Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, September 13, 1900, Image 5

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    HAS n full line of
Drugs , Paints and Wall Paper.
Also a Fine Line of Books , Stationery , Toilet Articles , otc. Store on
corner of Fifth avenue anil Main utrret , Broken Bow , Neb.
? '
Commercial Hotel 1 }
* S'jtilli\vot corner Square , 1
? &
i Ss m
The Hotel has been refitted and refurnished
throughout. Sample rooms for Coiiiinerical men. Bathrooms
rooms in connection. Free Bus to and from all trains.
' '
til I
Try us once and you will come again. m
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . .
19 r .v--'gf ? * : * f ! * * 0 - : : * 0 ! * * : : ' * r * * : ; jk % ? ' * " * if'Vjj. ' 0f ' : : ; * j , ; % : : ;
* Z.&fa&SMtt&x$3& ! &
CHAS. K. FOll ) , rrosldcnt , Omahn , Neb II. O , KOOEHS , Oashlor , nroltcu How
J. M. KIMHEHL1NG , Vlce-1'rcH , Ilrokon How. S. 11. IIOYT , Aes't Cashier
General Banking Business Transacted ,
Cbas. K. Ford. J. M.KImVicrllng. S. II. lloyt. II. O. UoFore. V. 11. Cnldttell
Make a apooialty of loaning money on cattle.
E WANT to Pay to the
Puhliu lliat our health
in fairly good , and hav-
ns' ( ' ° OIir winter clotliCH ,
' ' ' 1 ft "i * lak ( < n ° ff ° "r high collar and
saeill , ! ! ! . ' ' ! with our PVCH turned in the di
ii 9 i
iiili/lli / rection of - husinosriva are
to servo our customers with the heat of LUIMBEH , LATHS ,
POSTS , in fa.t ANYTHING usually kept in u FIRST CLASS
LUMBER YARD. Wo make our own SHINGLES and wo know
tliey are GOOD. Wo have the FINEST SCREEN DOORS of the
Season. PRICES ! WELL THEY ARE LOW. Oh "ay ! Try our
$4 00 COAL for cooking. Remember
Wo have purchased the ftock of BICYCLES , etc. , from
Edwin F. M ors. Wo have moved just across the street
from the old location , where we are bolter situated , have
more room , and can show you what we have. In addi-
li > n to our stock of
S , Sundries , etC. , we have employed
the BEST GUN REPAIR MAN this fmle of Omaha.
If yon have an ohl gun that won't shoot , bring it in ,
and we will fix it for you. Wo htill have a few EAGLE
BICYCLES loft , and can sell yo-i ono on easy terms.
B Also wo have a full line of AMMUNITION.
Repairing of all kinds , Bicycles and Guns for rent-
' ' ' '
I IV'l'l'I'l
Fair Prices , Best Material , and Best
"Workmanship. C. B. BUTTS , Lel"
ST. , " Cam ©
1 gas4
„ $ We want Garni ) In anvqnnn'lty 1) . . , Triinr& lnmc' O.MAHA , NlCHH. ,
' , ,1/ f- . OUAIUNIKKSATIBl-iCTION. t MU'hcst Mirkot Price , urnl 1 I ( i 1 I VT 1J , 1)211161 ( X LjlllllS. „ , „ ! I'llllftllClphm.l'tt.
C pltnl $ .H,000. Hciercnct-,1' . & . Butter and Game
Egus , Poultry
NaVl i nk , or Your EipreBs Agt. ,
The Trusts nnil the 1'coplo.
ly Her. Sam 1' , Jones. i
[ Prom tbo Mauufartnrcre' Itccortl , UMtlrnorc , ] '
The large ( rusts and combinations '
already formed and being formed
by aggregations of oapilnl , are con
sidered hurtful to the masses and
the common people , This is n
theory. Theoretically , a thing maybe
bo so , and practically it may bo
very untrue. When wo npoak of
trusts and combines , wo think of
the Standard Oil Trust , the Sugar
Trust , the Tob&ooo Trust , oto.
