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    Women ere Like
Healthy anclslrong
> Hi y blossom
and bloom. Sirkly , tlvy w.ther . and
die. livery v/otiiiir i -i 'I't ' lo look well
nnd feel well , ll'ih rr cht and duty ,
but ahe might a.w il try lo put out a
( ire with oil as lo be hnlthy and at
tractive with disci e corroding the
organs that make hftr a woman. Upon
their health depends imr health. If
there Is Inflammation or weakening
drains or suffering at the monthly
period , attend to It at once. Don't
dolay. You're one step nearer the
pravo every day you put It off.
Women can stand a great deal , but
they cannot live forever with disease
dragging at the most delicate and
vital organs In their body. You may
have been deceived In so-called cures.
\\'o don't sou linw you could liulp 11
thuru in KII inticli worthier fittiir < m
tlio innrki-t. Hut you won't hoillH.
unpointed In Iltndnuld'H 1'omnlu KOK-
tiliilor. Wo lielluvo It IN tlio one medi-
clnu on enrtli for womanly ills. I here
In ns much difference hi-twcen It and
ether Ho-called ruincilfcH im thuro ts
between rlKlitnml wronK. Hrndllold s
Kemulu UcRulnlnr hrmtlies the pain ,
Btops the drains , proni"tes regularity ,
strengthens , purifies nnd cleanses. Jt
does nil thin quickly and cnslly and
nnturully. Ills for women nlone lode-
cldo whether they will be healthy or
sick. Urndneld'H Uetftiliitor lies at
hand. $1 pvr buttle at drut ; store.
Bond for oar frne booklet.
lilt URADfllLD RrCULATDIt CO. , Allan ! n , Ga.
How to Measure liny In tliu Slack.
'i'lio following is tlio rule em
ployed I ) } tlio government in mciH- :
.uring hay in Ihu stack , and doubt
lotH will prove convenient for many
of our readers : "To find llm num
ber of o ibio foot in a mack of hay ,
first menMito tlio distance from one
sidu of ilH bane ever llio top to the
basu of Uio opposite ; milks urn dis
tance noiOHH tlio bottom , subtract
thn distance auroHH bottom from the
distance from bnso to base ever tlio
top , nnd divide tlio lotnniiulor by
two , which gives llio height of the
stack ; measure length of stack and
multiply louuth , breadth and height
together , and the result in the nniii-
bur of iftibio foot in the stack. In n
ton of bay that linn been Htnokod
thirty duyH or moro , ( here nro122
cubic ) feat. In novvly Htaukud bay
tha government measure it ) 512 uu
bio lout to the ton. "
Jh'iiiocratlti Comity Convention.
Tlc : ilonuicrntlc electors of Uiiflur coni.iy , No
brarLii , arc hcruliy cnlleil to meet In iimsH con
vvntlon In HID opeia liouec at Itrokcn Dow , Noli ,
ou Krldiiy , Hupt 14 , 1000 , at y o'clock ) in. , foi
the im-puto of iiuinlimtliiK a ciniilldatu for county
ufornuy , two tttiulUlitca for ropruHen'iitlvo , niu
uttcrulinK to ruch t thur lilislnoM IIH inuy conic
before tnu convcnlldii. All pircons ,
of part political nlllllntlons , who uro opposcil t <
tlio ( louilnntlon of trusts and tliu money power ,
who iiHourco with the present lultnlnlatralloii li
Its pollry of InipcrltlliHii nnd colonial opprcsi < ion
and who fnvor the cniutltntlon and thu Oeoiitrii
tlou of Imlo ) cndunco , urn ino t cordially Invltm
to nttend ninl taku part In thu dulltiu.utlonB of the
convention , llj order of the county coinnillteu.
M. C. \ \ AIIIIINOTON , Cliiilnniiii.
Udtcdbapt , 1 , 1WW.
A Good Thing.
Our Great-Grand molhur'ft yarrot
contniiung thu Hamo herbn of nil
healing found in Karl'd Clover root
tua. They gnvo our nnocotoi
strength , kept the blood pure , end
will do the Hamo for you if you Hay
HO. Price 25 uts. nnd 50 otn. Sold
by J. G llaoborlu
IToe Compluxlnii iicnuttlltur
\Vo want ovorylady ruador of the
iti'UuuoAN to try Dwight's Com
plexion Hoautilier , the moat exqui-
Bite toilet preparation. It is pure
and harmleHHmake8 the facoHiuooth
as velvet and fair an alabaster. To
induce a fair trial of itvo will for
a short time only send FRKIC a full
Bizo , Fifty cent box to every lady
who will pond uu hur post ollioo ad-
drt-Bfl silver dime to pay for paoking
and pOBtago. Only ono imicw box to
each address but Indies may order
for their friends. Knoh box mailed
separately. Soud this notice and
your order at ONOB to D. W. GUBTJCU
fcCo. , Huntinpton W. Va.
