Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, December 13, 1900, Image 4

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    J'nWI ! icilnT ry Tlmrndajr ty Soul.
i. AMNItltUltV , KcMtor
! n Cinlnr HlrwU. Kaorth ATII.-
tlio | i09tomco nt Hrokc n Itow , Nrlj. ,
* n HccnniUrlniK innttcr for triiiminlMlon lliroiiKli
tlio U. H. Mnll.l.
Drift Vonr , In H < ! VIIIICO { I ( JO
NnrriH Hrown , of Kearney , IH a
candidate for deputy attorney gen
era ! , llin appointment by Attorney
( ju'iioral I'rout would bo highly
ploiiRinig to tlio roiiiiblioauH of the
Sixth cnngrrHHional dinlriol , where
Mr , UronniH porfionally and favorably -
ably known.
Secretary George I ) Moiklejohn
SB being quite ganornlly mentioned
in u lavornblo manner , by the Htate
prc'HH , for United Htateo flonator.
Should liu bo the lortunalo ono ,
there would bo but little diHatifific-
tion , except inn on (4 ( the dinappointed
oandidiilcH und their immediate
BiipporterH ,
The Piginnn nnd Kenm oontoRt
wnH commenced laHt Saturday before
Judge G'Sohwind and will bo re
ferred to tlio legislature for a re *
count of ImllotB. Thie dooa riot
immn that Mr. Hcam will bo uountcd
out , Himply boeatiHO the republican
have n mnjorily in tlio legiBlaturcDH
W.JH done four yoarri ute , by the
pop legirilaturo. II a recount uhowr <
that Mr. Hcam has one rnojority he
will retain hip Heat , but nhould il
nlicw Mr. IM man hnn a majority
of ono ho will bo nentcd.
'I'ho ' Callaway Oouri"r adviHOH UK
people of Arnold and Grind }
not to vote bondn to induo3 the
U. I' , railroad to Gaudy. It
in evident the Courier , while it haa
good argument in UH favor , would
muuh prefer to HCO Cullaway remain
the torminuH of the tri-wockly rail
road , than to havu it pa B on and
make of ( Jullnway only n wide Hta
lion. In our opinion , when that
line of road inxteuded to the Ulaoli
HillB , itH ultimate destination , CiiU
lawny will got muuh bolter Horvice
than U tiocH now , and the Hoonor
Arnold and Gaudy 0,1 n got the road
the butter it will bo for thorn , un-
they have to pay too dear for it
The Chief ( Jots its EJOH Open.
Tlio tlott'iit of W. J llryin In Uiu nation anil llo
ilorent u ( tliu fnnloti eUto ticket In Nobriakii ,
provtm lt > ) < > iid miy ( mention tlmt funion i nut a
UUSIP8 , Clllof
In other words , tin Chief nook *
to acknowledge in H round-about
way that the mid-roaderu were logi.
oally correot when they gave out
montliH bolero elootion that fusion
would not Huooood. It now no-
kuowlcdgCH that Doaver , Stookham
and Painter were in the right. But
why dooH the Chief Hop HO early
alter its overwhelming defeat ?
Uoen the ( . hiof fear that the Popu-
lirtt will undermine UB olaimH of
boiug the ollleial organ of the pop
ulist party of Ouster uounty , or in it
Hhifting itH HailH to oatoh the
brcezo for the eloution of county
ofliuorn next full ? Lot that bo aH it
may , in cither cane the Chief offorH
110 eoiiBolation to itH late boHom
friends the domocr tfl. In speak
ing of the democratic party , the
"It li practically ( Uniired Hint tlm i .
crnts "III nu'Hln uct runtrol or Ilicli p rty organi
sation , ana it \ \ 111 Iheu drift bick Into Cloviilnnd
policies. "
Having mot defeat by the nuaim-
anco of the demociatH , the Chief
would give them the grand bouneo
( \vhou they ask for roproBontition
on their uounty ticket ) by joining
with Painter in advocating the doc
trine of the middle of the road ,
hoping thereby to carry enough
votes that were formerly populibtn
to oleot the county ollhtora next
fall , and thereby hold onto the
public toat. But vro predict , oven
at this ouly day , that the Hohomo
BO transparent to the taxpayers of
Caster county , that they will not
again , in great uumborH , support nn
oiganirifion , of whatever namn it
nicy auBiimo , when its Hole object is
to provide phvoon for a few poj
suukore. Any party or individua1
deserves 'ho respect of the public
when its ambition in to porpottiato
a principle , but when they shift
from ouo base or party to another
for the solo and evident aim ot se
curing spoils at the expanse of the
commonwealth , they douorvo urn
arc fcuro of defeat ,
The fiiHioiii tH who nm now wor
rying over reorganization , do not
Huetn to realize that their defeat if
not HO much for lack of a oompaot
or anixUion ns it wan for lack of
judgment. Their organization wnfi
weighed down from the start with
dcfi'l inHtioH , nnd worst of all , with
dead politicians for their Hlandard
The prominent politicinnn of the
alMo have como to regard Senator
F , AJ. Cuirto's election to the U S.
