Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, October 04, 1900, Image 2

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D. M. AMSItBimY , Vunlliher.
The business portion of Omcr , Mich. ,
was destroyed by fire. Loss , $50,000.
Light insurance.
The population of Saglnaw. Mich , Is
43,345 , as against 4C.322 in 1800 , a de
crease of 3,977 , or fi.Filt jer cent.
The population of Savannah. On. , la
r > 4,221 , as against 43,139 In 1890 , in.
Increase of 11 ,050 , or 2fi.CO per cent.
The population of Hneltford , 111. , is
31.051 , as against 23.581 In 1890 , art
increase of 7,107 , or 31 fiC per cent.
At Louisville , Ky. , Dr. Preston II.
Scott , president of the Ansoclatlon of
Physicians and Surgeons of the Con
federate Army and Navy , died , agc-d
Prince Henry of Prussia Is now
rommonder-ln-clilef of the German
squadron , succeeding V'.rc Admiral
Hoffmann , who has been relieved from
the pout.
Mrs. Harriet Stanton Blatch , ( laugh
ter of Elizabeth Cady Stanton , will ar
rive in the United States about October
1 to make a series of speeches for the
democratic ticket.
The steamer Valencia 1ms arrived
at Seattle , Wash. , witli a 'arge passen
ger list and ? 500.000 In gold coin conj
signed by the trading companies to
two local banks.
Captain George S. Cartv , ight , Twen
tyfourthUnited States Irfantry , quar
termaster's department , who became 111
with yellow fever at Camp Columbia ,
is dead at Havana , Cuba. ' '
The corner In Scotch pig iron has
caved In. The price was maintained
at 77n for some time , and 77s 3d rash
was called. It collapsed to C8s. There
WOK a paucity of business.
The United States raist'3 50 per cent
of the world's supply of hogs. The
government statistical human shinvs
122,000,000 hogs In the woild , with C- ! )
000,000 of them in Une > Sam's do
Direct advices from Cai'thagcna , Columbia
lumbia , say the rcbe'ls are active in
that department. September 3 they
attacked the town , but the govern *
ment troops from Colon ntr'ived in time
to prevent their success.
The last Census of Gieat Br.ltaln
nnd Ireland was taken In 1891 , when
the population was 38,101,975. The
next censua-iwlll bo taken'In ' 1901.
The estimated population at the pres
ent time Is 42,000,000.
Mrs. T. W. Berry , wife of Hon.
Theodore Pqrry. member of the , board
of education for the Cherokee nation.
l& supposed to bo .among the drowned
at Galvcston , where she had gone to
spend the summer with flends.
Headquarters ot the superintendent ,
master mechanic , chief train dispatch
er and the freight forces of the Iowa
and Minnesota division of the Chicago
& Northwestern rood have been moved
from Belle Plalne to Mason City.
F. W. Reitz , state Secretary of the
South African Republic , Is going to
Paris , according to the Prolorla cor
respondent of the London Dally Mall ,
from which point he will proqee'd to
the United States , where he will prob
ably remain.
Emperor William has pardoned a
German-American named Hchuh , In-
Klchl , who , after twenty years' ab
sence , has visited his r.-latlvcH nnd
boon sentenced to six months' Im
prisonment for contravening the Ger
man army regulations.
The government transport Lawton.
on her way from San Francisco to
Nome to succor Indigent miners , ar
rived nt Seattle. She will take on a
supply of stores before leaving for the
north. Accommodations for 720 men
have been provided.
General Arthur A. Smith of Gnles-
burg. Ill , , for twenty-nine yearb judge
of that Judicial circuit , r.nd brother
of George E. Smith and Mrs. Julia
Lynds , St. Louis , died in Mnnltou ,
Colo. , whore he had gone for his health ,
aged 71 years. In 18C2 ho helped or
ganize the Eighty-third Illinois regi
ment , and commanded It when General
Do Forest , with 8,000 roUls , was re
pulsed at Fort Donelson.
