Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, January 03, 1901, Image 1

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    Stnto UUt Librarian Hooletj
Lay down the ctiBtoranry resolution *
and 1st the old world etnlle.
You'll break iome and keep some.
HuppoEo jon make u resolution to giro
your cyea better attention during the
coming year.
Lot mo gnl t jon with suitable glasses ,
I and I'll guarantee yon greater comfort , J
morn eoeeund better ejes , when another
Now Tear confronts you.
I With beat wliheg.
of Chicago Opthalmlo College
1 School Books ,
J t
School Supplies ,
. G. Haeberle's.
H *
It Isn't tlie itixterlal
tUnt Into your
repaired watcti tlint ii > a peril ct
l .t > , u is tue Jtou ;
that does the hu ° nn < H8 , r.y bungler
can buy tin- flue kit d * < > f m > Uml
Mint i ujo la repairing ; but tkill
i' th < mo t valuable nittcrm ! tbui
mn b' n ecl in watch repairing
H' d the bungler cim't buy It I
' eel ) my skill ( or what U IB worth
Hud it will coat you lesa tban
bundling at lower prices.
Jeweler and Optician
pr West Hide of square
r >
Pill P
Pi * c 8
(2 ( a
i CO 0 H
ill 0fo
cca pq
'j = H5
fo CU3 0
oca 2
Vnte Jneloslntt thin ad. and [ Go and wo
v llsuudyou Uii loautlful M.uirtnlino
11 / oxprius , U. O. U. subject to cxuniliia-
ton. It t.u .c exactly as roprobcntud
y 11 cnnpny the express HKunUHjrSl'KO
1..It C'fc PIJIt price. 00 00 lc s tbu f 0cants.
01 S" > 0 uud oxuresg charees. Tills la a
ii"ulur $15.00 instrumentsolid rosewood
v4U > l.vtanoy pearl and ebony chcckured
} utlo. buautlfui oearl luttcrQy gunrd
\ p > t.iro9ewcodlliforiioardDndnlcVeltail
1 > 1 co. You caabuvocither a Maudolino ,
Un tnr.liani'iorVlollnnntuenninotorma.
r'lo for VKiSB musical Cat ilOK" " .
w.'iss. Allosiiii , Omuha , Neb
T = H
Wheat Mr
llarley „ , _ . * , . . , 83c
O ts. . . . . . , . 3r
Com 83
Rye _ . S4-
liutter _ _ SO.
Poutoet- . , 60 *
Onlona $1. 0
Chicken i ! CC d'zen
Hogs < . 20
Gown 275
Steers . . . . _ _ . ,4.00
Tarkeji 60
Btr&w. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .XOc cwj
Successors to
Peale , John & Bushnel 1.
Business Pointers.
Dr. T. WBasa , dentist , Broken
Cannon City coal at Dierkn
Lumber Co.
Lubricating oils of all kinds at
Wilkins' drug store.
Money to loan on choice farms.
d20 3t W. B. EABTUAM.
Cosmopolitan patterns ten cents.
Pepsin Gum , two packages tor a
Write Hayden Bros. , Omaha.
Wholesale Supply House for pricet
and samples. 2 8 lyr.
'Best stock farm in Cuater county
for sale , at $8 00 per acre.
Abstracts compiled promptly and
accurately by the Broken Bow Ab
stract Co E Royae , Abstractor
Two good quartets .of land for
sale oheapeight miles south of town ,
do tf A. T. SEYHOLT.
Call on or write Broken Bow Ab
stract Co. when in need of an abs -
s rrtot of title. $ K y8PAbstraoter.
For Male.
A pair of young draft horses.
Inquire at Lee's barn.
For Bale.
Twenty acres of well improved
land within a mile of Broken Bowler
lor $700 Inquire at thin offiut-
xtttce to Xluutern.
Piutlep ar > - tnrbiddeti to bant on
my prmnisth and land under my
control , under penalty of the law.
d 0-1 in WH. FUANKLIN
FOB SA.I.B A one story cottage
with six large rooms , pleasant yard ,
ami surroundings. Price (900.
Call on L. J. Gandy or at this
office. 7 19tf
ClilcUeu * For Bute.
Very fine Blue Barred Plymouth
Rock obit'kons for sale , 2 miles
went of city. W. M. YAJSNICB.
d20 am
Bang's galleries at Broken Bow
and Ansley , are both open all the
time , cabinets at $3 00 and $3 50 ,
and fine oravon pictures ohoan.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Farms for sale and lands for rent.
Now is the time to get a farm cheap.
as iho cheap farms are all going ,
and prices are advancing rapidly.
W. U. Farrer has opened up a
lunch counter in the building east
of Ledwioh's law office. Oysters
horved in first olass order. Meals
or lunch aerved from (1 ( , a. m. to 11
pm. Patronage solicited.