On and after September 1st nnd
2d I will bo ready for your game ,
groueo nnd prairie ohiokuns. No
quail will bo received until after
November 1st. I have u freezer
that will hold seven thousand birds ,
one-half milo west of Tappan valley
Bohool house , I will reooivo thu
above at tli3 old stands in Broker
Bow , Kyoroon's and Howon's.
ag23-4t B. C. TAIM-AN ,
"Home Visitors' " ,
Excursions Sept 10 and
NtbriiRknns can o onnt very choniily
September 10th nnit 20th
On tbcfo daf B tlio IHullncton Rout
will Boll tickets to nil points In lowti
Wisconsin nnd Northern Peninsula of
Michigan , nt rnto of otio fnro plus $2,00
( or the round trip ,
Satuo low rnte will npply to points In
Southern Minnesota , Northern Missouri ,
nnd Central nnd Wcetorn Illinois.
TlckoU will bo good to return any
time within thirty dnye from dnio of
lesuo , For further Information , consult
nearest ticket agent , or write to J.Frau-
clfl , Uenornl PiiBotsnuor Ai'ont , Omaha ,
34ebr. ng23 4t
Wo will furnifih the Kunnas olty
Jourual aud RKI > UUUOAN for 91,25
per year ,
AH juoiliotcd by llio UICI-UIIMOXN
two wuokH n o , ,1. T. Arthur , the
pn-ppin int'inbBrof tlio county board
from Uoii la * Grove lowiiHliip , wa
turned down , and K J. MHln of
'YVntorviPc , v/ia : nomiimtcd Sir-
{ fcnt mid WcHtorvillo towiiHliip di'lo-
nates wont for Milln , and Doiifjlan
( Irnvo rpmnincd loyal to ilH homo
mail , Arinnlrong Hiyn 1m did not
lix llio job , bill MoArlhiir in crin
Hi-ioiiH of tlio faot that HOIIIO line
Italian hnnd did tbn job to tii
qncou'B tttfto , a i ho was uomplptnly
it-norcd.pxcopt by his own towii bii. |
Tlio U. A. H.
The o.untry , on lonniiny of the
dcinitntion of the people of GilveH-
ton , TcxnM , from the t-yolono ,
p'omptly f o it m anH for their ro
litf. Among llio first to aiifiwcr the
oall wan Judjjo Koesc , oommaiidcr
of the Nobraskn di'partmont of the
G. A , 11 The Slftto .lotirnal yon
leriloy in Hponking of the Judyo'tt
prompt action , Hayn :
"John KOCHO , of Broken liow ,
commander of the G. A. K. , dc-
mrtmont of N-brapka , arrived in
Ijincoln ycntorday , and imirediatoly
wired a contribution of $60 on be
half of hih department to thu dn-
i aitmont of 1'exaH. The contribu
tion wan noni. to Department
Commander Uhnrk-H B IVok , of
lloiiflton , to aid the eoldii-r HuflercrH
of Galvcston The G. A. It. de
partment of ToxaH is not large , but
i great many ol the 000 members
ivo in GalviiBton , and it in cor Lain
that many old noldicru nnd their
familioH uuilercd IOHB of hfo nnd
property. "
The County 1'iilr.
The display in agricultural hall
18 line AH the naimn of the ex
hibitors do not appear on the cards
i hit ) year , there in no way of know
ing who to giv proper credit for
'he exhibit unluHs the exhibitor
ohanotH to bo by and volunteers to
give ) oti the dnnirtul information.
G O. Wntern has a line dittplny of
grain , millet and ve elableH. In
faot , the entire exhibit in agricultu
ral hall in of : i high Htandard. Wo
noticed Homo very line Brown Leg *
horn chickens of Goo 1'apineauV ,
mil inu cxiiitju in HUH ( lepnrunent
IH not up to the Htandard in quality
or quantity.