Dennis O'Connor , a millionaire cat
tle man and banker of Victoria , Tex. ,
la dead. Ho was widely known in
the West.
Dr. Alfrexl Stllle , for nearly twenty
years professor of theory and practice
of medicine In the University of Penn
sylvania , died at Philadelphia , aged 87.
At Carml. 111. , William Yates met
George Mlllor on the street and shot
and killed him without any apparent
cause. Yates had been tit-Inking.
At Mitchell. Ind. . Charles L. Barton ,
n leading jeweler , fell dead with heart
disease. He was a veteran of the war
of the rebellion. He was related to
several prominent St. Louis families.
The GalvcHton fund being raised in
Paris has reached $20,000.
At Janesvlllc , Wls. , John Conroy , a
married man with five children , died
from the effects of a blow in the head
Inflicted by Snmuol Cooley. The two
men got Into a dispute over a debt of
The Iron Mountain shops , located at
Baring Cross , Ark. , urn-nod , and four
hundred men are thrown out of em
At Atchlson , Kan. , the Ilov. James
Shaw , aged 90 years , died. Ho had
been a Methodist preacher in Kansas
since 1857 , when ho came to Atchi-
The Children's Homo ut Wllklns-
uurg , Pa. , was partially destroyed b >
George C. Tlotjen , a commercial
traveler representing the Western Im
plement company of Washington , WK
was found dead In his room in the
Grand hotel , San Francisco.
At San Antonio , Tex. , Colonel John
Simpson , chief quartermaster of the department
partment of Texas , received a telegram
authorizing him to Immediately enlist
200 packers for the Philippine service
Packers are to receive ? 5Q per mania
nnd rations. One year la the term o
fcervlce. Transportation will bo fur
nished both ways.
Goal Company Makes a Concession to the
Striking Miners.
Mine fVorkrrit Are Warned Not to Ito
Temptrd Hy Inrrcniio Itnuuliir Acl >
viinco J'rovlounly I'l il Hlxtoi-n I'rr
Cent Hotter WiiRtiH thuii Hoforu Ktrllin.
PHILADELPHIA , Oct. 1. The fol
lowing notice , bearing dnto of October
1 , WHH posted today In the vicinity of
nil the collieries of the Philadelphia
& Reading Coal and Iron company In
the anthraclto region.
Philadelphia R , Reading Coal and
Iron Co , , October 1. This company
will pay an advance of 10 per cent on
ill men nnd boys employed in Its col-
Icrles. This advance takes effect to-
lay. R. C. LUTHER ,
General Superintendent.
Beneath this notice another was
lostcd which read us follows :
Follow Mine Workers , United Mine
Workern of America Do not pay any
ittentlon to this notice posted by Mr.
either of the Philadelphia & Reading
3oal and Iron company , but wait un
til you hear from President Mitchell
of the United Mine Workers of Amer-
ca , or until you have decided by your
own locals what is right for you to
lo. C. B. POTTl'J- . .
Mr. Potter is an ofllcer In the dis
trict branch of the United * .ine Work
er osf America.
The regular Reading company ad
vance for the last half of September
and the first half of October nud pre
viously been fixed ut o per cent above
the $2.f 0 basis. The scale for the pro
ceeding thirty days was at the S > 2. 0
asls. The advance of 10 per cent of-
ercd In the posted notice by the
leading company Is separate and dis
tinct from the natural scale Increase
ind hence the total Increase to the
ninoi'H would bo 1C per cent.
gHAMOKIN , Pa. , Oct. 1. Notices
vere posted here today by the 1'hlla-
lelphla & ReadfngUJoal & Iron Com-
wny toHho clfect that beginning with
tomorrow an advance of _ 10 per cent
on'tho'net wages of nlf nien'timl boys
will obtain. ' While some strikers said
.hey were ready to go ( to work in the
'Horning others hold' that It' would not
10 wlso until President Mitchell had
Hsucd ofllelal nbllce as to the course
the men should pursue.