When Iho Standard Oil Trust was
formed I was paying forty cents a
gallon for kerosene oil ; I am gottiug
it now for ion cents a gallon. I was
paying twelve and one-half cents
for sugar several years ago , but
when the combines sot in wo got it
nt five and ono-quartor. When the
Whiskey Trust was organized I was
in hopes it would put up whiskey
where the poor devils couldn't get
it , but they have seemed to cheapen
that down to where they can pay
Iho government § 1.15 a gallon reve
nue on it , nnd yet soil it forl 27 ,
which demonstrates that they are
making it and letting the public
have it at about twelve nnd one-
half cents a gallon.
There is no doubl about the ag
gregation of wealth , with brains
controlling it , that they can manu
facture any article cheaper than it
ie or has boon manufactured on a
smill ficalo. The great railroad
combinations , many think , will eat
us UP blood rare. Occasionally I
get on a little jerk-water road , that
is not in Iho combination , aud I
want lo double my accident policies
and bo satiefiud with a 15-milo-an-
hour gait , and console myself with
the idea that I can ride all day for
H dollar , but when I got ou the
Pennsylvania or Vanderbilt system
of roads , with ihoir schedules forty
miles an hour , vestibule trains , with
parlor cars , sleeping cars , dining
ears , I have n hotel on wheels car
rying mo towards my destination ,
and all this for about two cents a
mile. Give me the road that is in
Iho combine to carry mo where I
am going.
Public sentiment is the safeguard
which is Ihrosvi' around iillaggrcga-
tioiiH uf wealth and all combinations
of iulorest. The Slandard Oil , thu
railroad combinalions , Iho Sugar
Tiust are as sensitive to public
sentiment as the snow-bank to the
rays of the HUH. Trusts and coni'
bines will not hurt the public , but
stockholders and bondholders may
tiffer later on , when these groal ,
julky institutions become unwieldy
ml fall with their own weight.
Fifty thousand men in the United
States , perhaps not more , are inter-
osled in the great trusts of the
country. Those 50,000 men know
that Ihoro are 70,000,000 of other
> eoplo in America , and their wisdom
leaches them whore boundary lines
pro , over which they cannot go
without peril to themselves and
disaster to their business. No com-
binutioii now says "damn Iho pub
lic , " bul ihoy have their weather
cocks out on every piomineut cu
pola , watching how the wind blows.
Of course political capital can bo
made cut of such formations of
wealth , and focial orders may raise
the black fhg to fi Jit them ; but 1
am a thousand times moro afraid of
demagogues and politicians than 1
am at raid of trusts and combines.
Good governrnciil which moans
nol only the well-being of the citi
zen , bul Iho overthrow rf all that
will hurt the citizen depends upon
good men in office , and we had bet
tor pay lees allenlion to what wo
call trusts and combinations and
moro attention to those whom we
elect to office in the municipal
stale and national governments
Mr. Steed , in his book ' 'If Christ
Cdino lo Chioauo , " speaks of Iho
"Big Four of Chicago , " nnd says of
them that 'their methods are clean
and their transactions are honest ,
but that in the road of their success
lies the blood and bones of the vic
tims over whom Ihoy have inn lo
success. " The successful man or
combination means the downfall of
other men and other combinations.
Ono preacher is preaching lo 5,000
twenty preachers around him con *
sidcr seventy-live ft full house , anc
n hundred a perfect j'lin ; one phyni-
cuu making $10,000 a year , ant
forty little doctors in the neighbor
hood not making their grub. A
Wauamakor soiling $50,000,000 a
year moans many little merchants
applying for clerkship in his store.
It is the survival of the fittest it
may be. Whim God mndo the
world Ho made mountain * towering
into the clouds nnd valleys below
the lovwl of the ROB ; ho made lakes
and oceans ; Ho spread out the
prairies of the west , and piled up
mountains around the litllo valleys
along Iho ranges of Iho Rookies and
the Alleghonics , In Iho ocean's
waters wo find whales and some
very small tiahos , and when the
whales come along the litllo fish
have lo hide out. I have travelled
over this country ironi oooan to
ocean , pud from Montreal to Gal.
