Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, January 03, 1901, Image 2

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Nebraska Partners Show Less Oonfldenco
ia the Spring Ocrcal ,
lo | > nrl until t of Acrlctiltiiro rurnliliM
riKuroi on Corn , Onls , liny , rututo
mill Oilier Crops for Hip bctuon Jimt
IVit An Kncourrtglng HI.o Inc.
, *
WASlUNGT6NDoc. 28. The stat
istician of the Department" Agri
culture oallmntos .the United States
.wheat crop of 1000 at 522,229,505 bush-
'ehi , the area actually harvested being
42,495,385 ncros and the average an
cro 'I2.H9 ' bushels. The production ot
winter wheat Is estimated at 350,025-
409 bushels and that of spring wheat
at 172.200.00G bushels , the area actu
ally harvested being 20,235,897 acres
nu Ihc fonnar care ami 10,259,188 acres
In the latter case. The winter wheat
acreage , totally ahandono.l In Ohio ,
Allchlgaii , Indiana nnd Illinois , Is Hn-
tilly placed nt 3,522,787 acres , and the
tip ! lug wheat lU'rcnge , totally aban
doned In North Dakota and South Da-
Btota , at J,7ii'lfi7 ! ; acres. The extraor
dinary rapid into at which the winter
iwhcat acreage of Nebraska Is gain
ing upon the iipring wheat acreage of
that slate has necessitated < a special
Investigation of the relative extent to
nvlilch llio two varieties were grown
during the last year. The result of
( the investigation Is that while no
change in called for In the total wheat
figures of the state , 51)0,575 ) acr s have
been added to the winter wheat col-
niimi at the expense of the spring va-
The newly-seeded area of winter
iwhoat Is estimated at 30,232,504 acres.
i\Vlillo this acreage Is slightly greater
than that oown In the rail of 1800 ,
BIS estimated at the time , it Is 000,054
uvcrcs leas thnn the area that was nc-
itually sown , the discrepancy being duo
to tlio remarkably rapid development
wt twlnter wheat growing in Nebraska
, .with which , no stated , the department's
reports had failed to keep 'pate. A
comparison of the noWlyU&edcd ncro-
< ago with mat of the .fall of , 189 ! ) shows
that of the cloven states and terri
tories that HO wed 1,000,000 acres or
upward of winter wheat one year ago
Pennsylvania , Missouri , Kansas , Cnn-
ifornia and Oklahoma report an in
crease amounting to 071,701 acres , and
Ohio , Michigan , Indiana , Illinois , Tex
as nnd Tennessee a dceroafco ot 1,780-
191 acrca. The average condition of
( the growing crop on December 1 was
97.1 < per cent of the normal. There
are many complaints of the Hesslnn
fly. The lowest condition -figures ro-
liortocl arc fiom Olilo , Michigan , , Kon-
tiicky and Tennessee 80 , 80 an < l 87
( respectively. The condition In 'Kan-
eas , Oklahoma and many other statco
its above normul.
The production of corn In 1900 Is
estimated 2,105,102,510 bushels ;
oats , i'09,125 8 ! ) bushels ; barley , 5S-
2JlJ.ia | bushels ; rye. 23,905,027 buah-
clBj buckwheat , p,5iQCG ( ) bushels ; , un-
Itatoes. 210/)2C,807 ) bushels , an < l hay ,
roilo00i' , ; | ( tonsi Tlio nrdK frtJtn which
those KTOJJS 'wsro gathered'wns ng'fol- '
Qowfr In acres : Corn , 83 20,878 ; 'Oats ,
27,304,70r.j birloy ( , 2,101,282 ; rye. 1-
101,320 ; buchwhoit , 037,930 ; potatoes ,
2,011,054 , nni Hdy.'IlO.lS ' .SDO : ' ' '
TJio corn crop of 1900 was one'Of
* ho four larjBMt.ovec.gjUUcrert. . while
jtho oat crop has been exceeded only
oiipe. Qn llo ) other liand , thcbiirlny
arid ryfr'crulpu are tha smoJIeat , with
one exception , In acres since 1887.