Uoruea 'Wanted.
I will be at the Globe livery barn ,
in Broken Bow , on Saturday , Janu
ary 5th , 1001 , to buy mules and
horses. Bring draft horses , from 3
to 7 yeais of age , and good mules ,
and I will pay good prices for good
animals. W. I. STEPHEN.
Wnjinffer pain and dtath
CANCERS from cancerf
cinceri , tumors met went ; no knife , blood or
platter Addreu I30 ( 0 ittMt , Lincoln , Nebr.
( Mw.Uon tal p p r. ) ji * Wtt
Local Monition.
Job printing at this office.
Miss Millie Warrington is visit
ing in Mason City this week.
A. C. Towle , of Merna , was a
welcome caller at thih uftioo Monday ,
Mayor Koyso wint to Lincoln
Tuesday night on political business.
A. T. Seybolt returned Friday of
last week from a week's visit al
This office acknowledges a
friendly call Tuesday from Mr. and
Mrs. T. A. Miller , of the Ttforna
J. D. Ream wont to Lincoln
Sunday night to be ready for the
convening of the legislature .Tues
I.A. Roneau was at Lincoln in the
interest of Senitor Currio's candi
dacy for the United States senate
last week.
Chris Eopp , of Klump , kindly
remembered this office yesterday
Mr. Kopp raised over 0,000 bushels
of corn last season.
Cbas. Penn is at Lincoln this week
looking after his chances tor ap
pointment to the superintendenoy of
the soldier's home at Milford.
Supt J. J Tooley was honored
by ihe State Teachers' Association ,
beld at Lincoln last week with the
office of treasurer of the association.
Editor T. A. Miller and wife , of
Merna , spent New Year's day in
the oity and ate their turkey at the
Commercial hotel , where an ehib
orate menu was served.
L. J. Gandy won't to Lincoln Mon
day to witness the organization of
a republican legislature , and tuo
inauguration of a republican gov
ernor , which is booked for today.
Dean Holoomb has accepted a
position of book keeper with the
Broken Bow State Bank , vice S. II.
Hoyt , who resigned to accept a
position with the Firht National
bank at Lincoln.
Thus far Broken Bow's pest
house has bad no occupants , and
the chances are there will be no
subjects for it. No now cases of
smallpox have developed , and the
case reported is well , but still quar
Mr. Frank Sohneringor , of York ,
accompanied by his son Carl , ucro
in the oity last week , visiting with
his brother , M. E. Sohueringer ,
Cuetor county's efficient treasurer.
This office acknowledges a friendly
Mrs A. F. Elliott , of Bridgeport ,
is visiting in the oity this week
with friendb. She has boon attend
ing the Peru Normal with the view
of engaging in teaching again.
Mr. Elliott io station agent at
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Coon , of Mau
ley , Nebr. , came up Christmas to
pend a week visiting with relatives
of this place. Their arrival on
Chrirtmas morning , was a happy
surprise to Mrs. Coon's parents ,
Mi. and Mrs. Kelsey , as they wore
not expecting them The/returned
home Tuesday night ,
New Line of
Buggies , Surreys ,
Spring Wagons
and Farm. Wagons.
G. W , Apple.
T , C. II. Bayerhoffor loft last
night for Normal , Nebraako , where
ho expects to visit a month or two.
All those interested in the Viavi
treatment should flee Mrs. Yauney ,
at Commercial llotol until Jan. 81.
Suott Cooper recently completed
a now dwelling house for II. J ,
Shinn on his fatm north of West
Among the number that visited
the capital toddy , were F. M.
Currio , F , H. Young and D. M.
Senator F. M. Currio has had 44
head of cattle stolen from his Cal
amus ranch in Loup county , It ie
believed that several wore connect
ed with the theft.
The oyHter supper that the gen
tlemen of the Baptist church had
advertised to give last Friday night ,
was postponed to a more favorable
dale , owing to the quarantine of
the city.
Mayor Royso's proclamation re
questing all to be vaccinated had
the desired effect , and as a result
the larger portion of the residents
of this vicinity have had sere arms ,
but arc congratulating themselves
that they will not have more than
T. J.Ilarwood , of Elk Creek , kindly
favored this office with a call while
in the oity last week. Mr. Harwood
is ono of Ouster county's substan
tial farmers that does not forgot to
oall occasionally and make glad the
heart of the printer by contributing
to his cash account.
Among the number of Cuator
county teachers that attended the
state teachers mooting last week
wore Supt. J. J. Tooloy , Profs.