The cxhib't in the line art Po
part moot is splendid , ns well as in
the Hchool department. Some of
ilio bust work in the school exhibi
tion \\o noticed was by iho Wuid-
nnglo children , in the King school
The lack of interest taken in
the fair by the farmers is HliOA'ii by
the limited exhibition of stock.
This ( Wednesday ) evening there
are but live hogs , and two tjiicup nt
the west end.
The exhibit of cattle is limited
to two pens of ShorthortiH , one of
\\hichooosistH of tivo head by L.
Mo\indloKH , and the ether of ton
head by Henry Johnson ,
If a purse was raised outside of
tlio association to increase the pro
iniunis on stock , the same at ) is done
lor racing , il wou'd ' bring a good
exhibit of cattle , hogs nnd horses ,
which in our opinion should bo llio
main feature of the fair. Race
horses are numerous on the grounds ,
but few Custer county people have
race horses to exhibit.
FAKM iron SALK At UptonNob. .
100 acres of good farm land , 80
acres in cultivation , and the rest
fenced in pasture , with three wiies.
Good four room sod house ; corn
crib and granary , oaoh 12x10 feet ,
connected ; stable and chicken
house , oto. For particulars call ou
J. J. Snyder , Broken Bow , or
Stephen Wilcox , on promises , agio
l < * urm I.uiiclf.
For nalo , 1440 acres of land ,
partly improved , in Custer , Blniue ,
Thomas and Sherman oountien for
$1800 00 cash. Write for
8 30 2t St. Pnul Minnesota.
Wo will pay for all tin tobacco
ags ono half cent each in trade of
IIOHO denommntions ( showing Riimll
itar printed on under Hide ol tag ) :
Horse Shoo , J. T. , Good Luck ,
( .Irons Bow , Spear Head , Drummond ,
Natural Loaf , Star , old Honesty.
J. ( ! . BOWJCN , The Grocer.
$1,50 lcr IlitHliul lor a I.oacl of
The Callaway Milling and Manu
facturing Company will pay fcl.50
per bushel for the load of wheat
that is sold to them thin season ,
that upon examination and compari
son by three oomuuteut judges , is
pronounced the beat.
No Mitiy will bo made of loss
than 26 Dushols.
No one person allowed moro than
two entries.
All wheat entered shall bo hard
spring wheat , fairly well cleaned.
Entries will oloso on Deo. 16 ,
1000 , and the award made before
Jan 1 , 1001.
( Cut this out and eave it. ) a30-4
11 Ondor and adjoining counties , In
i JL from Ho to 1,000 Acre
See TraetH , jOOU I'AIIM LAND , JM)00 )
Seybolt I'KOM ' 31.OU I'KH A01U ! UP. Acres
_ Ono ncctlon of Unc panttire land In
for Udwerti county. for
Ono-lmlf section In Ooipcr county.
1,000 , nctp nn Tnllln Tnlilo. Sale.
Ono of tlio brut quart r portions In
C'nntor cuunly. tu ir miles foalliuist ,
u t mmi
' " < " " " " " " " " " " " " ' .
from Ilrokpnllnw.wllli tunning WAfcr.
nml various other i.'coc. . | AUo hTOKK IIUI.WNUS AND LOTS KOU BALK IN
I.IVl'OIjN ritOI'ItllTY Foil SALK OH TI1AUH , or will trade pftrt of farm land for
jintt t.nttlo or Cikeli
Call on or nddriBs me foi pnrtlciilars. Youro for lit/ .
For Nearly S'xty ' Years
- The Leading National Fnraily
1'or ProRrcPalve Farmers and
An old , stanch tried and true friend of tlie American People ,
from Hie Pacific , and Ihc pointer in every movement calculated to
advance the interest and increase the prosperity of country people
in ever Stale in Hie Union.
For every half ccnlny farmers have followed its instructions in
raising1 their crops , and in converting1 them into cash have been
National authority.
If yon arc interested in "Science and Mechanics" that department
will please and instruct. "Short Stories" will entertain old and
young1. "Fashion Articles" will catch the fancy of the ladies , and
"Humorous Illustrations" and items will bring sunshine to your
Tim Wfiuia.Y TKIIUIKI ! is "The People's Paper for the entire
United States , and contains all important news of the Nation
and World.
Keg-ular suscription price $1.00 per year , but we furnish it
maw YOKK Published Monday , Wednesday and Friday
- .
A complclc up lo.(1itC ) daily newspaper
three times a week for busy people who receive their mail oftener
than once a week.