veston , annually for twenty years
I have watched the progress of
avonlB and the processions as they
marched. I have yet to know of a
single instance where combines and
trusts hurt the masses or perma
nently raised the prioe of any prod
uct. I am n thousand times moro
willing to deal with the trusts nnd
combines and purchase their piod-
uots than I am to pat my money
into their institutions nnd imperil
my holdings , conscious of their want
of stability , and fearing their final
Of course these great combina
tions affect legislation , if they do
not control it in many instances ,
but while thi'y may procure legisla
tion in their own interest , yet they
have ono eye upon tha public senti
ment all the time , conscious that
they can go juat so far and no far
ther. Hero nnd there ihoy have
shut down a manufactory or closed
up an institution and affected some
individuals , bul wo are not looking
from that standpoint. When wo
look at the 70,000,000 ot our popu
lation , wo say they arc only pro
curing cheaper and buying for ICHB
money thoHo products than they
could have done under olhcr cir
Will ) the final disintegration ot
trusts nnd combines which will
inevitably ooino when financial dis
aster and shrinkage of values shnll
come of courne , the surplus of
their product will bo thrown upon
the market , nnd only the stockhold
ers in theno combines and trusts
will .suffer. As stiro ns that the sun
shines , whenever any institution
becomes unwieldy because of its
si/ ' * and bulk , it will finally fall of
its own woigtl.
I am an i > xpansionistand I believe
lhal ono of Iho causes of Iho slrin-
genoy and shrinkage of values in
this country is because we have not
gone out over the seas with our
products as wo should have dono.
While there is a demand for our
products of the farm and manufac
tory of this country , there will al
ways be plenty of money ; but when
wheat and corn and cotton and all
kinds of manufactures are a drug
on Iho market , and no demand for
them , then wo have slringomy nnd
iard times. But when the high
ways ever the sens shall bo laden
with our products inlo foreign
countries , and the gold is brought
bauk in the ships , then wo shall
flourish perennially , These great
combinalions are Iho only powers in
this country tlmt can do thin thing
fur us. A negro and an old mule
can make corn and cotton ; a fellow
with a Iwo hundred dollar saw mill
can make lumber ; but only aggre
gations of wealth can build nhips
and open markets in foreign lands.
Now Is The Time To Subscribe.
The State and National campaign
for 1000 is now on. Every body
should keep posted. The National
campaign at < well as thu state's bids
fair lo bo both exciting and interest
ing. No body who has any inter-
e-t in iho result of the campaign
should be without , a county and
sUto paper. In order that every
citizens in Custer county may keep
posted , wo have decided to make n
special price ou the HKI > UULIOAN so as
put it within the reach of ovorbody.
To all now subscribers as well as to
a'l ' who pay uparrearges wo will fur
liinh the Hi TUHLICAN for 25 cents to
the first of January 1001 , or the
Hiti'UiiucAN and Stale Journal lo
Jon. Isl 1001 for 50 ; Iho How York
Tribune or Bee and liui'UuucA.N for
05 cenls to January Isl I'.IOI Kansas
City Journal nnd KiU'uuuc'AN l > 0
Lincoln , Denver ,
Omaha , Helena ,
Uhlcato. llutte ,
St. Joseph , Portland ,
Kanaaa City , Bait I.ixko City ,
St. Ijonlg , mid all Si\n Franolf co ,
polnti cnit nud eoath. anil nil points west ,
Mo , 4'J Veatlbulod oxprcf > a dnlly , Lincoln , Onm-
ha , St. Joseph , KamuaClly , bt. LouU , Chicago
cage and All pilnta enat.nmltiflnth. . . 10 El pin
No. 44 Local oxprcta dally , Lincoln , Omaha ,
Bt. Joseph , lUtiHos City , 81 , Ixmln , Ctilcnco
and nil point * cant nnd nonth 0XAin ! )
No. 48 F.olRht dally , Uavcnnn , Uraud Inland ,
Aurora , Ucwnrd And Lincoln 0Knm ( )
No. 48 Frolght , dnlly ozcopt Sniulnj , Havonna
and intvrtubdlato polntc , 115 pin
No. 41 Vcstlbulod oxpreta dally , Holotm , Hi'iil-
tlo. llrttc , 1'ortlaud nnd nil 1'aclflc Coait
points 414 am
No. 43-Local oxprocs dally , Ulftck Hllli and
Intermediate polnti 4.53pm
No , 45 FrelKht dally , Anielmo , HnUoy , Scnoca ,
WhllUiau and Alllauce 1068 am
No. 47 Freight , dally ozcopt Handay , Sinoca
aod Intermediate polnti l:3t > pm
Slooptne , dlLlugand reclining clmlrcnrs ( nonts
Irco ) ou tnrouKh iralim. TIcki'B sold and b K *
gage checked to any point In tin United SUvten
aud Canada.