Interest Is manifested as to whether
.lib Reading"conipahy's coflferics will
jc able to work tomorrow , irrespcc-
.ivo of the questjon of the recognl-
.lon of the inlno workers' ' union by
: hc mlno operators.
SCRANTON , Pa. , Oct. 1. At every
colliery in the anthracite region n
notice will bo posted Tuesday mornIng -
Ing aniiouiicihg a 10 per cent increase
In wages based on the present scale ,
tffectlvo October , 1 , and , that the oper
ators will arbitrate any grievance
their employes may present. There
Is no condition to bo attached us to
the men returning to work before the
arbitration shall begin , so it Is to bo
Inferred Uat the men arc privileged
to meet in convention and adopt any
plan of action they may deem advisa
ble bcforo entering upon arbitration.
It Is supposed the miners will come
together as members ot the union , fix
the minimum of the concessions they
will bo content with and then go forth
as Individuals to treat with their em
ployers tnrough committees of em
ployes. The arbitrations being con
cluded satisfactorily committees of
employes will report back to the con
vention of United Mine workers that
Uicty have come to a settlement and
the strike will then bo declared off.
This would avoid the recognition of
the union by the operators and at the
name time permit tl.o union to regu
late the terms of settlement.
HUH No tioiifvHHlou to Alitlcv.
FRANKFORT , Ky. , Oct. 1. The
case of Henry 13. Youtsey , also
charged with being a principal In the
Goubol murder , will be taken up at
Georgetown on Monday. The prose
cution claims that Youtsey was In the
secretary of state's otllco with How
ard when the shooting occurred. Yout
sey is represented by L. ,1. Crawford
nnd R. W. Nelson , two of the ablest
criminal lawyers in the state. Colonel
Nelaon sent the following telegram
here today : "All publications In
newspapers that Youtsey would make
sensational disclosures , and as to
agreements with the commonwealth ,
are false. "
Antoimihllu In thu Army.
WASHINGTON. Oct. L Lieutenant
General Miles , commanding the regu
lar army , In his annual report to the
secretary of war , will renew his sug
gestion for the use of the automobile.
There arc now at Fort Myer. Va. ,
three automobiles , but they have not
proved qulto satisfactory on account
of lack of facilities for recharging
thorn with electricity. Meanwhile
General Miles and other olllccrs inter
ested In making the nutomobilo useful
for the army have been making Inves
tigations of other powers than elec
Stool Work * to Shut Dotvn.
JOLtET , 111. , Oct. L Officials of the
Illinois Steel company this afternoon
admitted that the entire plant , with
the exception of Its blast furnace ,
would bo idle on Monday morning.
About 3,000 men will bo affected. No
cause Is given for the suspension , noi
ls it known how long it will la&t.
Not hold KlllH IlluiM'lf.
BIRMINGHAM , Ala. . Oct. 1. Warner
M. Nowbold , superintendent of the
the south and north and Birmingham
divisions of the Louisville & Nashville
railroad committed sulcldo at his rcsl-
denco In this city today by shooting
himself In the mouth with a 38-caliber
pistol. Mr. Nowbold last his wlfo some
months ago nnd since that has boon
despondent and to that cuuso Is at
tributed the terrible deed which has
ehockcd the community. Hens
about 55 years of age.
runner Nfcrnlury of Au''l"iit'lo Will 1'rr-
mini HlH Uiuini1.
NKW VOHK , Oct. 1. Snxto Lopez ,
fortnorly scwtary nnd confidante oi'
Af'uliialtlo , arri-.t'il hero to.lav on Uio
Cntnpnnln. Lopes Is Bald to have como
hori1 lit the Invitation of Fink Wnrrnn
nnd In- expects to explain to Uio poo-
pie the Filipinos' Bide of their light
wllh this country.