Contains all striking- news features of Tim DAIJ.Y TKIBUNB t
to the hour of going1 to press ; and is profusely illustrated.
Regular suscription price $1.50 per year , but we furnish it
Send all orders to
. Lovijoy Acuidcntnlly Kills
' 1 uoRday evening of last week
George C. Lovojoy , wlio wan teach
ing the school in the Phelps diHtriot ,
live inilo ? west of West Union ,
aooidontally shot himyelf while out
hunting. Uu ha < l returned from
Huhool to hiu brother FrankV , so ith
ot the rivor. Ho tied IIIH horne to
the hay Klack and went into the
' -OUHO and got the shot gun , nnil
remarked to hin Biatir-in law that he
Was going out to kill home chiukunB.
Niulit oatnc on and ho did not re
turn HIH broil er hecoraing
alarmed , informed the neighbors ,
and iiihtituted n Bi nih for him.
They lound his body about eighty
rodri from the IIOUHO , with a hole
Hhot through it just below the h-iart.
lie had evidently started home ,
go in 14 through the timber claim ,
and from indications had stumbled
over a dead limb. In the fall the
gun was discharged , and th& htoclc
ot the gun broken. Ho was a
young man of excellent character ,
and highly respected by all who
knew him.
On Sunday , Sept. 2 , a largo num
ber of the friends of the familuB of
E Si-ott , of Turner Valley , and
0. W. Podf.0 , of Prairie Hill met
nt the homo of the latter to witness
the unilinp in matrimony of EzraG.
Boott Fnd MIHH Stella Fodgc , Rev ,
L L Eploy olh'chting , This young
couple is among the best in Ouster
county , nnd start in life with Hatter-
ing prospects. They will begin
housekeeping in Turner Valley , at
tended by the bust wishes of their
many friends. The presents re
ceived at the wedding wore :
0. W. FodRO unit wife , f5 In go'il , A A. Show
nntl Illmiche Fodgo , tnblo cloth ami napkins ,
t him. ShAN , enlail Ululi , Lronn llnrrla , tnlilo
rover ; Kthol Colvman , Btigitr nholl anil nnpkln
riiKH ; ThoiOc'eloKitfraulc ' , Kotnt fllvvr tt-iupoonp ;
Chan , llurrott and Eliion Todil. clock ; lllms Jnll-
enl mid family , act of pllvnr knlTi > HIU ! ( orkg ;
Mr. null Mr * Joe YontiK.Onlcni , Kansun , berry
sot ; llattln Mo.Murtrr and John YOIIIIK , Ilumlo"
on , Iillrols , pot of ten tnroni and bcdsiirrnd ;
Hnttlo Mc.Murtry , i' cusli ; llcrtlia llarrott , iileturo
nntlccBcl ; Key Vollard , vliu'Knr cruet ; Mr. nnd
Mrs. ( loo. Itoen , water fOi ; Mr. nnd Mrs. Wripht ,
lalilu cloths JuBdo 1'olliril , berry illuli ; Mrs. K.
Wind and danilitor. ; , tabto cloth unit napkins :
Mr n.l SIrf. Jncob Shaw , pnlr ot tawolc : Mrs.
May , lump , Stnnluy , K n nH ; the MIMi9 Fnd go ,
half doziiii td eli > , Mr.nudMrM. 1'ollard , jmlr of
pillow ? ; HuMiud Hlowom , Jl cash ; liert Mo
Mtirtry and wife , SI
Letter List.
Following in the dead letter lirt
for week ending Sept. 11 , IflOl :
.loei'iih Cralk- ( foreign ) . Andy Banford.
Jami'x Ontnblo " Wnltor Wooihud.
Mrs , K A. Kno.
Parlies calling for the abcve
plonbo say ndvoriised.
L. II. JKWKTT , P. W ,
Notice lo llniitcrH.
All parties are hereby warned nol
to hunt on my prcmisef , tiiidei
penalty of the law
Laura A. Gregg , lecturer for
the Nrtionul American Woman
Suffrage Aflsociati n , ban made the
following appointments in Ouster
county :
Oconto , Fililny , Sept 7 , 1000 , nt 7'SO p. m
l.oinnx , Satin day , tupt 8 , iitT 30 p. in.
Onlluway , alondny , Sept. 10 , at 7:30 : p. ui.
The afternoon of Wednesday and
Thursday , September 12th and 13th ,
she will speak at the Fair grounds
in Broken Bow.
