Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, December 13, 1900, Image 3

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0 isd Up 0o
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When the imisclcf feel drawn nnd O
a tied tip mid tlic flesh lender , that o
tension is
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Soreness 0O
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o Stiffoess tto
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0O from cold or over exercise. It o
0a Itrts but a short time after 0o
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Is applied. The cure o
o is prompt and sure. 0o
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Martin Stlckcl , who was arrested
and brought to Tacoma , has made a
confession to the effect that he and
E. G. Pierce murdered Cornelius Knapp
and his wife near Castle Rock , Wash. ,
last week ; also that they murdered
u rancher named Shanklln a year ago.
Grain-O is not a stimulant , like
coffee. It is a tonic and its effects
arc permanent.
A successful substitute for coffee ,
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market , but only ono food drink
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SVJust Boor Signature of
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Tory oanU end aa oocy
to take us sugar.
, _ . * o
25 Cinto I Pind
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I , . DnuglaH 83.OO mid
ttlt.fJO hliops compared
with other nmkert Is
IM.Ofl to S/S.OO.
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cannot l > o pqiiullnl nt
nny price. < Her 1ON ( > , -
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two of
s pairs ordinary
&V & S3orM.M
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Y"J u r throughout thcuorld.
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itindiril ftm al ij > bttn
SHOE plienl to Jitgh that the wrurtn
* P t more tat thtir money SHOE.
th n they cm ( ret etitvhcrc.
TJIK ti.Vf.O.N muic W. I. . J > uuirti > i'l ' i
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th > m i we gtvj one ( iMier etclu.iry talc | n eicli tmro.
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No man knows what It Is to be a
Measure to Provide Troops Goes Tnrcmgli
by Strictly Party Vote ,
Amendment Aliollnhlnp Canteen System
Currtcx by Uvoruhuliiilni ; Majority-
Generals /.ce unit Wilson Aru Dvnluit
Itctlroincnt with It.uilt of ISrlsiulIcr.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 7. The house
of representatives today , nt the end
of a long sitting , paaacd the army re
organization bill by a vote of ICO to
133. Three democrats , MOSFVS. Hall of
Pennsylvania r.nd Umlerhlll and Clay
ton of New Ycrk , voted with the re
publicans for t'.io bill , and Mr. McCall ,
republican of Massachusetts , with the
democrats , against It. Othcrwleo it
was a strict party vote. The propo
sition which some of the democrats at
tempted to commit their elde to hi
caucus , an extension of the present
temporary air.y until July 1 , 1903 ,
which was votd upon Indirectly on a
motion to recommit , commanded the
votes of only about half the opposi
tion and two republicans , Mr. McCall
and Mr. Mann of Illinois. Many of
the democrats voted against the mo
tion , however , bei-auso they were op
posed not only to the reorganization
bill , but also to continuing the army
at Its present strength.
Quito a. number of amendments wore
placed on the bill before It was pass
ed. The liveliest fight waa made on a
substitute made by Mr. Littleflold ot
Maine for the canteen section. The
substitute absolutely prohibited the
sale of Intoxicants at military posts.
It was supported by Messrs. Llttlelleld ,
Grosvcnor , republican of Ohio , Dick ,
republican of Ohio , and Hay , demo
crat of Virginia , and opposed by
Messrs. Slaydon , democrat of Texas ,
Fitzgerald , democrat of Massachusetts ,
Pearce. republican of Missouri , Parker ,
republican of Now Jersey , and Bar-
tholdt , republican of Missouri. Largo
delegations from the Woman's Chris
tian Temperance union , which Is in
session In this city , watched the light
from the galleries. When the vote
was taken the prohibiting amendment
was carried by an overwhelming ma
jority , 150 to 51. Mr. Bartholdt at
tempted to secure a record vote in the
house , but the peculiar parliamentary
statutes shut him out.
The sections designed to retire
General Shatter as a major general
and Generals Fltzhugh Lee and James
H. Wilson as brigadier generals were
stricken out.
Among the amendments adopted
were those providing for fifty volun
teer surgeons and 150 asisstant sur
geons for service in the Philippines ;
for thirty dental surgeons and for a
veterinary corps with actual rank.