Lopez Is n small man , with a yellow
complexion and straight , black Imlr.
His secretary , who says that he has
known Lopez for eight years , If , a co
lonial from Qnccnstown , and describes
himself as a Itrltlshcr from head to
foot. At the dock there was only one
man to meet him , a large Kiindy-halred
personage who was addressed as Mr.
George , but to reporters refused to give
his name. He wiluted the Filipino and
together they began a hunt of the dock
for Flak Warren , who finally made his
appearance and the party went to the
Imperial hotel.
While coming up from quarantine
Lopez gave out the following state
ment :
"My object In visiting the United
States IH not to Interfere in American
politics , but solely to toll the American
people what the Filipinos desire in ref-
urence to the future government of our
country. It has been tsuid that my
raining to America is in the Interest
tt certain persons and parties. We ,
us Filipinos , know no parties in the
United States. We have only one de
sire , to seek justice for our country.
"Those who desire to give us justice
iVlll no doubt be glad to know the wants
ind conditions of the Philippines. All
ive wont is peace with honor to both
parties and I hope to bo nhlo to show
that the conditions of our country are
inch as to fit us for the maintenance
jf that Independence. "
I'liy fur Siiinoiin Native * .
WASHINGTON. Oct. 1. Uaron von
SternberR was at the state depart
ment in reference to closing up that
portion of the Samonu agreement rel-
utivo tc the payment to the natives
the value of the rifles surrenderor by
( Item.
When the Germans assumed control
tit Apia they deemed it expedient to
iiuiet the belligerent factions. This
was agreed to by the natives on the
understanding that $12.50 for each
rillo should be paid. Some 2,000 rifles
were turned over. Dr. Self , the gov
ernor , has proposed that the payment
shall be made under the , proposition
of the foreign consuls that the con
siderable amount of money involved
shall not lead to disorder among the
ratlvcs. The three parties interested
In Samoa at the time of the surren
der of the rifles the United States.
Germany and Great Britain will
jointly contribute the amount re
quired and no difficulty is apprehend
ed in making the settlement.
Prominent ( ; | | < mil Man Dead.
SIOUX CITY , la. , Oct. l.-Worcl was
received hero today of the death of W.
I ) . McNidcr of this city at the Presby
terian hospital In Chicago last night.
Mr. McNider , until recently , was gen
eral freight and passenger agent for
the Great Northern railroad at this
point , and up to n short time ago was
district deputy for the Elks of the
northern half of Iowa. He was prom
inent in all public enterprises inaug
urated for the advancement of Sioux
City's Interests. Mr. McNider had
gone to Chicago to subm't ' to an op
eration for cancer. It was generally
known that the operation wns a danger
ous one.
To Hung I'roin ( lulIouH Tree.
FUANKFOUT , Ky. , Oct. 1. The
motion for a new trial In the case of
.lames Howard , charged with Goobel's
murder , was overruled this afternoon.
Howard was sentenced to hang in De
cember. Additional affidavits were
filed this morning by the defense nnd
counter-nflldavlts by the prosecution
In the motion for a new trial. All of
the affidavits filed by the defense ex
cept one attack Jurors who seat In the
case. One was signed by the defend
ant and alleges that the jury was not
kept together on one occasion , as the
law requires.
Lincoln Aflitr the Contention.
KANSAS CITY. Mo. , Oct. 1. The
Young People's Temperance union con
vention closed tonight with an address
by ISvu Marshall Sliontz , the national
president. The meeting place of the
next convention was left to the execu
tive committee of the union , to be de
cided within the next alxtv days. The
location will be at Lincoln. Chicago.
Indianapolis or Los Angeles. The
chamber of commerce of Los Angeles ,
has offered $2,000 towar-ls defraying
the expenses if It bu held there.
Coming Without thu CI-OKH.