Honati ) as among the ponaibilitieu ,
Ho ban not made n pornonal canvass
for the pl.tce , OH Hovoral oilier can-
didatUH aru doing. Hut booAUso of
his special litnesn for the ponition ,
there is a uunornl fouling among
runny that pliould there bo n dead-
louk , there id no ono to whom the
leginlattiro in more likely to go than
Senator Currio , from Cutter county.
Too Much for Hum Kaiit/iuaii.
The people of Ouster county re
member Hum kanUmin , the editor
of a red hot populint paper at WOH !
Union , and later a ntill hotter out
O'Neill , From the following ,
which wo ollp Ironi the O'Neill
Frontier , it HeeniH that the
Urynn-Stuvenson dove was too much
oven for Ham. In writing to the
Frontier ho nays-
11 lifira grmltiAted from the ncvr pn | > cr lm lncci <
nil ( ipencu up it cigar Inttory In my old IBM licmio
town , I'niioin , Iowa The klnil of rororin which
beat niu mil In O'Neill , nmt Unit \vlileli actuated
tlio lioud | tii h In Botith Dnkutn nan n llttlu too
droiif whin nl/.ed up tir the Oinalm pin form , fur
Ilio average old Kroonti&cUor , and 1 cot out of tliu
niiWin | > iT Ijtulnosa. Kur lienvoim inko mud mo
n ropy ot tlin Kruiiltcr containing tlio odloliil vote
of Holt enmity. Flit mo on your mull MM. I will
Hi'Bd yon n liox of dpir-i iomo of lliuau diiyt ) , tint
1)0."t you ever nmolcud for nickel , ttic celobrAtcil
limcon Llfjlit' "
"Wo IIIITU placed Ham on the Hit ( ititl nrn
waiting nn niiportllulty to try tliu llencou Mu
cigar "
What Our Ilxehunjfei Say on Senatorial
Newspnpors in his part of the
state are booming ox-Governor
Crounso for U. S. senator and well
they may for Judge Crouuse is ono
of the cleanest and ablest men in the
state. But what is the matter with
the western part of Nebraska fur.
nishing a senator ? Browstor News.
The Fairbury Enterprise bringH
out Hon. E. H. Hinnhaw for U. S.
senator Iroin the South Plattc.
Mr. Hinshaw is very favorably
known in York county And hia olco
lion would certainly cause no regret
here. Ho is a very talented and
worthy gentleman and has a largo
number of warm friends and ad
mirora , especially in this congroH
sional district. York Tribune.
To flticl' an able modest man aa
Guorgo D. Moiklojohu , assistant
secretary of war , the kindly reuep
tion of hia Aiinouncemont aia cnndi-
date for Unittd States oenktor must
bo very gratifying indeed. That
ho would make Nebraska a inoct
acceptable and cRlciuut senator it
admittoJ ; that his candidacy is as
suming proportions is daily becom
ing more cvidrnt. Hero's to "gentle
man Grorgo , " MoCook Tribune
The Leader pretends to voice th
sentiment of no ono except its ed
itor when it says that the bust in
terests of the state and the republi
can party will bo best survod by the
olootion of Hon. Edward Itosowator
as ono of the two Uni'od ' States
senators. . Ho is clean , Ins marked ]
ability , grasps now and important
issues with a firm bund , by all odds
the best po'ilionn ' in Nebraska and
has the endorsement of a largo pro
portion cf the voters , while ropub
HoanB owe him much , for without
his Hupport and poisoual .efforts
during the fall campaign it will
Hoarcely bo disputed that Nebraska
would still bj unredeemed from
populism. With all duo respect to
other oandiciatoH , is there one of
whom so much can truthfully bo
Biiid in his favor ? Noligh Loader.
Hrjau on Ills Defeat.