The oilicors of the pay corps wore In
creased eleven and of the signal corpi
twenty-three. The age limit was re
moved from volunteer officers eligible
for appointment for first and second
lieutenants , and the provision for re
tiring officers who served in the civil
war as of the next higher was
stricken out.
Tfco Hepburn amendment to provide
that vacancies In the quartermaster's
department would be flllo'l from civil
life or from volunteer officers com
missioned since April 10 , 1808 , which
was pending when the house adjourn
ed yesterday , was voted down without
Mr. Hay of Virginia offered an
amendment , which was adopted , au
thorizing the president to appoint fif
ty volunteer surgeons with rank of
major and 150 volunteer surgeons
with the rank of captain for terms of
two years unless previously discharg
Mr. Otey offered an amendment to
empower the surgeon general of the
army to employ not to exceed thirty
dental surgeons , three of whom should
be chief dental surgeons.
Mr. Otey made a humorous speech
In support of the amendment , appeal
ing to every member to vote in the
Interest of 3,200,000 teeth. "Irrespec
tive of party or the result of the late
election , " he said , "vote to rid the old
soldier of the toothache. "
The amendment was adopted.
Ilofo-ts UnlveRton I.OHHPR ,
WASHINGTON , Dec. 7. The sec
retary of war today sent to the senate
reports of the board of engineers
concerning the effects of the Galveston -
ton storm of last summer on the jet
ties in the vicinity of that city. The
board finds that $1,500,000 will bo
necessary to repair the Jetties at Galveston -
veston and $175,000 for the repair of
the Brazos. The board places the
loss of life at 5,000. The damage to
fortifications Is placed at $99,000.
Aninrlrnn OIllrliilR I'rcncntrd.
United States charge d'affaires , Lloyd
C. Griscom , today officially presented
Captain Colby M. Chester and the oth
er visiting officers of the United States
ship Kentucky , now at Smyrna , to
the minister of marine , Hassai Pasha.
The American officers were also en
tertained at dinner today at the Brit
ish embassy by Mr. DeBunser , the first
secretary of the embassy.
Otto II. I/It t iimn Confirmed.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 7. The senate
today confirmed Otto II. Tlttman of
Mlnssourl to be superintendent of the
coast and geodetic survey.
Only ItrcauHe They M'cro Employed by
American Contractor.
YOUNGSTOWN , O. . Dec. 7. Walter
Kennedy , contractor and oxpcrt engi
neer , who Las just returned from
completing some contracts In China ,
said that ho saw twenty-six China
men beheaded for no reason other
than that they were In his employ.
During the tlmo ho was erecting ex
tensive machinery he was practically
a prisoner and did not know what mo
ment ho would be taken from hla work
and executed.
Jtopnrt Arctic * On nil Itloni
\Vnrrnnt Atliiiimlon.
WASHINQTON , Dec. 7. The annu
al report of the governor of Oklahoma
says that the your li 3 boon marked
by general prosperity agricultural
grazing , manufacturing and commerce
nourishing In an unprecedented
manner. The total assessed valuation
of property Is $111,338,1)1)1 , nn Increase
of ? 0'J47 over 1899. The report states
that In addition to Its excellent pub
lic school system , OUlnhmoa has five
higher Institutions of learning ,
which arc not excelled by the similar
Institutions of any state In the union.
There mo still 5,733,385 acres of va
cant government li'.nd In the territory ,
subject to honuutead entry. While
most of the land Is unfit for farming
there nro still many sections upon
which the honT cckcr from the north
or east can find a comfortable home
and ntttaln a competence In time.
Aa each juctlcc ot the supreme court
of the territory alts as a trial Judge
with original Jurisdiction of all c.uoa
of civil and criminal litigation arising
In the district to which ho Is assigned
the report recommends that a separate
court of appeals be provided. In
older to avert sentencing of youthful
criminals to the penitentiary , the es
tablishment of a reformatory hiRtltn *
tlon within the territory Is recom
mended. The icport says that the
IHOBpcroua condition prevailing In
Oulahoma , Ito population , area and
"wealth , when compared with a Hko
condition prevailing In a largo num
ber of states at the time of their ad
mission In the union , amply justifies
Us claim to statehood. The report
iccommonds that Fort Supply , which
waa abandoned several years ago , > o
presented to the territory for Uou as
u public Institution.
