Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, December 13, 1900, Image 5

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Through Mull Contrnct Pays n Big
Northern 1'nclilc Threw It Up Cue Day
nudtlio IJurlliiRtoii SecimU it
In Forty-eight Hours.
BILLINGS , Mont. Dee by the
recent withdrawal of the Northern
I'aoifio railway from a United Status
mail contract and n uoumquunt
change of route , a OhicHgo road is
now operating the lontji'Bt , bi-ut paid
mail route in the United Sla'ea , il
not in the world.
Only a Cow > ears ago the eastern
roads got the moBt money for oar-
rjmg mail over long routes at fast
spfcd , but She wosterii contracts
have bei-n in reawing at euoh u ran
to plain them among the mo t cluo-
rative of the mail carrying world
This new finanpeniuut was ooon-
fiioncd by the Nor thorn Paoilio tak
ing off two trnitiH , ere each way a
day between St. Paul and the North
'tru Pacific coast. Tin Burlington -
ton people got wind of what was
about to take place two days before
the trains were taken off , and in
thnt short a lime cinched the con
tract and began cairying it out b >
running an engit.e and Uaggngo oar
until it could ohango its schedule to
tint the running of a now train
The mail which the Northern Pa
ctfio had been hauling oarao from
the oabt , arriving in Chicago about
3 a. m. , thcrico to St. Paul over the
Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Parl.
The Burlington's contract watt to
rush this simo mail direul to Lin
coln , thence to Billings , and on to
iho coast. From Billings the route
is over the rails of the Northern
Pacific , but the Burlington care run
clear through.
Lijst May the road established a
through service from St. Louis to
Portland biing known 'as No.
11 and running solid from the Mis
sissippi river to the coast in seventy-
Beven hours. This train is now
oonmcted at Lincoln with the Chicago
cage train which leaves Chicago at
[ " 8:48 : a. in , aftir the heavy mails
< ' , s from the east have arrived , and in
in Portland at 7:30 : on the evening
of the thiid day. The route ir >
' 2,668 miles long , and the service
being paid for according to the
tonnage and the distance , it earns
the largest annual compensation of
any one single route in the postal
service. Taking into consideration
all the mail hauled by all trams it
is by odds the heaviest mail con
tract in the world.
There are some remarkable feat
ures about the establishing of this
service First was the record-
* bre.king ; in which the contract was
made , that part of it being handled
by Captain E L. West , superin
tendent of the Sixth division of
railway mail service at Chicago.
The weight of the mail ascertained
the contract made and the service
begun in two days time , consulta
tion with the department at Wash
ington included.
In the second place tlu- train out
of Chicago is numbered 13 , which
{ IH a slap in the face of auperstititon ,
Duty of No. 13 is to catch No 9 at
Cropti'ii , Iowa and No. 0 in turn must
uatch No. 41 at Lincoln. It cap'rs
aoroes the Mississippi and keeps
ohaso until aftfr the muddy Mis-
souii is also left behind. By this
whole route has been connecetd up ,
and the trains speed over Nebraska
plains and roll through the new
region of the northwest , poacerley
halting until the panting iron steed
sniffs the salt air of Puget Sound.
Kn route the train not only hauls
tons ot the letter mail of the fcreal
east destined to the coast and the
orient , but distributes to nil of the
L busy towns of the western country.
L At present part of the btiPincHS is
done by closed pouches , but it is
predicted that at no far distant day
there will bo fullrailway pontfilioe
rervice from Lake Michigan to the
. . Pacific ocean. It is said another
k . * 5 chanpe will soon bo made by which
fiomo stops will be out out and the
Hposd made much faster. P. M.
CoateR , chief clerk in charge of thp
route at Chicago , says that the train
jjf. and route in capable of wonderful
A- accomplishments and has been
.j growing in favor every day since it
1 " wan established.
Free Complexion Hemittincr
Wo want every lady reader of the
REPUBLICAN to try Dwighl'a Com-
pltxiou BcautiiitT , the most exqui-
BiU1 toilet jrepaiation.- ia pun.
and harralegpmakes the face smooth
as velvet and fair as alabaster To
induce a fair trial of it we will for
a ehort time only Bend FBKK a full
size Fifty ceiu box to every lady
who will i-ond us Inr post office ad-
drffls bilver dime to pay for packing
and postage. Only one PRKK box to
each nddrcfp but la'dies may order
for their friends Each box mailrd
teparatcly. S < nd this notice and
your order at ONCK to D W. CUSTKR
&Uo. , Huntington W. Va.