PARIS , Oct. 1. ( New York World
Cabolgram. ) Mrs. Potter Palmer ,
with her husband , this week gave her
last reception and will leave Paris
October 10 , sailing for home on the
steamer Deutschland after a few days
spent in London.
All of Palmer's efforts to secure -
cure the decorations of the Legoln of
Honor have proved futllo and she has
suddenly concluded to give up the
.Krueor'H AlU'Rcil Itt-mnrk.
LONDON , Oct. 1. An Interesting re
port comes from Konmtipoort to the
effect that Mr. Kruger , In a letter to
his wife announcing that ho is going
on a MX months' holiday , bald , in sub
stance , that after the capture of
Machadodorp ho know the struggle
was hopelo&s and counseled moderation
but that Mr. Steyn's "arbitrary be
havior" overruled his counsel.
l' < : i < < In South Afrlni.
LONDON. Oct. 1. A special dispatch
from Capetown says that United States
Consul General Stowe , who goes to the
United States shortly on leave of nb-
aunco , has expressed the opinion that
peace will be proclaimed 01 , October 11
the anniversary of the commcucomenl
of hostilities In South Africa.
Brvnrn Until fur I'okln.
PAU1S. Oct. L A dispatch received
here from Taku says : A French bat
talion from Pekln has occupied Lou
Kou Cliiao and Chan Sin Tlon , thus
obtaining coal stores.
1. :
. Former Ecsidont of Fremont Tolls of
Its Awful Fury ,
llorrtblu Bight * Whlrll No 1 In mull To lit ; tie
or I'on Uun Dcucrlbo The Myntery of
Miming Money HUB Ollior NtthrurUu
Matters ,
FREMONT , Neb. , Sept. 20. Mrs.
James Clark , a former resident of thlb
city , and her two daughters , who sur
vived the Galvcston storm , arrived
here Sunday morning and are visiting
with friends until their home Is made
habitable. Mrs. Clark shows plainly'
the effects of the terrible nervous
strain to which nhe was subjected dur
ing the ton days she was obliged to
remain in the city after the storm.
"My experiences during those awful
days wfcre something I don't like to
talk about , " she iwld , "for It brings
back to me those horrible sights which
no human tongue or pen can describe.
I want to forget them , but it Is impos
sible. Wo were warned of the storm
the morning of the Gth/but paid little
attention to it , thinking It only an un
usually severe blow. Thnt morning I
went down to the beach or. the car to
see the storm. The waves were run
ning very high and destroying a good
many small bath houses , small shops
and temporary buildings. I went back
: o the house and noticed then that
the wind was Increasing tmd I heard
rumors that the water coming up
from the bay side of the city. That
iftcrnoon I saw a largo cross on the
Lower of a church near us swaying in
the wind and there appeared to be
much excitement on Broadway , the
street where I lived , but tven then I
didn't anticipate any trouble. About
4 o'clock my son drove up to the house
In a brewery wagon drawn by one lone
mule and told us that the water was
coming up and we must le ve. It was
raining fearfully hard and the wind
was blowing from the north. Myself'
mil daughters and two other families
got into the wagon , and we started
tor the brewery , which wo thought was
the safest place. We were on about
the highest point of land in the city ,
but even hero the waters of the bay
and gulf met and we could see the
waves coming up the streets in both
directions. When wo got to the brew
ery our team was just about covered
with water. My son carried us in. The
engine and boiler room was filled with
water and we went up en the next
floor. There were then about 100 pee
ple there. They kept coining in all
night , until there were more than 500
there. How they got there I don't
know , for , the water was everywhere.
We could hear nothing but the roar
of the wind , the splash of the waves
and the crash of falling buildings. "
TnilnH for Target ) ) .
REPUBLICAN CITY , Neb. , Sept. 20.
