Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, September 20, 1900, Image 9

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    Every mother possesses information of vital value to her
young daughter. That daughter is a precious legacy , and
the responsibility for her future is largely in the hands of the
mother. The mysterious change that develops the thought-
lees girl into the thoughtful woman should find the mother
on the watch day and night. As pho cares for the physical
well-being of her daughter , so will the woman be , and her
children also.
"When the young girl's thoughts become sluggish , when
she experiences headaches , dizziness , faintness , and exhibits
an abnormal disposition to deep , pains in the back and lower
limbs , eyes dim , desire for solitude , and a dislike for the
society of other girls , when she is a mj'stery to herself and
friends , then the mother should go to her aid promptly. At
such a time the greatest aid to nature is Lydia E. Pink-
Iiam's Vegetable Compound. It prepares the young
system for the coming change , and is the surest reliance in
this hour of trial.
The following letters from Miss Good are practical proof
of Mrs. Pinkham's efficient advice to young women.
Miss Qocd asks Mrs. Pinkham for Help.
June 12th , 1800.
"DEATi Mus. PINKHAM : I hare been very much bothered for some
time with my monthly periods being1 irregular , I will tell yon nil about
it , and put myself in your care , for I have heard so much of you. Ench
month menstruation would become less and lesii , xintil it entirely stopped
for six months , and now it has stopped again. I hare become very nervous -
vous and of a very bad color. I am a young girl and have always had to
work very hard. 1 would be Yery much pleased if
yon would toll me what to do. " MIBS I'EARI , GOOD ,
Cor. 29th Avenue and Ye&lar Way , Seattle , Wash.
The Happy Result.
February 10th , 1000.
"DitAuMns. PINKIIAM : I cannot pr.-iise Lydia
E. Pinhhatn's Vegetable Compound enough. It is
just simply wonderful the change your medicine
has made in inc. I feel like another person. My
work is now iv pleasure to me , while before using
3'onr medicine it was a burden. To-day I am a
healthy and happy girl. I think if more women
would use your Vegetable Compound there would be
less suffering- the world. I cannot exprc&s the
relief I have experienced by using Lydla E. Pink-
0000 I ham's Vegetable Compound. " Miss FKAIIL GOOD ,
Cor. 29th Avenue and Yeslar Way , Seattle , Wash.
Owinj to the fact that * omo I
people have from time to time questioned
the genuintnr&s of the testimonial letters
we ere conntantlr publiihing , vre have
depoi'tcd ' with the National Cttjr Dank , ( I.ynn , Mam. , 9jeeo ,
whitb will he paid t any persi n wlu ran chew that the above
ttaiimvulal i * not genuine , or was nubh&hed before obtaining the
ntcr' ipeeiil permission. LYDIA E. PINKHAM MKOICIMK Cu.
Home Visits ,
freest , EKioTfl a Mo. M Ry.
"Nar h-Wcstcrn Line"
Offers all Ncbraskixno an opportunity to
visit tlKHr old homes or their friends In
any of the following named states :
Wisconsin ,
So. Dakota
Uast of Missouri River.
On and North of St. L. & S. T. R. R.
At the very low rate ot
Arp Ff piipc $7
iyiity & 1 t/j H iaso ] )
and 26.
Limit OcL 31 , 1000. Rate One
Tare Plus 52.00.
Tickets sold to Chicago or St. Louli Trill
rcquirn exocuttan by JL Joint Afftnt an < l
p.iymont of 2j cents fee , but those to
other itolnls will be axecutad by the r cu-
Ur railroad ayunt without additional
DATES--Sopt. : 10 and
this opportunity to visit th East
and toll your friends of the good things
hati to offer lo the farmer , the merchnnt
ni"1 the l- hr r Thuy will then h-come
your nelKliUor.i and thus you will help
build t t ) .r t-rsnil stain
J. R. Buchanan ,
Gen. Passenser Ag't F. . E. & M. V. Tl. n.
Use Magnetic Starch It nas no equal.
Reason Is a man's guide , but prin
ciple is his safeguard.