Lincoln , Denver ,
Omaha , llolena ,
Chicago. Untie ,
St. Joseph , Portland ,
liana * * City , SMI Lake City ,
St. Lunla , and all fin Kranolcco ,
points cast and south. snd > ! ! foluts west.
No. 43 Vestlui.lcd express dally , Lincoln , Oma-
lia , hit. Jonepn. ilan ( i Ulty , M Louta , Chicago
cage and nil pilau vntt.nnd ronth 11 44pm
No. 44 Locnl cxprcM ly , Lincoln , Om ln ,
Bt. JoKOpb , Kauson CltV ht , Loul * , OlcnRO
and all points cast nnd outh 02'Jntn
No. 40-F.clRliHlally. Ka\cnnn , Utand Island ,
Aurora , Scward nnd Lincoln OoOara
No. 48 Freight , dftlly except Sundny , Havonn *
and lulcrmulUto point ? , . . . . .116pra
No. 41 Veatlbnlod express daily , llolona , Beat-
tic , llrttc , Portland and all Paciflc Coast
points 414am
No. 43-Local express dally , Ulnck llllli and
Intermediate points 6S5pm
No , 4&-Frilglit dally , Aniolmo Seneca , Whitman
ami Alliance 1068 i m
No. 17 Freight , dally except Bnnday , Since *
anu Intermediate points , lS5pm
Sleeping , dlLlng and reclining chair car * ( seats
rco ) on through trains. TIckea sold und \ > S'
nge chcclcod to any point In tli United States
, n3 Canada ,
No. 48 has morchandlao cars Tuosdnyi , Thurv
iiys and Saturdays.
No. 40 will carry tas crRor * for llavenn *
rantl Island , Suward and Lincoln.
Information , mnpn. time tables and ticket
'ill on or write to II. L. Orrnsuy , agent , or J
'rnncli , Q. P. A , , Omuhu. Nebraska ,
11. L. OiiMpnv. Acnnt.
Pouch for west will cline nt 8 p. 111 , , except
nnliny when It will cloa at 7 p m.
Pouch , cast for train No. 43 closes at 0.30 a m
nl fet No. 41 clo'cs at , II u m , .Mull for Anslur
iid points Oust of Uraud Island Carried on tralu
No. 44.
Oconto tin of Uyno atd Tuckervllle , dally ex-
ept Sunday clonus , at 7 u in : returning same day
Callawuy via , Mc'Klnlcy dally except Sunday
loses at 7 a in , returning same day.
Hound Valley via Green and Elton close at 7 a
i , Momla ) , Weduesdy und Krlilnjr , returning
ncu day.
Stunner via Ournsey , Georgetown and Upton
rrrlrcsatll 30 , Tuei-diiy Thursday aud tfatur-
ay , returning loaves at 12,30 same d y.
OfUo hours froin 8.00 n m to 8.00 n m. Suu-
av 8.30 tn 0.80 a. m. Lobby open week days from
n in to 8 H til I * . U. JuvtntTT , P.M.
U , 8. and Oi'icv
JAMES \VJirr.&EI A , - Ketlst ; r
K. 11. YOUNG. - - - - ;
Land Office ut Lincoln , Ncbr. , NOT. 26,1000.
Notice la hereby ulvcn tlmt tbn followlue-
ained Bottler has tiled notice of her I tcutlou to
make llnnl proof In eunport of nor c.ilm , and tint
aui nroof lll ba n.nilo Imforo Jutlsoa C. 1'ortur ,
U. S , Com in. at Mnauu City , Ncbr. , onTueeday ,
anunry 8tb , 1001 , Tlz :
.MAHY U. IIANNAFOUD , for the nwW of Sec
fi. Twp. 13 , Kgo 17V. .
She nnmci tne following wltnctBCR to prove her
ontluuoiiH reeldencu upon , and cilltlratlon of ,
alii laiui viz : Hubert F. Himpkln , l.ewlc II.
'lioraan , The . F llempklri and lilrd U. Cla > -
pool , all of Lilchfleld. Nobr.
nov29 Ot J. W. JOHNSOS , Register.