Macoy and Carlton , Misses Vara
and Whitehead , and Fred Ream , of
Broken Bow ; Irvm Potts , of War
gent , and Mrs. Kate PrteBoy , ol
S II. Iloyt whofor several years
has been associated with the Brokei
Bow State Bank , has accepted the
position as assistant receiving teller
of the Firat National Bank at Lin
coln. He assumed his new respon
sibilities the first of the year. Mr
Hoyt'a many friends hero congrat
ulate him on his promotion.
Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Kenned ;
gave an infair dinner to H. F. anc
\Irs. Nannie Kennedy , at the Com
mercial New Year's day. The rel
atives of the families were invitee
and from the number that sur
rounded the table , we inferred they
were all there. The spread was
elaborate and a social hour was
R L. Robinson and family , ol
Grand Island , came up Saturday to
visit the parents of Mr. RobitiHon a
few weeks , The small pox , in
Grand Island , got too close to their
home for comfort , and they wisely
aomluded that they would bo safer
and under loss constraint to getaway
away before they were exposed and
put under quarantine. '
A steady advauoo in prosperity
has mark'id the career of Charles M.
Hayes , of St Louis. At the age ol
nineteen he was a clerk in the city
at the office of the Southern Pacific
railroad. His salary waa then $40
a month. At the ago of fcrty-two
ho has just been elected president
of the Southern Pacific railroad ,
with a salary of $55,000 a yuar
Wilson Hewitt , of Mullen , waa
a friendly caller at this office Mon
day. Ho is county clerk rf Hooker
county , a position which ho is oap-
pablo of filling most acceptably.
He is also propietor of the only
hotel of the town , and we under
stand is doing a good buaineaa. His
many frionda of this county ure
pleased to know of his success ,
S. D. Butcher recently visitec
the ranch of the late W. II. Full-
han , north west of Aoaelmo , am
photographed the house and sur
rounding premises , which ho wil
add to those historic collections o
his ' Ptonoor History of Cuater
County , " that ho is now having
prepared for the printer. Copioi
of the photograph of the Fullliar
place can bo obtained at Taylor'
gallery in thia oity.
Clinton Hewitt , the yonnget )
son of Mr. and Mrs Wilson Hewett
of Mullen , pasded through Iho oil ;
westward bound , Saturday evouinj
accompanied by his bride , to when
he was married , Christmas , at Glen
wood , Iowa. Her maiden nam
was Winnie Reot.'forraorly of An
Holmo. For some time past nho ha
boon a toaolnr in Glonwood. The
REPUBLICAN extends to Mr. and
Mrs. Hewitt congratulations ,
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
i om OAKINO powotn co , , NEW vonx.
* I
Dropped loud.
Wm. Hiroook , who resides ton
miles west of hero * died very sud-
ouly Inat night of heart failure , at
1:10 BB hu was about to rutiro for
lie night. The funeral will take
) laoo tomorrow morning at 11
'clock. The llov. Clinton will
onduot the RorviooH. Wo extend
ur sympathy to the bereaved fam-
ly. Morna Sun.
Sunday waa one of the worat dayR
wo have hud this winter. It wna
not no extremely cold , but a light
now wna falling moat of the day ,
accompanied by a strong wind ,
which made it disagreeable. But
as the city woe quarantined , there
waa no religious aervicoa hold in any
of the ohurcho ? , and all that the
citizens hnd to do waa to atay in
leers and keep a fire. Sunday
night the thermometer dropped to
eight degroua below zero , and Mon
day night it wont to twelve below
But Now Year'a morning wna ushered -
orod in with a bright sun , that made
everybody feel glad that they lived
in Nebraska , whore four-iiftha of
the year is sunshine and pleasant.
JuB.Foloy Killed by Cara.
Jas Folev , of Dale , had his bond
crushed and was killed almost in
stantly , Inat Friday , while in the
act of coupling earn , west of Al
liance the fourth station. The de
ceased was about twenty-four yearn
old. Ho Had boon working at Al
liance two weeks a witching in the
yards , and this waa his first trip on
the road1 He waa attempting to
couple the air hose , and waa in a
stooping position and aa ho raised
up the back of his head was caught *
between the hampers and crushed
Ilia remains wore shipped to
Merna Saturday morning and laid
to rest in the Dale oemotary. The
deceased waa the son .of Edward
Foley Sr.
The Junior Member of the Nor Firm of
Jolm & Kuerr.
Howard G. Kuerr , the junior
member of the now firm of John &
Enerr , successors to Poalo , John &
Buahuoll , was born in Seward
county , Nebraska , and has since
boon & resident thoro. Ilo IB a
farmer and successful business man ,
and is well-to-do financially. Ow
ing to his business interests on the
I arm , ho will not bo able to come
tn the city and have personal supervision -
vision of his interests in the store
hero before fall.