The Wonder
of the Arje
No Dolling No Cooking
It Stiffens the Goods
It Whitens the Goods
It Polishes the Goods
It makes all cannenta fresh and crisp
aa when first bought new.
Try a Qamplo Paoko/jo. /
You'll like it if you try it.
You'll buy it if you try It.
You'll use it If you try It
Try it.
Sold by all Grocers.
Leave Omaha 5:05 : p. m. ; arrive St.
Louis 7:00 : a. m.
Trains loara Union Station Dully for
Kansas City , Qulncy , St. Louis and all
points Cast or South. Half Jtatcs to
( Plus ? 8.00) ) many southern points on
lat and 3rd Tuesday of Each month.
All information at City Ticket OfHco ,
1115 Farnam Street ( I'axton Hotel
Blk. ) or vfrlto
City Passenger and Ticket Agent ,
Omaha , Neb ,
State Department is Still Wrestling vitli
Iho Oliibeso Problem ,
CltnitRo of Attitude on the Purt of llu -
ulik SMI o in 14 to KolUno the Strtt n No
Onlulal Cuiillriiiiitioti Kfcvlxml Unltcul
Stilton Him Not Ciiiiiiulttcul Usolf ,
WASHINGTON , Sept. 15. There
were no developments In the Chinese
negotiation ) ] today with which the pub
lic could bo made acquainted , the whole
matter being still in the diplomatic
phase and therefore not calling for
ilitary orders. War department ofil-
iiUa are awaiting word from the State
department as to the next stop ex
pected from the troops , but it in now
intimated that this next step will not
be taken Immediately.
The situation has lost pomothlug of
its acutoncsa , owing to the change In
the attitude of the Russian govern
ment , as indicated in yesterday's dis
patches. No official confirmation has
reached Washington o the postpone
ment of the wiihdiawal , but the fact
is not doubted here. Regardless , how
ever , of the course to bo taken by Rus
sia , it is noted there is nothing in the
American note of response to Russia
that demands immediate evacuation
in the event that the Russian troops
are called away. Instead , It is stated
that the control of the situation would
simply pass from the State depart
ment into General Chalice's hands and
it would be for him , after conferring
with the other military commanders ,
to determine when and how and lo
what extent the American forces should
bo withdrawn. He might choose his
own time and In a degree Ills position
would be similar to that occupied by
him In the advance upon Peldn , so far
as having a free hand 1 ° concerned.
The statement of the condition gov
erning the American reply to the with
drawal proposal may be of signifi
cance , In view , of the fact that it is
made with the express purpose of
clearing away an erroneous Impression
that has been made upon the public
Mr. Adee was again acting as secre
tary of state today during the tem
porary Indisposition of Dr. Hill , who is
suffering from a cold. The former
spent some time this afternoon In con
ference with Attorney General Griggs
New York Runic * Tulce n Portion of tlio
G < * rmun I.onn.
BERLIN , Sept. 15 It Is officially
announced by the board of director ;
of the Disconte Gescllschaft that , with
the co-operation of the International
and through the intermediary or the
Disconto Gesellschaft , the Nortl
Deutsche bank of Hamburg , the M. M
Weldburg company of llamuurg and
Kuhn , Loeb & Co. , of New York , act
ing in' conjunction with the Nailona
City Bank of New York , have taken
over 50,000,000 marks of 4 per cent
treasury bonds of the German empire
falling due In 1904 and 1903. With ( he
approval of the Imperial bank , the Is
sue will be placed on the marKet in
the United States.
NEW YORK , Sept. 15. The New
York Life Insurance company today
closed negotiations for taking $5,000
of the Imperial German government
loan of the $120,000,000 negotiated in
this city.
Siivtil ) > r n Confcnilon
ST. I.OUIS , Mo. , Sept. 15. Ilnnry
Peyton , who 13 in custody , awaiting
requisition papers to bo taken to Sioux
City , la. , to stand trial for alleged
murder , thin afternoon confessed in
Captain Rolnold'a otlice at the Four
Courts that it was he who robbed the
safe at the big mercantile establish
ment at Clydesdale , Miss.