In an urtiulo entitled "Tho Elec
tion of 1900 , " in the Daootnbor
North American Kovtow , Mr. Uryau
atteiuptH to give reasons for his
defeat. Ono is the alleged use of
money.1 ' As the popular plurality
it ) over 800,000 , the largest on
record , the so-called "colonization
and purchase of votes" must have
boon conducted on a ooloHsal scale
A majority of 137 electoral votes
would look like foolish prodigality
buying. Shifting the point of view
Mr. Bryan remarks that "tho fear
of a ohanuo is merely a political ex-
prcpsiou of the conservatism whioh ,
to a greater or loss extent , exists in
every person , " It is oorlninly true
that a majority of the American
people prefer existing prosperity to
an uncertain chase after something
better. Common HOOBO would bo a
belter name than itotiAorv.ttism for
this fouling. Every linij n practical
man tan against tliu portonliotin
"Void if ! ulootod "
phrane , J3ryan H ,
ho realized the altitude that had
been t'ikon by mun of the coolunl
buiineds jiidgauient , and that oven
a grain of doubt can disturb the
grunt currents of national trndo.
Mr. Bryan denies that the ropub-
limn party has had anything to do
with prosperous conditions. But
from the day of the election there
was a grant upward bound in tlii )
markets. The sweeping nature of
tlio defeat was rolloctud in an un-
oxpuclod degree of general activity ,
and the wave in still mounting and
spreading. The boom instantly
followed a great reptibliuan victory ,
and it is vain to dispute its cause.
It was not duo to good crops or the
increased prcduotion of gold but to
the assurance of continued republi
can control of nil departments of
thogovornment , and n moHtomphatie
reassertion of the principles tli\t an
American dcllar must bo the equiv
alent of 100 cents everywhere
throughout the world. Mr. Bryan
liibists that the election of 11)00 ) wan
not decisive on the money question.
A popular plurality of 000,000 in
1890 , iml of 800,000 in 11)00 ) will
convince nearly ivorybody olsu that
the United States will never go into
the business of money debasement.
Glebe Domooral ,
Specml CoTCstiomleuoe.
LINCOI.M , Nebr. , Deo. 10 , 1000.
There is a general hope that the
republican caucus will bo hold and
the senatorial fight disposed of
before the 15th of January , the time
for the joint session , in order that
necnesary legislation may not bo
So far rs the state in general in
concerned , there is no great demand
for legislation at the hands of the
coming session. The uuedof anew
revenue law is renognized , but the
difficulty of passing one id also rec
ognized. Attempts along this line
in the last two sessions failed.
Two years ago the fudioniat otli-
oiali , although all elected or ap
pointed on a platform demanding
small salarius , came before the leg
islature and asked for increases.
Under their atreuuoui representa
tions many of the state house depu
ties received larger salaries than
had over before bnou paid. Tun
incoming republicans will reap thu
biueiit of thia example , but no
doubt they will bo criticised by thu
fusiouistrt for desiring to keep the
salaries at their present figure.
It is conceded that this move is
quite a proper one. They will feel
at home. Nearly every one of the
whole crowd of lenders lived south
of Masou and Dixou's line before
they came here to "reform" Ne
braska. Now they have concluded
thai the wintore are lee cold iu ibis
latitude , and that it is too hard to
manipulate elections.
The now attorney general will
inherit : v number of buncombe law
suils against starch factories and
other instiUiticiis , and it in not
beyond the possibilities that the
Smyths and Oldhams will ask to bo
allowed to nibble at the public crib
until these ouita are disposed of. A
long-haired attorney general who
has maintained a private ottioo in
Omaha and allowed the stale lo
shift for ilsolf excepl during politi
cal campaigns , may declare himself
to he indispensible to the settlement
of these campaign law suits , The
new attorney general , however ,
may decide that an official who uses
hair oil externally and an tx deputy
who uses it iutprnally will bo ol
little assistance in these suite.
'I ho pretended contest against
Dietrich to prevent him lakiug his
seal has fizzled out. The fusiouists
know that the cane was a hopeless
one , and bolides , the dieappoaranet
of certain of their campaign funds
has given them troubles of the !
own. There is well-grounded SUB
pioiou that high moculs of the
fueion crowd uaed up the funds to
bet on the election. Now , whil
they aooane each other , the legili
rniUo I campaign expenses remain
h unpaid. It ts bolinvcd that this
interim i ! quarrel has only just begun ,
and i that before the colony leaves for
H Oklahoma there may bo Homo
startling developments Under the
circumstances < the leform leaders
will go pietty slow about their < 'on
test , nnd will ning low thu song of
the lisa and abuse of campaign
iundp. "
Governor Dintrioh HI cms to be
ijoing about the making of his np *
pointmeiils in a business like way.
Whan ho finds n man in every way
jtmltliod for a pluco ho nnnouncuH
ho appointment. So far no oriti-
oinm has boon heard. At least two
of thu placoH nt thu dispoeal of UK-
governor were given out by com
lion ooiiHoMt. John Mnllalioti a'
.he huad of the Kearney school wa
in unqualified suticous in the you
jo no by , and the dcapornto attempt
of the MillKniflling oommitton to
! > laukun his character three years
ago wan a dismal failure. It wnn
concedud that Mallahon was thn
: > roper man for the old placn. Di.