War Department t'tmilslioH ISatlmute for
I'ropost'il Canal.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 7. The War
dcpaitment today sent to congress re
ports on tho. number of Important
river and harbor projects , Including
that for connecting the Mississippi
river with Lake Michigan by the
means of the Illinois river and the
Chicago sanitary canal , and also 'or
extensive Improvement of the Sault
Stc. Marie canal. The total cost ot
the project for connecting Lake Mich
igan and the Mississippi river is
placed nt ? 7,731G17 for a five-foot
depth. The project Involves tno con
struction of twelve locks and two
dams with movable weirs. The esti
mates are based on the assumption
that all necessary franchises In con
nection with the construction will bo
ceded free of cost to the United States.
Tlio estimate for Improving the
channel between Lakes Superior and
Huron , through St. Mary's river , in
cluding Hay channel , la ? 9Uxu,000.
The distance Is sixty-four mllc& , part
of which Is improved.
The estimate for deepening the
Sturgeon Bay and Lake Michigan ship
canal to twenty-one feet is $ lilSUOO.
Al > blu Saj ; " Klcliiirdson Dcuil.
NEW YORK , Dec. G. A special ca-
bio dispatch to the Brooklyn Eagle
from llome nays :
Mrs. Abby Sago Richardson , diama-
tlst , poet , literary critic and translator ,
died in this city today. She was the
widow of the late Albert Dcano Rich
ardson , newspaper man and author ,
long time correspondent of the New
York Tribune In the civil war , and
afterward an editor on that paper.
Mrs. Richardson arrived hero with
her son , William Sago , the novelist ,
rarly in November and her death waa
wholly unexpected by her friends in
ISIllH Introduced.
WASHINGTON , D. C. , Dec , 7. The
senate today transacted no business
of importance in open session.
Throughout almsot the ontlro after
noon It was in executive session. The
hhip subsidy bill therefore received
no consideration.
Mr. hoar presented a resolution of
the Massachusetts legislature In favor
of the purchase by the United States
government of Temple Farm Moor
house , at Yorktown , Va.
timinrnl lracan IB Itutlrtul.
"WASHINGTON , Dec. 7. Brigadier
General Charles R Eagan , commis
sary general of subsistence , who has
been under subponulon since Febru
ary 9 , 1899 , by sentence of court-
martial for alleged Intemperate and
abuse language , concerning Lieuten
ant General Miles in connection with
the army beef Investigation , was re
stored to duty today , and ho was
afterwards placed on the record list
of tne army.
I'n Arr iiK < < InnURiiral.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 7. John Joy
Eduon was today named as chairman
of the committee having charge of the
Inaugural ceremonies. Ho waa ac
cepted. Senator Hanna , chairman ot
the republican national committee ,
picviously tendered the offlce to Mr.
Theodore W. Noycs , who was com-
pe'led ' to decline the honor , as hla
duties would not permit him to devote
Mifilcltnt time to the position.
Holil Up n Io u StorluiiiiM.
CHICAGO , Dec. C. Fred T. Gilmore
of Baxter , la. , was knocked hciiBolosa
Into hist night near Michigan avenue
and Harmon Court and robbed of $11-
229 In negotiable paper , | 2.'i in money
und a watch. The robbers , William
Cummlngs and George Haye < . after a
desperate battle with detectives , were
captuied and all the boo'y save tae
watch and money was recoynrcd.
Hack to Health.
L1VADIA , European Russia , Dec. 7.
The following bulletin was Issued
j this morning by the tzar'o physl-
dans :
"The czar slept well all night long.
His general condition and spirits are
very good. His temperature and puleo
are normal. "
The czar now leaves his bed each
day and spends an hour or two in an
armchair. In sleep and appetite he Is
steadily Improving , though ho la still
limited to a light diet. It Is probable
that the bulletins will bo discontinue' ]
next Sunday.
Lydia E. Piiikliam's Vegetable Compound
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l&dfSa " . PsMffffozans's Ve ctfaMs '
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tle of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound at
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laundry starch In the world.
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there were two sides to every ques
For starching fine linen use Magnetic
Helen Keller , the famous blind deaf
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