Lixnd 0illco at ItroKou Bow Ncbr. , I
r < ovfmbcr28 , 1900. f
Notice is hereby L-lvcn that the following
named pettier bag tiled nottco of bin Intention to
male finul proof In snuport of bis clnlni. aud thai
aid proof will bo made before Itcgletcr anu
iecuiveriit Broken liovv Nibr. , on January 4th ,
uoi. viz :
UDWAKU F. UA11NK3 , of Hound Valley ,
Neor. , for the II. IS. No. 450y imJi , and noK
uwW , Sec. 17 Twp 18 , Hge. 10
llu immcH tbo lollowInK wltncesce to prove hla
: ontlnuous residence upon and cultlratlon of eii.d
and , viz :
Jcfeu L. vveMDrook , John U. Klobb. George
C > reand Kutnest Klabl ) . all of Jtnnnd Vuiluy ,
Ncbr. JAMES WillTKUEAD , Heglstor.
nor O 6t
Land Ofllco at Broken How Nebr. , I
NOT. lytb , 1000. f
Notice Is hereby ciron that the following
named rettler has fllcd notice of his Intention 10
make llnal proof in support of his claim , and
hut said proof will Do made before lieglster and
{ eccver , at llrolicn Bow , Neb. , on January 4 ,
901 , viz :
JESSE L. WE9TIJUOOOK , of Hound Valley ,
Nebr. , for II K. No. 061 , oVa ncKi Sec. 17 , oii
60'i , Sec 8 , Twp 18. Ite. . 1U.
He i ami1 s tbo following witnesses to prove lile
continuous residence upon aud cultivation of
eald land , viz :
Kdward F. liarncB. John U. Klobb , Earnest
Klebb , of Itouud Viillcy , Nobr. , und Frank II ,
Ci.Ulit , of bomi-tford , Nebr.
nJO-Ot JAMK3 WHITEUEAU. Ileglster.
Land Office nt Lincoln , Nebr. , NOT. 27,1000.
Motlco U hereby given that the following-
named pettier 1ms fllcu notice of his Intention to
m tko flual proof In support of hit claim , and thtit
-aid proof will bu made before J. A Armour ,
county Judge , In Broken Bow , Nubr. , on January
8th. 1901 , viz :
QUO KGB V. TRUEUAN , for the nc of Sec.
33. Twp. 13 , Kge ID W.
He names the following vf Itncoscs to prove his
contlmions residence npou and cultivation of said
lard , viz'
H Win T. Clonse , John Snnrr , Fred Nobles ami
Lclgbton Flock , all rf Stunner , Ncbr
nov29 OIT J. W. JOHNSON , Hculstor.
In the DUtrict Court of Custer County , Nebr.
Hatvoy B. Andtoirs , 1'laintlff , )
TS [
A J. Pearl. Defendant. )
ToA.J. 1'cnrl , non rcrldent defendant : You
will tnkcnoilco that on the 20th diy of Septem
ber , 1POO , Hiirvoy H. Andrews , the above named
piutotltf. Qlcd hie petition in the district court of
Custer county , Nebraska , against you , the object
and prayer of which tfild petition are to ricover
a judgment against you for the sum of SKM 60.
wntch IB a balancu duo upon a note executed and
Delivered by you to thu raid plaintiff , Harvey B
Andrew , listed on March. I6lh , IK'S ' , and whlcli
note win originally for the eum of $15000 , and
which was due on the 15th day of March. 1808 , and
which tiild note drawn interest at the raie of 10
per cent per annum from date until pa'd. You
wlil further take notice that un th eald 20th day
of Soi tembcT , 1000 , an order of attachment was
IxiDCti in eald action out of ca'd district court
against jour properly , and thr.ton tboSUtday of
September , 1WHJ , thu i&me was duly executed by
levying ut on and attaching n& VOF.r property the
u1 , of the nw'n. und lot ! 3 of Sec. 1TJ , and lot 8 of
Section If ) , all In Twr 20 , Itgc. Ul , situated In
Cutter county. Nebraska That there Is due upon
said note ft balance of S'J-'O50 , with Interest on
snld sum from the -Olh day of September , 10CX' ,
a d platntlfl asks that Judgment bo tendered
agaluetjon for said sura and Interest , and that
an order be made by the court that snld real OB-
tate and property Uvlcd upouand attucheil under
Eald order of attachment , may be Hold by the
thcrltl of Custer countyand thu proceeds thereof
applied to the payment of tbo amount duo upon
ram note , togcthur with Interest m d the costs of
this suit. You are required to answer said peti
tion nu or before Monday , the 21st day of Febru
dl3. < t lly C. L. anttcrson.