New Helena , Friday , Sept 14 , 11)00,7:30 ) : p. m.
Mtlbnrn , Saturdhy , Sept 16 , 7:30 : p m.
Sargent , Smiiluj and Monday , Sept. 10 and 17 ,
at 7lit : ) p. in
Wclpscrt. Tuesday , Sept. 18 , nt 7SO : p , m.
\VosterTlllo , Wednesday , Sept , 19 , at 7:30 : p. m.
Mason City , Thursday Sept. " 0 , nt 7 30 p. ni.
Ansley , Friday , Sept. 21 , at 7:30 p. la.
Aniflino , binJay , Sept. 1 , at730p m.
Saturday , Sopt. 22d , a county convention
vontion will bo held in Broken
Bow. It is hoped that all the newly
rganizud club ? , as well as the old
ties , will send delegate ? , and that
his convention may bo conducive
o much good for the cause of
woman huffrago in Ouster county.
York for the ensuing year will be
ully discussed , and plans laid for
arrying on this work. Every club
hould bo represented , that there
nay bo uniformity of work and
urposc , and that the united efforts
f the several clubs may bring geodes
es tilts.
Rcmcmbci the date of the con-
ontlon , Saturday , Sept. 22 , 1900 ,
t 10 a. m , 2 p. m. , and 7:30 : p. m.
.Cnttlu for Hale.
For sale , S53 head of two year
old steers , 112 head of yearling
teors , 100 head of yearling heifers ,
all dehorned Shorthorns and Here
ords , high grade , 'in my ranch , 18
uiles south of Broken Bow.
Clinton Day ,
Broken Bow , Neb.
Ollioo over Kyursou's urocery. Real-
( , 'ouoo Gth liouo west of Baptiet church
Win. F. Hopkins ,
I'livna Mul Specifications on short notice. MA
terlftl fin tiUhod and buildings completed olioapei
ban ny nrm In tlio stiito. Sailfaction
cod a * to pHns mm vpoclflcntlona.
Dr. Chas. L. Mullins ,
2d slairway from wont Really
block ; residot'ce , 3rd wet M. K.
ouuruh , same side of Btreet.
Psale , John & Busline ! ! , I
, ( New Finn )
Ptnlo & Ji'tm Imvo Rpeoclatcil with tlioin In tmnlncffl
Mr lluahncll , recently or North Cmollna , nnd Imvo added
to their
A Now Slock of .
Boots and.
Till * I ? entirely a Now Stock , mid contains quality ml
variety to milt nil. The puMIc Is rcqtiCHtcd to call nnd neu
their good * Hiut got prices
Wholesale mid Iletail
Northeast Corner Itcnlty lllock , llroknn It'ow.
Hap j'ut received nn Invoice of
And n full 'Ino ' of .Moulding" of the IntOPt Pnttorna , nnd
will muko Picture VriimuH to order , nnv sl/c , at prices that
will pult everybody , llriiif , ' In you plcturcii and Imvo them
WCHt Miflc Hciitnru , liroUeii Ito-w.
V. G. WOltNAMi , I'ronldeiit. J. A. \U1HS , CiiHhler
A. J. KOIJKHTSON , Vlcc-Prca. W. 1) . UI.AC'KWUUj , Afls't Cachlor
Farmers Bank of Ouster County ,
Transacts a General Banking Business. County Olaims and
Warrants Bought ,
Wholesale and Retail
Clocks , Pickles ,
Lamps , Extracts ,
Patent Pickling
Medicines ,
Vinegar ,
Cutleiy. Spices.
will not break with heat ,
will not rust or corrode
Tea and Coffee Pots , Roasters , Etc ,
Use tliis Ware for 1-Iealth.
It Once Was Lost , 'But Iftow I Have
Found it.
Where ? At my door. At the Eagle Grocery. What in the
world is it , my dear ? It is at the Eagle Grocery , a inatn-
uiot/a stock ef Groceries , and at the lowest prices you ever
Hoard of. The Eagle has been reading the papers and keep-
lus. posted on what was being offered for sale. They don't
say anything about Terbacker and Candy , and other good
things like that , [ t is not pickle dishes you want now , it is
Candy The Eagle has 2,000 pounds of candy for sale cheap.
Everybody is invited to call and get my prices.
Remember the place , on the big corner , jnst east of First
National Bank.
W. S. SWAN , Proprietor *