The buckwheat crop IB the smallest
Blnco 1883 .and the hny crop is the
riitillu/ij ( / , with one exception
WlClll'HA , Kas. . Doc. 28. Mis. Cur-
rlo Nation , president of the Harbor
county Wonian'H ChrlBtlnii Tcmpor-
nnce union , entered the Carey hotel' '
Lnr room nnd with a stone smashed a
$300 pilntlpg : < > t.CIeoputru , at her
Imtlu and 11 mlri-pj ; valued at $100.
Slip Is under arrest but no chargs
jhajf-yfct .boea tOiiterod.o'Sho appealed1
* o ,0ovei'a'5i- Stanley , who is In the
pity , and he refused to act in any
She broke mirrors 'at Klown , Kas. ,
In two saloons pome months ago , She
< loclarqs , there Is no law under , wh uh
plw qjm bo prosecuted. and slic
threatened to continue Hot1 vlolqW
opposition to saloons. ' >
I To Fight United
WASHINGTON , Dec. 28. The vast
UnfluMrlnl forces of Germany , arc or-
Kanlzlng . for n tremendous 'ntrugglp
vyitU agrarian and commercial Inter
ests , according to n report to the state
deniujtwpnt from Hutted Sla.tea Consul
S % ya ; % nt MainHo saya that the
'inimtifncturliiK interests of , Germany
mirolv will demand tlio passage ot a
protc'clivo ' tariff during1 the pi-wiit
cession of thP.roIchntugt.jnuc'e of the
strongest Industrial boi-letlos of ( Jer-
inany 'recently coin-Plied * to ( n&mlzo
a ( National ludUKtrhil council. , i , i i
KOVdlllll Illll ll | ) 80011.
WASIIINCTON. 1) . C. , Dec. 28. Sen-
, alor Allison , Who Is tlio second member -
- ber on flu- finance comniltten In pohnt
ofjieniorlty , suld today thatjthp house
bill. aiiHimUng thu war rov.enue Jaw
Jw inhqi ) up by that committee
latcilyuftor .tho j'qconyenlng ot
EH. Ho alno utatpd that no hearings -
ings would bo granted by the commit-
j l Too Ku y for Klilii | if r .
PIBRU15 , fl. D. . Doc : JS"-An ! nglta- ,
tlon In fdVor of more elrlngent laws
tor , kldnupiilng , IHUI already begun
liereas n consequence of thq Cudahy
affair at Omaha. Tho" legislature
bids fair to bo overwhelmed bllla
providing now and severe jmnlslimont
for that jM > rt of crime. Under the
statutes of the state , AH they stand ,
kidnapping i ia.punlshublo ) V'inprls- (
pnment in Uio ptjnltcntlaryv for tqn
years , which wodld I'iciui 'a slxrycar
term , Avlth the good Xliuballowani't *
Mnniiiijriiillii | In ClilciiRn ntul Haying
llnrr Among Sitloun * .
CHICAGO , Dee. 28. Disguised an a
woman , I'at Crowu , the kfdntipor of
Eddlo Cudahy nt Omaha , has been seen
Iu Chicago within the last few dayn ,
nnd may ntlll b6 in hiding hero , ac
cording to statements made this after ,
noon by DotcctlVo Sergeant James Star-
on , who arrcBtod Crowe a number of
times. With n view to discovering the
fugltlvo'n biding place , n search of sev
eral houses has been made by Storen ,
acting on a tli > that Crowo had been-
recognized , -ChrlHtmim day the sor-
Bcnnt nunihlcil ( tinon evldonco which
convinced him that Crowo has been In
Knglowood recently , and that In the
gnlso of a woman and heavily veiled
ho went abroad with Impunity In
streets where ho Is well known. The
tlj ) ns to Crowe's whereabouts came
fumi a saloonkeeper nt State and Sixty-
tulrd streets. When a tall woman en
tered the saloon by the "ladles' en
trance Christmas eve add asked for
beer to bo served In a private room ,
the inulllcd , but masculine volco
aroused the saloonkeeper's suspicion.
After the visitor departed a barkeeper
assorted that ho had recognized 'tho
supposed woman as Pat Crowe. The
following day , Christmas , the saloon
keeper told Storen.
In a room In Sixty-third street ,
claimed by the landlady to bo occupied
by a "young widow , " Storen found a
pair of men's socks , whoso presence
could not bo explained. Other ovl-
donco that the occupant was Crowo
himself came Into Storen's possession
later and ho IB still hoping to secure
the $25,000 reward for the alleged Cud
ahy kidnapers' capture.