No. 43 haa mnrohnndlao care Tuoadayt , Tuura-
dayi and balurdftyn.
No. 4& will carry padnongorn for Autolmo , Hal
ley , Scnoca , Whitman uiul Alliance ,
No , 40lll carry im orK"ri < for Havonn *
Qrand Itland , Seward aud Lincoln.
luforinatlon , mapa , llino tiibloa and ticket
call on or write to H. L. Ornntby , agunt , or J
Franoli , O. 1 > . A. , Oinnh . Nobraaka.
U. Ii. UiiManr , A ont.
Pouch for west will close nt 8 p. in. , cxcepl
Sunday when It will ole o at 7 p in.
Pouch , onnt for train No. 4'Jolonfla ntB.30 A ra
and foi No. 41 cloccs at , II n in. Mnll for Andloy
and poluta east of Grand Inland curled on train
No. 41.
Oconto Tin of llyno Tnckorvlllo , dnlly ox
ccpt Sunday clones , at 7 n m : returnliiK nnmo dny
Callaway via , Mc'Klnley dally except Suiulny
closes at ? a in , returning onnio dny.
Hound Valloj vlii Uroin nnd Klton oloio nt ? n
m , Monday , Woduoidy and Friday B , returnlii ) ;
BAIBO day.
Suinnor vln nurnsoy , Georgetown and Uptoi
arrrlvos at U 30 , 'L'ueeilny Thundny aud Satur
day , roturnliiK lonvosnl li.IlOi'umo iluy.
Onioi hours from 8.00 n in to 8,00 p m. Hun-
day 8.30 to U.30 n. ui. Lobby open week day * fron
7am to.H p m L. . H. JBWBTT , I'.M.
E < iunliy ( , Ik'ononiy , Scrurlly ,
jj'jft TUB 0111(1 INAl *
§ 8 " Bankers Life Association , M
! < ' / ? : ?
jfcjjf OV
: * . $ JJOB Molaoa , Iowa.
/aft EDWAIIU A. TCMVLK , President ,
Organized July Itt , 1S7J.
ii5 : # GuamityFnnd for rnfoty. i
HurpliiH Fund for protection.
Suporvliod by 3,600 depository hanks.
Becurl lea deposited with the ottito
ConaorvatlTe motbodft.
Preferred Hla -Low Itatoa.
Quarterly I'aymenta.
For rates and full Information , mil
ou or adilrosa
n J , A. HARRIS ,
Audit for OiiBtor County , Noli.
OIUco At FarmerH Hunk of Cuclcr
Cocnty , Urokon How , Nub. §
We Have Added
, o our shop a full line of wood work-
np machinery , and Ihureforo would
aak a part of your patronage in thin
ine , in which wo can H.-IVO you
money. Also nek oarpuntorH and
oontraolors lo lot UR do llioir job
work , Buoh a planing , ripping
eoroll work , in fact everything that
is done in a first ulasH job shop. In
our old line wo aru upto-dato.
Wind Mills.
Wo carry all Blandard gradon ,
Wo carry a full and complete Block
of all stylet ) . In pipe and well
material wo alwayH have it al 10d
IOWCHI pOHRihlo price. FitliugH and
brass goods , IIOBO , belling , lankti
feed grindorH , horne powers , in fact
everything that belongs to out
trade. Wo carry in Block the
I.ITTI..I ; JACK ox ? A .t.TiiiiiCri :
for pumping or power. Alno scc
end hand gasoline engines , Btean
engines in which wo can give you ;
bargain. In hydraulic and oafiii'1 '
wells we have the best and quickuRi
machinery lhal is manufactured in
this day and ago of iho world , am
can guarantee our work in this line
Yours Very HeBp'y ,
0. H. COUHAD ,
U.S. : Land Ofilce ,
' . II. .
. YOUNG. - - -
Land onico nt. Ilrokon Dow , Nolir. . I
July fllh , 1CW. f
Notice In lierolir Blron tlmt Iho following
mined pettier hug illoc ! tiotlco nf Ills Intontton lo
nnko Until proof In support of lilt clivltn , niul
lint sfttil | ituof will lie iiimlo Ixitoro HoglMcr and
( vco'vrr ' , nt llrokcu llow , Nub , , on Sopt. litli ,
VXX ) , viz !