The confession will clear the name
of George Simmons , a young man of
Clydesdale , who has been accused of
the crime and who was compelled to
leave the home of his childhood be
cause of the shame that had come to
his family.
I'npu'ntlnn of ToprUu.
WASHINGTON , D. C. , Sept. 15.
The population of the cltv of Topeka
JCan. , as olllclally announced today , Is :
1000 , 33.008 ; 1890 , 31,007.
These figures show , for the city ns
a whole , an Increase In population of
2,001 , or 8.39 per cent , from 1890 to
The population In 1SSO was 15,152
showing an Increase of la.sriG , or
100.07 per cent from 1880 to 1890.
> 'IIII.T Vnurn nf Slimll Pox.
MUNCIE , Ind. , Sept. 15 In the vll
lage of Wheeling , near the Grant conn
ty line , health officers today fomu
eleven cases of smallpox , the schoo
and whole community having hec-n ex
posed for weeks. The malady was be
ing treated as chickenpox.
J'o * nl Omdul Krimirrd.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 15.Walto
M. Davis , assistant postmattor at Kan
sas City , has been removed by thi
postmaster thcro. No reiison Is as
signed , but the action will be confirmed
by the postmaster general.
Chicago will have a horse show Oc
tober 29 , 30 and 31 , and November 1
2 and 3 , to bo held at the now coli
seum on Wabash avenue , under th
ausplcoa of the New Chicago Horse
Show association.
il Thrnn Kiililinp.
ST. LOUIS , Mo. , Sept. 10. A opecla
to the Post-Dispatch from Memphis
Tcnn. , says : A masked mob of be
tween sixty and 100 men broke Int
the Jail at Hunica , Miss. , early today
and took out three negroes , whom tlioj
r.trung up to a tree within 100 yard
of the Jail. Not a rhot was fired Tin
dead negroes are Frank Brown , wlu
shot Frank Cheshire , a pro.-pprou ;
planter at Oak Landing , six month
ago ; David Moore , who shot Dan Bos
wel ton days ago , and William Brown
who with confederates , shot and cute
to c'eath ' a young white man at Stut
Levee ono month previous.
.ntcut . Quotations Troti ) South Ouuihn
niul Kuinim City.
Union Stocli Van ! * , South Omaha.
. 'attic Thire was only n tlIU ( urn of
' .ittlo here today niul IHo fact that the
t rather was had hail n tendency to hurt
he market , t. hk-iiKii also loported ti rtull ,
\iiik tnatUut ami us a lestilt there was
lot ninth UoliiK li-u. There were only u
'o\v ' loMln of cum ful Htetrs on sulo untl
ho quu.lty of the otu-rlngH watt rather
iiniiiion. lUijcu illil not take hold with
nut'h life and It \\IIM u dull , weak mar-
> i-t. 'Ine. supply of co\\s was very light ,
midly enough to inako a tewl of the
narkot. Although the bulls of the offer-
nr today were on thi > forder Older , still
heieoio not oniiUKh to RO around ami
uilo w is vcty lo\v. Yard traders hiivo
a peed many entile on hand and the bad
xiatlior seemed to 0uit ( iff the demand
u > m the country todu > entirely , so they
\ \ ricer > p ruutiouM aliout buying mnio
cnttel so near the end of the week. The
nmtkct was very nulet anil bids were tin-
\cnly lowor. There \M > IO not enoujch
western beef cixttlc here today to at
tract the attention of Inborn , but an the
maillot Imp been steady nil the week they
uould probably have sold that way today
luid there been any Rood ones here.
i hero were only a few eow * and they
hold from steady to n little lowur
lloprs There was a Rood run of IIOK *
liero today , countlnK what was c.irrled
over , but paekeni nil ht-cmed to be want-
; flesh supplies , BO that the maikct
ruled fairly active at the ntirt. Hunt
hess did not soil quite a8 'veil on the
\\liole todnv as thov did on the openlns
market yestenlaj , but still they brought
better price's than they did at the elude
\esterday. The top of Jfi.SO was as KOOI !
the hlKh price ycsteiday. but the bulk
the llEht welchta sold from $0 O"1 to
K10. Heavy IIORS weie n aln rather
neglected , mid , as Chicago came lower
un the heavy welKlits , packers took oft n
little more on those iiRaln today. The
hulk of them sold around $5.WIi5.0-'i. ( and
the medium welRhts at $3 ( B'VfiS Cu.