Two mysterious persons , one in
skirts , arranged at the Continental
National bank for the deposit of $8,000
In gold.
Itoport Tliul rrnnldont In to Invite tlio
ICiilHor Denied.
WASHINGTON" , Doc. 28. Nothing
Is known at the White House con
cerning the story cabled from London
to the effect that the New York Yocht
club would Invite Emperor William of
Germany and , the Prince of Wales to
wit.less the yacht races for the Amer
ica's CUD next summer and thnt.Prcs-
idont McKlnlcy would write eoncur-
ipntly to the kaiser and prince invlt-
ii.g them to visit the United States.
At the White House It Is stated that
nothing of thp sort Is in coiitenipia-
tlon. The Prlnco of Wales was a
guest at the executive mansion dur
ing Picaldcnt Duheannn's administra
I.cprii y lii lliii I hlUii ] > lncs.
WASHINGTON , Dec , 27. An ap
pended report to General MacArthur's
joviow of the civil affairs of the Phil
ippines for the past fiscal yerfr , gives
noino rather startling facts regarding
thd Introduction nnd prevalence of
leprosy In the Islands.
According to the estimates of the
Franciscan fathers , says Major Guy
L. Edle , the writer of the report , therq
are no less than . .0,000. lepers in the
archipelago ; the major portion of
these being In the VIscayns ,
Our Colonial Cnlilnot.
WASHINGTON , D. C. , Dec. 28.In
nccordahco wltlmw order Issued by
the ' War(1pDU > vJin.eii4 > jt0tlay , the dlvi-
'ion of customs nnd Insular affairs of
the < ) filco of Secretary Of warcreated ,
In December , 1898 , will herqa'ftpr bo
) uiown as the "dlvisloir orinaulnr af-
falrtf'.filfmiV'Y/liniliVo.-oUlivgt' ' df
. / Jmat-
iura pertaining , toitlKf.cti/ili.'affnlra con
nected with tiic govqrnmcnt of Cuba
and the Philippine islands , a's dlatin-
gulshed 'from mutters of a puVelyt mil
itary character. - > ,
, u A.SiiHUtlon ( I.aokod , .
ST. J08KPII.- Dec 28.- The 'prose-
utlng attorney hcllovca ho will bo
iblo/jo develop al\tha \ Important feat-
it cs f t'ho se.iantlonal murder of tlie
inillionalrti merchant , Rriink Richard-
ton of Savannah , at thg. Inquest to be
Kjuimcd tomorrow. Mrs. Richardson
will tak the stand and It is under
stood she will islv < ! testimony that
\\\M \ dearly nhow the mufdororito o
a very prominent resident of Savan-
C. r. llnntlnu-V" " ' " Will ,
SAN FRANCISCO , Cal. , Dec. ' 28.
The will cf Colls" P. HUnthigton was
admitted to probate today. The only
pronprty bp\otyjiig \ | , tt the .estate of
the ( ijcvpyoiLlli tli K ijlty consjFted ot
a niorlKUKeIntqvejt to \
In the value of $ riO.OOo. Asldo from
this there * was ui > i/ol'sonal property
of any. description , , the munsluh on
CallforMla Btrcpt btaudlni ; in the name
o' ' the widow.
( Irriiuiny U Slli'nt.
'BEULtNrDe6.fJS.VWhcli ' ! the Htten-
tlou of thp Gormani foreign oillce was
called today to a dispatch frojn Wash
ington , announcing that the United
States government would decline to
accept icspontdhlllty for the losses of
Germans In Cuba from the Spanlsh-
Amorkun. war andjLUeu .Insurrection
'which ' led to It , the officials refused
to offer any expression of opinion on
the subject.
I'orto Itlatn * ( In In lluiinli. '
SAN JUAN , > Dec' . 28 > The ' Now
York and Porto Rico Stt > amshln com
pany's Hteomqr ArUndln , palled from
Ponce yvutorduy for Now OrloauB ,
having on board -100 Porto Rlcans , Ou
per cent of whom were women and
children , destined for Hawaii.