Considerable Interest ar.d effort is
being put forth In this vicinity to
capture the persons who have been
shooting into the passenger train on
the Burlington near this city. Last
Friday night a bullet from a rifle
came near causing the death of a pas
senger , as it miseed his head but a
few inches. Special agents have been
here endeavoring to get a clue , but
so far no arrests have occurred.
Killed hy I.lclitnlnsr.-
YORK , Neb. , Sept. 20. The funeral
of Eva , the 14-year-old 'laughter of
Mr. and Mrs. , T. C. McEHienney , took
place here. The girl was killed by
lightning Saturday morning. She had
been down town to do some shopping
and was returning home in the rain
when the lightning struck the steel
rod in her parasol , killing her in
Ilc < | iilKltlon for Itnlilnnon.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Sept. 20. Gover
nor Poynter has Issued requisition pa
pers directed to the governor of Iowa
for the return of B. F. Robinson to
Omaha , where he is wanted to answer
to the. charge of larceny. Ilobingon is
under arrest at Sioux City. He is
charged with stealing a bicycle belong
ing to Louis Floscher.
Struck .Stuck.
BELGRADE , Neb. , Sept. 20. During
the thunder shower of Saturday mornIng -
Ing lightning struck the oats stacks
of A. Kuykemlall. four miles south of
hero , setting them on fire. Prompt
work of tearing down the stacks , as-
sjsted by the drenching rain that was
falling , soon extinguished the fire and
saved most of the grain from destruc
My trry of MUklnic Blont-y nnqr.
HARTINGTON , Neb. , Sept. 20. J.
W. Peterson , a traveling mnn , was ar
rested at Randolph on the charge of
having taken a sack of money from
the Grand hotel Saturday noon. Mr.
Rankln , proprietor of tli- hotel , left
the sack , which contained $90 , on the
counter , and when he returned shortly
after misted it. It was being talked
over later in the presence of Mr. Smith
of Norfolk , who said that at noon he
was standing by the cigar case wh ° n
a stranger to him , who was behind
the counter , picked up the sack , saying
"I wonder who this belongs to. " Mr.
Smith said that ho did- not know ,
whereupon the man. whom he describ
ed accurately , put the sack In his pock
et , remarking "that ho v/ould have
some fun with somebody. "
The party described was soon lo
cated , and was brought hero by Deputy
Shelrlff Baird. The preliminary hear
ing was had before Justice Gable , but
as Mr , Smith could not identify him
he was discharged.
Vote r.lcrtrlo Utlit Homlx.
MADISON , Neb. , Sept. 2 ? . A special
election was held hero to vote bonds
for an oloctrlc light plant , for street
purposes. The proposition carried by
a largo majority. Madison's streets
have been in darkness for some time
and all realized that something hail to
be done. The vote was light.
rorrlbly Futnl UradoiCruMlng Accident
nt I'llRcr.
STANTON , Neb. , Oct. 1. At the
railroad crossing just east of the vil
lage of Pilgcr , in this county , Ed Us-
tlck was struck and killed by a special
freight. He had been In Pllger and
was returning home. He was seen by
a number going toward the railroad in
n wagon , his teani going at a smart
Jog. Ustlck had his i.ead bowed upon
his brcoat , apparently giving no atten
tion to his team or the surroundings.
His team slowed to a walk as they
approached the track and just not
over it as the train struck the wagon
back of the fore wheels. Ustlck was
thrown unuer the engine nnd dragged
for the distance of over a hundred
feet. His death was probably Instan
taneous. His intestines , stomach ,
heart , lungs and liver were torn out
of the body and lay some thirty feet
from It. The right arm was cut off
and there was hardly a whole bone
In the body. The undisputed evidence
showed that the trainmen made every
effort to avoid the collision as eoon as
they discovered the danger , though at
the time of the accident the train was
running at a greater rate of speed
than permitted by the ordinances of
the village of Pilger , within whose
limits the accident happened. A
broken jug , which had contained
whiskey was found near the corpse.
Slimier Trlul ut Alliance.