Slipep Hecelpts of sheep today were llb-
i ral for the last end of the week , but the
demand wns also In Rood shape. The supply -
ply wna made up mostly of sheep and
paokers picked up In Rood season at Just
about steady prices. There were only a
few lambs on the market , but they also
met with ready Mile at about steady
pi Ices. They brought J3.2. > , but they were
not of nH good quality as the string that
fold for f , " 35. It was a good , steady , ac-
tlvo market all around and everything
us sold eatly In the mornhiR. Thcro
were not many feeders hcie today , but
prices remaJn just about the tame.
Cattle Ueco'ptB , 13000 ; market stemlv ;
native steers , Jl rtftf > . ? 5 ; Texas steers ,
s'0077C.20 ! : Texas cows , J2 2SLf3..r. ( ; native
cows and heifers , $1 " "fTR.lO ; stoekers and
feeders , J27r > fjriGO ; bulls. J240tiU"i ; calves ,
receipts , 200 ; market stonily , $4.2 ! > fiii7i. !
Hess Itecepl : ! , 8,000 ; mnrket wivik to
"ie lower ; bulk of sales , jr .17'ili5.2r ) ; heavy ,
jr. izm/fi 22 > i ; packers. $ .1 iss ti 27S& ; mlxoo ,
S'510iTG.22 ' % ; llirbt , JI.nOS3.30 ; Yorkers , J5 25
( fiT. M ; pips , $150fG.20
Shfop Kecelpts , 1,000 ; market steady ;
lambs , $3.BOfi5 2T > ; muttons , $2 OO'yn f. " > .
T\TO Tliousinnl Se\cu Hundred Storm
VIctliiiR Idontillcd : it Culvt'ston.
HOUSTON , Tex. , Sept. IE. The Post
today prints a list of 2,701 names ot
the Galveston dead , compiled from va
rious sources , but believed to be au
thentic. There were hundreds of bodies
ies burned , burlc'l at sea and in the
sand , of which no identification was
possible. There were other hundreds
who were burled on the beach of the
mainland , few of whom have been
identified. There are many bodies
still in the ruins of Galveston and
scattered along the beach of the main
land and in the marshes , where they
wore thrown by I ho water , of
these bodies have been scut twenty
miles Inland along small watercourses
by the rush of high waters. Taking
all things Into consideration , there
seems no longer any doubt that the
number of dead will reach beyond the
estimates of 5,000 which has been made
by Mayor Jones , Major P. O. Lowe
and other reliable citizens of Galvcs-
About 1,300 refugees arrived here
from Galveston last night and arc be
ing cared for as well as possible. Four
buildings have beun set apart for the
benefit of refugees , hut of the n,100 who
have reached hero so far not moro
than 800 remain in the public charge ,
the remainder of them having gone
to the homes of relatives and friends.
The owner of the steamer Lawrence
has ordered the boat turned over to
Adjutant Scurry , who is in charge at
Galveston , and the transportation of
people from Galveston to the interior
will proceed faster. There have been
delays In the transportation of provis
ions because of a lack of boats , but
there are more boats now and the work
will be faster and moro complete.
Onlri'Htoii Itrllof I ) < > clilis to Kinnloy
Ilii ! > or < TK to ( Mean tlifltv. .
AUSTIN , Tex. , Sept. 15. From ear
ly this mornlns until far in the after
noon Governor Bayers today was In
conference with relief committees from
various points along the ctormswopt
coast. Among the first committees
to arrive was one from Galveston. A3
a result of this conference It was de-
that instead of looking to the
laboring pee ; le m ( iulveston tor work
in this emergency that an importation
of outside laboiors to the number of
2,000 should 1)0 made to conduct the
sanitary work while the people of Gal-
vcslon were given an opportunity of
looking after their own losses 'incl re
building their own property without
giving any time to the city at large.