In I'ubu.
nto commJUce oiv roluUona with Cuba
probably will meet Immediately afcu'
the expiration of the holidays for the
purpose of further considering tlio
( liieptlon of Irregularities under the
I'uhan service , nu directed by the ( resolution
elution of. last Hrsaiczi. Tl\o \ Lawshe
leport made to the. sourctary of .wni
has not been received by tm > comiuit-
too. presumed that If Secretary
Rodt concludes to. fiendi tblHt9 con-i
KVqssj " .tj all jhoyjill B-ijd , 1t.dlrect to' '
the feiuUu under the terms of the
Bacon resolution.
Holidays Spent in Brushing Up the Ap
propriation Bill ,
Jad/tin / Ii'iuuro .liny lluvo n Alllllon Iol >
IMF I'tinil' InncMfd , for JrrlKiitlnc lu-
Uluil l.HiiUi Utliur Muttur * to Uo Cuu-
WASHINQTON , D. C. . Dec.27. The
Etib-eomnuuuo on appropriut.ons hav
ing yi cnurgo tuo jdonurution of tno
lotjvsiatlvo , udminlHCrittivo and juui-
ciai bill , whlcli HUB been sitting
Blnce the honduy recess of coiigresa ,
has practlcahy completed its won ;
and prbbably will not meet again un
til niior tuu roi/oiivunlug ot the sen
ate. The Dill will then he reported to
the full Lomnnttco and as soon as
possible , to the senate. It will not
carry a much greater total than the
bill carried as it paused the houuu.
There lutvo been few increases of sal
ary mude by tlio sub-committee.
Incrcu.os in the clerical forces in
certain blanches of the war , interior
and postofllce departments have been
provideu for. These increases have
been made in response to urgent rep
resentations by the heads of bureaus.
The Indian appropriation bill re
ceived today from the senate commit
tee on Indian affairs , the first atten
tion that has been given it by that
body. A sub-committee consisting of
Senators Thurston , Platt of Connecti
cut , Stewart , Jones of Arkansas and
Pettlgrew , took up the bill and after
examining many of the provisions ,
decided to consider the petition of tha
Plma Indians of Arizona for improved
facilities for securing water for Irri
gation. Hydrographcr Newell of t'.io
geological survey and others wore
heardi as to the utility of a proposed
dam f6r a storage reservoir on San
Carlos river. It was stated that thesp
Indians had been deprived of their
water supply by the construction of
an Irrigation system by white men
and that where before they had been
self-supporting up to that time , they
wore now on tlio verge of starvation.
It was estimated that the proposed
dam will cost about $1,000,000 , The ,
9Qinmltteo is , apparently dlapcaed to
make some provision for the unfor
tunate Indians.
TnUus it Hopeful Vlcvr.
LONDON , Dcv. 27."Mr. . Conger
takes a hopnful view of the Btluation , "
Bays'the Pekin correspondent of the
Morning Post , wiring on Monday ,
"and thinks that a settlement will be
effected , , but he declares that not one
of the envoys will rpcognlzo the em
press dowager ofllcinlly , although all
arc aware thfet she has long exercised
the supreme power. Ho believes the
crisis will arise In the initiation of re
forms In China.
'Senor do Cologan , Spanish minis
ter to China , fears that the joint dis
cussion of the note will extend for u
year or moroi
"It is rumo'red that numerous vil
lages east of Pekin are combining to
exterminate native Christians , sev
eral of whom have been burned in a
local tempi * . ,
"LI Hung Chang is a trifle better. "
Constitution for Cuba.
HAVANA , Dec. 27. The various
sections Into which thc'iCiibnil consti
tutional convention was divided some
weeks ago for the purpose of prepar
ing and mlbmlttlng draft constitu
tions for the consideration of the
body as u whole 'arc gradually get-
: Ing together on the b.ain ot n uni-
: ary government , with restricted suf-
'ragc. The convention leaders now
tiopo to 'have ' this work completed by
January 15 , so that the results may bo
submitted to the United States con
gress February 1. The sectional dis
cussions have been bitter nnd pro
longed and therefore there will "be
less debate in the open sesulcns , the
hard fights having been made In the
secret sub-sesblons in order to aa-c
public wrangling. .
WASHINGTON , Dec , 27. Robert H.