ALLIANCE , Neb. , Oct. 1. District
court convened here Monday with
Judge W. H. Westover of iiushvilUi
presiding. This will be the most im
portant term of court ever held in
I3ox Butte county from the fact that
there are several very imprtant crim
inal cases to be tried. There are five
criminal cases on the docket , two of
which are for murder in the first de
gree. Monday was occupied in passIng -
Ing on motions and setting cases down
for trial. Tuesday the case of the
Jtato of Nebraska against Richard M.
'Jline was called for trial. In this
: aso dine is charged with shooting
mil killing one B. C. Richardson last
August. Cline and his wife are trav
eling musicians and when they came
lo Alliance were hired to play music
In Richaruson's saloon. Some diffi
culty arose between Cline and Rich
ardson and Cline was expelled from
the saloon. This angered him very
much and lie got a revolver and son
after met Richardson in a re&taurant
which joins the saloon and after some
words with Richardson the parties
came together and Richardson slapped
Slino and immediately Cline shot him
through the abdomen , from the ef
fects of which ho died coon after. It
Is alleged on the part of the defense
that before Cline and his wife were
nut out of the saloon that Cllne's wife
liad i - > en insulted by a guest of Rich
ardson's saloon and Cline took the
matter up and Richardson took the
part of his guest and from this the
shooting resulted.
The state is represented by County
Attorney Smith P. Tuttle , Judge A.
W. Crites of Chadron , B. F. Oilman
and William Mitchell of Alliance and
the defense by Judge F. G. Hamer
of Kearney and R. C. Noleman of
Alliance. Much interest is taken in
the progress of the trial and the court
room is taxed to its capacity at each
Itoj DUs In Luzon.
SUPERIOR , Neb. , ct. 1. Letters
addressed to Roy Henderson have
been returned hero bearing the word
"deceased. " Roy had enlisted as a
musician in the regular army and left
Chicago some four months ago. Since
that time his parents have heard just
once from him. It seems strange ,
however , if Roy had died in the
United btates service his name had
not appeared in the , roster given week
ly by General MacArthur. The let
ters were retuined Irom Vigan , north
ern Luzon.
Electric I.l lit nt Alliance.
ALLIANCE , Neb. , Oct. 1. On
Thursday the electric current was
turned on and the result is that Alli
ance is now one of tne best lighted
cities of the west. The plant is among
the best , having two large incandes
cent machines and one largo arc ma
chine and run by a large Corlies en
gine. Th plant is housed in a good
brick buiming , 50x80 feet , and equip
ped with two large boilers and two
I'ocketH 1'lckitil In Oiniiliii.
PLA'i TSMOUTH , Neb. , Oct. L A
very large number of Plattsmouth
people attended the Ak-Sar-Ben in
Omaha. While on the corner of Fif
teenth and Farnam streets Fred Egen-
berger had his pockets picked and is
now minus a gold watch and ? 2.oO.
Tclujihone SyHtvm for Kdgnr.
EDGAR , Neb. , Oct. L Edgar is
putting in a telephone system
throughout the city. A largo number
of phones are already in place and the
streets are bristling with poles. The
company consists of Edgar business
men and the system is the Central
Telephone System of St. Louis.
A Gold Medal Contest.
PLATTSMOUTH , Neb. , Oct. 1. A
gold medal contest , in which there
wore six contestants , took place at
Murray Tuesday evening. There was
a large attendance from a number of
surrounding towns. The judges were
Rev. Mr. Garvln of Omaha , Dr. Swartz
and Mr. Fllnn of Nebraska City , nnd
they awarded the medal to Miss Grace
McDonald of Murray. The winner ex
pects to go to Aurora In November to
compote for the diamond medal.
District Court ut Iltihron.