It is believed that with the work of
thcso 2.000 outhldo laborers it will re
quire about four wceKs to clean the
city of debris and In the meantime the
citizens can be working on tnoir own
property and repairing damage there
KruRtir Ciinnc '
President Kruger has removed from
the home of Herr Ptto , the consul of
the Netherlands here , to the residence
of the district governor.
Ordrr lo Knrrnndrr I'.ondi.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 15. Asslctant
Treasurer Spaldlng today gave notice
to banks having old 2 per cent bonds
on deposit to secure deposits of public
moneys that these bonds must bo sur
rendered at once and other bonds sub
stituted or their deposits will be cor
respondingly decreased , 'these bonds
on deposit amount to $2,188,500.
Morn I'rlTlhdct-H for \Vomnii ,
VIENNA , Sept. 15. An Imperial decree -
cree Issued today admits women to
practice as physicians and chemists on
the same conditions ns men.
A Venerable Lady of Noble Lineage
Speaks a Timely Word.
"Ono of the most aristocratic faces seen \Vaililngton IH that ot Mrs. Somplo ,
dmiRhtor of President Tylor. Rho hn.i passed her 80th your and yet retains an oxcood-
i'lRly youthful complexion. Personally she is charming , and Impresses ono as stopping
out of the European courts. " so says the National Magazine , uuilor the heading "Social
Bidollfihts nt the Capital. "
The follo\ylu ( ? is n letter from this Interesting lady , written from the Louisa Homo ,
Washington. D. C. , to the Pornim Afodlolno Co. , of Columbus , Ohio , concerning their
great catarrh tonic , Poruim. Mrs. Boinplo writes :
Gentlemen "Your Parana is a most valuable remedy. Many ot
my Mentis have used It with the most flattering results and I can
commend it to all u'/o need a strengthening tonic. It is indeed a
remarkable medicine. " Sincerely , Lctctia Tyler Scmplc.
Poruna Is n specific counteract the depressing effects of hot weather. A free book
entitled "Suinmor Catarrh" uent by the Poruun Modlclno Co. , Columbus , Ohio.
If you have not tried Magnetic Stat'ch
try it now. You will then use no other.
In the regular army of the United
States thcro are 25 per cent of foreign
Mr * . vrinIow'n Hootblnjr Syrup.
far plilltfrcn trethliiK , noftnnt thr Kiniu , ruJiices In
flammation , allnjipiun.cUTO nIndoullc. 33cabottli >
The Princess of Monaco is said to ho
the first Hebrew to sit on an European
$24.00 PER WEEK
To men with rigs to introduce our Poultry
Compound among farmers. Addropsrlth
btauip , Acme Jlfg. Co. , Kansas City , Mo.
Probably the only sovereign who has
been up in a balloon is Queen Chris
tina of Spain.
Magnetic Starch Is the very nest
laundry starch In the world.
Professor Gotch says the electric
flah of the Nile have a "battery" power
equal to 200 volts.
FITS rci-mnnfnt'yCuiTrt. Jfoflti oniKi-Tnu
f.rtt iUy' i | of l > r. Kllnc'n Ui > t Krrvn llfxtuinr.
ttunU for I''liii : as.Ou ttUt l > uttl > ml trciulre.
1m. U. II. K-I.NH , IUI. , J ! ArUilH. , 1 htUdcliiliU , IV.
When an actress is wedded to her art
she Is generally divorced from some
few husbands.
Catarrh Cure
Is taken Internally. Price. 75c.
Wh-on it comes to skyscrapers Chicago
cage tells Borne pretty tall stories .
The Mnnufuetvr rs of Carter's Ink Imvo had
forty o-irs' oxp"ilciion In muklnic It unil they
certainly know kow. Sena for "lukllnus , " frco.
About 1,500,000 persons are employed
in the coal mines of the world.
AOOOrxiO niro * new l nJ < in yum in iitilemint.
RulwcrlbB for TUB ICJOWA ( VJIKP.UrVijtnU l liifur
inutlun uliout tlie u laiuli. ( ) n jreur fl.W.
ci > i > > , IDo. biubiirll ) r < rqrnhe frcr
MI okUliomn. MutKon'i Minimi ' 210 J' ' fc helllcr * '
( lulde ) will ) line im ll iul uiitn , tUXI MUji CSf. All
ou\e , H.15. AdJrmf , Dick r. JlorKuii , 1'errO. . T.