Wllcox , delegate , in , the house of rep
resentatives fiom the Hawaiian is
lands , has just been paid a claim of
$1,000 for mileage. It was the largest
claim of the kind ever made , but it
was paid promptly by the sergcant-at-
nrms of the house. Every congress
man is entitled to milage at the rate
of 20 , ccilts for mile "by the most dl-
rpct and pructinblp route from his
homo to Washington and return. "
The distance between Honolulu and
Washington Is figured at R.OOO irillcK.
Mr.Vllcoy will draw ? 1,000 more foi-
hlr. return trip.
( 'oMM'li'tiro I'rlrk * lit I.n l.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 27. The r * rp-
tnry of the treasury has received
from n town in the south a conscience
contribution ot $200. In the course-
of his letter thq cornier WB he de
frauded the government out of ravcnuo
taxes on tobacco to that amount in
1871 , 1872 itnd 1873.
No Inilliino Found Huntlnc ,
WASHINGTON Dec. 27. Indian
Agent Myton ofthe Ulntah and Ourp.y ,
agency reports to the Indian burea.i
here that the search of western Colorado
rado by the state ofllcials for Indians
hunting In the state has resulted in
a failure to find one Indian.
Olvrn of UU Million. .
NEW YOUK. Dec. 27.-It became
known today throijgh n . "port made
by tho.Baptist churches qf Now York
that John D. Rockefeller , jr. , son 'of
the president of the Standard Oil com
pany , 1ms subscribed $250,000 for the
founding of nn InsUtutlon of learning-
for poor boys and gh'is. The school
la now in course of erection iu Tenth
avenue , between Forty-seventh and
ttorty-elghtli streets , amMvlll bo conu
pleted and ready for ocvupaucy by
Slurch 1 next.
rir t Formnl Mutiny of the Dlplomntlo
Itrpri'irntntlvr * .
WASHINGTON , tioc. 27. A cable
gram received at the State department
from United States Minister Conger ,
dated at Pokln on the 24th Inst , states
that the flr t formal meeting between
the diplomatic representatives and
Prince Citing took place on the 24th.
filing prcaDntcd the credentials of
himself and LI Hung Chang , who was
unable to attend owing to Illness , to
the diplomatic representatives , who
handed to him the oflldal note. The
officials of the State department are
unwilling to venture a guess na to the
length of time that will bo consumed
by the Chinese government in consid
eration of the note. The lust article
notified the Chinese government that
the , occupation of Chi Li nnd Pekin
may continue until the Chinese gov-
orhirtent haa complied with' the terms
of the note. It may be ftated , how
ever , that the United States is not
hound or affected by thh condition.
Our1 occupancy from a military point
wf view haa terminated : .nd there Is
no disposition to renew it.
As for the otlior powers , It is ex
pected that the main obstacle they
will encounter in withdrawing under
this condition will bo found In the
dlfllculty of obtaining satisfactory
guaranties upon the Chinese promlso
to pay indemnities.
T.ninteil In Ohio , Inillunit mill MliMiurl at
tlin Hnm 1'liiir.
FINDLAY , 0. , Dec. 27.-Pat Crowe ,
the man suspected of being one of
the nbductoi's of young Edward Curt-
nhy in Omaha , is believed to be in
hiding in this town or vicinity. IIo
has n number of relatives In this
neighborhood , including a sister in
ittcComb , ten miles northwest of this
point. The Omaha chief of police has
telegraphed hero to have the officers
keep a watch for Crowe.
MUNCII3 , Ind. , Dec . 27. The Mun-
cl" pollco late tonight received telc-
phcno calls over a farmers' privata
line to come to a point near Shldelor ,
eight miles north of Muncic to ar
rest a man who fills the newspaper
description of Pat Crowe , so frequent
ly mentioned In connection with the
( Jiulahy kidnaping. Detectives Ben-
bow and Puckctt have started for the
ST. JOSEPH , Mo. , Dec. 27. Flvo
morp PInkerton detectives arrived In
the city tonight from Chicago to fer
ret out the hiding place of Pat Crowe ,
tV Omaha kidnaper. Chief of Detec
tives Shea is still of the opinion that
Crowo Is harbored by friends in this
city. Chief Shea and Policeman .Task
Purcell , now of Denver , armed with
Winchesters , expected to capture Crowe
tonight , but the house they visited
did not hold the desperado.