HEBRON , Neb. . Oct. 1. Judge Let-
ton of Falrbury , who had excnanged
terms with Judge Stubbs , has been
holding district court In this city. The
only case of importance was Casper
against the St. Joseph & Grand Island
Railroad company for damages receiv
ed by falling under a trelght train at
Alexandria in September , 1899. The
court instructed the jury to bring In
n verdict for the defendants , as there
was not BUlllclent evidence to iccovcr.
Casper claimed to have been drawn
under the train by the suction while
walking on the platform.
A Typlcnl Southern Home.
On the groundc which have been
selected for the site of the South.
Carolina Interstate and West Indian
exposition , to be held at Charleston !
there stands an old colonial homo
which was the scene of lavish com
fort nnd open hearted hospitality in
days gone by. It is proposed to re
store this old home , now somewhat
touched by time , to something of its
original state and to collect within
its walls valuable relics of the past.
No state In the union perhaps con
tains more of these relics than South.
r..COl.Uil ( ( ( ncro new lumln to upon to settlement.
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aboto , AilJrc Dick T. ilorn u , 1'etry , 0. T
Wise Is the man who pays for what
he gets , and gets what he pays for.
Dyeing Is as simple as washing when
In his will even the miser gives all
he can.
For the rich the poverty of others
is the law of nature.
Giirflcld Tfa IB the best herb medicine
for the cure of constipation and sick
headache ; tt cures all kidney nnd liver
disorders ; It purifies the blood , cleanses
the system and clears the complexion.
This remedy Is used hy countless people
ple the world over ; It can nlwuys be de
pended upon , nnd Is therefore recom
mended by physicians nnd all who once
try It.
The earth is a turner and the pun
is a tanner.
For starching tine linen use Magnetic
A short story is like a bobtail horse ;
the tale is not continued.
Whnt Shall AVe llnvo for Dessert ?
This question arises in the familjV
every day. Let us answer it today.
Try Jell-0 , a delicious and healthful
dessert. Prepared in two minutes. No
boiling ! no baking ! add boiling water
and set to cool. Flavors : Lemon.
Orange , Raspberry and Strawberry. At
your grocers. 10 cts.
The motorman on the electric street
car is a nonconductor.
Your clothes win not crack if you
use Magnetic Starch.
* * j !
* S J *
$ A Very Bad Combine |
! is that of
A Very Bad Sprain
* A Very Black Bruise
: It often happens ,
$ but just as often
* t
I St. Jacobs Oil |
makes a clean , sure ,
prompt cure of both.
The Wonder
of the Age
No Colling No Cooking
It Stiffens the Goods
It Whitens the Goods
It Polishes the Goods
It makes till garments fresh and crisp
an when first bought new.
Try a Sample Package.
You'll like It if you try it.
You'll buy it if you try It.
You'll use it if you try It.
Try it.
Sold by all Grocer * .
Don't be fooled with a mackintosh !
or rubber coat. If you want a coat I
that will keep you dry In the hard-1
est storm buy the Fish Brand I
Slicker. If not for sale In your )
town , write for catalogue to
A. 3. TOWER. Boston. Mass.
- nw iK i { UlLPK&5 > SW1HE PLAMIE.
Prepare for war In time of peace. Procure n supply -
ply of Antl.Kolrra before your h K arI tck ,
A fiuall amount will keen them In Boocl liealth.
Scud for rilKE HOOK on lion Ulifancs and thIr
Uemrdlec AiruiHuiilttl Adilrei * Autl.
Uolorit Co. . Di'Dt. A . on B. Uih St , Omaha. Neb.
" Wurcs nervous hystem to do so. BACO-
FiMBii the ° "ly vcuro thnt REALLY CURES
nnd notifies you when to atop , .sold with n
cunrnittvo thai three boxes will euro unj'caso.
Glim ! \eKetalloiindharinlesR. . Itlms
"u cured ousans.i euro you.
At nil druccists or by tnall propnid. 81 a box ;
rlfUSt6--6 * "ooWet two. Wrltn I