If Ilrokcn llnw , M hr. , for tlio fw > i BOC 12 , twi )
IS north , rjsoSl west.
Ho names tlm followliiK wltnoMCH to prove Mo
rontlnuouH renlilcnra upon nnil cultivation of
cild Innil , \ \ * : MlnlorV. . Snlilcr. of Ilrokon
low. fti'lir. , Leo Wlllmutli nnil Henry SolmoUlcr ,
if Mourn , Ncbr. , mill I'crry C'ollmnn , uf Now
( claim , Wobr. nuUal30t
JAMK8 WlUTKIIKAl ) . Hoglgtor.
U. B. l.nml Olllco. Ilrokon How , Nobr. , I
AtiKiut 7 , 1000. f
Notlcn U burnby Klvon Hint
linn 111 I'll notion of Intention to maka flnM pront
liufora Iti'KUtrr nntl Iteci'lvor , nt tliclr olllco In
Urokun llow , Nobr , on Krlttny , Hie 17th day of
vent wher , low , on tlmlur rultiiro Application
No. KNSO , for the neVi iifoccNo.'JI. In twp No.
17 north rn No ! M wont.
Ho tiMiu'H Mllm > sc : Dnnlol Bwnanoy ,
\Vi rron I.HIIII nnd | jn\vla Ijiunhert , of Morun ,
N l > r. , nml .lolin Wboulltiu , < ) f Hrnkuti llow , Nobr.
Notice of Sale Under Chattel Mortgage.
Notlco l hcri'bv given , Hint by virtue of n chat
tel mortice , tinted .Mari'h let , IbilH , nnd duly flioil
for record In ttio ollico of tlio county cloik , of
Cuntor county , Nol > r k.i , Atiunxt Uth , HHA ) , unit
L'lrcii by Win. HraiHiurn , F. M. Hilling nnd 1) .
0 MimtRomory , on thn following doncrlbvil
property , tn-wlt : Ono , T I , I'nuo Separator , No ,
i4748. coniplutu ; onu buy luinu nix yoftra old , 0110
ffrny luirto ten yours old , tire porrclnmru ton years
old , ono tnoiiao colored ninlc ton 1 onra old , to to-
euro th i pnyinunt of tbolr two certain promlisory
noted , onu for tlio mi in of $140 , nnd ono for tlio
Biiniof 813H.M , ench duo Jni.imry lt , 180' ) , and
mch drnultiK ( light per emit Intercut pur fiinum.
Snld noU'K and inortuiKii Rlvtm to tlio enlil J. I ,
Cnso TlirenliliiK Alnrlilnu Compnny , and by It duly
ns'luiiod to 8. 0 Hlocn. who U now Urn owner anil
lioldur of tlio t nine , nnd wnn before tlm maturity
of until notou. Dofnult hnvliiK been nmilo In the
pnyniotil of Ritld notOB , nnd tlii'ro bolus now duu
lliurcnn tlio xnld BUIII of ftfTV 'M , with oMit per
rent Interest Iboroon from tlm IstUny of .March ,
1888 , tlio nlil nsMKiino will offur tlio nboyo ilo-
( crlbcil propo ty ul public sale , nt the ronr of the
ctororooui now occupied by IV. . Thompson , In
Ilrokon How. Nobr. . on Snturdny , tlio ± M day of
Soptnwbor , IIXKI , ut'J o'clock i > . in , of Mild dny , to
tbo hlRhffit lilililor for cash In bund , to pntlsfy tlio
mid notes nnil Intercut , Trtlcoii Aa the property
of tbo cnld Win. Hruilbtun , K. M. Hilling * nnd I ) .
U. Montgomery , null In favor of Ihu paid 8. C ,
Ho ! n. Oiitod nt llrokcn llow , Nolirusks , thli
iOth dnr of AimtiHt. HXK ) . H. C. BLOSS.
njiKU ) Uy hli > Altornoy , Alphn
CoutuHt Notice .
V H Lnnd Olllce. llrokcn Haw , Noiir , , I
.1 uly ua , 11)00. ) f
A pttinclnnt n 'titcnt nllldnvll bnvlng beun filed
In thlft ollico by U'mileH O. Vocol , contcfitnnt ,
ncalnst tlnibor cnltnrii entry No. R.'U7 , mndo
Alarch LMth , IhSi ) , for nH nwU , nnd n',4 ' wl.i , ice.
