The great strides that have been
made in all kinds of machinery ,
manufacturing , printing , music , art
and science mark the closing cen
tury as the period of the most
wonderful and grand achievements
since Adam and Eve were placed in
the garden of Eden. Think of the
Webb perfecting prass , the typesetting -
setting machine , the eleutrio
oar , the'tolegraph , the woolen fac
tories , the wheat and corn harvesters ,
the threshing machine , the gang
plow and riding cultivator , the
telephone , and a thousand other
works of genius , and yon got a faint
idea of the world's progress during
the nineteenth century.
Wheu wo look back on the great
progress of the past century , and its
wonderful achievement ? , we feel
that the limit hae been reached , and
inventive genius cannot exoeid in
the present century the record of
the past. While with man it may
seem impossible , in the language of
Christ , with God nothing is impos
sible. We are his creature ? , and as
long as it is his good pleasure to
allow his children to remain on the
C1HAS. E. FUtm , I'rceldcnt , Ornshn , Nob. II. Q , ROOEnS , Owhlor , Broken Bow.
J. M. KIMBEIILINO , Vice-Pros. , Broken Bow. S O. HOTT , Aes't Cftfhlcr
General Banking Business Transacted.
Chas. K. Ford. J. M. Kimberllng. 8.11. Hoyt. Q. -Rogers. . V. B. Caldwall
Make a specialty of loaning money on cattle.
Hoc JUKI rocolrcd an Invoice of . , .
And a full line of Moulding of the latcet I'attorna , and
will mnko Picture Fri'incs to order , nnv size , at prlcea that
will milt everybody. Bring In } ou pictures and have them
framed .
Went Hide Mquare , IlroUeii Ilo-vv.
Has a full line ot
Drugs , Paints and Wall Paper.
Also a Fine Line of Books , Stationery , Toilet Articles , etc. Store on
corner of Fifth avenue nd Main street , Broken Bow , Neb.
earth , he will provide mindn with
works of usefulness , nor will ho
coniine them to the HUta rehearsal
of the past. The recent discovery
of the penetrative power of the X
ray but meagerly indicates what is
yet in the realm of science undis
covered , that would , bo useful to
man. And who knows but that in
the course of another l-undrcd years ,
methods for transportation through
the air may supplant the steam rail
way and electric earn of today , and
the telegraph may be succeeded by
wireless telegraphy , and by tele
pathy friends on opposite side's of
the globe may hold conversation
with each other. Such achieve
ments would not be .in greater
contrast with the methods employed
at the present time than are present
conditions advanced over thoio in
vogue at the beginning of the last
There will be some hard tights
in congress on the question of the
reapportionment of representation
in the House and the oleotonal col
lego. The plan reported to the
House by the CUIIRUH committee had
only one majority in the committee ,
and it is antagonized by several
other method ? , any one of which
may be substituted for it before the
measure passes the Ilouae. The
Senate , too , has several schemes of
its own which will be ready for ex
ploitation as soon as the House bill
reaches that chamber. Tim is a
question of high importance to the
whole country. There is a , chance ,
indeed , that tha measure may fail
of passage in this congress , accord
ing to some of the Washington gos
sips. The House oho-en : iu 1902
will have to bo elected on some
sort of an appoitionment bused on
the census of 1900. If none is
made by March 4 , next congress
may be called in special session to
provide one. Globe Demosrat.
The coming legislature will have
many problems to deal with , but
nothing needs "fixing" worse than
the revenue lawB of Nebraska It
will be a sweet day when a farmer
or stockman of western Nebraska
knows he is paying taxes on his
possessions at the same rates paid
by the properly owners of the east
half of the state. 'Ihero is only
one way to do it make the la.u so
rigid that it will bo as unsafe to as.
SOBS at less than actual selling value
as to commit any other crime.
Goring Courier.
Its uinusiug to hear some of the
belated fusioriiatR who have been
traveling at a tortoise gait to get
back into the populist party sinbo
election clamoring for a "confer ;
once ( ? ) " with the mid-roaders.
How tnuny are there of you , hey ?
Oil ! Quito a crowd of us. Let me
soo. There is Charley Beal and
Emerson Purcell are ono ; Lish Taylor -
lor and Eli are two , and Stedry is
throe. By the holy Biuoke I thought
there were tivo of pa. The Populist ,
Ignalious Douuelly , the late can- V |
didate for vice president on the
populint ticket , died Tuesday morn ,
ing. Heart failure was the cause. s
lie was at his father-in-law's , in >
Minneapolis at the time be was
stricken He never gained con-
eciousnoss from a few minutes after
he was ta'kon ' ill. '
The Boeru seem to be getting the
best of tlio English again. They
have woDi two victorloa in the past
ten dayu , to the great surprise and
uho.griu of our EngliHh neighbors
aorosd tbo waters.
California Tnuel Increasing. '
The increasing popularity of
tourist sleeping cars for transconti
nental travel is a subject of much , among railroad men. It
is said zliat 85 per cent of the pas-
songurn to and from California travel
in tourist sleeping-cars. Those cars
are comfortable aud not nearly so
expensive as palace sleeping-cars.
The Burlington riilroad is doing a
great deo.l to encourage tourist-car
travel , haying increaatd its Califor
nia service thin siwon
trom oute-a-wetik to three limes a
Free Complexion Dcniittlflur.
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REPUBLICAN to uy D wight's Com
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