Order on Hearing Petition for Administration.
Custer County , f '
At a session of the rounty court , for the county
of Duster , tu.lden at the court room , in Broken
Bow , on the 1ft ( lay ol December , 1900. 1'reneut
J. A Armour conntv Judge. In the matter of
thu estate of W H. FnilUrt , deceased. On ap
plication , by petition , ol J. B. Schldolcr , repru-
renting , among other ihlngn , thM W.1I. Fullbart ,
an tnhibltuntof Ainclmo , said county , residing
therunt o" tlie 17th day of NoTcmber. A D. 1900 ,
died Intestate , leaving estate to ba administered.
That the petitioner ls a half brother of said dv.
censed , nnd pray * that administration of said
deceased bo granted to II. K. Atkisson It is
ordered that 6ald application bo heard at the
county court room , at the court house , In the city
of Broker. Bow , on the Sbtli day of December.
1EOO , at 10 o'clock a. m. It Is farther ordered ,
that notice thereof bo given to all periona by
publication of snch notice at least threa SUCCCSH *
ivc weeks , vrtviou- the time appointed , In the
I UBTKH CODMV HiruuUCUN , weekly newiipa-
per tmblUhul tn saldcouuty.
True Copy. ) J. A. AHMOUR , Co. Judge ,
Notice U hereby elvcn that by virtue of B cliat .
tel uiottKORc , dated July 30ih , IVOO , and ciectiti'd i
bv It. J Ilovry to A. w , Slovenn Compsny , of 1
Miirtnclto , Wlsconeln.n coiporatl n toscctiratho
rnymcnt of Iho turn of hli fotirp oml * ory Hole' ,
dutrd July 30tb. 1WO. anil one for f IUOOJ tnali'f
Ingon the l t day of September. KHX1 , nnd emu
for } 300.00. matnrlni ; December 1st , 1900. mid onn
for $1(0 ( tx ) maturing Drcombcr 1st , 1001 , snd
cno tor 3400 00matnrlnK December tut , ItKtt , ench I
hearing Interest at 7 per cent per nnnum , from
their date * Default having been made tn thu
payment of the first above described n tc , and It ,
providing In said "that In raiio itrfanlt
ihall bo made In the puj tuent of the notes afoto-
said , or anv pnrt ( hereof , or the Interest thereon ,
on the day onlays tvrpccllTcly on which the pnmo
shall become dnn nnd pnjable ; nnd In nny or
either ot aforesaid esses , all of sndl notes and
mm of money , both principal and Into'cst , shall ,
at the option of the suit ! mortgagee , become at.
onn duo and payable , and the talil mortgager , '
U * successors or assigns , or nny of them , stiall
thereupon have the right to take Immediate pos
ecsalon of said property , nnd sell and dispose of
Kill propnty at public auction to satisfy nal < l
dtbt , " and no suit at law liavlnK been hud ( n said
notes ot either o' them , and siild mortuvro hav
tin * having been fllcd for record in the olllco nf the
county clerk of Cutter county , Ncbr.iska , on the
31st day of August , 1900 , therefore the sold niort
cageowlll sell the property therein enumerated ,
to-wlt : One sixteen horse power traction enulno ,
on. ) water tank , with truck , hose , pumpsetc. , one
pump and wire suction hose for water wagon nno
b \ horse , cloven } c r old. weight about lt < 0
pounds , called Duke ; one bay mare r.bout tuclvo
years oldweight about 1,100 pounds , inll > d Hess :
one bay uiurn about nine years old , weight nbout
I. " 0 pounds , called Clydo ; onu buckskin borso ,
tuelvo ycatH old , weight about 825 pounds , called
Tope ! onu second hand farm wagon , t < oeii run six
vi'im ; one sot of harness , half worn. Snld prop
erty wlil be sold in front of I'onn & Don Is' buck
smith shop. In Broken How. Nebtaska , on the
U2d day of December. 1900 at 2 o'clock p. m. of
naiddny , to the hluhest blddur lor cash In hniul ,
Duted at Broken Bow , Nebraska , this t'Otli dav ot
November , 1900. A. W. STKVBNS CO.Ml'ANY ,
uov22.4t lly Alpha .Morgan , Us Attorney ,
Dr. Chcas. L. Mullins ,
2d stairway from wobt oudin Realty
block ; residouco , 3rd west M. E.
church , Hnmo Hide of street.