Nearly 8,000,000 portions In Germany
are insured agalnnt illncds.
All gootls arc alike to PUTNAM
FADELESS DYBS , ao they color all
flbcra at ono boiling.
The offspring of two rabbits will In
ten years number 70,000,000.
For starching fine linen use Magnetic
Might may not make right , but It
seldom gets left.
Your clothes win not crack if you
use Magnetic Starch.
The animal that first succumbs to
extreme cold IB the horse.
Try Magnetic Starch It will last
longer than auy other.
Yes , Howard , In high words low lan
guage Is generally imed.
I'lso'sCuic Is the best meillclno wo overused
for nil affections of the tliroilanil luncs Wll.
O. INDSLKY , Vnnburcn , Ind. , Fub. 10 , 11)00. )
Only children play ball. Men make
a business of it.
bann of tlio humnn sjRteni.
I'ruieut yourself apulnfct Its ruvut'Ci by tuu uo
uf liecmun'b 1'epslrilJum.
Why should a clock bo arrested for
striking the hour ?
Plrnni ) Try ) runltlr n Hturch
once and yon will never use nuy other. All
groceib fell it Iiugu packngo lUc.
A rural editor says the lay of the
hen lays all over that of the poet.
Knep looking yotint : anil TC your Imlr , Hi color
cntl bennty nlU PAHKKH' > HAIH ) ) AI SAU. N , tUo Don euro for curns. 13cti.
Murk T-.mlii Ilnnio.
Mark Twain , who will soon return
to hla home in Hartford , Conn. , thus
answers a friend who asked him II
ho did not enjoy traveling : "No , I
don't. I do it for the uako of my fam
ily. If 1 had my way I'd settle down
In ono spot and never move. In fact ,
I can't understand how any Writer
can bo persuaded to move of his own
accord. Old Uunyail was In luck when
they throw him Into prison. If I
had been in his place they'd never have
got mo out. "
lie loving and you will never want
for love.
People who have long faces are opt
to have short understandings.
HalUliury'i * TuUiitml Dniiuhtrr.
Gwendolen Cecil , the unmar
ried daughter who now presides over
the household of Lord Salisbury , the
Uritlsh premier , is esteemed as ono
of the forohtost of English mathe
maticians. A singularly gifted family
are the Cecils. Thu nmnjuiz himself
is a most accomplished electrician and
chemist , and besides has worked for an
Income as subeditor , Loi\ l Cecil , ono
of his sons , IB counted among the beat
read political writers and workers in
ICitlnor JIumiri n Chicago Sinn.
Dr. J. II. Breasted , professor ot
Egyptology In the University of Chicago
cage , hau been appointed by the em
peror of Germany to superintend the
publication of hit ) new Egyptian dic
tionary. This lexicon will enable stu
dents of Egyptology to study the hier
oglyphics in the museums tnroughout
the world. This IB an excellent com
pliment to an American scholar.
Must Boar Signature of
Sec Pac-Slmlla Wrapper Below.
Tory aunH anil aa easy
to take as mgor.
Heirs of Union Soldlcra nlin matte homesteads of
1cm tliuu ICO acre * before Juno 23 , 1874 ( no ui alter
U abutuiunt'il ) . If tlie iiiMiitunul bauiemend rlfflit
wan nut i OKI ur utcd , vhuuiU aJdrc-ss , vrltb tall
pctlculu . HENRY it. COPP. , D.C.
Mention this paper tc. artvortlsers.
ce y9 " "
, , ana
Imlit upou luvinj ; them , take no others and you n ill get tlia best chcll : that money can buy.
' V'V
FarprinG 2.OOO Bu. of Grnin Five Cents
§ WinrUots In Flno Condition to Mnke IVtunoy.
Send for Free Hook , "Successful Speculation. "
J. K. COMSTOCK & CO. , TracJora Bld . . CHICAGO.