Green , of University Place , for th
lead of the Lincoln asylum , wan
another expert whoso qualifications
and claims were generally conceded
In regard to the ( ther nppoiulmonlH
so far made , qualifications hcent lo
liavo been the best indorsement ,
Sales cried in Cuntor and adjoin
ing counties. Terms reaonable.
Broken Bow Nobr.
100 acres of good farm land , 80
acres iu cultivation , and the rest ,
fenced iu pasture , wilb three wires.
Good four room sod house ; corn
crib and granary , each 12x10 feet ,
connected ; ulablo and chicken
house , otc. For particularn call on
J. J. Snyder , Broken Bow , o-
Stephen Wilcox , on premises , agio
The Burlington will sell tickets
from Broken Bow , Neb. , to Lin
coln and return for $5 15 on Dec.
25 , 20 and 27 , on account of the
annual meeting of the Nebraska
Slate Teaoheib' Association. Re
turn limit Dec. 20.
To California in Tourist Sleeper.
In no other wny can you go to Callror-
uin so quickly , so comfortable , nnd yet
BO economical , aa In it tourist sloeplng
car.Thu tourlet ct ra used for the Burling
ton Oy'orlatid Excursions urn models of
comfort md convenience , hluhbnek BOMB
and double windows- They nre lighted
by gas. The beating arrangment ura
admirable and the bed lurnlshlngs are
clean inicl of good quality.
The Burlington Excursions lenvo
Omaha every Tuesday and Thursday ard
go through to San Francisco and JJOB-
Angeles without changes or delayed of
any kind. You can iotn them nt Lin
coln , Huttings , Oxfotd , or any oth < r
station at which the train stops. Thu
route IB through Denver and Salt Like
City , past the tlnoat scenery visible from
car trindowe anywhere on the globe.
An experienced excursion manage ! Is m
charge of each excursion party and n un-
Iforuird porter accompanies each cnr.
Folder giving full information mailed
on request Beautiful Illustrated 72 pnge
book ubctit California sent on receipt of
eix cents In stamps. J.FRANCIS.
General Passenger Agent , OmahaNe\
noyS 0- .
is very much like the blossom
ing of a flower. Its beauty and
perfection depends entirely
upon the cnre bestowed upon
its parent. Expectant mothers
should have the tcnderest care. ]
They should be snared all worry 1
and anxiety. They bhould eat J
plenty of good nourishing food
_ and take gentle exercises. This
will go a long way toward preserv
ing their health and their beauty
as well as that of the little one to
come. Hut to be absolutely suie
of a short and painless labor they
should use
resularly duringtlio months o
tlon. This is n simple liniment , which
in to be npplU'U externally. It K'Vcs
strength ami vi or to the tnticcle : ) und
prevents nil of thuducumfoi ti " . prn -
nancy , which women used to think
were nbauUiti'lv necessnrvVhcn
M ther' ) . 1'riciiJ is ut > cd there is no
dunj ; r whatever.
Get Mother's Friend nt the drug
store , SI iirr botllu.
Writ * for our frt * took,11 J ! for Hibli Bjrn. *
< ; Santa Glaus Headquarters , ' .
Thirteenth Visit of Saint Nick to us in Broken Dow.
mffi 1 Mi *
ffi 1
Wo will give a SAUK OP CANDY to etery child
In Cuetor County who \vlll call for It , on
BEG. 24th.
Yours for R Ilnppy Xtnus ,
w 1
& J. C. BOWEN.
5) ) s
CIIAS. E. t'OlM ) , rropldent , Oiimlie , Neb H. O , ROGERS , Oaher ! , Broken Bow.
J. it. KIMUEKUNO , Vicc-Prca. , Urotion Dow. 8. 11.1IOYT , Aes't Cftshlor.
General Banking- Business Transacted ,
Chns. 13 Tord. J. M. Klmberllng. S. H. lloyt. U. Q. Rogers. V. B. Caldwell
Make a specialty of loaning money on oattlo.
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It Once Was Lost , tat How I Have
Found it.
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world ia it , my dear ? It is at the Eagle Grocery , a inam-
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Candy The Eagle has 2,000 pounds ot candy for sale cheap.
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Proprietor ,
Hn- JIM rocelvcd an Invoice of . ,
S11A.M nOE. CU9 ,
And a full Uno of Mouldlnif of the l te t Tnttorns. nnd
\\ill muko 1'ictu'o Fr mi'H to order , am s it1 , nt i ncra that
will suit over ) bouy. llrlngtnjuu. ptclurca nmllmto tnom
\VCNt Hide Nqiiar IlrnUuii Il .