Any one wishing a now wntch moTCincntln an
old case , call on
Of tlio city , located In Hycreon's grocery etoru.
Dr. E. M. Hogan ,
Graduate Dentist
Office over W. 8.Swan's Grocery store.
Broken Bow , - Neb.
W , A. THOM 'SON ,
and estlmntcs on ebort no *
lice. Broken Bow , Neb.
Lund Counter ,
Er Walloy , Prop'ri
All kin da if soft drinks. Boat
brand of cigars. 1st building east
of Farruon bank.
Clinton Day ,
Broken Bow , Neb.
Cilice 1st door north of A. SV. Drake's
second band etore , west side Fquuro .Resi
dence ( I'.h bouee wcetof Baptist church.
Wm. F. Hopkins ,
Plant and Specifications on short notice. 1MB
terlal foi nUhcd and buildings completed cheaper
banany minlu the itato. Sattafactloa guarar
ocd as to pltns ana epeclflcntlons.
J , J , SNYDER ,
- Notary Public
and Justice of tbo Pence. Special attention git *
on to collections , Depositions taken , ponMoti
vouchers neatly executed anil all kinds of legtil
papora wrltcn , OOlce west eldo square ,
Rrokon How , Nob.
We Have Added
to our shop u full line of wood work
ing machinery , and therefore would
auk a part of your patronage in HUB
line , ir > which wo can nave you
money. Alno auk carpenters : inc
ooutruclorB to lot us do their joh
work , Biich UH plauiuf ; , ripping
scroll work , m fact everything thai
is done in a lirnt class job shop. In
our old line wo are up-to-date.
Wind Mills.
Wo carry all standard grades.
Wo carry a full and complete stock
of all styles. In pipe aud wt-l
material we a'ways have it at the
lowest pOHaiblo price. Fittings an <
brass goods , hose , bolting , tanks
feed grinders , horse powers , in fau
everything that belongs to our
trade. We carry in stock the
for pumping or power. Also second
end hand gasoline engines , Htoan
engines in which we can give you a
bargain. In hydraulic and casing
wells we have the best and quicken
machinery that is manufactured ii
this day and age of the world , niu
can guarantee our work in this line
Yours Very Resp'y ,
( "Not Garbled. " )
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Thompson , , . i >
< 7VV7V7VTVV77VTVTVVWVTTT * 777777777777777777T77777 * V77777777777777V77777V77 *
ca m ai BH BB kl BUta * / :
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I H B 1
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quickly ascertain our opim m free wliutlior nn
liivontlon H probauly nntontnblii. ( 'omniiinloii-
dons strictly contlilentlal. lluiiilbnokon I'utcnU
unlit fn-0. oldcnt iiu-oni-y for Hocurlnit i > itcnio.
I'liti'iitM tiikcil tlirnueh JIuiui ft t'o. n-culvo
iftcM notlcr , nit limit cbnru'o. In tbi <
Scientific fltncricaii.
Almiidsoincly Illii'li 'toil wc"klv I.prccut rl'
cnlHtloii of nny K'IcntitIn Iminnil ' 'IVriiiH , tJ
ynnr : four niontlia , tl. r"l l by nil new * iU > > ilvr *
Urancl ) tilllcu C2.p > 1' Sf. Wiuluuytpii. 1 > . C.
J M Scott
Attorney at Law
i 8 9 , Ilrokeu How , Net ) .
Wi W
8 Commercial Hotel I
* : * | .v If *
1 Southwest corner Square ,
ls The Hotel has been refitted and refurnished
* J throughout. Sample rooms for Commerical men. Bath $ ? <
ivl ] rooms in connection. Free Bus to and from all trains. $
ti'i * * .
i I
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