Hanflnnmn KikN I ru fillty.
CHAMBERLAIN , S. D .Dec. 27.
Wows has reached the city from the
Brulo Indtan agency that Handsome
Elk , the most dangerous and 'mo-l :
desperate redskin ot the northwest ,
heat his squaw In a brutal manner
with a neckyok.0. It is thought the
squaw will die. Elk then seized an
other Indian woman. Hoar Bird's
daughter , and scalped her. Then arm
ing himself with his rlfo ! and other
firearms , ho went into the hills a
short distance and left word that
friend cr foe must not aproach him.
Minn Morrlnon tint on Hind.
ELDORADO , Kan. , Dec. 20. Jessie
Morrison was released this morning
on $5,000 bonds. The woman's fath
er accompanied the' horlff to the jail
and Jcsslo was released from custody.
The pa'rty then went quietly to the
'Morrison ' home.
Miss Morrison has not yet made
known her plans for the immediate
future. It Is thought.'however , that
she will spsnd some time visiting her
old home in the oast.
n nt til Alton.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 27. J. F. Bar
rett , general superintendent of the
Southern railway , who tendered bis
resignation several woekes ago , will ,
after January 1 , bo connected with
the Chicago & Alton railroad. Mr.
Barrett refuses to discuss his future
( course. Ho states that he will not
servo the road as general superintend
I'-ii-in ' , . , AV ntcil for Hnllor * .
WASHINGTON , Dec. 27. A plin of
recruiting sailors for the United
States navy fiom the farms and the
country towns Is now under consider
ation at the Navy dopurtment. The
recruiting now Is carried on outside of
the large oltlea , but It hr.s net reached
the lntr.-cr | sections remote from largo
M'r'foril Ooi > f > Vmicruolu.
"WASHINGTON , DQC. 27. The iiart-
ford , which was ordered .to watch
Aiveiln-.ii int ° reits In Venezuela and
co-op iato with United Stntes Minister
Loomis In their protection , has loft
Cr.rncon for La Gnlra. The Navy de-
> ' "t-'Mjut annoiui'-ea that it will visit
Trinidad nnd BarbaJoes after leaving
La Gulra.
"nidn't Knnn It AV. . I.rndnl. " ,
' BEATRICE. Neb. , Dec. 29. Hazel
Horton , the slxtcen-ycar-oJd daughter
of Mrs. Pearl Horton , was shot' and
probably fatally injured at her home ,
The shooting was accidental and was
another case of did not know it was
Wlmt tliu Turk Muat 1'ity ,
WASHINGTON , Dec. 27.-Detall8
arc nqt oh'talnahlo hero of the placing
of an order by the sultan with the
Cramps for n war ship , but It Is un
derstood that the statement to that
effect from Constantinople Is correct.
From the character and size of the
ship ordered it is hellovoil thr.t the
contract will involve the pavnient by
the Turkish" government f to the
Cramps of about ? 2GOO,000. which
should afford an nmnlp margin * for
the settlement of any propev clalnu
against the Trirkleti government' .
And every Distressing Irritation
of the Skin and Scalp Instantly
Relieyed by a Bath with
And a single anointing with CUTICURA , the
great skin cure and purest of emollients. This
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doses of CUTICURA RESOLVENT , to cool
and cleanse the blood , is the most speedy , perma
nent , and economical cure for torturing' , disfigur
ing , itching burning , bleeding , scaly , crusted ? and
pimply skin and scalp humors with loss of hair
ever compounded.
USECUTICURA SOAP , assisted'by Cuticura Ointment ,
for preserving1 , purifying- , and beautifying the skin , for
cleansing the scalp of crusts , scales , and dandruff , and the stop
ping of falling- hair , for softening , whitening , and soothing- red ,
rough , and sore hands , for baby rashes , itchings , and chafings , in
the form of baths for annoying irritations and inflammations , or too
free or offensive perspiration , in the form of washes for ulcerative
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duce those who have once used these great skin purifiers and beautifiers -
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the purposes of the toilet , bath , and nursery. Thus it combines
the BEST skin and complexion soap , the BEST toilet and BEST
baby soap in the world. ,
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Every Humor
Oontlitltik' of OUTICUIU BOAiSc. ! . , Id . , .
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