! it ) , twp 17 north , rgo'JI west , by John O Vnn-
KloHt. contuntoo , In which It H nllORcd that Ibo
Hiihl ViuiKU'et lias fulloil to brcnk , cnlllvnto nnd
plnnt to triiuii , true needs. iuit or ruttlnfiD , ton
ncri'H of paid trnut nn required by law ; tlint no
rcpluntliiK I nft beun done on bald Intel fur moro
tliiin Ncven Ji'iirn Inut pimt ; Hint HHlil entry IB
devoid ot n growth of treurf , nnd no nltompt him
beun niudi ) 'iy ' Iho paid ViiuFInit to promote n
ironth of troun thvri'on plnuo nutuliiK of mild
cntiy ; that nald intry luu lieeii nbniiiloned for
nioio tliun ten ycnri > , mat thnt nil the ilofoeta ul-
logeil huroln r.Met nt thin dnto. Snlil p.trtlos are
luiri'hy notlUeil to nppimr , rvetond niul olfor
uvldiMico toncliliiu nnld nlli tittoii ut 10 o'clock n.
in. . onStpt 17 , 11KH ) , before the rcglrtor nnd ru-
celvor , nt th U M. mud ollico , In ilroken How ,
Nebrnikn 1'hu cald contorttiint hnvlng , In a
proper nlllilavU. Illcd Jnno V.0 , IDUO , t-et forth
fact * which nhow lbttnftorduudlll ! < oiieiprriloiml
service of tlili * notice cnnnol bo iniulv , U U hereby
onlertd nnd directed that ttleh notice bo niven
by duu nnd proper piihllcntlon.
I KUANIC H VotlNii , Kvcelvcr.
Dnokct I1. No. 4PO. In the circuit court ot the
United SUti'h , for tlm dlBtrlct of Nehruska.
IteeveH&Cdiiipiiny.aCorpuratlou.Coiiiplttlnant , )
VH. >
Kred I.elbort , ctat. , DefundnntH In Ulmncory. )
Tub Icnoth'o In luiroljy given tint In pnrtuianco
nnd by TlrtiiHdf n ilecrco ontoivd In thn lUioxu
cdii ! > o on tlm lid dny ot July , 1UOO I Ono. H.
Thiiniinol , special lime tor In clmnciiry of tbo cir
cuit cooit ot the United 'JUtoi , for tlio illetrlct of
Xobrn lii , will , on tlio L'ltb ility of Hopti'inlior ,
11)00 ) , at the hour of 3 o'clock In thn , ifterno.m of
iwld dny , nt the front door of tbu Cnxtor county
court hoiiHO bulldlntf , In tbo city of HroKon Haw ,
Cii'ter county. Htntu nnd dlHtrlct rf NebrnnKn , fell
nt public unction for c > sb the follow ! K decribtd
i enl eetate , sltimio In ( 'lifter county , rtobrnnka ,
Hiid ileoeilhcd ft fnllowH , to wit' The iiiuthwc t
iiiirter | ( S-4) ) of tlio norlbcudt quarter ( U ) , the
Houtlr'nst qunr'ur ( } ( ) of the northuoHt iimner |
( l/l ) , the northonHt quarli > r ( U ) of thu coutliwint
quiirter ( M ) . "i.d the northwest (4) ( ) of southeast
( W ) of section tnotity.threo ( i'l ) , town-
Hhlp twenty ( " ( ) ) north , ot runuu nineteen t ID )
woHlof thoHlxth rrliiclpnl Merldlnu , c.iutilniliK
n no hundred and sixty nercH , nlxo I will , on raid
Ulthduy of Heptomlor , lUtM ) , nt the hour of H
o'clock In the forenoon of nahl , ilay , at tbo re l-
( lenco of lid Sllllvnn , on the fW.i of Hec. 33 , Tp.
20 north , rnni'o 18 west , In ( Juslcr county , uoll nt
iiuljllj auction lor cash , ono Iteovon wind Blacker ,
No. 10H ) , 0110 I'nreoiiB foedur , No. HWO , ono Hem
wolchtr No. : ) IU7 , ono I > . 1) . tanlc pump , ono bolt
nndono tnrpuulln , onu No Ul ) lo. ( voi oiiulnu ,
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