From what wo have boon able to
learn of Mr. Enorr , ho will bo a
desirable accession to the business ,
social and moral interests of our
city. Until ho can come himself ,
his interests in the firm will bo
looked after by his sister , Miss Lin-
nio Enorr , and J. W. John , who is
employed by him. Mr. J. W.John ,
who waa a member of the famous
First Nebraska regiment at Manila ,
has been associated with the store
for more than a year , and through
his gentlemanly treatment of his
customers , ho has made a host of
frionda among them.
The additional means Qwhioh
Messrs. Frank John and Howard
G. Kuerr have boon able 10 put into
the business , not only enables them
to carry one of the largest stocks of
goods in Broken Bow , but puta the
now firm in thapo financially to
compote with the beat firms in cen
tral Nebraska ,
Their stock If ono of the largest
and best carried in the city , and the
assortment is complete. The dry
poods department is in charge of
Jas.O-iborne , an old'experienced dry
goods clerk , and the stock is neatly
and tastily arranged. The entire
force of this largo establiBment are
experienced and accommodating
men and women , with which it is a
pleasure to do business.
To TDK DKLY A rioh lady , cured
of her Deafness and Noises in the
Head by Dr. Nicholson's Artificial
Ear Drums , gave 125,000 to his In
stitute , ao that deaf people unable
to procure the Ear Drums , may have
them free , Address No. D 143 ,
The Nicholson Institute , 780 ,
Eight Avenue , New York. janS ly
i > . .
New Grocery. Store
XT '
i * '
Wo are now open and ready for '
business with a full and complete
line of fresh groceries and fruits. ' '
Mr. J. N. Poalo , late of the firm-1 *
of Peal. John ifc Bushmill ! H at the ' '
head and ho assures his old custom
ers and frionda that ho will do all >
ho can for their interest and will
appreciate a cull , Mr. Alviu Uurky
hotter known aa "Shorty" is with ua
and will be pleased to aee his old
friends. , <
It ia hereby diroulvd and ordered ,
that the terms of the District Court
for the year 1001 in the County of
CuHtor-Stato of.Nobraakn , be hold
aa follows : ,
The fim term shall begin Feb.
11th , 1901.
The second term shall begin the
27th day of May , 1001.
The third term shall begin Sept.
23rd , 1001.
lioiutu M. SULLIVAN , Judgo.
0. TOim , Clerk Dial. Court.
Dan 'Barrett's son , who farmed
) in fathei's place last season , known
as the Price furm , wcat of town , '
finiRhod hauling his corn to market
last week that he raised on , 70 acres.-
It brought him over $580. The
wholu time ho put in plowing the
ground , planting , cultivating , husk-
lug and hauling the crop to market
was 10J ! ( lays , an average of morq
than $2.00 a day for each day em
ployed. This shows the posaibilt-t
ties for young men in Ouster county
on a iarm.
Geo. F. Palmer went to Alliance
Thursday to visit the bed side qif
his brother Fred who was quite ill.
Upon George's arrival he found his
brother in such a condition that it
was necessary to remove him from
Alliance to Broken Bow , whore ho
could rrooivo every attention and
care that a brother and the best
medical.skill could bestow upori him. ;
Fred is now at Dr. Mullin's private' '
hospital of this place and is improv
ing rapidly. The populist hupps
for hie speedy recovery. The Pop-
Boys with hats on the back of
their headu end long hair bunging
down over their foreheads , and
cigarotts and smutty stories in their
moutha , arc cheaper than old worn-
out horses. Nobody wants themat (
any price. Men will not ernoloy
them and girls will not marry them.
They ore not worth their keeping
to anybody , and they will never bo
able to keep themselves. If nny
boy happens to road this who ana-
worn the description let him take
a good thoughtful look at him.aolf ,
and then dp what his conscience
says is the best thing to do. Ex.
1GO acres of good farm land , BO '
acres in cultivation , and the. rest
fenced in pasture , with three wiles
Good four room sod house ; cora
crib and granary , each 12x10 'feet ,
connected ; stable and , chicken
house , etc. For particulars call on
J. J. Snyder , Broken Bow-or
Stephen Wilcor , on promises. tfglO
The Burlington Haute offers twenty
prizes , nKKregiiting 8600 ( or tatter * which
can bu used in enouuraglu immigration
to Nebraska
The first prize ! a n round trip ticket
from uny BurllDRton llouio station In
Nebraska to Yellowstone Park , and a
complete trip through the park. Includ
ing stage transportation and live and a
halt days' accomodatloh at the hotels
of the Yellowstone Park Association
value 8100
The second prize is a ticket to Denver ,
thenou to thu Hlaok Hllla , and 035 in
cash value 875.
. Particulars can bo obtained by address
ing , ! . Frauds , U. P. A. , Burlington
Route , Omaha , Nobr ,